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One Long Afternoon



Title: One Long Afternoon

Author: XS Gravity (

One Long Afternoon

She came to live with them last year. She had nowhere else to go after
flunking out of school. Her sister and brother-in-law made it very clear
that she would be subject to their rules if she decided to stay. She
stayed. What rules they were, she mused, as she sat on the chair in front
of the mirror and brushed her newly washed flaxen hair which fell past her
shoulders. The heavy weight of the silver handled brush with leather
backing evoked feelings of comfort and dread. Her white robe fell open,
uncovering the swell of her breasts and lower belly. It did not matter.
In a few moments the robe would come off, heaped uselessly on the floor at
her feet.

He approached and took the brush from her, making long stokes through
her hair. The bristles massaged her scalp; she moaned. He roughly brought
her head back with each stroke until he was satisfied with the suppleness
of her mane. He put the brush down on the little table beside the chair.
Her brother-in-law Tom then guided her up by her shoulders, and brought his
hand down her front, untying the last vestige of robe which did fall by her
feet as she knew it would. From behind, he ran his rough hands over her
smooth front, playing with and feeling the heft of her C cup breasts then
making small circles around the aureole as she lifted up her arms and
brought them to his neck giving him complete exposure, complete license as
they demanded of her. His hand made its way down to her mons, smoothly
shaved and depilated, as they demanded of her. She moaned as his fingers
roughly found their way inside her wetness. He brought his fingers up
again to her nipples, squeezing them, pinching them, and she became very
wet. She knew she would not be allowed to come for a while yet.

He guided her hands behind her and secured them to each other in leather
bracelets. She was helpless, a condition she had come to enjoy. He
reversed the chair and bent her over the back. Her long hair spilled down
and covered her face, but her bottom was now completely exposed to him.
She thrust herself out as she had been instructed to do time and time again
to the bite of the crop, but now she didn't need any encouragement. She
had learned her painful lessons well, but still had much to learn.

He caressed her round firm bottom and slipped two fingers into the fiery
wetness of her cunt. She moaned again. He withdrew, then brazenly
extended a finger to her anus which contracted around the attempted insult
making it difficult to penetrate her. He slapped her hard and she yelped.
"Relax," he whispered.

He then took something from a dresser drawer. His finger returned with
lubrication this time and he kept up his incessant probing of her pink bud
until she gave herself over completely to his ministrations. He now
reached for the hairbrush. She tried to brace herself for what she knew
would come next but she whimpered just the same.

Thwack. She drew in her breath as the back of the hairbrush came down
on one ass cheek than the other with alternating strokes, building in
intensity, moving over the swell of her bottom to the sensitive part where
it joined her thighs. Thwack Thwack Thwack Thwack. The hairbrush came
down again and again until the pain surpassed all reason and she started
balling. She lost track of time but was sure her fiery bottom was deep red and bruised. She would not be able to sit for a few days. She knew that
begging for mercy would only cause the ferocity of the attack to increase
so she gave herself over to it, her tears dropping uselessly on the leather
seat of the chair.

He stopped when he was finally satisfied with his handiwork. She was so
relieved she felt like laughing but she did not dare. He straightened her
up and brought her around to the front of the chair where he sat down. Her
bum hurt her so much, but she knew she would get no relief until she had
given pleasure, had given herself over completely.

He was naked. His long and thick hard-on, which still hurt her in many
positions, stood out from his lap arching slightly backward. He tweaked
her nipples and then fingered her cunt. She moaned and he told her not to
come or else there would be trouble. He had her lean down and he attached
a leather collar around her neck. He then took nipple clamps and attached
them to her hard cherry nipples. Electric shocks ran through her. He took
a smaller clamp and attached it to her clitoris which he rolled gently
between his thumb and forefinger. She moaned and whimpered, unsure if she
could keep from coming, but terrified of the cropping she would get if she

"We are thinking of having you pierced so we don't have to bother with
the clamps," he said nonchalantly. She knew to keep quiet unless asked a
direct question. She wondered if they were serious. She never knew. Many
things were talked about, then sometimes enacted, sometimes discarded.
When she had first moved in, her sister had told her she would be spanked
if she were disobedient. She thought they were joking until that first
night not a week later when she found herself over her brother-in-laws hard
lap with her nightshirt pulled over her head and her panties being taken
down and the feel of his and then her sister's sharp slaps until her behind
was a bright red and she was made to stand in the corner.

Her mind came back to the present as Tom took a chain and connected it
from the clit clamp to the nipple clamps and then to either side of the
leather collar. He played with the chains, teasing her until she cried.
He then made her kneel between his legs and she took as much of his member
as she could in her mouth and began to suck up and down his shaft in long
smooth strokes. He played with the chains as she did so and it took all
her will power to keep her concentration. If she stopped, or came, she
knew he would paint more red welts on her already throbbing behind. She
was thankful that her hands were secured behind her back.

At first she had been very timid about sucking him, but her sister would
stand over her with the crop until she learned her lessons well. She felt
him jerk ever so slightly under her lips and she knew he was close. She
had to swallow every drop or she would surely be thrashed. She remembered
not liking the taste initially but the crop had changed her mind. Now she
liked the salty feeling in her throat just liked she learned to like the
scent of her sister. He suddenly exploded and she had to swallow quickly
using her lips to trap the come and her tongue to lap it up, then licking
up and down his shaft for good measure. It must have been a good one
because he had fallen back on the bed and started laughing. "My my my, you
have learned very well," he beamed. She obediently sat back on her
hunches, legs spread apart, her pussy lips bare, and her nipples throbbing.
After a while, he sat up. He took her chains, tugged her to her feet
and then to the shower. The master bathroom was huge and it included a
large marble shower with a glass enclosure. It also had other surprises
which she knew of all too well. Her hands were still secured helplessly
behind her back. He took off the collar and chains but kept on the nipple
and clit clamps. He uncuffed her hands, took her by the arm and led her
inside. She automatically lifted her hands in the air. He smiled at her
obedience as he took a pair of stainless steel handcuffs hanging from a
chain set in the ceiling and secured her hands so they were just slightly
stretched. He then tweaked her clamps. She could not help herself but let
out a long loud moan.

He started the warm shower which had many nozzles on the walls. He
began soaping himself, taking his time with long strokes to his cock which
began to get semi-hard. He began soaping her as well, spending a lot of
time on her belly and behind which was aching so, but virtually ignoring
her breasts and cunt. He returned to soaping himself.

She heard a sound from the other room. It was Melanie. She knew her
sister was enthusiastic about including her in their sex play, but she
sensed Melanie was a little jealous when Tom used her alone. Yet her
sister was all smiles as she came in the shower having completed her
errands early. Melanie kissed Tom hard, moving her hand to his cock which
became stiff again. Her sister had a lovely but petite gymnast's body with
perky small breasts, long nipples, and a muscular boyish behind. Melanie's
crimson pussy lips were large and hung lewdly below her neatly trimmed
mons, with a small triangle of hair at the top.

Melanie then turned to her sister through the mist of the shower.
"Hmmmm," she whispered and came over. First Melanie went to her backside
to inspect Tom's handiwork and she murmured her approval. Melanie gave her
one sharp slap and she yelped. Melanie giggled. She then came around her
front and roughly removed the nipple and clitoris clamps. She began
soaping those parts thoroughly.

"Yes, I agree, a piercing," Melanie said to an unasked question. Her
heart started beating fast. Would they even ask her permission? But she
knew better to speak before being spoken to. Her sister then took a
bristled scrub brush and began roughly cleaning her with long purposeful
strokes. Melanie didn't change her rhythm when she got to her bum which
made her moan in pain. Melanie put down the brush and used a hand shower
on her sister's now rosy body. Melanie then turned her attention to Tom
who was watching with keen interest and a raging hard-on.

Melanie bent over, lewdly thrusting out her behind. Tom advanced and
with one long thrust penetrated Melanie's asshole. Her sister liked anal
sex as well as the usual way and they had been slowly training her
similarly. She had not yet been ass-fucked by either Tom's cock or
Melanie's sleek dildo. She wondered if it would be tonight. She was
afraid of Tom's size in her tender virgin asshole.

Melanie stated moaning and purring all the while looking up at her
helpless bound sister. "We should stop now. I know our little sis needs a
good ass fucking tonight and we wouldn't want to ruin it for her." With a
sucking sound she pulled forward and his hard-on popped up again, an angry
monster waiting to penetrate her little rosebud which had only been
introduced to anal finger probing in the last few weeks.

Melanie came up to her, took a nipple and squeezed hard, which made her
wince in pain. She put her face to hers and kissed her long, snaking her
tongue down her mouth. She then rolled her nipple between her fingers
turning pain into pleasure and whispered into her ear, "We expect a very
enthusiastic and obedient performance from that pretty tongue of yours and
that pretty little bung hole. One little slip and I will work you over
with the crop so hard you won't be able to leave the house for a week."

Her heart started beating faster and she had a pit in her stomach. Yet
at the same time, she was turned on in a way she had never been in her
life, with complete and total surrender. Melanie then undid her bonds to
the ceiling but kept her hands cuffed in front of her. They all stepped
outside the shower where Tom and Melanie toweled each over off lovingly and
then turned their attention to her. When she was dry, Tom slapped her
behind and told her to bend over. He probed her asshole making sure it was
still well lubricated.

"We don't want to tear you, but eventually you will be assfucking with
the best of them without much preparation." He slapped her again which she
knew was a signal to stand upright. He led her to the bedroom where she
saw her sister already on the chaise lounge playing with herself, legs
spread wide, and knees bent over each pillowed arm.

"I think you know what is expected of you," Melanie said. She did and
immediately sunk to her knees, prepared to give a thorough licking to her
sister's cunt only inches from her face. As her tongue snaked in and out
moving over Melanie's clit and lips, Melanie began grinding her pelvis
against her face. At the same time she felt Tom's hands reach from behind
her and place a shackle around one of her knees then the other. She was
curious and wanted to turn her head but the incessant writhing of her
mistress informed her otherwise. She heeded the warning of a cropping and
kept on licking with enthusiasm. She then felt her knees being drawn even
further apart and a stiff object which she guessed was a metal rod placed
in-between them, connecting to the knee restraints, separating her thighs
as far apart as possible.

Her curiosity was answered when Tom pressed against her, which made her
stick out her now totally exposed behind. She was definitely anal erotic
but she often brought her asscheeks together reflexively when either of
them lubricated her bunghole in preparation for some digital probing. This
would always earn her a stern paddling and some corner time. She was quite
helpless to resist because of the spreader bar and that almost brought her
relief, until she felt Tom's cock at her backside and braced herself for
what would come next.

Instead, Tom swiftly penetrated her cunt and she almost reeled from the
pleasure and started to come. Her breath quickened and she tried not to
tense. She was busy on Melanie's cunt as Tom leaned over and whispered,
"You're going to wriggle that sweet ass of yours and not dare come or I'm
going to crop you myself."

She didn't need further encouragement, and began wriggling as best she
could as he worked his cock steadily and firmly up her doggie style as his
stomach slapped against her very warm and red behind. She felt wonderfully
full and on the edge. She was so very turned on but she felt like crying
because if she let herself come there would be hell to pay. She tried as
best she could at not letting that feeling build up any more. She
continued licking her sister's cunt up and down her labia, around her
clitoris, and finally flicking her tongue rapidly back and forth. She knew
she was getting the desired response as Melanie began moaning loudly and
calling her a bitch.

She took pleasure from the fact that she was giving pleasure though she
noted that this pleasure was not under her control like the boys she used
to get it on with in their cars in high school. She was a tool for Melanie
and Tom's pleasure now. She remembered she had a choice at one point in
time but couldn't recall when that last was. She felt Tom thrusting more
rapidly in her. She was throbbing from front and behind and was close to
coming. She wondered is she could sneak one, but she also knew that she
would begin bucking too hard, and she didn't dare risk the crop.

Then almost in unison, her sister and brother-in-law moaned loudly, and
she felt Melanie's juices flooding her mouth and Tom's warm and slippery
cum in her cunt, and they thrusted a few more times in afterspasms. To her
relief, Tom pulled out, caressing her lewdly exposed posterior. Then
Melanie pushed her head away, stretched like a cat and got up from the
sofa, helped Tom undo the knee restraints, and placed a neck collar on her
again and attached a leash. With a hard slap on her rump, she was pulled
by leash as Melanie made her crawl on all fours to the basement playroom,
while Tom stayed behind. Low lights came on in the playroom, and she was
unceremoniously shackled by her wrist cuffs to a chain hanging from the
ceiling. Melanie left her there and then slowly walked up the stairs
staring at her the whole time. The lights went out and she was left in

She stayed that way for what seemed like hours. Finally she heard the
door creak open. She thought she could hear voices from upstairs. The
door closed again and she footsteps slowly descended to the playroom. Her
heart skipped a beat. She wondered what tortures awaited her and who would
administer them. She wanted to call out Melanie's name but knew that any
talking would earn her a severe cropping without mercy.

The light was turned up low again, and her sister walked proudly in
front of her dressed in dominatrix leather with her strap-on dildo fastened
in position. Melanie was shiny with sweat and she had a far away look in
her eyes. She approached her and gave her a long hard kiss with her
tongue, "Yum, I can't wait to see your bunghole stretched tonight."

She began getting butterflies in her stomach. She knew that tonight
would be the night. Her sister circled her and then all was darkness as a
silk blindfold was slipped over her eyes. She felt Melanie press into her
from behind and slip a finger into her cunt now very wet and then to her
anus. She moaned as she let the finger penetrate her completely. "Good.
Very very good," her sister whispered.

She was breathing rapidly now preparing herself for the onslaught as she
felt the dildo press against her bunghole. Her sister brought her hands
around her, playing with her nipples. She felt one hand on her nipple, as
the other gave her bottom a few more smacks to which she could not help but

Then it stopped. She did not know what was happening and she felt like
crying, but held back. Suddenly she felt her sister approach her from the
front, roughly lift up her legs in the air so she was suspended and plunge
the dildo far into her cunt. Melanie was pressed against her and said
softly "You can come now slut."

And she did, wave after wave crashing against her, rising from her cunt and filling her body. She began screaming ever louder as the pressure
built up and then abated in ever increasing circles as she thrusted against
the dildo. Her sister laughed the whole time. She was still thrusting as
Melanie withdrew the strap-on with a whoosh, and said, "My goodness what a
site. Our guests will love the way you look so freshly fucked."

"Guests?" She thought to herself. She had never been shown off before.
Her bottom was still on fire and a fine tingling extended from her cunt to
her breasts. Her nipples still throbbed. She was unsure of what was in
store for and how much more she could take. Melanie took off the
blindfold, and let loose her cuffs. She fell to the floor. Melanie
promptly walked over to the wall and chose a particularly nasty riding crop
and without so much as a word brought it straight down with a thwack on her
thighs and then her behind as she struggled to get up.

"Did I tell you could take a break on the floor, slut?" Melanie almost
whispered. "No, Mistress" She answered. She knew Melanie was not in the
mood for anything less than total obedience. She brought her hands behind
her back as she was instructed to and Melanie secured her wrist restraints.
As she was led up the stairs she heard other female voices. She got
butterflies in her stomach as they approached the top stair. She wondered
if she would finally be ass-fucked, and wished they would get it over with.

When they reached the top of the stairs, her blindfold was removed and
she rapidly blinked to adjust to the light. There were two strangers in
front of her, and she had to summon all her will power to not run away in
shame. The taller of the two was striking. She had black hair and black
eyes. She wore a short black leather miniskirt and halter top which showed
her round breasts and flat trim belly to great advantage. She looked her
directly in the eyes.

"Hello, slut, my name is Pamela and this is Gretchen." She nodded in the
direction of Tom on whose lap a petite blond freckled Gretchen was sitting.
Gretchen had on a white camisole and nothing else. Tom's hand was far
between Gretchen's thighs. He was obviously enjoying himself as her bottom
squirmed on his lap in answer to his probing fingers. Gretchen squeaked a
weak hello.

She then looked over and saw the small table that had been set up in the
living room. It looked like a massage table but there were restraints on
either end and what looked like adjustable stirrups. When she glanced at
the small coffee table next to it, she could see gleaming metal
instruments, a plastic gun like device, and three shiny silver rings. She
knew there was no turning back. She would be pierced tonight. She swooned
and Melanie came behind and propped her up, then swiftly moved her to the
table. Pamela roughly pushed her down, secured her hands over her head,
then her ankles in the stirrups which were then stretched to maximum. She
did not even have time to register her embarrassment or complaint. A ball
gag was positioned in her mouth by Pamela.

Melanie then spoke,"Yes that's right. Pamela is going to pierce your
nipples and the hood over your clit. As payment, you'll be hers after the
party next weekend for a whole week. Don't worry. In case you're
wondering, your ass will still be virgin tonite. But you'll get a very
first hand demonstration of what a good ass fucking is like." She heard
laughter and a small moan escaped Gretchen's lips

Pamela worked quickly and efficiently. She tied a number of thick wide
velcro belts around her now quivering body. She panicked as she struggled
against the ball gag and began to choke. Pamela then moved her hands up
and down her exposed and bound flesh, centering at her nipples which were
now painfully erect, and then down to her cunt, slipping two fingers in,
feeling her wetness, then moving up to massage her clitoris. It felt
soothing even after the shaking orgasm her sister gave her. Her breathing
calmed down a bit and Pamela told her to breath through her nose. Pamela
said this with a twinkle in her eyes and she suddenly felt a trust and bond
with this woman who she knew would have her in complete control both now
and later.

She then felt a sharp pinch in her left then right nipple and a searing
pain which shot through her and arched her back under the restraints. She
would have come off the table if she had not been so well tied.

Pamela continued her soothing words and massaging of her clit. "Relax,
relax, little sweet thing, shhhh." Her legs then did relax almost
involuntarily and in that moment she felt a sharp pain sear at the base of
her insides centered at her clit, which subsided to a gentle throbbing.
She felt like she needed to come again. After a while, she felt many hands
untie her and place her in a sitting position, then standing up. Gretchen
guided her in front of her brother-in-law who admired Pamela's handiwork.

Pamela warned them that she couldn't be played with for 3 days. This
made the aching worse in her nipples and clitoris. Then through her haze,
she heard the words "but her tongue is still in good working order"
followed by laughter.

Gretchen led her over to the leather sofa where her sister and Pamela
were sitting naked with their legs spread apart, criss-crossing each other.
Gretchen pushed her down in front of Pamela's lewdly spread cunt lips; she
knew immediately what was expected of her. She began licking
enthusiastically. She heard Pamela moan and she took pride in her now
expert tongue giving Pamela pleasure.

From far away she heard her sister moaning even loader and stopped for a
second to see Gretchen kneeling in front of Melanie giving her a thorough
oral pleasuring. Her sister thundered with an explosive orgasm. She
barely had time to go back to the matter at hand when she felt a sharp pain
on her rump. She realized that this was the crop wielded by her

"No slacking, BITCH," he shouted.

Pamela grabbed her ears to pull her in further which she obliged without
a moment's hesitation, and she heard Pamela finally purr an orgasm beneath
her incessant tongue. Pamela then pushed her juice smeared face away. Her
sister got up from the couch followed by Pamela.

She couldn't believe she had hardly noticed women's bodies before, but
now could not keep her eye's off of them. Gretchen was kneeling next to
her in a slave's posture on her knees with thighs slightly spread. She
hated Gretchen already, but quickly assumed the same.

"She's trainable, but I don't like hesitation," Pamela said with a catty

"Oh," her sister answered, "I think the crop will drain any future
hesitation right out from her." Tom the handed Pamela the crop.

He quickly took her by the collar, practically dragging her to an eyelet
set in a wood supporting beam to which her collar was attached. She knew
better by now than to utter a word as Pamela took a ball gag and set it
firmly in her mouth and secured the strap behind her head. Pamela then
took her wrist restraints and did the same, leaving her torso and legs
free. This freedom did not matter since Pamela was able to adjust her
cropping with a continual stream of whoosh thwacks to the jerking and
swaying of her body. By the time Pamela was finished, she had lost all
reason and sense of time. She could only imagine what her back, bum, and
thighs looked like. Incessant throbbing pain oozed from her very pores,
and contrasted with the sharp pain in her clit and nipples.

Pamela then approached the beam and whispered in her ear malevolently
while cupping her poor behind in a vise-like squeeze. "Let's see how well
you do with this one. If you don't cooperate, I'll mark up your front just
as bad."

Pamela unhooked her from the beam and turned her around. She saw
Gretchen bending over, holding onto the back of the sofa with her legs
spread. To a delighted laugh from her sister, Pamela then directed her
forward, and brought her to her knees with a shove, so her face was
directly behind Gretchen's rear and shamelessly exposed pink bunghole.

"She needs to be lubed before she gets ass fucked. Guess who is the
KY?" Pamela chimed. Everyone laughed except her. Pamela took her by the
hair and shoved her face forward. Without even thinking, her tongue darted
out, quickly rimming Gretchen's asshole over and over in circles as
Gretchen moaned and her hips bucked forward. Pamela then shoved her face
away. She cowered thinking she had done something wrong and that she would
be flogged mercilessly. Instead, Pamela's hand came down on Gretchen's
rear with 10 sharp smacks in quick succession. "Stay still bitch. I
didn't say you can move!"

Gretchen didn't reply but brought her hips out again and steadied
herself. Pamela said, "Resume." With that word she dived in again with her
tongue to a now rock still Gretchen. She could smell a musky odor
enveloping her face but she was too afraid to stop. Her tongue snaked as
deep in Gretchen's asshole as she could extend it, feeling Gretchen's anal
muscle contract and relax the only way Gretchen evidently was allowed to
respond. She did not stop until she could feel a strong pair of arms take
her by the shoulders and pull her away.

Tom then stepped forward and with a continuous shove of his hard-on,
entered Gretchen's asshole which stretched to accommodate his member as she
wriggled her behind, helping him get as deep as possible. She could only
imagine this happening to her own asshole which now quivered with

Her sister took her by the collar, and directed her under Gretchen where
she had a close-up show of Tom's cock plowing in and out of Gretchen's

"See that will be you next week," her sister whispered in her ear.
"You'll meet some new play friends and Tom will ass fuck that pretty virgin
bunghole for all to see, for real, not play like today. Then we are going
to lend you to Pamela for a week or so for some extra training."

Her flogged back and pierced front throbbed with those words, as her
sister gathered her up by the hair and directed her face at Gretchen's
shaved cunt which she then devoured without any more thought as Gretchen
and Tom bucked together in a loud orgasm.

Later, after Pamela and Gretchen left, she lightly touched her new
piercings as she drifted off to sleep between Tom and Melanie. She felt
totally possessed and obedient and could only imagine what would happen at
the party and afterward at Pamela's. Her entire body tingled at the


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