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Officer James part1


If you don't like stories with sexual content - dont bother reading this.
If for any reason it is illegal for you to read this story, don't read it.

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written
permission of the author. This story may be freely distributed with this
notice attached. The author may be contacted at

All the characters and events in this story are fictional, any resemblance
to real people or events is entirely coincidental.
This is my first attempt at story writing - constructive commments welcomed.
Codes: M/F, cons, oral

I met him in the empty parking lot at 6:15pm. It was Friday evening on a
holiday weekend and the last of the nearby office workers had left hours ago.
It was still too early for the boardwalk crowd to show up for the nightlife
on the beach; but with the storm brewing off the coast, there was a 90%
chance of rain. I doubt the boardwalk crowd would even come out. Officer
James Padilla and I were alone.

He got in my car and immediately pulled me towards him, his right hand
grabbing my shoulder and the left hand at the back of my head. He kissed me
lightly at first, and then, as he wove his fingers into my long red hair and
tugged it lightly... his tongue parted my lips and we kissed deeply. There
was a ferver to his kissing - it was always intense and passionate.... it
left both of us breathless and wanting more.

James released my shoulder and moved his right hand to the buttons on my
dress. I didnt move as I felt his fingers work each button free and my dress
fall open little by little. My chest heaving with each breath, I felt his
fingers lightly touch my breasts as I inhaled deeply. When the buttons down
to my waist were open, he stopped to pull open my dress and expose the sheer
bra I had worn just for him.

His mouth and hands wandered down to my ample breasts, kissing, licking,
pinching, sucking. He unsnapped the front closure of my bra easily then he
took my hand in his and guided it down to his cock. I could feel it so
distinctly through his jeans... and all I could think about was getting my
lips wrapped around it again. I reached to his waistband and fumbled with his
belt and zipper, anxiously anticipating the hard cock that was waiting for me
underneath. Sensing I was having a difficult time trying to use one hand, he
undid his belt and zipper for me, then carefully placing his gun and badge on
the floor of the car. He opened up his pants and pulled down his underwear to
reveal his swollen member.

Without hesitation, I leaned over in my seat and placed my head in his lap.
I inhaled deeply, lingering there, smelling his scent and feeling the head of
his penis caress my cheek. He placed his hands on the back and sides of my
head, intertwining his fingers in my hair... playing with the long, silky,
locks. I longed to taste him in my mouth and throat - but when I moved my
head to take him into my mouth, he held my head gently on his lap. With one
hand, he pulled my head up a few inches above the tip of his penis. I wanted
his cock so badly that I could feel the saliva pooling on my tongue.

"Is this what you want?", he asked, holding his hard cock with his other hand
- wavering it in front of my lips, wickedly teasing me. All I could think of
at the moment was the taste of his cock.... I smelled it... I wanted to hold
it... I wanted to taste it. I couldnt answer anything but a muffled "Uh huh"
and feebly try to nod my head up and down. There wasnt room for much else in
my car, and he couldnt just take me on the hood of the car, for fear of being
reported and losing his job.

With that, he lowered my mouth onto his cock and held my head with both of
his hands. Slowly I flicked the very tip of my tongue on the tip of his hard
penis, making sure my tongue had covered every bit of the head before moving
my lips down the shaft another inch. I knew this drove James crazy... I
loved testing him to see how long it would take before he grew impatient and
shoved me down his cock until the tip was tearing at the back of my throat.
I twirled my tongue around the head, the popped it out of my mouth with one
of those juicy noises the porn stars all make. Then I took his cock in my
hand and licked it up and down like an ice cream cone. I love nibbling on
the soft excess skin on the underside... gently taking it between my lips and
pulling ever so softly.... working my way down to his balls.

James was always impeccibaly groomed. He took care to keep his pubic hair
trimmed close - but not too close. I loved licking him from cock tip to
balls - taking him all the way to the back of my throat and not getting stray
hairs in my mouth too.

I took each testicle into my mouth, very gently, one at a time. I released
them into my hand and began to work his cock again. I gently squoze his
balls as I increased the suction with my mouth. I felt him begin to work his
hips - thrusting his hard cock to the back of my throat... it was perfect -
he knew exactly where to stop his thrusting before hurting me. Gawd, I loved
giving this man head.

James grabbed my head with both hands now - intertwining my hair in his
fingers. He was moaning now... deep gutteral sounds that vibrated my head
when it brushed up against his belly. He guided my head up and down his
throbbing meat faster and harder, pulling me by the hair at times - I gave up
control to him and let him use me entirely to his satisfaction. We were a
good team at this... our timing could not have been more perfect.
Sometimes, just before he came, James would ask me if I were wet for him -
knowing that I could not answer with my mouth full, I'd stare up at him with
my hazel eyes. As soon as our eyes met - I'd feel the eruption at the back
of my throat. James always came by the quartfull - his sticky sweet juice
draining directly in the back my throat as he arched his back and curved his
hips. I enjoyed gulping down every drop, but sometimes I'd keep just a tiny
taste of him on the tip of my tongue before swallowing that too.

I licked and suckled him until his erection was entirely gone. His cum in my
mouth was completely swallowed away. James drew me up to his face and began
kissing me passionately again. I can not tell you in words how much of a
turn on it is for a man to kiss me so intensely right after giving him a blow
job like this. Many men are afraid of tasting their own cum.... even in the
minute traces that may be lingering after a complete swallow.... but James
wasnt. He knew I'd never feed him a kiss dripping of it - in fact, I dont
know if he even tasted anything at all.

We snuggled in eachothers arms, occassionally peering through the steamed up
windows to gaze at the approaching storm on the horizon. The colors in the
sky put out by the setting sun and storm clouds reminded me of how Officer
James Padilla and I first met.....

<<< see chapter 2. >>>>>


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