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Officer Pete


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persons which appear in my stories are completely fictional.
Officer Pete: M/F, cons
Pete has been a police officer for 15 years now, prior to that, he was in the
military. As a result, he had just about seen it all in the line of duty.
Before tonight...

Today he was called to a crime scene, a crime scene so horrific that he
needed to draw from his years of experience in order to maintain composure.

The investigation was well under way - the forensics people were in and out,
the coroner van was waiting, and about half of the patrol personnel on duty
that afternoon were trying to hold back the tv crews and the curious

Pete was at a breaking point when leaned back against the crisis unit van,
ran his hands across his face, and sighed deeply. It was normally time for
him to go home for the day, but his department's procedure was for the first
responding officer to stay on scene till everything was wrapped up. Pete was
hoping that the Sergeant on duty would let him go and not follow proceedure -
just once. But Sgt. Ruiz was a hard case and would not think of compassion
for his men. He followed proceedure to the letter.

Pete had to break away... he sucked up to Ruiz by asking him if he would
like some coffee from the shop down the street. Ruiz granted Pete permission
to go. Pete grabbed a radio and headed off down the street on foot. The
coffee shop was 6 blocks away and Pete enjoyed the quick walk. He bought the
coffee and was headed back to the crime scene at a much slower pace than
before, and that is when he ran into Erin.

Erin had been sitting on the side stoop to her house watching the police
commotion going on across the street. She was wearing the old clothes she
wore when doing housework - cut off sweats and a ratty tshirt that worked its
way into her laundry basket at the laundromat. Her red hair was piled up on
her head with the exception of a few strands that tumbled loosly around her
temples and over the back of her neck. Erin looked up at Pete as he walked
by. Her green eyes were so stunning that Pete froze in his tracks. He
turned to face her and she invited him to sit. She read sadness on his
face. Erin knew Pete was involved with the crime scene somehow and she could
see that he wasn't excited about going back there.

They went inside her small house and sat on the couch. She saw he had
coffee, but offered him a soda, and poured herself a glass of white wine.
They barely spoke 10 words aloud between them - but their eyes were speaking
volumes. Erin leaned over, gently kissing Pete on the cheek. She then
kissed him on the forehead and lightly on the lips. A tear rolled down
Pete's cheek, which Erin softly wiped away with her fingertips. She knew he
was dwelling on the events from across the street, and she also knew he
needed something else at the moment.

One by one, she undid his shirt buttons - he held her hands still and started
to speak - but Erin placed a finger over his lips, whispering "Shhhhhhh".
SHe stood up and pulled him up to her, then hand in hand, she led him to her

Without words, they undressed and lay on the bed. Their hands slowly
explored each other's bodies. Erin let her lips and tongue caress his
nipples as she stroked her hand down his stomach to his groin. She stroked
his hard cock as he groaned in exacy. Pete was paralyzed in pleasure when
Erin blew her breath softly across the tip of his penis.

She moved further down on the bed now, taking he lenght of his cock deep into
her mouth. She suckled him for a minute or two and then, moving back up the
bed, she mounted him - pushing his raging cock into her tight, wet pussy.
Erin ground her hips into him - slowly and methodically as Pete lifted his to
push harder into her. He was deep inside now, thrusting, as she bore down on
him, his hands resting on her hips.

Erin reached up to undo the clip in her hair - the red locks tumblnng down
below her shoulders. As She raised her hands to her hair, Pete reached up to
touch her breasts. Her breasts ampley filled his hands and Erin moaned.
Pete pinched each hard nipple when Erin moaned louder. She ground her hips
into him harder now, stickng to a rhythm, keeping to a pace. Pete arched his
hips higher - trying to thrust himself as deep into her pussy as he could.

He geabbed her hips hard now and held her still. Erin felt his cock explode
deep inside her - coating her pussy with his hot white cum. He pulled her
down against his chest - her hair tumbled across his shoulder, her face
nuzzling in his chest hair.

They lay in eachothers arms for a while - she held tightly to him and he to
her. She noticed it was getting late, so she pulled him into the shower with
her. She jokingly made him 'assume the position' against the shower wall and
she quickly washed him off. She stayed in the shower as he dried off and got

Pete left her a quick note in the kitchen and headed back to the gruesome
scene across the street. He approached Sgt. Ruiz with coffee in hand, but
managed to dump it on the ground at his feet, making it look like an accident
to cover up the fact that the cofee was cold by now.

"Pete, You're still here?", Ruiz barked. "I thought I sent you home an hour
ago. Here, sign this and get out of here". Ruiz handed Pete a form which
stated what time the first officer on scene passed over control of the crime
scene to someone else. Pete signed and filled out the form in two seconds...
then made his way across the street to Erin's back door.


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