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Officers Brian Bill and Eddie part4


If you don't like stories with sexual content - dont bother reading this.
If for any reason it is illegal for you to read this story, don't read it.

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written
permission of the author. This story may be freely distributed with this
notice attached. The author may be contacted at

All the characters and events in this story are fictional, any resemblance to
real people or events is entirely coincidental. The names of any places or
persons which appear in my stories are completely fictional.
Constructive commments welcomed. I am planning on writing a series of
stories involving law enforcement personnel. All stories will be titled
"Officer (name)"

I layed, face down, across the end of the massage table with the cum of 3 men
dripping down the back of my thighs and drying on my face. I had just been
"taken" and used for their pleasure. Physically, I was fine, a little
tired... but fine. Mentally, however, I was exhausted. I just had several
of my sexual fantacies fulfilled at once and my mind was racing, yet void of
thought at the same time. I was on "Cloud 9".

We were all patients at the same physical therapy clinic. I had torn a
tendon in my ankle during a softball game; Eddie had blown out his knee
jumping over a wall; Brian's thigh was crushed by a car; and Bill had hurt
his shoulder taking down a suspect. All 3 of the guys were cops... working
for different agencies; all hurt on duty. We were all on the end of the
downhill side of our injury rehabilitation and nearly back to 100%.

I had seen the 3 of them in the clinic before... however not all at the same
time. Eddie was hispanic, about 5'8" tall, dark hair and eyes. He was a
body builder and had huge, overdeveloped, "Popeye" arms. He was a patrol
officer who was usually quiet and kept to himself. Brian was about 6'1". He
had sandy brown hair and bright blue eyes. He was a big bulky guy who worked
on a gang task force. Bill was just under 6' tall. He had more of the
'runner's' body that the law enforcement agencies look for nowadays. He was
fit, lean and strong. He worked undercover - mainly in the train and subway

I was in the 'wet room' using the whirlpool for my leg. The guys were in the
main area - Bill and Eddie using the weight machines and Brian was doing some
sort of stretching exercises at a nearby massage table. I was doing
'hot/cold' therapy, where I spend 3 minutes with my leg in the hot whirlpool
and then 3 minutes with my leg in a bucket of ice water. It was pretty hard
to screw up, so the therapists usually turned on the whirlpool for me and
just left me alone in there for 2 hours. The small whirlpool I normally used
wasnt working that day, so instead, I was using the big, bathtub sized one,
with a massage table built up around it. For some reason, the temperature of
the whirlpool water was getting cold. I leaned over to check the gauges that
I've seen the therapists adjust a million times, and my foot slipped on the
slick bottom of the whirlpool and the next thing I knew - I was sitting in 3
feet of cool water!!

Brian got to me first and helped me to stand up in the tub. His cologne was
fantastic - it was a strong scent, but not overpowering. Eddie and Bill came
in the 'wet room' next. Bill started snickering to himself and it was
contageous. I must have looked like a drowned rat and soon we were all
laughing. Of course, it didnt help any, when I slipped AGAIN and got
everyone a little soaked.

I turned to Brian and asked, "Ummm, someone better help me outta this thing
before someone thinks we're having too much fun in here"?

The 3 men looked at eachother knowingly and they all smiled when Bill said,
"Nothing wrong with a little fun now and then". He removed his wet shirt and
hung it on the hook over the window in the 'wet room' door. Brian and Eddie
did the same and then helped me up onto the massage table.

I was completely soaked - my white t-shirt shrunk up against my breasts - you
could see through my shirt and through the sheer bra I had on. My nipples
were tight and erect. My green shorts, however, were doing the complete
opposite - they hung off my ass like they were 3 sizes to big, showing my
white lace thong panties. The men looked at eachother - looking for an
unspoken cue to go ahead and cross over the point of no return. So far, no
rules of conduct had been broken, they had just helped me up on the table. I
looked down at my drenched shorts, spread my legs a little and felt them
slide down to my ankles from the weight of the water.

It was Eddie who walked over and locked the door.

The wet room was completely tiled - floor, walls, and ceiling, to prevent
damage from splashing water. The only thing padded and soft was the massage
table. I sat down in the center of the table. Brian started kissing me
gently as Bill and Eddie undressed. I felt one set of hands pull me down on
my back and another set grab my legs and pull me towards the edge of the

All 3 men were undressed now and stroking their cocks. I motioned for them
to approach and I took Bill into my mouth first. The massage table was the
perfect height - Bill could stand comfortably and fuck my mouth. Brian
busied himself with wrapping my thighs over his shoulders and burying his
cock in my shaved pussy. Eddie hung back a minute and then quickly ripped my
wet t-shirt off. Eddie kissed each breast thru my bra, and nibbled each
nipple before taking his pocket knife and cutting my bra off between my
boobs. I found this extremely erotic. He began to knead my breasts harder -
pulling and pinching on my nipples. I looked at my nipples as he was doing
it and I couldnt believe that what looked to be so painful was feeling so

After a few minutes, they switched positions and Eddie fucked me as Bill
went to my boobs and Brian went to my mouth. I could taste my juices on
Brians huge cock. I could barely manage to get in all in my mouth without
gagging on it. Brian went slowly, apparently he'd ran into this problem

It was Bill's idea to flip me over and take me from behind. It was also
Bill's idea to fuck me anally. They moved me into position, laying over the
edge of the massage table - my feet just barely touching the ground. I began
to lose track of who's cock was who's and what I was doing with it. One of
them sat on the table in front of me so I could suck his cock and the 3rd
went under the table and fingered my clit. I was running on instinct -
fucking and sucking at the same time. I was out of control and loving every
minute of it. They were calling me names like "Slut" and slapping me on the
ass. Oddly, the more they called me "Slut", the more I enjoyed myself.

I think it was Eddie who came in my mouth first, his thick cock dumping a
load of white cum on the back of my tongue. It was thick and sweet, and I
licked up every drop he gave me.

They switched positions again and again. It was a leasurely pace.. nothing
was rushed, forced or violent in any way. I always had a cock in my mouth and
one buried in my pussy. One man would cum in my mouth and I'd swallow
everything before sucking off the next one. One man would shoot off his load
in my pussy and I'd feel his cum drip down my legs as the next man entered
me. I came and came again. I'd lost track of how many times I reached orgasm
in the past 2 hours.

I was getting a little tired. I dont think I could have swallowed another
drop of cum. Brian sensed this and told the guys that they should wrap it
up. I felt my pussy fill with hot cum one last time as a gush of hot liquid
oozed across my cheek. I wanted to keep going - fulfill more fantacies...
but my time in the wet room was almost over and the therapist would be in to
check on me any minute now. I hoped to be able to see them again - maybe
individually - although another group session would be great too.

Before getting dressed, I layed on the edge of the massage table, feeling the
cum of 3 men drip down the back of my thighs.


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