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Officer James part2


If you don't like stories with sexual content - dont bother reading this.
If for any reason it is illegal for you to read this story, don't read it.

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written
permission of the author. This story may be freely distributed with this
notice attached. The author may be contacted at

All the characters and events in this story are fictional, any resemblance to
real people or events is entirely coincidental.
This is my second attempt at story writing. A more 'romantic' approach was
suggested over my previous storyline style - constructive commments welcomed.
Codes: M/F, cons, rom
Officer James, Pt 2 in a series.

It was 5am and I was on my way to work. There were no cars on the road at
that hour of the day - and especially since last nights big storm. The
county had all their services out on 'tactical standby' - fire, medical,
police. The radio had reported power lines down and a few roads were washed
out in the outlying areas but I decided to take my chances.

I took the downhill curve at nearly 50mph, even though it was posted 30mph,
and even though the pavement was still pretty wet. Sure enough, there was a
police car (one of the new 4WD SUVs) on a side road, just around the corner.
And, sure enough, on go the red and blue lights. I pulled over at a clear
spot and the cop stopped about 10 yards behind me - 1/2 parked on the
shoulder and 1/2 in the road. Water was gushing down from the top of the
hill, making the spot where I pulled over a little hazardous to say the least.

Officer James Padilla walked up to my car with that fluid, athletic swagger
that can easily be mistaken for cockiness by someone getting a speeding
ticket. But one look at those deep brown eyes and I was melting in my seat.

"Ma'am... may I please see your license, proof of insurance, and
registration?", he said with a deep baritone voice and a brilliant white

My hands were shaking as I reached to my glove box to get the papers, which,
of course, weren't there.

"Ummm, Sir....", I said... my voice wavering, "it doesn't look like I have
it, Sir. All I have is my license, Sir." Then, realizing I just said 'Sir'
three times in the last 3 seconds, I felt my face turn bright red. I handed
over my license.

A voice crackled over the police radio and he went back to the SUV to talk
back to his dispatcher, and to run my drivers license to see if I was a
wanted felon anywhere. I watched as he got back in the SUV... he was in his
mid 30's, athletic build, about 6 feet tall, short (buzz cut) brown hair and
a brown mustache. He possessed the deepest brown eyes and he had that air of
command and confidence that many members of law enforcement have.

He walked back to my car and returned my drivers license to me. "You're free
to go Ma'am... I'm not gonna write you up... just watch your speed in
conditions like this... ok?", he said with a little note of concern in his
voice. "We had 3 inches of rain overnight and it looks like we're in for

I thanked him and started the car. I watched him go back to his police unit
and that's when he must have seen what was happening on the hillside above.
He quickly spun around and ran back to my car - grabbing my arm through the
open window. I could barely hear him over the low roar coming from the 10
tons of dirt and debris that was sliding directly toward us. The wave of mud
picked up his SUV and slammed it into my back bumper as he yanked me out of
my car to the other side of the road.

We watched in disbelief as the officer's SUV and my car slid down the hill in
a twisted tangle of metal and mud. We waited across the road until the mud
stopped and then picked our way across the debris to the SUV. The vehicles
were pushed off the road into a 6 foot deep drainage ditch, hopelessly half
buried in mud on one side under some overgrown trees. The red and blue
flashing lights on top of the officer's SUV made eerie shadows in the near

We had to crawl through the window of the SUV in order to get inside. It was
no use starting the engine - even if it would start, there was no way that
the SUV could have pulled itself free from all that mud. The antennas for
the police radio and 'officer locator' systems were shot - so there was no
way to call for help and no way for anyone to find us. So we sat inside and
watched the sky get darker with fresh storm clouds ready to dump their
reserves on us. When the polite idle chitchat ran its course, Officer
Padilla offered his thermos to me.

"No thanks, I don't drink coffee", I told him, "Caffeine gives me the

He winked, "Who said this is coffee?"

I took the cup of hot liquid he was offering and in an instant I found the
sweet flavor of Bailey's Irish Cream and warm coffee. It was hard to
suppress my look of surprise... officers are not permitted to drink alcohol
on duty. He looked at me, trying to assess my reaction... I smiled and
said... "It's all right, I wont tell - if you wont".

Its amazing what a set of circumstances can do to people... here we were, a
man and a woman, in a big SUV, feeling a little buzz from the Bailey's, no
rescue in sight... no one even knew we were missing.

I don't remember who made the first move. I remember my skirt kept creeping
higher and higher and the lacy top of my thigh-high stockings showed more and
more. My silk blouse was ruined from the mud anyway, and when it ended up in
a crumpled ball in the front seat, I wasn't phased. He was wearing his
regular uniform, of course; and I was aching to tear it off him.

We began to make out like teenagers, tentatively touching and caressing. His
kiss was so tender but I could tell he was holding back. I got tired of the
kiddy stuff and climbed into the back seat. I sat with my skirt hiked up
around my waist and my legs spread, revealing my moist black thong undies.
It didn't take him long to get the hint and James was soon crawling into the
back seat with me. I grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him over the seat.
Several shirt buttons popped off and rolled on the floor. We kissed
passionately now, as if this moment would be our last. He began to undo his
uniform pants and I couldn't wait to see what was inside them waiting for me.

He brought out his swollen cock and I knew I couldn't wait till it was
exploding inside me. I pulled my thong panties off and laid back on the
seat. He knelt between my legs and I felt the heat of his cock when he
rubbed it against my clit. I tilted my hips up towards him.

"You want this, baby"?, he whispered.

"Yes", I answered.

And with that, he thrust his cock in me and began the slow and rhythmic
pumping motion coming from a man with plenty of experience. I was incredibly
wet for him, much more than I had ever been with anyone else. It wasn't long
before we both reached that special 'zone' on the brink of orgasm. He
increased the tempo now and instinctively I wrapped my legs around his waist.
He grabbed my hands and held them up above my head. My back arched and I
tilted my hips higher. I knew he wanted to prolong our pleasure by holding
back some; but when out eyes met , he lost control and his body shuddered as
his orgasm exploded within me. I too reached my climax and it was the most
powerful one I had had in a long time.

We lay there, spent, wrapped in each other's arms. My head rested on his bare
shoulder and my thigh rested up on his legs. We lightly caressed each other
and were in that wonderful 'after sex' glow when we heard the sound of the
helicopter come up the canyon and hover nearby.

It was a scramble to find our clothes and get them back on in an orderly
manner. I managed to get dressed fine, but I couldn't find my panties. James
had put on a rain poncho to hide the fact that all the buttons from his
uniform were torn off. He scrambled out the Suva's window and met the
chopper pilot up on the road. Another police unit showed up a few minutes
later and took us back to the station. I waited in the lounge until my cab
came and he changed into a clean uniform and went back out on duty.

A few weeks passed until we met again. He pulled me over on the same stretch
of road, but instead of handing me a speeding ticket - he handed me a long
gold box. He was gone before I could say "Hello".

I opened the box and could not hold back my delight when inside I found a
long stemmed pink rose and my freshly laundered black thong panties.


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