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OddManOut.The Birthday Present Part 7


Disclaimer: This story has words that may not appear in your
dictionary. If you find any of these words, and are confused about
their meaning, just ask your parents, and they ll tell you.

The Birthday Present
Part 7
by OddManOut

While Swimmer was in the bathroom, we had gotten hungry. So before she
returned, we distributed the cans of whipped cream I had bought that
morning, one per person. By the time she got back, we were ready.

I told her to lie on the floor, and spread out her arms and legs. As
she did so, I produced a blindfold, and tied it over her eyes. While I
worked, I told Chuck to go to my bedroom and come back with some rope.
He did, and I used it to tie her spread-eagle against my furniture.
Then we began to spray the whipped cream on her.

The cans had been chilling in the refrigerator for most of the day, and
when the pressurized cream escaped, it was even colder. Whenever it hit
her skin, she jumped from the sensation. Frank noticed this, and moved
a steady blast of the cream up her leg and over her mound. She tried to
close her legs, but Chuck and I both grabbed her knees and forced them
apart so that Frank could spray the cream directly onto her lips. He
didn t stop until her cunt was completely buried in whipped cream. When
Chuck and I let go, Swimmer moved her legs back together, squirting
creamy white froth out from her thighs and over her legs.

Ever the engineer, Shawn had a better idea. Rather than use the cream
on Swimmer, he turned the can on himself, coating his penis. He
presented this dessert to Swimmer by laying it on her lips, and she
sucked him in hungrily, looking for sustenance. Whenever she
successfully removed most of the whipped cream from his cock, Shawn
pulled out and added more, then returned himself to her mouth.

Jacob watched this for a minute, then said, "Hold still for a second,
Shawn." Shawn stopped, cautiously. Jacob reached out and spread Shawn
s ass cheeks apart with one hand.

"What the fuck are you trying to AAAGGH!" Shawn yelped with surprise as
Jacob nailed his ass with a large burst of whipped cream. "Have Swimmer
lick that off." He said. Shawn s mouth popped open. We had all seen
him look on in awe when Jacob had gotten rimmed, but had figured that he
wouldn t get the nerve to try that himself. At least not tonight. At
the moment he was propped on his feet and one hand as he used the other
hand to raise his balls for better access. His mouth hung open and he
moaned incoherent expressions as Swimmer licked the whipped cream from
around his anus. When she prodded his bunghole with her tongue he
almost fell over from the sensation.

As Swimmer rimmed Shawn, Dave got down between her legs and began to
lick up the mess of whipped cream that Frank had put there. He must
have been hitting the right spots, because Swimmer began to pant softly
and slide her tongue a little deeper into Shawn s ass. Shawn was now
jacking himself off with his free hand, trying to relieve the tension my
slave was building in him. Suddenly Swimmer stiffened and began to
shake with a small orgasm. The vibrations translated to Shawn s ass,
and began to set him off as well. Climbing off her face, he straddled
her neck and aimed at her mouth as he jacked himself off into a full

Swimmer had no idea what he was doing, so the first couple blasts of
semen took her by surprise. She was ready for the rest, and she stuck
out her tongue to catch as much of Shawn s spunk as she could. Dave,
meanwhile, was putting the finishing touches on the cleanup of Swimmer s
thighs and pussy. He ran his tongue over her mound one more time, then
backed off as he saw Chuck enter the room.

Chuck had just come from the kitchen, and he held in one hand a saucepan
filled with hot caramel. There was no hiding this from Swimmer As soon
as Chuck entered, the warm smell filled the room. The only surprise we
could give Swimmer was where we were going to put it.

Chuck kneeled by Swimmer s body and pulled out a ladle full of molten
tan caramel. Keeping the ladle above the saucepan to avoid spilling
anything, he moved the caramel over Swimmer s body and paused,
evaluating where he wanted to start his confectioning. After a second s
pause, he moved the ladle over Swimmer s left breast and began to slowly
tip the bowl, pouring hot caramel all over Swimmer s tit.

When she felt the caramel hit her breast, Swimmer jerked away, trying to
escape the hot sticky sauce. She opened her mouth to cry out, but I
promptly clamped my hand down, stifling any noise. "Get the gag." I
said to Jacob, keeping my hand tightly closed over her mouth. Chuck
ladled another batch of caramel over her stomach, making a trail of hot
syrup down to her pubes. Swimmer squirmed her head against my hand, but
didn t bite.

I took her refusal to bite as a good sign. Still, I couldn t help but
be nervous when I saw Chuck dip the ladle once more into the saucepan
(and who needed any more erotic symbolism at this time?) and hold it
over Swimmer s right breast. This time, he intentionally missed the
nipple, but created a ring of caramel around the top of her breast,
about an inch from the areola.

Jacob returned to the room with my ball gag, and quickly stuffed it into
Swimmer s mouth as I removed my hand. As we strapped the gag onto her
head, Chuck passed the saucepan over to Dave. Dave began to work on her
legs, pouring the caramel over her right thigh. As he was starting on
the left leg, Shawn stopped him, and held up his can of whipped cream.
He squirted a large puff of whipped cream onto Swimmer s thigh, then let
Dave back in. Dave poured the caramel directly onto the whipped cream,
creating a thigh sundae for us, and a strange mix of hot and cold for

Frank wanted in on the action, but he had run out of whipped cream. He
got up and went to my fridge to look for something for him to pour.
When he came back, he held in his hand a squeeze bottle of cold
chocolate sauce. He squeezed the sauce out onto Swimmer s neck and
chest, mixing the cold chocolate with the hot syrup, then aimed his
bottle towards Swimmer s mouth. Swimmer swallowed what ran down the
inside of the hole in the ball gag, but was forced to let the rest of
the sauce lie on her face. It looked very strange and sexy, like she
had just performed oral sex on a man with chocolate semen.

We didn t have any cherries, but we did have bananas, and so, like the
joke goes, we decided to make Swimmer a banana split. In this case,
however, it was the banana that would be doing the splitting. Shawn and
Jacob both held a leg as I gave Swimmer s mound a liberal coating of
whipped cream. Jacob added some caramel, and Frank added some more of
his chocolate sauce. When Frank finished, Dave peeled the banana and
began to push it up her tight hole. He had to go slowly, to keep the
banana from breaking in his hands. Swimmer helped him by relaxing her
body, and soon the banana was almost all the way in, with just a nub
sticking out amidst the whipped cream and other toppings. Dave bent
down and bit this nub away with his teeth.

We all looked for a few seconds, admiring the sundae we had made out of
my slave, then Frank came in to take a bite out of the concoction.
First, he licked up the stray globs of whipped cream that had sprayed on
her inner thighs. He then moved inward in a circular pattern, drawing
ever closer to the banana that protruded from the middle. As Frank ate
her out, Shawn noticed that the caramel on her breasts had cooled to a
hard shell, and brought his mouth up to her chest to lick it off. Chuck
and Jacob each took a creamy thigh, and I joined Shawn on Swimmer s
other breast. Dave scooped a finger full of chocolate from Swimmer s
face and brought it to his mouth, then came around to her head and began
delicately licking her cheek.

This mass devouring must have been more pleasant to Swimmer than the hot
caramel, because she was pushing her body into our faces as best she
could. When I lifted my face away from her breast to catch some air,
she tried to lift herself with me, but was held back by the busy mouths
of our companions. Frank finally ate his way down to the banana, and
when he began to lick around its base she was set off by a strong orgasm
that drove her legs from beneath Chuck and Jacob. When she finished,
the two men grabbed her legs again, and lay atop them, preventing her
from jerking away again.

I could see now that Frank had licked Swimmer s crotch clean, so that
all that remained was the lone banana, with its top bitten off, still
rising out of Swimmer s pussy. I had finished licking the caramel and
chocolate from Swimmer s breasts, so I began to suck on her tit directly
when Frank started eating the banana. Swimmer definitely noticed this,
and Shawn and I had to lean on her to keep her from squirming out of our

As Shawn and I munched on her tits, Dave was finishing up on Swimmer s
face. he decided that she didn t need the gag anymore, so he unstrapped
it and straddled her head, placing his dick at her mouth. She sucked
him in as she moaned from the attention she received from Frank. Frank
had eaten down to the base of the banana, and was now licking her clit
directly. Whenever Swimmer s contractions pushed the banana out
slightly, Frank would eat what protruded and return his attention to her
hood. Jacob and Chuck had finished with her thighs, and were now
holding her legs apart, waiting their turn at her nectar.

Frank noticed this, and stepped aside so that Chuck could get a turn.
Chuck dived into Swimmer s pussy, his tongue probing deep to grab the
banana and draw it out. Swimmer s sucking on Dave s cock became more
frantic, and she tried to push her hips into Chuck s face harder. Chuck
took his face away for a second, and slid his long middle finger up
Swimmer s tunnel. Crooking his finger, he stroked the walls of her
pussy from the inside, pressing into her flesh. When he returned his
tongue to her mound, she began to come again.

Dave had been timing himself, and when she came, he let himself come
along with her, flooding her mouth with his juices. By this time, none
of us had all that much to shoot, so Swimmer was able to swallow it

Chuck stood aside, and Jacob took his place. Jacob began to take a few
licks of Swimmer s pussy, then turned himself over and lay on his back
with his head in her crotch. Chuck and Frank grabbed Swimmer s legs and
lifted, and Jacob slid underneath so that he could tongue her ass. He
used his hands to spread her cheeks, then pushed his tongue up and in to
play with her puckered hole. Swimmer, who was unfamiliar with this
treatment, began to gasp as she felt Jacob rim her. When he pushed his
tongue up her asshole she cried out, and I worried that we would have to
gag her again.

That turned out not to be an issue. Erotic as it was, Jacob s position
also placed great stress on his arms and wrists, and he soon had to
climb back out from underneath her to take the pressure off. He
resigned himself to Swimmer s pussy, and ate her to a quiet orgasm as he
played with her ass with one finger.

As Jacob finished, he looked up at Shawn and said "Want a taste?" Shawn
looked a little unsure of himself, but we began to egg him on. "C mon,
Shawn," Frank said. "This is a skill that ll last you your whole

"This is why you *come* to college," Dave chimed in. "To learn new
things." We kept chiding him for his lack of guts, until he finally
climbed down and got between her legs. He didn t dive right in, but
first ran his finger over her slit, bringing it back to his mouth for an
experimental taste. The taste must have agreed with him, because he
then lowered his mouth to her mound and began to take small licks.
Swimmer let him do this, but didn t show much excitement from the

"Try licking her clit a little bit," Jacob offered. Shawn brought his
tongue up to her clit, and began to run it back and forth briskly. That
brought a slight moan from Swimmer, so he brought his lips down over her
hood and continue at a slightly harder pace. Swimmer liked what he was
doing, and began to be more vocal as he tongued her nub. Shawn backed
off a little, and began to make small circles over her button as his
finger pried its way up her slit. Emulating Chuck, he crooked his
finger and stroked her from the inside, looking for a sensitive spot.
When he found it, Swimmer reached her peak, and clamped her legs down
around Shawn s head before any of us could catch her. When we finally
pried her apart again, Shawn came back up for air, his mouth and chin
coated with her juices. "That was fun." He said with a grin.

By this time, we had all regained our erections, and we opted to go one
final round with my slave. As Chuck untied her, I went and retrieved
the glass of semen from the kitchen. "I thought you might need this,"
I said, handing her the glass, "to wash the taste of all the chocolate
out of your mouth." Swimmer took the glass and looked at us, then
brought it to her lips and slowly began to drink the contents. She
filled her mouth with as much come as she could, then sloshed it around.
She completed the act by slowly swallowing what was in her mouth, a bit
at a time. When she was almost done, she opened her mouth and stuck out
her tongue to show us all the semen left, then closed her mouth and
swallowed quickly. When she opened her mouth again, it was gone. She
brought the glass to her lips again, and this time she drained the
contents without hesitation. "Thank you, sir." she said to me as she
put the glass down. "That was just what I needed."

Frank had yet to give her ass a try, and Jacob wanted to go in her cunt,
so they sandwiched Swimmer between them. After lowering Swimmer onto
Jacob, Frank began to ease his huge cock into her ass. Swimmer seemed
to be in real discomfort as she took him in, and I almost butted in (so
to speak) to stop the invasion. Swimmer saw my face, however, and she
gave me a reassuring wink as she began to move up and down on the two
mens cocks.

Frank was finishing his entry now, and I estimated that almost seven of
his eight inches were buried up her ass. Swimmer had adjusted somewhat
to his massive size, but she nevertheless remained still as he began to
move inside her. She grunted slightly every time that Frank pushed in.
Below her, Jacob was having a hard time keeping himself inside of her.

Swimmer was trying to maintain a steady rhythm, but the insistent pushes
of Frank were too much for her concentration, so she gave up and just
relaxed, letting Frank and Jacob use her as they wished. Soon, Frank
came from fucking her ass, and stepped away, allowing Jacob more control
over Swimmer s hips. As Jacob began to fuck her in earnest, Swimmer
became an active participant again, fucking him back with every thrust.

Chuck let her regain some of her composure, then stepped up to her ass.
He rolled on a condom and took his place in her butt. Swimmer pushed
back against him as she tried to keep in time with Jacob, who was still
working on her from below. Finally, Jacob came and pulled out from
under her. As he finished, Chuck began to come as well, filling his

Rather than use the glass trick again, Chuck and Frank had my slave lie
on the floor, and they emptied out their semen on her naked body. When
the condoms were empty, they started to rub their come into Swimmer s
skin, making her glisten in the darkened room. To complete the scene,
Shawn stepped up to receive one last blow job from Swimmer.

As Swimmer took him in her mouth, she said "This is to thank you for a
wonderful job of eating me out, sir. She then proceeded to fellate his
member savagely, taking him all the way down her throat. She soon
relaxed her mouth, and began to make motions for Shawn to fuck her
mouth. Shawn began to move his hips back and forth gingerly, but soon
increased his pace when he found that she wasn t choking or gagging. It
wasn t long before this treatment caused him to erupt, spilling his seed
down her throat. Swimmer took it, and sucked on his penis for a good
minute more. When she finally let him slide out of her mouth, he was
completely soft.

The gang-bang had taken its sexual toll on us, and by the time Chuck and
Frank were done, the only person who was hard was me. I took Swimmer
softly, in the missionary position, then pulled out to come on her
sweaty face. After I finished, our guests began to pack up, unable to
perform any longer. I showed them out, then turned back to look at my

Swimmer looked ravaged. Her entire body was coated in a mixture of
sweat, come, chocolate, and whipped cream, and showed dark marks where
we had poured the hot caramel. Her blonde hair was matted to her skin
and itself by strings of semen, and her eyes were red from the sting of
salt. She was bruised around the thighs, butt, and breasts, where six
men had pawed her continuously throughout the evening. Her legs were
splayed open limply, and I could see that her slit was an angry red
color from the almost constant abuse it had taken during the evening.
And on her face was a huge smile.

"So, Swimmer, how did you like your gangbang?" I said, joining her on
the floor. "I loved it, Sir." She replied. "I m glad you were able to
set it up for me." She collapsed back on the floor, resting and
breathing deeply. We showered and cleaned up, then went to sleep for
the night.

The next morning, Swimmer woke me with a final blowjob, and cooked me
breakfast. After we finished eating, I thanked Judy for an incredible

"No problem, sir oops, it s Jeff now." She said, her teeth flashing.
"I d had fantasies about a lot of the things you "made" me do. I m glad
Monica let me do this. Be sure to tell her thanks for me when you see

As I cleaned up, Judy got together all the toys we had gotten for her,
and the new dresses, and began to pack. Just before she walked out the
door, she stopped, turned, reached under her dress, took off her
panties, and handed them to me. "As a gift. I ll see you around." And
with that she was gone.

Later that day, I waited outside the terminal, looking for Monica. I
didn t have to wait long. She saw me first, and I was alerted to her
presence by the sound of her scream as she flew into my arms. I gave
her a huge kiss, and asked her how the dig went.

"Awesome! It was really cool. It s too bad I had to miss your
birthday. Did you like the book?"

I laughed, long and hard. "Monica, I liked the book, but I loved Judy.
That was the most incredible present I ever got. Thank you so much. I
love you." I leaned in to hug her, but she stopped me, looking at my
face with her icy gray eyes.

"Who s Judy?" She said.
"It is only the great men who are truly obscene. If they
had not dared to be obscene, they could never have dared
to be great."
-Havelock Ellis
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