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OddManOut.The Birthday Present Part 3


Disclaimer: If you're not over 18, then don't read this. Ahh, what the
hell, go ahead and read it. It's not like this disclaimer is going to
stop you anyway.

The Birthday Present
Part 3


Once again, Swimmer woke up before I did, and managed to take a shower
and get breakfast started before I became conscious. I got out of bed
and peeked in the kitchenette to see what she was doing. I found her
there making pancakes in the nude. They were pancakes-in-a-box, and the
smell wasn t that enticing, but after the excellent dinner last night, I
wasn t going to press the issue.

Swimmer saw me. "Good morning, sir! The food isn t ready yet." It was
a cheery voice which only emphasized my sleepy state. "That s okay,
Swimmer. I m just going to take a shower. The food should be ready by
the time I m done." The shower woke me up, and by the time I was
finished, I found that I was ready for more than breakfast. I toweled
off, grabbed a condom, and joined her nude in the kitchenette.

"I m ready for breakfast now, Swimmer." She turned and saw me naked
with my hard-on, then said "I ve still got pancakes in here, sir. They
re going to burn." "No they re not. Put your hands against the counter
and bend forward. You should be able to turn the pancakes while I do
this." Ever obedient, Swimmer leaned against the counter and presented
her rear to me as I rolled the condom on. I came up behind her and
probed her cunt with my finger. She was still a little dry, so I got on
my knees and began to lick her cleft until she began to flow.

When I felt she was ready, I stood up again and eased into her from
behind. Swimmer flipped the pancakes as I fucked her from behind,
bracing her body so that it was well away from the hot stove. She was
just beginning to start fucking me back when I climaxed into the condom.
I pulled out, and slid my hand down to her mound to finish her off as
she removed the pancakes from the stove. She leaned back into me and
pushed her sex forward into my palm as I twirled her clit under my hand.
I bent forward and sucked her nipple, and that pushed her over the edge.
She shook as she came into my hand, coating it with her juices.

That gave me an idea. I reached over to the plate of pancakes, pulled
one off the top, and wiped my hand off on it, coating it with Swimmer s
syrup. I took a bite. It was delicious. With some of the honey I had
in the cupboard, it would be even better. "Try this." I held the
rolled-up pancake to Swimmer s mouth. She looked at me hesitantly. "It
s good, honest!" I encouraged her. "The worst thing about it is that
it s instant pancake." She still looked reluctant to try. "Swimmer," I
warned, "If you don t try it, I m going to have to discipline you." At
that, she tentatively leaned forward and took a small bite out of the
pancake. She tested it in her mouth, then took another, larger bite.
"I told you it was good."

I grabbed the jar of honey from the cupboard, and we sat down to
breakfast. Swimmer would pass some of the pancakes over her pussy lips,
and I would then spread the honey on as well. It tasted a little
strange, but was actually quite good. I pulled the condom off and
passed it to Swimmer, and she added my semen to our homemade syrup
recipe. She liked that even better, and tried to get me to taste, but I
held off until the end, when I had the last half of a pancake that was
coated with our combined juices. It was a little saltier than the
earlier pancakes, and a little more bitter, and I didn t get as wild
about it as Swimmer did. I guess semen is an acquired taste.

I was impressed with how things were going so far. Swimmer had been my
slave for only two days, and already we d done something I d never even
imagined. I was getting ready to go to do some more work when the phone
rang. Swimmer ran to answer it, but I told her not to. No use giving
bad ideas to people who didn t understand what was going on.

When I picked up the phone, Monica was waiting for me on the other end,
talking through a haze of noise.

"Happy Birthday! I wasn t able to get to a phone until today, I m
"That s all right, Monica. I m absolutely not angry with you right
now!" Monica s voice rose with delight.

"You mean you liked the picture and the book?"

I laughed. "Monica, I liked *all* your presents."

"You re just saying that."

"Really? You know what I want to do to you right now?"

"Jeff, the operator s on the line." Damn third-world telephone systems.
"Uh, I want to give you a really nice kiss, and maybe hold your hand or
something." She laughed, coming across as short bursts of static.
"Yeah, I bet I know what you re holding right now."

She started talking to someone on her end. "Huh? No, I m talking to
Jeff. It s his birthday, and I missed it, can t I do that? What the
fuck? Jeff?"


"Listen, I can t talk any longer, and I ve got to go, but I love you,
and enjoy your presents."

"I love you, too." I said, as the line clicked off. Monica was gone,
off to argue with someone about the bureaucratic issues of a
long-distance call.

I put down the phone, and saw Swimmer looking at me with a worried
expression on her face. "Was that Monica?"

I nodded my head. "She s in the middle of her dig. What s wrong?"

Swimmer shook her head. "Nothing, sir. I was just worried that she may
have changed her mind about my being here."

I smiled at her and said "Don t worry. She didn t say anything about
you." Swimmer looked relieved at that.

Wiping the juices off her leg with a towel, she said "So what s planned
for today, sir?" "More work, then I figured we d go on a picnic." I
replied. She looked at me with interest. "Where do you want to go?"
"I ll let you know when I come back. Just make sure that food is ready
when I come back at one, and wear that white dress you had. No
underwear." "OK." She was about to leave, but I fished in my wallet
and pulled out a twenty dollar bill. "Get some groceries while I m
gone. I liked that stew last night, and I want to see how you cook with
real food." Swimmer smiled at the compliment, and turned to leave

"Don t leave until I can say you can leave, Swimmer." She was charming,
but sometime soon I d have to start training her. "Yes?" She waited
for me to go on. "One last thing. When you do your shopping, I want
you to be dressed the same way as for our picnic." Her eyes widened.
She hadn t thought of this. "Of course, sir! Is there anything else?"
"That is all, Swimmer. You can go." "Thank you, sir." She was
bouncing out of the room, headed to throw on the cotton dress when I

Three hours later I came back to the apartment, having done about as
much work as I could stomach. Swimmer greeted me at the door in her
white dress, and showed me the big basket of food she had packed.
"Shall we go now, sir?" "Not quite yet, Swimmer. Stay here." I went
into the bedroom and gathered some items, then stuffed them into a
pillowcase. "Did you find a picnic blanket, Swimmer?" I called out of
the room. "No, sir. I dug through my closet and pulled out an old
flannel blanket that was now too ratty for use on a bed. I checked it
for holes, then wrapped it up around the pillowcase. I came back out
into the front room with Swimmer. "Now I m ready. Let s go."

We went to a small public park by the river, and found a spot that was
relatively far from the water. We spread the blanket out on the ground
and sat down to enjoy our meal. Swimmer had bought some cold cuts and
long bread, and had made submarine sandwiches for the trip. There were
a few cans of lemonade in the bag as well. We ate the sandwiches and
stared at the ducks, and broke character.

"How are you enjoying being my present, Judy?"

"It s great! I m glad I told Monica I d do this." She tore a piece of
bread from her sub and tossed it to a duck. I went on. "You know, we
haven t really done anything big, yet. Your toys still aren t broken
in." "I know. I ll be okay with it. That s why I wanted to do this,
remember?" She gave me a brief smile.

"How much of the stuff we got did you use before?" She pursed her lips
and thought. "Well, I ve got a dildo, so that strap-on thing shouldn t
be too different. And I ve used nipple clamps " I cut in. "I thought
you didn t have a set before we went to the Fox s Den."

"Oh, yeah. Well, before now, I ve just borrowed them." Judy took
another bite of her sandwich. "What other things have you used?" She
shook her finger at me until she could swallow what was in her mouth.
"I told you, I don t tell what I ve done before. I shouldn t have even
told you about the nipple clamps."

"I just want to make sure that you re okay with what I want to do with
you." I said. I went on. "Are you okay about being tied up?" She
nodded her head and smiled. "Only if you take advantage of me." "And
if I take advantage of you, are you okay with being taken, hard?"
"Sure, you can be rough. Just make sure I m wet, and you can do what
you want."

"That s good. I feel more comfortable, now." I took the last bite of
my sub and lay back on the blanket. Judy looked over at me. "So does
that mean you re going to tie me up tonight?" I looked back. "No, that
ll be tomorrow night. Tonight I want to take you in the ass." "Oh.
Okay. Do you have lube?" "Yeah. That s no problem." I unabashedly
admired her form beneath the white cotton dress, and idly placed a hand
on her thigh. "Finish your sub, Swimmer, then we ll have some fun."

I have never seen a woman eat as fast as she did. Monica always took
small bites of her food, even when she was starving. Swimmer wolfed
down the rest of her sub in about four bites when she heard me speak,
and it took about a minute of chewing before she was able to swallow.
When I was satisfied that she was finished, I looked around to make sure
no one was nearby, then lifted her dress above her hips, exposing her
blond thatch of hair to the sun. I admired it for a second, then
lowered my hand and spread her lips to the fresh air. Swimmer closed
her eyes and nodded her head as she let me run my fingers up and down
the sides of her outer lips. I reached behind me and pulled out the
pillowcase I had brought along. I removed a small dildo from the case
and placed it at her opening.

Swimmer s eyes shot open and she looked up at the unexpected hard piece
of plastic. "Relax, Swimmer." She tried, but it was an uphill battle
to keep her body calm as I slowly pushed the toy into her folds. I
fucked her with it slowly as I kept a careful eye out for strangers. If
anyone happened along at that point, our actions would look prurient
from any angle. Just as she started to breathe hard, I let up on the
dildo. I needed to start showing her that I was the one who controlled
her orgasms, not her. I pushed it as far into her as it would go, then
pulled the skirt down over her legs.

Leaning back, I put my hand on the back of her head and guided it
towards my pelvis. She got the message, and began to look around. "Don
t look around, Swimmer. Just suck me." She closed her eyes and found
the head of my penis with her mouth. Running her fingernails over my
balls, she slowly took me in, laving the underside of my cock with her
tongue. I ran my hand through her hair as she pushed her head down and
up on me, squeezing the root with her hand. I looked around, and sat up
when I saw two people heading our way. They were coming through some
bushes, so they hadn t seen us yet.

I looked down at Swimmer and said, "Relax, and act like you re asleep in
my lap." I pulled her dress down over her legs just as the other people
came into view. It was a pair of older women, dressed in bright spandex
and out for a power walk. They were both a little out of breath from
the exercise, and engaged in some deep conversation, so they didn t give
us any more than a cursory glance. That was a big relief, because while
a careless observer would have just seen a girl asleep in my lap, it
would have been obvious from a closer look what we were doing. Most
people don t sleep directly on their faces.

As they passed by, Swimmer sucked just a little more, and made a
swallowing motion in her throat that I could feel at the top of my
shaft. Normally, that would have felt nice, but the risk of getting
caught elevated my sensitivity, and I had to clench my fists to keep
from groaning. She moved her tongue around a little bit, and I opened
my mouth, taking quiet, even gasps. The women s voices were fading into
the distance, and I lay back again to let Swimmer finish.

This time, she didn t hold back. Squeezing my balls with one hand and
using the other to caress what wasn t in her mouth, she bobbed her head
up and down on my rod, sucking hard enough to make popping sounds
whenever the tip left her mouth. I couldn t last long, and I erupted
over her tongue with a powerful blast. Swimmer took what she could,
then licked what she missed off my belly before she tucked me back into
my pants.

She smiled at me, but I just gave her a glare back. "Your teasing
almost gave us away back there, Swimmer." "I m sorry, sir, I " "No
apologies! If we d been found out, your tour as a slave would have been
over by this evening." "I didn t mean to " "I said no apologies! Now
pull down your top!" Swimmer hesitated, so I quickly reached over and
yanked the straps of her dress down her arms. The fabric stretched over
her breasts, and I pulled the front down, exposing her nipples. Swimmer
darted her head around, and breathed in.

"Don t speak! Or I end this now!" Her eyes flashed at me, and I
suddenly wondered if I had gone too far, if she was really going to end
it. It was a long pause as we looked at each other, each waiting for
the other to move. Finally, she breathed out, relaxing her body. It
looked like a gesture of defeat, but I could see that her nipples were
rock hard.

I reached into the pillowcase again and pulled out the nipple clamps she
had bought. Her mouth opened a bit when she saw the little loops of
metal. When I reached out to clamp one on to her right breast, her skin
was actually quivering under my touch. I didn t screw the clamps on
tight that would come later but I made sure that they were secure enough
not to fall off on the way back home. When I was finished, I gave an
experimental tug to test it s strength, and Swimmer gasped quietly.

"You ll wear these home, and for the rest of the afternoon as your
punishment. Keep the dildo inside of you as well. It s about time you
learned the finer points of servility." I pulled her top back up and
rearranged it on her body. We packed up and left the park, Swimmer
following slightly behind me. I looked back, and was pleased when I
could see that she was walking carefully, and that the square frames of
the clamps were clearly outlined against her dress. Anyone who passed
us would have been able to see what she was up to, but only a couple of
people did on the way back to the car.

Once we were in the car, I reached over and tested the strength of the
clamps again, through her shirt. Swimmer bit her lower lip as I did
this, trying to keep herself under control. Her nipples were engorged
with blood, and I imagined that they must have been burning for her. As
I drove home, I kept one hand on her breasts, teasing her clamped teats
softly through the fabric. Occasionally I slid a hand down to her bush
as well, to ensure that she was still hot. She was soaked down there,
and I found that I could easily add one of my own fingers to the toy
that was now buried in her folds. When we got out of the car, I saw her
fiddle with the back of her dress, and noticed that she had created a
large wet spot in the lower legs.

I didn t want to have any more adventures with Swimmer until later that
night, so I gave her permission to remove her clothes and the dildo, and
set her to work organizing my papers. It was a horrendous task that I
never wanted to do myself, and I figured that if I had a slave for the
week, I might as well get some useful work out of her while we weren t
playing. I sat her down amidst a pile of my back papers and told her to
separate them into academic, personal, financial and junk piles, then
sat back and watched football for the rest of the afternoon.

By the end of the game, Swimmer had accurately sorted my paperwork and
started on dinner. In addition to the hoagie material we had at our
picnic, she had purchased some sole this morning. She cooked it up in a
white wine and onion sauce, and served it with rice and imported beer.
It was delicious, and as a reward, I allowed her to remove her clamps
and give herself an orgasm. She did so quickly, not so much out of
passion as much as a need for relief. The money I had given her for
food did not cover dessert, but we compensated for that by feasting on
each other. Laying down on the bed, I climbed on top of Swimmer and
licked her clit as she gave me another one of her mind-bending blowjobs
on her end.

After we finished, we adjourned to the shower. I had Swimmer soap me
down in preparation for our next bout. When she was done washing me, we
switched, and I told her to hold still as I washed her off. I did a
thorough job, paying close attention to her breasts and pussy, of
course. When she was completely clean outside, I told her to reach down
and grab her ankles. Knowing what was coming, Swimmer closed her eyes
and licked her lips nervously, then bent at the waist and held on to her
outstretched legs. After checking her pussy to make sure that she was
properly aroused, I placed one hand on her lower back for support. Then
I carefully lathered up my middle finger and slowly pushed it into her
anus. She moaned a little when I did this, and I could feel her legs
start to buckle. I worked my finger in and out of her ass for a minute,
occasionally pulling out to get more soap. She was hot inside, and her
tender walls quivered when I pressed my finger against them. I
increased my speed, and Swimmer began to rock her body back against my
finger as well as she could.

I could have let her come this way, but I felt that would be best saved
for our actual anal intercourse. After rinsing off her ass, we stepped
out of the bathroom and headed for the bedroom, grabbing a tube of K-Y
on the way. I told Swimmer to get on all fours on the bed, and to kneel
on her haunches. This position spread her ass apart, and allowed me to
easily push a K-Y coated finger up her back door. I applied more lube
to her ass, then slipped on a condom and spread lube around it.

"Okay, Swimmer, I m about to take you in the ass. After tonight, I ll
know your body as much as I desire. How do you feel about that?" She
turned her head in her arms and said, "Sir, I m glad that you re going
to do this. I have always liked anal sex, and I think it would be an
honor to have you inside me. When you fingered me in the shower, it
reminded me of how long it s been since someone fucked me back there,
and of how good it felt. Please, feel free to use my ass however you

I placed my cock at the edge of her hole, and slowly started to push
forward. Swimmer relaxed, and the tip of my head found its way inside
of her. I pushed harder, and Swimmer pushed back, and soon the entire
head popped past her sphincter ring. I worked the rest of my way in
slowly, still unsure of my slave s tolerance for anal sex. When I was
all the way in, I placed my hands at her hips, and said "Are you ready
to be fucked?" She nodded her head, and I could hear her smile as she
said "Yes, sir."

I pulled out of her ass until only the head of my penis remained inside,
then pushed my way back in to the base of my cock. Swimmer was able to
squeeze her muscles in many different ways, and was almost able to suck
my cock with her sphincter as I developed my rhythm. I increased my
pace, and Swimmer raised herself from her haunches, allowing her butt to
become tighter around my member. The feeling was incredible, and I was
glad that I had waited for three days before I finally sampled her butt.

As I went faster, Swimmer got into the action as well. Looking over her
shoulder at me, she said "Sir?" I looked up at her face. She was
panting from our activities, and her forehead looked shiny from the
sweat developing on her brow. "Sir, can I can I play with myself while
you fuck me? Please?" She gave me an aching look that made me increase
my pace as I thought of her enjoying this. Monica had let me fuck her
ass sometimes, but it was always something for me she had never gotten
into it. I nodded my assent and was rewarded with an anal squeeze as
Swimmer reached back with one hand and slid a finger up her pussy.

We were going faster, and Swimmer was starting to let out a soft moan
whenever I bottomed out inside of her. I could feel her hand through
her flesh as it thrust inside her pussy and rubbed against her clit.
Swimmer s moaning got louder, and her contractions were coming more
frequently. Anticipating her orgasm, I increased my speed once more, so
that I was pounding into her ass. This brought both of us over the
edge, and she almost crushed my cock with the force of her spasms as I
filled the condom with my sperm. As the last of our ecstasy dribbled
away, I carefully pulled out of her and went to the bathroom to flush
the condom and give my penis a quick rinse. When I came back, Swimmer
was sprawled out on the bed and I collapsed next to her, making plans
for Monday.

To be continued ..
"It is only the great men who are truly obscene. If they
had not dared to be obscene, they could never have dared
to be great."
-Havelock Ellis
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