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Office Pumps 4


Office Pumps 4
cowgirl (Edited & proofed by Mr. Kevin!)


Jennifer, can't stop thinking about a silly article
claiming women with with the higher heels have the
lowest I.Q. scores. (fff/F,Cons, humil,Shoe fetish,
Bimbo, Etc, you get the picture...)

As I walked into the office monday morning, feeling
stronger than ever for some reason. I spotted Trudy in
reception as she cornered me, shoving a folder of work
into my boobs.

" Missed you yesterday. Covered for you. Here's the
work you flaked on, which I as usual did for you,
again... " She said with a frown,

then shot me a smug little look.

" ...Well...?" She asked, smirking.

" Well what?" I shot back defensively.

" Well, somebody's got a secret...don't they....*dumbo*! "
Trudy giggled.

Ouch. I'd forgotten.

"Look --If you wanna keep your fuckin' job here,
you'll guard that little 'secret' like the little dip
shit secretary you ARE, understood?" I shot back.

" Your pushing it Jenny. First my covering for you and
Lisa at work, then taking glory for my finishing the
Stevens contract. I've already squealed on doing
Lisa's work, but what if I, like, go to Kristy and
squeal on what a faker YOU really are? I'll call
Kristy right now if you don't-- "

" Go ahead. Who do you think she'll believe? I'm
valuable, you're replaceable. Are you willing to risk
being fired for your part in the lie? Kristy's bound
to be promoted to executive status soon, and we all
know I'm going with her. I could have you fired just
for for mouthing off to me like this! Trudy....I make
FIVE TIMES what you make. "

" Well... since you're paying me three fourths your
salary actually only make... " Trudy started
counting on her fingers.

" Okay, okay. Very funny! Just keep doing my shit work
and I won't sting back. And don't you DARE threatening
me with going to Kristy...understand?" I said, hoping my
tone of authority would be hide my fear.

The the little secretary scared me shitless by boldly
picked up her phone and punching Kristy's line, then
offering me the phone.

I didn't dare show weakness as I glared at her, still
wincing inside from her humiliating 'dumbo' dig! She
really thought I was bluffing about firing her, which
I *was*. But I was banking that my hapless little
Trudy was more afraid of Kristy than I was.

I took the receiver from her confidently.

" Kristy? Yeah, it's Jennifer. Listen, Trudy would
like to tell you something..." I paused, eyeing Trudy
carefully as her face went white, her job passing
before her eyes.

Trudy quickly snatched the phone from my hand and
choked into it. " Kristy, yeah....I just wanted to
say....uh......I've been.....watering jen's office plants,
that's all. .....yeah, yeah...I guess It *is* a silly
thing to bother you about, huh? (giggle) Yeah. Sorry
to bother you with...sorry. Yes ma'am."

Trudy sheepishly shrugged into the receiver as she put
it down, frowning my way.

" win. You maybe get in trouble if she found
out, but we both know...I am...I'd be....hmm....uh......what's
that word you used...? " Trudy struggled as she pooped
her gum deep in thought.

"...Expendable? It's okay, it's a big word for anyone in
reception, huh?" I winked, giving her butt a playful
little pinch. Trudy hated it, I'm sure, but there'd be
no more 'dumbo' jokes heard from around her desk for a

Now this was more like it! The only heels I'd worn in
four days were Trudy's, minus those annoying little
pink pads Lisa insisted on! And, come to think of
it...this was the first time I'd been able to think
clearly...although the sweet anticipation to humiliate
myself in high heels heels kept flashing through my
head after my fight with Trudy...

Heels. All wasy the fucking heels. What's the deal?

Then it hit me!!!

the pads!

I locked the door to my office, suddenly not feeing so
good. I was frightned and horny. The first thing I did
was throw out all my pads!

The fact that I was too STUPID to get it made me
angry, which flooded me with embarrassment me, which
made me horny, imagining me mouthing off to Trudy like
that! But, by now, even *I* got it!

Even me.

Hey, didn't I,like, write myself a note so I wouldn't,
like, forget all this kinda stuff? I was sure
I', thought something like this before...

What was i.....? Oh yeah -

Pads. (giggle)

It's like....DUH,...Excuse Me? HELLO? Something sneaky's
going on, and whenever I don't, like, wear pads in my
high heels, I feel a lot smarter and stuff! I keep
finding nasty little stashes of the pink toe pads
poking from my office, in desk drawers, file cabinets
- ones I don't remember buying. I paused, looking at
the shoe box full of pads.

I started to feel a little itch between my thighs,
which I tried to ignore, as I whispered to myself in
my empy office,

'Gee....look at them all...They're a real pretty shade of
pink too. Seems a shame to throw them out....

I lovingly gazed at the box of pink little shoe pads,
surrendering and letting a guilty finger wander down,
past the waist band of my own skirt, teasing into the
elastic of my panties as I played my tongue lazily
across the roof of my mouth.

'Wait - why WAS I throwing all these out again? these
were perfectly good, weren't they? Stupid,
stupid,stupid little girl!' I whispered under my
breath, as two fingers sunk deeper past my elastic
panties now and dipped naughtily between my warm soft

'What a silly office ditz jenny is, packing up all
these perfectly good pink high heel pads, what was I
gonna do with them anyways? Where is your mind Jenny?
Well, better put these back where they the
drawer, in the file cabinet...'

Then I frowned at myself. Something was still wrong.

'Wait - That's not right EITHER. Gosh - darn you
Jenny! - This makes feel so poopy... I can't.... just

I sat down and had myself a good little cry, feeling
quite sorry for myself, then said to myself again,

'I know I was WAY smarter before, I remember that
much! of fiddle sticks! It's simply not fair!

I wiped my wet tear and pussy stained fingers across
my skirt and tried to straighten up.

'Think Jenny, THINK. Why am I so stupid and excited
right now?

There's some how, like, relaxed
and giddy I feel inside, and....what was it again? Wait
- I all most remember.....But what
IS it? Boy, think just plain takes too much work.'

I said to myself, sucking on my finger, deep in

'Gee, my thumb tastes like pussy, I wonder why?
(giggle) Wait- I remember.'s something I put pink pads in my high
heels........somehow....the PADS are what's making me so
much....stupidier!!! THERE!!!! "

Then I saw felt piece of paper in my pocket, which I
took out and read, aloud, to myself.

'Message to self: THROW OUT THE PADS DUMMY! Their
affecting you mind. Don't trust, don't think, don't
waste a second. Pack every last one into a shoe box
and do it - NOW! '

I looked at the shoe box with a sly little smirk,
proud of myself sor such a smart Idea. That was it.
See...I just had

I paused, setting the box down and shoving the message
in my pocket. But, why do I care about a buch of dumb
pads? It's the shoes I like. I bounced over and
slipped on a stunning pair of five inch fischia orange
platforms, admiring them. God I was....

I glanced down, my fingers all ready buried in my own
panties. I'd get to whatever that silly note said in a
minute. I sunk back into my office chair as I dug my
heels into the plastic mat under my chair, rocking
back and forth to the rhythms of my mounting orgasm -

and thankfully forgot whatever poopy little was
worrying me in the first place.


I awoke on my couch at home, feeling like I'd had a
ugly hangover.
My old clear headed self was back, but I wasn't sure
this was good. I didn't want to know. What day was it?
God, it's wensday! Judging my by sencitive little
pussy, obviously I'd slept and masterbated all monday
night AND all through Tuesday, AND didn't even wake
till around five today, still groggy from my drunken
orgy in high heels yesterday. God, what a slut I am.
Then a weird vapid giggle escaped me, and I slapped a
hand over my mouth, as if I'd burped.

I'm sure I didn't go to work. Jesus, I'd better not
have. Three days of work backed up, but a huge report
was due, and I had Trudy over a barel, paying her this
much was getting off easy, considering. Luckily I
hadn't woken up in heels this time. Since I'd ripped
the phone cord from the wall, Lisa couldn't tempt me

I remembered Trudy was supposed to meet me here at
lunch next wensday finish another report for me, which
we'd pretend *I* was up all night doing. That was
today, right? I forget...

Better make a note to myself why she came, in case I
don't remember when she shows up. God the notes are
humiliating. Place is plastered with them. Better hide
the ones all over the kitchen so Trudy can't see them.
Can't trust the twit, she'd take advantage if she
knew.... vulnerable I am.

I walked into my bathroom, embarrassed as Mr. Perky
stared me in the face. No, he's not 'Mr. Perky' - what
the matter with me? It's an ugly piece of metal that I
foolishly bolted to my own bathroom, which I now fuck
myself on, to amuse the love of my life....


Just the memory of her tugged at my heart. I
tinkled into my toilet, I realized how much I hated my
own bathroom now. The gaudy wallpaper, Lisa's lurid
photos of my abused feet and face while pleasuring
myself all happily decorating the walls and ceiling.
People at work would die if they saw.

I had another bathroom by my bedroom, so I kept coming
back to use *this* one. Why? WHY??? I hated the image
of myself as someone dumb enough to keep I glared at
that evil ol' Mr. Perky, who mocked me, jutting
obseenly from the wall, inches from my face.

'Fuck you, Mr. Perky' I pouted to myself defiantly as
I squeezed more pee pee into the toilet, then,
impulsively, I leaned forward, and gave him a little
kiss on the end. Before I knew it, I sucked the end of
him into my mouth, making a face as I tasted my own
orders on him, frowning.

I burst into tears as I reached for the toilet paper,
shuddering, still embarrassed by how much my own
stupidity excited me! Even if somebody was trying to
demote us all into silly little bimbettes at work, my
throbbing desires in private were only speeding me
down even faster!

I cringed at the danger of my even going to work like
that on Monday. The last I remember I was so horny, I
was just relieved I didn't bounce up to Kristy's
office, start finger fucking myself and beg for a
demotion right then and there! I can't EVER risk being
at work in such a vulnerable 'bimbo' state like that
ever again!

Well, I'd cleaned the house off all pads, so maybe I
had a chance now...

I pulled a strange piece of paper from my pocket, and
tried to read it.

'HEY STUPID - when TRUDY COMES over today - Remember
to TRY not to hump the couch arms of other furinture.'
Oh yeah. I knew there's a reason I keep doing that!
That's really pretty nasty thing to do, isn't it? No
wonder they smell like Mr. Perky, another giggle
escaping from my lips.

Inserting a finger in myself, I re-read the silly
little warning while on the toilet, trying to ignore
the mounting anticipation for the naughty little pads
which were NOW in the plastic garbage bag I'd thrown
away last night.

Well, I'd thrown the away and dug them out a dozen
times, but since they were NOW in the trash,

...I'd won.


Unfortunately, the garbage truck had already came, so
I was fresh out at home, and I licked my lips at the
temptations my high heels and pads ignited inside me.
I left the bathroom and walked past my closet, trying
not to admire my now totally bitchin' collections of
high heels, as I confussedly and angrily fingering
myself, racking my brain for who could it be behind it

Kristy? I mean, she got the pads wholesale right? Why
would she buy them if she never wears heels. But if
Kristy is behind ALL of it, I don't buy she'd put Lisa
up to that shit with Joe! I can't think of anyone
who'd licks cum out of a shoe as being in control.

I walked into my closet and dug out a pair of five
inch pumps, but I didn't put them on or anything. I'm
not that stupid.

I ONLY did scrub the smell of the pads from the
soles of the heel, that's all. As I worked on them
with a wash cloth, I continued deep in thought.

Lisa. Not Lisa. Not MY Lisa. Not by day anyway. Not
even by night. She's carnal at night, and cruel, but
she's still pretty vapid. And even if it is, what's up
with Joe bruising her? NO, I don't buy she'd let
herself be beaten that badly just for this.

I tried to burrow my nose into the high heel, but I
couldn't smell a thing. I guess it's not the odor, but
how it seeps into the pores. I decided I'd just wear
them for...what? Two minutes. Tops. I needed relief of
the feeling of them on. But nothing crazy.

I'd set the timer, so there's be some limits. Two
minutes, tops. As I slipped them on, I realized these
had some pads in them. Well, at least my toes won't
feel squashed, right? Imean, come on, what's ONE pair
of pads gonna hurt?


Standing there in my cute little sexy pumps, admiring
how smooth and sexy they made me feel, I hurriedly
looking through the drawer for that stupid timer,
trying to think a little more...but it was getting,
like, harder and harder...

Joe? I think he's not much more than a chimp, frankly.
He's just a tool, like Lisa. That leaves...

Where is that poopy timer? God my shoes look sexy.

Trudy. She hasn't been around very long, but she is
shaping up to be a little pain in the butt. She's
already sucking the bulk of my paycheck up now.
What was she up to?

Now, what was I looking for in this drawer again? Oh

I stayed burrowed away in the safety of my office,
frantcily worried of talking to anyone, as I was
slipping into and out so much now, eben what I'm not
wearing any high heels! I didn't even know what day is
was, or care, still reeling from watching what small
part of me was left, disapear. Didn't it mater to me?
Didn't anything mater anymore?

What *really* bothred me, was, part of me was...


Then Lisa called me and Trudy into her office. She
started crying, confessing she'd been given a stern
warning by Kristy about not meeting her quota. Trudy
and I exchanged unsurprised looks, especially since
Trudy was now secretly carrying BOTH my and Lisa's
workloads. However, we both Trudy and I potely rushed
in, assured her everything would be fine, offered hugs
and kleenex to the hapless blinking little bimbo
before us.

"I don't get it. It's not like I'm all *that* far
behind now, am I? " Lisa cluelessly asked. Trudy and I
shrugged non-comitally, while I inwardly cringed.

"Guess what? Kristy actually said....she was gonna, are
you ready?....DEMOTE me...I'm demoted. " Lisa stammered in
a panic.

"To what position?" Trudy asked in a beat. I frowned
at her ill-timed sencitivity, but was curious myself.

"'s up in the air, but Kristy said I may have
to, like, re-interview just to see if I....well.....could
even bae able to be like, even.....a receptionist's."

"Wow. That lowely, huh? Hey einstien, there's only one
receptionist position here." Trudy snapped.

"..uh.....I know." Lisa said sheepishly, avoiding
Trudy's eyes.

" WHAT? I'm only budging one inch from this stupid
little receptionist position, until I get promoted.
Period. I'm sorry Lisa, I'll be damned if your taking
MY friggin' job-- " Trudy snapped at the poor girl,
and I jumped between them.

"Relax Trudy, I'm sure Kristy was just trying
to...uh...'motivate' Lisa, NOT take your 'friggin' job',
okay?" I said, as Trudy backed down with a frown.

"Tell her. Tell Lisa who's really been bailing her out
around here, or I will..." Trudy barked as I turned Lisa
away from Trudy and towards me.

"Lisa...I've a confession to make. I only did
help you.....the thing is...well...." Trudy grabbed Lisa's
hand and butt in.

"Your work hasn't been cutting it. It's me that's been
bailing your dizty ass out."

"You? But...I've been handing in stuff..."

"Jenny and I intrecept it, and rewrite them. None of
your crayon - like - reports even reached Kristy's
desk for weeks, or you'd have been canned long ago!"
Trudy spat as Lisa stared in horror.

"Why? It's not like I'm stupid or anything...Not *that*
stupid, am I? Jen, you knew about this?" Lisa asked,
big tears forming.

"I've been doing you both your and Jen's work these
last few months. She's not much better than you, it
seems..." Trudy spat.

Lisa shot a pouty hurt look my way, and somehow
knowing I'd betrayed her, humiliated her, aroused me
too. Jesus I was sick.

"Trudy!" I scowled. " Lisa, it was to protect you..." I

"But, if I'm like, out of a job, that's kinda...sucky,
isn't it? How's that protecting me jenny, huh?" Lisa
asked, half desimated, and half like a distracted
child who simply couldn't follow along.

"Smart question, for a bimbo. Any anwser, *jenny*?"
Trudy smirked and shrugged at me casually.

I looked at the ground, my face burning.

"Okay you two little brain surgens, since were all
being so fucking honest - and since I'm bailing both
out - I'd like you two to address me as 'Gertrude'
from now on, IF you think your able to remember
something that."

"I like Trudy..." Lisa pouted, staring down with her
high heel strap, humming to herself.

"Trudy's' a twits name, right, *jenny*?" Trudy
grinned. The nastier Trudy was being, the more she was
teasing me into a fog of sexual frusteration. WhaThe
humiliation of standing here, passivly watching by
whole reputation and dirty little secrets were being
emptied out before Lisa, made me knees weak. Thank god
Kristy wasn't here.

I wantd to be indignant over Trudy basicly calling my
best friend a fucking bimbo to her own face, but Lisa
embarrassed me further by playing with her shoe straps
and humming the theme to Sesame Street. Jesus, no
wonder Kristy lit into her.

God we were pathetic. I stepped closer to Lisa's face
and spoke to her tenderly.

"Lisa honey...Trudy...."

" What was my special name again? I'm Gertrude, unless
you want me to start calling that cute little name
Lisa likes to use over the phone, what was it......again?"
Trudy hissed, but the Idea turned me on.

"DUMBO!" lisa proudly said, expecting someone to hand
her a stuffed animal.

"Bingo." Trudy laughed.

"No, I'm pretty sure it's Dumbo." Lisa said, trying to
think. It was cute, if annoying.

" as I was saying.......I only had er..'Gertrude' here
doing all the grown up stuff secretly, to help us.
Contracts and all that hard stuff. You don't hate me
for saving you all that hard work, do you honey? It's
all mommy's fault. All my fault. "

"You two are sick!" Trudy sneared. I continued hugging
Lisa as I spoke soothingly to her.

"...that's the only reason that poopy ol' Miss Kristy
said all that nasty stuff to you....cause your just,'re a little too...." I said with a consoling
pat. I'd have
to come down hard on Trudy for that 'dumbo' shit!

"Stupid? Oooohh gooddddd.....I'm Really too dumb to do
my own work? aaaawwwww.....gosh dang it! " Lisa whinned,
a tiny ray of awareness penetrating her foggy brain
as she paused, rediscovering her heels.

"Shit kiddo, you're dumb as nails! Better stick to
those shoe straps. " Gertrude snickered at her own

I'd was too aroused to force any more dirty looks over
to Trudy, and decided to Ignore how stimulated. yeah,
that's not a bimbo word. Stimulated...I was...and <ahem>
...focus on helping Lisa with her abusive boyfriend by
going to Kristy for help when we had lunch today. I
could still trust her, and she always knows what to

I couldn't believe I'd patheticly stood next to Lisa
and agreed now call Trudy 'Gertrude' to her face! The
gall of that girl! Despite my dowward spiral, I still
had an ace in Kristy, and I'd have a little *chat*
with the big boss lasy about our reseptionist's cheeky
attitude of late. She still wored *for us, I now saw
that using her to help Lisa and me was a huge mistake.

I was still reeling from the implications of this
whole pad in the high heels thing, when Trudy pulled
me aside from Lisa whisperd to me.

" you think Kristy would really demote Lisa?"
Trudy asked. I was surprised she'd show vulerability
by asking, and I realized part of her bluster and
bullying of us was for Lisa, not me.

I knew she didn't think of me in the same class as
Lisa. Or course not, thank god. I attempted to look as
together as possibly, so I wouldn't lose her
confidence, and to restablish control.

"I doubt it. Don't worry, gertrude dear, I seriously
doubt you'd replace Lisa as 'queen ditz'. Your safely
tucked away in the boss's mind as the girl who bitches
about it, but never the less cleans up everyone else's
shit, something you've got a tallent for, wouldn't you
say? " I said staring at 'Gertrude' as pointedly and
bitchily as possible to her.

Gertude frowned at me. I felt she backed down when I
took charge, her cruelty only inflamed by my lapes
into bimbo like passivity. As long as I pretended to
be tough, maybe I had a change, adding:

"Besides, Kristy looks down everybody, escept me.
That's why you'd better watch your mouth."

"Oh, I think Kristy sees me in a new light,
especially after my bailing your butts out all this
work stuff. You see, I called your bluff. Told her an
hour ago. And I still have a job! " Trudy smiled.

"You're bluffing..." I stammered.

"Call her and ask Dumbo." Trudy shrugged causally as
she picked up the phone.

I slamed it down, furiously. Lisa looked up at us,
frightened. "It's okay honey, just...go back to your
straps." I sighed, flying back into Trudy.

" You bitch! I TOLD You not to she

"That you're a stupid little as your Little Miss
Bimbette over there?"

"I'm no fucking bimbo!" I snapped at Trudy as poor
little Lisa kept gesturing to a box in the corner,
pointing longingly at whatever was inside it like a
little kid. I held her hand as I spoke as if she were
a little toddler, as she whimpered for the box just
beyond her reach.

"No, but you'll get there. I can see it Jen, your
slipping, and it's not pretty to see. Everyone
noticing it, your work and ability to deliver have
gone to hell, your clothes are getting a
little...restrictive, and I won't even go into your
shoes lately. "

I couldn't *believe* Trudy was being so mean! Sure,
Lisa had brought over a few things from her closet,
and we'd play a little game in our special room of my
trying to fit into some of it, like with her high
heels earlier, but that was none of Trudy's business!

"...why look at yourself?" Trudy pointed as I glanced
down ...

... and realized I'd been, like, dry humping my own
crotch against the arm of Lisa's office chair as we
Gertrude and I spoke. I hadn't even noticed. God, her
debasing way of talking had caught up with me...

Golly, I'm so weak. Heck, who was this little girl fooling? But the next thing I did, even surprised me.

I sunk down on the floor, trying not to cry, feeling
totaly alone and started sucking my thumb as I
continued riding the material of my dress against the
arm of the cushioned office chair.

"jenny...?" Gertrude asked as I let the tears come as I

"Your right Gertrude. I have been having...problems.
It's useless to lie. But it's not just my being..."

"Dumb?" Gerture asked with a triumphantly beaming
smile, which made me feel insanely pissed off and
excited beyond words.

"Not just that, other stuff.....some, like, goofy stuff
happening. Look.." I reached down and pulled one of
the pink pads from my purse and showed her.

"Do you wear these in your shoes? " I asked.

"Yeah, They help keep the toes from narrowing. But I
forgot today. Why? " Gertrude asked, unimpressed.

" Don't you see? I chewed you out this morning, after
wearing your clogs. That's, like, duuuhhhhh... when I'm
usually at my total weakest, most vulnerable....after
I've been wearing high
heels, and THESE pads!"

"I'm not following..." She said impatiently.

"You're the smart one - It's like.....ohhhh...what's the
words? The higher the heel, the more our feet get soar
our silly little toe pads we all keep using, the
dumber we get! Does that make sence? More pads,
stupidier girls? " I was frantic for her to agree as I
pleaded, Gertrude folding her arms skeptically.

" Pink shoe pads? Are you serious? " She sighed as if
I was in full bimbo mode, which I wasn't, or at least
I *thought* I wasn't. Shit, I didn't know anymore...

Behind us, Lisa cuddled one of her heels she'd taken
off on the floor and whispered to it.

Gertrude squinted at me again.

"So, were ALL being, like, brainwashed? You really
believe that? Me too? And Kristy?" She asked.

"I dunno. I can't believe Kristy would be behind it,
not with her feelings about heels. Maybe our *male*
boss, the CEO, what's his name? Johnson? Someone
higher? Are you gonna tell me were all NOT being
turned into little over sexed idiots here?" I said,
kept to riding the chair's arm with a gental rythem,
embarrassed Gertrude wasn't even offened by it, or
wasn't even asking me to stop.

"First of all, ALL our shoes are reeking of this pink
stuff for months. So...even If your right, It's probably
seeped into souls so deeply by now..."

"Exactly. See? the more dumb we getm the hotter our
pussies get! We're totally fucked!" I cried in
desperation as Gertrude studied carefully me sucking and licking my thumb as I humped away. Hope this
didn't make her take me less seriously!

Finally, she could take no more, and exploded:

"Oh for god's sake - will you just KNOW IT OFF!!! You
can't hump and think at the same time you stupid horny

Gertrude disgustely pried me away from Lisa's chair's
arm, which was now moist with a little stain I'd left,
and another across the lap of my skirt.

Once I broke the motion, I was like, totaly humiliated
and felt really, like, embarrassed and frusterated by
not being able to get off, bursting into more sappy
little tears!

Gertrude staring at me firmly.

"Wait -- back up, are you actualy admiting your own
stupidity...turns you on?" Gertrude asked with a
judgmental eyebrow.

"So? It's not me, it's the pad's drug, whatever it

"How can you be sure? Maybe you just naturally get off
my a loss of status...isn't that possible?" She cheerily

"But it's not the 'real me'. I wasn't this way
before." I whimpered.

"How can you be so sure? Did the 'real you' ask Lisa
to call you dumbo over the phone? What else does she
'make' you do? Is the 'real you' a lesbian, or is this
your Magic Pad Powder to blame for that too?" Gertrude
snapped, her voice laced with anger.

"I don't.....I mean......"

"Look dummy, does the 'new you' feeling of wearing
high heels get you all hot and bothered?" Gertrude
said while filling her nails, losing interest.

"Yes." I managed, embarrassed and confused my her
bored insulting tone.

"Does the 'new you' behaving stupidly and ditzy stir
you with endless aroual and anticipation?" She asked
unflinchingly, finishing off her nail.

I looked down, nodding.

"So what's the problem? Maybe this 'new you' is the
*real* you, in which case, If it's something you
already like AND it excites you, I don't get the
problem..." Trudy said sounding a little foggy herself.

" Gertrude, does it...arouse you too?"

" No, but I'm not the cute little air head you two
are, so I'm in a different leauge." She said with a
megewatt smile.

"Don't be a meany..." I pouted, feeling stupid and horny
at her sarcasm. I fell to my knees before her and
pleaded, though she seemed bored now.

"Gertrue, I'm begging you -- pleeeeease....promise me
you'll watch out for us. I know we're not the closest
of friends, I'n desperate here.....please.....but not let
me do anything to...embarrasse myself, okay?

Gertrue laughed, but before she could speak, we both
heard a noise, and turned back to see Lisa with a
trying to open a stupid box, and something in me
snapped, and I totally, like, forgot what we were,
like, talking about.

Gertrude reached over and impatiently threw open the
box, which Lisa desperately fumbled her hands into.
Lisa hugged what was inside to her chest, as if
everything was now okay. Heels. Pumps. Brightly
colored. Tacky.

"Goody, goody, gum-drop!!! Happy,happy,happy!!" Lisa

Gertrue shot me a 'God she's pathetic' expression.
I saw Lisa about to put her heels on and gertrude
stopped her and reached inside, pulling a small pink
pad out and held it up to my face.

"Well well, what have we here?" She laughed with a
rasied eyebrow. "Guess this is the evil culprit,
right?" Lisa jumped in with,

" Put it back Gertie, that's the best part. It feels
like, all squishy and stuff on my toes and stuff...Put
my pads back inside okaaaaaay? preeeeetty
pleeeeeeease? Please put it back..." Lisa begged like a
junkie. My heart broke seeing her like this, but
Gertrude wouldn't, playfully waving it just out of
Lisa's reach over her head as she sat on the floor.

"Should I Jenny? Should I further corrupt our sweet
little asistant office manager? I want to hear it from
your lips...." Gertrude smirked.

I took my thing from my mouth and snapped.

"Oh, just give her the gosh darned pads. It's too late
for her anyways!" I embarrassedly pouted, crawling
over on my hands and knees and feeling such naked
betral as I stuffed the pink pad back into Lisa's six
inch heel. I winced as I saw myself grabbed another
handfull from Lisa's purse, as Gertrude added:

"You can't have too many with six inchers,
right dip shit?"

Lisa nodded eagerly. " uh huh....Please me
stand up in them, okay? Please, please, please,

After some pathetic pleading from Lisa, we supported
either side of her, helping her stand. Once our poor
little high school drop out arched into her
humiliating looking pink paten leather wonders, she
found herself drying the tears from her eyes,
virtually unable to move from the high heel pedestal
they created, like plastic some doll on a display.

But the more Lisa tottered around in her stiletto
heels, the more frusterated I was I wasn't getting

" do they look? " Lisa asked desperately.

" They're very....high...." I said, trying to hide my
growing arousal.

" As high as your ballerina heels were when you fucked
Mr. Perky? Their not that high, are they Jenny? They
were the highest huh? " Lisa said excitedly.

" Ballerina heels?" Gertrude smirked with a glance my
way, as I did my best to ignore her, as I continued to
lick and nurse my thumb, burning with shame this was
all desending into Gertrude's attempt to humiliate
Lisa, and pissed at myself for, like, watching and,
trying not to touch myself. I fought for some motherly
words for my Lisa.

" They look fine honey. Let's like, not get into our
private time together right now, okay? Just relax and
enjoy your new toys, okay? You could use a little ifun
after getting such poopy news with work and all..."

" Oh yeah, work. Bummer....But....good thing I have these,
huh? These make it all okay...!!!" Lisa beamed at us as
Gertrude gave me a sad sigh, smirking back to Lisa.

Suddenly I became aware of someone next to us.

I jumped a foot when I saw her stand at the door
entrance to Lisa's office, arms folded. Iwanted to
die, I really did, blood rushing to my face.

" Hello Lisa..." Kristy leaning against the the door.

" Kristy, how long have you been standing there? " I
asked, jerking the thumb from my mouth and praying
Kristy would spot the stain on my skirt as I stood
behind Lisa's chair.

But, luckily, Kristy was just smiling, taking in the
site of Lisa towering before us like a circus clown.

" Oh, HEEEEYYYYYY Kristy...Don't I look, like, super
cool? " Lisa smiled as Kristy shot Gertrude and I a
measured look.

" ...super duper cool..." Kristy smiled as though watching
a small child doing a trick.

Kristy watched bemused as Lisa stood delicately
perched on bizarrely thin stiletto heels measuring an
incredible six inches high. Lisa proudly pointed to
her feet, struggling to stay up.

"See? These pumps have a really cool narrow pointed
toe and are really jazzy looking cause they got these
neat-o double sets of ankle straps across my ankles.
Did you guys notice the cool straps on the --? "

" Yeah hon, we noticed." Kristy smiled with a mixture
of condesention and amusement. This torried little
display was the last straw. The change in Kristy's
voice made it clear.

Lisa's rep at work was now....


These 'bimbo shoes' had branded Lisa a child in every
bodies eyes as well as cost her any office manager
status. I should have been horrified, but the whole
thing gave me a delicious sadistic thrill! I could see
the glint in Kristy's hard cold eye, and it made me
horny knowing Lisa had thrown ut all away and totally,
like, blown it!

She'd be lucky to land a cleaning job at this rate!
My heart was racing with excitement. This was my worst
fear, and Lisa was living it out. Her new role was
cemented and there was nothing anyone could do. I
desperately hid my glee as she minced around in those
sexy looking six inch stilettos, her feet growing
purple from the tight fitting size she'd chosen.

" Lisa hon, maybe you'd better give them a rest, huh?"
I tried, selfishly hoping she wouldn't.

Kristy shot me a "good suggestion" look, and I flushed
under her approval. Lisa chirpped at us.

"It's okay Jenny. My little tootsies need the
practice. It doesn't hurt....too bad." I made a mental
note to correct her calling me 'Jenny' in the future
before Kristy.

There was almost no shame on Lisa's stupid vacant
little face, as she pranced around before us, eager
for our approval. The angle forcing her 'tootsies' to
stand at attention in these six inch torture devices
kept turning Lisa's feet deeper shades of blue and
purple now.

I saw Kristy's mouth drop when she finally saw Lisa's
feet, and got insanely aroused, knowing she'd freak!
Lisa grabbed for a new kleenex to wipe her tears as
Kristy and I watched Lisa abuse herself in the heels,
fresh tears trickling from her chin.

" Lisa, this is NUTS!!! Those things are clearly
killing you!!! Kristy demanded, panic growing.

"Kristy, uh....maybe she knows what she's doing..." I said

"Maybe she wants to be called Dumbo too, huh Jen?"
Gertrude smirked. I had to use all my strength to keep
from killing her right there. The comment went right
past Kristy, as Lisa jumped in:

" No..It's okay...they need to be worn, I gotta stretch them out." Lisa stammered.

" No! You're getting OUT OF THEM - NOW!!!" Kristy

In minutes Gertrude, (or Trudy, which she sliped back
into around Kristy) and I had Lisa out of the
ridiculous heels and back on her feet as Trudy got
some water and towles, helping the girl to the rest
room to soak her feet before getting her to a doctor,
per Kristy's instruction.

I followed behind Kristy as we we watched Trudy help
Lisa out the back work entrance.

"Jennifer, Lunch tomarrow? We've a some important
things to discuss..." Kristy said seriously.

I was really, like, worried by Kristy's tone, but I
had a speech all rehearsed. I hadn't forgotten Trudy,
and would never trust the bitch again! I'd be
spending all day on damage control over how bad she
probably made me look in Kristy's eyes. Thank god all
Kristy was Lisa's display and not my chair humping
thumb sucking stuff.

I'd have to make sure Trudy was fucking *fired* today
to cover my ass, AND for betraying Lisa and I like

I snatched a pair of Lisa's heels and started into my
office , but some other girl was WORKING in there! I'm
like, Hellooooo? MY office? Excuse me!!!! It's that
intern, that prissy little Christina, which kinda
pissed me off. On top of that, she was sitting there
with my favorite of neon pink pumps on the desk, AND
painting her fingernails a cheep looking black goth
color. Totally, disgusting, this whole goth stuff,
huh? This is way outta line for intern too.

Furious, I almost was ready to march in there and tell
her off, then I looked at the my shoes.....Cute little
open towed numbers, five inch plastic pink mules.

I felt a weird, like, totally bitchin' RUSH inside...

Part of me was afraid I'd like, embarrasse myself,
cause she'd like, think I was some kinda...well, you
know. The 'B' word. And anotehr part knew I had too.
Not that I'd like, hump her leg or nothing. No, I'm
not that bad. Most of the interns are as clueless as
me! (giggle)

I took a step in, surprising myself. She jumped a

"Oh - Shit! I'm mean...Oops! really sorry Miss Corbitt...
I had no place else to...I know this is your office,
huh? I can move..." She said nervously picking up her

"No, that's okay....You're the new girl, right? Aren't
you getting your first evaluation with Kristy
tomarrow?" I smiled, as she relex.

"yup." She sighed with a little shrug."

So.....'Christina' is it?" Cool. So, like.....why are you
sitting at my desk?" I said, watching her lips purse.
" Oh, uh....copy machine broke down. I was just hand
copying these reciepts, pretty lame what us interns
are used for huh?" She said her eyes darting to the
nail posih on my desk then back to me, while she
forced a worried plastic smile. But I was pertty sure
she was just doing her nails. That's my guess.

"Miss Corbitt, you SURE you don't need to use your own
office? You gotta have more important stuff to do than
this...." She grimaced.

"Ohhh....just clients and stuff... I
guess....needed some figures..." I lied. Gertrude did that
now. But I wanted to see if I couldn't...

"Clients - Oh gosh, that's, like, much more important,
isn't it?" Christina blinked puzzledly.

"No, not with me!" I giggled "Listen...will you do me a
fav Chrissy? Would you do those reciepts latter, and
do something for me now instead....? Pretty please?" I
said, wincing at how stupid that last part came out.

"Anything Miss Corbitt, just ask...!"

"Is that fingernail polish?"

"Yeah. Sorry. I promise I'll never --" She paniced as
I cut her off.

"Shhhh -- Now this may sound a little odd,
Chrissy...but...will you be a dear and...paint my pretty
pink high heels with your black nail polish?" I asked
stupidly, going wild over how I was humiliating
myself, and the office gossip I'd be setting in motion
when she'd started blabbing.

"You want me to....PAINT your shoes black...with nail
polish? The whole shoe? Won't that ruin them? Are you
SURE? I, what if some of it it drips on your

"When you meet with Kristy tomarrow, tell her I said
I'd personally lick it up..." I said, racing out the

OMIGOD! What the heck did I just, like, do? I was so
hot over being so stupid, I rushed down the hall,
slamed the supply closet door, desperate for something
to furiously grind my sweaty little pussy against. I
wondered. Would I get to lunch tomarrow before
Christina talked to Kristy, and have a chance to put
it out, before it blew up in my face? Talk about

Or would I be too late. Golly this was fun! I bet this
is how Lisa felt with her little high heel humiliation
fashion show! Saying that to her, just.... just poped
into my head, and now we'll see, wont we jennifer?

No...won't we....jenny.

I locked the door, and grabbed my pussy, then decided
it would be more exciting to....UNLOCK it, fearing of
getting caught driving me insane -- as I hid in the
small little closet like a moron, forcing my feet into
Lisa's shoes and riding a broom handle, imaginine the
sick rush that cute prissy little intern would give me
by possibly humiliating me. Here I was supposed to be
goody two shoe jennifer, helping my best friend Lisa
get out of her pervy hubby's abuse, and instead I was
fooling around like a horny teenager with Lisa's very

Would Crissy poo blab? Gosh, I hoped not. I mean....SO!
(giggle) Imagine, if Chrissy actualy, like, TOLD her,
Kristy, what I'd said? I'd have to expalin why little
jenny wenny blabed such a ditzy stuff to the big boss
lady tomarrow morning...
This was it.

It was killing me, but I did it! I couldn't fucking
believe I'd almost fucked this up with that
stuuuuuupis intern bullshit yesterday, but the fear of
losing everying I've ever worked for, for a fucking
orgasm, just wasn't worth it, soooooo....after NINE gut
wrenching HOURS, dozens of notes and throwing out
every last pair of shoes I OWN, so I went literally
without ANY PUMPS, ANY PADS........did it!

I almost could friggin' think again!!!


The fall out was, last night had left me totally
sexually frusterated beyond my limits had made it
impossible to even pretended to be normal. My only
weakness was...well....a new little outfit I picked up
this morning, and HEY, I HAD to by some shoes, cause I
couldn't, like, come to this meeting barefoot, right?

Kristy and I had brie and bread sticks at our usual
spot and I told her I knew who was fucking things up,
and I needed to restore order, despite the choas my
sick games left around the office, I knew only Kristy
could save me from myself...or and Lisa from her
husband's preversions. Plus, this was my last chance
to regain her confidence in me.

"So, let me get this straight, your saying Gertrude is

"I'm saying she'd do, like, almost *anything* to work
her way out of reception! Totally! Look at how she's
worked typing my and Lisa's reports into taking credit
for them! It's totally..."

"Totally. There it is.." Kristy winked.

"Huh?" I said stupidly.

"You're quite *enamored* of that word of late, aren't
you? Better watch your company." Kristy smirked.
Before I could decide if she was laughing with me or
AT me, she continued.

"Look Kiddo. Don't try and snow me with Lisa. She
herself admits to having trouble with the most basic
of functions. I had her IQ tested. She's dangerously
close to 'special' as in 'handicapped. "

" You're kidding." I said.

" Seriously. Now, I know you're a different case. And
I know Gertrude and you haven't --"

"Trudy! Trudy! Not Gertrude. Demanding her name
changed, well....uh...." I fought for the words.

" ...just another power play? " Kristy asked with a
raised eyebrow.

"Yeah - that! What you just said. " I blurted out,
wincing at how clumsy my words kept coming out.

'You okay today?" She asked watching me merclessly.

"..uh...late night. I'm quiting cafeen." I blushed.

"Well, you sure *look* it. Watch yourself kiddo."

"Say, You talk to that intern today, the new
girl...what's her name?"

"Christina? She my 1:30. Don't worry about her. As I
was saying...Look, I know Trudy's gunning for Lisa's old spot, but she's overshooting. In a year, maybe. Forget
her, I need *you* to shape up. It'd take me too long
to train someone to jump into your accounts this late
in the game. To be frank, Trudy's attempts to do your
job aren't cutting it. " Kristy said as I found myself
vacantly stroking my heels under the table.

My mind wandered during the long sentence. I should
have paid attention too, 'cause, like, I was sure
there was a something, like important in there

"Jennifer....I know you CAN you pull it together.
Question is, WILL you? I need my old Jennifer
back. Okay?" Kristy said, taking my hand and bring my
eyes to hers. Tears started to form as I realized this
was my second chance. Shake it this jenny crap! Kristy
was coming through for you, and no, you WON'T let her
down! Jesus was I lucky!!!

"Are you gonna let Trudy go then?"

"Reprimanded. And I'll explain how her focus should
be loyalty, not advancement. Besides, if she's gonna
take credit for your work, she could at least do a
better job, right? " Kristy laughed, the joke going
over my head, but I mimicked her laughter with a false
little smile, nodding head.

"I really appericate this Kristy, I won't let you
down. Promise."

Ooohhh puuuleeeeas. I know that silly, that's why I
hired you. Did you see the heels on that silly new
assistant, Tammy? Talk about a joke!" Kristy laughed,
which I usual got bored with, but I brightened right
up about, cause it was, like, about, high heels! Cool!
"Yeah. She can't really pull off half of what she
wears, huh? Listen, about this intern, Christina? Do
me a fav and drop her, okay?"


"Come ooooonnn...please? I'm your main bed, remember? I
know I've been a bit...'whatever', lately, but DO this
for me, right away, before she even sees you today.
Okay?" I said as playfully as I could muster, dogging
other women in that sick way I knew my boss loved,
making her grin.

"Booooy, you really *don't* like her, huh? Done.
Consider her toast. Okay, anything else before we get
back to work?" Kristy asked brightly.

" Well...there LAST thing..." I said coyly.

" Yeah? Shoot."

" Lisa's got herself in a...situation. Her boyfriend
will leave her if she doesn't fulfill a certain
little, well, fantasy of his.." I tried, leaving out
the bruises, knowing that would send Kristy into hyper
space and get the cops involved, something Lisa begged
me to avoid.

I could see Kristy's lurid curiosity outstripped her
feminisnt moral or her mild repulsion.

"Really? Sounds....twisted. Spill." She smirked.

"Well..." I leaned over and found as subtle a way to
describe Joe's cumming in his wife's shoe fantasy as
possible. Which wasn't, like, easy.

"....that's disgusting." She whispered.

"I know, I know. I told Lisa as much, but this is
serious. He said he'll ditch her if she doesn't find a
replacement for his sexual kink. I say good riddance,
but you know our silly little Lisa!"
"Yeah..." Kristy chuckled to herself. Then her eyes
caught my high heels for the first time.

The smile left her face as her eyes meet mine,
frowning. a Long silence hung there, as I sqirmed,
feeling a warm feeling spread over my privates.

I shrugged helplessly as I felt more red hot
humiliation pour over my body, at my disaproving boss
seeing.... orange platforms.

Yes ORANGE. and yes PLATFORMS. I'm clueless why the
hell I did it, I just saw them in the window. I'm
weak. Sweat stared to pour.

" Those are some *interesting* shoes...." Kristy

Motherfucker. I thought she'd noticed earlier. Though
I'd squeeked by. Heart racing. Faster, faster. Damage
control, sinking, sinking!!!!

"GOTCHYA!!! boy, I really had you goin' there, huh?" I
forced artifical laughter. "It's a joke, see?" I

She started at me for a second, reading me.

"Okay, a silly one. They're just Lisa's. Mine got
dirty today because, had to change a tire,
that's all. I know they're really fucking
embarrassing, and I feel like a total fucking air head
for-" I was racing a mile a minute in explanation as
Kristy cut me off.

"HEY - relax! I have another pair of flats back at
the office I'll loan you. What are you a size eight? "

"uh....nine. " I said, face aflush.

"Well mine are eight and a half's. They'll get you
through the day. I imagine those little suckers are
torture to mince around in, right? " Kristy shook her
head at the orange plastic four inch platforms which
gorgeously hugged and hurt my tired toes, heels and

I nodded, going a little dumb again when she started
talking about them. About heels. My heels. I winced
over how I was now SO used to wearing three and four
inch heels at home and behind my locked office door
over the lst six monthes, that my poor little tendons
were shorter and I'd now be aching painfully through
Kristy's flats for the rest of the day. 'Fiddle sticks
and double Poo' I pouted to myself.

"While were on fashion....I have noticed your wardrobe's
gotten a little, well, let's just say...'Lisa
influenced'. Now, look Jen, it's your turff -- my
account manager's fashion choices are *none* of my
business, but you are a distinguished business woman,
not a silly little twenty something. Things Trudy and
Lisa try, look silly on women of our position, okay? I
hope I wasn't too out of line, but I just.."

It took everything I had just to keep from clutching
my pussy, barely following what Kristy was sayin' ...but
I soon just gave up and nodded my head like a puppy,
really, like, hoping it wouldn't need some sorta

" Now, as to Lisa's problem, I think I know of someone
who'd be desperate enough to jump at the chance..."

I stood in the doorway of Lisa's house for the first
time. Lisa's husband's house, that is. The big prick!

In all our time together, I'd never seen where she
lived. It was a modest little house, very much like
her mind--stuffed with hordes of nick nacks, clothes,
shoes and what not. Like a teenager's bed room. Like a
bimbo's, come to think of it.

But Lisa wasn't here today. It was just me and a
friend who was to meet me here at five, but had left
me stuck face to face with Lisa's charming, beer
swilling boyfriend, Joe. Lisa would really fucking owe
me for this one!!!

"Hello Joe, it's me, Jennifer."

"Jenn...Jen....Oh yeah, that chick she works with, right?"
"Yes, that's me." I squeaked, sounding a little more
silly and trivial than I'd planned. His expression
showed his snap judgment from my chirping voice - air
head. Damn it , now he'd think I was really like this,
just from my poor first impression!

"Well... aren't you gonna come in?" He belched.

"Well, I was waiting for a...friend..." I said weakly,
looking behind me at the empty driveway.

"Come inside and wait. Look, nobody's gonna rape you -
trust me!" Joe cruely laughed as I winced.

I turned to see a car pull up and sighed in relief.

"She's here..." I chirped again, my voice all sing songy
and sounding even stupider than before. Why
did I keep doing that lately? I walked into the living
room, and before I could sit down, another hand
knocked on the door. Joe showed her in and directed
her to Lisa's room so she could get changed. I
remembered that Joe wanted a sexy outfit which she
probably brought in a bag or something.

I just wanted to get this whole disgusting mess over
with. I'd been secretly aroused when Lisa had told me
this, but now being here alone with Joe made me
queasy. I didn't like guys, and I guess that was part
of Joe's sick thrill, getting one of Lisa's
girlfriend's from work to wear some
heels and another even stupider one to orally clean

Jesus this was pathetic. Why were my hands sweaty?

"Okay....guess she's ready!" Joe announced, as she came
out from the back bedroom, all decked out in some
cheesy red mini latex mini skirt, garters, stockings,
and a furry sash around her otherwise naked chest,
stumbling through the carpet in a pair of Lisa's
bright red six inch pumps and looking amazingly sexy,
if I do say so myself.

Trudy looked miserable. I savored every moment, and
was pleasantly surprised Trudy had agreed to it.
Maybe Kristy knocking her down a peg ot two did the
trick. I smiled a nasty smile at her.

"Hello...Trudy." I sneered.

"My names Gertrude." Trudy sneered back.

"Jesus, what a sucky name! You'd better stick with
Trudy like the toad over here said. So what's your
name bitch?" Joe cruelly snapped.

"uh...Trudy" she whispered, looking down, face burning

"Okay Trudy, here's the deal. I wanna come in my
girlfriend's heels, those heels. This Jennifer cunt's
no beauty queen, so you're the eye candy to get me
off, got it?" We both started dumbfounded as he
casually just unzipped his pants and pulled out his

" So, which are you gonna be, Trudy?" He asked as he
started stroking his cock as though we weren't even

As Trudy's eyes formed tears, a dim thought made it
was through my head.

One girl was to wear Lisa's heels, the other was
supposed to lick his cum out, right? Even if Trudy was
here to visually arouse Joe, what was my role?

My voice seemed to come from behind me.

"Her high heels, lemme wear them....please?" I whispered
horsely as they both stared at me surprised.

"W-what did you little freak?" Trudy asked,
losing all respect, but Trudy's amazed look, really
turned me on further.

"I don't give a shit. Go ahead, wear her fucking
heels then. But Trudy stays in the other stuff, the
mini skirt and stuff. She's the sexy one. " Joe leered
at Trudy, who scowled back at him.

I couldn't believe it- Thank god Joe didn't find me
attractive - now poor little Trudy would be cleaning
my shoes with her tongue as Joe and I watched in
amusement! This was too cool!!!

"I didn't think you were the little dizy high heeled
*type*, Jenny." Trudy bitchily hissed as she stepped
out of Lisa's heels and kicked them over to me.

"No Trudy, pick them up and bring them over and put
them on my feet yourself, pretty please? If that's
okay with you Joe, is it?" I shot him a submissive
Lisa like smile to him.

"I don't think the 'Turdy' bitch likes that, does she?
Yeah, go put them on her fucking feet 'Turdy'. Now!
Hurry up!" Joe laughed at his own play on her name as
he kicked Trudy's butt towards me and simultaneously
picked up the pace on his cock.

As Trudy kneeled at my feet she hissed up at me. "Gee,
I hope these aren't too uncomfortable, what with your
huge feet and all. "

For some reason, I found myself babbling like a total
idiot to her as she put them on me.

"They'd be a total relief, okay? All these low heels
are hard on my calves. See...I.... I wear higher heels at
home. Have been for months now. And my calves are in
pain from the strain. Besides.... " I babbled.

"It was sarcastic make me puke, they
turn you on, don't they?" Trudy asked, her
eyes piercing mine as she waited pointedly.

"Please..." I blurted out shamefully, holding back
a fresh burst of tears, desperate to fondle myself. I
felt Trudy's hands working my heels into Lisa sexy
little six inch wonders as I eagerly arched my feet
inside them myself, toes trembling with the

"...Wow...this bitch is really into high heels, huh?" Joe

"You have no idea." Trudy smugly winked back at him.

Trudy helped me stand before them both. Between little
whimpers in my business suit and dress and impossibly
high heels, I watched in aroused horror as my hand
slid down to my crotch and into my panties before

"Hey, the bitch is playing with herself!" Joe

"Should I make her stop?" Trudy asked.

"No...let her keep going, but somebody get over here and
blow me, and bring the shoes."

"Jennifer - You do it. " Trudy tried, but I didn't
want to. I just ignored her and kept playing with
myself right there before them.
They were rooted there, engrossed by poor little
Jenny's pleasuring herself. I could feel Trudy's

"Jenny, you've GOT to suck him off. Your simply not
smart enough to think of any other way! Good little
office bimbos like you *like* sucking guys off,
right?" she whispered into my ear, causing confusion
and melting my resolve. I didn't want Joe's cock in my
mouth, but he was gonna cum in my shoes anyway, and it
*did* seem silly for Gertrude to do anything that,

I still didn't want to, but I could somehow see a
silly little thing like myself doing it much more so
than a real person like Gertrude. I could visualize
myself kneeling down and being dumb enough to allow
it. Though it did piss me off terribly and wasn't
something I intended, it made more sense than dirtying
Trudy's nice classy mouth!

I licked my lips.

"Okay, forget the blow job, I'm almost there, just
bring the bitch's shoes over. " Joe grunted as Trudy
rushed me over to him in mincing little steps so I
wouldn't fall over.

"See Trudy? Aren't I talking daintily little steps?
Are you proud of your little Jenny -poo? I said, half
in a fog as to who I was talking to anymore -- Trudy
or Lisa

"Yes dip shit, you're taking nice little steps for a
brainless bimbo! Now be a good girl and prance your
way over to Joe here so we can collect some of his
sticky gooey cum, won't that be fun???" Gertrude asked
in mock affection.

I could feel my intelligence turn to Jell-O as I
pranced around impatiently. I no longer wanted to hide
how horny I was, or how dumb and silly I felt, since I
now had the highest high heels to prove it.

I took Trudy's hand to hold my balance, and I was
surprised she didn't pull it back. Her palm was warm
like mine, and I wanted to see her expression, but I
couldn't tear my eyes away from my image in the
window. I was now doing a little dance for them like
a child eager to pee pee, as I masturbated in the
Lisa's living room, balancing in those ridiculous
little stiletto six inch heels.

"Your really enjoying this aren't you?" Gertrude

"...uh...maybe......" I giggled.

"Okay - If your going to humiliate yourself, let's do
it right. Jenny, strip off your clothes. "

"What?" I croaked.

" ou heard me. If you want to be dumbed down, what
your wearing won't do it...bimbos don't get to wear
business suits around male cock. " Gertrude said as
she and Joe quickly spread their hands and fingers
across my suit, stripping me.

"Man, for an ugly chick, you're sure makin' me hard.
Get her shoes off..." Joe barked at Gertrude, who pushed
me to the floor and forced my feet out of Lisa's high
heels, just seconds before Joe came. As I looked up I
caught sight of Gertrude kneeling before Joe's cock as
she milked his ropes of cum into the six inch heels. I
watched with glassy eyes as I waited for Gertrude to
eat it up.

But she turned to me, and I started to shake my head
in panic.

Then I heard steps from behind me. I looked up and saw
Lisa and Kristy, standing there in the hallway,
watching us.

I wanted to die, I really did.

I felt totally humiliated, naked lying on my back with
Gertrude in this sexy outfit holding Lisa's cum soaked
high heels to my own face.

"Kristy..I didn't....this wasn't my idea...." I whimpered.
"It wasn't mine either. I figured you and Gertrude
would work it out. I guess you have. " Kristy said

"Well...what are you waiting for?" Gertrude mocked.

"Jennifer, you don't *have* to do this...." Kristy said
sadly, but Lisa jumped in.

"Yes she does. Only a dummy would think so little of
herself right? It's all over. You may as well just
lick it up Jenny. You're just as dumb as me now. I
lick it up all the time. Yeah, he made me lie. Sorry!
" Lisa couldn't help giggling.

"Well, irt couldn't be any worse than Nail polish,
right?" Kristy laughed, and I realized I'd been had,
or did I do it to myself? I can't remember anymore.

Tears flowed freely as I excitedly looked at the gobs
of repulsive cum and arched my shaking hungry tongue

I couldn't stop myself.


As weeks passed, everything seemed back to normal,
sort of. There was a new girl, Christina, but it was
still me, Lisa, Trudy (Kristy insisted she go back to
Trudy) and Kristy as usual. I guess we'd all found a
comfortable niche now.

Rumors of my and Lisa's 'affair' were spread
throughout work, thanks to Trudy, but most people
assumed they were just rumors, thanks to Kristy! Lisa
still lives with Joe, and I'm still broken hearted
about it, though I never have spoken to him since that
ugly night.

Months Later:

My name's Christina Myers, I'm 22 and I've worked my
way up into this job as an account manager. There are
several other women who work here and we all share a
single secretary, but I'll get to her later. I've
only been here 2 months, and while
everyone I meet seems normal at first, there's
something a little....well, 'weird' about almost every
one here!

My best friend is Gertrude, but she lets me call her
Trudy. She only lets people very close to her call her
that, so I feel flattered. Even Trudy's own roommate
doesn't get to call her that.

My boss, Miss Kristy Swanson, says she believes
Trudy's deeply ashamed of starting out as a secretary,
and thinks the other women who remember that never
take her as seriously because of it. But that's silly
since she's left all that secretary stuff behind, and
is now a junior office manager, right under me. I was
a little worried that there might be tension because
she's only gotten to junior manager after seven years
and I'm promoted over her to full account manager and
started as an intern last year, but we still get along

And I think of her as an equal, even though Miss
Swanson whispered not to be too 'chummy', since Trudy,
as Miss Swanson put it: 'likes to play office
queen and assumes she sharper than she really is!'. I
think that's a little mean as I believe Trudy's pretty
smart myself!

Plus she's got a killer shoe collection. I'm really
impressed of her flair with wild exotic outfits I
could never pull off! I'm really loathe to being my
best friend's 'senior supervisor', so I spend a lot of
time showing Trudy I don't think 'less' of her after
work by going shopping, clubbing, and catching movies together. I used to worry maybe if truy was a lesbian,
cause she never dates guys, but I think she's just a
sad little workaholic.

Trudy's my pal, and the most normal one here.

Lisa is a the office secretary we share, and she makes
me crazy! She acts like such a spoiled little child,
dresses like a tart, giggles in little annoying
squeals and actually spends all day stroking and
talking baby talk to her high heels under her desk
believe it or not! Lisa's either the stupidest woman
in earth or something's seriously wrong with her! I
don't know why Kristy doesn't fire her. We all have
begged her to. In general a secretary is there to
support us office managers. This involves opening
mail, writing replies to letters and emails, taking
dictation, typing, word processing, photocopying and
filing, and phone work like taking messages and making

Lisa can't do A SINGLE ONE of these tasks! We do it
ourselves because she'll screw it up every time! I'm
not kidding. None of us five office managers dare
trust her with typing, copying, or filing. It's really
frustrating to work around someone who seems
mesmerized by her own shoes all day, let alone
incapable of even using basic office supplies, let
alone keeping accounts records.

Then Trudy told me the deal:

Lisa's Kristy's daughter!

Can you believe it? I was floored too. Well, *that*
explains a lot! So much for getting her fired, right?
Trudy told me Kristy was a little 'bent' and abused
her daughter Lisa by forcing her to wear high heels as
a little girl. Kinda weird, huh?

I just found out something even stranger today.
Trudy told me that Jenny, our copy girl, is
handicapped and has some sort of degenerative brain
disorder, which is why she dresses like a teen aged
girl out on the prowl, which is really sad, I think. I
barely remember seeing her 'cause I was just ninteen
back then and knew nothing, and I'm almost twenty one
now and have it all together, but Trudy swears
something happened with Jenny getting into my
nailpolish or something. I don't remember. I just now
know her as this weird repulsive little toad who won't
go away! I Know it's mean, but I doubt she's really
handicaped anyways. I think she's just way
slooooower.....than your typical dumb blonde, if that's

But even weirder: Poor Jenny keeps trying to 'seduce'
Lisa into necking with her in the supply closet. This
really pisses off Kristy, another woman dry humping
her daughter in the closet at work and all, even a
'special' one. So all us office manager are supposed
to now baby-sit Lisa and keep Jenny's paws of the poor

Oh yeah, Jenny is Trudy's roommate too. I think it's
amazing of Trudy to take on the burden of someone like
that! Trudy has a nice house in the valley and Jenny
stays in her own space, a converted bathroom with
tacky wallpaper and a mattress on the floor. I didn't
get a good look but there are some very weird looking
photos tacked all over the walls.

Of course, Jenny is a bit out there.

I thought it was a bit selfish of Trudy to make
someone who's handicapped like Jenny live in that
tacky little bathroom, but Jenny proudly insists she
LOVES it and breaks into tears and starts humping the
bathroom door knob when or this big black ugly piece
of plastic on the wall anyone suggests she move out.

I still wonder what Trudy gets out of living with
Jenny, but then I realized Jenny used to work her ages
ago in upper management. Trudy felt a loyalty to her,
I guess. I think that's why, when Jenny 'behaves',
Trudy secretly arranges for Lisa to sneak over and
visit Jenny in her bathroom. I was appalled when we
were watching a video at Trudy's house the other
night, and Trudy marched Lisa into Jenny's bathroom
and left them alone together to do god knows what.

Trudy said since Lisa was barely ahead of Jenny, it
was just like leaving two children together. It
bothered me at first, and I could hear Jenny
whimpering a lot, but they were both all megewatt
smiles afterwards,

so I guess it's cool.

I felt a little weird to find out Lisa is married.
I'm amazed her husband doesn't suspect what's up
between Lisa and Jenny! He's something of a clod, but
he's also really cute too. I met at the christmas
party last month and he snuck me off to a corner,
showed me a pair of high heels he'd bought Lisa and
asked my advice. I thought it was sweet that he'd do
that, and I pulled him further off to the side away
from the crowd.

Now, I'm normally pretty good about that sort of
thing, and I normally never allow myself to date
married guys, but I guess we had a little too much to
drink and I sorta found myself in the supply closet
with him, 'modeling' Lisa's heels!

I arched my back against the dark closet wall, feeling
his manhood thrust up inside me. Then I saw both Lisa
and Jenny at the other end of the closet -- both
standing perfectly still, half undressed, watching us.
Lisa's husband never saw them, but I did. We'd walked
in on them -- and now they were stuck, petrified of
being caught, until we left, so they had to just --

It was too fucking Ironic. I could see our little
bubble head secretary like Lisa was fuming and at me
for fucking her hubby, but she couldn't say SQUAT
'cause *I'd* caught her humping a slow witted dyke in
the same supply closet!

The totally pissed look in her eyes really got me
*excited*! As Lisa's smoldering eyes met mine, I sank
my fingers around her husband's warm smooth buns and
pulled his cock deeper and deeper into me as he pumped

After that I secretly met with Lisa's hubby and would
shamelessly wear his wife's high heels when we'd fuck.
Her hubby liked me in them, and even though I knew it
was wrong, I got a delicious wicked thrill from
rubbing Lisa's face in it!

Eventually, a new ritual started: Trudy would pick up
Lisa and her hubby, bring them both over to Trudy's
place. Then Lisa would go off into Jenny's bathroom
together, while her hubby and I could go fuck like
rabbits in Trudy's bedroom. I was worried Trudy would
get all pissy, but she just worked away into the night
at the kitchen table, doing all the work I slacked off
on during the day. She'd been helping me out a lot,
which I really appreciated!

I asked Lisa's husband if Lisa messing around with
Jenny like this bothered him, and he said he didn't
consider lesbos real lovers, and besides Lisa told him
all the nasty stuff they did anyways afterwards, to
get him off even more! I asked him if he ever told
what we did to Lisa. I guess he could hear the anger
in my question, cause he hedged -

then we heard a scream!

It was Lisa. We raced in and saw Lisa looking down at
Jenny who was lying on the floor. We all had to rush
Jenny to the emergency room after the suicide attempt.
I called Kristy, and she raced over and joined us. I
overheard Jenny weeping to Kristy how she really did
love Lisa and she couldn't go on like this. Lisa and
her hubby kept assuring her she didn't and she that
Jenny was just being 'silly' and that what she and
Lisa did together wasn't real love, only a little
game. I watched Jenny's face drop as she started
rubbing herself through the hospital sheets, until
eventually she got a vapid hysterical giggle and
agreed, 'yes, she was being silly' and her 'feelings'
for Lisa were just a bunch of silly nonsense.

We all let out a sigh of relief.

When Jenny started to hump the metal rails on her
hospital bed, Kristy called the nurse and they came
and restrained her and gave her a shot.

As we all filled out, I caught sight of Lisa alone in
the room with Jenny who was out cold. I saw Lisa
kissing and talking baby talk to Jenny's feet, which
were all full of scab's and ugly little soars, and I
felt my throat go dry.

Then Kristy pulled me aside in the hall and told me
asked me if I had been pawning off extra work on

I looked at her with big tears forming, too tired to
lie, and nodded yes. She looked at my feet, and I
noticed I was wearing Lisa's high heels. It was stupid
since there was no way Kristy would know, or it would
even matter, but I felt a burning sexual heat now that
Kristy thought of me differently.

As Lisa, Joe, Trudy and Kristy drove back, I couldn't
help but feel a panic at Kristy's frown. What would he
fall out be? Would I be fired, or just reprimanded? I
also felt a bit slow witted. MY feet were tired in
Lisa's heels. They were five inches and I'm not used
to that. I'd left them on while fucking Joe, and now I
ached to take them off.

When we got back to Trudy's house, Joe got me away
from the others and I found myself in Trudy's bedroom
laying under Joe as he fucked me, naked except for my
wearing Lisa's heels.

I could make out Jenny's bathroom from the bedroom,
and caught a peek of Kristy impaling her daughter on a
strange black phallus which was attached to the
bathroom wall. I heard Kirsty's voice echo from the
bathroom as my boss scolded Lisa and slapped her face
as the poor witless girl tried to remain on her tip
toes in some weird heels that were impossibly high.

Then I felt Trudy's tongue against my vagina. Joe's
balls made a little wet sound as they'd slap Trudy in
the face as she whimpered.


I sorta vaguely remembered something about someone
doing something to us, but I can't remember anymore. I
guess it doesn't matter now. Trudy's Kristy's number
2 now. I think Kristy likes Trudy cause she kinda
like, the manager I never was, and the daughter Lisa
never was. Trudy gets pissed off cause I'm so stupid,
she has to yell at me. She so smart, It's awesome! She
lets me hang ask questions with I'm not smart enough
to get, which is cool.

I told her I still don't get why our boss, Miss Kristy
Swanson would hate high heels at work, when privately
Lisa told me she'd force her own daughter into heels
at such an early age. That seemed kinda...poopy. Why'd
she do that?

" Poor little jenny, you poor stupid little thing.
Don't really don't get it, you get it?" Trudy asked,
as if she were being mean
to a little kid.

I shook my head slowly as she spoke. "I'll say this
really slow so that even you can understand...."

This was how everyone talked to me now, and I had to
keep from humping the leg of whoever was talking cause
it excited me so much to have to be talked down to
like this!

Anyways, Trudy said I shouldn't worry my little head
about it, but that she always suspected Kristy Swanson
had such poopy feelings about her OWN weirdo feelings
for silly women in high heels, that she, like, made
her own daughter pay for that 'sick' desire. Trudy
said Kristy still feels so ashamed and poopy about her
own daughter she's like afraid of Lisa hurting her
reputation and hard work to be, like a super duper
business woman and stuff!

I wasn't paying any attention anymore, and Trudy
sighed, telling me to scamper off and not get into
trouble, which meant don't leave stains on the office
chair's arms when I ride my pussy across it, which I
was kinda have a habit of when left alone.

I bit my lip with the temptation to indulge in some
slightly higher heels at work, but seeing what a fool
poor little Lisa was making of herself strengthened my
resolve. Though I'd already...*indulged* myself at home
with a pair of five inch practice heels Lisa had
suggested, I didn't DARE it at work. Not now.

There was too much to lose, especially in Kristy's
eyes. I'm still working my way back with Kristy
after...well, you know.

I winced at how willingly I laughed at what bimbos I
considered Lisa and Trudy to be. That seems like a
life time ago. Thankfully Lisa's still our favorite
whipping girl, and she's too stupid to be bothered by

I too get flack for dressing how I do. Today I'm in my
tight little honey mustard yellow business jacket and
skirt with leopard spotted trim, lycra pink blouse,
and matching leopard spotted five inch pumps. Lisa had
me spend hours modeling them in our 'special room'
last night, which is now decorated with all those
photos of us masturbating, plus new ones of me sucking on Lisa's shoes. I hate looking at ugly pictures of
myself in my own bathroom, but I guess I'm to dumb to
know any better, right? Anyways, I molded this outfit
for Lisa last night. She kept making me prance across
the tiled floor in my flashy new pumps until I was
exhausted, while she peed in my toilet, played with
herself, and watched me.

But it's not like we were serious lovers or anything!
God was I silly to think that! I see that now, I
really do. There's a certain comfort in knowing Lisa
just keeps getting more and more stupid all on their
own...but she still gets to boss me around. What does
it say about me that I still get off on it?

Kristy no longer hides her mocking stare.

" Here they comes the fuschia bergade!" Kristy mocks
as Lisa and I come bounding up like a couple of
puppies. " Watch this..." Kristy whispered to Christina
and Trudy.

"Jenny honey, would you be a dear and go...fetch me some
more coffee?" Kristy said with a smirk.

Trudy and Christina, our new account managers, watch
me intently to see if I will as I stand there before
them with a little frown. I still can tell when we're
being mocked, and it still gives me the most
delightful little jolt inside!

"Oh, that's okay - I'll get it! " Lisa said,
everyone by rushing up and snatching the cup from my
hand. That's my new job, right? Fetching stuff?" Lisa
giggles and disappears with the cup.

" Wow. That one's really eager." Christina smirked as
Lisa 'tick tacks' away in her heels like a happy
little receptionist, her new pony tale swishing away.

"How's your work coming, Trudy?" Kristy asked. Trudy
got a sheepish look.

"It's...coming. I'm still a little backed up. Sorry
Kristy." Trudy smiled, in a weird little supplicating
tone, trying to suck up once again.
" It's okay Trudy. Maybe I asked too much, huh?
Someday you'll shake off that silly secretarial

Trudy frowned, but I didn't get it. Kristy went on

" Maybe you could pass some of it along to out little
girl, 'Jenny' here?"

This brought a rounds of laughter from everybody as my
face burned. I didn't get the joke, but the laughter,
I always got that. Dumbo likes the laughter.

I shot Kristy a 'very funny' stare and she winked a
get used to it' look back at me. Part of me, likes,
wants to cry when I think of how we used to be, and
now how Kristy finds it impossible to take me
seriously anymore. Like, gee whizz -- who could blame
her after my famous cum-lapping performance, and all
ways dry humping her daughter and stuff, right? I'd
become the office stooge and everyone knew what a rush
I got from being the butt of everyone's dumb blonde jokes, since I was now, or course, blonde.

Bottle blond, that is.
" I dunno....maybe I could use some help..." Trudy said
voice trailing off as she started at me fixedly. I
stilled my heart as I realized this could be my second
chance. Trudy DID need my help. This might just be -

" ...with gaudy looking high heels!" Trudy busted
herself up.

Then everyone started to break up again as I felt a
warm flush overtake me! I bit my lip, trying to figure
where I could take Trudy shoe shopping after work.

"I ...uh..... m-maybe I could-" I said in a weak excited

" ...she was joking Idiot. " Christina snapped me.
Images of how Kristy mashed my face down into dried
crusty fingernail polish flooded my bubble head, and I
was ashamed even Christina saw me as stupid little
Jenny, office twit.

Kristy and Trudy exchanged a grin. Even though Kristy
didn't respect her, Trudy was still the new 'Jennifer'
position I once held. They went to lunch, laughed
about us. About me.

I winced inside, feeling confused. Their laughter made
me giddy inside, but was Kristy making fun of me?

"Look at her, the poor dumb thing really responds to
this stuff, doesn't she?" Christina asked in
amazement, poking at my breasts as if I even wasn't
real, sending me further.

"Don't do that-the poor thing'll explode and start
humping us all!" Kristy busted everyone up,
as all three managers laughed, and I frowned at the
floor in embarrassment, not getting it.

"Don't worry, I'll explain later..." Trudy patted my
arm as I felt another flush at her touch.

Lisa soon proudly bounced back up with a full cup of
coffee for Kristy.

Christina gauged at me for a moment, then held her
paper cup out towards me, silently staring.

The implication was obvious, and her domineering look
surprised me. Everyone was watching.

" That's Lisa's job. Get it, Lisa. " I said, locking
eyes with Christina. She may be an office manager, but
I was no secretary like Lisa for God's sake. I was...I

" I'm asking *you* to do it. Now turn your haughty
little butt around and go fetch my coffee. Or is that
too complex a task for you to understand?"

Christina said, shoving the paper cup right into my
breasts, making my knees go weak.

I frowned for a moment, then took my cup, threw my
shoulders back, and scampered off in my little heels
like a good little assistant office manager.

After that, Kristy decided I should now work under
'Miss Christina' as she likes me to call her, But not
as a promotion. They said it was, like...wwhatchya call
it? A DE-motion, I guess, cause I kept on messing up
everyones copies? I now work as Miss Christina for a
girl she's hired just so I can, like lear not to mess
up copies, isn't that cool? personal copy girl trainee...or sumpin' like dat.
I know over the coming years, Christina scoffs that
Lisa's I pissing everyone off by being such a....what's
tha tword? Clich of the dumb office girl, and sure
as heck, Lisa was fired. Well, I think Christina mad
it happen, and Kristy didn't care. Lisa told me her
husband made Lisa quit work so she could suck him off
all day, but I think she was just sayin; that. But the
cool part is, I might someday, if I work and
work...maybe...I'll be the NEW Lisa! I keep
trotting around in higher and higher heels, to
everyone's we'll see!

I even developed a little competition with Christina's
new assistant who trains me, Missy, for who wears the
fflashiest clothes, which was kinda silly at my age,
but It's still kinda neat cause it got me demoted
right down to little dumb cotton candy brained little
bimbo copy girl who pets her pussy and fantasizes
about heels all day long!

Sometimes It's weird, cause like, I get sorta, not sad
really, just empty inside,

...remembering Lisa.

I hear some people laughing about my and Lisa being
lovers at one point, and I can see how silly it is,
but I still don't get it! Were Lisa and I like
boyfriend and girlfriend, cause all I use her for now
is something to rub against.

Eben though she's fifteen year old and just
Christina's neice, Missy rocks! We have a lot in
comen, and Missy throws paper air planes down the
hall, and I go fetch them, which makes her giggle and
she helps me learn where and when to hump stuff,
that's like, reeeeealy important if you don't want
Kristy to yell at you!

One day while missy was showing me how to copying
something, I asked Missy, who's even smarter than me
now, if it was true, that there was a rumor Lisa and I
were once, like, involved or something.

"Jenny, you poor stupid little thing. Don't you get
remember? You already *asked* me this! What do I have
to do to make you understand? Now repeat after me:
'Gee, I guess I'm too dumb to get it.' Then, ask me to
explain it to you. Missy giggled.

I frowned, and tried my best not to play with myself
as I spoke.

"Gee, Missy, ...uhmm, I guess I'm, so dumb," I

"...'too Dumb' " Missy scolded, swatting my hand down
from under my skirt.

"I mean, too dumb to understand. Could you ... you
know, like, tell me if I ever......loved Lisa?"

"I'll say this really slow so that even you can
understand. You can't love because you have no soul.
There's just...nothing inside you. God protecst Blondes,
little kids and pets by nnot giving them a soul.
Don't even get me started on brains, your shit outta
luck there, huh?"

" No soul...?" I pouted.

" But, it's okay. This part all ways makes you smile.
You don't need a soul, cause god sends all his stupid
creatures straight up to heaven, see? Isn't that
nice?" Missy said as my face brightened.

"Now say it with me: Jenny's too stupid too be capable
of love." Missy said, squeezing my lips together to
form the words sarcastically. I tried, I really did.

"Jenny's too...what was it again...? Oh poo!" I cried in
tears as Missy walked away, shaking her head in

Trudy posted on the office bulletin board that my
nasty ol' Missy's IQ clocked two points higher than
mine, so guess who the winner was?

Gosh..... I wish I knew. I can't even count that high!



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