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Officer Jason


The weather for the past 2 weeks had been hot - almost unbearably so. The
humidity was high and you'd break a sweat in your car just sitting there
waiting for the a/c to kick in. The nights, like tonight, were no different.
Barely seeing the temperature dip below 75 degrees after dark, it was the
kind of weather that drove you crazy.

She went for a walk about 11:30pm to the convenience store on the corner
about 4 blocks away. It was stuffy inside her apartment and the cool shower
she took 10 minutes ago didn't relieve her discomfort. She wore a thin tank
top, cutoff jean shorts and those cheap see-thru plastic sandals you buy for
$5 at the swap meet. There was a slight breeze outside which felt good on
her tanned skin.

It was a good 5 or 6 degrees cooler inside the store compared to the outside
temperature. Unconsciously, she crossed her arms over her chest to hide the
hardening of her nipples under her tank top. Her hair was still wet from the
shower - she had just combed it back off of her face - and the wetness made
the cold temperature seem even colder. The store clerk was a pimply faced
creep who wore a scrappy t-shirt from some rock-and-roll band under his
uniform smock. He leered at her, practically drooling, as she went from one
side of the store to the other. She was more than happy to get out of the
store with her purchase.

She bought a litter bottle of peach flavored sparking water and one of those
big orange and red popsicles. She set down the bag that contained her water
and fought with the plastic wrapper on the popsicle. It was already melting,
getting sticky syrup all over her hands.

Officer Jason Burke watched her as she had entered and left the store. He
watched her open the popsicle and bite off that first cold bite of frozen
syrup, holding it on her tongue for a minute before breaking it up some more
and swallowing it down. He watched her absentmindedly wipe some of the
melted popsicle across the front of her tank top - taking a mental note of
her erect nipples. She didn't notice his black and white patrol car parked
in the parking lot, and she certainly didn't notice him walk right by her
while she was fiddling with the wrapper. He inhaled deeply as he went in the
store to purchase his jumbo coffee. She used one of those floral smelling
shampoos that left you surrounded in an invisible cloud of fragrance.

"Did ya see the jugs on her? Made me hard." , the cretin behind the counter
1/2 sneered, 1/2 giggled. "Dayy-umm... and that ass... all the right amount
of 'cushion for the pushin''. Woo-Hoo!!"

Officer Burke said nothing out loud - just gave the creep one of those long
hard looks that said, "Yeah, right... just give me a reason to send you to
jail you idiot. Let you curl up to Bubba in some cell somewhere and let
Bubba get a look at YOUR ass. Let's see if YOU have enough 'cushion for the

The cretin nervously smiled as he rang in the officer's jumbo coffee,
"That'll be $1.10 please". He paid the cretin in exact change and headed for
the door. He rarely accepted the 'freebies' some merchants gave to local
cops because it could lead to conflict of interest charges later on down the

He got back in his police car and took a few sips of his coffee. "Oh yuck",
he thought to himself. "It's nuts to drink hot coffee when its so hot
outside. I shoulda gotten one of those popsicles". His mind drifted back to
the girl from the store and he thought he'd start up the car and follow her a
little while to make sure she got home safely.

She was only 2 blocks away. She was finished with her popsicle already and
had stopped under a streetlight to take a sip of her water. Seeing an
opportunity to talk to her, he pulled up alongside her and turned on his red
and blue lights long enough to get her attention. Startled, she spilled a
little water down her chin. The water ran down her neck, down her chest, and
down beneath her tank top to places unknown.

He sat in the car as she walked over to the passenger side and knocked on the
window. "Well, at least she isn't shy", he thought to himself and rolled down
the window. A burst of hot air wafted in, bringing with it the scent of her
freshly washed hair. She leaned in through the window and noticed the name
badge on his right breast pocket, it read "Burke".

"Jason? Jason Burke?? Oh my god, we went to high school together! Over at
Springdale!", she exclaimed.

She noticed the shocked look on his face turn to one of confusion -
obviously, he didn't remember her well all. "Uh, yeah... I remember you.
You were on the track team, right?"

She fumbled with the passenger door - "Yeah, I was. I ran the 440 and came
in second at State. You were on the football team - a receiver, right?
Hey... Ya gonna let me inside here or what?"

He leaned over and unlocked the door. She opened it quickly and jumped in.
It was nice and cool inside the car. He took notice of her tanned thighs and
felt the urge to control the slight stirrings in his loins. "I didnt know
you wanted to be a cop", she started, while rolling up the window. "What got
you to do it?" He answered her and they briefly discussed how they each had
moved away from home after high school and how they ended up in Los Angeles
County. It wasnt a long conversation - maybe 15 minutes at the most. He
liked watching her - the way she moved as she opened her water bottle and
took a long drink. She began to fidget; the conversation died and she was
thinking about asking him for a ride home in his air conditioned car - rather
than walking the short distance in the heat.

"Would you like a ride home from here?", he asked before she had a chance to.
She had a mouth full of water and simply nodded yes. He turned the car away
from the curb, when another car sped by - nearly side swiping them. He
slammed on the brakes and stopped in time to avoid an accident involving the
car... but she wasn't as lucky... she just spilled what was left of her water
all over her chest and lap. The water quickly soaked into her tank top,
making it stick to her skin. Her wet skin glistened under the glow from the
streetlight. "Oh man. I am so sorry", he appologized. "No biggie Jason...
its only water".

He pulled the car away from the curb and drove her the short distance to her
apartment. He found himself driving under 10 MPH... and he found himself
staring at her breasts through her wet tank top. She noticed him watching
her and she turned to face him, straightening her back so that her breasts
lifted higher. The water on her skin had already dried, leaving a slight
stickiness from the peach flavoring.

He pulled up into the parking lot of her apartment complex and stopped the
car. A few of the local color (aka gang members) were hanging outside the
entryway to the building. Sensing her unease, he offered to walk her to her
apartment door. She gladly accepted his offer and she felt safe under his

She opened her apartment and he noticed the lights were out - hopefully she
lived alone, he thought. "I'd ask you in, but I'm sure you need to be
getting back to work... and I am feeling sticky from that peach water", she
said - looking up at him with a little smile on her face. Her heart was
beating faster and her breaths were deeper. He could see that her nipples
were still hard and he wanted so badly to touch her breasts. To caress them,
to take her in his arms and kiss her hard.

In reality, he stood there, hesitating... this is one of those awkward
moments: should he kiss her, or not? She grabbed his hand and placed it on
her chest, on the exposed skin above her breast,"See how sticky I am? I
better take a bath".

And with that, he backed away from the apartment door and said goodnight. He
was halfway to his car when a radio call came in sending him to a traffic
accident across town. Before speeding off, he took one more look towards her
apartment and saw her undressing through the sheer curtains on her window.
The outline of her silhouette burned in his mind - it was as if she were
dancing for him in the red and blue lights reflecting from the lightbar on
the car's roof.

Perhaps she was....


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