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Title: Once Around The Sun
Keywords: scifi, mF, teen, nc, bond, mdom, mom, son
Author: Caesar

There was a gay countess of Bray,
And you may think it odd when I say,
That in spite of high station,
Rank and education,
She always spelled cunt with a 'k'.

Once Around The Sun

by Caesar, copyright 2000-2002

$Revision: 1.7 $ $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:26 $

My name is Todd, Todd Shepard, and this is the story how I became a
pirate. Not just any pirate, mind you, but a full fledged member of
the infamous red Dogs.

It happened many years ago, a different lifetime as it now feels.

My family and I were refugees from a ethnic war between, what started
out as, two separate factions upon the planet I was born on, Ulie V.
The civil war soon turned nasty as centuries old hatred erupted and
the war turn upon the civilians. Now each side began to do ethnic
cleansing, meaning they killed or expelled all that were not of the
proper ethnic mixture. We, evidently, were of the wrong mix and my
family and I found ourselves on a refugee ship, if it could be called
that, heading away from the core worlds.

We never escaped untouched either, no family did. My sister had lost
a leg to a indiscriminate land mine while my father had been held and
tortured leaving him horribly disfigured and scarred. We never had
the credits or anything to barter for cryogenic replacements, the war
had cost us nearly everything.

To say my attitude changed towards those values and morals that my
parents had attempted to instill in me is obvious. How could they
not? I was a normal nine year old when the war started out as simple
skirmishes between fractions. I was ten when it moved to the cities
and saw my first grav-tank quickly blast a building to rubble, the
people within all dead. Eleven when great masses of people began to
move, refugees attempting to find safety by living with others like
themselves. The two ethnic communities separated their people in an
attempt to stop the bloodshed, instead it only made it easier to put
boundaries on what was soon becoming an all out war. Twelve when I
held my sister down as a dentist cut off the strips of skin and
stitched her blow stump together. Thirteen when my father was missing
for nearly four months and when he did return, he was barely
recognizable nor could he no longer care for himself. Fourteen when
men came for me, to recruit me as a soldier, but my mother and sister gave the last of our wealth and possessions to them. They said they
would be back, the bribe only gained me another year. Fifteen when we
were herded into interment camps while ships were found to rid the
world of our filth, as we were called.

The Imperium never sat back and let this happen, they sent observers
and then a peace keeping force that did little but frustrate our
already desperate situation. It was not uncommon to have a firefight
across a field between the two sides when they would suddenly stop as
a squad of Imperium Soldiers marched through, only to continue when
they were out of range.

I lost a childhood because of the war on my home world. It matters
not which side did what to us, both were attributed with horrible
atrocities that were becoming commonplace as the years advanced. My
contempt was for the people of my planet, for the Imperium and even my
own parents for not leaving the planet when they had a chance.

In all though, I was lucky to survive. Many did not.

Upon that stinking, old, slow cargo ship that became our refuge, my
parents felt the same way. That they were lucky to survive, happy to
finally be away from the shit hole I had been born upon. They didn't
seem to even wonder what misadventures lay ahead.
I awoke with the lights still out, a single lamp over the exit fizzled
and hummed, but I knew something was different. Then I knew, the ship
had stopped, there was no longer the constant hum and vibration from
the ships ancient engines.

No one else had awoke and it was all calm. I put my head back down
upon my sweaty jacket and rubbed my sisters head upon my stomach.
There was over a hundred of us in this small space, so tight that we
had to overlap when sleeping. There was no other accommodations but
the cold metal floor and a makeshift curtained area with a bucket for
our toilet.

I hated it. There no longer was cycles just long endless hours,
months probably, that we travelled in that old ship. I did not share
my parents joy from leaving the war behind. I for one, could not help
but think that we were simple cows for the strong to take advantage
of. For most of my remembrance, that was exactly how I had learned to

I felt it before I heard it, the deck jerked slightly and I heard the
clang of metal upon metal. Once before I had heard that, when our
shuttle had grappled with this ship and we boarded. Another ship must
have boarded us I knew.

For an unknown reason I shivered in fear.

All the lights suddenly came on, blinding me temporarily. The sounds
of those around me filled with astonishment but no fear.

Most of us stood up, waiting for an announcement as we could not exit
from the chamber through the hatch. It was locked, we were simple
cattle. Worthless refugees.

The announcement never came, instead the hatch opened and I could hear
the fear in the voices and feel the fear the crowd from those closest
to the exit felt. Something was terribly wrong I knew.

My mother put an arm about my sisters and my shoulders, "I'm sure its
nothing." My father's one good eye starred at my mother and spoke
volumes, he also didn't think it would be okay.

A metallic voice boomed out from the hatchway, "Men to port, women and
children to starboard." Since we had been counted and sorted this way
several times since boarding all the people in that chamber moved
animately while the fear level rose in all of us.

My father held my arm by the elbow, not wanting us to be separated.
After the crowd of refugees parted and we were pressed so close
together it was tough to breath, that I was able to see all the way to
the hatchway.

No wonder at the peoples reaction to the hatchway opening, it was a
humbling sight. There in the opening stood seven men, four in the
armour of combat Marines. Armour that even the armies of my planet
could not afford. Yet it wasn't Imperium troops there stood there, as
they wore no uniform or insignia. The armour completely enclosed them
from all types of elements, including space and under water, and was
incredibly arrayed with weapons and communications gear. I had read
about Imperium troops weapons and armour years ago, its what a child
does in a war zone - learn about weapons.

When the refugees finished separating then did the four marines enter,
two to each side, facing us threateningly. A large mirrored faceplate
covered the Marines eyes but I felt his gaze cross me and I felt a
shiver of true fear.

The other three men, each differently clothed and all but one arrayed
with an assortment of weapons. The one unencumbered man I knew to be
one of the ships mates, a ferret like man whom had enjoyed prolonging
food distribution and cleaning of our makeshift latrines.

I studied the one that seemed the leader, simply deduced by his
stature and manner. He was of large size with a straight noble
bearing that was clothed in well tailored and expensive garb. The
ferret fawned over him while the other man was looking over both the
starboard and port sides of the cabin.

Years ago, before regular trading between our world ceased, I had
purchased comic stories for my comm tablet. One of my favourite
series was about a swash buckling pirate and his adventures through
the galaxy. It was filled with excitement and adventure, as the men stole from the rich and gave to the poor while the Imperium attempted,
unsuccessfully, to capture them. I knew the comics to be fantasy I
realized that these meant before me were most probably pirates. They
certainly had not been on the ship when we blasted out of system.

Barely looking at us, the leader nodded to the third man and the
process began. It was simple. The man stood near the door as each
refugee came to him. The ferret would then guide the person in the
direction if the man nodded affirmatively nor negatively. Those
negative nods were put in groups and then a marine would guide them
away from our chamber, returning several minutes later for another

I watched for several minutes, being well in the back and a long while
from the head of the line, felt my guts turn. The pirates were taking
away the old and infirm while the young and healthy stayed. After all
these years of staying alive, I knew my family was now going to be
separated. Tears came to my eyes as I watched my sister hobble to the
head of the line and the nod came for her go towards the hatchway. My
mom was next and she was ushered back to the crowd of completed
refugees. My sister looked stunned while my mother was crying

It was my turn and dad went to join my sister while I turned and found
mom back in the chamber. mother and I were to live, my sister and
father to die. I was not so innocent to delude myself of the obvious.

I can not phantom why we went to the slaughter like cattle as we did.
We were a hundred they only seven. Of course we would have lost but
we would have kept our humanity. Instead I stood crying with mom, the
sobs of others about us loud, as the marines and men were finished and
stood at the hatchway.

I then learned what had happened to my sister and father, "Those of
you still here will live, those that are not were flushed into space."
It was spoken calmly, as if it was common place to open a hatchway
into space for helpless humans. Perhaps for these men it was common,
I was startled to think. "You are now slaves of the red Dogs and used
accordingly. If you wish to live, do as your told."

The hatch closed and the lights went out.
Again time seemed an eternity. Mostly our waiting was the same as it
had been before the red dog pirates, whom I had never heard of, had
appeared. Other than our meals were more regular and substantial.
Our latrine was cleaned regularly. And of course we had more room in
the chamber as two thirds of the people had been flushed into the
vacuum of space.

The one big difference was that our women were sometimes taken from
us. The younger comely ones initially. They nearly always came back
eventually, and the whispers of rape quickly reached my virgin ears.
Mother trembled fiercely each time an unarmoured man appeared in the
hatchway and cried silently to herself each time she was left
unmolested. She was happy to be untouched but knew it could not be

What could I do? I could not tell her not to worry, it was absorb to
think she would be saved from the rape of pirates. Yet I would put an
arm about her shoulders and hold her till she slept.

I was yet fifteen and found myself the eldest male in the ships
chamber. When we had boarded the ship very few males of age and
unscarred joined us. Most had been taken for the wars. And now the
pirates had flushed the others, older and infirm. A handful of
younger boys still ran amongst us but I was shocked when a pirate had
even taken one of these for his pleasure. Even boys, I quickly found
out, were not exempt from rape.

I wondered at the rest of the ships refugees, as there was a couple
dozen chambers such as ours. Were so many people killed outright in
each? It amazed me, though it should not after living in a war zone
for much of my young life, that such brutality existed.

They came for mother and she simply nodded her acceptance and left
with the man. Five other women held me from following, as tears
clouded my eyes. She returned two cycles later. She never said a
word and simply lay down next to me and just starred off into space.
Nothing I said or did alleviated her soul.

I could not even phantom what they did with her.

In a short while they came again and then again. So often that she
was by far the most popular, even of the younger fresh teen girls. I
heard it whispered that mother was popular due to her experience and
willingness to do as she was told. All I know is that I no longer
cried when she was taken.

I stood in line as the men went through our ranks slowly, inspecting
us. When mothers turn came I heard the man say, "Hello Sara?"

She answered, "Hello Sir."

He checked her teeth, joints and listened to her heart before giving
her a pill to swallow. Vitamins I was told, I never saw anything that
suggested it was anything but what they told us. Then again, why
should they lie - were we but cattle to them.

My turn was next, and he repeated what he had done with mother. "Your
name buck?"

"Todd." My voice trembled with fear.

"Your Sara's brat yes?" He had a strange accent but we could speak in
Universal well enough.

"Yes sir."

"You like being the only man in your hold?" He grinned at me as if we
shared a joke but in truth I had no idea what he was alluding too.

My awkwardness was obvious and mother spoke up, "He does not know of
such things Master."

The man chuckled and eyed me again, "Then I may have judged your brat
wrong then, I'll tell Ho'ie about him." I just stood there as the man continued down the line to the next person while I heard my mothers

I was startled when I was the next to be taken, "To Ho'ie", I was
told. I followed the two men from the chamber while a Marine followed
behind. I barely noticed anything of the ship as I was in a haze, a
blinding fog that dwelled upon uncertainty and fear.

The soft melodic voice startled me, "Leave I said. The child is not a
danger I assure you." I looked up into the smiling face of Ho'ie, the
man who was to rape me. The door closed behind me and I was alone in
the Spartan but comfortable quarters of an officer of the red dog clan.

"Not many boys your age left on the ship, I lucked out. Your name

I was hardly a child, "Todd."

"Todd." He rolled it upon his tongue as if it was the most pleasant
of sounds. Ho'ie was by far the strangest man I have ever seen. "A
nice name but while your with me you shall only be called Slut." His
hand held my chin still as he asked, "Okay Slut?"

"Yes sir."

"Good boy." He bent forwards to kiss me and I turned my head in
disgust, pulling away from his grasp. He was well painted, with
lipstick and powder upon his face, he looked like a mannequin.

"Tst tst, bad child." He hardly seemed put off, but instead chuckled
and backed up. "Take your clothes off Slut."

I simply stood still, fear had frozen me. Yet my disgust also
startled me into awareness and I saw that though clothed Ho'ie's penis
was sticking out of his jump suit. It was hard and red and I could
not take my eyes from it.

"You like this huh?" He grasped himself. "I think you will learn to
hate it by the time I am finished with you my young pup."

I never said a word.

"Take them off I said." Again I stood immobile.

Ho'ie pulled a small blaster from his hip belt and aimed it right at
my face. "Do you want to die Slut?" He was smiling out the one side
of his face - obviously enjoying this encounter.

"No sir."

"Good boy, now strip naked." He screamed now and I jumped in fear.

I began to pull my old tattered clothing from my body, my limbs
trembling horribly.

"Yummy. You are a very pretty Slut. I can hardly wait for you little

When I was naked, my tattered clothing upon the cold deck, Ho'ie
starred right at my crotch as he reached into a pocket and pulled out
a small pill. He held it beneath his nose and squished it before
inhaling deeply. Then he again reached into his pocket and threw me
another pill, "Crack it beneath your nose pup."

I did and was startled when my cock jumped up hard and my body held a
new energy and vigour.

Ho'ie set down the blaster upon the table behind him and motioned with
his hands towards his penis. "Come here Slut, I have something to
introduce to you."

I came forwards as if I was in a dream and stood a foot before him.

"On your knees pup!" Ho'ie was panting now and stroking himself.

I didn't move. His free hand came down in an arc and a fist hit me
firmly in the stomach, I dropped suddenly upon my knees gasping.

He chuckled and ordered, "Open wide pup!" A hard man's penis was
aimed right at my face when I looked up and what happened next was all
a cloud, as if it happened to someone else.

It would change the direction of my life.

I reached forwards, not to Ho'ie but to the table behind. My hand
grasped the small blaster and I pulled it back towards me. I moved
the muzzle upwards until it hit the balls of my rapist and I pulled
the trigger - nothing. It was on safety. I was inexperienced as is

Ho'ie howled in rage and surprise and his one free hand, though the
other was closer he evidently decided its duty was more important than
to stop me from shooting him, came down to grasp my dishevelled and
messy greasy hair. He began to lift me even as I fumbled with the

I found it.

Again my finger tightened on the trigger and this time the thin
blaster twisted in my hand as a blast shot from the muzzle.

A few spats of blood from beneath Ho'ie's balls and then nothing, he
just stood starring down at me in surprise his hands holding my head
firmly. Then a river of blood began to flow from the hole behind his
balls, in approximately the region of his anus.

Again I pulled the trigger, and again. Ho'ie let go of my hair and
fell back, banging on the table and then sliding to the floor as my
finger pulled the trigger again and again. I was kneeling before the
opened eye and mouth body of the man who was to rape me squeezing the
trigger of the blaster till it ran out of energy and no longer shot

It as over and I stood upon wobbly legs, covered in the man's blood
and trembling in barely contained rush of adrenaline. I had done it,
I had stood up to the pirate and even killed him with his own blaster.

It was at that moment that I no longer was a child, no longer cattle
or a refugee. I was no longer even a slave. I was now a man - or at
least had taken the first step in becoming one.
I lay naked in the tiny lightless cell wondering when my next meal was
to come. It had been cycles since I shot and killed Ho'ie. I had
been found minutes later, still covered in blood and a empty blaster
in my hand. The marine had ordered me to drop the weapon else he
would kill me, I doubted him not and did as ordered.

Instead of rage or anger towards me I found that the pirates were
amazed that a lone naked boy had killed one of their own. I felt
embarrassment even from them and of course surprise. They even
treated me with more respect I found, my food rations easily doubled.
Though now when I was lead to my cell two Marines had covered me
within their fields of fire.

A man I may be but I was still scared and humbled by what I had done.
I had taken a life. And what was so scary about it was how I felt
nothing, the pig deserved what I gave him. It was also scary at how
easy it was to kill a man, I had done it and I never even handled a
real weapon before.

When again they came for me a few cycles later, I was given a jumper
and boots before being lead by four Marines and an officer towards a
part of the ship that I had never seen before. It was where the
officers and crew spent their time and I went right to the head of the
Red dog detachment on this ship, Commander Yuma.

The Commander was squat, round of face and yellow of skin but with
blazing dark eyes and muscles that flexed with each movement. He
motioned for me to be seated across from him at a small round table.
Two Marines were left in the room with us both muzzles aimed right at
my back. "Ho'ie's bane it seems?"

How could I answer, "Yes sir."

He smiled for the first time but it wasn't a pleasant look, but one
that would put fear in any man. "The officer who brought you here
told you who I am?"

"Yes sir." He was the acting commander of this seized vessel, the old master long dead from a blaster bolt.

"Good. It was tough for me to believe a young man such as yourself
could kill a bastard like Ho'ie." He pushed a mug of steaming liquid
towards me, coffee. A substance that had not been seen on our planet
since the year the war's began. I took it only to be accommodating as
I was too scared to drink anything. "Yet I talked with the Marine
that found you and even he would not have believed it if he had not
seen it with his own eyes. You, young man, have the heart of a

The commander was smiling now, "Thank you sir."

"How would you like to be a member of the red Dog's?" He grinned at
me with pride, in his unit I would guess. "If you decline you return
to your chamber. But I won't be able help if any of Ho'ie's friends
avenge him."

Obviously it was an easy choice, my voice shook, "I would like to join

"Good!" He seemed pleased. "As a recruit mind you. And no one gets
treated worse than a recruit, though I dare say you already earned
enough respect that you will be able to sleep at night."

I turned my head at the marines and saw that their heavy blasters were
no longer pointed at me but shouldered. The commander saw my look,
"Marine or Navy - its a choice you don't have to make immediately, as
a recruit."

"Take the new clansmen to a room and have the steward see to his
needs." He spoke to a marine behind me. "You have a cycle to get
settled young Todd Shepard and then you begin your training."

My duty list was long and each cycle longer. I was the lowest of the
Red dog contingent on this ship and even the junior members heaped
menial work upon me. Cycless clouded into each other as I became
busier than I ever had before.

I never complained and did everything asked of me.

When I wasn't working, I was left alone and found the solitude in my
soft bunk a rather pleasant change from my recent predicament. I
tried to see my mother, but was firmly told that pirates didn't
socialize with slaves.

After the officers and senior non-commissioned officers finished a
meal and I was able to sit and wolf down a bowl of grewl and a mug of
coffee, another young pirate sat across from me. Tito, I believe his
name was. He was picking his teeth and studying me carefully.

"Was it a fluke that you killed Ho'ie?"

I swallowed loudly and shrugged, not sure what he meant. It wasn't
planned certainly.

"Some of Ho'ie's buddies think he was popping too many eXceed's", the
well advertised sexual arousal poppers that Ho'ie had given me. Again
a shrug - I had no idea how I overcome Ho'ie, whom I had learned was
one of their most aggressive officer's on this ship. "They don't
agree with Yuma for letting you join us."

My meal was finished and I stared hard at my co-pirate, as hard as a
15 year old could look I mean.

"Just thought to warn you, you might get called out."

I knew what that meant, every child that watched the holos about the
adventurous pirates knew it meant a duel.

My blood drained from my face but I somehow kept from trembling,
"Thanks for letting me now Tito."

I learned by overhearing those about me that a wager was taking place
for my fall in a dual. In fact it wasn't so much if I should loose
but how badly and how quickly. It was only cycless after my warning
that Jammer stood firmly before me before a hatchway and looked rather

I knew what was coming.

"Cherry!" As a new recruit, I wasn't worth learning my name - a
recruits lifespan, on average, is rather short. I was carrying
several new optical scanners for the ship's medic but felt my arms
tremble violently. Jammer was a huge Marine, even without his armour,
full of muscles and low on brains. The typical jar-head that populate
popular fiction.

"Your mine Cherry, I'm calling you out. Fourth cycle in the aft
quartermasters office." He spit towards me then spun about and
stalked away.

I stood trembling knowing my time was short for this life.
Commander Yuma intervened, though had no right to interrupt I would
learn later, but did and forced a match that was fairer. At least in
perception, no one believed I could win - regardless of the match.

Half of the ships company crowed within the quartermasters office,
leaving a small opening with the circle of bodies. They snickered and
laughed when I appeared, alone and afraid at the door. A narrow path
was made for me to the ring and I strode forward, walking to my death
as I thought.

Jammer already stood within the ring talking with a couple of his, and
Ho'ie's, friends. Commander Yuma had picked the weapons, one that
I've never heard of before but knew of the origins. Cosmic ball. A
very popular sport within the Imperium, one that had been adopted to
the red Dog's taste for blood it seems.

My opponent didn't care for the Commanders choice it seems and was
growling and spitting like an animal. It didn't make a difference to
me, it still seemed like I was about to die regardless of the
instrument used.

Tito came forward to put the belt about my waist, then attached the
two gloves to my hands. Then he put a glove of his own on a hand and
then lifted out a small child's-fist sized ball and put it into one of
my gloves. "This isn't what you think, this is a lot deadlier than
what you watched on Galactic Imperium Sports channel. For one these
balls will eat the flesh of anyone who wears that belt." It was like
an echo when I listed to him, though I did feel thankful that someone
had stepped forwards to help me.

The ball was silver and was solid metal, heavy. It was also attracted
to the metal of the glove in some way. I could open my hand and the
ball would stay within the mitt. I had to throw the ball with a great
force to get it to leave my hand.

"It will return to you after it goes ten paces or ten fragments of
time." I nodded as if I understood.

Tito slipped back into the crowd. Which was getting rapidly louder,
anxious for my blood.

It started suddenly for me when Jammer threw the ball and it grazed my
outer thigh and the searing pain caused me to scream out and I fell to
the ground.

It was my first taste of red Dog's Cosmic Ball. I had better learn it
fast else I was finished.

I watched amazed as that shiny small heavy ball returned to Jammer's
glove and he stood smiling in triumph at me.

I stood back up, feeling warm blood roll down past my knee, and tried
to throw the ball. Nothing, it was still attached.

Jammer swung his arm yet again and this time I actually felt it take a
wide chunk out of my side. I never fell but did scream out from the
piercing pain. The ball again returned to my opponent.

The crowd was pulsating in the room, screaming for my blood. Jammer
nodded to some faces nearby and then again lifted his arm. I ducked
this time and the ball went over my head and into the crowd
harmlessly, they never wore the belt.

I waited till it returned and when it did, stood straight and swung
with all my might, the ball flew in an arch towards my opponent in a
feeble attempt. Jammer easily stepped out of its path and again
raised his arm.

Just when I thought he would swing and tear another hunk of my meat
from my body I heard Jammer scream out as a wounded animal and I
looked up. My ball, having reached its time limit flew back to me in
a straight path from the deck, right through Jammer's inner thigh and
to my glove. A wide path of blood, yellow fat and red muscle -
Jammer's thigh meat lay between us.

It was the first time since I was told of the impending dual that I
felt something other than fear.

I threw the ball yet again, before Jammer could recover from his
butchery. Unlike him, I wasn't playing up to the crowd and rushed for
another hit like the last.

It wasn't like the last, but it was just as feeble a throw. It hit
Jammer right in his abdomen and put a small hole directly through his
thick frame. He and all the crowd looked at the hole in their
champions body.

I was now acting out of some primal instinct and no longer felt
anything but determination and strength. I moved to the side and
waited for the ball to return, it shot back to my glove taking much of
Jammer's left biceps with it.

Half standing Jammer swung his right arm and the ball again flew
through the air. It was a feeble throw, compared to his earlier
throws. Yet it hurt when it hit - not tearing a chunk of my body but
hitting me right in the left glove and stuck, breaking some bones in
my hand I was sure. I felt, rather than saw, the crowds amazement.
Catching that ball was like the game my father used to play with me,
baseball he used to call it.

I lifted to again send the ball to tear more of Jammer apart but
Commander Yuma came between us and smiled gently at me. "Its over
everyone." Many heads nodded affirmatively even as Jammer's ball
finally returned back him from my glove to his.

I had won.

Respect was a hard thing to come by in the red dog clan, but I had
done it twice in as many stones. No longer was I called out, even
Jammer came to congratulate me after he could leave the infirmary.
His wounds took hours longer than my own to heal, while the Medic
chuckled the whole time I may add.

My duties had changed after that dual, and I began apprenticing with
the Commander's command team. I had not yet chosen my vocation path,
but was fast approaching a decision of being a Navy man.

I was given an official rank of Ensign, another sign that I was herded
towards the Navy and private quarters. When asked who I wanted for an
aid, I never hesitated and spoke Tito's name, much to his pleasure.
It was a step up from recruit to an aid of an officer, even a junior

I even found that my new rank brought respect by itself, even Jammer
was only a corporal.

While my duties were just as time consuming, I found them easier. I
had to use my mind, my intelligence and cunning as Commander Yuma
called it.

I even found out where the ship was heading, the Outer Rim. The ship
and its contents, the slaves, were to be sold to one of the Warlords
beyond the Imperium's reach. Every man of the crew would get a part
of the prize, as was the custom of the red Dog's. Even I, I learned.

There was one black spot on my life just then, my mother.

In my new black uniform I was returning to my cabin after my duties
were complete for that period, when I saw a Marine in armour leading a
woman forwards. It wasn't the first I saw of such things, many woman
were borrowed from the cattle for the crews pleasure. No red dog thought anything about it, they were simply slaves.

Yet this female slave was my mother, Sara Shepard, looking forlorn at
the floor as she was lead back to the hold. She never even saw me as
I stood aside and allowed the two to cross in the narrow campanionway.
Her eyes were downcast and she moved as if exhausted.

The Marine nodded at me but kept moving.

They disappeared a few seconds later about a corner. I stood feeling
guilty for not calling out.
Tito nodded after hearing my story and shrugged, "She's a slave Todd,"
he called be my name when we were alone as we had become friends,
"there is nothing we can do about it."

"But couldn't I just take her from the hold myself?" I knew many, if
not most, of the officers had slaves of their own. Even Commander
Yuma had half a dozen slaves of varing ages for his pleasure.

"Only if you are borrowing her, she is still owned by the Dog's."

It seemed hopeless. "You could purchase her from the clan though."

I brightened up, but then again dropped my head in hopeless
subjugation. I was broke, "When do we get our cut of the booty?"
From selling the slaves and ship.

"After the Rim rats have both in their possession. It could take many
cycles after we leave on our return before we see a credit." Meaning
my mom would no longer be in the same system as I would be, and her
life as a faceless slave would truly start.

I gave the info tablet back to my aid and just as he was leaving my
cabin instructed, "Bring her to me here please Tito."

He didn't appear too happy with the order but nodded and left.
She stepped into my small but private cabin and I saw Tito frown as he
closed the hatchway. mother brought her hands up to her shoulders and
before I could say anything unhooked her tattered garment and her
clothes dropped to the floor.

My mother stood naked, the first I've ever seen to be honest.

After a long few seconds to appraise her naked body, much to my
surprise, I grabbed a blanket and rushed forwards.

My arms encircled her and she looked up in surprise, more so to see
her son in the uniform of an officer of the pirates and for the sudden
covering, than for being wrapped in a blanket.

Mother's eyes suddenly watered and she fell into my arms sobbing. I
cared her to my bunk and lay down next to her and we just held each
other for a very long while.
No one in the red Dog's cared what your sexual interests lay, but more
than one set of eyes winked at me when news of my mothers frequent
visits got around the rumour mill.

Of course I would never... could never touch my mother that way, but
it was the only way to protect her - to have her sent to me as often
as I could.

When in my company she cleaned my small cabin and my spare uniform,
said little and attempted to act the part of mother and mentor.

Of course she was unsuccessful - often Tito returned to lead her back
to her 'cage', she cried each time. More than one tear came to my eye
after she was gone.

Mother was different than the one that had raised me and my sister.
She knew what awaited her on the Rim, and she knew that her comely
looks would save her life - if for a few years.

Often I lay with her in my bed, both of us clothed, and just listened
to her breathing and enjoying the warmth of her. Yet she rarely ever
slept when we were together, she would lay with me till I slept and
when I awoke, I would find her stroking my hair and looking into my

She was a lost soul and I knew not how to save her.
It was Tito, three cycles before we were scheduled to reach our
destination, that finally had a suggestion to my dilemma. If I bested
another red dog member, I would gain that clan members possessions.

"Why didn't I get Ho'ie's?"

Tito always spoke with respect to me, I was the senior officer and the
the power of his life in my hands after all, "You were not a member of
the clan at the time - his possessions went to the good of the whole."

I nodded, it made sense. "And Jammer?"

"I apologize sir," Tito nearly always called me by my first name when
we were alone and the 'sir' stuck out, "I should have been more
specific - you have to kill another member in a legal dual to gain
that members possessions."

That hit me, to kill someone like Ho'ie was one thing, but to do it
for profit another. Yet, could a price be placed on my mothers head -
is there anyone that I would not kill to save her? Possibly not
Commander Yuma, as if I had any chance to best him.

"And Todd, it has to be a member with enough time-in to have collected
some booty." The way he spoke it, I knew it meant trouble for me.
Mother listened to me explain what I had to do, leaving out the very
real possibility that I would not win. That I would die within the
next two cycles. Tears streamed down her face, as they often do when
we were alone, and she never said a word - she rarely does any more.

"You would not belong to me but I will have enough money to barter you
from the clan before we reach the Rim."

Surprisingly, mother stood and began to re fold my spare uniform and
continued about with her business not saying a word.
Tito told me of a handful of senior shipmates that had the possessions
that would save my mother. I listened to the list with dread and knew
I was going to die - they have all lived for a long while within the
Red Dogs for a reason.

My subordinate saved me from making a decision when he said, "Sir, it
may interest you to know that J'ani has had the visit of your mother."

At first it didn't register, many clansmen had fucked her I thought
bitterly. Along with the ribbing about having my mother visiting me
often as the brags about some of the acts my fellow shipmates had done
with her.

Then I knew how and whom I had to best. The 'legitimate' reason that
I could call someone out - though jealously is never legitimate it was
at least logical to my brethren and Commander Yuma.

I had Tito tell me when J'ani was off duty.
"J'ani?" I stood over the Master Corporal's shoulder - he wasn't
wearing his armour thankfully, it always look intimidating. Heads
turned to look at me. I must have looked small behind the large
experienced Marine.

"Ya, can I help you Ensign?" Officers, even junior ones, don't mix in
the same mess as enlisted officers. He eyed me up, as if wondering
how Jammer had been bested by me.

"I'm calling you out Marine."

I wasn't expecting his response, but J'ani broke into a huge head-back
laughter that was infections with the rest of his mates on the table
he sat.

J'ani had tears of laughter in his eyes when he slowly calmed down,
"You sure Ensign?" He made it sound like I was joking.

"Yes Master Corporal, I am very sure."

The laughter died away but J'ani still smiled as he stood. Well over
my head, I may add. "Then pick the time and place cherry."

I gave it, turned and left. Laughter echoed through the mess as the
hatch closed behind me.


"What in Hades has gotten into you Mister Shepard?" Commander Yuma
was rather angry.

I stood ramrod straight, eyes on an invisible point before me.

"Has the time and expense of training you been wasted Ensign?"

"No sir!" I used my 'parade ground' voice as I had taught too. I had
been ordered to the Commanders cabin before half a turn since I had
called out J'ani. Word got around fast.

"Do you have a death wish Mister!" It wasn't a question. "You do not
fight three duals on one tour in one of my ships Mister Shepard!" The
Commander thought of my besting Ho'ie as a dual, one that I obviously

"No sir!" It wasn't an admission to cancel my dual, as if I could at
this point.

Commander Yuma sat down on his desk and crossed his arms. "Stand easy
Mister, you may speak freely." I stood at-ease but continued to stare
at that invisible point before me. "Why did you call out J'ani?"

It took me a couple of lengthy seconds to get the words out, "Its my
mother sir, Sara Shepard."

Silence. I knew the Commander knew of her visits to my cabin and he
knew of her popularity amongst some of the crew.

I thought the silence needed more explanation, "J'ani has my mother visit him frequently."

More silence, as if the Commander was gauging me, for what I know not
what. With surprisingly level and calm voice, one that is not heard
often on the pilot deck, "She has visited many Mister Shepard." In
fact she had visited Commander Yuma at least once I knew.

"She is a slave sir." As if that would reveal the real reason I was
doing this.

"She is."

"And will be off-loaded at the Rim sir."

More silence. "Explain Mister?"

I had no choice, I trusted and respected my leader and if I lied and
he found out, my life would not be worth a comets tail. "Sir, J'ani
being senior has considerable assets that could be..."

"...used to purchase your slave-mother."

Without my parade-ground voice, "Yes sir."

"You are not to be dissuaded Mister Shepard - she is only a slave
after all?" In other men those words may have resulted in a
challenge, head of the ship or not, or bravado laughter.

"I want her to be my slave sir." I knew enough not to be naive to
suggest I was to free her - that would be looked upon as a weakness in
this clan society.

"You realize you have to kill J'ani to win the prize?"

"I do sir."

"That he has had over two dozen challenges in his term as a clansmen?"

That through me, "No sir, I hadn't."

It was a turn away and I had told Tito to leave me and mother alone so
I could see her face for the last few minutes of my life. I was
certain I was to be killed, by a man who squashed men better than I
with ease. Yet it was not worth living if I knew I had a chance to
save my mother from a life of slavery and not done anything about it.

Mother pulled my good uniform from my body and then took a damp cloth
to my skin. Slowly and with patience and love she cleaned my skin. I
sat on my bunk and just watched her.

Sara Shepard was very attractive, as a woman should look I realized.
A curvey figure without being fat, large of breasts, soft of ass and
the right angles to her legs. She certainly looked her age, and had
lost that certain twinkle in her eye that I had seen growing up. She
no longer even spoke any longer, unless I talked with her first.

I feared that mother may already have become a slave in thought and
body before reaching the Rim. In which case, it didn't matter if I
lived or died in my upcoming duel.


"Yes dear?" She never took her eyes from her working hands, the damp
cloth rolling about my skin.

"Why are you so quiet?" My mother never answered and I feared that I
knew the answer, that she feared for my death. I pushed, "Tell me

She took a deep breath that ended in a sob, "I fear that you may win."

It was spoken in merely a whisper but it almost stilled my breathing
from surprise. I had expected the reverse.

Mom must have felt me tense up and I pushed her hands away from me.

Tears rolled down her cheeks. "Do you wish I die cycles?" I was
nearly screaming at her. "Do want to be some Rim rat's slut mother -
a slave?"

She was kneeling upon the floor sobbing, with her hands and cloth
covering her face.

Hurriedly I dressed and then rushed from my room. My anger surprising
even me.

If there was a way to get out of the dual with my honour and life, I
would have let J'ani win and allowed my mother to live the life she
obviously desired. She wanted me to loose, to die, so that men like
J'ani would use her like some cattle.

I shrugged Tito's help and donned the g-suit myself. As a Marine
J'ani was not only competent at zero gravity movement, but expert as
his skills were often employed. So why did I pick this method to die?

J'ani may be an expert in zero gravity, which I had some skill since
becoming a Clan member I may add, but I threw in the Gorgo sticks that
children from my world played with. The thickly muscled Marine didn't
even know what my choice of weapons where when I notified him - but he
didn't seem to care.

Soon I stood in the air lock and listened as Commander Yuma, himself,
read us the riot act within my Yu earpiece. J'ani was in an airlock
in another, unknown, section of the hulking transport. I heard the
Marine's acknowledged grunt, "Aye sir."

It wasn't proper to use the parade ground voice in a vacuum suit, "yes
sir", I acknowledged.

The airlock swung open and I stood staring towards the stars and knew
I was going to die.

It had been nearly a full turn since I had been hiding here behind the
torn metal and deck plate where the red Dog's had blasted when they
took this ship. I was waiting, a trick I had learned as a child - to
let your opponent come to you. Yet it had been an hour and I was
nervous that J'ani, being experienced, was doing exactly the same.

Then I saw him in his blood red g-suit, no armour so he didn't look as
imposing he did when on duty.

I knew the whole ship, every clansmen not on duty was watching on
Trivee and listening to our breathing. I could almost feel the
tension within the ship, but knew that was only my own.

J'ani held the Gorgo stick with two gloved hands before him. These
children's toys had been modified by the armourer so the soft
electrostatic ends became an electrical zone that would slice through
a suit and bone with barely a swing.

It was the one that got the first landed swing that should win this
match, I knew. And of course I hoped it was me - though I was sober
enough to realize J'ani probably knew my every move, his experience
should be enough to best me effortlessly.

The large Marine stalked passed the spot I squatted, slowly scanning
each direction with his move of his magnetic boots.

It was now or never and I did something that was both foolhardy and
extremely brave. I released the magnetic connection of my boots to
the deck and kicked off at the same time, this caused me to fly
through the air on target. It was suicide, but as I thought my death
was seconds away, it never mattered to me.

I sensed, more than saw, that J'ani began to spin in my direction,
even as I reached Gorgo distance. His Gorgo stick spun in a very fast
arc, faster than I knew I could swing in this zero gravity, but he was
too high. I had approached him merely a hands height from the deck,
my target not the centre of visible gravity, as the Marines are taught
to aim at, but at J'ani's legs.

It all happened in slow motion and the Gorgo stick swung past my
shoulder towards J'ani's shins. I never even felt resistance but
suddenly my faceplate was covered in beadlets of red blood.

I kept moving forwards then hit J'ani and we tumbled for a brief
second, pushing me off balance and away from the ship. Using a gloved
hand I rubbed much of the red liquid from my view port, I saw both of
J'ani's boots and part of the legs, below the knee, still attached to
the deck. Away from me, tumbling over end on end, was what was left,
J'ani still held the Gorgo stick as his legs spurted more red droplets
of his blood.

The ship was getting further away and for the first time I got a good
look at it - I had won but I was going to die anyways. mother got her

Two things happened at the same time, I felt a gentle tug upon my
person by an unseen force and I heard Commander Yuma in my Yu
earpiece, "Stand by Mr. Shepard, we will have you back very shortly."

The surprise by the crew was more than even I expected, even
considering the dual with Jammer. Some fortunes were won, Jammer
surprisingly had beat a pile of his worth on me winning against J'ani
and clapped me constantly as I tried to pull the g-suit from my
trembling limbs.

Commander Yuma, over the crowd, kept saying, "I think perhaps you
should have been a Marine Mr. Shepard!"

I allowed Tito to stow my suit as I let the crowd, most of whom had
lost fortunes on me, lead me towards my cabin. Tito and I closed the
door on the howling and laughing crowd.

The red Dogs loved blood, and they loved a good fight.

By the stars nebula, I had won.

I sat and trembled with adrenaline rush as Tito retrieved me some
food, as I had been unable to eat earlier in the cycle, and could not
stop but grinning.

"I've lost a stones worth of pay but it was worth it." Tito had beat
against me, but all I could do was smile at his huge grin. "Damn
Todd, that was the best fight I've ever seen!"

"Tito... send for my mom." His grin was not to dissolve for cycless.
Sara Shepard, slave and bounty of the red Dogs was lead to my cabin.
The first time since I had won my dual. I was a rich man, by the
clansmen standards - I had gold, land, armour, weapons, slaves and
more important prestige and respect. All because I best a senior
clansmen in a dual that none have ever seen.

It didn't surprise me when Commander Yuma arranged with Tito to have
my mothers slave contract to be sold immediately to me. It bound me
to him even more.

I couldn't stop smiling, happy to be alive, to be rich and to have
saved mom from the Rim rats enslavement.

She stood inside my entrance and I could see her shoulders shiver as
if cold. "What is it mother - I won?"

No answer - and my smile slowly disappeared. "Sorry to disappoint you
Sara", it was the first time I ever called her by her first name, "but
I lived."

Slowly her arms came up and she pushed the ragged garments from her
thin shoulders. It fell to the floor and my own mother stood naked
before me.
That stilled my anger, "Mother...?"

Her skin was very white and smooth looking. The hair between her legs
was darker than that upon her head, and it was thick and curled. Her
breasts were full, white and had small traces of blue veins through
them. She, as I had said, is a very beautiful woman.

Perhaps it was the fight, the adrenaline rush - regardless my penis
enlarged and pressed persistently against my uniform.

Mother dropped to the floor and started to crawl towards me. I
watched stunned and silent as she felt for the openings to my uniform,
her eyes purposely ignoring my own.

My own mother, Sara Shepard, my slave, the woman whom had given birth
to me opened her mouth and began to suck upon my manhood.

It was the first mouth, it was the first intimate touch of a woman
that I had ever experienced. I loved it.

Mother had been a favourite for many of my fellow crewmen for a
reason, and I soon felt the sperm begin to boil in my balls.

She didn't stop, and pumped her face before me, her head tilting back
and forth as she sucked me into my new life as a pirate. I felt
powerful, a man, a clansmen - I felt like alive.

My come boiled up and shot out with such a force that I half expected
mothers head to shoot back. Of course it didn't, and she swallowed
the total of my manhood, the head of my penis hitting the back of her
throat as it continued to spurt its fluids into my mothers throat.

My head became light for only a moment and I thought I would fall -
but the only thing that happened was that my cock stayed hard and
mother again began to bob over my lap.

It was the first touch of sexuality, of forbidden dominance that I had
tasted and I wanted more.

Sara Shepard never resisted as I pulled her face from my crotch and
pushed her roughly back upon the bed. She spread her legs expectantly
and experienced, I may add.

It took a few seconds of fumbling but I sunk within her body, my cock
within the surprisingly hot wet furnace of my own mothers cunt. She
looked into my eyes for the first time as I began to drive into her
body, slamming her back and forth upon my bunk.

"Sorry I'm not dead now mother?" I was fucking her in anger and lust,
my power driving through my cock as it pounded into the woman who bore

Tears rolled down her cheeks but her eyes had a gleam that I had not
seen for a very long time, "I... I only wished ... I did not want it
to come to this!"

Huh? I stopped fucking her, loving every second and every stroke by
the way, and looked down into her eyes. mother attempted to pump
beneath me, pushing her cunt up by the hips, I pressed down forcing
her into my rough bunk, holding her hips in place.

I asked with my eyes, which I knew must look angry. "I did not want
this... to be your slave...", she gasped with her hands squeezing my
buttocks, "that it was wrong and... and that I wanted to belong to you
so badly!"

That surprised me, "You wanted to belong to me mother?"

"Yes my son... my master." It had a strange ring to it, I liked it.
"I knew my salvation was to become your lover, your slave... and I
have wanted that so badly." Her cunt squeezed me enough for me to
gasp with pleasure which caused her to smile as I again began to fuck
her in earnest.

Then she said something that I had heard my clan brothers say in
bravado about the mess, as Sara Shepard began to clench in orgasm,
"Send mommy once around the sun darling!"


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