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Obsession 05 Tangled Webs



Erotica by Mary Jorsay Gandmar


NOTE: This story may be archived and distributed free, but may NOT
be sold or otherwise distributed for commercial gain/profit.


Copyright 1998,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar
Deepika, Vijay and Pallavi remained ignorant of the piquant twist
of fate that, at different times, brought them together. Pallavi
knew Vijay was married, but not that it was to Deepika. Vijay had
no way of knowing that Pallavi and Deepika had a common bond with
Hedon & Venery, of which he was totally oblivious; that, enjoying
lesbian sex, they shared an extraordinary intimacy, and had
frequently fucked each other in private, on film-sets, for
pornographic magazines and live on stage. Deepika knew nothing of
Vijay's obsession with Pallavi. He never mentioned her name.

Vijay hounded Pallavi. He spent hours on end sitting by her place
at the High Court Library. If she was busy, he sat in silence,
openly staring at her. Even if she was in Court, he sat idly and
waited for her to return, or followed her to the Court room, where
he tried to jostle closer to her. He insisted they lunch together
and, when the Courts recessed for the day, pestered her to have
coffee with him, though Pallavi itched to be on her own, back at
Hedon & Venery or in her Chambers fucking one of her peons.

Even when she managed to tear herself away and got home, he would
be on the phone, calling her from the office or on his mobile,
wanting to know every detail of her evening. Half the time Pallavi
didn't know what to say, since she'd spent a fair part of her
evening naked in the arms of a lover. If she travelled on work, he
managed to arrange matters so that he was in the same city and at
the same hotel as her. Pallavi felt hemmed in and suffocated. She
was acutely aware of his fascination with her body: he contrived
to get closer to her than was absolutely necessary, pressing his
knee or thigh to hers when they had tea in the Court canteen or in
the library or the crowded coffee-house and, once or twice, she
felt him brush his arm against her breasts. It was worst when he
just sat and looked, for she could feel his eyes lingering on her
face, slipping into the V of the neck of her *kurta*, sliding over
her midriff if she was in a *sari*, lingering on her breasts when
she moved. Other people noticed it, too, and she began to hear
vicious whispers.

Pallavi decided to do something about it. There were two possible
solutions. She could rebuff him openly, even get angry, or she
could give him what he wanted. The first was completely against
her nature. He had been very kind to her and she couldn't bring
herself to humiliate him or shatter his ego. The second solution
presented fewer problems. She had no qualms about letting him fuck
her - a multitude of men did, anyway, one more or less made no
difference - and, she reasoned, once he had fucked her, he might
ease off on the daily, incessant, obvious pressure tactics. The
only question was one of location - where she should let it
happen. Bombay was out of the reckoning. There were too many
people about and they'd never have the time alone, her parents would see to that. She had no intention of contributing more grist
to the rumour mill. Somewhere else, then; it would have to be on a
working trip out of town.

As it happened, Vijay himself provided the opportunity. He sent
her a brief for a matter in the Supreme Court in Delhi. It was one
she'd worked on in Bombay and knew inside out. This was their
appeal, filed on her draft after they lost comprehensively in the
High Court. As luck would have it, she was to be led by Rajeev
himself. The clients, Vijay, she and Rajeev met in conference at
Rajeev's office on a Saturday afternoon just after lunch. For the
first hour, they worked on the matter and, not for the first time,
Vijay was impressed with Rajeev's legal acumen. He transformed the
impossible not only to the possible but to virtual certainty. The
clients' earlier despondency evaporated and they expressed their
glee. Pallavi smiled hugely in pride and relief.

"Brilliant," she crowed. "You're brilliant."

"Pallavi, please," Rajeev protested with a weak grin, visibly

The clients rose to their feet and pumped his hand, thanking him

"Don't thank me yet," he smiled. "We've still to get the order.
I'm only telling you what I think we should do. It's litigation,
never forget, and inherently risky and unpredictable. Anything may

"That's of no consequence, sir," the Managing Director of the
Company that had filed the appeal said. "So far, we've been the
ones to take a beating when we've done nothing wrong. Nobody has
understood our case or argued it properly in Court."

"So it would seem," Rajeev murmured with genuine sadness. "This
order should never have been passed."

"That's right. Now we'll at least give them a run for their money.
Win or lose, I don't really care. I have the money, I can afford
it. But those scoundrels have been mulcting me for too damned long
..." He looked at Pallavi and apologised. "Sorry, ma'am." She
smiled and shook her head. "Now I just want to show them a thing
or two."

"Wrong approach," Rajeev said sharply.

"Excuse me?"

"Never, *never* litigate with vengeance in mind. The system's not
designed to work for that kind of purpose."

"No? What then?"

"Sir," he said softly, very serious, causing an instant hush. "You
must litigate to *win*. I don't fight battles in Court to take
revenge. I fight to *win*. And then, if you think you want to,
I'll have it settled. At this figure. Not a penny less would be my

He scribbled a figure on a piece of paper and showed it to the
client. The client's jaw dropped open.

"That's ... that's *twice* what I want."

"I know."

"Why should they pay us that?"

"Because, sir, if they don't - Pallavi excuse me - when I've done
we'll have them by the short and curlies with their knickers in a
twist and they'll know it. They'll give me what I want, or they'll
lose *twice* this."

"My god," the client breathed in awe, a huge smile creasing his

Pallavi grinned and squeezed Vijay's arm. His heart skipped a beat
as he glanced at her. She was wearing a diaphanous grey *kurta*
and *churidar*. The *kurta* clung to her curves and he could see
the light outline of her brassiere, the way her breasts filled the
cups and squeezed tightly together, spilling out of the confines
at the sides so that the cups just covered her nipples and little

Rajeev caught the look and frowned to himself. Pallavi had
mentioned something about this guy, but he hadn't realised the
seriousness of the situation. The guy was besotted. He noticed
Vijay's eyes sliding down from her eyes, to her lips, down her
neck to the open V of her *kurta*, dipping towards the flash of
flesh against which her gold necklace twinkled, moving lower,
roving over the swell of her breasts to which her *kurta* clung
like tissue. He snapped his attention back to the clients. They
thanked him again. He laughed cheerfully, setting them at ease and
saw them out of the door, asking Vijay and Pallavi to stay.

"So. Looks okay?" Rajeev said returning to his chair.

"Great," Vijay said, edging closer to Pallavi and irritating
Rajeev intensely. "Really great. Client is happy, I am happy."

"Any other points?"

"No ... not really."


"Well, there's this noise about limitation. But it's nonsense
really, Rajeev."

"I agree, forget that. Anything else?"

"No. I'll have a final list of dates and events ready for you and
notes on the authorities."

"Do that. When can I expect it? Tomorrow?"

Pallavi frowned. In bed, Rajeev was a tender, gentle, considerate
lover. At work, he was utterly ruthless, totally merciless,
unforgivingly demanding. Even now, knowing him so well, she often
felt nervous.

"One more day, Rajeev. Please? I beg you? Day after?"

"Tomorrow, five o'clock."

*Oh shit,* she thought. *There goes the evening schedule at the
brothel*. Still, she knew that Rajeev would never permit her to
compromise her court work. *They're both professional
commitments*, he'd once said, *but if you've got court work, the
cunt-work gets shelved and that's that. No argument about it. In
the long run, it's more important to be briefed than un-briefed,
literally. Besides, Hedon & Venery has a system to handle just
this kind of thing. You can make up a lost fuck another day, but
once you lose out on a matter in Court, you've lost it for good.*
She'd never contested the point after that.

"Yes, all right," she said gloomily. "I'll do it."

"Use one of my stenos or juniors, if you need to," he said.

She thanked him. His staff was exceptionally efficient and
competent. They had other skills, too, and both she and Rajeev
knew that she would be free to use them. Once, she'd asked for
help and he'd sent his steno, Nisha and junior, Vijay to her
office. She was astonished at their speed. They finished the work
in half the time she'd planned to spend on it, and it was
perfectly done. Then they spent the rest of the afternoon fucking
and with her peon, Anant, joining in, they had a wonderful time.
Nisha, she recalled, was exceptionally good at licking slit.

With Vijay present, she kept her face expressionless, and so did
Rajeev. Rajeev drew the meeting to a close. Vijay rose.

"Coming Pallavi?" he asked.

She shook her head. "No. You carry on, Vijay. I've got to talk to
Rajeev about a couple of other things."

"What things?" Vijay wanted to know immediately.

Rajeev frowned. Pallavi sighed. "Something personal," she said
gently to Vijay. "A family matter."

"Oh. That's all right then. I'll be off. I'll see you at the

"Yes, that's fine," Rajeev said, rising to see him out.

"Do you need a car, Rajeev, to reach you to the airport?"

Rajeev stifled a grin at Vijay's stilted idiom. "Thank you, no. I
have a car and a driver."

"I'll pick you up then, Pallavi," Vijay said.

"I'll come with Rajeev. I'll see you at the airport."

Vijay looked crushed. "Oh, all right."

"By the way," Rajeev stopped him. "Where are we booked?"

"Pallavi told me you usually stay at the Apistia. I've booked a
suite for you there. And they will send their pick-up car to the
airport, of course."

"Of course," Rajeev murmured, not mentioning that he owned the
hotel and Pallavi knew it and that he had a personal suite that
occupied an entire floor kept for him round the year and that the
seven floors immediately below his suite comprised the Delhi
branch of the Hedon & Venery bordello.

Rajeev saw Vijay out to the elevator and, returning to his cabin,
shut the door behind him. Pallavi got up as he came in and her
face creased in a wide smile. He took her in his arms and they
kissed gently and deeply.

"It's been too long," he murmured, his lips fluttering over her
lovely eyes.

"Far too long."

"We've both been busy."

"I've missed you."

"So have I."

"Liar," she said affectionately, biting his lip, making him wince
and cry out sharply. "You haven't the time to miss me or anyone
else. You're too busy fucking women."

"And you? You've been continent, I suppose?"

"Of course not. I couldn't if I tried."

"Have you tried?"


"Neither have I. So we're even then. Now. Coffee, tea or me?"

"What a question. You, of course."

"Well I want some tea. Shall we go upstairs?"

"Mm. Let's. I'd like that."

"Open Sesame!"

He opened a secret door in a panel in one wall and they climbed a
short spiral staircase to the floor above. Rajeev owned the top
six floors of the office building. The last two of the six housed
his law offices, with conference rooms, cabins, libraries and
staff areas. His office was on the higher of the two floors.
Directly above, the remaining four floors were a cleverly
disguised brothel for the use of his office staff and privileged
visitors. Access was restricted. Officially, these were the
offices of an international trading company, a cover that had
worked well over the years.

Two floors of the bordello had fully furnished bedrooms set in a
long strip down the centre, with viewing galleries on either side
and the walls of the rooms that faced the corridors were entirely
of glass from floor to ceiling. No one was allowed to copulate in
these rooms except in full view of anyone who desired to watch.
The third of the floors had an auditorium for screening Hedon &
Venery films and live-shows, administrative offices, rest-rooms, a
cafeteria, a library of Hedon & Venery materials and a service
station that provided aphrodisiacs, liquor and sexual aids. The
top floor was his private sanctum, where no one but the most
privileged were permitted admission.

There were few rules in the bordello, which offered
round-the-clock services free of charge. Regular clothing was
prohibited; anyone using the brothel had to wear approved gear,
all of it specially designed to titillate and arouse. Unless
unwell, no one was entitled to refuse a request for his or her
sexual services. It was open to every member of his staff, without
exception: juniors, associates, peons, chauffeurs, delivery boys and sweepers, everyone was treated as an equal. All class barriers
were cast aside here: peons slept with rich society women.
Cleaning ladies called for the services of high level executives
and associates. A roster was maintained and it was strictly on a
first come first serviced basis. Two of the peons were deputed to
make sure that there were no squabbles about occupancy. Time was
limited during peak hours to forty five minutes. Rajeev hated
this, but space constrained time. The only other prohibition was
violence - no sadism or masochism of any kind was allowed.

The brothel was run by Madhavi, a dusky, slender, luscious beauty
Rajeev had rescued a long time ago from the private hell of a
terrible marriage. He brought her out and slowly brought her to
life again. She was an incredible fuck in bed and, as an
administrator, she was without equal. She had her office on the
auditorium floor and she ruled her fiefdom with a quiet, gentle
firmness that brooked no transgression.

Climbing up the staircase, they arrived at the first of the two
bordello floors through a door in the corner of the far corridor
that ran along the outer flank of the building. The outer wall of
the corridor was entirely sealed from view from the surrounding
buildings, ensuring total privacy.

"Shall we go up to my place or would you like to browse?"

Pallavi loved this place. The sex on display here was always

"Let's browse for a bit. You're not in a hurry, are you?"

"Not in the least. I have the rest of the evening free."

"Good," she smiled.

The rooms were superbly furbished in exquisite taste, each one
different. Pallavi knew that Rajeev and Sunnu, the suzerains of
sex, sincerely believed that the esthetic should inform all fields
of endeavour. With Rajeev's unlimited expense account at her
disposal, Sunnu deployed her considerable talents in furnishing
the rooms. The results well justified the money and the effort.

At the moment, only three of the rooms were occupied. The rush
would start within an hour or so, when couples, trios, quartets
and even larger groups came in on their way home. Some preferred
to have a drink and chat while they watched others fuck. Most were
inclined to indulge themselves.

Rajeev and Pallavi sauntered down the corridor, looking in through
the huge, crystal clear glass panes. One of the rooms was taken by
an attractive fair skinned woman and one of Rajeev's several
peon-studs. Her name was Nishita and she was a colleague Rajeev
had seduced and soon brought into the fold. She rapidly proved to
be an enthusiastic and skilled lover, with a considerable sexual
history herself. Till her affair with Rajeev, however, she had
been limited in her sexual forays outside marriage, her past
notwithstanding. There had been a few affairs, but hardly
satisfying. Now she could have her fill of sex.

Rajeev opened up entirely new vistas for her. Soon after, both she
and her husband were drawn into the sexual web of Rajeev's
creation. They began to patronise the Apistia in Bombay, organised
swap parties, and awoke to the variegated delights of the flesh
that Rajeev's sexual empire had to offer. Like Pallavi, Nishita
was a regular at Hedon & Venery, sleeping with other men,
frequently whoring there and on a number of occasions, her husband
watched her in performance even live on stage. Pallavi had done a
couple of lesbian shows with her. Though she wasn't on his
payroll, she qualified for unrestricted use of his carrels as a
privileged visitor.

She was a good looking woman, a few years older than Rajeev. She
had a sweet, laughing, round face with a straight, slightly thick nose, a full, sensual mouth, lovely lips and good teeth. Her eyes
were dark and round and large and warm. Her hair was thick and
glossy, usually pulled back into a bun on the nape of her neck.
She had big breasts, full and ripe, with long nipples in dense
aureoles. Her belly curved outward somewhat but was still firm.
Her legs were not terribly good, but her buttocks were fleshy, yet
firm. Her skin was fair and creamy, utterly flawless. She was wont
to wear a large red *bindi* in the middle of her forehead and a
long, black and gold beaded *mangalsutra* around her neck which
she wore under her collar and next to her skin. Rajeev had always
found it extremely sexy to see the necklace disappearing into the
tantalising cleavage that was revealed by the deeply cut neck of
her taut blouse. She was given to wearing *sari*'s and her blouse
was cut so that her breasts thrust proudly out and the neck
plunged to a superb cleavage.

Sudhakar, Rajeev's handsome peon-stud, was with her. He was a
short, wiry man, good looking with a strong nose and wide mouth,
perfect teeth, small dark eyes and short, curly hair. He had a
hard body of wiry musculature. The shoulders were wide, the belly
flat and firm, the chest sculpted, the torso hairless. His hips
were lean and high, the buttocks taut, firm, small, the arms and
legs full of strength. His torso slashed in a savage V from the
wide shoulders to the narrow waist and high hips.

His cock was a good seven inches long and correspondingly thick.
He had a brace of weighty balls. He was known to be a patient and
satisfying lover with good staying power and considerable
expertise. Nishita's reactions now as he fucked her efficiently
were eloquent testimony to that. She was on her back on the bed,
naked, her legs spread, the knees raised. Her hands were stretched
down to her loins, her fingers entwined in Sudhakar's hair. His
head was between her thighs, and her hips jerked and heaved and
writhed in pleasure as he tongue-fucked her. Nishita's face was a
vision of lust, her head twisting from side to side, her mouth
open in a gasp of wonder. One hand flew to her breast, large and
succulent, and she crushed it hotly in her hands. Rajeev and
Pallavi could see Sudhakar's tongue probing her dripping pussy,
his head rolling and moving up and down, up and down between her

She tugged at him, and he rose, his cock hard and erect, shining
with her oral ministrations. He slid up her body, straddling her
chest and squeezed her breasts over his cock, grunting, his face
flushed, his nostrils flared. He fucked her breasts for a bit, the
hard nipples scraping against his rough-skinned shaft. Then he
scooted higher and squatted over her mouth, pushing his cock into
it. Nishita slipped her lips around his cock and began to suck him
hard, her cheeks hollowing and billowing, her head rising and
falling, rising and falling.

When he had enough of that, Sudhakar retreated, kneeling between
her split thighs, her loins arched up to his. Slowly, he squeezed
his cock into her cunt. Nishita arched hard under him. He lifted
her thighs high and wide, her legs over his shoulders, his hands
under her thighs and began to fuck her with long, slow, steady,
skewering thrusts. Nishita arched and jerked, her body snapping up
and back with each thrust, her big breasts jiggling. Sudhakar
grinned at her and flung his head back, his buttocks pumping and

Rajeev reached forward and thumbed the sound switch on the panel
outside the glass pane. Instantly, the corridor was filled with
their cries.

"OHHHHHHh Su...dhaaahhh...kar... uhhhhhhh OHHHh uhhhh *hanh*
uhhhhh *hanh* uhhh OHma uhh ahhhhhh uhhhh AHHHHHH!" she went.

"Mm ... *hanh* ... uhhhh OH uhhhh Ohhhhhh *chul* ... *chul* ...
*le* ... *lemerelavdekohanhhhh*!" Sudhakar gasped obscenely.

His cock appeared and disappeared, shining and gleaming, hard and
rough-skinned, reaming into her cunt, distending her cunt-lips
wide open, coming out, then sliding back in again. His buttocks
flexed and unflexed, his hips swung with a masterful steadiness,
driving her wild as the enormous cock ran in and out.

Sudhakar paused and moved to bend forward over her. Her legs
spread and rose high around his slim, hard back. Sudhakar began to
fuck her again, now moving faster and faster and Rajeev grinned
with pleasure at the sight of his enormous cock plunging and
plummeting, rising and falling, pistoning steadily up and down, to
and fro and in and out, driving and skewering and reaming
relentlessly into her cunt.

Nishita's hips and buttocks heaved in unison with his. Her body
jerked back with every thrust, and her breasts jiggled. The
*mangalsutra* tossed and danced on her fair skin. Her face snapped
from side to side, her mouth torn open in a cry of lust. Her face
was flushed, the eyes closed, and her body shone with sweat. His
muscles rippled smoothly as his buttocks flexed and unflexed, his
head flung back, his eyes half- closed, his mouth open, panting
and gasping.

Her legs curled now about his lean hips, her hands digging
fiercely into his shoulders. Sudhakar bent and kissed her deeply,
thrusting his tongue deep into her mouth. Then he bent his head
lower and kissed her erect nipple, licked it, sucked it, nibbled
on it. Nishita moaned, arching hard under him, and he lifted his
hips, paused for a moment, then swung down hard, ramming his cock
into her cunt.


Nishita cried out and jerked into a steep arch in shock, screaming
and crying out in lust, clinging to him, her hips heaving and
pumping in a frenzy beneath his. Rajeev chuckled softly. It was
good to see his studs treat their mounts like whores, to take them
hard. Sudhakar's big balls swung up against her cunt-lips, his
glistening penis rose and fell, pumping and pistoning up and down,
plunging deep into her cunt, rising up, then running down into her
again. He squeezed her breasts in his hands, rolling them hard in
his palms, kissed her again and suddenly, without warning, swung
his hips in a savage side-to-side rocking action. Nishita's back
bowed steeply in shock as the massive penis pierced her from all
angles and she tore her mouth from his to cry out loudly.

"OHHHHHHHHHh ... uhhhh ... OHH ... uhh ... OHH ... OH-uh-oh-uh-
OHHHH-uhhh-OHHHHHH!" she wept.

"*Hanh *uhhhh AHHHHH uhh OHHH uhhhh *hanh*!" he replied.

Rajeev grinned. Beside him, Pallavi had opened the buttons of her
*kurta*. She turned in his arms and kissed him hungrily, writhing
her crotch against his, pressing her breasts to his chest. He
thumbed the sound off.

"Want to see more?"

"Mm. Let's go on."

They moved on to the next window, turning up the sound there,
pausing to watch his office-brothel manager, Madhavi, and Vinod,
one of his peons. Pallavi shuddered as she thought what the poor
girl had been through with the monster she had been forced to
marry. She had heard the stories from Rajeev and, by all accounts,
Madhavi's husband had been sadistic and brutal beyond belief.

He aroused in the delicate creature an intense aversion sex.
Madhavi was forced to do all kinds of things to sate him. He
preferred her anus to her cunt. He forced her to suck his pet
Alsatian's cock and then to fuck the animal while he watched. She
was terrified of dogs and it destroyed her mind. How or why she
went through it, nobody knew. Rajeev reasoned that her fear of the
social opprobrium accompanying a divorce was even greater than her
terror of dogs.

Not satisfied with bestiality, he forced her to fuck his servants,
both men and women, utter strangers, urchins, virtually anyone.
All this in public, in the living room, while his drinking
companions watched and cheered. Soon, she became his favourite
entertainment. Couples were invited to watch her perform on the
dining table while they swapped partners and copulated
energetically. On several occasions he had forced her to do strip
shows in public bars and in the seedier ones, even to perform live
on stage. Once, he forced her to fuck the dog while his guests
looked on and held her down, and then he encouraged his guests to
fuck her repeatedly through a long night she would never forget.

Before Rajeev took on her case and drew her out of the hell she
had been flung into, Madhavi had been through almost every
conceivable kind of sexual torture there was: whipping, rape,
sodomy, bestiality, all of it. Coming from a totally conservative
middle-class background, her marriage destroyed her utterly.

Rajeev felt a deep sense of responsibility to her, for on at least
one occasion, she had been in performance at Chez Santosh, the
exclusive nightclub at the Apistia. Rajeev remembered the show.
She had been absolutely astonishing, and no one would have
imagined any reluctance on her part. She had taken on three men that night, total strangers, studs Santosh brought in especially
for the concert. They were blacks, hugely built and muscular with
impossibly big penises. Madhavi had danced, stripped, then the men came on and she had sucked their cocks, danced some more and then
they fucked her. The finale was when three of them took her
together, one in her cunt, the other in her ass, the third in her
mouth. The audience went berserk. The collections were phenomenal.
She returned a couple of times after that, and always turned in a
superlative show.

It took Rajeev a long time to discover the extent of damage her
deranged husband had done to her. Then he lost control, something
he otherwise never did, and relentlessly destroyed the man with
every means at his command.

But the worst still awaited him. When he returned with the good
news of the first legal victory, he found Madhavi stony-faced and
silent. No amount of cajoling could elicit a response from her. He
took her to his house that night, and Sunnu spoke to her. It was
only then that they realised how totally she had been stripped of
all emotion and feeling. Sunnu, with her own history, could not
believe that any human being could be so utterly destroyed.
Madhavi slept over that night, and Sunnu sent Babu, their servant
and an accomplished lover, to her bed. They watched the two of
them, and within an hour, Babu was left panting and gasping,
totally drained.

She was magnificent in bed. Yet, there was something amiss. Later
that night, Rajeev went to her room and gently aroused her. She
woke instantly and instead of letting herself go and enjoying it,
she turned into a first class slut, trying to satisfy him, sucking his cock, tonguing his anus. She was truly adept at it, with a
delicacy of touch and purity of skill that were astonishing.

But Rajeev was puzzled. He pulled away from her and turned her
face in his hands and looked into her eyes and saw what had been
done to her. Her eyes were completely blank and flat, without
emotion. He abandoned all thoughts of sex, abjuring the proffered
temptations of her luscious body. Instead, he carried her out to
the sprawling terrace garden and there, by the pool, he cradled
her in his arms for a long time and worked his magic on her,
slowly drawing it all out of her. When she was done, the story coming out in little bits and pieces, aspects that even he had
known nothing about, she finally broke down and wept like a child,
clinging to him. It took him an hour or more to quieten her. When
she was finally reduced to whimpering, he carried her to bed again
and held her till she was asleep. Then he returned to Sunnu and,
sitting in bed, they chalked out their plan of action.

The next day he set the wheels in motion, after commanding her to
remain in their house. Systematically, he destroyed her husband,
this time marshalling all his extra-legal sources, forces strong
enough to pull apart the man's life and business within a matter
of days. That night, he returned to Madhavi's bedroom, and this
time, he made love to her, forcing her to lie back, using all his
immense skills on her. At the end of it, Madhavi was panting and
mewing and moaning desperately for release which, when it came,
was cataclysmic for both of them. As he held her shuddering body
in the throes of her umpteenth orgasm that night, he realised with
a shock that till then, this woman who had seen so much diverse
sex, had never experienced a genuine, voluntary orgasm.

When finally they were done, several hours later, his body
streamed with sweat and there were angry weals on his shoulders
and chest and hips where she had dug her nails in a frenzy of
passion. At last she subsided under him, his jizz still hot in her
cunt and as he kissed her tenderly, she broke down yet again.
Rajeev comforted her tenderly and, a while later, aroused her
again and this time, it was she who took charge, urging him to
fuck her harder and deeper.

For a week she stayed in their house and every night Rajeev made
prolonged love to her, driving her to greater and greater heights
of ecstasy. Then he got her a flat in a suburb and Sunnu did it up
for her. An overwhelmed Madhavi moved in; but the best was to
come. Rajeev then kept her occupied with a succession of immensely
skilled lovers who showed her the true pleasure of sex, and taught
her to take as readily as she gave, to demand satisfaction. It was
six months before Madhavi was finally in control of her life. Her
lovemaking changed immeasurably and acquired a new dimension.

Rajeev offered her a job in his office. She jumped at the
opportunity and in a short while proved to be a competent
assistant with immense organizational skills. Now she and Harsha
were the joint heads of office administration. Like the others who
Rajeev favoured, she was soon immensely wealthy in her own right,
one of the most powerful persons in his office. She was also now a
regular performer at the nightclub and one of the highest priced
call-girls there.

Recently, she had re-married. Her husband was Suresh, Harsha's
first lover, her first husband's brother. Suresh, too, worked in
the office now and their marriage had been a full-fledged Hedon &
Venery wedding, an orgy that had lasted two and half days.

Despite her status and position of authority, Madhavi was still
bound by the rules of the office. These made it incumbent on her
to service any man, without exception, who requisitioned her
favours. Rajeev knew that it was Vinod who had put in his form for
time with Madhavi. Rajeev saw the form and laughed in delight. It
was a short form, and in the space below the question why the
applicant had requested that particular partner, Vinod had
scrawled the words '*Because I hear she's a damn good fuck. So am
I*.' In the vernacular, the turpiloquence had an added zing.

Now as he watched them, Rajeev was filled with a sense of
achievement. Once again, he had been instrumental in successfully
sundering a class barrier and distributing his own particular
brand of largesse - sexual enjoyment for all, without

Vinod was a short, intensely handsome youth with a muscular
physique. He had curly brownish hair which he wore unfashionably
long. He had a fine nose, a clean-shaven, square-jawed face with
laughing eyes and a slim, wide mouth that smiled often, showing
perfect teeth. His eyes were deep-set, dark. His shoulders were
wide and strong, the torso hairless and smooth, with a cleaved,
muscled chest and a hard belly. His torso tapered sharply to a
narrow waist with high hips and small, taut buttocks. His legs and
arms were long and strong, rounded with bunches of muscle, and his
hands and feet were big and manly. His forearms and biceps were
corded with muscle. His balls were big and low, and his cock was
superb: fully nine and a half inches long erect and
correspondingly thick, it was his pride and joy.

Now he was leaning back in a deep, wide chair, his legs spread,
naked, his head bent and to one side, a grin on his face, watching
with delight as Madhavi, kneeling naked on the floor beside him,
bent her head over his lap and sucked his cock. Holding his rigid
penis in one hand, her eyes on his face, she slowly dragged her
tongue up and down his rigid, slippery shaft. Her tongue swirled
and coiled lovingly about the gorged cock-head. She jerked his
rigid cock with her slender, elegant fingers and bent her head,
both of them quite oblivious to their audience, and parting her
lips, slid them around his bulging cock-head. Vinod gasped and his
hips twitched in joy.

"Mm ... *hanh*!" he gasped. "*Chul* ... *choos rundi* ... *choos
mere lund ko* ... mm ... *aise* mm OHH uhhhh *hanh* *chul* *rundi*
*choos*! *Jorse* *choos*! *Aur* *jorse*!"

She sucked his cock hungrily, masturbating him all the while, her
head bobbing up and down over his writhing hips. Vinod's face was
suffused with delight, his mouth handing open, his nostrils
flared, his breath rasping. He held her head in his hands and
moved it up and down to suit his pleasure.

"*Chul* *saali* *rahnd* ... *Jorse* *choos*!" he rasped. "C'mon,
you whore! Suck harder!"

The big cock emerged and vanished, glistening and shining between
her lovely lips. Her face was distended by the size of the cock,
her cheeks hollowing as she sucked. She paused once in a while to
lick his cock-head, tongue his shaft, suckle his balls. Vinod was
going mad with delight. He bent and cupped one naked, pendulant
breast, squeezing the ripe mound hard, rolling it in his hand. Her
nipples were rigid and hard, long and stiff. Her back arched in
delight at the touch of his hand on her nipple. He shifted forward
in the chair, and she knelt between his legs, her face thrust deep
into his groin and he bent over and stretched his hands down,
caressing her superb back, elegantly postured, unblemished, the
spine neatly hollowed. His hands gripped her firm buttocks and
parted them and probed between them with his finger. Pinned
beneath him, Madhavi moaned and arched her back, thrusting her
buttocks outward and Vinod was grinning and grunting, fingering
her anus. Madhavi's smooth buttocks trembled and quivered,
swaying. Vinod bent further, his chest over her back and her
thighs opened for his finger to go into her cunt.

Now he rose to his feet off the chair and, bent over her, began to
masturbate her cunt hard, his hand jerking rapidly to and fro.
One finger, then two together rammed into her cunt, pulling out,
in and out, in and out, in and out. Her face was pinned to his
groin and his hips were pumping now, his buttocks flexing and
unflexing as he fucked her face and fingered her cunt at the same
time. Madhavi's hips swayed and jerked, pumping in unfaked delight
beneath him. His hips ran back and forth. The long thick silver
chain around his neck slapped at her butt. When they broke apart
there was a look of amazed delight on her face, and her eyes shone
darkly with excitement. Vinod laughed at her expression as he went
back to the chair.

"*Kem rundi, kayutu ne ke hoon tane saaru ragdi ne chodhis*?" he
said in Gujarati. "Whore, didn't I tell you I'd fuck you hard?"

Madhavi was panting now, her breasts hot and swollen, her breast tips standing up erect and quivering. She rose to her feet and
swung one long, elegant shapely leg over his thighs and straddling
his lap, sat on it. His cock was hard and moist against her flat
belly. She bent forward, cupping his face in her hands and kissed
him hard, hungrily, thrusting her tongue deep into his mouth.
Vinod gripped her head, kissing her back, one hand on a breast,
then moving lower between her legs and fondling her cunt.

Madhavi broke the kiss, her head arching up, her eyes closed, her
face suffused with lust. She looked stunning. Her lips were
parted, shining with his gunk and, as Rajeev watched, her pointed
tongue snaked out and around her lips, lapping at his jizz. She
arched her chest towards him, and he sucked on her swollen breast,
his cheeks hollowing as he flicked his tongue at her nipple. His
lips drew back and his teeth bared as he rolled it in his teeth
and across his gums and the roof of his mouth. Madhavi moaned

"OHHHHHH ... Vin...ohhhhhh...d!" she went, gripping his head and
pinning it to her breast.

He was deeply excited by her reaction and now he moved to the
other breast, then squeezed both together in a hard bunch and
sucked on both nipples at once.

"OHHHHHh ... uhhhh ... OHHHHHHHHH!" Madhavi gasped deliriously.

She writhed and gasped over him, her hips swaying of their own
accord now and her excitement and passion were obviously unfaked.
Her long, elegant fingers curled hungrily, feverishly around his
massive cock again and now she shuffled back, positioning her cunt over his cock-head. She paused for a moment and Vinod's hands were
on her breasts and her hips and buttocks and thighs. She took the
cock in three fingers and slid the cock-head into her cunt,
between the cunt-lips rimmed with downy fuzz.

"AHHHHHHHHHH ... uhhhhhh ... AHHHHH!" Vinod gasped, arching hard
as her cunt seared down on his cock-head.

"UuuuuuunnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhhhhAHHHHHHH!" she moaned, her hips sinking
onto his cock.

Her lovely face arched back, contorted with an agonised lust, her
mouth open in a wide 'O' of passion. Her hips sank lower even as
Vinod arched his own high. His cock slid into her flesh,
distending her cunt-lips wide open and her back arched, the
exquisite neck strained and arching back. Her breath rasped from
her throat. His hands were on her slender waist, pulling her down
even more deeply. Her legs were folded beneath her, on either side
of his and now, with her hands on his thighs behind her butt, she
began to move, bucking and rocking up and down, up and down, her
cunt rising and falling, sliding up the length of his pole, then
coming down again. His hips spasmed and jerked, then struck a
controlled rhythm, pumping up and down beneath her, their buttocks
flexing and unflexing in synchronicity. He squeezed her breasts,
and she cried out. He leaned forward and sucked on them again. She
moaned, and when he released her, her own hands were on her
breasts, rolling and squeezing them in excitement.

"OHHHH ... Vinod-Vinod-Vin...nnn...ohhhh...dd *hanh* uhhhh Ohma
uhh *hanh* uhhhhhhhh!" she gasped, her head twisting this way and
that, her body rising and falling, rising and falling, writhing in
unfaked delight on his lap. She stretched back and with delicate
fingers cupped and rubbed his heavy balls.

"*Chul*," he gasped, "*chul rundi chul* ... *lelemerelavdeko chul*
... *Hanh* uhh OHHHhhhhhuhhhhh *laile hanh* chul-chul-OHHHH!"

They paused and, with her still impaled on his cock, Vinod rose
smoothly out of the chair, his muscles rippling. She flung her
legs about his slim hips, pinning her cunt to his cock, her hands
thrown about his broad shoulders, panting, feverish with lust now
and kissing him again and again, moaning eager obscenities of

They fell to the carpeted floor and Vinod began to fuck her on her
back. He knelt between her legs, levering her thighs wide open,
her bent knees flat on their sides on the floor, and bending
deeply over her, he took her hard. Madhavi cried out, screaming
loudly, her body arching and spasming, jerking back and forth as
he thrust and thrust and thrust, harder and faster, deeper and
deeper. His face was bent, his mouth open, his teeth gritted and
bared in a rictus of ecstasy. His buttocks flexed and unflexed,
jerked and swung rapidly to and fro, back and forth, up and down,
driving his immense penis in and out of her cunt. It appeared and
disappeared shining wet with their comingled coital juices,
emerging hard and stiff, long and monstrous, thick veins standing
out angrily on the shaft, then running back into her deep and fast
and smooth, her cunt-lips pulled wide open, drilling in deeper
till his balls were at her vulva. With each thrust, Madhavi arched
hard, her mons bucking up to take him in deeper, and her head
flipped from side to side in slow, languorous motions. She thrust
a hand down and clawed her cunt-lips open, feeling the shaft rasp
out of her, then slide back in, scraping her fingers and clitoris.
Vinod began to swing his hips in skewering, rolling motions with
each thrust, slowing his fucking suddenly, and Madhavi moaned as
the monster cock took her from all angles. On and on he went, and
now his head was flung back, his eyes closed, his mouth open, his
voice ragged, his cries, like hers, obscene and loud. Her hands
were on her breasts, squeezing them in delight, pinching and
rolling the rigid nipples, the gold chain around her neck tossing
on her chest, the long silver one around his flying and tossing,
his muscles knotting and flexing superbly, his body streaming with
sweat now, her breasts jiggling with his thrusts, her back arching
and falling, arching and falling. Again he changed the rhythm,
resuming the rapid-fire, trip-hammer, pistoning-lunging-thrusting,
ramming and reaming into her, his hips swinging furiously to and
fro, back and forth, up and down, and Madhavi's body bowed in an
arch and she cried out loud and long, tendons popping in her
throat. Her hands clawed at his shoulders, the nails digging in
fiercely and he cried out, now releasing her thighs and leaning
over her, sucking her breasts hard, her legs jerking up and
winding taut about his hips as his cock rocketed to and fro. Their
motions grew more frenzied, their cries more erotic.

*hanh* uhhhh uhhh ohhhh uhhhh ... OHHHHH" she went.

"AHHHH ... UHHHH ... AHHHHHHH ... UHHHHHH!" he responded.

They came together, and Rajeev and Pallavi watched, rivetted as
she spasmed and arched in a steep bow, her mouth tearing open, the
breath driven from her slender, superb, dusky body, her nipples
enormously hard and stiff and long, her cunt heaving up to his,
her body shaking and trembling and quivering, her head flung back,
her arms around his shoulders. He thrust his tongue into her
mouth, and then went into his final strokes, thrusting in hard
once, pausing, twice and pausing, three, four, five times, pausing
each time inside her.

At last he gave in and jerked into her. His hips twitched at her
crotch as he came and her face suffused with pleasure, her body
jerking as his jizz shot into her slit in steaming jets. Still
coming, he slid out of her, shook his cock and gasping and
moaning, shot his steaming jizz through the air. Rajeev and
Pallavi watched it arc and then settle like thick ticker tape on
her thighs and belly and breasts and face.

Moaning softly, still gasping, Madhavi subsided, her trembling
legs unwinding and sliding down. Vinod chuckled softly and crushed
his cock back into her cunt. It was still rock-hard and stiff.
Obviously, he had doped himself to the gills with sex pep pills.
Madhavi moaned thickly, her face turned to one side, her body
rocking gently under his thrusts. He kissed her and she writhed
under him, caressing his powerful shoulders. He reared up on his
elbows over and grinned down at her. She smiled languorously up at

"*Kem memsa'ab* ... *kevu lagyu*? *Maja avi*?" he murmured.

Her smile widened in true appreciation and gratitude. She drew a
long, slender finger through the puddle of gunk between her
breasts and, scooping up a thick gob of it, raised her finger to
her mouth. Her lips parted and her tongue slid out, sexily lapping
at his jizz from her fingertip. Then her finger was in her mouth
and she was sucking on it. He chuckled and watched her as she
began to caress her gunk covered body, massaging his spoot into
her flesh. He rocked his cock into her sharply. She gasped and
arched him.

"*Chul* Vinod ... *pacher chodh mhane*," she murmured.

Madhavi moaned sexily and Vinod eased his cock out of her and
turned her on her font. She moaned, bent before him on her
forearms and knees. Vinod chuckled and dropped in a low squat
astride her flared hips and pressed his rigid cock between her
buttocks. Rajeev knew she liked being sodomized and Vinod loved
doing it. Sure enough, the youth hesitated, then made up his mind.
He pressed his cock-head to her tight anus. Madhavi groaned and
bent forward more steeply, arching her hips to him. He creased her
buttocks open and, flexing his buttocks, eased his hips forward,
squeezing his cock-head into her asshole.

Rajeev smiled and turned off the sound, cutting off Madhavi's
shrill cry. Looking at Pallavi, he saw that she was intensely
aroused, one hand cupping a breast, her face soft and radiant with
lust, the nostrils flared, the lips parted. He kissed her,
thrusting his tongue into her mouth.


"No. Look, we really need to talk."

"Okay, let's go. Come on, we'll take the lift up."

They rode up to the top floor in his private elevator. Pallavi had
always loved this space. It was stunningly furnished, with
bookcases, music everywhere, gorgeous rugs and priceless paintings
and antiques. It was a complete apartment in itself. In the living
room, there was a casual sitting area with two armchairs and a
sofa clustered around a sleek coffee table.

They settled on the sofa and he punched a button on the remote
control that lay on the side table by the sofa. Soft music
filtered from superb hidden speakers. Pallavi kicked off her
slippers and curled her feet on the sofa. Rajeev stripped off his
shirt and trousers and Pallavi grinned at him.

"Don't tempt me, you sexy stud," she murmured, leaving her clothes
on. "I really need to talk to you."

Rajeev smiled ruefully and settled down beside her. She snuggled
to him and caressed his body, fondling his cock.

"So what's the problem?" he asked.


"Mm. You said, earlier. I saw it. Trying to tie you down, is he?"

"He's married, damn it."

"So? married men don't get horny?"

She giggled. "No. It's just that I haven't fucked him yet."

He stared at her in surprise and began to laugh. "I don't believe

"Honestly. I think he thinks of his love as some pure, platonic
thing ..."

"That's bullshit."

"I know."

"He's got the hots for you."

"Is it that obvious?"

"Not if you're blind."

"I've decided to let him fuck me."

"Good. Sensible. Cool him off."

"It can't be here, of course. Not in Bombay."

He looked at her and nodded in agreement and understanding.
"You're right. It can't. You planning to do it on this trip to

She nodded. "Yes. I was hoping to."

"Well, we're at the Apistia, so it shouldn't be a problem."

She looked at him in alarm. "Hey, I don't want him up at the
whorehouse or anything."

"I wasn't suggesting that."

"What then?"

"You get him to your room the night we arrive and let him stay

"You'll see to the security?"

"You won't be disturbed," he promised her. "You want this on

She frowned. "Somehow I don't think he's going to be terribly
exciting in bed. But might as well, I suppose. Might come in handy
someday, perhaps."

"In a somewhat bizarre set of circumstances, no doubt."

"Probably. So you agree I should do it?"


"Good. That's settled then."

He grinned and kissed her.

"Now. About that tea." He picked up the phone. There was a full
service kitchen on the floor below.

"Forget the tea," she said huskily, her eyes glittering. "Come
here and fuck me, you sexy stud. Watching all that fucking has
ignited my slit."

Rajeev laughed and replaced the receiver. He drew her to him and
her mouth was hungry and open beneath his. A few minutes later
they were in the bedroom and he stood on the bed and fucked her
mouth as she knelt before him. He grunted softly, his head bent,
watching her suck his cock and thought to himself that Vijay
really had struck gold.
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