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OddManOut.Mowing the Lawn Part 2


Disclaimer: This is the second part of a story. If you can't find the
first part, try DejaNews. And don't read this if you're under 18.

Mowing the Lawn

by OddManOut

Katie˙ffff92s hand was still stuck on my thigh, so I broke the kiss.
"You know what felt really nice, Katie? When you were gently running
your nails down my leg. If you did that now, it would feel incredible."
As Katie began to run her nails down my thigh, I grabbed the bottom of
her T-shirt and began to pull it up. She took her hand off my leg to
allow me to remove the shirt, and I got my first look at her breasts in
all their glory. They were very large and firm, with only a small bit
of sag at the base. The nipple that I had given so much attention to
was standing out with a very dark red hue. Her other nipple was still
pinkish and a little soft. As she replaced her hand on my thigh, I
lowered my head to her left nipple and took it in my mouth.

As I sucked on Katie˙ffff92s breast, I undid my shorts and pulled them
down, leaving myself in my underwear. Not leaving her breast, I took
Katie˙ffff92s hand and guided it to my cock, signaling to her that I
wanted her to stroke it. She closed her grip, feeling my rod through my
soft cotton briefs. When she gave an experimental squeeze, I hissed in
my breath and bit on her nipple, causing her to gasp in turn. She began
to take the measure of my cock, running her hand up my shaft to the
head. When she felt that I was warmer there, she gave another squeeze,
and I almost came in my pants as I jerked my head away from her breast.

Katie was stunned. "Did I hurt you?" "No," I said, placing my hand on
her thigh. "I˙ffff92m very sensitive there. You almost made me come."
Katie˙ffff92s eyes went wide. "Can I see it? When you come?" I
squeezed her thigh and said "Sure. But not right now. I want to hold
off for a bit." I moved my hand up to the fork of her legs and took her
mound into her palm. I could tell that she wasn˙ffff92t wearing
anything under her sweatpants˙ffff85 nothing substantial, at least.
Katie sat nervously as I ran my finger up and down her slit. All
thoughts of Sheila were gone now as I stroked her through the fabric.

Katie looked worried, so I asked her "Is it all right if I do this?"
She looked at me, almost afraid to give me an answer, then nodded her
head very slightly. "You aren˙ffff92t˙ffff97turned off, or anything?"
I laughed as I shook my head no. "Of course not. Why should I be
turned off? Did you think you were ugly down there?"

She didn˙ffff92t answer, but became visibly more relaxed as I continued
to play with her slit. I took my hand away and slid it down the front
of her sweat pants. She was sopping wet, and when my finger passed
through her bush she shivered slightly.

I found her slit, and began to push my finger in a little bit. She
whined at me, and I kissed her lightly on the neck. "Is this the way
you get yourself off?" She shook her head no. "How do you get yourself
off, Katie?" In a small voice, she said "I just play with my clit. I
haven˙ffff92t stuck anything up there yet. I˙ffff92m afraid˙ffff85"

"Of what?" I asked, when it seemed that she would not continue. "Are
you still a virgin, Katie?" With moist eyes, she slowly nodded her
head. "Don˙ffff92t worry. I won˙ffff92t break you. Relax. Spread
your legs a little bit." I lay down beside her, and pushed my finger
back into her pussy as I leaned over and began to suck on her tit.

My finger slid inside her slowly, due to her tightness, and the nervous
clamping of her legs. As I began to stroke her tunnel from the inside,
she relaxed somewhat, and opened up more. I brushed up against her
hymen, and pushed slightly as I bit her tit gently. Katie whined and
began to pull away from my finger, so I eased back and worked on her

I took my head off her breast and brought my mouth to hers. She sucked
my tongue in greedily, urging me to probe her mouth as much as I was
probing her vulva. I pulled my finger out of her wetness, and wiggled
her fleshy clit with my fingertip before I pulled my hand away
completely. Katie tried to move her hips with my hand, but it was no
use. I pulled my hand from under the elastic and disengaged myself from
her mouth.

Katie watched me intently as I brought my finger up for her to see. It
was covered in her juices. I smelled her essence on my hand for a
second, then, to her surprise, I put my finger in my mouth and cleaned
it of her fluids.

"Eww, gross." Katie made a face. "How can you do that?" "You mean you
don˙ffff92t think you taste good?" I asked her. "I wouldn˙ffff92t do
that." She replied.

I slid myself down her body until my torso was nestled snugly between
her legs. "Well," I said, "I like the way you taste, and I think
you˙ffff92re going to like this." I gave her a big grin and lowered my
head between her thighs.

"What are you going to do?" she asked, knowing full well what I was
going to do. I started by running the tip of my tongue from the bottom
of her slit to the nub of her clitoris. Katie shuddered with pleasure,
and her hands shot to my head. She pushed me away for a second with
revulsion, then changed her mind and pulled my head back to her mound.
"That˙ffff92s dirty, but I love it." She whispered. "Don˙ffff92t stop.

I didn˙ffff92t intend to. I resumed licking her slit and twirling my
tongue around her clit. Katie closed her legs and pushed my head down,
burying my face in her bush. I stuck out my tongue and snaked it inside
of her as far as it could go. She tore at my hair as I slithered my
tongue over and through her slit. I persevered, and soon she was
begging me to keep going.

"Oh, Brad, yeah, keep licking me, yeah, oh god, it˙ffff92s so dirty,
it˙ffff92s so wonderful, don˙ffff92t stop, no, I like˙ffff85 oh, oh,
OH, OHHH!" she curled forward as the orgasm raked its way through her
frame. I kept my tongue in her pussy as she came down, lapping her
gently. I looked up to check how she was doing.

"How did that feel?" I asked. Katie giggled a little bit and gave me a
big smile as an answer. "I thought you˙ffff92d like that." I said.
"Can I see your˙ffff85" Katie looked a little embarrassed, "you know."

"Certainly," I said, and I placed my hand next to her head for her
inspection. "Not your hand, silly! Your˙ffff85 you know, your thing."
"And what is that thing?" I wanted to hear her say it.

"Your dick" she said in a soft voice. Katie looked up at me.
"Please?" I stood up and pulled down my briefs, then lay back down next
to Katie, positioned so that my cock was almost resting on her breasts.
Katie stared at it, brought forth her hand, then stopped.

"It˙ffff92s okay," I said. "Touch it." I was rock hard at this point,
at my full seven inches. A little bit of pre-come leaked from my head.
Katie ran a finger over the shaft, testing the smoothness, and the way
the skin slid easily over the flesh beneath. She made a ring around my
cock with her finger and her thumb, and began to jerk me off gingerly
with the ring.

"You can squeeze, if you want." I said. "Show me how." She whispered.
I pulled her hand off, and showed her how I gripped my cock. When I let
go, she emulated me, carefully wrapping her fingers around me as if my
penis was made of crystal. "Now move your hand up and down." I told
her. "Stroke me."

Katie squeezed me lightly and began to pump my penis. Her grip was firm
enough to stimulate, but still light enough to make my cock expand,
begging for more. I leaned in for another open-mouthed kiss and began
to play with her pussy again. Katie eagerly returned the kiss and
pressed her mound up into my hand. Her movements on my cock became a
little more rapid and less controlled as I continued to stroke her clit.

"Put my balls in your other hand," I said quietly, breaking the kiss and
pulling my finger from her snatch. She gently ran her hand over my
testicles as she continued to stroke my penis, carefully avoiding the
pre-come that was running over the head. As I licked her juices from my
finger, I lay back and enjoyed her ministrations.

What Katie did next surprised me. Leaning forward, she blew her hot
breath over the head of my penis. I looked up when I felt this, and
almost came on the spot at the sight of Katie˙ffff92s mouth barely an
inch from my member. She turned her head and looked at me.

"Does it taste, you know, okay?" I brought my finger to my cock and
took a little bit of pre-come from the tip, presenting it to her mouth.
Katie looked reluctant to taste, so I brought my finger to my mouth and
licked it clean. Normally I only tasted my semen on Sheila˙ffff92s
tongue, but I felt this situation called for more extreme measures.

"I think I taste sweet," I told Katie. I brought my finger down for
another dollop and said "want to try?" Nervously, she stuck out her
tongue and touched it to the bit of semen on my finger. She held her
position for a second, trying to discern the taste, then licked the rest
of the come from my hand. "I guess you taste okay," she said,
"you˙ffff92re kind of sweet."

"Thank you," I said. "Would you like to take me in your mouth?" Katie
looked at me in horror. "Please?" I said. "You know, if you do this
to a boy, he˙ffff92ll be more likely to eat you out, like I just did."
That seemed to embolden her, but she still wasn˙ffff92t convinced. "I
won˙ffff92t get˙ffff85 sick or anything, will I?" I shook my head no,
and she dipped her head to lick the underside of my penis. She started
out with light licks, but as she grew accustomed to my taste, her tongue
became more bold. Soon she was running her tongue the full length of my
cock, from my root at the base to the top of my glans. It felt
heavenly, and became even more so when, without any prompting from me,
Katie positioned her mouth above my cockhead and circled the bulb with
her tongue.

"Yes! That˙ffff92s wonderful!" I gasped, and Katie gave me a quick
grin before she returned to work on my penis. Unafraid now, she opened
her mouth and let my head slide in. Her tongue darted over me, swirling
around my head before it returned to the top to lap up any pre-come that
may have leaked out. She continued this torture for a couple of minutes
before she decided to see how much of me she could take in her mouth. I
had to restrain myself from shoving into her face as she lowered her
head on my penis. She was going so slow as to be almost imperceptible,
the only giveaway of her motion being the steady increase of warmth
around my cock. As she went, she continued to swirl her tongue around
my shaft, treating me like a long peppermint bar.

Katie had to stop after getting five inches of me into her mouth. It
wasn˙ffff92t exactly a deep throat, but I wasn˙ffff92t about to force
her to take the last couple of inches. She pulled back a little bit to
make herself more comfortable, and began to concentrate on using her
tongue to turn me on. She was very successful at this, and soon my cock
was stiffer than I had ever experienced. As she laved my cock with her
tongue, I guided one of her hands to my balls. She cupped them gently,
and began to squeeze me in time to her licks on my shaft.

After a few minutes of this treatment, I was in ecstasy. "I˙ffff92m
going to come soon, you know." I told her. "Would you like to taste
it?" Katie came up for air from my penis, and considered the offer.
"Does it taste any different from this?" She asked, licking up a little
bit of my pre-come. "No," I said, "there˙ffff92ll just be a lot more
of it." With a little smile, she asked "Do you want me to taste it?"
"Yes, I would love that." I said, smiling back. "Okay," she said,
"then I will."

Katie took me back into her mouth and began to suck harder, milking my
cock as well as she could. It wasn˙ffff92t long before she had returned
me to the edge of my climax. Noticing that my body was tensing up, she
sucked and worked her tongue even harder than before, which triggered me
into a thunderous orgasm. As the waves swept through me, I began to
shoot my load into her mouth.

The first blast caught her by surprise, and she opened her mouth and let
it drip down my mouth. As soon as she realized what was happening,
however, Katie clamped her lips back around my cock and began to suck
out the come from my body. I poured squirt after squirt into her mouth,
which she sucked directly down her throat. After my orgasm subsided,
she continued to work on me, making sure that I had spent my entire
load. When she finally let me slip out, she began to lick the base of
my cock clean, where she had allowed some gobs of semen to spill.

"So how did you like it?" I asked when she finished. "It was fun,"
Katie replied between licks of my penis. "Your skin tastes nice. The
come tastes OK, I guess, but your skin tastes nice. I like sucking on
it." To prove her point, she took my now limp dick in her mouth and ran
her tongue around the head once before letting it slide out again. "So
when will you need to borrow our lawn mower again?"


Five days later, I said to Sheila "Honey, I˙ffff92m going over to the
Fredericks˙ffff92 to borrow their mower."

Sheila was incredulous. "But the lawn˙ffff92s barely grown, Brad. I
thought you didn˙ffff92t like mowing it."

I gave her a kiss on the cheek as I walked out the door. "I know,
Honey, but I˙ffff92ve begun to enjoy the exercise."


"It is only the great men who are truly obscene. If they
had not dared to be obscene, they could never have dared
to be great."
-Havelock Ellis
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