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Officer Tim


If you don't like stories with sexual content - dont bother reading this.
If for any reason it is illegal for you to read this story, don't read it

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written
permission of the author. This story may be freely distributed with this
notice attached. The author may be contacted at

All the characters and events in this story are fictional, any resemblance to
real people or events is entirely coincidental.
Constructive commments welcomed. I am planning on writing a series of
stories involving law enforcement personnel. All stories will be titled
"Officer (name)"
It was 3:15am and she was waiting for him to get home from work. He usually
pulled into the parking space a little before 3:30am, having worked the
3pm-3am shift at a nearby police department. She was at her window...

Her apartment building was directly across the street from his. Both
apartment buildings were actually remodeled office buildings that some
Beverly HIlls millionaire turned into his pet project. The buildings were
about a mile off the beach on a hill overlooking the ocean. They were fully
remodeled with luxuries like hardwood floors, jacuzzi bathtubs, and Italian
marble countertops. The most unique feature of the buildings were the
windows. Instead of replacing the floor-to-ceiling windows with a more
conservative size, the building's owner refurbished the windows and made them
able to open completely. They pivoted on one side and could swing inward
like a giant shutter. The nicest benefit to the big windows was that the
ocean breeze lofted the sheer curtains and set a romantic note to the her
entire apartment. The apartments had a/c units, but most tenants just opened
the windows wide to cool off.

Her apartment overlooked his - she lived on the 5th floor of her building and
he was on the 4th floor across the street. Her living room looked directly
down into his bedroom. She discovered this one sleepless night.... she was
up at 3:30am with only the tv on when she saw his bedroom light shine up from
his apartment below. She glanced out her open window and saw him undressing
in his bedroom. Her first instinct was embarrassment and she ducked behind
the curtains so he wouldn't see that his privacy had been invaded. She
peeked through the sheer curtains that first time, like a little kid peeking
under the tree on Christmas morning. She felt her face flush pink and she
turned her head.

Yet... she felt she could not keep her eyes off of him. He was alone in his
apartment which he kept spotless. She watched him undress and walk around
completely naked. He kept his small gym bag of 'cop stuff' on the kitchen
table. His body was magnificent to her. He was physically fit, yet not a
huge body builder type. She liked the way he moved. She felt her face get
flushed again and she ran to her bedroom and jumped into her bed and hid
under the covers, as if he had seen her watching him.

Two or three days later, she saw him again through her window. This time,
she was a little more brave and she stood closer in her window to get a
better view of him. She saw that sometimes he watched a small tv in his
bedroom as he undressed. He was about 5'8", black hair, and in his mid-30's.
She noticed that while he had that sensual trail of pubic hair leading down
his gut from his belly button, his chest and back were hairless. She stood
there, watching him, until the lights in his apartment went out. Not knowing
his real name, she named him "Tim".

Some nights, he was already asleep in bed when she went to peek at him. She
started making notes to herself and figured out that he worked 4 days a week.
She found herself grow restless on those 3 nights when she was unable to
watch him.

After watching him through the window for about 3 weeks, he finally noticed
that she was watching him. At first, he was a little freaked out about it,
but then he decided to have some fun with her. He had set up a video camera
to peek up at her when she stood in her usual position in her living room
window. The video feed went to a small tv in his bedroom, which was up
against a wall. He was watching her watch him and she didn't even know it.
One night, he undressed quickly and jumped into the shower as soon as he got
home. He went and sat on the bed and waited to see if she was watching.
When he saw her face peek around her curtains, he took his penis in his hand
and began to stroke it.

Up in her apartment, she was totally fascinated by seeing a man masturbate.
She felt herself becoming moist the more she stood there and watched. When
his penis was fully erect, she subconsciously inched her fingers into her
panties and touched her clit.

The video feed didn't really give much detail for him to see, but he knew
what she was doing. He stroked himself faster now and saw that she was doing
the same. They reached orgasm simultaneously. He lay there on his bed,
letting her watch him, his cum drying on his belly. She was mesmerized and
didn't move long after he inched his way off the bed and went to the bathroom
to clean up.

After that night, she got even braver - she turned her couch around to face
the window - so she could lay back on the pillows and still see him. Their
mutual masturbation went on 4 nights a week... sometimes more. She noticed
that he came quicker on the nights when she used a didlo or a vibrator on

She wanted to meet this man in person - but how would you react if you ran
into someone on the street that you had seen naked without their knowledge?
Let alone seen masturbate? She wrote it off.. until about 3 months into this
voyeuristic affair, when she saw a note taped on the inside of his window.
The note read: "Call me, Mystery Woman on the 5th floor - 555-1234"

She was mortified that he knew that she saw, and that he saw what she was
doing.... but after a few deep breaths.... she collected herself and picked
up the phone to dial his number.....


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