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One Day a Year


The attached work of fiction is intended to be entertainment for adults in
locations where it is legal. If it is illegal in your location, DO NOT
read. This is a copyrighted work. Reposting or any other use strictly
prohibited without the express, written permission of the copyright holder,
except may be posted as part of a review or posted to free-access,
noncommercial archive sites.

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Copyright Halloween 2000 by E. Z. Riter.

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Dear Reader, Something that came to mind from drinking a boiling
cauldron of witches' brew. My thanks to Gail for assistance and editing.


I carried a torch for Keely Bishop. picture a blonde goddess. A Miss
America. A five six, blue eyed wet dream. That's Keely.

She was a year behind me in high school and rarely dated because her
parents kept a tight rein on her activities. They were rigid
fundamentalists who worried she'd discover sex and actually enjoy it. When
they did let her out of the house, she'd go out with me because our
families were friends and neighbors, and we went to the same church.

Keely didn't want sex for another reason. She knew her physical
attractiveness was her key to the good life. Keely was angling for a rich
husband and her virginity was part of the bait. That desire and her
religious upbringing molded her personality. She was cold and
manipulative, a self-righteous, hypocritical golddigger with a capital "G."
"Don't tell me you're neglected, Peter. Melissa says you're doing her
and Heather Ross. She tells me you're the best in bed and she should know
because she's the biggest slut in school. You and I won't have sex because
I'm going to marry rich and he'll get me as a virgin."

She smiled cruelly and patted my hand.

"After I'm married, we'll have an affair if you keep your mouth shut."

So she was planning to be an adulteress, too. Not an ideal mate, but
all of her faults couldn't extinguish the flame.

I was a poor kid going to the university with a full football
scholarship and a small academic scholarship that gave me some spending
money. When Keely entered the university, her parents remortgaged their
house and her mom took a second job to pay for it. She pledged Pi Phi, the
rich girls' sorority. Her looks got her the bid.

Keely intensified her search for a rich man. We only dated when she
felt she could use me to meet other men. I never even kissed her.

Keely pledging Pi Phi had an unexpected benefit for me. One of her
pledge sisters was Susan Sims.

Susan was five feet tall and small boned, a smiling, intelligent, dyed
blonde, browned eyed hourglass of a woman with a rich daddy. She'd make
someone a great wife, if he could live with her "rich bitch" streak.

That someone could've been me, but I dumped her one night. I left her
seething in the parlor of her sorority house and went to the dorm. I'd
only been in my room a few minutes when there was a rap on the door. When
I opened it, she stormed into the room.

"You bastard! Nobody dumps me," she snapped.

She stood on tip toes to slap me and I made no effort to stop her.
Without speaking, I began undressing for bed. She barked and shrieked
because my silence made her more furious. I was down to my underwear and
she was sputtering incoherently when I pulled her against me with her
wrists held tightly at the small of her back. She was perfectly still
except for the pressure of her breasts against me as she breathed. Her big
brown eyes stared up at me.

"You're one hell of a woman, Susan. Everything about you is perfect
except you're a spoiled bitch and I won't put up with that. I guess I
could spank you until you behave."

"Touch me and I'll see you in jail!" she squeaked.

"Then what choice do I have except dumping you?"

I let her go, took off my underwear and got in bed.

"Turn out the light on your way out," I said as I turned my back to her.

"Damn you, Peter Fisher," she screamed.

I didn't respond. Several minutes later, the light went out, but the
door didn't open. I heard the rustling of clothes. When the bed moved, I
rolled toward her.

"Do you want to be mine, Susan?" I asked as she squirmed against me.

"Yes, I do, Pete," she whispered.

"Be a woman and not a bitch," I replied.

"I can be all the woman you'll ever want," she said confidently.

Before she left at dawn, Susan proved she was one hell of a woman in
bed. We dated until the end of my sophomore year. By then, it was clear
Susan Sims wanted to be Susan Fisher. I wanted it, too, but deep in my gut
was a small flame for Keely that kept me from popping the question. When I
didn't ask her to marry me before school recessed for the summer, Susan
broke up with me.

Susan called me on the first day of classes my junior year.

"I've got an apartment in Willis House," she said. "I want to see you.
Could you please come over?"

When I arrived, she was dressed in a halter and shorts.

"You look great," I said.

"Thanks. Pete, I . . . "

She wrung her hands as her face turned red. Finally, she looked me in
the eye.

"I'm sorry I broke up with you. Please take me back. I love you,
Pete," she pleaded.

I took her back without regrets. I'd missed her as much as she'd missed

Two weeks later, I broke my foot in a game. When I hobbled into the
cafeteria between the athletic dorms, a tall, rawboned girl with a shock of
unruly red hair smiled at me. A chill ran down my spine. I got my tray
and was waiting in line behind Brute Wyzerocek when I realized she was at
my side.

"Hello, Peter Fisher. I'm Erin Sullivan. You look like you need some

"Thanks. I do. How did you know my name?" I asked.

"I know a lot about you," she replied mysteriously.

"I haven't seen you before."

"I'm a junior college transfer."

"What sport?"


"Get your ass out of the way, Fisher," Alabaster Black snarled from
behind us.

Erin helped me with my tray as we sat at a table where we could talk.
She was interesting and intelligent, with big green eyes that flashed
mischievously from a sea of freckles. After dinner, we went back to my
room. We talked for another hour or so before she left for her own room in
the girls' dorm.

I called Susan, who came over and spent most of the night.

The next night, Erin and I ate together again before going back to my
room. When I closed the door behind us, I took her into my arms. She came
willingly, warmly returning my kiss as her body pressed into mine. I felt
the hardness of her muscles under my hands and the softness of her breasts against me.

"What about your girlfriend?" she asked with a twinkle in her eyes.

"How did you know about her?"

"I told you. I know a lot about you. One thing I don't know - are you
man enough to handle two women?"

"Sure," I replied smugly.

"Let's go to my room so your girlfriend won't know another woman's been

Erin was tall, long legged, and muscular. Susan was short and soft.
Erin was an athletic challenge. Susan was giving. Two delightful women so
different and yet both damn good in bed.

I successfully juggled the two of them into October. Erin made it easy.
"I'm not interested in being your wife, Peter. I just want to fuck
you," she said.

Sometimes I thought there was more to her feelings than she let on, but
I didn't ask. I didn't need to ask with Susan. She wanted a ring on her
finger and I was close to giving her one.

I saw Keely at the Pi Phi house from time to time. She was "almost
engaged" to Trimble B. Tomlinson IV, who was the heir to a considerable
fortune. He was a snooty little guy with as much personality as a door
knob, but he met her criteria.

Susan and I were going to the Pi Phi Halloween party.

I rented a Hercules costume that was two pieces of leather hung from a
leather thong around my waist, leather underwear like a Speedo swimsuit,
and leather sandals with straps that came up my calves. Susan was going as
Xena. Her costume, like Xena's, was a leather corset that narrowed the
middle and accentuated above and below. She looked delicious.

We'd only been at the Pi Phi party an hour when she said, "Pete, this is
boring. A friend of mine invited us to another party out in the woods.
Let's do it."

"Who invited us?"

"A girl I don't think you know."


"Erin Sullivan."

My heart stopped and when it started again, Susan was staring at me.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"Nothing. Let's go," I replied.

The drive was forty minutes. Susan and I talked about Christmas when I
was going home with her. We both knew I'd pop the question then. We
talked about the upcoming games and Homecoming, about this and that. What
we didn't talk about was Erin Sullivan. When I asked questions, she gave
short answers and no information worth knowing.

"How the hell did Susan know Erin" was the question driving me crazy.

Susan knew exactly where we were going. "Turn here. Now watch for a
jack-o-lantern on a fence post."

We stopped deep in the woods and parked with other cars. When I opened
the door, smells of pine and the mustiness of a fire wafted to me. The
crunch of the underbrush when I took a step, the goose bumps on my skin
from the cold, the hoot of the owl from a tree, were indelibly stamped on
my brain. The stars were bright and the moon was a full yellow ball
overhead. Through the dense foliage, I could see a flame flickering and
hear the crackle of the fire.

"Isn't this a great spot for a Halloween party?" Susan said as hugged my
arm to her. "It's spooky out here."

We'd taken a few steps when Susan whispered, "Shhh. Listen."

From the brush to our left came a familiar noise.

"Someone's getting laid," I whispered.

"Two someones," she giggled.

We stumbled to the edge of a clearing. In the middle was a fire
surrounded by a ring about four feet in diameter. The ring was made of
stones as big as cantaloupes. The fire crackled and popped as its flames
rose to chest height. Next to it was a stone slab like an altar. It was
about three feet above the ground and covered with animal furs.

The small crowd around the fire stopped talking when we appeared. I
heard a woman groan in orgasm in the dark of the woods.

A man and woman walked toward us. The man was tall and lean, with a
bald head and piercing black eyes. The woman looked like Erin, but older.
She wore a black cape that covered her from neck to calf. Boots covered
her feet and their square high heels made her tower over us. Thigh length
flaming red hair billowed around her. Her face made my cock rise and
throb. This was a beautiful and sexual woman, a formidable woman. A woman
like one in a million.

"Hello, Flanna," Susan said brightly.

"Hello, Susan," the woman said. "Introduce me to your man."

Flanna took my hand as Susan made the introduction. Her eyes held mine
and I felt an electrical charge pass through me. My cock ached against the
confines of the leather Speedo.

"Hello, Peter," she said in throaty, near growl. "I've heard a lot
about you."

She introduced the man as Fergus.

"Have a drink," he said, handing Susan and me each an earthenware
chalice filled with a dark liquid.

"It's good. What is it?" Susan asked.

"Drink up," Fergus ordered.

Susan raised the glass to her lips again. When she started to lower it,
Fergus held it in place. Her eyes were huge and compliant as she
obediently swallowed it all.

"What is it?" I asked.

"An aphrodisiac," Flanna replied. "Drink yours."

"He doesn't need one, Mother."

Erin was at my elbow. She kissed me like I'd kiss a woman to subdue
her, with power and a hand behind the neck. Her hand was under the tunic
tugging down the leather covering my cock. From behind, Flanna yanked the
leather down. I felt her breasts against my back as she wrapped her
fingers around my cock and cupped my balls with her other hand.

"Nice," she whispered as she stroked me.

From the back of my sex crazed mind came the warning that something was
strange in my surrendering to them. I'd always been the dominant partner.
This time, I somehow knew I was to obey Erin and follow her lead.

I did expect a shriek from Susan when Erin kissed me because Susan's a
jealous woman, but she was silent. When Erin broke the kiss, Susan was in
Fergus' arms being kissed as I'd been.

When I recoiled with a pang of jealousy, Erin dug her nails into my arm
and whispered, "It's all right, Peter. Be compliant and trust me."

Susan's eyes were dilated and she sighed when Fergus released her.

"Come to me," Erin said to her. Susan stepped into Erin's arms and was
kissed again, as her arms hung loosely by her side and Erin bent her body

"Have you told Peter we're lovers?" Erin said to Susan.

Susan giggled and shook her head.

"Well, tell him."

"Erin and I are lovers," Susan said. Her eyes shone with excitement.
"I'd never made it with another woman before, but Erin taught me how much
fun it is. You don't mind, do you, honey? It makes me hotter for you."

Erin's eyes twinkled when I glanced at her.

"No. I don't mind," I said.

"Pete, I need fucking like I've never needed it. Now. Please," Susan

"She's going to fuck as many as want her, Peter," Erin said. "Undress
her for them."

Susan and I'd discussed fidelity. I hinted I wanted her to be faithful,
but that I might play around. She'd smiled like a bear. "You'll be
faithful, too," she'd said, "or, I'll cut off your nuts and fry them for

The voice in the back of my head was screaming "don't do it," but I
undressed Susan as she squirmed in sexual need. My wife to be, who was a
relatively modest lady, showed no hint of embarrassment. Her nipples were
hard and a light red tinged the skin of her upper chest. The aphrodisiac
was working in her.

Fergus removed his cape, which was all he wore, and lay it on the
ground. Susan giggled, grabbed his erection, and lay back, pulling him into
her. I was mesmerized as she eagerly fucked him at my feet.

"Peter," Erin said, touching me to get my attention. "This is our
night. Mine and my family's. I'm to be impregnated and I've chosen you to
do it."

"I think you should cast another spell on him," Flanna said.

A spell? Flanna said another spell. Good God, was that what was making
this happen?

"No, Mother. Peter'll be fine. He's like I want him," Erin replied.

"Father your children?" I asked.

"Yes, Peter. Tonight's our ritual mating. There. On the altar."

Visions of Rosemary's Baby flashed in my mind.

"We'll have beautiful and special children, Peter," Erin said as if
reading my thoughts. "I'm the child of a human and a witch. Is there
something grotesque about me?"

"No. You're a beautiful woman."

"Harder, Fergus. Harder!" Susan barked.

"This is unreal," I muttered.

"It's Halloween, Peter. Our night. A night of revelry. A night of
celebration and renewal. Look around you. Hear the noises. Smell the

"Oh, God, I'm cumming," Susan moaned. Her knees were by her ears as
Fergus slammed deep into her and grunted.

"Over there," Erin said, drawing my attention to another couple. "And
there," she added, pointing to others on the edge of the clearing.

Fergus stumbled to his feet and pulled Susan up with him. She was weak
kneed and clung to him for support.

Erin's eyes burned into me.

"When did you cast a spell on me?" I asked.

"The first night we were together."

"I don't remember."

"No. That's part of the spell. Susan doesn't remember the spell I put
on her. She does remember making love to me and how she enjoyed it. She
remembers being commanded not to tell you about us without permission. And
she remembers to obey."

"Will she remember this night?"

"Do you mean will she remember what a slut she was and how much she
enjoyed it? How much she liked being unfettered rather than being your


"What she remembers and how she acts in the future will depend on the
spell I cast after the night's over. You're not under a spell now, Peter.
You're free to walk away. What do you want to do?"

I knew she was telling the truth - the decision was mine. I didn't fear
Erin or her witch's powers. There was something special between us.

Seamus, a short man built like a fireplug, pulled Susan away from Fergus
and pushed her to her knees. Eagerly, she sucked his cock, groaning with
desire as she did. Flanna and Fergus were a pace away, watching Erin and
me intently.

"I want you. I want to fuck you." I grinned. "I want to see you
waddling around with my child, Erin Sullivan."

Erin threw her arms around me. As we hugged, I heard Susan begging
Seamus to fuck her.

Fergus stepped to a nearby tree and thrashed it twice with a dead
branch. It sounded hollow, like a drum. People began to gather around the

Fergus struck the tree twice again. More people gathered from the dark
of the forest's undergrowth to sit or stand facing the fire and its
fur-covered altar.

Erin's voice was joyful as she whispered in my ear.

"Our traditions are old, from the days before the Romans walked the land
of the Celts. You are man and I am as a woman. You're to take me
forcibly, dragging me to your bed of furs to put your seed in my womb. I'm
to resist you, to fight for my honor, before surrendering to you. Oh,
Peter Fisher, if I were a woman, I'd claw and scratch to be your woman, but
I'm one of the others you call a witch. You and I cannot be as one, but
I'll bear your children with pride."

She shoved me away and slapped me hard. The sound rang in my ears and
my face stung from the blow.

All human sounds ceased. Only nature talked. The fire crackled. The
trees moaned in the wind. An owl hooted in the dark of night. Something
scurried through the brush in the edge of light under the trees.

They were watching us, all of them, even Susan as she reclined in her
afterglow. They were watching without moving or making a sound. The owl
hooted again.

"To take me forcibly," she'd said.

Haughtily, Erin swayed just out of reach. Her hips thrust toward me.
Her eyes shown in the light. I stepped toward her and she jumped back,
laughing at my attempt to capture her.

My body ached for her. I wanted to charge after her, but I knew what
had to be done.

I froze like a statue, with my eyes on Flanna. One side of me was hot
from the fire and sweat beaded on that skin. My other side was cold from
the night and dotted with goose bumps.

Hot and cold. Wanting and not taking. Action and inaction. My world
and their world.

I waited. Erin taunted me, dancing nearby, questioning my manhood, her
anger growing from my inaction. As her anger grew, her caution diminished.
Closer and closer she came, yet I didn't move to grab her.

Flanna's eyes were twinkling as she walked toward me. I wondered if
she'd guessed my plan, but when I seized her, she tried to jerk away. I
kissed her hard and held her body against me.

"Damn you, Peter!" Erin screamed. "You're supposed to capture me!"

Erin's nails raked my shoulder leaving trails of blood as she yanked me
away from her mother.

I moved and had her. Arm behind her back, twisted painfully upward.
Hand in her red hair. I slammed her stomach hard against the altar to
knock her breath away. She was stunned. I forced her to her knees and
wrapped my hand over her mouth and nose. I held her until she slumped
unconscious on the ground.

The others didn't move to stop me. I wondered if spells would be cast,
potions thrown in my face, as I took one of theirs, but the witches' rules
of conquest must've allowed for force.

I stripped Erin and lay her inert body on the furs. I removed my
costume. With the thong of the costume's belt, I tied Erin's hands over
her head and attached them to one of the altar's stone supports. A male
witch murmured approval from the crowd. I climbed on the altar and between
her legs. She moaned as she awakened to find me lodged at her entrance.

Erin's magnificent, a powerful, beautiful woman aroused to her peak.
She cursed and begged in English and in her old tongue I couldn't
understand as she squirmed and thrust against me. I'd never experienced
the intensity of that fuck, a fuck that brought her repeated orgasms until
I couldn't hold back any longer.

My scream reverberated in my ears. My body was rigid as I emptied
myself and collapsed on her.

Hands were on us. Wiping away the sweat. Releasing her bound wrists.
Covering us in the warmth of the furs. Someone helped me stand and pressed
a tankard of ale in my hand. The men slapped my back and told me well

Flanna took my head in her hands and kissed me.

"You were magnificent, Peter. You and I will war, but on some other
day," she said.

I slumped against a rock near the fire, too exhausted to move. Erin
curled in the crook of my arm, her head on my shoulder and hand on my
chest. Susan scurried to me with a plate of rare meat and another tankard.
Kneeling across my leg with her bare pussy resting against it, she fed me
with her fingers. As I looked at the cum on her and her swollen lips, I
knew her being with all of them was not an issue. Susan would become my
wife, for I saw the love for me in her eyes.

"Are you jealous of Erin and me, Susan?" I asked.

"Of course not. I'd enjoyed watching you with her."

There we rested until Erin said, "Now for the entertainment of the

"I thought that was us," I said.


"What is it?" Susan asked.

"They're going to deflower a virgin. They captured her at the
university using a spell, but she won't be under a spell when they take
her. She'll know what's happening to her. They'll all have her before the
night's over. Watch. You'll see."

"Is that what happened to you?" I asked.

"No. After my first period, I selected Fergus to take me for the first
time. Since then I've had sex with as many males as I wanted."

"And you never got pregnant?" I said.

"Male witches are well endowed and virile, but they're sterile. That's
why we must mate with men, Peter," she replied. "And if we mate on
Halloween, the blessings of our gods assure offspring."

The fire hissed and flared as two men added a heavy log to it. Susan's
hips began to move, rubbing her pussy against my leg.

"Pete," she whispered. "I need to be fucked."

"Susan," Erin said. "You'll wait until the ceremony's over. Then
you'll seek as many men as you can."

"Yes, Erin," Susan replied.

"The virgin they've chosen is Keely. Don't react, Peter. Just watch,"
Erin whispered in my ear.

Fergus struck the tree four times. The crowd formed a circle near the
edge of the clearing. They held hands and faced the fire. Seamus, Fergus,
and two other men gathered around the hollow tree. They began chanting in
the old tongue and the crowd joined in the chant.

The chanting ceased. Fergus stroked the bark of the tree and it parted
under his touch.

Keely stepped out to take his hand and follow as he guided her to the
altar. She was naked except for a wreath of vines around one ankle and
sheaves of wheat braided in her hair. Her body seemed relaxed and she made
no move to get away, silently complying with his guidance, but her eyes
were terrified by her predicament.

She knelt on the furs that had borne my weight when I impregnated Erin.
Her legs were wantonly spread.

"Drink," Fergus commanded, holding a wooden chalice to her lips.

It was the aphrodisiac and we could see it working in her. Keely fought
her own desires, but the potion was stronger and slowly she began to give

Sweat broke out on Keely's breasts and she moaned. She shook her head.
Slowly, her hands cupped her breasts. She tweaked her nipples and pulled
on them. Her hips thrust. A hand slipped between her legs.

Flanna left the circle to stand at the end of the altar facing Keely.

"Please make it stop. I'm a virgin. I'm engaged to be married," Keely

Flanna was silent. Keely's finger rose to her mouth and she sucked away
her own juice.

"Please. I'm begging. Please don't do this to me."

Again, Flanna was silent. Keely's hand slipped between her legs. Her
finger flew on her pussy lips and her hips thrust against her hand. Her
face reddened as orgasm neared, but she gained no relief. Tears of
frustration flowed to fall on her breasts.

"Are you ready?" Flanna asked in a cool, commanding tone.

"Yes, damn you. Yes," Keely hissed.

"Pick the man you wish to be your first."

Keely could barely walk. One hand was between her legs, the other
massaged a breast, as she hobbled from man to man, staring into their faces
as she sought some sign. Her need was palatable. Her eyes were resigned
to her fate. When she stopped in front of me, I looked away.

"Peter?" she whispered. "Peter, please look at me."

My eyes met hers.

"Be my first, Peter. Please."

Flanna moved beside her.

"Is he your choice?" she asked.

"Yes," Keely answered.

As Flanna guided Keely back to the furred altar, Erin took my hand.

"Make her beg, Peter. Make her wait as long as you can before you take
her," Erin said to me.

I'd wanted Keely Bishop since I was in junior high school. I'd ached as
I masturbated thinking of her. I'd closed my eyes to see her face while
fucking other women. One reason I knew Susan was a special woman was I'd
never thought of Keely while I was with her. I realized I never thought of
Keely while I was with Erin either.

Now, Keely lay moaning and waiting for me to take her. When I walked to
the edge of the altar, she brought her knees to her breasts. Her pussy was
swollen and wet.

"Please, fuck me. Oh, God, please, Peter. I need you in me," she

I climbed between her legs, but I made her wait until she pummeled me
with her fists and babbled hysterically. Then I drove my cock deep into
her with one strong thrust.

I had sex with two other women after that before laying depleted against
a tree to watch the orgy in progress. Both Keely and Susan gave and
received pleasure from many men that night.

Flanna was naked and her body covered in sweat and love juices when she
lay down next to me. Erin covered us with furs and lay down with us. I
slept between them.

In the morning, Flanna awakened me by stroking my cock. Erin watched as
Flanna and I humped under the furs until Flanna and I came.

"Drink this," Erin said.

I sipped down the potion and my eyes closed in sleep.

I awakened in my room at the dorm with no idea of how I got there.
There was a note pinned to the door from the football coach asking where I
was Saturday and why I'd missed the game, even though I wouldn't've dressed
out because my foot wasn't healed. It was Sunday morning.

I called Susan, Keely and Erin, but none of them answered. I ate lunch
in the cafeteria, enduring the verbal jabs from my teammates about why I
missed the game. I told coach I was drunk. He'd never understand if I
told the truth. I wasn't sure I understood.

When I got back to my room, there was a message on the machine from
Susan saying she wasn't at home, but to come to her apartment for dinner at

I lay down for a nap. About an hour later, there was a knock on the

"Hello, Peter," Erin said softly.

"Come in."

"How are you?"

"All right, I think. Look, Erin, I need to know what's going to

"With what?"

"With my life. With everything."

"What do you want to happen?" she asked.

"I still want to marry Susan. Well, I do if she's what she was before
this weekend. Hell, I . . . "

"Do you want both of them?" she said, interrupting me. Her eyes


"Yes. Susan as a wife and Keely as a second wife, or, maybe, a pet."

"They'd never agree."

"They'd agree if I cast spells on them."

"Erin, I find it hard to believe, to understand."

"I know you do, but it's possible."

"Yes, I'd like that."

"Peter, if I do it, there'd be a catch."


"Every Halloween, the two of them would be as they were this weekend.
We'd give them the aphrodisiacs and turn them over to the men of the coven.
They won't remember a thing about it, so don't worry about that."

"Anything else?"

"I want three children, Peter, and I want you to father all of them."
She grinned. "Anyway, I enjoy fucking you and I want you to agree to be
with me when I ask. Without a spell."

"I'd do that even if you did nothing for me," I replied.

"On Halloween, you'll belong to me, Peter. I'll cast my spell on you
and make you mine."

She smiled and stood up.

"I'll see you tonight at Susan's for dinner," she said.

"Thank you, Erin," I said.

"For what?"

"For all of it."

"You're welcome, Peter," she said lovingly.

When I arrived at six, Susan answered the door, threw her arms around
me, and kissed me heartily, as she always had.

Erin and Keely were on the couch. Each of them greeted me as warmly.
The surprise was Keely. She was warm and sweet, looking at me with love, a
submissive, obedient love.

"Pete, we need to talk," Susan said. "Are you going to ask me to marry

"Yes, I am."

"Oh, Pete, the answer's yes, but . . . can we both still have a
relationship with Erin? She told me about you two."

"Yes, we can."

"And can we both have a relationship with Keely? We've talked Peter. I
know you want her and she wants you. It's all right with me if she moves
in with us and sortof becomes a second wife to you. That is, it's all
right if the first wife and second wife can enjoy each other."

"What would you like, Keely?" I asked.

"Whatever you want of me, Peter," she replied.

"Then let's do it!"

We ate chinese food and talked. After Erin left, I led the two of them
into the bedroom. As I crawled between them in bed, I reflected on the

Two eager and loving women all the time in exchange for being under
witches' spells on Halloween wasn't a bad deal. After all, Halloween's
only one day a year.

The End

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