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Title: Oh Dear, John?

Author: Charley Ace.


WARNING! This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do
not wish to read this type of literature, or you are under age, PLEASE

(c) copyright 2001 All Rights Reserved

(MF, MF, Adultery, Pay back)

Hi, I'm Rene and I want to tell you how I got even with, and
straightened out, my cheating husband, John.

We had been married for 12 years when I caught the bastard in a very
compromising position with his secretary. I was in town doing some
shopping and decided to drop in on him at his office and offer to take him
out to lunch.

It was immediately obvious that he wasn't expecting me to show up
unannounced. I opened his office door and there they were, she was bent
over his desk and he was pumping her pussy full of his cock from behind.
Their backs were to me, and were in the throes of passion, grunting and
moaning and all kinds of other obscene things, they didn't see nor hear me.
I gawked, hand over open mouth, for a several minutes, too shocked to say
anything. I watched, fascinated by the sight of his ass muscles tensing as
he thrust forward and relaxing as he pulled back away, and the synchronous
jiggle of her big tit (I could only see the right one) dangling just above
the desk top. The lewd scene mesmerized me for a few moments.

Once I recovered from the initial shock, I closed the door and quietly
departed the scene, my blood beginning to boil, tears flowing. I was
extremely upset and pissed as hell, but, surprisingly, not really jealous.
My first thought was to turn around, bust in on and embarrass them, and
divorce the cheating son-of-a-bitch, but I quickly ruled that out as not
being a viable option. I was comfortable living with John and, thanks to
his income, we were fairly well off financially. In addition, he was a
wonderful father to our two children, and, up until this moment, I had
loved him dearly. No, divorce was not a good solution.

'I don't want a divorce, but what should I do? Should I ignore it, and
hope that he stops doing her? Why is he doing her in the first place, am I
not good enough in bed? Doesn't he love me anymore? Damn! I just don't
believe it. As far as I knew, we had a good sex life, I thought of myself
as being pretty damn good in the sack. He certainly never complained,' I
thought to myself, as my emotions were running amok.

I vacillated between being pissed off at John to feeling sorry for
myself to feeling the need for revenge to feeling sexually inadequate.
Even though I'd ruled out divorce, I knew that I couldn't take a steady
diet of his fucking around. Then it hit me, I'd feel better, bolster my
ego, if you will, if I could get some measure of revenge by having an
affair of my own, and teach him a lesson at the same time. I felt a primal
need to find out if other men found me attractive, as well as a good fuck.

I spent the next few hours thinking of whom the lucky guy was going to
be. 'Would it be someone I already know? Should I pick up a stranger?'
Then it hit me, 'Harvey Ward! Of course, he's perfect! What took me so
long to think of him? John will just go nuts when he finds out that I
chose Harvey, he hates his guts, considers him a slime bag!'

I didn't think Harvey deserved the label, but John sure thought so,
merely because Harvey received the promotion that John believed he
deserved. John complained bitterly that Harvey must have pulled a fast one
to get the vice president's position, something unethical at the very
least. But, John could never gather any hard evidence to support his
theory, even so, he remained steadfast in his belief that Harvey
back-stabbed him.

I'd always liked Harvey and found it difficult to believe that he would
have done anything unethical. Besides, John had since received a promotion
to vice president, and should have gotten over his ill feelings toward
Harvey, but he hadn't.

Back in the days when we were still friends and socialized with Harvey
and his now ex-wife, Harvey had shown a great deal of interest in me. He
was a big, ruggedly handsome kind of guy, and I was attracted to him, too.
Nothing ever came of our mutual attraction, but I often thought about what
he might be like in bed.

'OK, Harvey's the one, now how do I go about this?' I asked myself. I
decided that the direct approach was best. As soon as I got home, I called
him at his office, he was out, but I left a message, I knew he'd call me

An hour later, Harvey called. "Hi Rene, it's Harvey, got your message,
it's been ages since we talked, what can I do for you?"

I stammered a bit, somewhat nervous and unsure of myself, "w-well, I was
kinda hoping that you could meet me for a drink, I'd even buy."

"What!" He was genuinely surprised. "I'd love to, but what's the

I regained my composure, somewhat, "no special occasion, just a drink
and some conversation, that's all."

"OK, when would you like to do this?"

"The sooner the better."

"I'm free later this afternoon or evening?"

"Yes, that's good, how about Bernie's at, say 6:30."

"It's a date, may I ask what brought this on?"

"I'd rather not say over the phone, I'll tell you all about it later."

"OK, have it your way, see you at 6:30."

As I hung up the phone, my initial intent was that I would just meet him
and see if anything developed, I was convinced that I'd chicken out of
actually fucking him. My main objective was to get John to be concerned,
and to experience some mental anguish wondering what I might have been up

The more I thought about it, the more I convinced myself to give John
the full treatment, and, depending on his reaction and my mood at the time,
decide whether to actually seduce Harvey. After I took a long, hot bath, I
shaved my pussy for the first time ever, dressed in my sexiest outfit and
waited for John to come home.

He arrived at his usual time, just before 6:00. I met him at the door
and casually told him that I had a date and that he was on his own for
dinner, he was a bit surprised.

"What do you mean, you have a date? You mean with some of your lady

"Just what I said, I have a date and it's not with any of my lady
friends, so don't wait up, I may be late. It depends on whether I get
lucky or not." I really rubbed it in, trying to get to him.

It worked, the look of disbelief on his face was priceless, he was
flabbergasted, but before he had a chance to say anything more, I left, and
slammed the door behind me. 'I loved the look on his face,' I chuckled to

He recovered from his shock in time to rush out the front door and wave
frantically at me, as I backed out of the driveway and sped down the
street. He was trying to get me to come back, but instead of stopping, I
tooted the horn and waved goodbye.

I smirked with some degree of self-satisfaction as I imagined what might
have been going through his mind. 'He'll squirm until I get home, serves
him right,' I thought to myself. I had a date, and by damn, I was more
determined than ever to get laid.

I arrived at Bernie's about ten minutes early and Harvey was already
there. I was somewhat surprised to find the place packed with Happy Hour
revelers, but Harvey managed to save a seat for me at the bar. I guess I
shouldn't have been surprised, it was Friday.

He rose from his seat and hugged me, "well, Rene, I haven't seen you for
a couple of years, but you look even more beautiful than I can remember."

'Maybe this was going to be easier than I thought.' "Thanks, you smooth
talker you, you look pretty good yourself."

He wasted no time, we had ordered a couple of drinks, we babbled about
nonsensical things, trying to compete with the high noise level, and before
we finished the drink, he said, "why don't we go to my place? It's a lot
quieter, and we can talk without having to shout over the din in this
place. You apparently have something important to talk about or you
wouldn't have asked to meet me."

"OK, sounds good to me, it is damn noisy in here."

He seemed pleasantly surprised at how readily I accepted, and took
action before I changed my mind. He paid the tab and said, "I know you
offered to buy, but this is on me. Why don't you hop in your car and
follow me." I thanked him and we proceeded out of the lounge and into our

I followed him to his home, which wasn't very far from where John and I
lived, pulled in behind him and waited until he emerged from the garage.
We went inside and he asked me what I'd like to drink.

"Surprise me."

He handed me a vodka and tonic, with practically no tonic. "Thanks,
Harvey, but you won't need to get me drunk to seduce me tonight. In fact,
I intend to seduce you," I told him, with a seductive smirk on my face.

He look a little shocked at my frankness, then smiled and said, "you
never cease to amaze me, to what do I owe this good fortune?"

"You owe it to John's infidelity."

"Aah, I see. This is a get-even adventure, is it?"

"Yes, so please don't think that it will go beyond this one time."

"Whatever you say, I'll count my blessings no matter what. I'm curious,
though, why did you pick me?"

"Years ago when we socialized with you and Ann, you didn't make any
secret of the fact that you were attracted to me. Well, I was attracted to
you, too. I sometimes wondered what it would be like to, you know, have
sex with you. That, plus the fact that you happen to be on top of John's
shit list, got you selected."

"I see," he offered, with a big grin on his face.

"Tonight, I'm going to find out what it's like to fuck you. Please note
that I said that I was going to fuck you, you're not going to fuck me, are
you OK with that?"

His smile broadened even more, and he responded, "yes indeed, it's your
show - have cock, will follow orders."

I chuckled at his humor. "OK, let's get to it," I offered, as I began
to disrobe, almost businesslike.

Harvey followed suit. As soon as I was nude, I beckoned Harvey over to
stand next to me, as I glanced down and took a good look at his equipment.
The first thing I noticed was that it was hard and erect, not surprising,
yet it served to further arouse me. The second thing I noticed was that,
from a size standpoint, there wasn't much difference between he and John.
Both had nice, but not overly large cocks, I definitely liked what I saw.
I've never fantasized about big cocks, John's fit my velvet fuck-glove just
fine, and I've always loved the way it felt inside of me.

I reached out and took hold of his cock, gently began stroking it and
looked up and made eye contact, smirked and said, "this cock of yours looks
delicious, mind if I have a taste?"

He smiled, a lusty gleam in his eyes, "not at all, have at it."

I knelt in front of him and kissed the masculine head of his beautiful
love rod, and he moaned. I began licking the head, then the full length of
the shaft, slowly at first, then with more gusto. I opened my mouth as
wide as I could, took the head in, closed my lips around it and began to
swirl my tongue around the tip. It tasted a little different than John's,
but still very good, I loved the feel of it in my mouth and I loved the
pleasure I seemed to be giving him, as he let out a moan or two.

I looked up into his eyes, the lust showing prominently, and tried to
smile as I imagined the view that he had of me. He saw my feminine face,
with my bright red lipstick coated lips closed tightly around the shaft of
his proud manhood, and in the background he had a view of my tits, nipples
erect, hanging prominently out from my body, jiggling with my every

I proceeded to bob my head in and out over his fuck toy, and gave him
the best blow-job that I knew how. It must have been good, because he
didn't last more than 2 or 3 minutes. He blew his load into my mouth,
spurt after spurt, and I swallowed the first couple, but saved the rest of
it. As he was finishing, I opened my mouth, stuck my tongue out and showed
him the cum that I had captured. He ran his hand the length of his cock
and deposited the last few drops onto my tongue, I swallowed all that I had
accumulated, and sucked the remainder off his wilting cock.

I then lay back on the bed and told Harvey, "eat my pussy, I need that
tongue of yours to send me into orbit."

He positioned himself between my legs in preparation for the feast.
"Damn, a bald clam! I've never seen a real, live shaved pussy, it's
absolutely beautiful. Have you been shaving long?" He exclaimed as he
stared at my newly shaved pussy.

"No, I did it just for you, I'm glad that you like it, now get to it,
damn it! I'm horny and wet as hell."

"Like it! I love it!' He exclaimed, as he opened his mouth wide and
tried to get my entire mound into his mouth in one gulp.

Unsuccessful in his attempt to swallow it all up, he began probing with
his tongue, and I responded with a series of sighs and moans, it felt so
damn good!

Again, I mentally compared him to John, and he excited me in ways that
John never had. I attributed it to the fact that his technique was
different, not necessarily better, just different. John was an excellent
pussy eater in his own right. Harvey's tongue ministrations, up and down
my slit with an occasional probe into me, and a flick of my clit, caused me
to climax in less than five minutes, I was so hot.

Eating my pussy must have been exciting to Harvey, as it didn't take him
long to get hard again. I had him lay on his back and I mounted him with
my back to his face, his stiff cock slid effortlessly, deep into my
extremely wet pussy. It felt sooo good, as I wiggled my hips in sensual
delight. I continued to enjoy the sensation of his stiffie inside of me as
I wiggled and squeezed for a couple of minutes before I began to raise and
lower myself. Harvey was pushing his hips up as I was lowering myself, as
we rhythmically fucked.

We fucked for about 5 or 10 minutes when I told Harvey that I was about
to cum again. He grunted something to the effect that he was ready, too,
and I came in a loud and shimmering orgasm. Harvey followed by shooting
his cum deep into me as I clamped onto his spurting cock. I loved it,
loved it, loved it!

A few moments later, still basking in the afterglow of the orgasm, I
felt that it was the best fuck and orgasm that I had ever had.

I slowly raised myself off Harvey's limp cock, and, for the first time,
felt the cum of a man other than my husband creeping out of my pussy and
down the inside of my thigh. The grim reality of what I had done hit me,
and I felt some degree of remorse. The remorse came and went very quickly,
as I snuggled up to Harvey.

We lay there playfully teasing each other for another 15 or 20 minutes,
until Harvey recovered his hardness, and we then proceeded to fuck in
several other positions for another hour. His stamina was amazing, but we
finally reached the point where neither of us could go on.

I told him that I had fully intended for this to be a one-time thing,
but enjoyed it so much that I might not want to stop with just the one
episode. Harvey pitched in and said that he would make himself available
for me anytime. He further inflated my ego by telling me that I was the
best fuck that he had ever had, and I returned the compliment.

We cleaned up, dressed, kissed goodbye and I left with a song in my
heart. I felt great! 'Thank you John, your infidelity provided me with
the justification for the most memorable fuck of my life, thank you again!'
I thought as I skipped out to my car.

I arrived back home shortly after 1:00 AM, and John was waiting up for
me, no surprise there.

He confronted me with a stern, angry look, "where in the hell have you

I smirked defiantly at him and responded, "I've been having myself a
good time."

His neck began to turn a deep shade of red, his anger building, "doing

I smirked, and got in a dig, "oh, not much, just fucking around a bit."

"Fucking around, what do you mean fucking around?" He shouted at the top
of his lungs as he closed in on me, nose to nose.

I began to get a little pissed myself, at his implied holier-than-thou
attitude, stared him directly in the eyes and shouted back at him, "I was
fucking around just the way you were fucking around in your office today."

His face flushed with the same shade of red as his neck, only it wasn't
with anger, it was with guilt and embarrassment. He was speechless, caught
completely off guard, as he backed off looking as guilty as I had ever seen
him. He had been caught, and couldn't find the words to respond.

After much hem-hawing around, he finally recovered and tried to lie his
way out of it, "I have no idea what you're talking about, I wasn't doing
any fucking around today."

In as smart-ass of a tone as I could muster, I retorted, "if I were to
have a DNA analysis done on the cum leaking out of that bimbo secretary of
yours, and had it compared to yours, what do you think the results would

The guilty look overwhelmed him again, and he began to stutter, "um, er,
uh, oh my gawd! I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to do anything, but how did
you know?" He hung his head in shame, hands covering his face.

"Let's just say I have an eye witness, a very reliable one. And it's
not important how I knew, but why you did it."

I had him reeling, but he recovered quickly and tried to admonish me.
He removed his hands from his face, looked up and with an altered look of
frustration. "But if, I mean, DAMN! You've been fucking some other guy?"
He shouted in disbelief as he rose from his seat, ignoring my statement.

"My, aren't you the master of deduction, yes, asshole, I've been fucking
another guy. What's good for the gander, is good for the goose."

"B-but you couldn't, you're my wife, you had no right."

"I had every right, because as of about 12:10 PM today, I ceased being
your faithful wife. You chose to break our vows of faithfulness, so I felt
free to do as I pleased. Whether I'll continue to be your wife after
tonight remains for us to discuss. Do you want to get into that now, or
wait until morning?"

He looked hurt and distraught, and after a short pause, responded,
"n-now, I guess, but you're a woman, women aren't supposed to..."

That statement really pissed me off, and I let him have it with both
barrels. I screamed at the top of my lungs, "why you bastard, what makes
you think that it's OK for you to fuck your secretary and it's not OK for
me to fuck someone else just because I'm a woman?" I gave him a good swift
kick in the shin as I exploded.

"Ouch! That hurt, why did you do that?" He yelled as he hopped around
the room on one leg.

"Cause you're such a, a male chauvinist prick!" I yelled right back at

I think my kick woke him up to the fact that he was wrong, he hung his
head and plopped himself down on the couch again.

After sitting there for several minutes, he looked up to see me still
glaring at him, and remorsefully he offered, "OK, OK, I really am sorry. I
had no intention of hurting you. I just lost my head, I didn't think, I
just didn't think."

I facetiously retorted, "yeah, the head of your dick into her pussy,
that's what you lost, no wonder you couldn't think."

He saw no humor in my statement, but it wasn't intended to get a laugh.
He did have that sad puppy-dog look, and I began to feel as if things were

He apologized one more time, "I really am sorry, please forgive me, I'll
never do it again, I promise."

"I can forgive you, but for us to get our lives back in order, you need
to agree to do several things."

"Like what?"

"First, you need to get rid of that bimbo secretary. Seeing her every
day is too much of a temptation."

"But, I can't just fire her, she's done nothing wrong that I haven't
done, too."

"You can have her transferred to another department, somewhere where you
won't be coming in constant contact with her, but whatever, she can't
remain your personal secretary."

"OK, alright, I think I can get her transferred, what else?"

"If I even suspect that you've been fucking around on me again, I'll not
only do the same, I'll begin divorce proceedings immediately. I just won't
tolerate it, do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand, I promise, I won't ever do it again."

"As long as you keep that promise, I'll behave myself. If you break it,
all bets are off, and I'll be fucking around like you wouldn't believe."

"You have the upper hand, I'll do what you want." He paused, and asked,
"tell me something, though, just who did you fuck tonight?"

I looked him in the eye, smiled a wicked smile and responded, "an old friend of yours, Harvey."

He reacted with another priceless expression of surprise and disgust.
"Harvey! Of all people, why him?"

"Because he's a good looking guy, I'm attracted to him, and I wanted to
piss you off. How do you think I felt when I walked in on you and that
bimbo secretary of yours? If you think you can cheat on me without paying
a price, you've got another thought coming."

Once again, he hung his head, as dumbfounded as I'd ever seen him. He
sat like that, with his head hung and his hands clamped on either side of
his head, as if he had a migraine, or something.

After several minutes of silence, he lifted his head and said, 'Rene,
I'm so damn sorry that I hurt you. I want you to know that I love you very
much, and I'll never again do anything that stupid, please forgive me."

"I forgive you, but won't show any mercy should you falter again, I hope
you understand that."

"Yes, yes I understand, and I guarantee that it won't ever happen

I began to feel a little sorry for him, but only a little, as my
feelings changed from pity to arousal. Yes, I began to get aroused looking
at the pathetic figure before me. I sat next to him and put my arms around
him to show him that I still cared, and to show him that we can get our
marriage back on the right track.

He put his arms around me, and we held each other tight for several
minutes, still in silence. My arousal continued to increase and, even
though my pussy was a little sore from fucking Harvey, I wanted John, and
wanted him bad.

I backed away from the embrace, took his chin in my left hand, moved his
head up and looked him in the eye. "John, I love you very much, I don't
want another man, I want you. Now fuck me, fuck me good."

The expression of surprise on his face was uplifting, but it soon
changed to one of lust. He stood up, picked me up and carried me off to
the bedroom.

He threw me onto the bed, removed his clothes revealing his very erect
hard-on, then he proceeded to remove my clothes, popping a few buttons in
the process. He was like an animal, I had never seen him like that.

He flipped me over onto my stomach, lifted my hips to where I was on my
knees, positioned himself behind me, stuck two of his fingers into my cum coated fuck hole, then thrust his cock deep within me.

"Ooh, yess, honey, fuck me, fuck me hard," I pleaded with him.

And fuck me hard he did, ramming me harder than he had ever done. I
screamed in ecstasy as I came for the first time, and he continued to ram
me. "You wanted fucked, you're getting fucked, bitch."

"Yess, yess, my love, fuck me hard, make me cum again."

And cum again I did, even more violent than the one before. Just as I
was coming down from my orgasm, he grunted several times and shot his cum into my receptacle, causing me to tremble in yet another orgasm.

We both collapsed onto the bed, exhausted, but satisfied. I grabbed him
and held him tight for the second time that night. "Oh, honey, I love you
so much. That was the most wonderful fuck I've ever had."

"Even better than Harvey?" He asked somewhat facetiously, as he put his
arms around me.

"Much better than Harvey," I lied. Actually, it was a better fuck than
I had gotten from Harvey, but not by much. Yeah, too close to call without
an instant replay.

We continued to hold one another and I felt warm, comfortable and
content, I had my man back, and we were ready to move on with our lives.

That happened over two years ago, and to my knowledge (and I kept a
sharp eye out for tell-tell signs) John hasn't strayed since. I find that
I have mixed feelings about that. On the one hand, I want to preserve my
marriage, but on the other, I find myself thinking about Harvey, often.

Oh, well, can't have everything.

Any and all comments are appreciated.

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