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OddManOut.Something to Talk About


Disclaimer: This was my first "serious" post, so if you think it sucks,
now you know why. The following story contains explicit depictions of
sexual acts performed between two adults. If that offends you,
don˙ffff92t read it. If you˙ffff92re under 18, or 21, or whatever you
have to be, don˙ffff92t read it. Instead, go read the bible or
Something to Talk About
"So why did you decide to stay here in Minneapolis?"

"Good memories. Plus a lot of my friends are still in college, and I
like to be close to my friends."

Taken by two different measures, the date was going either terribly or
very well. The date was going badly in the sense that for the past
hour, they had been talking about nothing: just rehashing and
clarifying all the trivial bits of data they had learned about each
other after their first ten minutes together. During the course of the
evening, Tanya had described her communications major to Jake in details
a job interviewer wouldn˙ffff92t have cared to known about. Jake, for
his part, had pretty much worked to death the story of his string of
low-level jobs, from taxi driver to fast-food cook to security guard.

When you got down to it, the problem lay in the fact that they were two
very different people from two very different backgrounds. The only
real common ground between them lay in the fact that they both worked
for the same company, and neither Jake nor Tanya wanted to discuss work.
That would be admitting defeat y confessing that there was nothing more
to know about themselves that would be interesting. So Tanya talked
about where she had gone on dorm trips, and Jake discussed the
depressing conditions of a fast food job, and the evening crept on.

On the plus side, they were doing the talking on Tanya˙ffff92s couch.
When Jake pulled up to her house, Tanya had looked over at him and
invited him in for some coffee. Jake was a little surprised, as their
conversation at the restaurant was only slightly more interesting than
their present talk. Tanya had led him to the couch, then gone into the
kitchen to start coffee. When she came back, they continued where they
had left off, bringing up the minor issues in each others lives in a
desperate attempt to create a rapport.

Another plus was that Jake didn˙ffff92t mind the conversation too much,
as long as he got to look at Tanya as they talked. By any account, she
was beautiful, but her normally modest make-up had been applied more
heavily tonight. Her face was still far from looking whorish, and the
colors she used weren˙ffff92t exotic enough for her to look glamorous.
She simply looked made-up, like it was more important to her to look
good this evening. Her brown hair, normally in a pony tail, had been
undone, and carefully combed so that it hung straight down to her

She was dressed modestly in a white silk blouse and black knee-length
skirt, but the effect it had on Jake was subtly erotic. The blouse
teased him. At any given time, it outlined one specific curve of her
body in silky detail while concealing the rest. Whenever Tanya moved,
it slid over her body, and Jake could almost feel on his own chest the
sensations the silk must send to her skin. Tanya was not one who showed
off her body, but from what the silk had revealed to Jake, it seemed
like there was nothing wrong with it. The breasts he tried hard not to
stare at (when she was looking at him) were round and full. The skirt
revealed enough of her legs to tantalize him, but not enough to make him
feel like he was supposed to be tantalized. Somehow this seemed
exciting, like he was only sitting in her living room because he wanted
to ogle her surreptitiously. She caught him looking and stood up
quickly, making him a little ashamed. He got ready to have her kick him

"Would you mind if I put on music?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah, sure. What do you have?" He began to blush a little
bit. He˙ffff92d been staring at Tanya so much, he was certain
she˙ffff92d caught him that time. He chose a jazz album she named that
sounded good to him, and she put it in the player before coming back to
the couch for her coffee. Reaching down, she slipped off her pumps,
then stretched her legs out on the small coffee table.

"I always listen to this when I need to unwind. It˙ffff92s so
relaxing." She took a sip of her coffee and smiled over at him. He
smiled back uncomfortably. He wanted to do more with this woman, but
she seemed so pure. He had a feeling that she wasn˙ffff92t interested
in sex, or that she thought it was dirty. As she sipped her coffee, he
really noticed her perfume for the first time that night. She smelled
faintly of roses, a cultured smell. He couldn˙ffff92t imagine having
sex with a woman who smelled like roses. It was like playing cards with
a woman who smelled like cinnamon. Jake wondered if Tanya even knew how
hard she was making him when she stretched out like that.

"Would you like a backrub?" He˙ffff92d said the words before he
realized it.

"What?" Tanya looked a little off-guard, but she didn˙ffff92t look
shocked or offended. Jake decided to press his luck.

"Well, you said this music helps you relax, and I thought a backrub
might also help." It sounded corny to him, but Tanya scooted over next
to him and presented her back. He placed his hands on her lower back
and began to knead. He grabbed her muscles strongly˙ffff97anything less
would make her slide away from his grasp beneath the silk. He worked
his way up her back to her shoulders, rolling the tops of her deltoids
under his hand, then back down to her pelvis, digging in under her skirt
to get all of her lower back. She swayed back and forth lightly as she
did this, not saying anything to encourage or discourage him.

Jake˙ffff92s hands were getting tired, and the silk was beginning to
frustrate him.

"Do you mind if I go under your shirt?"

"Mm," she hummed. Jake kneaded her back absently as he tried to figure
out what Tanya meant by that. It didn˙ffff92t quite sound like
she˙ffff92d appreciate it, and it wasn˙ffff92t quite short enough to be
curt. Tentatively he pulled the bottom of her blouse out of her skirt,
and slid his hands underneath to rest on her back, underneath the silk.
Her skin was hot and a little oily, and it moved resiliently under his
hands as he massaged it. Tanya protested a bit when he did this.

"My skin is really sticky."

"It˙ffff92s OK." She didn˙ffff92t press the issue, but just sat and
rocked against his hands as he kneaded her flesh. Jake wanted to go
higher, so he reached around her and pulled the rest of her blouse from
her skirt, then moved his hands to her upper back. The bottom of the
blouse pulled up, revealing her white stomach. Tanya stiffened a bit,
but didn˙ffff92t make any move to stop him. He could feel her slowly
relax as he rubbed her shoulders.

"Is this all right?" She didn˙ffff92t answer. She may have been
scared, or turned on, or impatient, or indifferent. Jake wasn˙ffff92t
sure. They sat like that for a few minutes, she rocking in silence as
he silently rubbed her shoulders. He slipped his hand under the straps
of her bra, and rubbed the naked flesh there. She didn˙ffff92t say
anything, so he moved lower, and began to rub beneath the elastic band
that went across her back. She let him do it in silence. "Does that
feel good?" No answer. Jake could still smell the rose perfume, but
now it was mixed with the heady scent of her flesh. She smelled
vulnerable, fragile. Was she even enjoying this? He wished he could
get a reaction of some sort. Half out of annoyance, he unclasped the
back of her bra beneath her shirt. The bands fell free at her side, and
he massaged her upper back without the elastic pulling against his

He moved to the sides of her back, rubbing along the torso. Two inches
forward and he˙ffff92d be feeling her up. Jake was intensely conscious
of this fact as he massaged the skin along her rib cage. The bra straps
hung loosely over his hands as he worked her muscles. It occurred to
Jake that she may have fallen asleep during the backrub, and he was
molesting her as she slept.

"Are you awake?"


"Is this OK?"

No answer. What did that mean? Her body was inches in front of his.
He was in a position to do anything he wanted with her, but was foiled
by her silence. He suspected that it was her way of showing arousal,
but the only way to test could be disastrous. He slid her hands down
her body to her belly. Her skin here was softer and cooler, and it
rolled easily beneath his hands. Reaching around her, he put his hands
on her stomach and softly pulled her back to him. She resisted a
little, then pushed herself back, until she rested against his body.
Jake softly massaged her abdomen as he craned his head forward and
lightly kissed her neck. She tilted her head slightly to give him
better access, but no more. He kissed her again on the neck, more
firmly, and slowly brought his hands up her body. He could feel her
tense up as his hand slid toward her chest, but she made no move to stop
him. He moved his mouth higher and kissed her on the jawbone as his
right hand reached her breast and stroked it softly through the loose
bra cup.

She remained tense, and Jake could feel her breathing quicken as his
left hand reached her other breast and pulled the cup aside. Was she
frightened? Her naked breast was soft as down under his hand, so soft
he wasn˙ffff92t completely sure when he had touched it. It was a smooth
transition from air to flesh, like she had materialized into his palm.
He found her nipple, it was as soft as her body.

"Do you like this?"

She continued to breathe, not answering his question. He pinched the
nipple lightly, and her breath caught in her throat. She remained tense
as he continued to play with her breasts, not breathing, not saying a
word. Her nipple warmed and slowly became firm as he rolled and pulled
at it, kissing the side of her mouth. He pulled his right hand out of
her blouse, and began to unbutton it slowly as he continued playing with
her breast. Tanya was limp in his arms as he unbuttoned her blouse.
When he pulled it off of her, she let him, sitting still but not helping
or hindering his efforts. The bra hung loosely over her shoulders, and
he pulled it off as well. Her nipples now stood out clearly in the
cooler air of the room.

He lay her down over his lap and bent to take a breast into his mouth.
Sucking softly, he rolled the nipple around in his mouth, flicking it
lightly with his tongue. He could feel her back stiffen against his
legs˙ffff85 disgust? He continued to play with her breasts, squeezing
the one he wasn˙ffff92t sucking on with his free hands, rolling and
kneading it like he had done with her back just minutes ago. He
switched nipples and moved his mouth to her dry breast as he moved his
hand down to stroke her thighs. Her legs were warm and a little rigid
as he ran his hand up and down, pulling up her skirt a bit to feel
higher on her legs. Her tit was firm in his mouth as he moved his hand
up directly to her mound, bunching the skirt around her waist. She let
him stroke her there in that maddeningly absent way, keeping her legs
still as he pressed against her panties, then ran his finger over the
round crease which this created. She felt hot, but not wet as he traced
her mound through her panties.

"Do you want me to stop?" He lifted his head from her breast and looked
at her face, but her eyes were closed, and her head was turned to the
side. She looked beautiful this way, and very pure. He pressed on her
pussy a little harder, but she did nothing. Running his finger back and
forth with this increased pressure made her stiffen a little, but she
did not move. Jake could feel her vulva relax, however, and took the
opportunity to work his way down to her hips. Lifting her bottom up
onto his lap, he reached under her and undid her skirt, then grabbed the
waist of her pantyhose. Sliding himself down, he pulled pantyhose and
skirt together down her legs, white nylons turning to pink flesh under
the black of her skirt. She was naked now, except for her white
panties. In her first independent motion since she presented her back
to him, she brought her arms up and held them around her body. For
warmth, maybe, or perhaps shame. He lay down next to her on the couch,
between her and the back, with his head by her head and his hand at the
top of her panties. Craning forward, he kissed her on the lips as his
hand slid under her panties to her slit. She took the kiss on her lips,
not responding, as his hand slid down to her unguarded flesh, probing
and finding her clit. She was a little moist now. Maybe it was just
from the attention, but it was enough to allow him to slide a finger
over her bud, moving it back and forth gently and firmly.

He left her head and moved down to her hips, pulling her panties off to
leave her completely naked. Spreading her legs, he dipped his head down
to lick her bud.

"No˙ffff85." Tanya squirmed a bit and closed her legs. Jake stopped
and brought his head up. It seemed she didn˙ffff92t want to have sex.

"Sorry." He stood up and started to straighten his clothes.

"What are you doing?"

"You don˙ffff92t want to have sex."

"I didn˙ffff92t want you to˙ffff85" She trailed off.

"To what?"

"To˙ffff85 lick me there." She was red in the face, not used to the
expression. "It˙ffff92s dirty."

"No it˙ffff92s not."

"Please. You can do whatever you want. Just˙ffff85 don˙ffff92t do
that. OK?" Her hand was on his leg, resting. Jake suddenly realized
that he was still clothed. He undid his shirt and pants, and struggled
out of his briefs. Tanya looked at him, then at his penis as it bobbed
up and down in front of him. He knelt down by her head and softly
kissed her on the lips, he passionate, she stiff. He tried pushing his
tongue into her mouth as he took her hand and placed it on his cock.
She held his cock quietly, without any grabbing or stroking. His tongue
pried her teeth open and searched inside her mouth, but nothing was
there to meet it. Pulling his face from hers, he rose up on his knees
and laid his cock on the couch beside her head.

"Will you lick it?"

"It˙ffff92s dirty."

"I took a shower before I picked you up."

"You know what I mean."

"You said I could do whatever I wanted." She looked up at him with a
pained expression. She wasn˙ffff92t used to doing these things. Jake
wondered if anyone had ever asked her to do something like this. She
seemed so proper at work. Proper or not, she stuck out her tongue and
touched the underside of his cock timidly. She moved it around in
little circles, stiffly, hoping it would all be over with soon.

"Relax your tongue, and use longer strokes."

"I can˙ffff92t."

"Put it in your mouth, then."

Her mouth curled involuntarily, but she still got the courage to lean
forward and place her lips around the top of his head. That was all.
Jake couldn˙ffff92t feel her tongue, he couldn˙ffff92t even feel the
inside of her mouth. Tanya had merely placed her lips around his head,
and avoided the rest of him. Slowly Jake pushed forward. The head of
his cock disappeared completely between her lips, but she still managed
to avoid any contact inside of her mouth. Jake angled his body, and
pushed in a little more. With his body angled, he succeeded in pushing
his cock against the walls of her mouth. His head brushed against the
roof, and she started to gag She pulled her mouth off of him as her
throat contracted. The first thing out of her mouth was a gasped

"I˙ffff92m sorry."

"It˙ffff92s all right. You don˙ffff92t have to do it if it˙ffff92ll
make you gag." Jake felt like he should have been the one apologizing.
He dropped his head and kissed her softly on the lips. "We can do other
things instead." His hand traced down her body to the fork of her legs,
and tested the dampness at her sex. She was more dry now, no doubt put
off by his desire to do the "dirty" things. He moved his head back to
her breasts and sucked on them some more, gently probing her pussy until
the slickness started to return. Once more, Tanya gave away no evidence
of arousal. Her body was perfectly still and rigid. Only her faster
rate of breathing and the wetness between her legs suggested that she
was ready for sex. Jake˙ffff92s cock had shriveled after she had
started to gag, but playing with her breasts and pussy had brought it
back to life.

"I˙ffff92d like to make love with you now." She didn˙ffff92t respond.
"Is that OK?" Her eyes were closed, and she was breathing deeply. Jake
moved up over her and spread her legs. It required some effort, but she
didn˙ffff92t resist once he managed to move her limbs apart. He put
himself in the missionary position over her, trying to read some sort of
response from her facial expression, but she wasn˙ffff92t looking at
him. Her head was turned to the side, and her eyes were closed. She
made a little gasp as he placed the head of his cock at her gap, but
that was all. When he began to push into her, she stiffened, but
expressed no pain. As he slid into her, he could feel her tunnel loosen
slowly about his cock. It was as if he was opening the hole in her
himself, pushing into her solid flesh. Slowly he slid himself out, then
pushed himself back in again, about an inch farther than before. Tanya
was beginning to relax, but only a little bit. Jake had to shove
himself forward with a surprising amount of strength, given her

By any measure it should have been a bad fuck for Jake. Tanya was
completely passive, keeping her arms at her sides and her head turned
away from him. She refused to relax, so every thrust into her was as
almost as difficult as the first. Worst of all, she remained almost
silent. She didn˙ffff92t even breathe through her mouth. Instead, she
made tiny grunts every time he forced his way into her. If it
hadn˙ffff92t been for her encouragement to do what he wanted and the
moisture at her crotch, Jake would have thought he was raping her. He
wondered if he _was_ raping her, maybe she˙ffff92d changed her mind and
hadn˙ffff92t told him.

Despite all these problems, he was more aroused than he˙ffff92d been in
a long time. Perhaps it was the idea of being so completely the
aggressor in their fucking: he was taking what he wanted from her and
she was letting him do it without any sort of resistance. Maybe the
possibility of raping her was turning him on, that he was taking from
her, and she was too afraid of his power to do anything about it. Or
maybe it was the way her tense body made her so incredibly tight around
his cock. Jake had made it with a virgin once, and it was nothing like
this. That girl had wanted to relax, and it was her young flesh that
had stretched on its own around his member. Tanya was more experienced,
but she was clamping down on him with the power of a clenched fist
dipped in oil. Every thrust into her squeezed his entire cock, from the
sensitive outer layers to the deep spongy core. It felt like no woman
he had ever had.

He felt himself rising, much too quickly. He didn˙ffff92t know if she
was enjoying it or not, but he definitely didn˙ffff92t want to cut down
on his own pleasure. He pulled out of her and caught his breath,
waiting for the tingling to quiet down as he crouched above her on all
fours. She relaxed a little when he did this, sinking into the couch a
bit. He could feel the heat coming off her body, inches away. There
was no air current in the room, so the heat remained between them. It
warmed his body to an almost uncomfortable degree.

When he was ready to go again, he snaked a hand underneath her bottom to
grab her and lift her to meet his cock. The act of lifting her spread
her cheek, and his middle finger brushed close to her anus. When Tanya
felt this, she squirmed a bit in his arms and let out a gasp.

"Sorry," he said. She said nothing. Jake didn˙ffff92t like the
thoughts that began to fly through his head. He˙ffff92d only met one
woman before who claimed to enjoy anal sex. He shouldn˙ffff92t dare try
to do this with Tanya. Even eating her out was dirty to her. But she
hadn˙ffff92t really objected, had she? She˙ffff92d treated his finger
like with the same tense, silent acceptance she˙ffff92d given the rest
of his advances. Better, actually. She˙ffff92d actually opened her
mouth when he put his finger there. Cautiously, he moved his finger
back to her butthole and stroked it gently, circling around the rim.

Tanya arched her back to keep her hips in the air and let him finger
her, stiff as a rock. She was breathing hard now, and her head would
toss back and forth as she tried to keep her reactions inside and away
from him. He slid his penis into her again, making it slick with her
fluids, as he probed her rear with his middle finger. Her sphincter
gave way, and he pushed himself inside of her from both ends.
Tanya˙ffff92s rigid body grew even more stiff, and she began to quiver
as she whipped her head from side to side. A short yelp came from her
mouth, and Jake realized that she was having an orgasm. As she came
down, he pulled out of her again from both sides, then grabbed her body
and turned her over.

"I˙ffff92m going to fuck you in the ass now." She lay there, relaxed
(or broken?), silent as always. Jake spread her cheeks and placed the
head of his cock at her hole. He pushed forward and down, increasing
the pressure at her rear. Tanya˙ffff92s eyes were screwed tight, and
she began to whine a little bit.

"Should I stop?" She shut her eyes tighter. "It will go in better if
you relax." He didn˙ffff92t think she relaxed, but a few seconds later,
his head began to creep forward into her hole. A little more pushing
took him further inside her. Tanya screwed up her face and pushed it
into the couch as he bore down on her rear. His head passed the outer
band, and he slid in another inch as it slowly closed back against his
cock. He paused to allow her to get accustomed to the feeling of
himself behind her. Her ass clenched down on his cock with intense
heat, contracting slightly. Jake felt like he might come right there
from the contractions. He pushed forward some more, delving steadily
further into her rear.

When he was four inches in, he began to pull out. Tanya must have been
relaxing, because he could now move inside of her with more ease. He
drew himself out until only the head remained, then suddenly thrust
forward again, burying himself to the hilt inside of her. For the first
time of the night, Tanya cried out into the couch. Her hands clenched
the pillows, pulling them into unusual shapes as she felt him stretch
out her asshole. Jake stopped, waiting for her to tell him to stop.
She didn˙ffff92t.

"You like this, don˙ffff92t you." He didn˙ffff92t expect her to reply.
He didn˙ffff92t know if he cared anymore. Jake began to move inside of
her ass, building up intensity as he continued to talk to her.

"You like to be taken. You wanted me to use you like this.
That˙ffff92s really why you didn˙ffff92t want me to eat you.
You˙ffff92d have to admit that you like it too. So you˙ffff92re letting
me have my way with you, and now I˙ffff92m fucking you in the ass
because you never said no." Tanya was crying into the couch, but he
could feel her rear move back to meet him every time he slid in. He was
fucking her faster now, pushing into her ass with an easy rhythm.

"You can˙ffff92t hide it. I can feel you fucking back. You˙ffff92re
enjoying this as much as I am." He was going above his speed, pushing
himself into her with abandon. Tanya shook her head no, but she moved
her ass faster on his cock.

"What? You say no? How about if I stop now?"


"No? Okay, I˙ffff92ll stop. That˙ffff92s all you had to say." Jake
immediately stopped thrusting and began to pull out. When Tanya felt
him do this, she began to push back with him and clench her butt, trying
to keep him in her ass.

"No! I mean, yes, I mean˙ffff85" She trailed off, panting, hoping he
would understand. Jake didn˙ffff92t want to understand. He wanted to
hear her say it.

"You mean what?"

"You know."

"Say it." She didn˙ffff92t. "All night I˙ffff92ve had to guess whether
you were enjoying this or not. Now I˙ffff92m going to hear you tell

At first he thought she wouldn˙ffff92t, but she caught her breath and
raised her head. When she spoke it was in a small voice, almost

"Please˙ffff85 do me˙ffff85 back there." It was a tiny request, so Jake
moved forward a tiny amount, sliding slowly into her backdoor.

"More." She said it louder, and he moved a little faster, pushing
himself steadily into her ass.

"What do you want me to do, Tanya?"

He pulled himself out until only the head remained and paused, waiting
for her. It was a long pause before she spoke, and Jake remained still
inside her. A wild thought passed through his head: Maybe she
wouldn˙ffff92t say anything. Maybe he˙ffff92d spend the rest of the
night inside of her like this. He was almost surprised when he heard
her speak. She was still timid when she spoke, but there was no
mistaking what she wanted.

"Fuck me. Back th˙ffff97no. In the˙ffff85 in the ass. Fuck me in the

He plunged back in, and this time there was no confusion, no guilty
thoughts. Jake pumped his length in and out, and Tanya rose to meet him
with a soft cry on every thrust. She squeezed his organ when he pulled
out, trying to suck him back in. As they built up speed, she began to
relax, truly enjoying the feel of his dick inside of her ass. It was
Tanya that came first, burying her face in the pillow and screaming as
she clenched down on his cock. The sight was a surprise to him, and he
followed her soon after with a groan as he erupted inside of her. They
collapsed on the couch, panting, and he rolled over to her side and
spooned against her. They were silent for a long while. Jake tried to
pull out but she stopped him with her hand.

"Keep it in."

"I˙ffff92m getting soft."

"I know. It feels kind of nice."

"Now you tell me what feels nice."

"I˙ffff92m sorry. I˙ffff92m not used to saying what I like. I thought
I wasn˙ffff92t supposed to."

"Who told you that?"

"A lot of my friends at school said guys didn˙ffff92t like it. And
then, there was this one guy I dated my sophomore year who always
thought I was criticizing him, so from then on˙ffff85"

They kept talking until four in the morning.

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