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Office Pumps 3


Office Pumps 3
cowgirl (Edited & proofed by Kevin! Thanks.)

Jennifer, can't stop thinking about a silly article
women with higher heels have the lowest I.Q. scores.
(fff/F, humil,Shoe fetish, Bimbo, Etc, you get the

This chapter is dedicated to my good friend Carl,
who's taught
me more about being a 'woman' than any man I've met,
and who
allows me to peek into a 'guy's' mind a little more
than is probably
healthy! ;-)

Thanks C-man!



"Hey, it's me. " I whispered into the phone.

"Jeeeezz - Jennifer? It's almost-"

"6 AM, I know. Sorry. Did I wake you? "

"Naw, I get up at 4, jog, swim and work out till 6.
I'm finished now, so what's up?" Skinny little bitch,I

" Listen, I need a reeeeeally big favor, okay? Can you
call in sick and come over to my place? I'm in deep
shit with the Stevens contracts. We have a deadline of
2 o'clock. You in?"

" But...I thought you and Lisa..."

" Just answer me: In or out?" I said, the fear helping
cutting the my usual foggy ditzy post-shoe persona.

" OK, but, like, what's in it for me?" Trudy said as
she rudely clicked her gum.

" If Kristy likes our work, I'll tell her it was *you*
who bailed me out, not Lisa. You'll graduate from
secretary up to, well, something better! Trust me!" I

" Okay, but I want more. What else?" She popped her
bubble gum over the phone.

" Cut to the chase Tru- whaddya want?" I frowned.

" hmmm..could use a new TV. "

Jesus she was stupid. Secretaries always think small.
I was willing to fill her garage with fucking
televisions if she bailed me out of this!

"Well...okay. You drive a hard bargain kiddo. See you
soon. Oh and Trudy? Do you still have that orange sun
dress with matching two inch clogs you wore the other
day?" I asked, biting my lower lip.

" Well, they're three inchers, but yeah. Why? "

" Perfect. Wear them when you come over, okay? "

" Okay...if you say so..." Trudy said suspiciously.

Ten minutes later Trudy was at my door in her cute
little orange print dress, sexy little clogs, lap top
and printer under her arm, looking humiliated but

I put her to work at my kitchen table as we dove in. I
wanted Trudy decked out in her humiliating heels,
while I greeted her in a plain blouse, modest grey
skirt and flats, echoing to both of us that it was me
in the driver's seat here, not her.

Maybe it was just for my peace of mind, or just seeing
her do as I said. Anyways, we worked into the morning.
I knew Kristy would know why I hadn't shown up and
figured Lisa and I had pulled an all nighter, but if
we made it, all would be forgiven.

"What are you doing? Your heels are off!" I worried,
seeing them under the table as Trudy worked barefoot.

" Duuhhh! I kick them off when I'm working. It kinda
helps me think better, for some reason. That a
problem?" She asked a little annoyed.

I was a little miffed, and tried to ignore the
irrational fear she was smarter than me outside those
silly clogs.

The contracts were complicated so Trudy typed them up
so they'd look 'right' and stuff, since she had some
legal aid experience. I was able to start out telling
what we needed, but I kept drawing a blank mid -
sentence, and Trudy kept impatiently finishing for me.
Soon I was just sitting there, watching her work like
a bored teenaged girl stuck with her mom.

It was really embarrassing. What was wrong with me? I
know it was silly, but part of me wished Trudy would
just put her shoes back on so she'd be slow enough
that I could keep up. Frustrated with my uselessness,
Trudy took a deep breath and suggested I 'take a
break', get some air and give her a few minutes alone.
Her implication that I was bugging her was obviously

As I walked for the door, I kicked my flats off, and
managed to scoop my toes over and sneak her clogs into
my huge sun dress's pockets.

I excused myself and yawned as I went outside, feeling
devilish for sneaking them out. What was I thinking?
She'd surely notice, eventually. But I couldn't

Once outside, I threw her cool orange clogs at my
feet, staring at them with mixed feelings. They were
simple high heel clogs, nothing to be aroused by or
afraid of, but it seemed they brought out the horny
imbecile in me every damned time! I noticed Trudy's
clogs had the same little pink pads Lisa had showed me
in her heels, the ones she said Kristy had gotten
wholesale. Weird. They must really be popular!

I was thrilled with the danger of wearing them behind
Trudy's back, with her so close, slaving away doing
*my* work! I'd already lost face this morning with
her, so why risk further embarrassment, right?

But I soon found myself scampering around my patio
like a simple minded little fool in love, mooning over
Trudy's swell little clogs as if they were my own! I'd
take them off and stroke them this way and that,
inhaling the plastic smell as I closed my eyes,
letting them trail across my arms and legs, totally
losing myself in their sensation and color...

I somehow lost track of time, lounging in the sun and
enjoing the pretty flowers and birds outside. All the
greens browns and yellows I saw reminded me of dozens
of platic shoes colors I'd memorized over the last few

A voice brought me back.

" Hey, I had to take a tinkle. These yours?" Trudy
asked as she walked from my bathroom carrying Lisa's
water-soaked, cut-up high heels between her fingers
like a dead fish. I felt as if she'd discovered a
body, all the memories of last night rushing back to
my reddened face.

" No, I mean - YES! I mean--never mind. Here, those
should go in the garbage!" I laughed nervously as I
snatched them from her in a panic and threw them away.
"Funny, Lisa had a pair like that..." Trudy said

"Did she? Well, so did I, huh? How's the contracts
coming?" I said, drawing her back to the table.

" Oh they're done. Printing out now. It's almost 1:30.
You'd better scoot!" Trudy smiled she swatted my butt
playfully. I frowned at her hautiness, responding
between my legs anyway.

"I'll see you at work," Trudy smiled, as I zipped out
the door before I realized I still had her shoes on.
As I strutted from Kristy's office, the smile on my
face betrayed all. Lisa gave me a bitchin' high-five
as we laughed and giggled over our sucesess like two
bad-assed fly girls. I got some neat jealous looks
from some of the other office managers too. I guess my
coming through, or Trudy that is, surprised everyone,
considering how poopy my work had been lately.

I walked up to Trudy and winked hello to her.

" Well, I haven't seen you since..." She grinned.

"Shhhh.." I stupidly warned.

"Relax, I'm teasing, silly. " Trudy sighed. I frowned
at how things had changed between Trudy and me ever
since this morning. I didn't like how she was
treating me. Thank gosh Lisa wasn't around to see!

" Hey, we've switched places..see?" Trudy pointed to
my feet. My heart leaped when I realized I'd gone
through the whole meeting wearing Trudy's high heel

Kristy and my boss hadn't even noticed! God was I
lucky Kristy didn't see me in those humiliating shoes!

Trudy displayed her ankles, showing me her flats,
which she still had on. I winced at the sight.

" Okay, did you tell Kristy?"

"What? " I said, frowning at the bimbo in my flats.

" About my bailing you out?" She insisted.

" Ohhh...naw. It didn't come up. " I said weakly.

" It didn't COME UP? Wait a minute - you promised! "
Trudy hissed in a angry whisper.

" Chill girl, I'll stil get you A boob tube. I can't
risk making me and Lisa look bad, okay? I'll tell
Kristy when the time is right, okay? "

Trudy pouted at me as I pleaded with her.

" Trudy? I know it's asking a lot, but you still gotta
finish whatever work of mine and Lisa's I pass your
way, okay? I won't forget it. You gotta help us so we
don't look all dumb and stuff, okay? Want me to add a
toaster or something to the deal?"

Trudy started at me like a bimbo, but an angry one.

" No, I want 'half' of your weekly salary. " Trudy
said in not such a bimbo voice. Shit. But I wasn't
done yet.

" Okay, but make it....'one third'! " I countered.

" Darn you jen - your killing me here......can I have at
least 'two thirds'?" Trudy pouted.

I grinned. She may have my shoes, but not my brains!

" Sure, you got it! " I said, as Trudy smirked,
bringing a puzzled little frown to my face.

Did that add up? I was still a little fuzzy on
numbers, but that's what I paid Trudy for now, so It
was cool. At least I'd countered, and her pouty
expression made me feel better! I still couldn't shake
the feeling....

"...uh....Trudy?....can I have my shoes back please?"

Trudy turned her nose in the air as she walked away to
get some coffee, as I click-clacked behind her in
those silly high heels, trying to keep what little
brain I had left.

"Trudy? Please????"

The following night, It was almost 4 AM before I fell
asleep. I was both horrified and strangely proud that
I'd managed to find my own hand on my pussy when I
awoke, as Lisa promised. Getting up in the night to
apply some more ointment to my sore feet helped. I
thought about getting higher heels. That would make me
feel soooooo trashy, wouldn't it?

Would Lisa be even meaner if my heels were higher? Cut
me less slack? Treat me stupidier? God this was sick.
I'd have to hide the scars from Kristy all week. I'd
have to go with stockings till I healed, wrapping my
self up.

Things were out of control, and I had to get a grip.
At work, I dove back into my old 'flats' self, partly
to help Lisa, and partly to keep from having my feet
amputated at the rate I was going. I became totally
dependent on Trudy because I knew my mind wasn't
slipping fast. The most I could hope for was

I decided to cool it with trying to imitate Lisa's
gaudy fashions, and, despite the sexual heat and
frusteration it created, I forced myself to dress more
dignified and restrainedly. In a few weeks my
reputation as the sensible one who rose above silly
fashion trends in favor of comfortable footwear and
clothing was restored. I had managed to divide myself
up into two worlds, indulging myself with Lisa at
night, being prim and proper by day.

Though Lisa claimed it took years for the tendons to
grow shorter, I'd swear my calf and hamstrings were
shortening from prancing around each evenings in
heels. Just trying to suffer through the flats I used
to love now felt strange and painful. I felt punished
for returning to my boring shoes, and desite wearing
them around the halls, I secretly locked my office
door and relaxed my feet into four inch heels every
second I was alone.

Back at work we continued as usual. Lisa was her same
dippy bimbo self. Lisa seemed to be getting on
Kristy's nerves more and more though. I noticed Kristy
would pull her aside a lot and chastise her privately.
There was a weird little energy between Kristy and
Lisa. Trudy or I would hear them whispering in a
corner, and later see Lisa's sniffeling as she came
back out. I took guilty delight in Lisa's admonishment
and suffering, remembering what she'd put me through
the night before. However, I couldn't forget the
demeaning photos she took of me, and I wondered if
they would come back to haunt me.

The more Lisa screwed up at work, the more justified
we all felt in being meaner to her.

Though high heels, especially Lisa's, were now fast
becoming the focus of my life, my feeling for Lisa
were now pretty serious. Like falling head over heels
serious! Despite the weird sick eveing we'd had, I was
sure! I'm not sure she knew it, but I did. All this
teasing all week we did at work was driving me over
the edge.

It was Love.

I mean, who was she kidding with this 'boyfriend'
crap? If she was so fucking in love with this
creep,what's she doing teasing, flirting and messing
around with me in MY bathroom, while almost dry
humping my feet and coming on my bathroom floor and
making me stand on display in her own sexy little high
heel size seven and a half shoes, for God's sake???

Nonetheless, Lisa and I cooled it for a while, as I
suffered silently, only getting my connection from her
during nightly phone calls.

I knew darned good and well who she was lavishing her
attention on, instead of me, over the last few days.
Fucking prick! I couldn't deal with the fear Lisa
would leave me all together,

So I refocused on what I COULD control...

Shoes, shoes, shoes!!!!

Lisa sugested a totally cool pair of glittery polka
dot velvet platform 'slip-ons' that I was wearing
around the house. I was ashamed of them because they
were size nines and I felt fat wearing them, but Lisa
would whisper into the phone each evening that at
least they were six-inch heels, and this would
streach my tendons tight, so four-inch heels
eventually would be a breeze.

With Lisa's nightly encourgment, I'd was also now
wearing four-inch heels seceretly behind my locked
office door, switching to my new six-inch slip-ons
when back at home. I didn't dare risk Kristy or Trudy
seeing me in four-inch heels at work, so I'd change
into a pair of flats whenever I had to step outside my
office, which was dozens of times a day and a total
pain in the butt, but something I just accepted as
nessesary! I'm not sure why, but four inch heels seem
to relieve the pressure inside, allowing me to

Plus Lisa had cooed into the phone that I needed to
learn better balance on these stiletto towers of pain!
I don't know why, but I spent every evening that week
in six-inch high heel shoes, doing laundry, cooking,
watching TV, standing up like an idiot all by myself,
as Lisa had requested. There was no way I'd wear such
stuff to work. What was I training for?

Then, as if that were possible, things got weirder
between me and Lisa.

Sometimes Lisa would spot check me in my heels,
calling at random hours to make sure I wasn't
cheating. We'd talk for hours during the evenings,
unlike our brief little chats at work, teasing each
other with steamy talk of shoes and what I was wearing
and how much she approved of my progress.

But tonight I was in for more suprises.

" We'd better wrap this up tonight Jenny, Joe's coming

" You're kidding. To your house? could you?

" You're just lonely. Once *you* find a man, you'll
see how silly this stuff we do really is... "

" Silly? SILLY??? How do you think your fucking
boyfriend would like it if he knew we were making love
together in my bathroom? Huh?? "

" JENNIFER!!! We did not.You played with yourself in
front of me, which was kinda embarrassing, that's all,
I forgive you. Is that what you meant?" Lisa asked,
truly sounding stupified.

" Either you're the queen of denial, or you're the
stupidest thing on the planet!!! Okay, fine.
So...*you* never masturbated with me in my bathroom
that night with me, is that your story?"

"This is tooo weird. Why are you being so poopy? You
played with yourself in front of me 'cause your sad,
overweight, lonely and single. I took pity and let you
play dress up in my high heels, took your picture to
cheer you up, then went home. Period. Anyway that's
all I remember."

" Your fucking serious aren't you? Jesus...Okay? If
you're so cocky, how'd you think your stupid boyfriend
would like knowing what we did, huh? " I blurted out.

" Joe wouldn't care! He's a guy, remember? guys think
two girls together! He'd get hard, believe
me! "

" Don't make me puke. If you really loved me, you'd
face the fact we're more than just 'friends'...Lisa
honey...I totally love-"

" Jenny, your so silly! Stop making me laugh, okay?"

" How do I know this creep's even real? I never see
him. Maybe it's just an excuse. You never see me in
person anymore. It's always just 'phone' games. Are
you avoiding-"

" Jenny, your all most as dumb as Trudy, I swear!
Don't worry, Just cause I saving my sweet li'l pussy for Joe doesn't mean we can't still be girlfriends.
Look, I promise to help you totally ruin your little
toosies in all sorts of sexy little heels, okay? Oops,
he's here...
- Gotta run!"



I could no longer stand by and watch Lisa do this to
me. Then I realized -- it was so simple. So pure. Work
was Lisa's vulnerable side, where she was sugestable.
Maybe it was a game, but I truly think Lisa had troble
remembering during the day what we'd did those nights
together. I grabed a piece of paper and joted down
this note:

" Try heels one size two small, Bra one size smaller,
and when you hear Jenny say: 'I love you', you'll
realize how empty your feelings for Joe really are,
and surrender yourself compleately to jenny's loyal
and unending love. Jenny is the one. "

Corny as hell, but I was desperate. I HAD to let her
know how serious I was. When I saw the note disapear
from her desk, I knew she'd read it. But would it sink
in? On any level? I could wait to get her alone and
test it.

I felt like a jealous teenager whose girlfriend was
dating the football jock. My life was coming apart at
work and home, and my legs and feet were coming apart
as well, all because I couldn't stop my sick little
high heel fixation! I was addicted to Lisa, to silly
shoes, to blowing off work, and addiction to watching
myself slid into embarrassing situations where my
stupidity at work kept surfacing.

Like when one of our interns came walking into my
office ahile I was playing with my self under my desk,
with an account.

" Stacy, is that the brock file? I'd better check that
out. " I said waving her over. The pretty girl her
head into my office as my fingers paused inside my

" Gee Jennifer, Don't you want Trudy to go over it
first?" She asked.

" Yeah, but then bring it back to me. *I've* got to
check the numbers before it goes out. Trudy just
proofs it. "

" Oh...I guess I misunderstood. Trudy ordered me not to
have anyone mess with it after she "fixed" it. " She
said as Ieased off my high heel and snuck it up to my

" Stacy, Trudy a secretary. You work under her, she
works under me. I don't mean to be a rude, but this is
*my* account. " I athoritatively said, while my
fingers played my heel carefully into my moist waiting

" I'm sorry jennifer. Don't get pissed...but I asked
Lisa what to do, and 'she' said she didn't know and to
go ask Trudy, so then I asked Trudy, but 'she' got
pissed I asked Lisa before her, but I said: " but I
thought Lisa was an account manager and you're her
secretary?", and Trudy got even more pissed and said
her job was to fix your and Lisa's mistakes. Trudy
ordered me *not* to go to you.....

" Excuse me? Trudy actually asked you to go around my
back?" My back arched, now truly embarrassed as I
wrapped my heel in my blouse shirt tails so it was
softer, and quiclly played the pointy soft heel across
my clit with a quickening rythem.

" Well....not around it, I mean....Trudy told me not to
bother you and said to go *directly* Kristy, and
Kristy said Trudy was right, that your plate was full
and your time was too important to wasts on detales,
and a few days later I caught all three of them around
the water cooler together, and they agreed that our
best bet to make sure the account goes out 'fixed' was
either through Trudy now." Stacy said obliviously.

" But don't I get to even see it? " I whinned like a
child as I fucked my clit with the high heel, trying
not to betray my motion to the pretty intern before

" Last word was, Kristy said: if jenny thinks she can
look it over without....well....'weakening it further',
then fine. " Stacy said as her eyes showed my drop in
status. She'd never look at me the same again, and I
was second from coming at the thought.

I peered down at the sexy four inch black pumps
digging into my tied feet as close to tears as I could
get. God the humiliation had me on fire as I fucked my
own high heel like a tramp! This was worse than them
taking my acount away, being forced to admit I'm not
only useless, but cause choas.

" So, jennifer do you want to see with it?" Stacy

" No..... Stacy, I'll just 'fuck it up anyways', right?
" I said bitchy tone as I brought myself off angrily.
" It's okay jennifer. Don't be sad." She tried
lamely. Great, pity from an intren.

" Stacy,just close the door please. ...and Stacy?" I
said so fuckig close now...

" Yeah?" She said a bit impatently.

" Call me 'jenny' from now on?" I burned brightly.

"Sure, okay....jenny." She said, smirking as she closed
my door, allowing me to buck shake and explode my
dripping insides agaist my own high heel in privacey.
The more I witness my own humiliate in others eyes,
the harder I came!

It was stuff like this that made me realize what a
joke my dressing up prim and proper and in flats was.
No matter how much I'd walk down the halls in flats,
the bright gaudy high heels I snek my feet into below
my desk always gave me away! I couldn't begin to
understand why I was not only drawn to, but savored
such nightmarish humiliations like this. It seemed to
go hand in hand with the aching pain in of my secret
heel obsessions.

It took a while for my foot to heal after that last
round, and I sweated bullets that Kristy and the other
girls in the office
would wonder why I was wearing socks, or discover my
ugly scars. What had Lisa gotten me into??? I'd break
into fresh tears when I looked down in the shower or
dressed each morning.

But I couldn't stop the strange daydreams and

The more I thought about how I kept hurting myself,
and how willing I was to abuse my own feet for
vanity's sake, the more aroused I became. I couldn't
stop the urge to race home and see if I could squeeze
into Lisa's heels again, without the water.

Somewhere inside, through all this, I knew the truth.
I knew why I was wearing the six-inch trainers each
evening, and so did Lisa. She knew it the minute we
masturbated on my bathroom together. I didn't get off
on just wearing high heels, I got off on Lisa's
approval/disapproval. What scared me was...

I got off on the pain.

After my first two nights with Lisa I ached in shame
over how silly and childish my thinking became. I
swore to myself "never again", which insured I'd be
back masturbating in my high heels by that very next
night! Would I ever learn? Would I wake up before it
was too late?
And when would Lisa touch me that way again?

Kristy was on her high horse again.

"Okay Jennifer - what *is* the deal with high heels? I
have never understood why any woman with half a brain
would willingly deform her feet and ruin her back just
because someone decided that high heels were sexy."

"But ths stupid part is: they *are* sexy. You know why
they're sexy? Because the heels keep putting
us...literally...on our toes." Kristy stood up to
demonstrate, arching on her toes.

"They force our chest and butt to jut out, just like a
little monkey in heat," Kristy said, catching herself,

dropping back off her toes a little self-conciously.

" Now, okay, I'll admit, that's a little sexy. But why
is that sexy?" she asked me. "And we all know that
who wear high heels are dumb bimbos. Look at Lisa
around on those stilts. Look how her job performance
has gone
downhill. I can't believe how she totally flaked on
contract. Lisa lost what little credibilty she
had going with me when you told me that!" Kristy said
a frown.

" Well, some of that was my fault..." I tried half

" Don't defend her Jennifer. Lisa's either doesn't
care about work, or is deliberatly fucking up. Or
she's just buying too many high heels!"

" Okay. I'll admit she's been slipping lately. In
fact, I've been covering for her. And not just on the
Stevens contract. "

" You *have*?" Kristy frowned.

" Had to. I mean, it's either cover for her or
lose accounts and clients! Poor kid just seems to need
extra attention. "

" Kristy, you can't do her work for her. Besides It's
not your job. "

" Oh I'm not doing it all myself. I asked Trudy in
reception to type and file some of Lisa's stuff. "

" Trudy? That's not in her job description. She
actually agreed?" Kristy was clearly astonished.

" Hey, have you seen her heels? She's not far behind
Lisa these days!" We both giggled, as her eyes went

"So you *do* admit think there's something to it!
girls being bimbos?"
Kristy breathed excitedly.

" Okay, I'm not saying there IS - but as long as some
girls around here insist on acting like lower
functioning little office bimbos, why shouldn't us
lower heeled
gals put them to good use, right?"

I was unbelieveably aroused by how Kristy and I were
talking about Lisa behind her back. I knew this was
low of me to sell Lisa out, but was pissed at her for
me. I had to do something. And besides, Lisa was
getting more and more stupid around the office.

And I was getting sucked down with her.
My work had gone into the toilet, and I had Trudy
secretly doing both my and Lisa's work on the side.
I sweated bullets though that Kristy would eventually
find out.

Kristy and I watched as Lisa comically bumped into
in the hall, sending envelopes flying all over as the
two fell into giggles like two vapid little airheads!
Trudy was less of an air head than Lisa, but she
showed her
true nature when she wore anything over four inches,
like today. Thank god she took her shoes off when she
did our work! I was grateful to get my flats back from
as I watched her sink back into her typical
secretarial stupidity.

I watched, breathlessly standing next to Kristy as I
secretly licked my lips, taking in the sight of the
two chattering girls.

" Those two!" Kristy winked at me, dismissively
crushing her paper cup as she troded back to her
office, leaving my throat dry.

I couldn't tell Kristy the ugly truth, about Trudy
covering for us, or how I was daily masturbating while
wearing Lisa's heels secretly in my office, or that
Lisa and I now had desended to mutual masturbation
sessions over the phone together, or how I was tempted
to purches these silly fuschia burgundy five-inch
high heels Lisa sugested I masturbate in this weekend.
Lisa had them all picked out.

As I continued watching Lisa and Trudy pick up papers,
I enjoyed how much less in control Lisa became at
work. That and the tight clothing she insisted on
stuffing herself into. Between the heels and the
clothes, Lisa really knew how to milk suffering for

Lisa, our stupid little office tart.

I was sure some part of Lisa was embarrassed and angry
over her embarrassing low performance at work.
It must have killed her, watching
herself becoming such a dity little fashion idiot,
gushing over high heels the way most
girls worship movie stars, but too stupid to
understand why.

Lisa was slipping fast, and I couldn't resist savoring

I burned with anger when Lisa told me Joe was busy
and asked if I wanted to get together with her for
more 'high heel lessons'.

" So, I'm like second choice? Thanks a bunch," I

" Jenny. Pouty little Jenny. You're cute when you
did you know that?" she mocked me over the phone. She
never do this at work.

" Lisa...I don't want to get together, unless this is
going somewhere" I said trying to sound mature.

" What going...where...huh?" she asked dumbly.

"Our relationship, Lisa!!!" I sighed,
totally pissed off.

" Oh, that. Your such a little drama queen aren't you?
Now be a good girl and see me tonight at 9:00. Jenny,
Joe may have my heart, boobs and pussy, but'll always
the dirty soles, you lucky girl!" Lisa giggled

I couldn't help but join her laughter,
despite not thinking it was funny at all.

" Like, duuuhhhhhh! See you tonight!" I hung up,
pissed at myself for falling into my 'four inch heel'

I was changing into two Jennifers.

My mind could still think on this complex level, and I
could fake my way around Kristy still, but it took
lots of energy. I was exhausted whenever I did, and I
found myself
more and more comfy lapsing into Lisa and Trudy's,
like, younger way of talking! It felt more real, but
scared me. I kept reaching back for my prim proper
the old Jennifer, but she was getting harder to find.
I couldn't even think as one person anymore. I feared
the part of
myself that was regressing into stupidity. This part
was perfectly
willing to waste her whole life as Lisa's plaything.
was a part of myself I had to destroy!

The first step was breaking her denial. I'd blown it
when we met
the last time, but never again! I decided to
confront Lisa about our relationship as soon as she
walked in the door that night, or die trying!
That night Lisa showed up ay my door for our 'date',
but with no shoes.

She had a present wrapped and some wallpaper and
frilly window shades. It took two trips to bring
everything inside my living room.

" Honestly Lisa, what's all this?"

" You'll see..." she cooed.

I couldn't believe how much Lisa and I changed roles
once at my house. My will slipped away and I
regressed to
a tittering bimbo around her. We became a
couple of giggling teens.

Lisa threw out all my old shoes. I just stood there
watched while she did it.

" What are you wearing that for?" she asked, somewhat
offended. I looked down at my blouse and jeans
Minutes later I was nude, except for a pair of size
eight high heel sling backs Lisa had picked out for
me. They were bright pink, with three cute little
ankle straps.
I just adored them, and thankfully, being sling backs,
straps only cut into the top part of my heel, sparing
the tired scabs on my lower heel.

My feet and toes were deliciously cramped though, and
despite my habit of prancing around in six inch heels
each evening, these five inchers definitely forced my
shortening ankles to stay perched at attention.

I felt totally self concious while she was in her work
clothes and I waltzed around in the nude,
but she acted like nothing was weird, so I follwed

" So, what's next?" I asked Lisa as she got to work

" Your going to re-decorate your bathroom, silly.
you like spending so much time in there, that will be
our 'special' room. You have another bathroom, so you
never to poo poo or pee pee in this one again. This
one's now just for when I come over and we play around
this, understand?" Lisa asked very seriously.

I noded solemly, as if we were discussing NASA rocket
science or something.

Lisa had me choose my favorite of four different types
of wallpaper. I chose a medium-colored blue because
I knew how primary colors can overwhelm a room. Of the

samples she brought, my least favorite was a tacky
polka dot pattern against garish fluoresent pink.

So guess what my bathroom looks like now?

Lisa's face lit up upon seeing my face fall. I was
stunned to find myself down on my knees, naked,
helping her cover my bathroom in ugly pink with white
dots. When we fishished, it looked so gaudy and cheap
that I wanted to rip it down.

" Do you like it?" She asked, eyes sparkling.

" Not really." I said flatly.

"I think you should say you like it. I bought you this
nice gift and you're being a rude spolied little
manager!" Lisa pouted.

" Okay, I'll *say* I like it, if that's what you
really want." I said bitchily.

Lisa folded her arms, frowning.

" Say it better. Cooooome ooooonnn!" She stomped

" Lisa, are you staying over tonight?" I asked

"Huh? Why would I do that?" She asked an edge in her

" Well, since you-know-who's not around, and this
is our special room, maybe we should get some
mattresses for it, right? I know..."

" What are you trying to say?" Lisa frowned at me.

" Friends don't masturbate. We are now on 'lovers'
teritory, even if you're afraid to face it. By asking
to come
over, you're saying you want more. More of me. More
love games between us. This whole 'boyfriend' crap is
bullshit! We can't spend out whole lives pretending to
be innocent teenagers having slumber parties!"

"The wallpaper. Say 'thank you'," Lisa growled.

I stared down with shaking hands at her cold tone. My
heart was breaking into a million pieces, and she
couldn't care less.

" Thanks. I'm really pleased you'd buy me this--pretty
pink wallpaper Lisa." I was sobbing.

" You're welcome, silly!" Lisa kissed one of my tears

After we hung some purple frilly drapes, the place
made Las Vagas look classy. I wanted to throw up. I
now hated my own bathroom. I loathed prancing
around naked in these high heels, but mostly I hated
Lisa not giving a shit about my feelings. But I
gritted my teeth and smiled my good little worker
smile, figuring any Lisa was better than no Lisa at
all, and
we finished our special room off with various cute
little decorations and such. Little feminine frills
and lacey
knicknacks. It did look nice and feminine.

Then Lisa reached down and pulled out a nine inch
long, slightly curved piece of metal. It was big, ugly
and two inches thick, mounted to a bracket with four
screw holes
at the base. Somehow it reminded me of
a..well, never mind!

" What the heck is that?" I said, eyes going wide.

"A family tradition. Momma called it my little 'Mr.
Perkey.' You'll see." She giggled, her eyes burning
brightly at the phallic piece of metal.

Lisa then handed me some screws and a screw driver as
she held the ugly thing about half way up the wall.

" Well don't look at me! Get to work, princess!"

I sunk to my knees and started the chore of
hand screwing 'Mr. Perky' to the wall. At first
I worried it could be used as sort of sexual toy,
but since she held as high as her own belly button,
my vagina would obviously never reach that high! I
sure what she had in mind, but it sure looked crude
and out of place in my otherwise feminine, though
looking room!

" It's not gonna *stay* here, is it? " I winced.

" Oh course, silly! Mr. Perky really helps high heel
training. Don't worry, you'll see--what's next?"

I stared at the huge ugly penis, I mean, piece of
metal, it was hard not to think of a penis, jutting up
rudely from my polka dotted bathroom wall.
Lisa reached around and grabbed something else.

I winced as Lisa suddenly handed me the present she'd
wrapped up - but when I opened it I was totally

It was a pretty, large, lacy covered photo album full
of photos. The first half were photos Lisa had snapped
with her digital camera at work. Nice warm pictures of
me, Kristy, Lisa, Trudy, and the whole gang at work
during special times and during Christmas parties. I
was almost forgetting my shame and feeling moved to
tears over how touching it all looked.

Then I came to the second half.

As I tried not to look, I felt Lisa's hand over my own
as she guided it to my own vagina, as she made me
finish looking at the rest of the photo album. My
shook as I turned page after page of the shots she'd
of my face, fingers and breasts while masturbating in
tub the other day, and of me posing for her in the
most humiliating
way! Also lots of ugly close ups of my sore heel and
damaged toes, with with cute little hand written sides
by each photo like:

" Jenny's loses her virginity to pump bumps" Or
" Jenny's toes are cute when their purple".

The cuter and cheerier the comments, the more sickened
was. Lisa's hand, resting on mine, quickened
the motion between my legs. Soon it was too much, and
I found both of us riding ourselves into a frenzy of
shame savoring my little photo album.

Lisa reached over and grabbed a pair of her
favorite platfomed mules which she quickly slid on.

"Lie down here with me.." I huskily whispered.

" The floor's okay for you moo-girl, but it's too
dirty for me. I have a boyfriend, remember? Just stay
down there you where you belong," Lisa said, perching
on my toilet seat, frowning down on me as she
started to play with herself while I lay on the foor
at her

" Well, are you gonna be polite and turn your head
away, or just lie there and sneak a peek at a pretty
girl petting herself, huh?" Lisa sneered.

" Why do you get to look at me and I can't look at
you?" I bitterly asked.

Lisa paused thoughtfully, reached into her purse and
grabbed some weird impossibly tall looking stilleto
type heels with
multiple shoe laces along the front, and threw them at
my feet on the floor. She also threw half a dozen pink
tow pads next to the high heels. She then anounced:

" These are very special 8 inch ballet heels. the
heels is so high, your toes litterally are on their
tips. Have you ever seen them before?" She pulled a
kitchen timer out and placed it on the counter.

I blinked, nodding no.

"I'll answer your question as why you don't get to
look at me...*if* you can lace yourself up into these
training heels and stand at attention in a respecfully
position on your 'Mr. Perky' all within the next three
minutes! "

"On *that* thing? Did you say ON??? It's too high,
and it could be--"

"Don't explain, don't complain! Three minutes!" Lisa

"Or?" I dared her.

" Or I'll walk right out that door and never speak to
you again. "

" I don't believe you. " I said, deeply hurt. This
game had just gone flat.

Lisa set the timer!

I automatically cramed a handful of the toe pads into
the heels and desperately shimmied my tired feet into
the weird
tight little ballet heels and started lacing them up
as fast as I could! I glanced at the timer: two
minutes thorty
seconds left! Why was I rushing to do this? I wasn't
sure, but Lisa looking down at me with that naughty
made my insides melt.

"Two minutes. Would you like a little lecture on your
new training shoes? " Lisa grinned down at me,

"...yes please..." I grimaced, aroused by the
deadline and her arrogant tone.

" These heels are what my mom used on me and they're,
like, totally PAINFUL! It looks more like a ballet
shoe 'cause the foot's bent in an almost completely
upright position. These have the highest heel
possible!" Lisa taunted, as I squirmed around on the
bathroom floor,
finishing the last of the shoe laces on the leather
monster across my right foot, while she gingerly
chirped on:

" This shoe takes, like, total discipline to train
feet into. First you gotta spent time just getting the
foot used to a hard unforgiving arched position.
And standing in them puts mucho stress on tender
parts of your foot not normally stressed! It wraps
them li'l
puppies but good!"

" Jesus," I said, horrifed, yet transfixed by the idea
as I glanced at the timer. One minute left. Shit,
would she really leave if I didn't make it? Blow our
whole eveing
together? I couldn't risk it.

" Cool, huh?" She grinned as I raced to lace up my
left foot
as well, already feeling some cramps beginning.

" You'll need to practice a lot. I know I did when mom forced me into 'em. They also cause your balance to be
all sucky at first! "

I finished the last shoe lace, my feet now bound in
the little coffins.

" So *that's why* your need Mr. Perky."

" Could you help me up?" I pleaded.

"No. Forty seconds."

I hoisted myself up with both hands, tottering on
the impossibly high heels, and came face to face with
Mr. Perky. Even with these heels on, there was no
way I could 'mount' it! I quickly knew what I needed:
a step

" Lisa, could you hand me that stool under the

" Bending over builds your muscles, silly! That's why
you're doing this! You'll thank me for every painful
moment when we're through--thirty seconds. "

I hurriedly squatted in the nude at her feet,
not to keel over as I reached for the stool and placed
it under 'Mr Perky'. I tried steping up onto the
stool, positioning myself as much over the phallus as
possible, holding the wall for balance. I was now over
it, and
I looked down at my vagina, wondering what the hell I
doing! Would this thing tear me up? Had Lisa even
considered that? Maybe she was fibbing about using
this thing.

" Ten seconds, Miss Day Dreamer! " Lisa laughed.

I screwed up my courage, and sunk my vagina down onto
the cold metal
'hook'. I wished I had more lubrication, but I never
did flow
that much anyway. It did slide in somewhat, if
a little painfully at first. I looked down in tears to
see the huge metal penis impaled half way inside me.

"It looks like your hooked now, huh? " Lisa
busted up as she looked me, literally hanging
up by my tired little puss! I sunk down a little
further, coming a few inches deeper onto Mr. Perkey.

The pain was less, but mostly because I rested my
weight on my toes, which were now killing me!

Lisa stood up and clapped, and I felt like a
proforming animal again, only this time I was, like,
really proud.

Then I felt Lisa kick the stool out from under me!

"Ooooch!!!! " I howled, tears flowing from the shock
as the full weight of me sunk completely onto 'Mr.
Perky'. I knew in an instant why he was so aptly
named, as
my feet went right to work, arching sexily on my
tiptoes, desperate to lift most of my weight onto
and off my pelvis and vagina!

" Please, let me down," I begged tearfully, mincing
around in the painful little high heels.

" I don't want you to be such a wuss, Jen. If we
didn't place your
'Mr. Perky' so high, you'd never stretch your little
feeties to their maximum now, would you? Shift
yourself from one
tippy toe heel to the other, okay?"

I tried, but my feet wouldn't touch the ground except
for the
tips of my toes, which were getting numb! My toes grew
so tired
that I shifted the full weight of my pussy onto 'Mr.
My heels waved comically in the air, desperate
for contact with the tile floor.

Lisa started laughing at the sight of my toes making
little circles in the air, and so did I, somewhat
hysterically. "Jenny, your so funny! Why don't you
thank Mr. Perky
for making you do such silly things?"

" Thank you Mr. Perky--for causing my feet to prance
around looking all silly and stuff...and and helping
make Lisa laugh!" I said, through a building orgasm
more tears. I couldn't help it, but the humiliation,
plus the stimulation against my clirtoris, was
sending little waves into my body. I finally was able
to get my toes back under me, easing my impalement,
but the pain in my feet was mind numbing!

" I can't...can't get my feet..."

" Oh, okay. I'll help. But Momma never was this easy
on me! " Lisa sighed, reached over, and placed
her arms under my shoulders, lifting my weight up, and
pulling my pussy a few inches higher off the jutting
cock which I was stuck on.

I expected to scream like nuts, but I was stunned by
the absence of pain. In fact, my pussy became quite
relaxed as I arched a fraction of an inch higher. I
with relief, grateful that the pain could be
then I got a charley horse in my left foot. I
as best i could, trying to look as
sexy as possible, wanting to make Lisa proud. My left
foot was driving me insane.

"My foot has a charley horse," I whispered.

Lisa suddenly grabbed a rubber glove, which she placed
on her right hand, and calmly inserted a finger into
my pussy, looking impatient as she felt around the
of the metal inside me. She then made her way around
to my clit and started to diddle it, back and forth. I
couldn't believe what she was doing, while I was
against the wall. I'd dreamed of intimate moments with
but not here, not like this!

But as much as my feet ached, my pussy responded to
Lisa's deft touch, and I was now lubing up Mr. Perky
so much that I was now dribbling my fluids down it!
"Stay on
your toes, office girl!" Lisa smiled, as I arched on
tippy toes like a living barbie doll held in place my
the hard metal perky little reminder.

Lisa pulled the glove from my pussy and peeled it off
in disgust, throwing it in the garbage bin in the

"Thank you,thank you...God bless you," I said so
desperately happy Lisa had pleased me.

" See, the thing is, you don't want a stretchy pussy.
You've probably already *got* one of those, right?
If you want the pain in your puss to stop,
then you've gotta stay on the TIPS in your special
little ballerina shoes! "

"But what happens when I try to stand here?"

" I dunno...Guess we'll find out, huh? Guess you
an answer to your silly little question: Why do I get
to look at you when you do embarrasing stuff, and you
don't get to look at me?" Lisa smiled warmly at me as
she replied. "Number one: Because I'm not 'looking'
at you,
I'm 'overseeing your progress', while your just a
weird little naked
lesbian who likes to peep at me and hump metal pipes!"
I blinked, surprised at her words. We both
played with ourselves as she continued.

" Number two: Because I'm doing you a favor by
helping you fix up our special little 'secret room'
and helping you with all this high heel advice!And
number three? Because I'm pretty and your not.
Now turn your face to the side, away from me. "
I did so, looking away as she sat on my
toilet. I couldn't believe her how turned on I was
getting at her cruelty to me!

" I hate you! " I whinned chidlishly.

" You wanna get off Mr. Perky? I can lift you off
right now, and you'll never have the kind of pain and
foot damage real woman who wear heels know. I see
fingering yourself--should I take that as a 'no?" She
laughed playfully.

" I still hate you." I pouted, hating that I hadn't
even noticed I'd started fingering myself! I
tried to turn my head and look at Lisa, who surely
must be
playing with herself too.

" Jennifer - Turn your head away this instant! " She
scolded with a slap to my thigh with her shoe. I
quickly turned my burning face to the wall. It
was humiliating.

Click. It was the sound of her camera.

" Arch your boobies up ,okay? " Lisa asked as I felt
my eyes well up again, thrusting my breasts as high as
they'd go, mildly humping Mr. Perky and mincing
my feet now entirely numb. I felt more of my sweet
dripping down Mr. Perky and trailing down the wall.

Click. Click.

" This is our special little nest now. Be a good girl and tell Miss Lisa how *much* you like your new photo
album and secret little room, okay? Can my little
Jenny do that? " I looked away as I was supposed to,
secretly imagine Lisa's hand speeding
across her white undies. I loved turning her on like
The worse I felt, the hotter she was getting!

" I like my special photo album and new wallpaper very
much, Miss Lisa," I regurgitated with a little
whimper. I poured my anger into masturbating faster
and harder,
my nose pressed against the cold dirty wallpaper.

'Your thighs kinda jiggle, don't they? I should
take you to my gym! All that weight's gotta be
placing, like, totally awesome strain on your toes
now, huh?" Lisa laughed.

" Why are you being so mean? Lisa,please," I

" Because...I *want* me too, right? This
is all your idea, dumbo. Don't you want to wear higher

heels like all the 'hip' girls around the office, even
if it, especially if, it screws up your own feet? "

"...yes..." I said in a small voice.

Soon the room was quiet except for the echoes of
our breath as we kept stroking ourselves in the cold

" You're embarrassing me with all your breathing! Say
something, you dumb dyke! Talk to me!"

" I'm not a *dyke*, okay? Now please, can't we just go
to my bedroom?" I whimpered while I fingered myself
keeping my face away from hers and staring at
pictures of my own disfigured feet in the
photo album laying on the floor!

" Lisa....are you wearing shoes that are too tight? " I
asked pointedly as she nodded.

" Does your bra feel a too little snug?" I tried again
as she nodded totally aroused. This was it. It all
came down to seeing if my note suck in. I just had to
deliver the ' who do you choose?' prompt, and if
there was any love in her heart for me, I'd show. But,
even though I had the words allready rehearsed, these
words came tumbeling out instead:

" Lisa....I'm sorry about all this lesbian stuff. I now
see how dumb it is me to compete with Joe. Don't give
a second thought to this silly stuff we do together.
I'm just greatful for any time you spend on this silly
dumb dyke. "

I was dumbfounded the words had come from me, and
though none of it ringed true, my compleate rebuttle
of my true feelings made me totally fucking furious
with myself!!!

She looked over at me blankly for a second. Then
smiled, jumping over to me as she hugged me warmly. "
Oh, jenny, I'm so glad to hear you feel like this! Now
we can be best friends and everything! I even share
the silly stuff we to together with Joe when he's
fucking me, and - "

" Wait.... y-you tell him about what we do? " I said in
shock. And the boiling anger in me was about to blow.
I couldn't believe she'd betray us this way! Lisa
smothered me with kisses on my face as she continued,
shocking, arousing, and further angering me that me
weird renouncment of our relationship would make her
feel this close to me.

"Lisa, that was private - between us - you shared
something that intimate with..... HIM ?" I said, hurt tears coming now.

"SURE silly! even though your not his type, telling
Joe you like to have me watch you...'do yourself' in
your bathroom still made him hard enough to come on my
face! I was so proud, I licked it up like honey. We
could never be *that* close jenny. I even told Joe how
watching you play with yourself warm up for him, and
how I imagine him you when your in my arms..." Lisa
excitedly chirpped.

When I hear this I totally lost it, screamed into her


Then I spit in her face.

Lisa sat there in silence. I froze, knowing
I'd blown it, almost wetting myself as I stood there,
trembling before her like a little kid. Lisa slowly
reached up and wiped my saliva from her face she
stared coldly at me.

" Okay, you ASKED for it - " Lisa's voice quaked as
she got up and headed for me.

The next day I tried to get work done, but my mind was
pure pudding after the last night. I felt, like, all
giddy after Lisa's punishment and stuff. I tried to
think in larger words, but I was always dim witted
after those heels of hers. I couldn't believe how
excited I got after our fight when she spanked me on
the rump, then, removed her own high heel and butt
fucked me with it!

It's kinda weird sitting here at work, feeling the
broken five inch heel still shoved up my butt, but she
*did* say I deserved it, for being so naughty.

There's shiny duct tape around my butt holding her
high heel deep inside my bottom. It's reeeeeaaaaly
humiliating talked to Trudy or Kristy, knowing what I
have under my skift. I couldn't believe Lisa lectured
me last night about having to keep it inside me all
day today at work.
It hurt like heck to sit down after her spanking, and
I snuck a pillow to work. I thought Lisa would take
the pillow away, but
she didn't. She asked why I had it. Doesn't she
rememner? She was all mousy at work, and our night
together are starting to seem more and more dream
sureal to me too.

Oh, yeah, was had a poopy fight.

I remember getting real pissed about something, but
what I said about us finger "fucking ourselves
together just being just silly nonsence" makes more
sence today. Were thoughs my words? I think I didn't
say it *that* crudely, but I can't remember now. I was
sad to think Lisa doesn't love me as much as I love
her. Part of me, deep inside is screaming and crying
over somhow feeling like I've losing her forever,

...and another part on the surface is just cheerily
sitting here, happily fingering with myself as I grind
Lisa's heel deeper and deeper into my sore little
butt. It makes me peeved I'd be so shallow, but I'm
too horny right now for anything else.

Oh, I remember whyI was pissed.

Something about my feelings me all poopy and hurt when
she fucked Joe and made fun of us in bed together.
Something like that...Come to think of it, that was
kinda mean. Didn't Lisa see that? Maybe she was just
excited about pleaseing Joe, and wanted me to share in
her pride in making him spurt on her. That was
probably it! Yeah. My feet were all purple and stuff.
Lisa said that if I went to a doctor he'd just say
they were bruised and charge me 100 bucks, which she'd
do for free! We both laughed over that one!

Part of me felt like I shouldn't be thinking this way.
Something kinda snapped last night, and now I'm
talking like this. THINKING like this, Even though
it's not....right. Not who I am. I couldn't talk to
Kristy like this today or I'll be, like, totally
fired, fer sure!
Lisa called me that night.

I was so relieved when Lisa remembered stuffing it up
me, because she could then give me permission to take
out! Whew! I broke down in tears of gratiude. I really
did. Maybe I was just spent from the humiliation
humping my butt on her high heel all day at work.

Trudy told me she squealed to Kristy about her doing
my work, but I didn't even have the sence to be

I hate Lisa's being so...stupid at work. How could she
be so mean and not care at night, then be so oblivious
nest day?

Oblivious. Hmmm.. That's a 'big' word. I'm proud I
thought of that one! See, I AM getting better.
Smarter. Smarter wont get me Lisa though. At this
point, what will? Why does Lisa insist on just prances
around, kissing everyone's ass and humiliating
herself? It's disgusting.

I hate her, and love her, for being the beautiful sexy
girl I never was, and never will be! I could SUCH good
take care of her if she'd let me. I don't want our
chance together to desend into finger fucking. I don't
get what possesed me to blow my big chance and say
that weird stuff...

After a brutal episode like Lisa's 'high heel butt
fucking' and our poopy fight, we kept some distance
from each other fduring work, though our nightly calls
continued. Long talks on the phone into the night,
while I play with myself, wearing whatever high heel
she feeds me by leaving sugestions on sticky pads here
at work.

I couldn't figure out how she REALLY felt about me.
Did she love me? Was it just sex? The heels? The
humiliation? I still ached for her in the worst way,
but after my bizarre little speech to her about her
choosing joe over me, I feared any chance at a real
relationship was slipping away with our higher and
tighter heels...

A single tear rolled from my cheek and landed on a
sticky pad crumpled up on my office floor. I looked
down, picked it up and read it.

" Jenny, tonight tell Lisa: Sorry about lesbo stuff,
you won't compete with Joe and tell her don't worry
about to this silly stuff you do together. Say your
just greatful for any time she spends on and use these
words: this silly dumb dyke."

Motherfucker. Someone was feeding me notes! Lisa?
Doubtful. She allready had the upper hand each
evening. Trudy? Maybe. Though Trudy didn't know about
us, did she? Kristy? But why would Kristy care if I
back off on Lisa. Well, somebody left it....and somehow,
the message sunk into me and came out my mouth.

that night Lisa called me, and as usual. That night
decided not to wear high heels though. I needed a
break from them, so I could think clearly. I was a
friggin' basket case after Lisa burried her heel up my
butt, and though I had a fantastic orgasm, I needed my

I felt like a naughty child for lieing about wearing
heels when I wasn't, and my arousal too over. Soon I
confessed my lie to her, which cause me to masturbated
furiously while Lisa insulted me. Just before I came,
Lisa made me hold off...

then whispered that Trudy had been listening in on our
call. I didn't believe her, but when I heard Trudy's
voice say : "Hello dumbo! " , I came thunderously as I
rubbed myself raw. Through my bucking and screaming,
I could hear their sweet mocking laugher over the
Lisa showed up at my house one night and stood in the
doorway in a trench coat and heels, shivering.

" Well, aren't you coming in?" I asked.

" I can't. I just stoped by for a sec. Listen, we've
got to talk." She was nervous. I didn't like this

" Yeah?"

" Listen, I know I'm, well..sometimes kinda mean and
stuff. I Know that, and, well...The thing is..."

" Lisa, just come in and we'll-"

" No, I can't. Here's the deal. Jenny, I do care for
you. I do, okay? And I have something major to ask.
It's a biggie. I would never ask this if I wasn't
really up against a wall."

" Listen Lisa, whatever your behind in at work, I'll
fix, okay?" I said, wondering how much more Trudy
would put up with. The only way I could get keep the
dim little secretary busy doing all my work was to
hand over all my weekly checks to her. I winced over
the tiny 'allowence' she'd given me for living
expenses, but I since she was doing ME the favor, I
didn't dare complane.

" No, nothing like that. It's Joe."

" Yeah?" I said warily.

" He's, well, the thing is, Joe want to try certain
things, in bed... " Lisa squirmed uncomfortably.

" Lisa, I really don't need to hear this."

" Jen, listen. Joe wants me to, well, it's pretty

" Then maybe this could just stay between you two love
birds, huh?"

" He has this fantasy where we get another woman. And
he does his buisness into her, well...her shoes. Then
he'd like me to clean them...with my tongue. See?"

" Jesus Lisa, why are you telling me this?"

" See, I was thinking, maybe *you* could - "

"No fucking way!!!! If *you* wannna parade around in
some freak show for your precious boyfriend, fine -
but LEAVE ME OUT!!!!" I spat.

" No, not *you* personally."


" He just doesn't think your...well...all that
attractive, that's all." Lisa minced back and forth at
my doorstep in her little heels. This was the work
Lisa, the submssive one. No wonder her boyfriend was
in heaven.

"So I'm too 'ugly' huh? Charming. Thank for sharing
Lisa. So, what about *you* then?" I snapped.

"Especially not me! Remember, I told him I wouldn't,
couldn't, become involved. And Joey respects that.
I'd be a whore if I did that, and he'd never marry a
whore! But he still has'needs'. I'm begging here Jen."
Lisa was on the verge of tears.

" Well, what am I supposed to do?" I snapped.

" You could...well...find another us woman and get HER
to lick his stuff up, huh? From your high heels?
Maybe Kristy?"

" EXCUSE ME???? You think our Kristy would agree to
that shit??? Lisa, go home. The anwser is NO. "

" Jen, you could talk to her. Please do me this ONE
favor. I'll never forget it...Here.." Lisa quickly
peeled off her panties from under her coat and handed
them to me.
" What are these for?" I asked, staring the white
cotton panties in my hand, embarrassed by how suddenly
aroused I was.

" Just suck on them. Right now, do it," Lisa ordered,
staring distractedly out to the street, then back to
me. I don't know what it was, maybe Lisa's urgency, or
maybe her standing her in my doorway without any
panties over her coat, but something made me weak. I
found myself stuffing sweet little Lisa's dirty
panties into my mouth as I stood there before her,
embarrassed and aroused.

" Good bitch! Now step out here a little more," Lisa
said, suprising me with the 'bitch' coment as she led
my by my arm further onto my porch. My face went
crimson as I stmbled out, sucking on Lisa's panties.

" Okay, good. Joe's in the car. He just wanted to see
if you'd actually, like, *do* it. He didn't believe
me. I told him you would. Now he knows you're a dumb
girl, like me! "

"Litha...I am noh a thumbd thirl," I said, her panties muffling my point.

"Whatever. So, why not you flash him your tits now?
He promised he doesn't want to fuck you, he just wants
to see if you would do *that* too. It might be good
for a laugh. Joe likes to laugh. Be a funny Jenny and
make Joe laugh, okay? FOR MEEE???"

I stared in rage at the smug looking man sitting in
the car outside my driveway waving at me. I spit out
her panties and threw them on the ground.

" How DARE you? The anwser is NO. No to expossing my
breasts and no to pimping for your creepy prick of a
boyfriend !!!"

Lisa then surprised me, dropping her voice and staring
my eyes with a desperate expression.

" I can't go back with that answer, Jen! I can't!"

Lisa then opened her coat and revealed her upper body,
covered with large black and blue bruises, all across
her thighs and tummy. She'd been beaten. I suddenly
wanted to murder the fucking prick! But that wouldn't
help Lisa.

Only one thing would.

Mortified to my core, I raised my little blouse up,
flashing my breasts at Lisa's boyfriend as he laughed
his ass off while I waved a cute little 'hello'.

Both Lisa and I came to work next day as if nothing
happened. Not Lisa's request, not her bruises, not any
of it.

Lisa and I just sailed off as we always did into our
imaginary world of high heels, restrictive clothing,
and silly office talk! I knew a storm was brewing with
this whole boyfriend stuff, and felt a bubbling need
to put on heels that would totally ruin what was left
of my quickly eroding intellgence, but I fought the
urge desperately!

I was still struggling for how I'd approch Kristy with
all this. I'd have agreed to anything after seeing
Lisa's bruises, but damned if I knew how to talk any
woman, much less someone of Kristy's intelligence,
into licking a man's semen from the inside of my dirty
high heels. The very idea made me wretch, but I was
panicked over what else might happen to Lisa if I
didn't act fast. Maybe Kristy would have a plan, a way
out. I sure was feeling too stupid to think of an

That morning, I swallowed my fear and asked Kristy to

End of part 3

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