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OddManOut.The Birthday Present Part 5


DISCLAIMER: If you're not older than 18, than you shouldn't be reading
this. According to some stories in this group, you should be out having
sex with your uncle instead.
The Birthday Present
Part 5


Tuesday morning was the first morning I was able to get up before
Swimmer, who still lay curled on her side of the bed, head in her arms.
I didn t blame her. Last night would have been exhausting for anyone.
I went to the kitchen and had some toast and juice as I waited for her
to regain consciousness. I didn t have much to do today, just an easy
class at one and back for a short homework set. I figured I would break
in Swimmer s inverted dildo this afternoon. And tonight? That was a
good question.

I heard the bathroom door close as Swimmer started her shower, and
yelled "Open it, Swimmer!" "Sorry, Sir." I heard her click open the
door, and step under the water. I finished my juice and went to join

I stepped through the glass door into the shower behind her. "Good
morning, Sir." she said, casting her eyes downward. "Very good,
Swimmer." I replied. "You remembered to look only at my cock.
However, you did not leave the door open when you started the shower.
For that you will have to be punished." "Yes, Sir." Swimmer dropped
her hands to her sides and stood under the spray, waiting for my
discipline. "Close your eyes, swimmer, and grab the faucet of the tub."
She closed her eyes, and groped around the stall until her hands found
the hard metal of the tub s faucet. She gripped it tightly, and bent
forward to make her body more stable.

As I had planned, this position left her very open to me. I took the
soap from its dish, and lathered up my cock. Then I placed myself at
her hole and plunged in easily, aided by the soap. "Tell me you like
this, Swimmer." I said as I slid back and forth with small popping
sounds. Swimmer was only somewhat coherent as she reminded me how much
she needed anal sex, and how getting reamed with a clean cock was the
perfect punishment for a girl as dirty as her. I grabbed the stall s
doorframe with one hand and began to spank her with the other as I went.
My hand smacked wetly against her bare bottom, and each impact sent
pressure waves shooting over her butt and down her legs. I could feel
her heat rising, but I decided that this time I would deny her her
pleasure. Just as she was beginning to come into her climax, I moaned
and shot my spunk deep into her ass, them pulled out quickly. Swimmer
hadn t been able to come, and she whined and thrust her rear back at me,
but I stepped away and proceeded to wash out my cock. Frustrated but
unable to fix her situation, she sullenly stood up and began to wash her
butt. When we were finished, we stepped out of the shower, and I had
her towel me off.

I put on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt, but ordered Swimmer to wear
nothing but the leash. She slipped it on obediently, then calmly waited
for me to lead her into the kitchen. I fed her some cereal, and poured
myself another glass of juice. As she ate, she almost looked up at me,
then remembered to look at my crotch. "Sir, may I have permission to
speak?" "Feel free to speak at any time this morning." I replied. "I
m feeling lenient today." "Thank you, Sir." She said between mouthfuls
of cereal.

She squirmed slightly in the chair. "Sir, I ve been thinking about the
rules you have me under." "Mm-Hmm?" "I know you re not supposed to
give me to anyone else, but if you wanted to do it, I don t think I
would complain." "You wouldn t?" My cock twitched slightly. "What
about what Monica said?" Swimmer swallowed another spoonful of cereal.
"Actually, sir, that rule was a condition that I asked Monica to put in.
I think I m okay with it now." Swimmer waited for a reply, but I kept
her waiting as I thought about her offer. "Are you saying that you
would be amenable to one other person, or that you would be amenable to
several other people? At once?" Swimmer paused for a moment, then said
"Several. Maybe four. Or five." She took a tentative bite of cereal
as she waited for me to hand down my judgment.

"OK." I said. "I ll see what I can do, but you will be subject to as
many men as I could round up." My head was spinning. Who could I get?
Definitely Chuck. And Dave and Adrian, too. They were all B&D people
Monica and I had played with, and even though I didn t intend to do any
bondage stuff with all of us, I knew from experience that they could
keep a secret. Of those three, I could expect one, maybe two to say yes
to me. The others would come from where? I would have to spend more
time considering this.

When Swimmer and I finished with our meals, I was hard enough to fuck
her again, so I took her into the bathroom and made her suck my cock as
I brushed my teeth. When I was done, I had her kneel on all fours, and
I took her in the cunt from behind. I did not allow myself to come, and
once again pulled out just before Swimmer went over the edge. She
showed more discomfort at this, but knew better than to complain. I was
her master, after all, and could use her in any way I wished. If I
chose to use her and intentionally prevent her from gaining orgasm, that
was my privilege. She just didn t have to like it.

After I pulled out, I went to the bedroom and came back with the
inverted strap-on. I instructed her to spread her legs, then slid the
hollow dildo into her slit. I attached the webbing of the device around
her waist, so that she was always filled with the rubber shaft. When it
was good and tight, I tested it by running my finger around the inside.
It was a weird sensation. It felt like I was fingering her, but instead
of her juices, my fingers were contacting hot, dry latex. I would have
fucked her inside the dildo, had it been wide enough to accommodate me.

"Lay on the floor, Swimmer." I went into the kitchen and pulled a pair
of ice cubes from the freezer. I walked back to where Swimmer was
laying on the floor, watching me. "Close your eyes." She did, and
began to stiffen, waiting for the inevitable chill to penetrate her
body. I placed one ice cube by my side, and ran the other one over her
breast lightly. As she felt the cold contact her skin, she twitched
violently and her eyes flew open.

"CLOSE YOUR EYES!" She screwed up her face and squeezed her eyes shut
as she endured the freezing cold on her chest. I slid the cube around
her breast then moved it up to the nipple, where I slowly rotated it
around her stiff bud. I removed the cube and tested her tit with my
fingers. It was cold and wet and hard, and very much alive. When she
felt me pinch her cold nipple, she let out a little whine and thrust her
head to the side to keep her eyes closed.

I removed the ice from her right breast, then brought the cube over her
chest and held it directly above her left breast. A light drop of water
began to form and grow on the tip of the cube. I watched it as it grew
fat with melted ice, careful to keep the drop poised above her left
nipple. Thinking I was done with the ice, Swimmer started to relax,
just as the drop fell. It hit her square on the nub, and she gasped
hard from the shock of cold water. I took the cube away from her
breast, and squeezed it hard between my hands, getting them very wet and
cold. When I was finished, I dropped the cube and cupped both her
breasts in my cold wet hands. Swimmer twitched and shook as she tried
to acclimate herself to the cold.

I continued to massage her breasts. As I did, my cold hands became
warm, and the chill that had permeated her chest slackened, then
disappeared as blood rushed in to fuel her nerves. I worked the melted
water into her skin of her breasts, belly, and neck. "You are a very
good slave, Swimmer." Eyes closed, she smiled slightly as I talked to
her. I took one hand from her breast and began to stroke her hair as I
continued fondling her other tit. I told her how well she was obeying
my orders, and how she was helping both of us live out our fantasies. I
moved my free hand down to her face as I talked, pinching her cheeks and
massaging her eyes gently through the closed lids. When I took my hand
off her face, she thought nothing of it.

Still stroking her body with my left hand, I picked up the other piece
of ice and thrust it into the hollow tube of her dildo. It slid in and
I placed my hand over the opening, trapping it inside. Swimmer yelped
and I put my hand over her mouth as she thrust up from the shock. Her
body arched with the new thrust of cold inside her cunt. As she
spasmed, I rotated the base of the dildo around with my hand, contacting
her clit. In almost no time at all she stiffened, and her face went red
from the powerful force of another orgasm. As she finished, I quickly
unfastened the dildo from her waist and removed it from her body. The
ice cube slid out, much smaller now than it was originally.

I set the toy down next to her and told her to start cleaning up. Still
short of breath, Swimmer stood up and took the dildo to the kitchen to
wash it off. I went to collect the morning paper. I was reading about
Hong Kong s impending return to China when Swimmer presented herself to
me, ready for more work. I was running out of things to do, so I told
her to begin making plans for her orgy tomorrow night. "We should
expect about five or six other people, and everyone involved will most
likely become very hungry, so it is important that we provide adequate
food." I lectured to her as she stood naked in front of me, hands
clasped behind her back. I set her to her task and finished the paper.
Then I retracted her leash, pulling her to me by her neck.

"Swimmer," I said, "I am ready for another blow job. Please indulge
me." I wound the leash a little more, pulling her to her knees. She
took my cock and put it in her mouth quickly, moving her hands down to
play with my balls. I lay back in the chair to give her better access
to my crotch, and she took full advantage. At one point, Swimmer slid
me out of her mouth so that she could suck on her middle finger, then
returned to her fellatio as she wormed her hand under my ass. I had
never really been into receiving anal sex, but after her terrific rimjob
from yesterday, I wasn t about to complain. Wiggling her finger into my
ass was like turning up the volume on my penis. As she played with the
ring of my sphincter, the sensation of her tongue on my cock grew in
pleasure. She sucked in as she pulled her mouth away, creating a
delicious vacuum that literally sucked out my precum as fast as it could
flow. Just as I reached the edge, she slipped her finger up my rectum a
little more, and I yelled as I exploded into her hungry mouth. Swimmer
continued to suck, taking as much of my come down her throat as she
could. She didn t swallow the last bit, but instead savored it on her
tongue, testing the flavor while she pulled her finger out of my ass.

"Well done, Swimmer. You may continue planning your gangbang." I let
out her leash and allowed her to go to the bathroom to clean up. I didn
t have much to do today, and I wanted to pace myself so that I could
make the most of it with her. While Swimmer went back to work on her
planning, I decided to call Chuck and give the invite.

Chuck picked up the phone after the third ring. "Hello?"
"Hi, Chuck."
"JEFF! Holy shit! Who was that chick I saw you with on Saturday
"That was Swimmer."
"What kind of a fucking name is that?"
"It s her slave name. Judy gave her to me as a birthday present."
"No way! Cause she was gone at the dig, right?"
"So why re you calling me? Why aren t you still boning her?"
"Actually, I just did bone her. I m taking a rest right now. That s
not important. The important thing is that we re setting up a gang bang
for her. I m inviting you."
"No way. This is some kind of joke, right? You know, this isn t very
funny. You re the one with the girlfriend right now."
"I m totally serious! She wants to do this. It s going to be tomorrow
"I can t believe this. When tomorrow?"
I thought for a second. "It starts at seven. Goes until whenever."
"I ll be SHIT! Oh, fuck you, man! I ve got homework due on Thursday!"
"Then do it today."
"I ve also got stuff due tomorrow, dumbass. And besides, this is a big
assignment. It s like 500 pages or something. Shit, I m going to have
to get an extension. Yeah, I can be there. Who else?"
"You re the first one I ve asked. I m also asking Dave and Adrian."
"Can you think of anyone else? I want to get at least five guys, and I
m not sure if both Dave and Adrian can come."
"Let me think. What about Jacob?"
"He d work. He s probably kinky enough for her, too."
"Yeah he is. Do you know Frank?"
"Who s Frank?"
"Frank Hartman. He s Jacob s friend. He ll come in."
I was a little hesitant. "Is he smart enough to keep a secret?"
"Trust me, he s really cool. It s no problem. Frank and I did some
stuff with Cindy once, and he s never told anyone about it. Even after
we broke up." Cindy was an ex-girlfriend of Chuck s.
"OK. Ask him, too. And I guess I can ask Shawn."
"Yeah, that s cool."
"OK, that s you, me, Dave, Adrian, Jacob, and Frank. And if any of
those guys back out, I ll call Shawn. Do you want to call Jacob and
"Sure, I can do that. I ll call you back in like an hour and let you
know what they ll be doing. OK?"
"OK. See you, Chuck."

Chuck hung up and I called up Dave, then Adrian. Dave was a French
major, and since he could speak French already, it meant that he didn t
really have anything to do, at least until he went abroad to France. He
agreed to come, saying that it would be a change from the usual boredom.
On the other hand, Adrian was starting his second year of Med school,
and counted his free time in the minutes. It would have been good if he
had been able to come, but it turned out that he had to read about the
stomach that night. After throwing me some curses for being a History
major with free time, he hung up to do some more studying.

That left me with Shawn. Shawn was a Sophomore studying some sort of
Engineering, and he came from a high school in South Dakota. Coming to
college here on the east coast was an eye-opening event for him, and he
d gradually become more hedonistic as he spent more time away from home.
Chuck had met him first, when Shawn rushed for a fraternity that had
just kicked Chuck out. Shawn didn t make the cut, and had become good
friends with Chuck, then with me. When I told him what we had in mind,
he was delighted to be included.

"This is great, Jeff! Thanks a lot!"
"Yeah, I know it s great, but I ve got to give you a warning. This is
also kind of a test. If you do well, we might invite you back for more
fun on later occasions. The first thing you need to do is not tell
anyone about this. Anyone. If you want to impress people with this,
you can say that you re going to be part of some wild sex thing, but
that s all."
Shawn was undaunted. "No problem, really!"
"Then I ll see you tomorrow night. Until then."
"See you."

I hung up and did the crossword while I waited to hear from Chuck. A
half hour later he called to say that Frank and Jacob were in, providing
us with a respectable six men to use and abuse Swimmer. I checked the
clock and found that I had just enough time to get in another quickie
from my slave before I had to go to my first class. Reeling in my
leash, I walked to the bedroom, where I saw her sitting with a pencil
and paper, making plans for her violation.

I cleared my throat and said "Break time, Swimmer. Up on the bed." She
put aside her plans and got up on the bed, kneeling. I pulled out my
penis and instructed her to prepare me for entering her. She sucked
quickly but with care, getting me hard enough to perform. When I was
ready I rolled on a condom and pushed myself into her parted legs. I
decided that this time I would let her come, so I played with her clit
with one hand as I slid into her pussy. Swimmer wrapped her legs around
my waist and pulled me in harder until she came forcefully, clamping her
mouth on my shoulder to muffle the noise. I pulled her head away and
she yelled, her face flushed with excitement. I kept going, forcing her
to keep up with my rhythm even as she came down from her first orgasm.

I continued to rub her clit as I fucked her, sliding my finger around in
her oily tufts of hair. Regaining her composure, she began to fuck me
back, and we rode together on the bed. "Suck my tits, Swimmer." She
bent her head and took my nipple into her mouth, rolling it around with
her tongue as she sucked in hard. The stimulation sent strong signals
to my cock, and I began to pump her faster, using one hand to hold her
head against my breast. She pursed her lips and sucked my entire nipple
away from my chest, closing her teeth lightly around my areola as she
flicked her tongue over the end. This set me off, and I came hard as I
slammed myself into her. I could feel her clench as well, and I decided
that she must have come as well.

Feeling much better, I pulled out of her cunt and peeled the condom off
of my penis. "Drink." I said, holding it out to her. Without a word,
she took the rubber from my hands and emptied it into her mouth, then
used her tongue to snake up inside the latex to get any come she might
have missed. After she finished with the condom, I had her clean off my
dick. She spit-shined my penis, and I dressed for school, comfortable
in the knowledge that she was well-prepared for her orgy the next night.

Classes passed uneventfully for me. I went to a seminar on 19th century
archaeology, and slept through it all. After the class, I started home,
but then decided that the presence of my temporary slave might prove too
distracting for my homework. Instead, I went to the computer lab and
wrote up my homework, then struggled with my Statistics for a bit. When
I had successfully built my tensions back up with stat problems, I
decided it was time to head back home.

Dinner tonight was fettuccine alfredo, eaten by me in the nude while
Swimmer stood in attendance. Whenever I spilled anything, rather than
use a napkin, I told my slave to lick the offending food off my body.
Never have I been such a messy eater. Swimmer expertly sucked in every
noodle that dropped from my spoon to my body, and slowly licked the
cream from my skin. By the time I was finished, both of us were well
fed. Then, of course, we went to the bedroom for dessert.

I instructed Swimmer to lie prone on the bed, then I strapped the
inverted dildo into her. I selected a thin vibrator and slid it inside
the sheath, then turned it to full power. As she wiggled slightly from
the damped buzz, I turned her over and tied her hands behind her back.
Once her hands were secure, I wound the remainder of the length of rope
around her body, trapping her breasts between its coils. I pushed her
legs closed, trapping the buzzing sheath inside of her, then wrapped her
thighs together with another piece of rope. Now she was squirming
around, unable to do anything about the vibrator that was wedged in the
center of her body.

I was tempted to have her give me a blowjob, but reluctantly chose
instead to continue with my discipline. I took a ball gag and stuffed
it into her mouth, strapping it behind her head. Now that she was fully
secured, I brought out the nipple clamps once more. I fastened them
onto her breasts and twisted the screws cruelly, closing the rectangles
of metal until her nipple was wedged almost flat inside the devices.
Swimmer moaned into her gag and shook her tits, trying to get free of
the clamps. To keep her from struggling, I clipped one end of my double
-Y chain to the clamps, and the other end to the night table nearby.
Whenever she pulled back too far, the chain would pull on her nipples.
When she saw me do this, Swimmer scooted towards the night table so that
she would allow herself some slack. This wasn t what I had intended,
but I had no response to her strategy. Instead, I had other tricks up
my sleeve. Taking an old rag, I tied it around her head, blindfolding
her. Then I stepped back to appreciate my work.

Swimmer lay close to the edge of the bed, but not too close, for she
couldn t see anything. The rag was tied around her eyes, and the gag
was in her mouth. She could only hear, smell, and feel now, and was
powerless to prevent me from doing what I wished, thanks to her
restrained arms, legs, and breasts. Quietly, I picked up the crop from
the bedside table, and scanned her body, looking for a good place to
begin. I raised the crop, then slapped it down on her left arm.
Swimmer nearly leapt off the bed when she felt the sting, and I heard a
muffled yell come from the gag. As she came down, her body twisted,
pulling on the chains attached to her nipples. She let out another
whine and turned herself towards the chain, letting out slack. I bided
my time, letting the suspense build, then gave her a light stroke across
the thigh. She twitched as the crop came down, but was able to control
her reaction level to a small yelp into the gag.

I gave her two more light taps on the thigh, getting her used to that
area, then suddenly switched my target. With a flick of my wrist, I
brought the end of the crop down along the outside of her left breast.
The flesh rippled through her body from the impact, and she straightened
herself out, arching her back. Her hips began to quiver, and then quake
as she began to come on the faintly buzzing piece of plastic trapped
inside her. For variation, I softly placed the end of the crop on her
abdomen. Normally, this wouldn t hurt, but Swimmer, who was now used to
receiving lashes, now treated it as a particularly violent blow. Her
stomach folded away from the crop, but I kept it pressed into her belly,
and a grunt came from her mouth before she realized that it wasn t
painful. I whisked the crop away and swatted her back, causing her to
arch again. I tried to drive her away from the end table, so that the
chain would pull on her nipples more, but she was smarter than that.
Instead of moving from the blows, she would turn her body so that her
less sensitive back was always facing towards the table.

For a change of pace, I shifted my attentions to her feet. I lightly
brought the end of the crop along the outside of her soles, then laid a
swat along the ball of her right foot. She jerked her feet up, but I
persisted, half whipping, half tickling her feet. By the time I was
finished, she was coated in sweat. Her ropes and blindfold we so
soaked, they had almost come off on their own.

I decided to stop punishing my slave and finally take advantage of her.
I undid the ropes on her thighs, pushed her legs as far apart as they
would go, and removed the dildo. Swimmer tried to close her legs, but I
immediately pushed them back open, then gave both her inner thighs two
swats with the crop, just to get the point across. I made her hold this
position as I put away the dildo and slipped on a condom. When I was
ready, I returned to her, held her legs apart, and plunged myself into
her spread open wetness. She tried to remain as submissive as possible,
allowing me to spread her legs as wide as I could.

As I fucked her, I bent down and took her nipple clamps in my hands.
Each time I slid into her, I tightened the clamps by an eighth of a
turn, slowly increasing the pressure on her breasts. She responded to
this torture by fucking me back with her hips. When I felt that I could
not go any tighter, I lowered my head to her breasts and began to
breathe on her strained nipples. I took one clamp in my teeth and
pulled away gently, stretching the breast upwards. Swimmer s legs came
around my back and she began to constrict herself as she came again from
my actions.

I wasn t done yet. Pulling my mouth away from her captured tits, I
brought it to her neck, placing my teeth lightly over her throat.
Swimmer stiffened, unfamiliar with what I was trying to do. I slowed
down my pace to preserve my concentration, then bit lightly into her
throat. I clamped my lips down on her neck and breathed out, sending my
heat into her body. I tested her neck with my tongue, and found her
skin to be sweet and a little salty with sweat. Then I began to close
my mouth. Swimmer squirmed, but I grabbed her arms and held her fast so
that she could not struggle. Realizing how helpless she was, she began
to shake a little as she worried about what I was going to do to her. I
bit down harder, feeling her soft skin stretch under my teeth. Just as
I was about to break through, I pulled my mouth away and bit down on
another part of her neck.

Her cunt was trembling from nervousness as I assaulted her neck, and I
used this relaxation to plunge into her with little resistance. I
chewed on her skin as I thrust into her quivering snatch, and before
long I went over the edge, blasting my load into the condom. I
collapsed on top of her, feeling the cold metal clamps against my skin
as I rested. When I had reclaimed my strength, I rolled off her and
unstrapped her gag. Pulling off my condom, I presented the open end to
her mouth. She accepted it, and I told her to suck, tipping up the end
so that my semen slid down into her waiting mouth. She drank it down,
and licked her lips to catch what spilled out onto her face.

I gave her a few seconds to catch her breath, then unbound her and told
her to join me in the shower. She soaped my body dutifully, then held
the shower curtain rod as I did the same for her. When we were
finished, we returned to bed. I told Swimmer that I had set up her
gang-bang, and that tomorrow night, six men would be using her to the
best of their limits. Once more, I asked her if she was comfortable
with this. She rolled over and placed her hand on my chest, and said
that it was exactly what she wanted. "I trust you, Sir." She said
quietly. "I m sure that I will be able to satisfy all of you." And
with that, she drifted off to sleep in my arms.

To be continued

"It is only the great men who are truly obscene. If they
had not dared to be obscene, they could never have dared
to be great."
-Havelock Ellis
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