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OddManOut.The Birthday Present Part 4


Disclaimer: Shouldn t you be reading the bible instead?

The Birthday Present
Part 4


I woke up Monday morning to the feeling of Swimmer s mouth on my cock.
By the time I d reached consciousness, she d managed to get me hard, and
she was now pumping her head up and down my shaft, pushing me into her
mouth. "Good morning, Swimmer." I rubbed my eyes and looked down at
her blonde head. She looked back up at me and hummed cheerfully,
pushing her tongue along my underside. Just as I was beginning to get
into it, she took her mouth away. Cupping my balls in her hand, she
lifted my sack away from my body, then ran her tongue along the flesh
between my balls and by ass. "Please lie on your side, sir."

I knew what was coming, but couldn t believe it. I rolled to one side
and presented my butt to her face. Swimmer ran her tongue along the
crack, then pried my cheeks apart with one hand and began to gently lick
my crack. It felt like nothing else I had ever experienced. My cock
was engorged and tingling on the verge of coming, actually yet there was
no contact with it, not even from her hand. Swimmer s tongue danced
across my ass, flicking wetly, and before I knew it, I was having a
powerful orgasm. Not centered in my penis, like it usually was, but
instead from behind, where Swimmer was still tickling me. I stiffened,
and my cock threw gobs of semen into the empty air.

Swimmer gave my ass one last lick, then raised her head and said "Good
morning, sir. How did you like my rimming?" I gasped weakly, feeling
the sweat cool on my chest. "Where did you learn to do that?" "My
ex-boyfriend taught me. He was always trying to get me to do it. He
had this big anal thing." Swimmer got off the bed to tidy up and I
turned towards her. "That was incredible. Did he deserve it?"

"Not really." She said as she went to the bathroom. I heard the sink
run. "He had this thing about it. He wanted to prove to me that I was
supposed to do anything he wanted, and like it." "Isn t that exactly
what *you re* trying to prove to *me*?" I called out towards the
bathroom. She came back with a wet bunch of toilet paper and smiled at
me. "Exactly, sir. And that s what makes the difference."

"Oh." I got off the bed and let Swimmer clean up my mess with the
toilet paper. "So what s happening today, sir?" She asked. "Today I
go to classes," I said, checking my clock. I hadn t overslept, but it
would have to be a fast shower and a run out the door to get to my first
one. And it was Statistics, too. I kept talking as I headed for the
bathroom. "Tonight we try out some more of your new toys. Join me in
the shower when you re done, Swimmer."

A couple minutes later, she opened the shower curtain and stepped in
with me. I didn t have any time to fool around, so I just had her wash
my body as I worked on my hair. When I was clean, we stepped out and I
had Swimmer towel me off as I gave her instructions for the day.

"Swimmer, I ve got to run, and I m going to be gone until about three.
I ve got two jobs for you. First of all, I m going to give you twenty
bucks. That should be enough two buy two days of good food." "What do
you want to eat, Sir?" "Surprise me. Oh, and I hate beans of any
sort." Dry, I went to my room and pulled some clothes from my drawer.
"Second, what classes do you have scheduled today?" "Bio and English,
Sir, but I can skip " "Don t. I want you to go, and I want you to wear
that black dress we bought no, wait, wear the blue dress that you had.
Lingerie underneath. Make sure at least six people get a good look. If
anyone asks you why you re doing this, say it s because your master told
you to. Got that?" Swimmer nodded. "Great, I ll see you at three." I
said, and ran out the door.

Having a sex slave merely distracts you from your research, but it makes
listening to a Statistics lecture damn near impossible. While the prof
droned on about cross-correlation functions, I was replaying Swimmer s
incredible rimjob of this morning over in my head. I knew that two
weeks later, when I d go over my notes for the midterm, I wouldn t have
a clue about what was presented today. I didn t care. I was too busy
making my own cross-correlations between what Swimmer had done so far
and what Monica had said I could do, then extrapolating my findings
forward to tonight.

The rest of my day was the same way. I fantasized my way through
International Relations, took a break for lunch, then went to Feminist
Philosophy and Labor, where I thought up some ideas that were related
neither to feminism nor to labor relations. By the time my classes were
finished, I found that I couldn t remember anything that was presented.
That was OK, though. I was going to go home, and Swimmer would tell me
about how she flashed herself at people.

When I walked in the door, Swimmer was in the kitchen, putting her
groceries away. She heard me come in, and walked over to greet me.
"Welcome back, sir! How was your day?" "Distracting," I said. "I
couldn t keep my mind on my classes, for some reason." Swimmer flashed
a bright grin and said "Now why is that, do you suppose?" She knew she
had me hooked, and traced her tongue across her lips before she went
back to the kitchen to finish unpacking.

I decided then that Swimmer s lenience had gone far enough. Her
ebullient personality would have been charming in a normal relationship,
but as a slave, it was much too emancipating. I wanted a slave. She
wanted to be a slave. There was no putting it off any longer. I went
back to my room and put down my bag, then found my crop, a leather
collar, and a spooled leash.

When I stepped into the kitchen, Swimmer was up on a stool putting away
a can. Without looking at me, she said "I actually flashed myself to
eight guys today. Can you believe it? I had lunch over in the Union,
and " WHACK! I brought the crop to her upper thighs lightly, but
quickly. "Get down off the stool, Swimmer, and bend over." "OK, --"
WHACK! "Don t tell me you will, just do it!" I put an edge in my
voice, and she silently stepped down and bent over, with her hands on
the stool.

I pulled up her dress and stepped to one side. "Swimmer, you were given
to me as a slave, but lately you haven t really been acting like a
slave." "Sir, I " "SILENCE!" I gave her a hard swat this time, right
across her butt. She flinched, and was still. "I know that you ve been
doing whatever I tell you, without question, but quite frankly, that isn
t enough. You need to start showing some respect." I punctuated that
remark with another swat.

"Starting now, you will speak only when you are spoken to. Do you
understand?" "Yes sir."

"Until I grant permission for you to do otherwise, you will not look me
in the eyes. Instead, when you speak to me, you will focus all of your
attention on my cock. Do you understand?" "Yes, sir"

"When I tell you to do something, it is an order. You are not to
question it. You are not to acknowledge it. You are simply to do it.
Immediately. Do you understand?" "Yes, sir." "Do you have any

"No, sir." Swimmer s voice was barely audible, and I gave her a swat
across her reddening butt. "Speak up, Swimmer. Do you have any
questions?" "No, sir." Her voice was unstable, and it sounded like she
could barely control her emotions.

"Good. Now, you have shown an unacceptable amount of sass today,
Swimmer, and I can t have that. Your first punishment will be ten
strokes with the crop. Every time a stroke lands, you will count it
off. I will begin now." I raised the crop and brought it soundly down
on her bottom. WHACK!

Swimmer flinched when she felt the sting, but immediately said "one". I
gave her a stroke across the upper thighs. WHACK! "Two." I paused for
about five seconds, then quickly swatted her when I felt she was
unprepared. WHACK! "Three!" she yelped. I gave her two more in rapid
succession. WHACK! "Four--" WHACK! "Five!" I paused again, and ran
the leather tip of the crop over the red swell of her ass. I could feel
her trembling down the length of the crop as I dipped the tip between
her butt cheeks and traced softly over her crack. Stepping behind her,
I drew back and gave her another double-touch, one forehand and one
backhand. Swimmer counted them off quickly, and I added a downward
vertical stroke. She twitched violently as she felt the crop sting
between her cheeks, rather than over them.

Before I gave the last stroke, I reached down between her legs and
tested her pussy. She was soaked, and she tried to push back when she
felt my hand on her. "I see you are enjoying this, Swimmer. I am going
to give you one last stroke, and you are going to come on that stroke.
Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir." Swimmer s voice was ragged, and her body was flushed with
arousal. I stepped back, and brought the crop up in an underhand arc.
It flew between her legs and landed on her slit. Swimmer s legs clamped
closed, and she let out a yell as she came violently on the crop. Still
clenching the end of it with her thighs, her arms buckled and she fell
forward onto the stool. As she came down from her climax, gasping for
air, I came around to her head, carrying the dog collar. I knelt and
adjusted it on her neck, then attached it to the spooled leash. When I
was finished, I stood up, and pulled her up by the leash to join me.

Swimmer stood up and faced the floor, her clothes now crumpled and
stained in intimate places. I inspected my slave, checking her hair and
muscle, and smoothing down her dress to be more presentable. When I was
finished, I said "You will wear the collar and leash for the rest of the
day, as a reminder of your position as a slave. Now I want you to start
working on dinner, but first you will repay me for your orgasm. I will
accept a blowjob."

Silently Swimmer knelt and opened my pants and briefs. Pulling out my
cock, she bent her head and began to lick around the head and shaft,
then took it into her mouth. With one hand, she massaged my balls. I
was already hard from giving Swimmer her punishment, and it was a very
short time before she brought me over. She remained sucking until I had
finished my flood, then tucked me back into my pants and licked her lips

I let out the leash to about twenty feet, and went into the living room
to do some homework. Swimmer set about cooking and setting the table
for our dinner. When I finished with my work, Swimmer had another
thirty minutes to go, so I let another ten feet out on the leash and
went into the bedroom to prepare for the night.

Swimmer seemed to be taking her bondage well, so I selected props for a
night of moderately hard fun. I set aside the inverted strap-on we had
gotten at the Fox s Den, and the nipple clamps from yesterday.
Rummaging through Monica s stuff, I found a few lengths of thin chain
and a set of pussy clips that I felt would be appropriate. Finally, I
looked in my camping gear and found a 20-foot coil of nylon rope.
Grabbing my suitcase, I emptied it out, placed the toys inside, and
stowed it in a corner of the room My preparations complete, I left the
bedroom and returned to Swimmer.

Tonight, she had made fettuccine with white wine clam sauce, served with
a Caesar Salad. I ate heartily, and encouraged Swimmer to do the same.
It wasn t really in line with her role as a slave, but keeping her from
this feast seemed beyond the pale. To counter my generosity, I made
Swimmer wait on me by refilling my glass or placing more servings on my
plate. Our dessert was a mint chocolate mousse, which was made slightly
salty when it was spread over Swimmer s breasts for me to lick off.
Swimmer took her dessert in the same manner, but I did not let her make
me come. I decided that my energy would be better applied later.

We adjourned to the bedroom, and I sat on the bed and watched Swimmer
undress for me. When she was nude, I had her stand in the center of the
room. I sat in front of her, crop in hand.

"So, Swimmer, do you still want to be my slave?" She kept her eyes
rivited on my cock as she had been told, and said "Yes, sir." I bounced
the crop against my hand a couple of times to test its flexibility as I
continued. "You realize, of course, that your slavery would entail much
more of this kind of punishment, don t you?" She nodded her head once,
but said nothing. I remained motionless until I finally heard a quiet
"Yes, sir." escape her lips. I went on. "I may even feel the need to
go to more effective methods of punishment. You are aware of this?"
"Yes, sir." I decided to start twisting the screws. "Swimmer, do you
feel you deserve to be punished?" She broke her submissive gaze for a
second and stared at my face. "Look at my cock, slave." I raised the
crop slightly and her eyes once more locked onto my member. "And answer
the question."

I heard her breathe it out. "Louder. Tell me. Do you deserve to be
punished?" She whispered it again, afraid to form the word. I gave her
a terse look and said, "Swimmer, you have already earned five strokes
for breaking your gaze from my cock. Hesitation will only bring you
more. Now, I want you to say it to me. Say it to my face, but keep
your eyes down." She lifted her head, careful to keep her eyes on my
crotch, and formed the word cautiously, precisely. "Yes." "Yes, what?"
She was already red, but now she was becoming crimson, almost purple
with self-consciousness as she stood in the middle of the room. Her
knees trembled as the words came out. "Yes, I deserve to be punished."
"And what do you deserve to be punished for?" "I deserve to be
punished, because I am a slut." The words came clearly now. "I deserve
to be punished, because I am willfully submitting myself to a person who
I didn t even know four days ago. I deserve to be punished, because I
am enjoying everything he does to me, even the hard things." She
paused. "Especially the hard things."

"And what is your punishment?" Swimmer showed no hesitation as she went
on. "My punishment is to be used. By you, for whatever you want. I
need to be taken, and disciplined, and made into a toy for you. I need
to be every woman who has laughed at you, and every woman who has
rejected you, and every woman who has just gone silent as she tries to
find a way to politely decline, because she pities you. I need to be
tied down, and shown what it means to be a hole. I need to feel more
than just pleasure. I need all the senses. That s what I want."

I stood up. "Then lie down on the bed, Swimmer, and take your
punishment." Legs trembling, she walked over to the bed and lay back.
"Face down, and further up. Spread out your arms. I walked to the
corner and opened the briefcase. I removed the rope, and used it to
secure her arms and legs. When I felt she was adequately bound, I stood
at her side with the crop.

"I will punish you now, Swimmer, for looking me in the eyes a few
minutes ago while we were talking. The punishment is fifteen strokes.
You will count them off." I administered the blows to her bottom at
regular intervals, and she called out the number for each one. I gave
her the first ten with the crop, then the last five with my open palm.
Her bare bottom was already sensitized by the leather fold of the crop,
and she twitched when I brought my hand down. When I finished, she was
breathing deeply. I ran my hand over her hot buttock, and she rose back
to me, trying to bring my hand down to her cunt. I shoved a finger
inside, and she moaned a little. Before she could do anything, however,
I pulled my finger out, and wiped myself off on her thigh.

I reached under her and grabbed one of her breasts, roughly twisting the
nipple. Swimmer yelped into the pillow, and I gave her an extra
squeeze. "All you have to do is say stop , Swimmer. Or are you
letting me do this because you like it?" She didn t say stop, and I
pulled my hand out from under her and started to undo her ropes.

"You re going to need more discipline, Swimmer. But first I need to tie
you in a new position. Get up and kneel on the bed. And put your hands
behind your neck."

She took the position, and I looped the rope around her wrists. Then I
brought it under her armpits and three times around her upper chest. I
used the rest of the rope to tie her ankles together. When I was
finished, her hands were safely restrained behind her neck, but she
couldn t choke herself by thrashing around. She could still close her
legs if she wanted, but she had no leverage to keep me from prying them
back open. I left her on the bed and went back to my briefcase. Taking
care to open it away from her, I pulled out a ball gag. "You are too
vocal for what I am about to do, Swimmer. This will work until you
learn better restraint. Open your mouth." Swimmer opened her mouth and
I fitted the gag around her head.

Swimmer s eyes widened when I pulled out the nipple clamps. I put them
snugly, but not too tight. I only wanted her to feel the stimulation at
the moment. When I brought the pussy clips, she didn t understand what
they were for until I spread her knees and closed them around her tender
outer lips. For my finale, I reached down into the case and brought out
a long thin metal chain. It was adjusted to be two feet long, and was
forked at both ends. She gave me a confused look that turned to
surprise when I attached one fork to her nipple clamps. I let out the
chain as I attached it to the pussy clips, then tightened it back up
when I was finished. Swimmer bent her body in an attempt to keep slack
in the chain, but I gave her a swat across the back with the crop. When
she felt the sting, she arched back, pulling on both her nipples and her
lips. Feeling the new pain from the clips, she bent forward again.

"Sit up straight, Swimmer." She squeezed her eyes shut and slowly
straightened her back, pulling down her breasts and up her lips. I
crooked my finger and tested her cunt, now spread wide to the world.
She quivered against my finger, and when I pushed it in, she came,
whining in the gag. I pulled out my finger and wiped it off on her
breasts. Then I pushed her back onto the bed.

I pulled off my pants and briefs, then mounted her, with my dick between
her breasts. I brought my hands to her sides, then squeezed her breasts
together, around my cock. I began to tit-fuck her on the bed. Each
time I thrust my shaft between her breasts, it pulled on the chain,
sending jolts straight to her sex. Soon I could hear her moaning along
with me. I pushed her breasts together hard and went over the edge,
spraying her chest and neck with my come. After I came, I squeezed and
scratched her nipples lightly. Combined with the stimulation of the
clamps, this was enough to bring her to another writhing orgasm.

I pulled her back up, then went back to the suitcase. I selected a
large vibrator, and returned to Swimmer. Turning it to a low power, I
slid it into her drenched cunt. When I felt it was snugly inside of
her, I took my hand away and said "Swimmer, I am going to need a rest
before I can come back for more. If this is not inside of you when I
return," I grabbed the vibrator and twisted it inside of her slightly,
"I am going to be very angry. Don t make me angry, Swimmer." She shook
her head no and I left her to get a glass of orange juice.

I sat down in the living room and sipped my orange juice as I waited to
get hard again. I could hear the faint buzzing of the vibrator coming
from the bedroom, broken by the occasional thrashing of Swimmer. I had
left it on low power so that she would be stimulated, but not with
enough power to make her come. I could hear the bedsprings creak as she
tried to get in a position to shove the vibrator farther into her. When
I felt I had recouped enough of my energy, I drained my juice and
returned to the bedroom.

Swimmer was kneeling on the bed, with the vibrator still inside of her.
She looked plaintively at me over the ball gag, begging for release. I
told her to lie back, then grabbed the vibrator and began to fuck her
with it. I would pull it almost all the way out of her cunt, then shove
it back in with a twisting motion, pulling her flesh around the axis.
Swimmer whipped her head back and forth and pulled at the ropes on her
hands, lost in the feeling. Just as she was about to come, I pushed the
vibrator deep inside her and turned it off. She glared at me, tears of
frustration in her eyes, but did nothing but watch as I walked to the
briefcase and pulled out a condom and some lube. "You ll get your
release soon, Swimmer. Don t worry."

I came back to her and rolled her on her left side. I lay down behind
her, and spread her ass cheeks. With a small amount of lube on my
finger, I wormed my way into her anus and spread the warm jell on her
hot walls. When I felt her starting to push back at me, I pulled out
quickly, not letting her enjoy it. Instead, I eased my cock into her
ass and said "Sit still, Swimmer. I will fuck. Not you. You wanted to
be a toy. Now you are, and toys don t fuck." I shoved forward to prove
my point, and she grunted into the gag. As I began working up a rhythm
in her ass, I reached around and switched the vibrator back on. I
started to twist the vibrator in and out of her once more, pulling in
with my hand as I pushed forward from the rear. I increased the power,
and began to feel the motor through the thin wall separating her vagina
from her anus. Every time I rammed into her ass, my dick was met by the
vibrator from the other side. Swimmer was enjoying it too, and began to
come in short breaths.

I had intended to hold off for longer, but my double penetration of
Swimmer was proving more exhausting than I had first planned. Since
Swimmer had no mobility, I was perched at a precarious angle, ramming a
vibrator into her cunt from an unusual angle as I pushed myself forward
into her ass in the opposite direction. After a couple of minutes of
this my arm was on fire, and I was sweating along with Swimmer. I let
her come one last time, then allowed myself to be set off by the
constrictions of her ass. I filled the condom, and collapsed by her
side for a minute, catching my breath. I flushed the condom in the
bathroom, then came back and began to undo Swimmer s bonds.

First came the double Y chain with its clips, then came the gag. As
soon as the gag was removed, Swimmer started taking deep gasps of air,
and I realized that she had probably been in an oxygen debt for the past
half-hour. I let her breathing calm down before I turned her over to
untie her ropes. As I worked on my knots I talked with her about the
night s activities.

"So, Swimmer, it seems you have received your just punishment. For
tonight." "Yes, Sir." "You can expect more of this treatment for the
rest of the week. If you do not wish for this, I will hear your pleas
now." I unbound her ankles and she stretched out her legs on the bed,
shaking softly to bring back the circulation. As I moved up to her
wrists, she said "I have no pleas, Sir. I am your slave. It is my duty
to do whatever you ask of me, no matter what that may be."

"Aside from what was in the letter, of course." I corrected. She froze
for a second, then said "Oh, yes! The letter. Yes, sir. You may not
mark me permanently." "Or give you to other people." "Yes, that too."
I thought I could hear a twinge of disappointment as she said it. I
finished her wrists, took all the toys off the bed, and placed them by
the briefcase for her to wash tomorrow. Then I climbed back into the
bed and curled up next to my slave, wondering how best to apply the
remaining toys tomorrow
To be continued .

"It is only the great men who are truly obscene. If they
had not dared to be obscene, they could never have dared
to be great."
-Havelock Ellis
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