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Title: older And Sexier
Keywords: mF, teen, inc, mdom, mom, son
Author: Caesar

Conflicting research paradigms
Have legitimized various crimes.
The worst we can see
Is in psychology,
Measuring reaction times.

Older And Sexier

by Caesar, copyright 1999-2002

$Revision: 1.9 $ $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:26 $

While my friends concentrated all their time and energy on the girls of my high school in a attempt to vent even a minute amount of sexual
frustration, I aimed my own in another direction.

It all started three years ago, when I was a 14 year old teenager.
Hitting puberty not long before I still had the tall lankiness of that
age, my body hard with muscles from sports but otherwise uninspiring.
It was that year that I truly came of age, you see I finally noticed
- Bonnie -

It was a girl at school that I first noticed, and had my first teenage
crush upon, she was tiny, cute and had a big bright smile. I was
obsessed with her after I accidently saw her full legs and panties when she fell upon the ice outside school one morning. No one else
saw, and after a quick look and quickly pushing down her pleated
skirt, she thought no one else saw either.

Her name was Trish.

I followed her everywhere, hounded and nagged her with my presence,
and generally made of fool of myself. Yet, I never said more than two
words to her up to that point. But my insistent teenage determination
demanded that I act.

So I went over to her home after supper time one evening. I can
remember that the snow was falling lightly and the moon was bright.
Even with few lights on the houses and the road lights barely making a
difference, I thought the night was brightly lit.

Her mom answered my knock. "Hello?" She was drunk. Trish's mom was
also a older model of her daughter, compact, cute and a wide generous
mouth that I imaged could smile and brighten any room.

"Oh... hi."

"Yes?" I felt like a fool, what was I doing on Trish's door late at
night, her mom standing in a cold doorway as some awkward teenager
stuttered his way through normal conversation.

"Is Trish... I mean..."

She interrupted, "Trish? No, she is at her friends tonight." She
frowned and looked me slowly up and down in a most disagreeable way,
as if I was a fancy dress in a shop window that she considered buying.
"Would you like to come in? Out of the cold I mean?"

I didn't see the reason for it, Trish wasn't home. The hours of
building up my resolve to come here was wasted. If Trish had only
been home!

"Is she expected soon?"

Her mom just smiled and stood back from the door, evidently Trish must
be expected very soon. Not wanting this little adventure in my short
life to end without at least talking to my objective, I thought it
would not hurt to wait a couple of minutes.

I stood in the foyer, pulling my jacket and winter boots off. "I'll
make some hot chocolate, have a seat." She waved over towards the
living room adjacent to the foyer. I watched her half-stumble her way
to the kitchen. My teenage hormones forced me to check out the older woman. Nice. Small frame but round bottom that wiggled just the way
I like it in those tight jeans she wore. Short but slim legs, well
shaped from what I could see. Her hair was darker than Trish's, light
brown, and shorter by a few inches but still hung half ways down her

She finally returned with the chocolate and a beer for herself. "What
is your name?" She practically slurred her words.


"I'm Bonny." And after a quick drink from her glass she asked, "Do
you have a nice cock Ben?"

Time stood still, the clock on the wall reverberated about the room,
my heart pounded so loud I thought it louder than the clock and I
froze. No one, I mean no one had ever spoken to me that way? So
blunt, so graphic and so personal, especially a woman the same age as
my mother. What could I say, how could I move... if I did, Bonnie
would see how scared I suddenly was.

She waited a few moments then asked another question, "Would you like
to fuck me Ben?"

That was it. Like some idiot, I started to cough and hack. The blood
went to my face and I felt like my cheeks were on fire.

Still keeping me unbalanced Bonnie set down her drink and stood,
"Trish is staying at her friends overnight. If you want to fuck me,
I'll be upstairs in my room." She slowly walked away, nearly tripping
upon her own feet.

As soon as Bonnie was gone I nearly ran to the door and started to
fumble with my boots. God, how did I get in this situation?

Then it hit me, with one boot on and bouncing about trying to get the
second one on; Bonnie wants to have sex with me. Me!

Holy shit!

I slipped my boot off and stood there at the base of the stairs
feeling nervous and extremely out of my realm of expertise.
Approximately at that time was when the hormones finally kicked in. I
even thought how it was unfair to have sex with a woman that was
drunk, would she still have asked me if the alcohol was not in her
system? Yet the hormones overrode common sense and intelligent
reasoning, who cares! Bonnie, Trish's mom, wanted to fuck me!


I ran up the stairs and found myself standing in the open doorway to
Bonnie's room. It was the first time in my life that I've ever seen a
naked woman.

Bonnie lay upon her bed, right in the middle, fully unclothed. She
was rubbing her hand between her legs over and in a generous mound of
pubic hair. Her breasts, hung nearly to either side of her chest had
dark inch wide nipples that beckoned my gaze. Her legs were wide
apart, with knees slightly bent. It was a lewd and bawdy position, it
was also more than I've ever seen.

My teenage cock thrust painfully against my pants. It knew why it was

"Come here and fuck me Ben." Her fingers spread the generous pussy and I saw the glistening pink beneath.

My hands scrambled at pulling my clothes off. When I bounced
comically about, anxious to loose my virginity, Bonnie continued to
taunt me with her words. "Get that hard teenage cock in this
pussy... fuck me hard... use me like a whore..." I climbed up on the
bed, between her legs and aimed my cock towards the junction between
her thighs as if it was my love missile. "... my husband likes
whores..." My fumbled about, poking her hand, pussy and thighs -
unable to deliver my missile. "... but he doesn't like to get them at

Bonnie grabbed my shaft with her free hand and held me firm, it was
the first touch of a woman's hand upon my cock and it felt great, then
she slowly pulled me towards her. Without preamble, I suddenly felt
myself sink into the most desirable feeling in the world, the hot wet
channel of a woman.

Both her hands came out from between us and grabbed my skinny hard
teenage ass and pulled me roughly in, towards her. I was seated fully
within her love grotto.

It was too much, I felt my cock begin to twitch and spasm as the seed
of my loins flooded into the first vagina I've ever been in. Bonnie
whined, "Come on my face, on my tits...", quickly I pulled from her
allowing my seed to continue to spurt from my body upon her breasts.
I aimed for her nipples, as sexy as they looked. "...use me like a

I was.

Bonnie grasped both her breasts and wrapped those delightful warm soft
flesh globes about my cock. Nearly as delicious a feeling as her sex
had been. She tilted her head and opened her mouth. A tongue began
to tease the head of my cock even as the spasms were nearly gone.

I knelt panting above her, looking down at the most incredible sight.
Bonnie only stared at my cock.

Thankfully, especially this being my first time, my cock never
softened. Oh the pain-filled hardness was gone, but it still throbbed
with desire.

Bonnie looked up into my eyes with a lust filled smile when she
realized the same.

"My husband never fucked my tits before, never had me lick the head of
his cock either." Awkwardly I moved off her, as she motioned me to
give her room to move. "If he ever asks you...", she turned over and
showed me that sexy round ass and got up on her knees, "... you will
have to tell him how you fucked me, perhaps then he'll not need to go
out to get his whore's." Bonnie motioned me behind her.

The unexperienced idiot that I was, I had no idea what she was trying
to get me to do. Thankfully she simply grasp my hard cock and pulled
it until I again felt it enter her body. "Now fuck me Ben. Hard!"

I did.

It would soon become my favourite position, behind a kneeling
passionate woman. I grabbed her hips and watched with delight as she
slammed her body back against me again and again, my cock felt as if
it half ways to her chest. Bonnie began to make noises that I've
never heard before, noises that I wanted to hear again and again. It
was of a woman in the heat of passion.

Soon I again felt the familiar tingle in my balls and attempted to
hold it back, unsuccessfully. Bonnie must have felt me tense up also,
she squealed in delight and ordered, "Oh yes, come on my ass Ben.
Come all over my ass hole."

Strange request, but I complied.

Soon, I lay next to Bonnie on her marriage bed. She lay panting, her
back to me. I couldn't take my eyes off her, she was beautiful, sexy
and the most delightful sight I've ever seen.

A mumble from her side of the bed, "Rub my ass Ben?" No longer was it
a command from her, but a request. One that I had no problems in

"Hum... rub that wonderful spunk all over my ass."

Certainly. My hand was bold, why not I thought after what we had just
done, I slipped it between the cheeks of her round firm ass and
slipped my sperm coated fingers around the tiny round hard muscle of
her anus. I had seen it winking at me as I pounding her from behind,
and thought how sexy it looked but had not had the nerve to touch it.
With her request, I now did.

She moaned lightly and squirmed about while also arching her back and
pushing out her ass, which effectively allowed her ass crack to widen.
I took this as permission to enjoy myself even more and slipped my
finger into her backside.

That was when the fun ended. She giggled, I have never heard a older woman giggle like this before and spun about which disengaged my hand.
"Thats enough stud." Me? "I'm going to have a long hot bath, maybe
next time this whore may even let you even fuck her there!" In her
ass hole? Wow.

Bonnie rolled out of bed and quickly disappeared into an adjoining
bathroom. I slowly stood up, feeling as if I was on top of the world.
Me, I had just fucked a woman. Not a teenage giggly unexperienced
girl, but a real live sexy woman! I had given my virginity to this
woman, or rather she took it from me.

As I finished putting my sweater on I remembered two things. That
Bonnie no longer staggered when she walked to the bathroom or was
slurring her words since I joined her in her bedroom - was she even
drunk? Why would she feel the need to fake intoxication. It made no
sense to me. The other was her words as she departed, "

I couldn't stop from smiling all the long walk home.

My father wouldn't have noticed if we had a roof or not on our house
but mom did, she asked me several times what I was smiling so much
about. She asked for several days after my adventure with Bonnie.

Something happened to me after I left Bonnie, something inside me
changed from a young teenager, a boy really, to a young man. I knew
what all my peers had been anxious to discover with girls their own
age, what they wanted to ultimately do with them but didn't know how.
I did, Bonnie had taught me without being a teacher.

Trish approached me at school, though I thought she never even knew I
was alive, "Hi Ben?" See, she wasn't even sure of my name. "Mom said
you came around last Thursday. Did you want something?"

Now a week earlier I would have stammered and stumbled at the approach
with this sexy little teenager, but no longer. I no longer felt
interest in her only her mother. "Yes, but I found more than I came
for." I left her standing in the hallway with a puzzled frown upon
her face.
- Darlene -

I have been shovelling Mrs. Harrison's walks for several years. With
the abundant snow these last couple of winters, I've made enough to
purchase a new bike last summer. Unfortunately, they had a very long
walk and driveway. Fortunately, my pay reflected this when she came
time to pay me.

Mrs. Harrison had been living next to us for as long as my parents had
been here. She and her husband were professional people, she being a
lawyer I believe, and had no children.

Big deal you may ask?

Just as I started to shovel, Mrs. Harrison drives up, waves and forces
her truck past me into her garage. Thinking nothing of it, and this
not being the first time, nor the last, that I was shovelling their
walk winter. Half done I stood up to stretch and to catch my breath
and saw Mrs. Harrison standing in her huge living room window with a
steaming mug of tea in both hands looking right at me with a strange
half-smile and faraway look. I simply waved spiritedly, she just
smiled and turned about into the shade beyond my vision.

I returned to shovelling.

No big deal right?

True. At least if I had not had a taste of older woman in the form of
Bonnie. Don't get the idea that my one sexual experience left me an
expert in the subject, far from it. Only that it left me with a new
perspective towards the ladies that I never truly noticed before.

Within her garage, hours later, I was cleaning off the shovel and pick
before returning them to their rightful spot when Mrs. Harrison opened
the inner door to her garage and smiled gently at me. "Good work
again Ben."

"Thanks Mrs. Harrison."

"Can I pay you next week?"

Of course she can, she always paid me at the end of each month for the
sum total of my work. "Sure." I was finished with my tools and stood
facing her, in all my winter bundled glory.

Mrs. Harrison smiled again then turned as if she was leaving. "Do you
have any hot chocolate Darlene?"

It just sort of blurted out of my mouth. I certainly not had planned
to ask or especially to use her first name.

She stopped, looked over her shoulder with an uncertainly and
surprised look and nodded. "Certainly. Come on in Ben."

I have never used her first name before, and only had known it from
overhearing conversations between my mother and Mrs. Harrison,
Darlene. As I pulled off all my winter gear, it was cold that day I
remember, she returned to the kitchen and I could hear her prepare my
warm drink.

In wool socks I eventually joined her, my sweater hanging comically
half ways to my knees. I must have looked like a red cheeked bundled
string bean. As she stirred in the milk for the cocoa, which I rarely
have and is always a treat rather than simply instant hot chocolate, I
enjoyed the sight of her.

From the rear Mrs. Harrison looked rather good in her black jeans,
white socks and fuzzy sweater. Her auburn hair bounced whenever she
moved and her pale skin nearly as white as my own, blame it on the

Darlene must have noticed my appraisal and looked sideways over her
shoulder with an unknown sparkle in her eyes. I know not what I had
gotten myself into but felt a heat gathering between my legs and
resisted an urge to give my cock a squeeze.

She delivered the cocoa into my cold hands and our fingers lingered
for just a brief instant. "My goodness, you are cold aren't you?"

I just smiled and took a sip of the hot drink, it was very good.

"Is your mother home dear?"

"Yup, but she is going grocery shopping later today."

She nodded, "I must call and ask her to get some frozen blueberries
for me."

Small talk sucks.

I looked down right at the bump in her sweater, gaging her breasts to
be small. "Do you find me attractive Ben?"

With a flash I returned my eyes up to her own and found her face
smiling with amusement. "I find you very attractive Darlene." I
couldn't believe how calm my voice sounded, as if I had played this
verbal game with many other ladies. In fact I felt my free hand
trembling and grasped my mug of cocoa with both hands to stifle its

"You are a rare one dear, I'm older than your mother." She sipped at
her tea mug but her eyes never left mine.

What could I say, I just shrugged and again found my eyes drifting
down to the bump in her sweater. In my absence both small mounds now
had a prominent thrust of what could only be nipples. Darlene now had
hard thrusting nipples that could even be seen beneath her expensive
fuzzy sweater.

I tried to return my gaze back to her face but could not, and found my
eyes drifting down to her small waist and to the junction of her pant
legs. I wondered what she looked like naked.

My teenage hormones began to work overtime.

Again I stared boldly at her nipples. A voice startled me, "Are you a
breast man Ben?"

Shit, she caught me. Finally I returned my gaze to hers. "No." She
was about to ask a question but I continued, "though I would make an
exception with yours Darlene."

That caught her attention, as well as my own if the truth be told.
Her eyebrows shot up and she looked down into the contents of her tea
mug in silence. How bold can I be? Certainly not as bold as Bonnie
had been... could I?

No. Just asking such a bold question scared the hell out of me.
Hell, my own mother may hear of it!

I certainly did not want the conversation to end at this point and
said, "Normally I am a ass and leg person. And yours are great
Mrs. Harrison!" I meant it. They were great in a petite slender sort
of way.

Finally she looked back up into my eyes, "Darlene. I like it when you
call me by my name Ben." She turned about, opened the dishwasher,
bent over slowly and put in her now empty tea mug. I watched every
movement. Finally she turned back to me, "No one has ever said those
things to me before dear." Darlene actually looked sad.

Truth was I was a bit surprised, of course she was no beautiful woman
but, especially, for her age she looked great. "Even Mr. Harrison?"

She snapped, "Especially my husband." She quickly softened her look.
"Are you finished dear?" She meant my cocoa.

I was and she also added this to the dishwasher, giving me a great
show of her bent over ass. In fact she fumbled around, moving a few
dirty dishes and cups about, all the while staying bent over for my
pleasure I was sure.

Finally she stood back up and faced me awkwardly. I had nothing to
say. Of course I lusted after her but knew not what else or how else
to approach her. To me I ran the marathon and couldn't get to the
finish line, I had to quit. I turned and headed back to the garage
door, "Well, I better get home. I'll tell mom that you wanted some

"Wait!" Her voice was rather frantic and I turned to find her roughly
rubbing her palms along the flanks of her black faded jeans. "Do you
have to go so soon?"

Again I enjoyed the sight of her thrusting nipples. What else could I
do, I hadn't the experience to take this little adventure of ours any
further? I simply shrugged answered rather stupidly, "No, I guess

"Would you like a quick lunch perhaps?" She now looked nervous,
possibly even more so than I. Could I do this to her? What a flow of
power and adrenaline flowed through my teenage veins.

"No thank you."

Nervously, Darlene looked about as if wondering what else she could
offer me. Couldn't she tell what I wanted? Her nervousness was
calming to me.

I walked up to her slowly, "Would you like...", she started to ask but
stopped when my hands came up to her chest.

With a move that surprised me for years to come, I opened my hands
palm towards her and placed them upon her small mounds pressing
inwards until her nipples poked into my palms firmly. Her reaction
surprised me, Darlene closed her eyes, sighed deeply and with a ragged
breath she pushed her torso harder into my hands.


Towering about a foot above her five foot frame, I felt strong, big,
powerful and in control. I suddenly wanted this woman with a passion
that I never felt for anyone ever before, not even Bonnie. I brought
my lips down to hers.

Those lips were slightly open, enough to breath through, and partially
dry. When my moist hot lips touch hers Mrs. Harrison came alive and
her demeanour changed instantaneous. In a way, she attacked me.

Darlene opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue forcing it
between my teeth. Her hands came around and grasped my hard lean
buttocks. As she forced her mouth upon me, not that I was
disagreeable though, she groaned with a guttural sound into my open

That woman taught me more about kissing in the ten minutes we stood
there than most of my friends would ever learn. After attacking my
mouth with her own, though her hands were also busy behind me, she
softened her attack. Those hard fast kisses quickly turned to soft
moist very sensual kisses that allowed her to grind her body into my
hands and thighs. Darlene alternated with soft slow kisses to hard
frantic rushed plunges of her tongue and lips. I loved it.

We had been standing so long, kissing and fondling, though my hands
never came off her breasts, that my jaw was actually tired. I slowly
pulled away, opened my eyes and stood looking down into her eyes.

With amusement she asked, "Now do you want to leave?" My answer was a
big grin and both of her nipples found their way between my thumbs and
index finger in a playful but firm pinch. "Oh god! I may come just
from your hands on my tits and your kisses."

She stood swaying slightly, as if there was a slight breeze, enjoying
my hands upon her breasts. I twisted one nipple as my palm fondled
her other round bound. "What is it you want me to do for you Ben?"

Do? I wanted to fuck her. What else could she have meant?

Do you remember those moments in life that you felt as if you were in
a place that you just didn't fit in? This was one of those for me. I
suddenly felt as if Mrs. Harrison was being fondled by another person,
a person that knew exactly what they wanted to do with her. I didn't,
I was surprised to discover.

I think she realized my sudden fear, yes fear, and took my busy hands
in her own leading me to her living room. With her eyes never coming
off my own she lead me, walking backwards I may add, to the middle of
the room and pushed me gently backwards till I found myself seated
facing her.

Darlene took a step back and started to unbutton her sweater. It
wasn't some erotic striptease but a slow deliberate undressing by a
woman that hasn't been naked with a man, other than her husband, for
many years. Her hands actually trembled as the buttons opened.

She didn't hesitate but instead watched my eyes, my hungry eyes, as
she allowed the sweater to drop to the floor before her. Still
watching she reached behind to undo the brassier.

Those conical white breasts suddenly revealed themselves to me. Her
nipples were dime sized but thrusting far out like a small finger. I
wanted to see her pull upon those sexy nipples and wanted to ask but
found my mouth too dry to talk.

No matter, with a slightly red face, Darlene began to undress the
remainder of her garments. The white socks quickly disappeared, the
jeans took a while longer but soon those joined the other clothing.
The panty, white cotton but high in the hip and well cut in the crotch
looked superb on it. Those also joined the small pile at her feet.

Finally she stood completely naked and nervous before me. Her pussy,
the same wonderful auburn as her head, was surprisingly sparse, with
only a tuft above the dark pink cleft below it.

"Do you still want to go?" She tried to smile as if it was a joke,
but I knew better. I would never have guessed it before today but
Mrs. Harrison must not think highly of herself.

I just nodded an answer and was awarded with what looked like a
thankful look on her part.

Darlene didn't saunter or slink over towards me, as I had read some
women like to do. Instead she took the short steps necessary to stand
between my spread knees.

No words were exchanged, though I would not be able too anyways, but
our eyes stayed fast upon the other.

Darlene bent at the waist and began to fumble with my pants, her
trembling hands making it more difficult. I didn't need to watch to
know that my cock suddenly found a way out of its prison, as the cool
air kissed its sensitive surface. Darlene, though, stole a look down
between my legs and gasped in what I could only take as pleasure.

She didn't waste any time nor did I help or hinder as she quickly came
closer and crawled up upon my waist, her knees to either side. Her
warm hand fumbled with my shaft and her torso moved about anxiously.
All the while I just watched her face, marvelling at her beauty and
that she too was nervous and excited just as I was.

Then it happened, I felt her warm clenching wetness engulfed my
thrusting manhood. Darlene finally closed her eyes, wrapped her arms
about my neck and threw her head back to groan loudly.

Finally I looked away from her face and moved my gaze downwards to her
breasts and to her navel. I reached around and grasped her tiny soft
buttocks in my hands. Darlene groaned out and threw her face into my
neck, her lips whispering, "Tell me what you want me to do Ben?"

Crazy question, but this time I was more prepared to answer. I lifted
her torso by her buttocks with my strong hands and whispered into her
ear, "I want you to fuck me Darlene!"

"Oh yes!" She began to move, ever so slowly, up and down upon my hard
shaft. I dare say, she was noticeably tighter than Bonnie had been,
while still feeling the abundant juices flowing down to drench the
front of my pants.

Movement caught my eye to my right and sightly over Darlene's
shoulder, it was a mirror. I saw the most lewd and sexy sight of my
life. A mature and very sexy woman who's body was perfect for my
desires moving seductively and deliciously above my clothed tall
teenage body. I couldn't help but watch the show Darlene inevitable
put on for me a she twisted her head and back all the while her
buttocks responded to my fondling.

I pulled apart her buttocks to reveal the hairless crack and tiny
brown winking hole between. Yes 'winking', it opened slightly and
closed as Darlene moved with the length of my cock.

Remembering what Bonnie has said, I had wondered at the feeling of my
cock within a woman's ass hole, wondered how it felt for a woman.

One hand moved inwards and I pressed my centre finger against the hard
round muscle. Darlene gasped when I touched her there and groaned
out, "Oh god! Touch me Ben, use me please!"


I shoved, a little too roughly but it was my first time, my digit into
her rectum to the third knuckle. Darlene hissed and grimaced in pain
but it quickly subsided and turned to more moans of pleasure when I
began to frig her ass in time with the cock in her cunt.

When my mouth enclosed a tiny thrusting nipple and drew it strongly
into the back of my mouth, Darlene suddenly clenched every muscle in
her body and squealed out so loud it actually hurt my ears. I simply
froze my body and watched her face as it danced with erotic music of a
woman during the explosion of her orgasm. Her spine began to bend
backwards and her head rolled about upon her neck as she called my
name out again and again. Her body suddenly broke out in a sudden
cold sweat and her skin got little goose bumps that only highlighted
this special moment.

Finally she lay above me, spent.

My hormones were still raging and I moved my hands as if to steady
her. I was going to roll her over with disengaging our erotic link.
Instead a tired sounding Darlene placed her hands upon mine and moved
her lips to my own. She kissed me soundly but quickly, "Let me
darling, I want too...!"

Again that petite sexy body began to move, my cock engulfed in the
hottest most addictive furnace that I had ever imagined.

Her arms wrapped about me in a strong embrace, her lips whispered in
my ear, "I need to make you feel as good as you have made me feel!"
Her tiny hard thrusting nipples poked through my clothing enough to
notice. "I want you to fill me with you."

Those words, the tight hot wet sex and her sweaty soft petite body was
enough to grant Darlene her wish. My seed began to flood her depths.
She also had another orgasm, smaller though. Our bodies clenched and
vibrated with a symphony of pleasure.

I sat panting beneath her sweaty body, feeling like the luckiest guy
alive. My penis shrunk within her until I felt it begin to slither
out of her slimy warm hole. Darlene groaned when it finally slipped
out of her.

I thought it was the end of our pleasure, that she was just as spent
as I, I was wrong. One last thing remained.

Mrs. Harrison moved her face about to be able to gently kiss my lips
with her own. It lasted only a few second before she started to slid
off my lap. Instead of gathering up her clothing and retreating, this
lovely mature woman knelt between my legs, bent forwards and without
preamble began to lap at my slimy cock with her tiny tongue.

What a pleasure it was to feel that warm tongue upon my soft and very
sensitive cock. I can not even begin to express the sheer pleasure
that shot from that organ throughout my body. Darlene licked like a
puppy, lapping my cock and balls, and even my inner thighs and lower
stomach. She cleaned me fully and with, dare I say it, love.

When that tongue finally left me I again opened my eyes and watched as
she reversed what she had done earlier and slip my soft member back
into my pants. She left me laying there just as I had been before
coming into her house while she still knelt, her cheek on my knee
watching my face, still fully unclothed.

I stroked her head gently enjoying the moment and the shared look.
- Hana -

I had changed.

I knew it, my friends knew it, my teachers knew it, even my mother knew it. Yet, it was only I that knew what had changed me. It was my
experiences with Bonnie and Darlene, two wonderfully different and
sexy ladies that I had come to know intimately.

Though only fourteen years-old, I stood straighter and had a sharper
look in my eye. No longer was I afraid to talk with girls my own age,
yet they held little interest for me. The reverse, though, was
starting to change. Several of my female peers, whom I thought had
never noticed me, started to flirt shamelessly. Hell, I never even
noticed, but Sam did.

Sam is my best friend, since we were nine years old we have been
compatriots. While I was tall and thin, Sam was short and dumpy.
While I did moderately well, without studying mind you, in school, Sam
had to fight just for an average mark. Regardless, he was my best
friend through thick and thin.

It was only three days after I had cleaned Darlene's walks when I was
invited and stayed over at my friend Sam's house for supper. It was a
howling nasty night, with the wind chill dropping the already frigid
temperatures. piss would probably freeze before it hit the ground it
was so cold.

While we ate, Sam's father suggested I stay the night rather than
brave the cold on the way to my home. It wasn't an unusual
circumstance, me staying over, sleeping in the guest room. I agreed
and phoned home to let them know.

Something happened while we ate our supper. Something that I could
never tell Sam about. Seems silly really, but that something is that
I noticed how cute Sam's mother was.

I never planned this to happen, this realization, but it did. Hana,
as I called her, was returning from the kitchen with a tray of desert
she had made and bent over to place it upon the centre of the table.

That was when 'it' happened.

Hana had a very nice round sexy ass, raised up as it was. I could see
panty lines beneath her heavy skirt that thrilled me with a energy.
The turn of her ass as it pressed up and out, her straight back, the
hanging huge breasts nearly touching the table beneath.

I ate the cake and plum pudding in silence while at the same time
watching Hana. No one noticed, no one that is, except Hana. Saw
caught me watching her very large breasts as her family ate about us.
They may as well have been invisible.

Sam wanted go watch a television program and the rest of his family,
minus his mother, quickly departed from the kitchen. I joined him in
the family room watching a program that I had no idea what it was, I
was thinking of Hana. Excusing myself, which Sam never even noticed
so intent on the program he watched, I went into the kitchen on the
pretext of getting a glass of water.

Hana stood there washing dishes and only looked over her shoulder for
a brief moment before turning her gaze back to the sudsy water. "Hows
the show Ben?"

"Sam is enjoying it." I stood on the other side of the dividing
counter watching her in profile. Magnificent, large breasts thrust
far out, jutting buttocks and a slight curve of her stomach. "Have I
mentioned how wonderful you look Hana?"

She smiled sweetly and continued with the dishes.

"And sexy?" My heart was accelerating, my own words amazed myself.

That startled her, she turned towards me and frowned while studying my
lust-filled gaze. "Ben...?"

"Come to me tonight Hana? Please?"

Her frown turned to astonishment, her eyebrows shot up and she dropped
the dish rag she had been using right upon her clean floor. It
splatted loudly but neither of us noticed.

I turned about to go back into the family room, instructing as I went,
"After everyone is asleep, come to me please Hana."

Sleep, how could I sleep anticipating her arrival? The longer I
waited alone in that chilled room upon that overly hard mattress, the
more I thought my desire and request for Hana had been ridicules,
immature, even stupid. What if Sam found out, it would probably kill
our friendship and I certainly did not want that!

The door opened and like a breeze Hana slipped into my room. It was
like a dream, her entrance so amazed me. She had come!

Hana stood next to the bed, in her old house coat looking rather
frumpy. She whispered, "Ben I don't think you should..." She gasped
out as I threw the covers from my body and revealed my naked loins, I
had anticipated her arrival. " this...!"

I reached out, my mind not registering the words she spoke. I only
knew that she had come to me as I requested and that I hungered for
her. Deftly I slipped the robes sash off with one hand and her
garment opened revealing her nightgown beneath.

She just stood there mouth open in astonishment and eyes wide as I
slipped my hand between the folds of her robe and beneath the
thigh-high hem of her nightgown. Quickly I found a truly magnificent
thick bush between her thighs. A virtual jungle of a pussy.

Gently I slipped my finger tip into the depths of that kinky maze
until I felt the slick soft junction of her lips. That was when Hana
gasped and brought a hand up to hold over her mouth. Her eyes closed
and she swayed as my fingers explored and gently slid back and forth,
up and down, that wonderful grotto.

Hana spread her legs wider and squatted down in a comical pose, but I
wasn't laughing. I was stroking my hardness with my free hand. As
the seconds turned to minutes, her sex began to spout with thick moisture and her lips flower open. It was another first as Hana
pressed her torso down while my fingers were poised below her vagina and I found my finger inside a woman's sex.

Hana squealed behind her hand, thankfully since her husband slept only
a wall width away.

She was gasping and vibrating her thighs as my finger moved in and out
of her with a small descriptive squish. Each moment that I continued
to pump into her the sound of her sex became louder and louder until
it was a virtually echoing off the tiny spare room.

Sam's mother suddenly clenched her sex and every muscle in her body as
she held herself for that sexy summit. I watched fascinated with the
contortions her round face undertook while that strange squealing
sound escaped from somewheres deep in her throat. It also startled me
when I suddenly felt my finger held firmly within her body, as if in a
soft warm vise. I could no longer even move it for either her
pleasure or my own.

Hana's sexy soft body suddenly relaxed and she fell down upon me in my
bed, exhausted and spent. Wow what I sight. No matter how many times
I see such a sight, I'll never get enough when watching a woman in the
most intimate of moments, the time she orgasms. And I learned
something else, each woman was different, in so many ways, but they
each orgasmed differently, deliciously. I can never get enough.

I realized Hana was completely limp above me, so I moved her head so I
could look in her eyes, asleep or passed out! Wiggling from beneath
her I slipped out and lay on my side facing her not knowing what to do
next. I was actually becoming worried that she may be hurt but had no
idea what to do about it! I certainly could not call my friend or his

Then she started to stir, slowly coming awake. Hana's eyes opened and
she looked right into my own. She suddenly smiled happily and reached
forwards to grasp my hand in her own as sort of a thank you.

It didn't stay there long, her hand withdrew from my own and found
itself wrapped about my hard thrusting member. Hana's soft warm eyes
moved down between my legs and she devoured me with but a gaze.

I knew it was time and reached out to grab at her huge hanging breast above her nightgown. Hana ignored my touch and moved her other hand
down to grasp me in a two-handed grasp that I could only describe as a
bear hug. Nor did she pay me any attention as I sat up upon my knees
and struggled to get her bathrobe and then her nightgown off her body.
All her attention was focused upon that thrusting manhood between my

"Its so big!" She whispered.

It was? Her hands were not stroking it slowly and softly, a thumb
rubbing my pre-spend over the soft sensitive head till the chill air
kissed it. I was shivering with need at that point, my hands ravaging
her huge hanging breasts. So soft, so warm, inviting! I even pulled
and twisted her two-inch wide nipples but other than her nipples
tightening and getting harder she never reacted.

When Hana finally started to descend towards my cock, her mouth
already opening and I could see saliva drip from her lips, I had to
stop her. So close was I that I wanted something else, something that
had attracted me from the start.

She looked up at me in surprise, and tried yet again to descend
towards my thrusting manhood. No, I wanted her another way. Roughly
I grabbed her soft upper arms and twisted her about. Hana landed upon
her hands and found me lifting up her hips so her ass rose in the air.
Possibly still startled or stunned she never made a noise of or
movement to stop me until I knelt behind her and the head of my cock
was rubbing about her thick bush looking for the entrance to nirvana.

At that moment Hana reached around her with a hand and tried to stop
me while her face looked in horror over her shoulder, "No Ben!" Too
late, I pressed forwards and sunk to my stomach within her body.

Hana lost all her will to fight me, why I knew not, and drove her face
down into a pillow to stifle another loud squeal of pleasure.

I began to drive my cock in and out of her soft super wet cunt with a
fierceness that embarrasses me. That I could grab the soft handles of
her hips and pound, hard and fast, against her round raised buttocks
making her body jiggle about lewdly, of my best friends mother.

It wasn't to last long, I knew that before kneeling behind her. And
my head felt as if it doubled in size within her before exploding and
flooding her depths with my seed. Again and again I shot out the
thick life-giving fluid right into my best friends mother. Just when
I was nearly finishing I realized Hana was also orgasming again, her
body again doing the dance of pleasure while her cunt held me in that
familiar vise.

It was a wonderful experience and we both collapsed onto our sides in
exhaustion with me still inside her.

I awoke hours latter and was startled to discover the luminescent
clock next to the bed said it was nearly time to get ready for school.
As well Hana and I had not moved one inch in the night, my soft cock
was even within her sex partially. She was even snoring softly and
held one of my hands to her huge hanging breast.

The intimate position, the soft warm naked body before me and the
morning on my teenage hormones was enough to put lead in my pencil.
My cock quickly rose, digging into her sexy depths. It, I, was ready
for me so ever so softly, so not to wake her, I rolled her back over
upon her back and spread her legs. I had to withdraw myself from her
loins but she was still asleep and never disagreed when I knelt
between her thighs.

My cock sunk easily within the still very went hole that belonged to
my best friend's mother, and I knelt above her upon my hands and knees
in the classical missionary position.

Even as my cock pulled nearly out of her body Hana opened her eyes and
looked up at me in horror, "Oh my god!" I drove into her and she
jerked her knees upwards off the bed and closed her eyes. Again I
pounded into her body, perhaps not as hard as the night before but
with just as much lust. I enjoyed the sight of her breasts swaying
and bouncing about upon her chest, the nipples already hard and
begging to be sucked.

As I couldn't reach her breasts I grunted, "Feed me your tits!"
Eloquent am I not?

She grasped her large breasts from the side and pushed them up
together towards my mouth even as she argued, "Ben, this is
wrong... please don't stop!" Her short legs came up and around my
waist to lock together behind me even as I stretched my neck down so
my mouth could engulfed a nipple.

Every time I slammed down onto and into her she grunted as if her body
was forced to expel air. I alternated sucking and nibbling on first
one nipple then the other until both were covered in my saliva. When
I was busy sucking upon her right breast I was surprised when she
forced her left up to her chin and began to run her thick tongue all
about its hard protruding nipple. When the next I alternated and
sucked on her other nipple she then took the right one and flicked her
tongue back and forth over the bud.

"Come in me darling... come in momma!"


I began to shoot my seed, surprising the both of us. Hana's sex
swallowed every drop I had to give while squealed into a pillow. I
bit into a thick nipple as I felt the life-force leave my body through
my dick.

Soon I lay above her sweaty body panting in time to her own.
- Jody -

My mother eyed me suspiciously for the next several days, though I'm
not even sure why. Perhaps because it was my non-chalance when she
told me Trish had phoned and I didn't care. mom had to know that
there must be another woman to take my mind off a cute teenager like

Mom never said a word but I did catch her looking at me more often
with a small tickle in the corner of her eye. I took nothing of it.

Jody was the name of a woman that worked out of a small corner diner
near the school, she worked the late shift. Sam and I had often
descended upon the place after school or when skipping class, it had
cheap and abundant chinese food that we enjoyed.

I descended upon the place once again, but alone. Jody smiled at me,
recognizing and waving me towards a free booth. In actuality, the
place was empty, the after school crowd long gone and Jody and I had
never actually talked outside of ordering food.

Regardless I wanted her.

Jody was a couple years younger than my mother, divorced and had a
young daughter. I had learned all this from listening to her
conversations when Sam and I were lounging.

It started a week after I stayed over at Sam's home, when he suggested
we skip out and get down to the diner for some food. I turned him
down but my mind suddenly remembered Jody.

Now Jody was no beauty but, contrary to the other new ladies in my
life, I had been attracted and noticed her before I first lost my
virginity. You see, Jody had one of the best asses around. She knew
it too, as she always wore, out of style but still attractive, skin
tight jeans that left little to the imagination. She had long legs
and often wore cowboy boots that raised her height another two inches.
Her face has aged, by a harsh life I could only guess, but she had
long brown straight hair that she normally wore in a pony.

With my new found interest towards ladies and had been successful, on
my standards, I came to the conclusion that I wanted this hard working

"What will it be for you today sweetie?" Did I mention she liked to
flirt? For the last year she has been a regular in my fantasies, now
I wanted to make those fantasies into reality.

"I was wondering if you wanted go out to a movie after you get off
work?" My voice was surprisingly steady, I was impressing myself.
Though I thought my words sounded rather immature, I certainly didn't
want to date the woman just fuck her.

She looked surprised, amused and then calm, in that order, as she let
me down easy, "My boyfriend wouldn't like that very much sugar."

"Ben, my name is Ben." I stuck out my hand which she looked at for a
second and then shook it. Her hands were cold and dry, hard working
hands. "And I want you to know that I have had many fantasies about

That startled her and after a brief look to see if I was serious she
laughed it off. "I think I'm a little old for you Ben!"

I never even broke from my soft smile, "I want you to teach me to lick
pussy till you scream." Her smile disappeared.

"Your serious?" She sounded incredible and I nodded affirmative.
Finally she asked, after an awkward pause and look shared between us,
"And what do you get out of this honey?"

What did I get out of this? "I get the taste of you on my tongue and
some great additions to my fantasies."

She laughed to herself and spun about stopped and then spun back
towards me. Jody pointed through the frost covered window towards a
old station wagon, "Meet me by that car in a half hour, I have a break
coming up..." She didn't look too sure of herself.

My youthful anticipation showed through, "Do you mean...?"

That gave her confidence and she smiled, "Your a strange young man Ben
and yes I mean just that!"

I practically ran out of there my heart was pumping so hard so fast.
I walked about the dark white night in the blowing snow, the weather
still harsh, and my wait seemed endless. Yet it never made a
difference, Jody had agreed to my lewd suggestion.

A bundled shape come out of the diner and made its way towards me and
the car. Jody of course.

"Hi stud. Ready for your lesson?" I simply nodded my excitement
hidden by my chattering teeth. "Get in and I'll start the car to warm
us up."

I got in the passenger side and she in the drivers side. Even with
the crappy weather the car started fine surprising since it wasn't
plugged in. When the heater began to blow cold air and the engine was
running she turned towards me, "It'll warm up in a second." She
hadn't worn gloves and rubbed her hands together. "I only have a
little while before I have to get back to work."

There was no patrons and only the cook left in the place, "No problem

"Your a strange one Ben. Were you serious what you said in there?"

"Every word."

She smiled almost shyly, "My boyfriend doesn't like... well he doesn't
go down on me much... ever."

"I can think nothing I'd rather do with you!"

"Thats sweet Ben. No fucking though!" She sounded stern and I was
surprised by her statement, I had assumed I would get something out of
this meeting also. Jody must have seen my face and said, "Don't worry
stud, I think you'll enjoy yourself."

She suddenly giggled, "I haven't done it in a car since before my
daughter was born."

I was beginning to think Jody was a slut. Oh well, I think that term
could be now applied to me!

When I felt the warm air blowing upon my cold cheeks, Jody turned
about and crawled into the back of the car. "Just a second and I'll
clean a space up back here." She was serious about doing it in the
back of a car!

I watched as she pushed aside a wide assortment of items, from kids
toys to blankets to extension cords and jumper cables to a deflated
spare tire. A station wagon certainly had a lot of space.

Without even looking at me she spread out a blanket on the floor of
the wagon, and lay down upon it as she wiggled and tore at her
clothing to get it off. Even with the heater I doubt the warmth of it
had spread to the back of the car, Jody must be getting cold. Because
she eventually ended up with her sweater and tee-shirt thick cocks and
nothing else.

Finally she moved towards me, "Time for your lesson stud!"

It was a crazy setting but I could care less, this was the woman of my
fantasies even if this was not one of the things I had imagined. I
crawled back to her.

I couldn't kneel straight up, my shoulders were at the height of the
roof. It was an awkward and embarrassing situation to wiggle and
crunch enough to get undressed. As it was to cold to get naked I
simply went down to my long johns and socks. If she wanted to get at
more of me it would be simple enough to do.

"Come here stud. Lesson one!" She giggled and I think she was as
nervous as I was. I knelt down between her white chilly looking
thighs and placed my face an inch away from her bald sex. Yes I said
'bald'! Wow, what a sight, I simply stared at it in awe and lust.

"Like it Ben? My boyfriend likes me to shave it every day." Indeed I
very much liked it. She had a pretty cunt.

It began. "Lightly blow on my crack honey." I did and she wiggled
her hips out while giggling. "Hum... again." Same response.

"Not stick out your tongue." I felt her cold fingers touch my face
and moved to my mouth. "Softer." I forced my tongue to just hang out
of my mouth. "Not like a limp noodle!" For some reason I thought
that funny and giggled before trying again. "Good, now very very
gently lick my whole crack." She moved her hand out of the way and I
slide closer and did as I was bid. "Hum... nice. Again." I did,
again and again.

"Next time you do it arch the tip of your tongue just a little and
flick at my clitoris." She lifted her head to look down at me, "You
do know where my clit is don't you?" I answered by doing as she
asked. She dropped her head back to the pile of her jeans and panties while groaning loudly. "God that was good. Do that enough times
you'll have this cunt to lick any time you want!" Just what I wanted!

I noticed her bald outer lips had spread or flowered open and the
wrinkled inner lips were available to my inexperienced tongue. Again
and again I licked her, slowly steady. Starting softly each
successive slash with my tongue came just a little harder. I also
started lower down until I was essentially sliding my tongue along the
crinkled pink hole of her ass before sliding up past her wet sucking lower hole of her vagina past her flowered inner lips to swipe at her
clitoris with a hardened tip of my tongue.

"Oh god! Harder Ben please!" I ignored her and continued on the slow
and steady accelerated pace that I had started with. Jody must have
realized I was no longer listening to the teacher and simply relaxed
and enjoyed. She also became much more vocal, groaning and moaning
with every touch of my tongue.

Soon this older hard working woman was begging this early teenager to
finish her, to bring her to climax. I was not to be rushed, I wanted
to enjoy this. You see, Jody had a peculiar taste, a bit salty and
sweet at the same time. She smelt of sweat, stale perfume and even a
bit of urine. I could care not. It was the first real taste of a
woman I had and I was enjoying myself immensely.

"Ben please!" She was pressing her hips up so her pussy pressed
harder against my tongue. I knew she was mine, I had learned enough
in these last weeks to know that a woman, in the heights of passion,
rarely held to her reservations. I knew I could fuck her right now,
only that I didn't want to, I wanted her to scream out in passion even
as my tongue fucked her. "I'll do whatever you want just make me come
damn you!"

That was just what I intended on doing. With two fingers I slipped
them between the bald slick thick outer vaginal lips and into the
depths beneath. As I plunged those two fingers my tongue suddenly
attacked her pulsating hard clitoris. In seconds it was enough to
push Jody over the edge.

She wasn't near as exciting to watch as the other ladies in my life.
Yet she suddenly clenched up, squeezed my head between her strong
waitress thighs and lifted her hips off the floor of the car.

It lasted all of thirty seconds until she collapsed and lay still,

"Wow! Your sure you never did this before?"

I sat up, licking her juices from my lips, "No never."

She also sat up onto her elbows looking at me, "Honey, any time you
want to lick a bald beaver you just nod in my direction and you'll
find my legs spread wide for you. Okay?"

I just smiled for an answer.

"Your turn?" I hoped so. "Switch places with me."

We did, Jody first put her coat back on then she knelt between my
spread thighs. She pulled down the top of my long underwear which
allowed my pole to thrust upwards.

"Not bad. How old did you say you were again?"

I saw no reason to lie, "Fourteen."

Jody licked her lips, "I'm turning into a cradle robber! And to
think, your cock may get bigger yet." I had no idea I was anything
but normal in size. Once I saw my father get out of the shower and I
would say I am the same size as him. Of course he's quite a bit older than I am.

"I take back what I said earlier, I'd love to have you fuck that beast
inside my cunt!" Jody was much lewder than my other partners had been
to date, I must say I prefer the other less bawdy females. "Or I can
just give you a blow job? My boyfriend says I give great blow jobs."

This was getting a bit on my nerves, this talk. I just wanted to get
my nuts off with this fantasy woman. See, she even has me being

I didn't bother answering and instead reached down between my legs and
gently guided the back of her head to the head of my cock. There
would be no mistaking my intentions.

Jody, finally, opened her mouth to do something besides talk. She
opened her mouth and engulfed my hard cock. In seconds I had to agree
with her boyfriend, she gave great head. She was definitely the best
of the few ladies that had sucked me.

She worked at sucking my cock, she didn't make love to it or fondle it
with her lips. Jody fucked my cock with her face. Up and down, side
to side her head moved. All the while her mouth sucked with a firm
solid suction. It was heaven. Definitely the highlight of my

It didn't take long with that type of erotic attention applied to my
cock before the inevitable happened. My cock began to short gobs of
come right into Jody's hungry mouth. In fact, she couldn't drink my
sperm fast enough. Unlike the other times when after much work on my
part and I was spent soon after an orgasm, this time my cock started
to droop but I wasn't that tired.

After my cock stopped spasming, Jody lifted her head up and smiled at
me. She hadn't missed a drop. "Hum... I love come! I think I just
discovered that I love young boys come the best!" She laughed even as
she dug about for her jeans and panties. I took the cue and did the

Outside the car, soon enough, she grabbed the considerably smaller
bulge in my jeans and leaned up to whisper in my ear, "Next time I
want that monster inside my cunt Ben."

What could I say, "I'd like that."

"I assure you that you definitely will honey!" She laughed all the
way back to the diner.
- Linda -

Darlene came into my kitchen carrying a bag of groceries. "Your mom is putting the car in the garage." They often shopped together, and
were in fact rather friendly, which originally worried me but no
longer. .

Just seeing her again brought back the images of this woman's
submissiveness, a word I had yet learned by the way. She quickly set
down the bag and rushed into my arms. Darlene's lips came to my own
and she quickly kissed me passionately, hungrily. "I want you!" She
said between kisses.

"I can't think of anything else but being with you Ben." She took my
hand and slipped it beneath her fashionable skirt and I encountered
nothing but pussy. Already damp pussy. "Just seeing you has gotten
me wet. Please, I'll do anything you want. Anything!"

It was a little unnerving standing in my kitchen with my hand up my
neighbours skirt, but of course my teenage hormones kicked in. I
slipped my middle finger into her tight vagina and began to frig her.
Darlene squatted down lewdly which allowed better access to her sex,
and leaned against me already quivering with desire.

"Oh god," she squealed, "I'm going to come already!" The way she was
grinding my plunging finger, I had little doubt she was about to have
an orgasm.

"Oh god! Come to me tonight Ben, I can't wait any more. I'll do
anything darling! Faster...!" Darlene bit into my shoulder and cried
out with the explosive venting of her desire. In other words, she

Even as she was coming down from her high I saw a face from the
doorway into the dining room, mom!

Oh god!

"I need more of you darling, please come to me tonight." Darlene
stood upon her toes and kissed me softly, a promise of more. Then she
looked right into my eyes and said, "I love doing things for you
darling, naughty things, things I've never done with my husband."

My mom just stood there open mouth at the sight that must be visible
to her. How long has she stood there?

"Please tell me you'll come?" She mistook my reaction at seeing mom to hesitation to return to her for another intimate encounter, "You
like my ass right Ben, come to me and fuck my virgin ass hole darling!"

Wow! That statement momentarily took my attention away from my
mothers horror stricken face.

"Tomorrow Darlene, after school."

Mrs. Harrison looked disappointed but it was simply acting, and soon a
big grin spread out upon her lips. "Tomorrow then. I can hardly wait
darling!" She giggled like a schoolgirl and quickly pulled her skirt
back down her thighs. "Tell you mom I had to get home quickly!" She
then departed though the back door without a second hesitation. All
the while she wore a wide smile.

I looked back towards where my mom had stood. She was gone.

Perhaps it was only a phantasm? I wouldn't be so lucky. mom had
stood there, fifteen feet away, and watched me frig her friend and
neighbour then listened to that woman beg for her son to visit her for

I had no idea how to approach her when I walked up to her closed
bedroom door and knocked. No answer. Then I heard it, weeping. mom was crying.

Damn it all to hell.

I called out though the door, "Mom?" Nothing. I waited for what
seemed an eternity, listening to her cry. I was a heel, felt rotten.
I loved my mom, she was the best. I never thought to hurt her, I
never would.

Slowly the door opened and I stuck my head inside, "Mom I'm sorry."

She lay upon her queen-sized bed, curled in the fetal position her
face hidden in both her hands. The crying was louder now.

"God mom! I never meant to... I never done this purposely." I could
hear the hurt and pain in my voice, I just hopped she heard it also.

"Please just leave Ben."

I couldn't. Instead I moved forwards and placed my hand upon her
shoulder, an empathic move. Rather than calm her she just began to
cry harsher. Maybe I should leave?

"Why Ben?"

Why what? I didn't think now was the time to be difficult, "I... I
don't know mom." I didn't.

"Who else Ben... who else have you been with?" I felt rather strange
being asked this, but it was my mother.

"Trish's mom, Mrs. Harrison, Sam's mom and the waitress from the diner
near school."

The list must have startled her and she looked up at me with red eyes,
tears coating her cheeks and a surprised look. She looked at me for
only a second before returning her face to her hands, but she wasn't
crying any longer.

"Why so many Ben?" Strange question to ask a teenager, I had thought
myself the luckiest guy in the world. I couldn't answer and didn't.
The silence was thick.

Again she turned her head towards me and looked at me right in the
eye, "Do you only like older women dear?" I simply nodded

She again hid her face. "Are they all like Darlene - begging you?"

"No, all were very different."

"Tell me... tell me what Hana does for you?"

I didn't understand the question, "Does for me?"

"What did you do to her?" She seemed anxious for some reason, and I
found it a rather odd question.

It wasn't the time to lie to my mother, I told her exactly what

"Trish's mom?" I told her. "That waitress woman?" Yup, I told her
with more detail than was probably called for. "And Darlene?"

I also began to tell her exactly what happened, leaving out nothing.
Yet I noticed something as when I got to the point where Darlene had
cleaned our mutual spend from my cock, that mom's buttocks and thighs
were clenching slowly and rhythmically. Why was she doing that?

"Are you going to go over to Darlene as planned tomorrow?"

"Not if you don't want me too mom."

Again the silence was thick. mom just sat facing away from me and had
thankfully stopped crying.

"Am I as pretty as the others?"

What a strange question! In fact I had to think about the answer, it
never occurred to me to lie. Even though I knew what mom looked like
I stole a glance down to her round raised hip and rather firm round
buttock. I then remembered her last summer on our vacation in that
one piece bathing suit and how it became transparent when wet. At the
time I only laughed about it, making her blush and throw cold water
down my back when I wasn't looking. In all a good memory, but that
image of the darkness between her legs and topping both nipples stood
strangely in my minds eye.

"Yes." I came out not much louder than a croak and gasp. For some
reason my mouth was suddenly very dry.

Then mother turned over on her back and looked me right in the eye,
"Would you stay home tomorrow if I wanted you too?"

Of course, "Yes."

"No. I mean would you stay home with me tomorrow?" Could she
mean...? mother was breathing faster and I could see that she was
again squeezing her thighs together. She looked very nervous, scared
even. A look I've never seen of her before.


"Do you want me to beg like Darlene did?" I saw that her nipples had
hardened and stuck out against her tee-shirt. "I... I want...", she
sighed deeply and again turned away from me and began to cry.

I sat stunned, if I had understood what she was saying, mother desired
me in ways that were not intended for mothers to feel about their
sons. My god! mom wanted to... well she wanted to sleep with me! I
couldn't even think of that word in conjunction with my own mother.

Indeed she was an attractive woman, but she was my own mother!

Even when I discovered mature women after my encounter with Bonnie I
had not even contemplated lust with my own parent. I had to be sure,
I had to know without a doubt what she was saying. "Do you want me
mom?" No answer. "Do you want me like a lover?"

Between sniffles I heard, "Yes."

"What about dad?" Indeed.

No answer. There probably was none.

I reached out and placed my open hand upon her round raised buttock.
It felt very strange at that moment, as if this was all a big dream
and I was just about to wake. As soon as it touched her jean covered
ass, mom sighed and lay silent and still.

Practically talking to the pillow she whispered, "I can be like Jody
if you want, trashy. Or I could fight you like Hana. And I would
like to submit to you like Darlene does. Oh god, I would love that!"

"Submit?" I wasn't sure what she meant.

Mom didn't move her body but she turned her head to answer, my hand
still upon her ass. "She wants to pleasure you, to do anything you
wish. Darlene enjoys when you are happy." It felt as if she was
surprised I didn't know this about Mrs. Harrison.

"Is this what you want from me Ben?"

"What do you mean mom?" I felt so somber right then, not the thrilled
joy that I had felt before my other sexual encounters.

"Would you like if I did anything you asked? Even giving you what
Darlene was going to do for you tomorrow?" I had to think what she
was talking about, tomorrow? Then it hit me, Darlene had promised me
anal sex. Oh my god, mother would let me fuck her in the ass!

There, suddenly I realized, I thought the 'fuck' word while thinking
of mom at the same time. Perhaps it is possible.

I didn't answer fast enough and mom must have thought I wasn't
interested in her offer. "I... its wrong Ben, I'm sorry that..."

"Mom... I don't know if I can do... well those things to you."

She smiled softly and said right at me, "I think you can baby, I know
you will."

Silence again, I was coming to the realization that I could probably
treat mom just like I had Darlene, or Hana or even Jody.

"Go to the living room baby and I'll be out in a second." What? I
thought... well we had been talking and it seemed like mom was trying
to get me to stay with her, to be with her.

"Okay mom." I retreated, my head hung low with my chin nearly upon my

I sat for twenty minutes just staring off into space, just zoning out


"Mom!" I turned towards her voice and saw that she was standing by
the couch looking rather shy and demeanour. No wonder, mom wore an
outfit that I only saw in erotic magazines, all white, with heels and
thigh-high hose, garter belt and a cupless hold-up bra. I knew my
mouth was open in astonishment. mom looked fabulous.

"My lover should call me by my name dear." My reaction must have
given her some confidence and she smiled softly. "I bought this just
a few weeks ago and never intended on wearing it unless ... well... do
you think I look okay?"

What could I say, "God yes!" I remembered her request. "Linda."

Without panties I could see the trimmed sparse brown kinky hair of her
sex. It caused something inside of me to snap and I again became that
raging walking talking hormone that the other ladies had known. Then
the sight of her wide dark nipples took my breath away.

"Thank you honey." She looked down shy at the floor before her.
While my mom's actions reminded me of Darlene's, doing what mom called
it earlier, being 'submissive'.

"Come here mom." She just looked up, bit her bottom lip and came to
stand right between my spread knees. What a sight! I doubt few
children have seen their parent dressed thus, and for the child's
pleasure also.

My hands came up and gently touched outside each knee, the nylon of
the stocking smooth and warm from the skin beneath. As my hands
slowly drew upwards my mind raged at me for doing this, for wanting
this. This is incest, I thought! Yet it was certainly consensual!

My mom had wanted me for a long while, had desired me in ways that I
had always wished other ladies to want me. Its how Darlene now wants
me, yet that happened only after our encounter. I have been living
with my family and my mom has been a friend and confidant for years.

Linda hissed as my hands inched their way very slowly up her shapely
thigh all the way to the edge of her lace stocking top. They looked
wonderful, incredibly sexy upon my mother. My body was vibrating with
lust for her, my cock like stone.

It was wrong but I so wanted it!

"When you bought these", I squeezed her mid thighs enjoying the touch,
"did you know you would be wearing them for me?" I was looking up
from beneath her breasts to her excited face.

"No... but I wanted too... thought it would make our first time
special." Mom's head fell back as my hands went past the band of the
stocking and slipped pass her naked loins to grasp both her round
buttocks in my hands.

"Did you mean what you said mom, about your ass?" I realized I was
playing with her, taunting her with words while also getting answers
to questions that I needed to know.

"Oh god yes Ben! I want to give you my virgin ass, just for you
honey." No so long ago Darlene had said something similar. "I'll do
anything baby!" From the sight of her and the sounds she was making,
I had no doubt she was puddy in my hands.

My hands fondled her soft round buttocks, one hand moving inwards into
the crevice between. When my fingertip finally came in contact with
her anus I gasped with pleasure along with her. I pushed the tip of
my finger into her, up to the first knuckle.

"Mommy wants you to use her darling. I have wanted only that for so

I just had to know, "How long mom?"

My free hand came around and slipped up to her medium sized breast held up and in by the push-up cupless bra.

"Months!" Wow, I only lost my virginity to Bonnie less than a month
ago. "I think of nothing else in my fantasies but pleasing you!" mom actually fantasized about me like I used to do with Jody, wow! I had
rather intimate and a very imaginative fantasy life.

"Do you play with herself mom?" Now I was just being nasty asking

She nodded with her eyes still closed enjoying my hands upon her body,
"Yes, at least once a day."

Enough. I took both my hands from her body and grunted, "Spread your
legs mom." She did until they were a meter apart at the feet.

This spread the outer lips of her sex enough for me to see a much more
detailed view of her. The lips had been trimmed to the point that
they were hairless, the only pussy being over her cleft. They were
fat pink lips with a hint of the wrinkled slimy inner lips between. I
was astonished to find that her sex and all of the inside of her inner
thighs were wet with her excitement. An amount that I have not even
seen before, it astonished me.

Mom had been watching my look at her most intimate of places, "You
excite me like no other Ben, I love you."

With a smile, as if my fantasies had all become reality, though I had
never fantasized about mom before, I responded with a, "I love you too

I gently pushed her back and then stood up before her, "Take my
clothes off Linda."

She beamed, "Of course darling."

As mom went to work getting my clothing off, I paid attention to the
smell of her. Clean skin, perfume and her intimate sexual musk that I
so now wanted to be more familiar with.

The clothing didn't actually take that long, it only took a while
since mom was excruciatingly slow at her work. She enjoyed every inch
of skin that was revealed, kissed every new inch that came within
kissing distance. And yes, dutifully it seemed, my mother kissed my
missile of love. Only briefly before looking up into my eyes as if to
ask if she be allowed to kiss it more, I never indicated either way.
So she continue with the remainder of my clothing.

Naked I stood above her kneeling lingerie clad form, looking up at me
with devotion and lust. My cock not a foot away from her hungry mouth
and wet full red lips but like a good submissive she never made a move
towards it.

Unlike when Darlene had asked me what I wanted from her I knew what I
wanted to do with mom, at least initially. "Onto the coffee table
mom, on your back." Still crawling I watched her deliciously sexy
mature form climb up on the hardwood sturdy short table, lay back with
a leg on either side.

"Spread your legs wider Linda." She did, nearly horizontal. mom watched me with excitement, she must think I was about to plunge my
spear into her.

Instead I knelt down and immediately began to give her feather licks
upon her thighs, tasting and cleaning her. mom tasted great!

"Oh god!" Immediately her hands came down and she grabbed my head,
trying to draw me into her sex. I didn't comply. Instead I pushed
her knees backwards and slipped my hands behind her thighs to hold
them up and back nearly to her chest.

Then I started to do what Jody had taught me, to lick ever so slowly
and softly. Only this time I started low down below her anus and
ended when I felt her sexy fur upon my tongue.

Mom began to go crazy with lust, trying to get her sex to fuck my face
by attempting to move her hips and grab the back of my head. Neither
worked, I was able to hold her still with my hands on her legs and she
wasn't strong enough to guide my head.

I continued to lick her gently and slowly.

Like Jody, mom was going crazy with this technique of mine. And I was
going slower with her than I had with Jody. I wanted this to last

Her anus was wet with saliva, pussy juice and sweat, enough for me to
force my tongue into her like a small cock. I fucked her ass hole for
nearly a full minute before I guessed her orgasm close approaching and
withdrew. I waited till she calmed before doing the same to her
vagina, loving the place with my face.

Mom tried to get her fingers upon her own clitoris but I roughly
pushed them away. She didn't try again.

I again had to stop else she would have exploded. Not yet!

I completely ignored her clitoris as I again began long slow licks
between various folds of her cunt. I haven't a clue how long I had
been eating my own mother out but she started to beg, "I can't take it
any more... fuck me Ben. Fuck mommy please!"

Her cries were turning to whining and yes begging and still I never
complied. "Fuck me... oh god yes... fuck my cunt my ass my face my
tits my hands... come all over me... use me baby... oh god!"

Not yet, I stopped and sat back. Linda looked past her pushed up
breasts confused at why I had stopped. I could see the desperation
and lust in those eyes, she would do anything I wanted at that moment.
I mean anything.

I came around and knelt above her head and pulled her further up the
table. Moms head was hanging off the edge of the table and even
upside down I could see her confusion. Without a word I pushed my
cock against her surprised face and she quickly opened her mouth to
allow my cock to plunge into her.

Reaching past her I grabbed her ankles and held them high above her,
the knees still pressing against her breasts. It was a lewd and bawdy
position, one that perfectly fit my mothers mood as well as my own.

I fucked her face none too gently. Moving my cock all the way down
until her throat bulged and she gagged slightly. Again and again I
fucked her thus. My balls slapping against her nose and cheeks. She
was moaning which caused my cock to vibrate and thus I responded with
a moan of my own.

It wasn't long in coming, me I mean. When I felt the familiar
tightening of my balls and expansion of my shaft as I attempted to
hold back the inevitable, I dropped down on top of my mothers body,
pushing the legs wide apart.

Hard and fast my tongue shoved into the top of moms crevice and
against that excitement engorged clitoris. Just as my own orgasm
started, mothers began seconds behind mine.

Her thighs came up and held my face in a vise as she rolled about upon
the table, my tongue still mashing her clit. I was spurting what felt
like a litre of come into the back of her throat and holding my hard
pumping cock against her lips. It was as if we were locked together
by our sexual orgasm to the others face.

Wonderfully perverse.

I recovered sooner than she and disengaged from our flesh puzzle. mom groaned as I pulled my soft slimy cock from her gaping mouth. Horsely
she asked, "Wow, where did you learn that?"

I just shrugged as I stood swaying on unsteady legs, "No where, I just
thought of it."

"You just gave me my best orgasm on a whimsy my dearest."

I smiled weakly, "Thanks mom."

She slowly sat up on the low table, I think she had to ask the
question, "Do you regret what we did? Did I disappoint you?"

I grinned like a son never grins at his mother and started towards the
hallway. "I'm going to get some water then go to your room mom. I
expect you to be kneeling right in the middle of your bed when I get
there." It was a bold statement, but one that I didn't think
inappropriate considering the circumstances.

Before I left the room mom called from behind me, "Honey? When you
see Darlene tomorrow, could I come with you?"

Damn, I again felt like the luckiest guy alive.



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