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Office Pumps 2


Office Pumps 2 (of 4)
cowgirl (Edited & proofed by Mr. Kevin! Thanks.)
Jennifer, can't stop thinking about a silly article
claiming women with higher heels have the lowest I.Q.
scores. (fff/F, humil,Shoe fetish, Bimbo, Etc, you get
the picture...)
[This chapter's dedicated to Parker. Hey P-man! It's
me, cowgirl! I'm talking to you through this
dedication? Is that cool, or what? (giggle)]

Throughout the week I was mesmerized by the site of
Lisa waltzing around the office in more and more
provocative clothing. It was clear she wasn't
comfortable in such tight fitting garb, let along her
poor little feet, squeezed into the four inch heels
she religiously wore, but some part of her seemed
stupid enough to accept, and even enjoy, her self

The little sap somehow forced herself, whenever Kristy
or I glanced her way, into a prim upright posture,
bosom thrust out, bottom high in the air and thighs
and calves arched at attention, with a plastic smile.
Though I felt sorry for her weird little need to seem
happy for our benefit, but I also found it strangely
satisfying, in a disturbing way.

I couldn't shake the feeling that her willingness to
go through such an uncomfortable display, with
business suits bordering on club wear and silly little
heels, was somehow giving her a sensual pay off. Maybe
it wasn't just the clothes, but also seeing how much
attention she'd get from Kristy and me. How far would
she really sink? She seemed to be deliberately
inviting sympathetic and pitiful looks from the rest
of us. Damned if I know why.

That's not true.

I knew *exactlly* why, and so did the other women in
the office. Lisa's expression gave her away. Pure
mindless lust. Sure, Lisa was obviously miserable in
these tight fitting clothes and heels, but knowing we
were witnessing her public display was somehow making
her one horny little twit!

Besides, it was her own fault. She really should've
known better, the poor thing, but the height of her
heels went hand in hand with her deteriorating work

Kristy, Trudy and I watched her from the water cooler.
"I'm worried about Lisa." I whispered.

"Everyone is. And what's with the get ups?" Trudy
croaked, standing in two-inch heels herself.

"She's young. Insecure. Remember? " I countered.

"Try desperate." Trudy sneered.

"Well, she's clearly getting something out of it... "
Kristy said a little worriedly, eyeing a prancing Lisa
as she went by, waving to us like an imbecile.

"I think she's a dim-witted little exhibitionist. She
gets off on looking sluty." Trudy pouted.

"Trudy - puuu-leaseeee...." Kristy skeptically sighed.

"No, it's true. She's clearly getting more ditzy and
colorful each day. Plus I heard her, well,.... I heard a
rumor she's.....'you know what-ing' herself in the
ladies room." Trudy said this in a hushed whisper.

"No!" Kristy said, my mind lit up.

Trudy nodded solemnly.

'Trudy, where ever did you *hear* such a sordid
thing?" I asked a little more excitedly that I wanted.
" Some other girls overheard her in a stall. Kinda sad
huh?" Trudy grinned, desperate to curry favor with
Kristy and I stand there in our flats. Well, I indulged myself with a modest pair of one
inch heels.

Trudy looked at Lisa almost as if she were jealous for
a moment as I was surprised to hear kristy's impatient
voice break the air.

"She's supposed to me an office manger for god's sake.
This reflects poorly on us all......sheezzz.....The poor
things dumb as nails with the wardrobe to prove it!"
Kristy fumed, as she finished by saying:

" I'd better run. Gotta fire an intern. "

" Can I watch? " Trudy raised her voice, as Kristy
waved Trudy to catch up behind her as Kristy and
disappeared into her office, leaving me alone gazing
at Lisa from across the room.

I tried not to visualize the magic sight of Lisa
huffing and puffing away behind secret ladies' room

I watched, day after day, as poor little Lisa just
kept making a greater fool of herself, barely
containing her ripe, curvy body under the surface of
her lurid little outfits. I suspect both Kristy and I
fueled her on, with our puzzled and 'poor baby' looks.
Secretly I was as jealous as Trudy, but for different
reasons. Trudy acted somehow like Lisa was treading on
her 'bimbo receptionist' turf, where as I, being more
mature, admired Lisa's ability to get away with exotic
clothes and heels I wished I'd the guts to indulge in
at her age, would only look silly in now.

That's what I told myself, a romantic appreciation
from afar, nothing more. But there was more to it. I'm
ashamed to admit it, but encouraging Lisa's
embarrassing display not only aroused me, but became a
sick little bond between Kristy and I. My whole world
descended to drawing pleasure from Lisa's clothing and
high heel obsessions, while trying to ignore the
reprimands I was getting for my deteriorating job

I was baffled as to why I was falling behind at work.
I couldn't help considering asking for Kristy help
with a few more complex accounts, but I had pride and
didn't want to lose face. Just knowing kristy was
would never ask for MY help over there in her sturdy
flats across the hall me made my extravagant little
two-inch weakness painfully clear.

In the evenings, all pretense of work abandoned, I'd
secretly call Lisa and we'd talk for hours together on
the phone. I'm not sure why, because there was nothing
wrong with it, but I could tell Lisa didn't want
anyone else to know about our calls or getting
together outside the office.

Once when she got me alone she snapped:

" Honestly jennifer, if i didn't know better, it
almost like you'd acting like were having in some
silly office romance, for heavens sake! "

" Okay, but there's no reason to hide our friendship
then is there?" I 'd ask.

" Friendships fine, but I'm having trouble with work
lately. The reason I like our time away from work
is...well....i feel like, well...kinda a high heel expert.
Like your teacher, sorta. Don't laugh, okay?" Lisa
stammered in a way that made me wanna hug her. The
poor little twit really was lost at work.

During the day Lisa suffered, and the delicious nights
were apparently my turn, over the phone. But my
suffering was longing for my best friend. During our
intimate little chats she never mentioned our night in
the tub, and she got frosty if I even alluded that we
were anything more than 'girlfriends' who liked to
shop together, then she'd describe what heel she was
wearing and teasingly lecture me on different styles
of high heels and what was in fashion this year. Her
ignoring of my feelings hurt like gravel in my gut,
but I pathetically welcomed her flirtatious nightly
calls anyway.

Until tonight...

" He's coming back? Isn't that, like, totally cool?
God how I miss him...There's no substitute for a
boyfriend jennifer." Lisa chirped without even the
slightest guilt over the phone.

loooooong silence over the line.

Finally I whispered....

" God you're cruel."

" Oh don't be such a baby jen! Your acting like......well,
like your.....'jelouse' of something! That's just
bogus!" Lisa rolled her eyes.

" Jesus Lisa...I can't believe how CASUAL your being,
after what... I mean.... after....our 'time together'..."
suggestion rising my voice.

" After what? WHAT??? All we did was.....'mess around',
you know, like kids that play doctor? Just silly
games, It's no big deal. Don't get all 'weird' about
it jen, it could never be anything more between us,
were.....well, you know,....were just girls. Don't be
poopy! "

" Jesus Lisa.....your killing me here....."

" Let's talk about high heels some more..Ask me
something, anything..." Lisa proudly boasted.

" Maybe later.....when's 'romeo' coming back?"

"Tomorrow." She chirped.

"...tomorrow? I thought 'we' were getting together
tomorrow?" I whimpered sadly.

" Now don't start again. You think you'd be happy for
me and joe! we're how it should be jen. It is only

" Jesus Lisa....Don't you give a shit about us? Our
calls? Our time together? Don't pretend you don't
care. "

"Jennifer, what kind of heels are you wearing today?"

"I'm in flats today, okay?"

" Oh, is that just to 'punish' me?"

" No, it's cause *I* have half a fucking brain..." I
said, wincing at my own words.

" Lisa....I'm sorry. Have your boyfriend over tomorrow
night, okay? We've been doing the phone for so long,
I'm eager to have your advice on shoes face to
face...okay? Please? "

" Maybe next week..." Lisa said distractedly.

"You can't toss me aside like this. I won't fucking
let you! You can't run away from yourself and who you
really are by hiding in some....some fucking....'man'!"


I was stung my the sound of her hanging up on me. I
tried back many times but Lisa had taken the phone off
the hook to punish me. I cried myself to sleep. I was
ashamed I found myself fantasizing that Lisa's higher
heels might erode her intelligence enough to make her
forget all this boyfriend baloney! Lisa, her shoes,
her attention and fawning over my foot wear, and her
silly little bimbo personality all belonged to me,

not some creep with a stupid prick!
"Why do women wear such stupid things?" Kristy asked
to no one in particular. She was too tactful to
mention anyone we knew personally, like Trudy or Lisa,
but her message was clear.

I loved tagging along with Kristy. Despite being
little older than she was, I was found myself
accepting her as an older sister. Today we're in a
bistro sharing lunch together. Kristy always love to
bitch up a storm over this whole high heel issue.
Unknowingly, she stoked my conflicted feelings
regarding footwear, and sex. I knew that, like me,
she was conflicted about it. As for me, well, after
the wick little talks Lisa keeps dragging me into, I
secretly longed to indulge and punish myself with some
sort of high heel bitch-fest until it hurt.
"They're insanity to shove yourself into. To make
matters worse, they're shoes are made with pointed
toes. Now, I don't know about you, but my toes are
almost all the same length, so if you stick me in
heels with pointed toes, my foot slides forward into
the shoe and my toes get squashed into a very
unnatural shape," Kristy said, soundingoutraged. I
felt as if she were lecturing me personally for
debasing myself.

"It's crazy, I agree," I said, as I massaged my sore
foot under the table, suppressing a delicious thrill.

"You know, I read the silliest article. It claimed
that--are you ready--it said there's actually a
connection between high heels high and low
intelligence!" I said, desperately watching her for

"You're kidding," Kristy said, munching on a piece of

"Dead serious."

"That's totally stupid," Kristy sighed, as I caught
her eyes flicker quickly down to my feet and my flat
Birkenstocks. "You don't believe such garbage, do

"Oh of course not! It's just silly media hype. But,
like you, I am puzzled by what we women do in the name
of fashion. I came across a old pair of high heels in
my closet just the other day, and I was ashamed at the
very site of them, even though I never wear them
anymore!" I left out my struggle to pour my fat little
feet into them.

"Really? I don't own *any*. You didn't use to wear
them did you?" Kristy asked, hawk like.

"Oh Gooooood no. My mom bought them ages ago for me,
believe me. " I sighed, huffy she'd lump me with the
'those women' types.

" Oh, well....t's not your fault then! Did you now if
you force your feet into them enough, your foot
actually deforms? Did you know that? Well, of course
you do! I mean you have a brain, unlike some of these
poor twits! What could they possibly be thinking???"
Kristy was stirring both of us up even further. I
could see beads of perspiration forming on her smooth,
lovely forehead.

"You're preaching to the converted, believe me Kristy,
I agree - it's bonkers," I chirped in agreement,
trying to ignore the clattering of heels all around us
as we ate our little salads.

"And what's with mules anyway, Jen? Why do women clop
around in high heels that have no ankle support? They
sound like little girls playing with their mother's
shoes. There was a woman at my last job who wore them
all the time, and I could tell when she was walking
down the hall because I'd hear `drag, clop, drag,
clop.' It's just
asinine, isn't it?"

Listening to Kristy like this set off all sorts of
forbidden thoughts and feelings! She'd become obsessed
with lecturing me about the evils of high heels as
always, but something was different. I couldn't
shake the feeling that Kristy was watching me like a
hawk for reactions, sure I'd betray some weird secret
desire for them, maybe hoping to catch me betraying my
stern, formal fa ade.

Or maybe she was just getting as worked up as I was by
all the huffy talk. Being all judgmental about heels
made me long for a night with Lisa in the *worst* way!
If only her stupid boyfriend hadn't ruined everything
by showing up. I was sick of phone calls with her.
Tonight was supposed to be 'our night' damn it.

Other than sharing *knowing* little winks with Lisa
over our secret calls in the evenings, we were ever
the perfect little office managers at work. Knowing
how appalled Kristy would be if she knew my secret
desires had be crawling the walls to play footsie with
my little Lisa again. I was going bananas for the

As Kristy and I walked back to work, I was grateful
she hadn't brought up about the contracts I'd
neglected to help Lisa with. I don't know why, but
ever since that day Lisa caught me wearing her shoes,
I found it harder and harder to concentrate on
anything other than sexy clothing and, especially,
high heels.

Work gave me a headache, and, like Lisa, I'd pretty
much fallen into the habit of blowing off work. I knew
it would catch up to me eventually, like the
shamefully naughty little scabs that kept bruising the
back of my heel I kept rubbing during my lunch with

Work was also getting, well, boring. And hard. It all
seemed so irrelevant and stuff. I mean, what was the
point? I can't believe I'm saying this, but...I mean, as
lisa said one day:

"...what *are* a bunch of silly women like us messing
with all this management stuff for? "

Luckily she was just with Trudy and I, or Kristy would
have gone for her throat. I'm sure trudy would make
sure the comment got back to Kristy, but I found
myself secretly agreeing. Not for every woman, but for
me, what *was* the point?

Maybe I wasn't as, like, vapidly as little Lisa about
it. But shoes were cooler than work. Somewhere I'd
lost my professional ambition. It seemed to be
replaced by other stuff. Pumps, sandals, platforms.
These made me tingle inside, though it's retarded to
admit! I started to feel like a fraud behind my desk,
just like my lunched with Kristy. All this 'office
stuff' was just killing time until I got off work and
could play more games with Lisa again, which would be,
like, never since Mr. Penis was back in town!

Then I got a break!

Kristy dropped me a note saying Lisa and I should get
together TONIGHT.....and iron out the contracts, as I
promised a while back. This was my CHANCE!!! lisa
would have to blow off her boyfriend, and she'd fall
madly in....well something would happen tonight, I just
KNEW It! Thank GOD for this LUCKY BREAK!!!

Lisa popped into my office around five, looking
disappointed, obviously having gotten a note too.

"I guess we'd better get together tonight and work. I
*tried* talking the Stevens contracts home myself to
work on? But..... but It was....just....."

" Too hard? It's okay, princess...I'll help you." I
smiled at her.

"Guess your boyfriends out of luck huh?"

" Oh, like your all broken up... " Lisa frowned.

" Don't be pouty. I'm not gloating, promise." I

"He's still coming over next week, so there! And I
like boys jennifer. I like men. In fact I luuuvvv...... "

" ........cock! " Lisa giggled with a little blush,
delighted by my shocked face.

" LISA - watch your mouth! Don't be sassy. Believe me,
you don't know *what* you want... " I snapped.

" Did Kristy ask for the contracts yet?" Lisa fidgeted
nervously like a little girl asking of mommy knew
about the broken lamp yet.

"No, Luckily she's distracted. But this is serious,
Lisa. She's wants them by tomorrow at 2. This
deadline is firm. We gotta, like, focus! I mean,
really *work*, not get....distracted. We didn't get
anything done the other night we got

" Yeah, You're right. But it was really kinda cool,
like a.... pajama party, huh?" Lisa giggled.

" Well, maybe a bit *more* than a slumber party, but
the point isssss......"

"Look at theeeesssee..... " Lisa grinned down, pointed
to her designer paten leather three inch high heeled
sandals. They were day glow yellow with large white
daises across them, oozing cute-ness all over. Just
looking at them made me forget...

" uh....where were we? Lisa - pleeeeaaaase. This is hard
enough as it is. No high heel talk, no fooling around
- " I whined as I tried again as I managed to break
her admiring gaze from her own sexy little high heels.
" Look, were gonna have to, like, play 'office girls'
and and stuff tonight, if we
wanted to keep fooling Kristy and getting paid for
basically, doing nothing! " I winked at her, surprised
at my own Idiotic sing-songy tone of voice.

Lisa quickly jumped in: " Okay, your right. We gotta
be, like smart and stuff. Our jobs depend on it,
right? Tonight we work! No shoes, no silliness.
Workie-workie-workie!!!." Lisa smiled as we both
busted up into fits of little giggles at serious
speech that descended into silliness

" No Lis, we really gotta..."

" And we WILL..." She warmly replied. " I was just
kidding...don't sweat it! I've got it covered!!! "

"....Good. My place. Eight o' clock." I ordered, as she
waltzed from my office with a playful little mock
salute, blowing me a good-bye kiss.

God she made my knees weak. How was I gonna make it?

That evening, I decided to grow up and get a hold of
myself! I needed to be the brains for both of us, or
we'd both lose our jobs, plus somebody needed to whip
Lisa into shape! When Lisa showed up twenty minutes
*late* at my door, hands behind her back, I frowning,
I asked her for the reports and contracts.

She just nodded her head, hands still behind her back.
Then she erupted into a smile.

"Guess what Santa brought?" She giggled through the
door revealing a large box in her hands. She playfully
pranced inside my place dumped about two dozen of her
wildest looking high heels all over my floor.

"Lisa, what are you...?" I said afraid of protesting to
much, knowing this would be our doom, my insides still
wildly on fire, watching her naughty display! I felt
like a kid at Christmas, gawking at the pile of dozens
of her most exciting colorful shoes, trying to
maintain my cool.

shook my head, dazed and worried, trying once again:
"Lisa, the contracts?" I tried weakly.

"We'll get to them. They're, I'm pretty sure their in
the car. I like, ninety percent sure. But let's loosen
up first, okay? You know you've been watching my heels
and fantasizing about this all day - don't deny it,
you naughty girl!" she cooed, as I felt giddy as my
pulse raced and heart fluttered.

I her warmly clutch my hand, and felt my resistance
washing away as my eyes drunk in her cheep plastic
heels she'd laid out at my feet. I felt my throat
constrict and cough out timidly:

" long as you've got them in the
caaaaaar...maybe just a feeeeeew minutes of fun, right?"
"Sure sure...." She smiled as she bent down on her
knees, bottom enticingly waving in the air as she
rummaged through the pile.

" Now, you're a bit of a heifer, foot wise, right?"
she giggled teasingly, as my face went bright red.

I lost track of time. Or maybe I wanted to. I didn't
want to think about work or contracts letting down
Lisa or anything. I just want thing to be like they
were that first night we were together.

I wanted.....


"You really should just spend all your evenings, or a
whole weekend, in heels! Real tall ones, maybe six
inch ones, you know? Lisa chirped, trying to sound
like some sort of expert as she held a bucket under my

" Whatever for?" I winced at the very idea.

Lisa grabbed some soap, the now full bucket of water,
pushed me into a chair as she began lathering my whole
foot up. "Practice. If you're gonna walk in heels a
lot, you're gonna have loads of toe bunions and 'pump
bump'," she said as she massaged my toes with soapy

" These are smaller than your used too. You *sure* you
don't wanna just go out and buy yourself some size
nine pumps? That is your size now, right?"

"Lisa, though I might have put on a few pounds, I used
to be a size eight. Your heels are mostly sevens and a
half's, right?"

"And sevens" she said, biting her lower lip as she
reached for an old blue pair of her pumps we'd spent
the better part of the evening trying to force onto my
now totally swollen foot.

"Okay, okay. Just a suggestion. We'll get my size
seven pumps on you in if it's the last thing we do! "

"Lisa, what is this 'pump bump' you mentioned
earlier?" I asked.

"It's that ugly blister on your back heel. All high
heel lovers live with it. It's no biggie. There's
'mole skin' too. It's a patch you use over the back
heel that keeps your skin from getting too irritated,
so it doesn't infect.

"Mole's skin? The skin of a mole?"

Yup. Kinda Gross huh? " Lisa giggled for a second,
then kept lecturing me piously.

" There's also Toe jamming, where your toes get all
stuffed into the tip. Higher the heel, harder the jam!

Jamming can also cause hammer toes and bunions.
Bunions and scabs around the toes are harder.

Watch out for cheaper pairs of heels, cause foot
deformities and bunions are definite if you keep
forcing your toes into unnatural positions, like what
your doing now. With heels my size, you'll get lost of
those! "

"Oh, I don't intend to make a regular thing of this.
I'm just proving a point." I said peevishly.

" ...that you can get into *my* shoe size? That's all
we're doing here?" she asked with a devilish smirk.
"Well, okaaaaayyyy...whatEVER......" Lisa laughed.

" Okay, as long as you bring it up - what are we doing
here? Your finally admitting this is about more than
you helping me with high-"

" Talk time is over little girl! " Lisa jumped in as
she shot me a wink and buttressed a shoehorn against
my foot. My foot hurt like hell from all the chaffing,
but the soapy water made the red swelling seem more
erotic to me.

Lisa licked her lips, then determinedly leaned her
bosom forward, and I felt myself blush as I responded
to her hair accidentally tickling and teasing the tops
of my shins. I saw her feet arch against the kitchen
floor in her 2 inch yellow platform sandals as I
surrendered to her skillful fingers working away on

" Sole padding is, like, a total 'must have' for new
high heel 'virgin's' like yourself, before the balls
of the feet have really toughened up. " Lisa said as
she stroked away.

" Jennifer, most of your weight is shoved forward onto
the front part of your heels! Wearing 3 inches or
higher for a long time will, like, PERMENTENTLY DAMAGE
the toes of your feet. BUT......they make these cute
little pink foam insert pads for the front part for
high heels. I found out our company can get them for
wholesale, so I ordered a bunch! They help cushion the
pressure on the balls of your feet, and I use extra
pads when my toes hurts really bad, like today! "

Lisa slipped her heel off and showed me a 3 or 4 pink
pads all messed into the tow of her high heel, then
gingerly out it back on with a smile, as she
mercilessly returned to stroking my tempted ankle and

" See? That's what I do. These are the neat little
tricks I'll show you! Though the thrill of hurting
your feet is cool, doing it to quick may lose your
feet altogether, right? toe jamming. "

" Deliciously naughty toe pain is what makes most
girls crap out, but that's my favorite part! Also
what's reeeeally bitchin' is to practice prancing
around your carpet, on your toes barefoot, performing
heel raises, tip toe walks, and other exercises I tell
you about without any shoes at all... "

As Lisa chattered on, her ample cleavage was
distractingly visible from my view, as she leaned
forward and tried the heel, rocking my foot into her
crotch with a lost dreamy expression. I couldn't deny
there was
something to her sensual rhythmic attempts to get the
heel on my foot, but the patent leather red pumps she
kept trying just wouldn't budge.

After a few minutes of silent grunting on both our
parts, my eyes fluttered open as she abruptly stopped.
"What? I thought we were..." I said in frustration.

"Nope! It's STILL not working. We'll...there's
always...." she said slyly, as she glanced down the
hall at the bathtub.

"Why the tub? I'm already up to my thighs in soap." I

She betrayed a knowing grin as she took my hand into
the bathroom.

Minutes later I was nude and soaking in a soothing
bath, with Lisa there, all decked out in her smart
tight fitting work clothes, on the toilet near by. She
was attentively placing my toes into a pair of her
pink leopard skin pumps which had been the closest fit
so far, my heel, as always, was stubbornly unwilling
to shove it's way into the shoes heel.

I could feel the high heel digging into the sides of
my foot and my toes cramp up in the forward part, but
was totally frustrated by the heel not fitting! Lisa's
warm soothing voice told me to close my eyes, lie
back, and just relax into the warm bubble bath water,
and sink my heel, high heels and all, into the bath

"Lisa, your heels will get wet - they'll be ruined." I
said pouting across at her high heels as if they were

"Relax silly! These pair are old, close to ruined any
ways, and maybe the hot water would loosen them up. I
knew it's crazy, but come hell or high water, were
gonna get those little suckers on" she said
determinedly, dunking my feet down under the suds like
a miniature sub.

"Hey careful....Ouch! " I yipped as she held my feet
down firmly.

"Even if it makes my feet bloody little stubs?" I
closed my eyes and adding frostily.

Lisa paused, looking at me.

She then kicked off her heel, and aggressively thrust
her mangled foot a few inches next to my face. I
fluttered my eyes open and flinched at the ugly scars
on her toes and heel.

I was awe struck, frightened and impressed as hell by
all her foot had been through. All this time Lisa's
pretty high heels had disguised how truly ugly and
mangled her toed and heels had gotten. They'd
obviously formed calluses and scabs, and they looked
quite repellent, years of use having mixed hues of
purple, red and gray into her tired feet. It made me
sick to my stomach thinking of why we women, first
her, and now, me, put ourselves through such hell. I
felt a mixture of sadness, repulsion, and strangely
enough, jealousy.

" It grosses you out, huh? I'm only twenty, but I've
been wearing heels since I was in my nine. mom used to
make me sleep standing up in those shoes that
ballerinas wear, you know? It's kinda weird, I know. I
hated high heels as a kid, swore I'd never wear them
when I grew up. " Her voice trailed off sadly.
" I'm sorry....I never..." I said quietly, humbled her
battle scars and willingness to go through hell for

"So...? " I drew her out.

" So.....why do I do it now? " Lisa asked with a lost

" cause....I'm a little idiot. " Lisa laughed, truly
believing it. Her laughter frightened me.

Just like you, huh?" She said with a slap to her own
foot, which she continued to hold to my face, a cruel
look coming into her eyes.

" I think you should.....kiss it. My foot. Kiss the

" No thanks." I said, weak stomach. For some
repellent reason inside, beyond sense, I was really
tempted to smother it in kisses at the moment.

" You know it's what you want. To be like me, walk in
my shoes, like Duh! I bet you wish you'd have grown up
like me too, huh? Momma could have worked on us both,
huh? Go on, kiss me foot. Show some it!"

I reached up gently places a single finger against her
foot, lightly moving it aside, lowering my eyes

Lisa looked at me with a strange look in her eyes. She
put her high heel back on, then whispered something
under her breath that made my heart almost stop.

"You little bitch! You're lucky I didn't make you..."
she huskily whispered, voice trailing off...

"What?" I asked excited at her threat, my eyes
flashing up in anger, testing her.

" ....nothing." She said looking embarrassed.

" Okay...." I said barked, backing off.

There was an ackword silence as we both remained
quiet. I couldn't believe the ugly spark that just
flashed through in her voice. Was she suggesting she'd
'make' me doing it? But what makes her think I'd
'allow' her too, the prissy little bitch? Imagining it
had me total goose pimples! Though ashamed of
rejecting her, I was now disappointed she hadn't tried
to 'make me' kiss it and, not sure what I'd have done
if she had.

"Lisa, I'm a klutz. I'm sorry..."

Whatever. " Lisa said sadly, looking away as she put
her shoe back on.

" I'd like to now. Kiss it, I mean. " I said as she
pulled away from my touch.

" I don't need your pity. fuck off. Kissing my foot
was a gift you big dummy. It's something...oh never
mind...This is poopy. let's just forget the whole thing,
okay? maybe I should just go... "

" No wait - " I said as I grabbed her arm and pulling
her closer. "

" Your getting me wet. " She coldly said as the suds
lighted onto her sleeve.

" Well.....we can't have *that* now....can we?" I said as
I moved a little closer to her as she relaxed back
onto her seat.

Lisa's face was so close, and she looked so pretty, I
couldn't help myself. I decided this was it. I leaned
up and moved a little closer to her face, nuzzling
into her nose. She didn't seem to mind at first, but
then she froze a little as I softly rested my teasing
lips past hers. Her lips didn't stop me, but didn't
welcome me either, and her wearyness aroused me

I could feel her breathing matching my own as I
slowly, teasingly, started to explore my eager tongue
past her quivering, waiting lips...

"uh......what are you doing?" Her voice squeaked, full
of ice.

I froze, wincing. I whispered to her. " er...sorry.....I

" Jennifer....??? " Lisa said back to her artificial
bimbo tone, leaning back and looking at me as if I
were crazy, as if NONE of this had crossed her mind! I
was flooding with emotions, fear, hurt, injured pride,
humiliation, but mostly shock.

" Well....I think I know what's happening HERE..." Lisa
began, sounding like she were lecturing a pre

" ...somebody's had a little too much to *drink*, huh?
It's okay. You're just a little....blitzed. That's all
it is. It'll all be a blur tomorrow, right?

" What if I'm NOT blitzed?" I said staring away from
her, challenge in my voice.

" Jen, HELLLLOOOOO???? Remember my, like, my I have a
boyfriend? Don't get all 'weird' again, okay? And
don't be a pouty girl just because you fat little
tootsies are to chubby to fit into my thin little
heels, okay? "

She winked through her sexy eyes in a way that made me
almost forget how I'd totally humiliated myself with
my botched attempt.

Another ackword silence followed as we both stared
there, unsure what to say next! So much for our
evening of fun! My foot shriveling up, along with my
libido and broken heart! Shit!!!

"Jenny, your not one of those some weird 'lesbian' or
something, are you?" Lisa managed, her eyes avoiding

" JESUS Lisa, of *course* not! I've never kissed
another woman in my whole life." And it was true,
though I was sickened at whimping out and trying to
save face after such a embarassing and blunt

" Look Lisa....I just felt close to you, that's all......I
just thought..." I said hiding back behind some

" You shouldn't think. If you do, it should be more
about cool stuff like high heels and less about poopy
weirdo lesbian stuff...huh?" Lisa chirped stupidly,
hands on her hips as she stared down at me like a
mother giving her child a bath, deciding what to scrub

Totally heartbroken, I decided to let it drop, and so
did she. I sat there, a hundred questions and desires
swirling around as we both pretended NOTHING
happened!!! Didn't she feel anything? Was it all me?
What the fuck????

'I'm sorry.... I'm all 'fucked up' Lisa...please forgive
me..." I pathetically whispered.

"Shhhhh...Jenny, jenny,jenny! Your funny. Now be quiet
and soak! " Lisa cooed as she dipped her hands into
the warm water.

Nothing more was said as she returned to my heels
underwater, reaching and feeling them. I passively let
her, desperate for any kind of touch from her.

After half an hour of Lisa reaching around and working
my thighs and calf muscles, though still stinging
from my rejection, I closed my eyes and still found
myself getting very hot. I gave up my injured pride
and I enjoyed her fingers exploring and fumbling
across me in the tub. I always winced when she tried
to shove me into the heels into the shoes though, as
it hurt like hell. I didn't even want to think about
how mangled my feet would be from her efforts, but
there was a weird high from the idea of actually
voluntarily being as stupid as Lisa and encouraging
her help! kristy would have me locked up in a booby

Time passed as I lost myself deeper and deeper into
Lisa's fingers, which frustratingly wandered into
places that were driving me crazy with anticipation.
This girl could tease!

" What time is it?" I asked.

" It's midnight," she said. "We can't go all night,
you'll be a friggin' prune. God your feet are whales!
" She giggled cruelly.

I didn't feel like laughing though. I felt impossibly
horny from all the tempting places Lisa's fingers kept
working into. I couldn't believe it was midnight all

"So much for the contracts. " I sighed as Lisa
giggled, her fingers explored and worked their way up
and down my legs and thigh. I raised an eyebrow as
Lisa freely explored my the insides of my upper thigh.
She caught my stare and frowned.

" I'm relaxing your leg silly! Don't think poopy
thoughts you naughty little office manager you! Just
focus your chubby old toosies on my precious little
shoe! " I closed my eyes and surrendered to her touch
as I marveled at how close she could come to my
clitoris without actually touching it! As thanks, I
re-applied myself to working my exhausted foot into
her now probably ruined high heel which she held
firmly in the base of the tub.

"How're we doing?" Lisa asked in a whisper.

"Close." I whispered back, burning with desperate
desire for her to finally touch me in my magic spot.

I then felt her hand on my own, which she slowly
guided across belly and down to my own crotch. My
breath caught in my throat as I couldn't believe she
was doing this. I felt her hold my hand as she played
it across my pubic hair for a moment, as she paused.

"Go on, you know won't be able to concentrate until
you get it out of your system...." Lisa sighed at me as
I dutifully kept my hand on my own pubis where she'd
placed it.

Lisa played her tongue across her own lips, eyes half
closed as she stared dreamily down at me for a moment.
Before I closed my eyes, I caught sight it, right
before my own eyes.

Lisa's fingers, in her own panties, right before my
eyes. I couldn't believe it. I almost wanted to cry.
Proof of her feelings...

Lisa's eyes caught mine as her face went scarlet and
she frowned down at me. " HEY - Keep your eyes closed,
poopy girl. " Lisa warned as I closed them obediently.
I heard her suddenly crept onto all fours beside the
tub, disappearing from my view. As I peeked an eye
open, I could make out Lisa's knees over the tub as
she laid down on her back on the tile next to the tub.
I thought it cute she somehow believe herself
invisible or I wouldn't know.

A second later I heard the sounds of Lisa's breathing.
I couldn't resist as I craned my neck over to peek at
her laying on her back with her hand buried between
her legs against her panties, skirt bunched up around
her waist. Lisa's eyes flickered open and ignite at
seeing me.

"Well, take a *picture* why don't you?" she glares up
at me.

"Sorry, I just..."

" Jennifer, stop being so...gross! What's the matter
with you? I wasn't doing anything anyways...if that's
what you were thinking...God your weird!!!! "

Lisa became pissed and abruptly stopped playing with

" It's okay honey - keep going.." I said feeling sorry
for her.

" I was DOIN' NUTHIN' stop, okay??? " Lisa growled
back at me as she then crawled up off the floor, back
onto the toilet, fixing her hair and straightening her
clothes peevishly.

"...just *hurry up* and bring yourself off you pig!"

"What?" I frowned. Lisa then took my hand, and shoved
it between my own legs.

"Go ahead. Just take care of yourself dumbo. But hurry
up, cause I'm getting bored."

Feeling totally ashamed and angry I let my hand
disappear under the suds. Out of spite and also cause
I was too horny to stop amnymore, I rubbed my hand
back and forth over myself in front of Lisa as she sat
there with arms folded, watching me ruefully.

Lisa stared at my foot, half in her shoe, half out, as
I tried not to feel self conscious about 'bringing
myself off'. I so wanting her attention, I found
myself sort of put on a 'little show' for her, hoping
to shock or tempt her, but she simply peered down at
me, fully dressed, yawning and filing her nails a bit,
waiting for the fucking shoe part! I guess I didn't
matter, right? The more bored she appeared, or pretend
to appear, the more
embarrassed and aroused I became.

The pain or forcing myself into her wet soapy high
heel was inflaming me higher, and because of the pain,
I knew I was getting close. The harder it was, the
more pissed I was at Lisa, the more excited I became
at the satisfaction of cramming my tired sore little
heel into this stupid painful fucking shoe. I'd
finally show little miss prissy who wasn't so fucking

Lisa's casual attitude only ignited my shame and made
me rub myself faster and harder. When I was inches
from my sweet little orgasm, I found myself finally
able to shove my tired water soaked feet into her sexy
little miss 'twenty something's' high heels.

" Yeeeeees!!!! " I whispered through my teeth,
squeezing my thighs together into her suborn little
heels! It was release on both levels, and I was
floating on a cloud until -

I hear Lisa clap sarcastically, as If I were a trained
seal doing a trick, which in a way, I totally was!
'Good little jenny' the 'performing seal!' Shit that

"Well well well.....Somebody just the cat's pajamas now
aren't they? Can you Imagine what a cow Kristy's have
if she saw her favorite little office piggy stuffed
into my sexy heels now, huh? Can you, huh??" She
laughed somewhere between warmth and mockery.

Shit! One the one hand, she'd just made me totally
horny with such talk. But I was still miffed she more
interested in the prize of my getting her damned shoe
on me, then in caring of my feelings of even my
fucking orgasm! Now she was acting like I was a
naughty school girls again and avoiding of the obvious
romantic implications that hung in the air.

Maybe making love with another woman scared her. Maybe
she was she a tease, or just cruel.

Or maybe just oblivious and stupid as her fucking
I.Q.? Was it possible I was projecting complex
feelings on a someone who just.....wasn't all there?

" I told you I'd get it on, see? didn't I? See? How
does it feel?" Lisa asked excitedly as she reached
over and lifted my foot from the tub as if it were a
trophy she'd won, and studied it with a sparkle in her

"... hurts like hell." I sighed contentedly.

"...but it's worth it, huh?" Lisa winked back at me, the
same sexual heat pouring from her massaging fingers as
seductively slipped my foot back into the tub. " Hey,
Is somebody still being a naughty girl under those
suds?" Lisa asked, a little miffed as she watched me.

She was clearly conflicted about my touching myself,
but wouldn't look away. She looked like she was about
to slap my hand away if she caught me.

" No...I'm not." I said frowned, remembering how rude
she was a minute ago. Part of me wanted to tell her to
get up and leave for making me masturbate before her
like a fool! I seriously considered asking her to
just go home. She'd hurt my feelings that much!

But my fingers kept playing with myself as I worked my
heel around, savoring the victory of being tightly
wedged into Lisa's high heel. Somehow my anger made
me rub harder, under the suds where she couldn't see,
against her wishes. I fumed over her teasing me all
evening, then acted like I was a 'weirdo. for coming
onto her!

"Jennifer. I can tell what your doing under there..."
Lisa frowned down at me, a hint of playfulness in her
gaze. I found myself blushing as my eyes caught hers
and I gave her a naughty little grin like a precious
little girl.

God how pretty her hair was all done up like that. I
mean, maybe she didn't know how rude she was. After
all, nobody planned this, what we were doing. It was
all pretty spontaneous and, yes, kinda weird, but I
was too aroused now to stop, and she also seemed kinda
into it now too.

" Your bad jenny...really bad...." Lisa said with a dreamy
expression, but then I she yawned again.

" I think I should go now. I'm gonna get my purse,
okay? Where's my purse?" Lisa asked, as I watched Lisa
yawn again and disappear back onto the bathroom floor,
but knew better than to take a peek this time. I was
excited she was doing it, and didn't want to violate
her privacy, despite her treatment of me.

" How's the other foot coming?" She asked from down on
the floor as her breath became faster and shallower.
Just imagining her down there like that, dress ridding
up, was making the warmth spread across my legs, which
helped block out the brutal pain of squeezing my
fucking heel into Lisa's second high heel. I was sure
I'd sprained an ankle, but just wanted to do it finish!!!

"Almost there..." I said as I heard her breathing
inunison with me from the cold tile floor.

" Keep going....Make Miss Lisa proud...." She whispered
back, sending me closer with her odd little way of
'play talk'.

This was really exciting, being next to Lisa but not
seeing her. I did wish I could feel the warmth of her
body against mine as I allowed my fingers to play
across my soapy thighs, arching my feet, legs bent
together, getting a rhythm going.

I couldn't stop thinking of smug little Lisa in her
pert little constrictive business suit and skirt,
squirming shamelessly across my bathroom floor on her
back, a few feet away, and the disgusted expression
she had when she thought I'd actually dare to look at

Apparently I was good enough to tease and feel up,
dress in her high heels and spend all evening playing
footsie, but not good enough to witness her precious
masturbation display! What a spoiled little....

On that thought, I quickly reached orgasm, FINALLY
arching and squeezing my whole second swollen foot
into Little Miss Lisa's precious size seven and a half
high heels, the pain bringing a sweet rolling
intensity to the whole nightmare that I was finally
floating down from, as I heard the sweet sound of
lisa's voice also as she came also. Pure bliss as we
came together, only porcine between us.

But I came back to earth painfully.

" Ow, ow, ow!!!" I cried, as Lisa slowly pulled
herself up from the ground, her hair a tangled mess.

"What's the matter? You got it on, right?"

"Charley horse," I managed to whimper up to her.

Lisa shook her head with a smile at me like a clumsy
After some MAJOR foot cramps which obviously announced
the ugly fact that I was indeed a size nine, I started
a crying jag.

"See? I told you tonight was too much. Your mind
and...uh.....'other parts' liked my shoes just fine, but
your poor little toesies, heels, and the rest of your
tired blistered foot were too FAT for my lady like
teensy weensy little sized high heels. Now isn't that
right?" Lisa demanded, straightening her clothes,
glaring down at me with folded arms.

I don't remember her saying any of that, but I nodded
up at her, too aroused and broken to fight.

"It's almost 1 AM. I hope it was worth it. You look
like hell, you know that, right? It looks like you're
gonna have to stick with mules and sandals for a
while. Your heel will be so bloody and you'll be
washing that scab for weeks! Come on! Up with you.
They're on too tight, aren't they...?" Lisa sounded
irritated, but I still fell under the spell of her
attention and touch as she handled me.

Lisa helped me up from the tub and into my bedroom as
had me stand at attention for a moment. I stood there,
totally broken, exhausted and humiliated as she had me
stand in the painful heels that felt even tighter
after the soaking they'd had.

" Wait here...You look really gross...." Lisa said with
laughter in her voice as she disappeared.

Minutes later tears streamed down my face as I saw her
snapping photos of me in the putrid, standing there,
nude in her ruined high heels. I wanted to slap her
for taking advantage of me when I was so vulnerable,
but instead, I just stood there, turning this way and
that, posing, arching my legs together, and crying
like an Idiot as my feet begged for blessed relief.




"Just one more. Smile stupid. This is what you wanted
, remember? " Lisa giggled.

" uh....Do I look okay? "

" Well.....they do make you look, I dunno, ten years
younger. You can barely see the thighs touching
anymore! " Lisa busted up like, mocking me.

" Your heels are weak. See? Your Tottering!" Lisa
pointed out how my heels kept buckling together or

" Little girl's Totter, cause they're not used to high
heels and don't have enough strength or technique in
her calves and ankles. Don't be lazy... stand up
straight on those heels you silly goose! " She scolded
as I fought to do as she said.

She wasn't domineering, more like a rude teen anger
mouthing off to an adult, but I welcomed it, savored
every word. This was my punishment for wanting into
these stupid things!

" mom used to take photos of me too. Weird huh?" Lisa
laughed as stopped the photos and walked right up to
me inches from my face as I stood there perfectly
erect before her. I could feel her so close It was
driving my crazy with lust, despite her painful heels
digging into my feet. She thrust her pelvis towards

"Would you like me to touch you? Would you?" Lisa

" Yes please..." I whispered my pussy on fire for her.
Id have done anything at that point my feel hurt so

"Would you...... kiss my feet?" She asked gleefully.

I nodded about to pass out.

She quickly turned away with a laugh and shoved her
camera back into her purse.

" Just checking. Your funny jenny. Stupid, but funny.
Ohhhh.... I guess You can sit your fat ass down now...."
She said as she turn back to me, as I collapsed into
my bed in spasms of tears and hysterics. It was a
tremendous flood of relief, all most better than my
orgasm it's self!

I was amazed how she didn't even seem to care, and
strangely drawn to her because of it. I couldn't stop
thinking about how her mother had warped her and how I
was apparently just as despite for her to do the same
to me.

Lisa snatched a pair of scissors and carefully cut
the soaking high heel off my poor exhausted little
foot, which was too swollen to get out any other way!
The bruises and swelling on my foot looked bad, but
the water made it look worse. I couldn't believe it,
and felt nations.

" I know it looks ugly at first, but it's kinda...don't
laugh... but it's well,....almost 'beautiful' when you get
used to it. " Lisa said as she stroked my foot and
applied some neosporin and peroxide to it. She
carefully dried it, then kissed the soar parts around
the heel. She looked up at me with a pause. " See? I
respect and appreciate what pain is. I don't turn my
nose up at the chance to worship it. Almost sexy....huh?
Does it make you feel sexy jen, knowing your stupid
enough to ruin your own feet? tell me, honestly? Does
it, huh? Does it??? " Lisa asked truly more excited
than I'd seen her all evening, her eyes on fire with
shame and desire.

I couldn't answer, as I watched her in a daze.

Lisa reached over and placed my hand between my legs

" It's okay. Your eyes told me. Whenever you look at
your foot in bed at night, I bet you keep your hand
down here." Lisa giggled, as she got up and left the

She then gathered up her huge box of high heels and
paused, looking me over.

" Jesus it's 6: AM. We've got to be at work in three
hours. Maybe I can get some sleep..." I whispered at
the clock as Lisa flipantly reached into the box's and
threw the folder of contracts on floor next to me.

" I wouldn't count on it toots!" She said with a shrug
as she walked out the door, leaving without so much as
a word. I wanted to say something, to scream she
wasn't going anywhere and to get back in here and
help, to kick her spoiled little butt, or kiss it, or
I dunno what....

...but I was too broken. There was no way, no way to
finish on time!!! I just stared down at the contracts
in a blind sweat.

End of part 2


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