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Officer Walker


If you don't like stories with sexual content - don't bother reading this.
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All the characters and events in this story are fictional, any resemblance to
real people or events is entirely coincidental. The names of any places or
persons which appear in my stories are completely fictional.
Constructive comments welcomed. I am planning on writing a series of stories
involving law enforcement personnel. All stories will be titled "Officer
Officer Ted Walker was currently assigned to the new central detention center
downtown. The facility was under construction but the suits in the County
business offices wanted the jail up and running as soon as possible. Walker
wasn't happy about his assignment - he wanted to be back out on the street
thumping heads - but in this new bogus reality of political correctness -
when officers aren't supposed to seat suspects on a street curb for
questioning because its 'demeaning' - Walker's procedural practices were
under constant scrutiny. He got stuck on jail duty while his performance
record was under review. Walker had been a cop for 15 years and was
seriously considering leaving the department and going into the private
security business.

Today's assignment was to guide crews from the local news stations through
the facility; answer their questions; let them take film; etc. It was going
to be one of those "How your tax money is being spent" stories for channel 8;
a "Life on the Inside" special for channel 14; and a "How jail technology
changes" story for channel 6. Next week, the stations would probably swap
story titles and he'd have to tour them through all over again with a
different set of reporters. Walker herded them down the usual hallways,
showed them the usual rooms, and answered the usual questions. He took all
the reporter's fingerprints and showed them how they are cross checked
through local and national crime data bases. He took down their general
information so the clerks could run 'Want and Warrant" checks on them while
they were touring the facility. The news-types were generally very boring,
uninteresting, and had plastic personalities 24/7. This lot was the same...
with the exception of Victoria from Channel 6... she was a bitch off camera.

Victoria got sent to Channel 6 from a network affiliate in Miami.... the move
was definitely a demotion that she wasn't happy about. Victoria took the
boring story assignments, biding her time until she found the Pulitzer Prize
winning expose' that would get her back to the big city. She was very
condescending in person... but came off likable on camera. She had hazel
eyes and jet black hair that would hang below her shoulders if she would ever
relax enough to wear it down. Normally her hair was piled up on her head
like someone 20 years her senior. She strutted herself down the hallways of
the new jail, her 4 inch stiletto heels click clacking endlessly. Her body
was hot, but her attitude ruined her looks - she was arrogant, looked down
her nose at everyone and treated her crew badly. Her questions were
beginning to get annoying to Walker. She was asking probing questions that
weren't related to the storyline she had cleared with the jail's

"Blah... Blah... Blah....", Walker thought silently, as he answered the other
reporter's questions. He wrapped up these tours with a general Q & A session
in the cafeteria. Most often, the camera crews packed up their gear at this
point and let the reporters take notes. With the cameras and sound equipment
off, Walker became a little less reserved when answering the questions, at
times going off on tangents about today's 'politically correctness' . The
fingerprint and criminal record checks came back and he showed the reporter
from channel 14 that there was a restraining order filed against him a few
years ago by a former college roommate; and he showed the reporter from
channel 8 that there was no record at all. Walker adjourned the group and
asked Victoria to speak with him privately.

"It appears, Ms. Martinez, that you left more than your network affiliate
back in Miami. I see 2 'failure to appear' warrants, 3 DUI arrests back in
1992 and '93, and a whole shitload of unpaid parking tickets.", Walker's
voice boomed.

Victoria's mind was spinning. "I thought everything was cleared up before I
left Miami!", she whined.

"Not according to this printout Ma'am. I'm going to have to hold you here
for a little bit till we see what Miami wants us to do with you. And, seeing
as how its a Friday afternoon and the Miami courts are already closed for the
weekend... you might just be here for a while." Walker got out his cuffs and
handcuffed her wrists behind her back and led her down the hallway.

"But... but... I have to be on the air tonight at 6:30pm. Can I do the news
tonight and then come back and figure this all out? Pleeeease?", she begged.
"My boss at the station CANT find out about this. I promised him that I had
no past to follow me from Miami and it would be a new beginning for me out

What Victoria didn't know, was that the warrant sheet on her was clear.
Everything really was cleared up before she left. Walker had it in for
her... a bit of payback for being a bitch to everyone all day. He figured
he'd scare her a little and then let her go in time to make her appearance on

He put her into one of the few finished cells the new jail had. He left her
there and went down the corridors to the inmate supply room. He grabbed a
pillow and a blanket. Looking at his watch, he realized it was time for him
to clock out for the day, so it was a slight detour to the time clock area
and then he wet back to her cell.

Walker peeked at her in the cell before entering. She was holding herself
together and wasn't freaking out too much at this point. Usually they were
crying like babies by now. Walker tossed the pillow and blanket into cell.
As soon as she saw him, she was begging to be released. He got in the cell
with her and removed her handcuffs.

"Face the wall and shut up", he ordered.

She quickly turned around and faced the white wall. Walker let her stand
there for a few minutes without saying a word. He admired her shapely legs
and firm ass, her small waist and her huge tits. "I'm going to perform a
strip search on you now, to see if you are hiding anything I should know

Walker picked up her feet one by one and removed her high heeled shoes. He
gave them a cursory once over for show. He patted her down - squeezing her
breasts firmly and pulling her to tom by the waist. He reached in the
waistband of her short black and unbuttoned and unzipped it. She had to
wiggle a little to get the skirt to slide down to her ankles. He tossed the
skirt to the side and turned her around to face him. She began begging him
again as he unbuttoned and removed her blouse. She stood before him now
wearing only her white lace bra and white lace thong panties. Her breasts
cleaved heavily with every breath. He reached up and undid the clip that
held back that jet black mane of hers. Her hair tumbled down to her
shoulders and gave her a slightly wild and untamed look.

It was cold in the building. The furnace system wasn't working yet.
Victoria was shivering and Walker handed her the blanket. She grabbed it
eagerly and wrapped it around her shoulders. "Please - let me go do my news
show", she pleaded. "You can take me there and guard me and as soon as I am
off the air, you can keep me all weekend. I just cant afford to lose this
job! Look, I'll do anything you want - ANYTHING... just please let me go!"

And with that, Victoria got on her knees in front of him. She began undoing
his pants and she reached in and took out his penis. Walker was shocked at
first and about to push her off of him when she said: "I'll suck you off
right now, if you let me go". Walker thought that wouldn't be too bad of an
exchange - officially he was clocked out for the day and no one knew he was
in the building. He had her kneel on the pillow and take off the blanket.
He dropped his uniform pants to his ankles and watched her as she stroked
him. He watched her as she took all of his cock into her mouth and began
working it like a real whore. 'She's probably spent enough time on the
newsroom floor with the executive producers to know how to do this right', he
thought to himself. He wasn't far from the truth. She worked his cock over
like a true pro... inserting the appropriate moans and groans at all the
right places. Walker began to think of ways to abuse her pouty red mouth.
He settled for grabbing a big handful of hair with one hand and directing her
so far down his cock that she was almost gagging. He pulled her by the hair
pretty hard. With his other hand, he reached down and firmly grabbed her
breast - he really man handled it - pinching her nipples harder than he
should have... so hard that when she moaned and tried to pull back, he just
pushed her down harder on his cock.

He was ready to explode in her mouth now and as much as he wanted her to
swallow his load, he wanted to see it smeared all over her perfect tv station
face even more. So he pulled out of her slutty little mouth and shot his hot
cum all over her face. He wouldn't let her wipe any of it off with her hands
- he just stared as it dripped down her cheeks and onto her tits. "Now that's
a good make up job, if I say so myself", he boasted. He then pulled her hair
hard one more time and then pushed her to the floor. "You can go now you
dumb slut", Walker sneered.

He got dressed and kicked her clothing over to her. They exited the facility
through the construction area where no one noticed them. She asked what time
it was and Walker told her it was almost 5pm. She had plenty of time to make
it to the station in time for the news broadcast at 6:30pm.

Walker got home just in time to see Victoria come on the screen. He never
bothered to tell her that her warrant sheet was clear; maybe he can use the
info against her later. The tv camera focused in and she had her hair all
piled up on her head again... looking smart and professional once more.

Walker chose to remember her with her hair down... and with her other face...
the one with his cum all over it.


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