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OddManOut.The Birthday Present Part 6


DISCLAIMER: If you still have any Star Wars toys, you can't read this.
That goes for you too, Hamill. Get out of here.

The Birthday Present
Part 6


I woke early the next morning, and roused Swimmer to follow me into the
shower. There, we washed ourselves down, and I had my slave give me
another rimming as she jacked me off. Her tongue flicked around my
asshole lightly as she rubbed her soapy hands over my cock and balls,
and soon I erupted into her hands as she gently wedged herself up my
hole. Who needs coffee to start their day?

Thus refreshed, I dressed for classes, and had Swimmer do the same. I
had her wear a lime green tight cotton tank top over one of the
miniskirts we had bought at Hot Topic. I almost had her go pantyless,
but combined with her outer clothing, I figured that the combination
might start a riot. I told her that she was to expose her panties to
ten guys today, before coming back to set up for the orgy. I figured
that would help get her revved up for tonight. She agreed, and went off
to class without looking back. I had lectures of my own to attend, so I
grabbed my books, grabbed an orange, and went off to class.

Once again, I had Statistics, and once again, I was completely unable to
concentrate. My only hope was to relate everything I heard to my
private life: What is the chance that two guys flashed by Swimmer today
would know each other? If half immediately get erections, is that a
good sample size for the school? The city? The country? I was still
trying to apply linear regression and cross-correlation functions when
class ended and I was free to go.

When I returned that afternoon, Swimmer was tidying up the apartment in
preparation for her party. I was tempted to take her for a quickie,
then decided that she needed to conserve her juices for later. Instead,
I told her to tell me about the people she had flashed during the day.

"Well, sir, the first four were done between my psych class and econ. I
was sitting on the grass doing some reading, and waiting for a chance to
do some flashing. I had my knees drawn up, and whenever I saw a guy go
by, I d just kind of spread my legs a bit so that they d be able to see
up to my panties. A lot of the time they didn t look, and sometimes
they d look at me, but not when I was flashing. I only caught four
during that time looking up my dress. One of the guys just stopped and
stared. I gave him a smile, because I thought he was kind of cute. I
bet about six or seven guys actually got a look, but I only caught four
in the act.

"After my econ class, I went to lunch, and I ate it outside on the wall
by the union. Right in front of me there was this guy talking to his
girlfriend. She was facing away from me, and I angled my legs so that
he had a clear view of everything. He could barely look at her. When
he did, I made sure that I spread my legs so that he could see that I
was wet from doing this. That got me so hot. At one time his
girlfriend turned around to see what he was looking at, but I was able
to cross my legs before she could see anything. The poor guy. I bet
she kicked his ass after they left. So that s five. Oh, and I also
flashed to a couple of other guys eating lunch before I left, so that s

"The last ones I got in the computer lab. You know how those tables
have all those little cubby-holes, but are completely open underneath?
Well, I sat at a computer, and I slouched way down, then spread my legs,
and watched the feet of people passing by on the other side. Whenever
someone stopped, I figured that meant that they were staring at my
crotch under the table. I wasn t really sure, because I couldn t see
their faces or anything, just their feet. One guy called over his
friend, so that was two right there. And there were about four others
that stopped, so I figured that at least one of them was actually
looking at my panties. They had to have been. I was soaked. On my
computer, I had pulled up, and was reading the stories
to pass the time." She licked her lips, then pulled up her skirt.
"When I got back, my panties were completely soggy, so I just took them
off. See?"

I did see. Swimmer s bush was wet and matted from almost constant
arousal, and I wondered if I would be able to take advantage of her now,
before the orgy tonight. "Very good, Swimmer," I said, "That was more
than what was expected of you. Now, you will give me a blow job, and we
will go shopping for food for tonight." She knelt and took me in her
mouth, sucking in her cheeks so that the inside of her mouth contacted
my cock as much as possible. With her free hand, she stroked and
squeezed my balls, priming my rod for an explosion into her eager mouth.
She looked up at me as she sucked, her eyes locked into mine, then
pulled her mouth off long enough to run her tongue around the head. She
gulped down on the front half of my cock again, clamping her lips tight
around my shaft and sucking my precome out like honey through a straw.
When she gave my balls another squeeze, I had to let go, and I blasted
into her mouth with a groan. She smiled a little around my girth as she
swallowed what she could, then let go to scoop up what dripped down her
chin. After cleaning her face, she gave my cock another suck, cleaning
off whatever traces of semen remained before tucking me back into my

On that note, we went out to get food for our party. Swimmer was
interested in edible underwear, but I commanded her not to buy it. It
may be a novelty to see, but it is uncomfortable to wear, and it is
awful to the taste. We bought two types of food: Snacks, and food that
would look or taste good on Swimmer. In the first category, we bought a
few bottles of sport drink, some celery, and two tubs of garlic dip.
The garlic dip actually fell into both categories, as did the cucumbers
and carrots. If possible, one could double-dip one s carrot into both
Swimmer and the garlic spread, but only in a pinch. Exclusively for
Swimmer, we bought two cans of whipped cream, chocolate sauce, bananas,
and some hard caramel. Examining our purchases, we decided that an
order of pizza would also be good to start the night off with energy, so
we picked up some crust and sauce before we left.

We spent the rest of the afternoon getting set up for the party.
Swimmer worked on preparing the food, and I started organizing and
putting away anything that I wouldn t want to get whipped cream/garlic
dip/semen on. At six o clock we were ready for action. I had Swimmer
change into a sleek red minidress (panties only), and we settled down to
wait for the guests to arrive.

Shawn arrived first, of course. A typical engineering student, he was a
half-hour early. From the first time you heard the light knock on the
door, you knew that the thin blond sophomore was nervous about being in
a real live sex orgy. Swimmer answered the door, and his eyes almost
popped out of his head when he saw her in her tight red dress and black
leather collar. I had to forcibly pinch myself to keep from laughing at
his awkwardness.

Swimmer handled his gawking smoothly, smiling at him and inviting him
inside. When she touched his arm to guide him to a seat, I thought he
was going to shoot his load right there. Aaah, to be innocent again.
Once he got over his shock, Shawn started asking us questions about her.
How did she become my slave? What s she going to do after Monica gets
back? What have I done with her so far? We passed the time satisfying
his curiosity. I answered most of the questions, but I let Swimmer
field a few, just to see the look of awe in his face. When she told him
about the rimjob she gave me this morning, I thought he was about to

Shawn was still asking questions when Chuck and Dave arrived. If Shawn
was the curious innocent, then Chuck would be the jaded pro. When
Swimmer opened the door, he announced himself by extending his hand and
saying "You must be the lucky girl, huh?" Swimmer laughed and shook his
hand, saying, "That I am, Sir."

"Sir!!? God, Jeff, you really do have her well trained!" He stepped
into the room and found where I was sitting. "What s up?" He saw the
food and grabbed a soda before taking a seat (we never mix alcohol and
hedonism). Dave just grinned like an idiot and went for the dip.

Chuck was a short stocky guy with a thick head of constantly disheveled
blond hair. He was actually a lot smarter than one would think in
casual conversation with him. He and I had known each other since our
undergrad days, and had been planning sexual games like this since we
were seniors. Dave was taller, with a well-trimmed head of jet-black
hair. He looked the typical bachelor type in his brown leather jacket
and carefully cultivated 5-o clock shadow. I could tell from looking at
the two of them that Dave was wearing the CK-One I smelled. He chatted
Swimmer up while Chuck and I started educating Shawn on the etiquette of
a gang-bang. Most of it was pretty obvious: Stop if she says so, start
slow, pace yourself, etc. We just wanted to reiterate the important
details to him.

At 7:15, the last two members of our party showed up. Jacob came in
first, his excuse that traffic had been a problem. The guy on his
heels, who must of been Frank, disagreed, giving Jacob s last minute
grooming rituals as the cause. "I *told* him, who cares what shirt he
wears, it s only going to come off after ten minutes!" "It s the image
thing, Frank. Look at what s your name? Swimmer, OK. Look at
Swimmer, Frank! She looks hot! And how long do you think that red
dress is going to last, huh?"

Jacob was a short guy, about five feet seven inches, with curly dark
hair cut close to his head. He wore gold-rimmed wire glasses, and he
was completely kinky. I knew this for a fact because he had often
joined Monica and I in our play. It was he that had convinced Monica to
try a DP, and me to try an enema. Most of the items in our collection
were their because Jacob had suggested them, and they paled in
comparison to the things he had in a burlap bag in his closet. Frank I
had seen, but never met. He was a big man with a shock of red hair cut
close to his head. He looked like he might be a linebacker. He joined
Dave and Swimmer s conversation, eyeing her body in its stretched lycra.

Swimmer s pizzas finished cooking, and she served them to us as we
crowded around the small card table. She intentionally bent down low
when she placed the food on the table, giving us a nice view of her full
breasts. When we invited her to join in, she declined, saying with a
wink that she intended to eat later. Instead, she hovered around us,
refilling our drinks or serving us more food. The food was especially
nice to get, because it meant that she would stand behind the person and
reach over him to get the plate, pressing her chest into the back of his
head. Dave, always clever, got the idea to ask for small portions
several times. Eventually, he would turn his head as Swimmer leaned
over him, pressing his nose and mouth into her cleavage.

When we finished with the pizza, Swimmer led us into the living room and
had us sit down as she put a tape into the stereo. The first song was a
fast dance song, and she danced for us all in the middle of the room.
She started out dancing in high heels, but took them off half way
through the song. This enabled her to kick her legs up high, grabbing
just under the knee with one hand to stand in a balanced position. The
song was fast, and by the time it ended, Swimmer s face was a little red
from the exertion.

The next song was slower, and more romantic. Swimmer s movements became
more graceful and fluid, and she shimmied as she stood in front of
Shawn, then turned and squatted in front of him, presenting her back.
Shawn reached out and grabbed the zipper at the top of her dress, and
she raised herself up as he pulled down. When the zipper was undone,
she clasped the dress in front of her and stepped away, spinning around
so that we could admire her naked back and brief panties. She crossed
the room to Chuck and bent down over him, inviting him to take hold of
her dress. He did, and she stepped away, leaving him with the dress as
she exposed her nearly naked figure for us all to see. Her nipples were
standing out, purple and hard against the softness of her breasts. She
walked to Frank, thrusting her chest out for him to feel her warm buds.

Frank took a nipple between his thumb and middle finger, and rolled it
gently. She let him for a second, then stepped away. His fingers still
closed, the breast stretched from his hand then bounced back to her
chest as she continued to dance. She put her hands on her panties, and
began to slowly roll them down her legs. As they passed her thighs, I
saw that Swimmer had shaved her pubic hair in preparation for the event.
Her outer lips were bare, and only a thin blonde streak remained above
her mound. At this, Chuck and Frank hooted their appreciation, and
Shawn just stared, awestruck.

Smiling, she bent at the hips and rolled the panties down her
straightened legs, then stepped aside, nude, off the material now on the
floor. Hooking her foot in one loop, she kicked the panties towards
Shawn. He was too amazed to do anything, and they hit him full in the
face. We all laughed at that, but Swimmer danced towards him and got
down on her knees in front of him. With both hands, she sought out the
bulge in his pants as she looked up at his face. When she found what
she wanted, she rubbed him gently through the denim, then unsnapped and
unzipped him. She took out his cock and lowered her head until she was
breathing directly onto the shaft. Keeping her eyes on his, she wrapped
her lips around the head of his penis and began to suck.

The rest of us watched in silence as she bobbed her head up and down on
his dick. Her cheeks were sucked into a concave shape from the vacuum
she was drawing, and every time her head rose, the slurp of air into her
mouth filled the room. Shawn, who may never have had a blow job before
in his life, sat with his mouth open, staring in disbelief at the woman
who was now taking him in aggressively, drawing as much out of him as
she could. When she sensed that he was about to come, she pulled her
head off him and aimed him directly into her mouth. He came in great
bursts as she jacked him off. Most of it landed in her mouth, but a few
errant blasts caught her cheek and chin. As Shawn finished coming,
Swimmer opened her mouth to show him the come that lay on her tongue,
then swallowed and returned her mouth to his cock to suck out any
remaining stray drops.

As Swimmer finished up on Shawn s penis, Dave and Frank came around
behind her and tapped her on the shoulder. "We re next," Dave said.
Not wasting time, my slave turned around and began to undo their pants.
She didn t wait for them to get naked, but instead attacked their cocks
as soon as she took them out. Swimmer would suck on Frank as Dave took
off his pants, then would switch to Dave so that Frank could disrobe.
The rest of us got naked as we watched her in action. Soon she had
Frank yelling and blowing a large load all over her face. Without
cleaning herself off, she went to suck Dave to his climax, swallowing
everything he gave her as she looked up at him through her
come-splattered hair. Before she turned to the rest of us, she
carefully cleaned the semen off her face, scooping up the globs with her
fingers and sucking the salty taste into her mouth.

She then faced Chuck, Jacob and I, averting her eyes to the floor and
saying "How may I serve you, sirs?" Before I could think of anything,
Jacob jumped in. "How about if you let us jack off on you as we watch
you play with yourself with a dildo." Chuck and I didn t see any
problem with that, so I selected a thin ivory-colored sheath for her to
use. Chuck was reaching for the large model, but I stopped him, noting
that we "didn t want to stretch out our entertainment just yet."
Swimmer accepted the smaller cock willingly, and began to slide it into
her cunt, finally getting some relief after sucking all that cock.
Chuck, Jacob and I hovered above her, pumping our dicks as we watched
her get herself off.

When she came, she was sure to make it as theatrical as possible for our
benefit. Writhing around on the floor, she let out all her feelings
vocally, crying for us to come on her. Chuck gave out first, and fired
off a series of ropy strands over her body. Swimmer ducked her head,
trying to catch as much on her face as she could. What she didn t get
splashed on and around her body. My passion ebbed slightly as I thanked
my foresight in rolling up the rug this afternoon. By the time I was
fully aroused again, Jacob had let go as well, shooting his load all
over her breasts. Swimmer looked at me, waiting for my contribution,
but I got a better idea.

I told her to lean back on her hands, then I placed my penis on her
chest and squeezed her breasts around me. Then I began to fuck her
tits, which were well lubricated from the spunk of Jacob and Chuck. It
was a nasty thing to behold, and our guests watched us in silent
appreciation as I masturbated myself in her bosom. Swimmer was still
using the dildo on herself, so I timed myself to come before she could
give herself an orgasm. I thrust hard between her breasts, then sprayed
my load all over her chest and face.

As soon as I came, I pulled away and took the dildo from Swimmer. She
started to protest, but retained enough self-control to check herself.
Instead, she resigned herself to licking our come off her body again.
Sexy as this was to watch, we didn t have time for that anymore. Jacob
handed her a towel, and she wiped our semen from herself before we
started our second round.

Dave had been the first one that to get hard again, so he got first
crack at her pussy. We put a blanket on the floor, and Swimmer got on
her hands and knees in front of him. He rolled a condom onto his penis
and positioned himself behind her. Swimmer reached back and spread her
lips for him as he slid into her smooth cleft. Once he was in, he began
to move in and out with a steady rhythm. Swimmer kept up the pace with
him, rocking back her body to meet his thrusts. Dave increased his
speed, and soon the two were pounding against each other on my living
room floor. Before long, he groaned with a powerful orgasm. Swimmer
came too, breaking her rhythm as her body bucked.

When Dave pulled out, he started to remove the condom, but I pulled him
aside as Frank took his place. While Frank mounted Swimmer, I took Dave
into the kitchen and pulled out a glass. "Whenever you come, empty your
condom into this. Pass it on, but don t let Swimmer know yet."

"What are we going to do with it?" Dave said. "I m not sure," I
replied, "but I do know that it may be useful later on." I gave him an
evil grin, which he returned. He emptied the rubber into the glass and
we went back out to watch Frank take his turn.

Frank was taking her missionary style, and was holding her legs spread
up and out so that he could get the most penetration. I saw that Frank
had the biggest penis of us all, and his nine-inch strokes were amazing
to watch. Swimmer was lying on her back, staring at the ceiling with
slightly glazed eyes as he pushed his way into her tight cunt again and
again. With every thrust, her whole body would rock back on the blanket
by about three inches. Finally he stopped his pile driving and came
with a huge shove into her pelvis. After Frank climbed off her, Swimmer
looked a little frazzled, and was trying to get her bearings. She didn
t have long, because Chuck came up to take her place.

Seeing that she was a little put out from being ravaged by Frank, Chuck
took it slow. He climbed on top of her and slid himself in gently,
prodding her hole with long, even strokes. When he saw that Swimmer had
regained her composure, he increased the tempo, but never to a rough
level. Instead, he lowered his hands to her breasts and began to tweak
her nipples, turning them like little radio knobs. Swimmer enjoyed
that, and soon had a small orgasm from the additional stimulation. When
Chuck came, he was very subdued, and we almost missed the fact that he
came at all, had he not pulled out immediately afterwards.

Jacob was up next, and he wanted to fuck Swimmer in a different
position. He had her get up on the couch on her hands and knees, then
stood behind her and stuffed himself into her reddening cunt. He
wobbled his hips back and forth, pushing his flesh into her easily. I
decided I would get a warm up for my turn, and came around to the other
side of the couch. I presented my slave with my cock, and she
obediently closed her lips around the head and began to suck. Swimmer
breathed in every time Jacob thrust forward, creating a pulsating
suction on my member that made me feel like I was having sex with a
beating heart. In a sexy way, not sick. When I felt I was hard enough,
I pulled away from her mouth. She tried to come with me, but I put my
palm on her forehead to disengage her. "No, Swimmer. I only needed

Jacob came into his condom and went into the kitchen as I came around
and sat on the couch next to Swimmer. "Okay, Swimmer," I said, "time to
ride." She said "Yes, sir," and tossed her leg over my hips. Reaching
down with one hand, she positioned my cock at her slit, then slid her
way down my pole. It was a nice feeling to relax and let her do all the
work. I called over to Shawn. "Come on over and take her mouth."
Shawn stepped over tentatively, and Swimmer reached out to fondle his
balls with one hand.

"Come on closer, Shawn," she said. "I won t bite." Then with a grin,
she said "Unless you ask me." As we laughed, she made good on her
promise and sucked him deep into her mouth. She clamped her lips around
his base and slid her tongue around the pole in her mouth, giving him a
wet bath. As she concentrated on making Shawn come, Swimmer slackened
her pace slightly on my cock. I took over by grabbing her hips and
thrusting myself up into her. Shawn reached around and began to tweak
her nipples as she took his penis down her throat. Soon she began to
come, her hole clenching on my shaft. I came soon after, and we
disengaged Swimmer so that Shawn could take my place.

As I returned from emptying my condom into the glass (now about an
eighth full), I saw Shawn taking his position with Swimmer. Unlike the
rest of us, he was nervously positioning himself to take her in the ass.
"Just take it easy," she was saying, "go in slow and smooth." Shawn was
clearly excited about this, and looked like he would come as soon as his
head touched the rim of her anus. Fortunately for him, he didn t. He
warily pushed forward, and Swimmer relaxed her ass, pushing herself back
into him. Shawn slid about half his length up her ass, then pulled back
and began to fuck her.

Swimmer accommodated Shawn as best as she could. She contracted her
sphincter on every out stroke, sucking him in. She bent forwards,
allowing him to go as deep as possible up her backside. Shawn took
advantage of everything she gave him, an amazed look on his face. When
he pushed himself in deep, Swimmer clenched her sphincter and
straightened her legs, making her passage as tight as possible. Shawn s
eyes popped out from the sudden pressure, and he came forcefully. The
tightness affected Swimmer as well, and she kept him clenched inside
long enough to give her an orgasm of her own.

Shawn pulled himself out of her ass slowly, then staggered off to the
kitchen to empty his condom. Dave and Jacob both stepped forward to
take his place, then stopped when they saw each other.

"That looked hot." Jacob said. "I wanted to try her ass. What about

"I was going back for more of her cunt." Dave replied. "Do you want to
double up?"

Jacob agreed, and they sandwiched Swimmer between them. Dave went in
first, lying on the floor while Swimmer mounted his pole. After she
slid him in, Jacob took his place behind her. He grabbed her waist and
pushed himself into her ass. Swimmer grimaced slightly, but let him
invade her rectum without complaint.

When both men were inside her, they began to set up a rhythm to move to.
Swimmer rocked forward slightly, while Dave and Jacob pulled back. Then
all three would crash together with a loud slap of flesh. Both men
reached out to paw Swimmer s breasts, which were now bright red from the
constant squeezing and ravishing they had received during the evening.
Her nipples had become very sensitive, and when Dave pulled on one,
Swimmer let out a loud moan that was only partially of pain. Dave
continued to maul her tit, and Swimmer responded with another orgasm.

Jacob came first, thrusting his seed into the condom. No sooner had he
pulled out than Chuck came up to take his place. He thrust in easily to
Swimmer s distended ass, and immediately fell into a new, faster rhythm.
Meanwhile, Frank came up and presented his naked dick to her open mouth.
Swimmer inhaled it without a second glance, twirling her tongue over its
length, then checking his face to make sure he was enjoying her
ministrations. He was.

Dave was the next to go, and I took his place in her cunt. It was
difficult to maneuver without disengaging Swimmer from her other two
paramours. When I finally slid in, I was buried under a pile of hot
flesh, the slippery wetness at my cock the only source of reference.
When Chuck came from fucking Swimmer s ass, Frank pulled out of Swimmer
s mouth, saying "I ve got to try that." He rolled on a condom and went
around to her rear. The new void in her mouth was filled by Jacob, as
Shawn was waiting to take my place.

Shawn had quite a wait ahead of him, as I was working on my fifth orgasm
of the day. When I finally came into the condom, I knew I was done for
the night. It was only a minor loss, as it meant that I could sit back,
relax, and watch my slave in action. I pulled away from her and helped
Shawn to take his place.

This time around, Shawn was more confident in his actions. He brought
Swimmer down on him and began to thrust himself into her easily, unfazed
by the worry that she might not like it. She couldn t reply anyway,
because she was busy with her mouth on Jacob. Suddenly, Jacob pulled
out of her mouth, and headed for the bathroom. We all watched him go,
uncertain of what he was up to. Dave took his place and presented his
somewhat firm penis to her face. She put her head forward and inhaled
him in, working to make him hard again for her.

Dave was fully hard by the time Jacob returned from the bathroom.
Swimmer was working him over as best she could, and soon coaxed another
load of sperm from his dick to her mouth. When he pulled away, Jacob
reclaimed his place. Instead of presenting his penis to her mouth,
however, he turned around and showed her his freshly washed asshole.
Frank came almost immediately as he saw what Jacob was doing. Swimmer
paused for a second, hesitating, then leaned forward and snaked her
tongue between Jacob s buttocks. Jacob reached back and spread his
cheeks to give her better access as Frank pulled out of her ass and went
to the bathroom.

Shawn watched all this from his position beneath Swimmer. She ran her
tongue around the rim quickly, flicking his asshole lightly. For an
extra touch, she pushed forward a bit, probing his ass with her mouth.
Jacob took one hand from his butt and began to masturbate himself as she
rimmed him.

Suddenly, Jacob pulled away and turned around to face Swimmer. "Open
your mouth." He said, jacking himself off furiously. She did, and he
erupted over her face, spraying her with his come. She took what she
could in her mouth, and left the rest on her face, too distracted to
wash it off. Beneath her, Shawn was now shoving his cock hard into her.
She turned her full attention to him, pulling up when he pulled back,
then pushing back down to meet his thrusts. She looked into his eyes,
then stuck her tongue out to lap up a trail of sperm that was running
down her cheek. Shawn couldn t hold back, and came with a cry, filling
his condom.

At this point, we all needed a rest, so after Shawn pulled out of her,
we let Swimmer go to the bathroom to wash up, and prepare for her next
round. This wasn t just a kindness from us. We needed to recuperate as
much as she did. And we needed to warm up the caramel

To be concluded

"It is only the great men who are truly obscene. If they
had not dared to be obscene, they could never have dared
to be great."
-Havelock Ellis
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