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Title: One For The Road
Keywords: mF, ff, inc, teen, voy, fdom, nc, mom, son
Author: Caesar

There was an old man with a beard
Who said, "It is just what I feared!
Two owls and a hen,
Four larks and a wren
Have all built their nests in my beard!"

One For The Road

by Caesar, copyright 1999-2002

$Revision: 1.9 $ $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:26 $

"One for the road honey?"

I spun about and laid a passionate love-filled kiss upon my wife's
lips. When we broke apart I looked down into her eyes and felt a
burst of love and desire, and wished I didn't have to depart on such a
strict schedule.

"I wish I could..." Her lips silenced my own.

"When you get back next week I'll make it up to you, promise." My
wife had that glint in her eyes that gave me little trouble in
guessing just how she would make it up to me.

Glancing at my watch, "Damn I have to go." I grabbed my bags and
exited out our home.

"Bye honey!" She stood on our porch as I backed the car out of the
drive, smiling and waving back. God was she beautiful - sexy. Better
looking than when we first married nearly fifteen years before.

It was a short drive.

I pulled into the hotel not a kilometre from our home, one that had a
private underground parking garage, and booked into my room under an
assumed name.

It had been planned for weeks, and with a large cash withdrawal from
my retirement fund also. There was no business meeting three thousand
miles away. Nor was I even going to the airport.

I was going to spend the next week spying upon my own wife.

It all started nearly six weeks ago when I found a soiled pair of her
lace underwear under the chair in the living room. There was no
reason why they should be in our front room nor why they had been
discarded while soiled. I've never seen her in those panties before.
Hell, inspecting them, I guessed that my loving wife looked positively
great. With her newly trimmed pussy, strong shapely legs and high
wide hips, round full ass that just ate that thong. I did something
just then, rather than ask her about it, that would lead me to this
hotel room. I placed them back where I found them exactly how I found
them. I never said a word to anyone, especially to my wife.

I began to snoop when the opportunity arose. When she was in the
shower only days later, I found a thick envelope inside one of her
winter boots far in the back of our closest. Inside were pictures,
naked intimate pictures of my wife in various items of lingerie and
doing other bawdy things to her own body. In the most suggestive, she
was kneeling smiling at the camera with only thigh-high stockings on
and she was in profile. It wasn't only the the look that was
suggestive, it was the end of a cucumber that was protruding from
behind her. Without hands holding it place it was obvious much of
that vegetable was inside her vagina.

My own wife was leading an unknown life, one that I had no idea about.

I had to find out more before I act - its obviously a failing trait
within me, inquisitiveness. I just couldn't leave things well enough
I had spent thousands of dollars for this 'trip' - spending much of it
on electronic devices strategically placed about my own home. Up to
my 'departure' the only incriminating thing I had caught was a phone
conversation with my wife promising to wear "something sexy". I
bugged the phone the next day but didn't get another call.

Oh, by the way my name is Doron. And this is my humiliating testimony
about how I caught my wife cheating on our marriage and the not so
obvious conclusion.
I was only gone three hours when I powered up the old Digital monitors
stored in the damp darkness of my attic.

After dumping my bags and dressing in jeans and tee shirt, I drove
back to my house in a rental vehicle and parked two blocks away.
Through the back alley I crept, into my garage and up the ladders.

I felt like James Bond or something - except his wife didn't cheat on
him just die. Some guys have all the luck.

My equipment, for the most part, is used - as it was cheaper - and the
three monitors took nearly a minute till they were bright enough to
see the images.

A doorbell sounded in the crackling speaker of one and I focused my
attention on the monitor with the view of my living room and in the
background the front foyer.

Katlin answered it wearing the same clothing that I last saw her in.

All very normal right?

I could hear but not see what was being said at the front door. "Hi

"Marek! I thought your mom was coming over?"

A teenage boy stepped into my home with my wife trailing, "She told me
to tell you that she'll be a little late." I've never seen him before
but I'd say he was probably a year younger than my son Jay, with a
small frame, handsome face with dark Mediterranean features.

Still normal. Or was it?

Marek slowly turned and leaned forwards up upon his toes to bring his
lips to my wife's. The startling thing was that she didn't pull away,
she slightly parted her lips and turned her head slightly to the side.

I knew she was having an affair, but with this boy younger than our
son? What was the attraction?

One of his hands came up and grasped the nearest full breast outside
Katlin's sweater.

My wife's breast I may add - the breast that I have been so intimate
with these last 16 years - were large firm and damn sexy. Possibly
her best trait.

Marek mauled it for a few moments then suddenly stepped back and
starred calmly at my wife. She, I may add, was panting and appeared
surprised at his retreat. "Show me your tits slut!"

I'm not sure what startled my dull senses more - being shown my wife's
infidelity so blatantly or that her teenage lover had called her a
'slut'. You have to know my wife, she was strong willed and would
have never let me call her such a title. Regardless, some part of my
still wanted to jump up and pummel the teenage boy till be gave my
wife respect.

I'm misguided, I know.

So when she promptly lifted her arms and started to lift her sweater
over her head, I was floored with surprise. This women upon the
flickering monitor couldn't be my wife - my wife would never act like
this. It was surreal.

I knew that outside my dingy cell and only a few feet away my wife stood in the middle of our living room with a teenage boy two feet
from her, his arms folded awaiting his commands resolution.

Katlin dropped the sweater to the floor without a thought - the wife I
had known was immaculate and would never drop clothing upon the floor
- and reached behind her. Her large white bra quickly slid past her
shoulders and down to the floor before her.

"Fuck you have the best tits slut!"

"Thank you." My wife smiled proudly and with a touch of something -
I'd almost says submission and perhaps pride.

Who the fuck was that woman?

Marek motioned towards my wife's legs and Katlin unbuttoned and peeled
the jeans off herself. She hadn't even worn panties. The jeans lay
forgotten next to her sweater and bra on the floor.

Katlin is sexy, nearly forty years old and I found her still very
sexy. She had always been and still was my fantasy woman. Katlin had
large DD cup breasts with wide pink nipples, round soft hips, slight
stomach, shapely heavy legs and a round inviting ass. She bore her
hourglass figure with pride and had always let me know that her body
was for me, under her terms of course, as her husband. That had
obviously been a lie, I now realize.

I watched my wife peel away Marek's clothing, upon his command, as he
stood patiently. It was maddening to watch.

I wanted to go in there and kill him, rape her, burn the house and
disintegrate my own agony. Unfortunately I was born with high enough
intelligence that I knew there wasn't anything I could do to alleviate
my pain. I had to live with it - but with my planning, under my

Fuck am I naive.

I hit the record button on the video recorder.

Now she knelt before the tiny black skinned body and I could see the
profile of her face as she bobbed up and down upon his hard cock.
Which I may add, as if I was not under enough pain and humiliation,
was nearly an inch longer and as wide as my own. Was that it, what
Katlin desired, a larger organ within her? I could have purchased
toys, done anything if it was about the size of my cock!

Certainly she had given me fellatio before, yet I must admit that she
gave Marek a certain energy that had been lacking when we coupled.
She positively devoured him, as if sucking with energy and skill would
get a treasure out of that pole - disgusted with myself, I knew what
treasure Katlin desired as she bobbed her face so energetically.

Roughly Marek pushed her head away with a grunt, "On your needs slut,
I'm going to fuck you like the dog you are!" Katlin rushed to comply,
a smile upon her face.

She knelt with her shoulders and face upon our carpet and her large
round ass in the air, as the teen knelt behind her and effortlessly
slipped himself into my wife.

Katlin screamed out in pleasure and it tore my soul.

There was no doubt now - though I had been holding onto some chance
that all my suspicions had been false, over imaginative - but I hadn't
assumed enough.

Everything I valued was gone, my foundation had been disintegrated.
Any thought about reconciliation would always be overshadowed by that
scream of passion. A sound she had never made in our marriage bed.

Marek sawed in and out with ease for several minutes. He almost
seemed to be showing off, to whom I couldn't be sure but I think to my
wife, as he fucked and teased my wife simultaneously.

Katlin began to beg, something she had never done for me. All I could
hear was 'please', over and over. She mumbled and tossed her head
back and forth, she tried to push her big ass backwards to meet
Marek's thrusts but he stopped her with a slap of the hand and a

The fucking continued.

He controlled her enough that he forced her not to move, to stay
perfectly still as he slid in and out of her sex. And the sounds,
erotic wet sounds that reverberated across my old speaker set above
the three monitors. It couldn't be mistaken, my wife's cunt was

Marek slid a hand upon her big ass and pressed the thumb between the
shadow of her cheeks. It sunk so far with the darkness that I knew,
with the addition of my wife's extra sighs and moans, that his thumb
had entered her rectum.

That was when he started to really fuck my wife. Pounding her ass so
hard that her whole body shook and I guessed she would end up with rug
burn on her shoulders and tits. Not that Katlin minded, she sounded
like this was exactly what she had been waiting for and a new scream

Of passion and release, my wife orgasmed upon that teenage pole within

After a long indeterminate time that I watched in horror without a
blink, Marek pulled himself from my wife's body and pushed her down to
the rug. Katlin was practically comatose and obviously exhausted, the
sweaty shiny skin seen easily in my low grade monitors, and Marek
straddled her chest.

Of course after watching my wife with her teenage lover wasn't enough
I had to sit through the torture of watching Marek fuck Katlin's big
fat tits.

Katlin held them up and together by her large nipples, which had to
hurt, into a fleshy valley for his dripping cock to enjoy. Through
weary eyes she never took her eyes off that one eyed devil that poked
through her flesh globes rhythmically. That look bore lust and a
passion for the sheer pleasure.

Foreign looks to me I may add - could I be more humiliated? Keep

Marek then twisted and pulled on those sensitive pink nipples that I
had barely enjoyed, too sensitive Katlin had always told me, as his
hips sped up.

Marek's orgasm wasn't nearly as dramatic as Katlin's, yet it was
obvious of his pleasure. A long string of pearl coloured liquid shot
out and landed upon my wife's face, from her forehead to her chin on
her left side. The next shot couldn't be seen, since Katlin leaned
forwards taking the slick crown of the penis within her mouth and
swallowed loudly and often.
Clapping, "Not bad Marek." I couldn't see whom it was. A woman's

Marek looked over his shoulder towards the kitchen and smiled. Katlin
stretched to look around her lovers hip smiling shyly at whomever was
there. Neither, as surprised as I was, appeared startled.

Then she came into view of my camera, it was Amanda, a neighbour a few
houses down our block. She was attractive in a petite dark sort of
way, almost a boyish figure.

Amanda came in, leaned over and passionately kissed Marek, her hands
enjoying the touch of his sweaty chest and stomach.

What the hell? Did my wife and our neighbour share this teenager or

"Any problems with the slut darling?" I sat forwards in my chair, as
if the show I had just witnessed wasn't enough to corrupt my soul, but
this new chapter promised even more bawdy adventure.

Amanda touched my wife's cheek gently and scooped up a stream of
ejaculate then slipped it between Katlin's lips. My wife close her
eyes and sucked upon the finger gently.

"Nope, no problem mother."


Marek's hand rose and slipped beneath the short skirt of
his... mother! My god, the depth of depravity continued to astonish
and disgust me. How did my wife get mixed up in such a disgusting

Amanda sighed and wiggled her hips and it appeared Marek had his arm
far enough up between her slim thighs that he had to have a couple
fingers within the woman who appeared to be his mother. They did have
a family resemblance actually.

"Hum... you couldn't have waited for me huh?" Amanda closed her eyes
and sighed, obviously enjoying the touches between her legs as she
squatted obscenely to give Marek better access.

Marek was smiling as he held control over either woman, "Don't worry
mom, I'll be ready for you in a couple of minutes."

Amanda pulled away suddenly, which allowed me to see that Marek's hand
withdrew from beneath her skirt with an abundant amount of moisture
upon it, and readjusted her skirt. She cleared her throat and spoke
to my wife, "Get up slut."

Marek slipped sideways to lean his back upon the couch as he sat on my
floor to watch the scene before him.

Katlin rushed to comply, getting up upon her knees facing Amanda.
"How may I pleasure you mistress."

If watching my wife fuck a bigger younger cock wasn't foreign enough,
watch her act the part of a submissive to another woman was like
watching a science fiction movie.

Amanda gently stroked my wife's wild disarray hair, "I've a surprise
for you Katlin. How long is Doron on his trip for?"

"Nearly a week mistress."

Amanda nodded as if she already knew this, which I had little doubt
she hadn't. My lovely just-fucked wife was barely able to hide her
pleasure and desire from Amanda, inching forwards on her knees simply
to be closer to the tiny middle-aged woman.

"Did Marek use up that cunt of your darling - do have energy for

Katlin blurted out anxiously, "Oh yes mistress, as much as you need!"

Amanda again smiled, gently and as if she was looking upon a child.
"And your ass hole slave?"

Katlin's smile partially disappeared but she answered just as quickly,
"Yes mistress, my ass is for you."

"Good little slut... you'll do anything I ask won't you darling?"
Amanda's smile was starting to remind me of a snake, a dangerous one
at that.

Katlin nodded less sure this time. "Yes mistress anything." It
appeared to this stunned voyeur that my wife was anxious to pleasure
Amanda, to prove her submissiveness perhaps. Yet, it also appeared
that my wife was also scared of her lesbian lover.

Marek interrupted, "Tell her mom." He had a mischievous evil smile.
Both ladies ignored him.

Amanda lifted my wife's chin so both their eyes bore into the others,
"I have something special for you to do for me tonight my obedient
slave? I have someone I wish to include into my harem and it will be
your job to seduce this person."

Strange word to use - was my wife part of this 'harem'? Obviously she
had to be.

The silence became thick and I watched the monitor almost feeling the
tension that had to exist in my living room.

"Yes mistress, whom is it?"

Barely a whisper, but I shall never forget it, Amanda finally replied,
"Jay, your son."
My mind became a fog.

It was simply too much - too humiliating, to blatant. The end of my
life as I had known it.

Time had no meaning and I sat without blinking as Katlin took nearly a
minute before answering. The answer didn't startle me, I was in a
fog, nothing could phase me ever again after today - of that I was

Amanda slapped Katlin hard and fast across her cheek spinning my
wife's head around. With tears Katlin nodded and answered her
mistress, "Yes Mistress." It was barely a whisper.

I sat back in my chair and felt tears of my own slip down my cheeks.

Marek laughed maliciously, "Fucking Jay will be easier than our party
last month."

Amanda smiled, softer but she still looked like a snake, "Taking half
a dozen teenagers and a Doberman might be easier than seducing Jay
right slut?"


"Yes mistress." Again a hoarse whisper.

My wife and a group of teenagers, probably Marek's friends, and a dog?
The depths of depravity could not descend any further could it?

"Well I can care less if it is easy for you slut - tonight you will
fuck your only son and you will enjoy it." A glaring stare and
silence hung heavy in the room, both the living room and in my attic.

"Yes mistress."

Amanda nodded, pleased. She turned to her son, "Tell her Marek."

He stood up and began to dress, "Mommy wants your little boy as
another fuck toy." Marek chuckled with a nasty crackle. "Seems you
can't keep her satisfied by yourself."


He sighed, "Yes mother!" The fourteen year-old knelt before my wife,
lifting her chin and looking into her sad glassy eyes, "Jay is to
orgasm within all three of your slut holes before mother and I return
tomorrow at the same time."

Marek again laughed heartily while standing and sauntering out of my
home, his mother and my wife still in the living room.

"Come here and undress me slut." Katlin crawled to her mistress and
began her order.

I could not take any more and turned off the speaker and monitors,
though I had the sense to keep the recorder on. Barely able to walk,
I rolled out of my chair and half lay upon the floor and some boxes as
I cried with great huge sobs.
I awoke hours later, my watch said six in the evening. I saw that the
recorder had filled and was turned off, I pulled and reloaded the
machine before turning it back on.

Ignoring my grumbling stomach I turned the monitors back on and then
the speaker.

Something inside of me had died - a part of my soul, the good and
honourable part, was dead. I had killed it by peeking upon my wife's
infidelity, upon her submissiveness to two of the most disgusting of
people I have ever come across.

I found Jay and Katlin, alone in the house, in separate rooms I may
add. He was reading a book in the living room - did that room have a
smell or did my wife sanitize it before Jay got home from school? My
wife of many years, the keeper of my home and love, was in our room
changing the bed sheets. In the pit of my stomach I knew why - her
and Amanda must have withdrawn to my bed to enjoy themselves. It was
a bed, I resolved, never to again sleep in.

Time rolled by, the cameras taking in everything and nothing.

It was nearly nine in the evening when my wife withdrew into our
private bathroom and I watched as she removed her clothes. In the
other monitor Jay was looking at a dog-eared magazine that he had
withdrawn from beneath his mattress.

It was like water boil. I knew my wife had been given instructions
and I knew that it had to be soon else the evening would be gone. Had
Katlin come to her senses and refused her mistress as I lay asleep? I
wished it so - but knew it would not be.

Especially when I watched my wife begin to attire herself in sexy
white lingerie. The same lingerie that she had worn for our tenth
wedding anniversary I may add. As I said, something inside of me was
dead and I simply sat back and watched the drama unfold.

"Honey, come here please?" Yelled Katlin, and it thrust through my
crappy speakers and reverberated through my self-imposed cell.

Jay scrambled to hide the old Penthouse magazine, adjusted his penis
within his jeans and then left his room. My eyes turned to my
bedroom, and the monitor that had been setup there.

Katlin had dimmed the lights in our room and most of the light was
coming through the private bathroom, giving the room a eerie gray

Jay stepped in and looked about, "Mom?"

"Don't move honey." She was in the corner, near our walk-in closet,
the darkest part of the room.

"What's going on mom?"

I watched in the dim light, even darker in my old used monitors I
knew, as my wife stepped behind her son and wrapped her arms about his
waist and gave him a reverse hug.

She didn't say anything as her hands moved down to Jay's waist and
fumbled with his button and zipper for his jeans. "Mom?" She pulled
the flaps to either side and reached in finding and pulling out what
she sought.

"" Jay was swaying, having probably never felt another hand
upon his cock before, it would be an experience to remember.

Katlin whispered, though my speakers picked it up, "Don't move honey."

She then knelt down behind her son and looked up and spoke, "Now turn
around baby."

He did.

This was no slow seduction, but the result of demented sexual

Jay looked down in surprise at his mother as she simply opened her
mouth and swallowed his smallish member. My sons head fell back on
his shoulders and he nearly fell if not for Katlin's hands upon his
buttocks both holding and fondling.

From the position of the camera, I had nearly a perfect side view of
the incestuous action. As she had done with Marek, Katlin devoured
and made love to the hard teenage cock simultaneously.

Instead of horror, as I felt this morning when watching Katlin with
Marek and then Amanda, the action upon the monitors was somewhat
stimulating - as if I was two people I never knew. I would not go so
far as to admit excitement from watching my wife and son couple, but
that I was coldly interested in the action.

As can be guessed Jay would not last long under this oral assault and
I could hear the quick grunts through my old speakers. He tentatively
reached out and grasped his mothers prepared hair, immediately messing
it up, and started to quickly pound his hips.

It was her own son that was preparing to finish, and I saw that the
hands upon her head wasn't trying to hold her steady but to pull her
from his near-exploding cock. He was trying to pull his cock from his
mothers face.

"Mom... I'm going to...please!"

This only caused his mother to increase the speed of her bobbing head,
and probably the strength of her sucking lips.

Within seconds my only son, my proud little boy, started to groan as
he released his seed within Katlin's mouth. He pumped and groaned and
she swallowed and held his ass in so the whole of his tiny cock was
within her.

It was two people I never even knew on the screen, some March-November
love tryst, perversion and sex. It was my wife and son.

She finally sat back on her heels and looked up into her sons face for
the first time, not a drop of evidence upon her face.

A slow seductive smile came to her lips, like a kitten eyeing a ball
of yarn, a look I was familiar with. Though never this way, through
the gray monitors.


"Shhh, honey. Not a word baby." She stood up and stepped back from
her son, nearly back to the hallway - and Jay got the first real look
at the woman whom he had known all his life but was just discovering
that very night.

As I was, I may add somberly.

"Do you find me sexy honey?"

She posed in the door frame, looking incredible, edible. White
stockings and garters and white corset that pressed her chest up. Her
breasts and sex were available for our son's inspection, for his use
he was soon to learn.

Katlin had done one of the three tasks assigned to her. Looking at my
son, it would not be long till number two.

"Oh mom!"

"Take your clothes off baby - mommy wants you to fuck her!"

Jay practically ripped off his clothes.

We had raised our son to be a proud and honourable teenager, to
respect his elders and be honest. Yet, how could he not break most of
these when faced with so blatant a seduction?

She stepped forward slowly, his eyes watching her body come to him,
her breasts and thighs moving seductively. "No questions Jay. Before
the morning comes I want you to fuck me baby - I want you to fuck me
in your mummy's slutty cunt and her tight slutty ass hole." Katlin's
arms encircled her son's neck as she pressed her body against him.
Her eyes looked into his astonished brown eyes, "I want you to fill my
ass and my cunt with your come my darling." Her face tilted and she
kissed, open mouthed I may add, her son.

I watched, detached - how else could you watch your son and wife fuck,
as she guided one of his teenage hands to her naked bottom and the
other to one of her full breasts. Suddenly it was like a kid in a
candy story and he attacked her lips with his own and his hands were
everywhere upon his mothers body.

Katlin no longer guided or moved to seduce Jay, he now knew the limits
- there was none, and he raped his mothers mouth with his tongue as
his hands pawed and mauled every inch of her skin that he could reach.

Jay could not even wait to get to our bed, but half tripped his mom in
a comical half tumble to the floor. Though his lips never left his

I watched as Katlin lay upon her back and spread her legs and my son
fumble between them. She never helped or hindered as my son suddenly
groaned out and arched his back away from his mother. He was inside

"Fuck your mommy baby!" Her hands were stroking his face and chest as
my son started to jack hammer his hips between his mothers thighs.

There was not enough light to see what was going on between them, but
I knew. I had heard the instructions and I head seen my wife's
incredible submission to a lesbian dominatrix and then her
introduction to our son into her other life. I knew he would never be
the same, he would been a slave to his mothers cunt, and thus to his
mother's mistress forever. How could a teenage body say no? As you
can guess, I don't blame my boy for his incestuous relationship or the
vigour that he used when he pumped within his mom.

Katlin began to grunt her hands turning to claws as she racked and
pulled her son's hard buttocks back into her at every up-thrust of his
hips. I could even see the sweat upon his smooth teenage skin, some
of which dripped down upon his mothers breasts.

Jay had closed his eyes and was enjoying the bliss of the moment - he
was no longer a virgin, that he took it with a sexy and mature woman
was beyond fantasy. With his own mother, a distant and naughty
fantasy he may have indulged in but probably felt guilt afterwards.
No longer, her thighs would spread for him anytime and he would never
feel guilt at fucking her.

Katlin had done more than fulfil her mistress's desire, she had warped
our son to a low and perverted way of life.

My wife was looking up at her son, what looked like tears clouding her
eyes and her body rocked with each of his vigorous thrusts. She was
no longer smiling.

Just when I thought my son would give his mother another tribute of
his seed, he stopped and sat back to smile down at his mom. "On your
knees mom."

She didn't hesitate, but she tried to keep her eyes upon him
unsuccessfully. My son aimed his cock between the globes of her ass
and though it was too dark to see, I knew he could not find the mark.

Katlin then reached behind herself and grasped a cheek in her hand and
pulled - the other hand fumbled for him and she helped him aim. It
was slow going but I saw his long thin penis disappear in the shadow
between them.

"I'm in."

She returned her hands to the floor and waited for her son to continue
assaulting her body. Katlin had given full permission for this act,
deserved every humiliating moment.

A whisper, "Come in mummy's ass hole baby."

"Oh yea!"

Katlin scream, from pain, as he roughly and amateurishly rammed in and
out of her rear hole. I smiled as I saw the anguish and humiliation
upon her face, the tears rolling down her cheeks. Since could not see
her face, she did not hide her feelings - it was nearly revenge to my
tortured soul.

My son fucked my wife in a place I never had the pleasure of using,
other than a finger or tongue. Katlin always claimed herself too
small to take me, and said she was fearful of the pain. I wished it
was me, now, raping her ass hole so she screamed in pain rather than
our son.

It was only a few long seconds when Jay grasped his mothers soft hips
and groaned out loudly and for several long seconds and I knew he was
filling her with his ejaculate.

"Oh...thank god!" She whispered loud enough for the speakers to pick

"I'm coming in your bum mommy!"

Katlin soon fell flat upon her stomach with her son, probably still
inside her rectum, above and behind her. I glanced to ensure all had
been captured on film - it was.
I had slept on the boxes with the speakers on, listening to my family sleep. For hours I could not sleep, but lay replaying in my
imagination the fuck that Jay had given his mother. It was sweet in
that it hurt my wife in more ways than just her body - but she still
did it, so it was not harsh enough to account for my desire for

He had asked his mom to sleep with her that evening and she had
acknowledged that there was no other place for her than in her own
son's arms. What a crock of shit.

Jay had fallen asleep, snoring away even as his mother sobbed next to
him for an hour before she too silently join him in slumber.

Sometime I had fallen asleep, don't ask me when, but it was the sounds
of fucking that woke me up. I turned my head and groaned in pain from
a sore back and neck to see my wife riding up and down upon our son's
lap in the monitor.

The recorder was working and I simply lay on my side watching the
screen several feet away. I didn't need a closer look did I?

Katlin had discarded all but the stockings and her full
volumptiousness was revealed. Jay was smiling, his eyes and hands
roughly molding his mothers full heavy breasts, pulling and twisting
her wide nipples. My wife had her face closed and head back, and I
imagined she was thinking of something besides the small incestuous
cock inside her cunt.

Yet, as you know, my wife had to do one more duty and the sun was
starting to come up. My bedroom was nearly fully illuminated since
the blinds had not been closed the night before.

"God your beautiful mom!"

"Shhh honey... just enjoy." She sped up, her wide ass flattening out
comically with each thrust.

Jay no longer knew the boundaries of a mother-son relationship, why
should he when she had submitted herself sexually for him. "You want
me to come inside you don't you mom?" He was smiling with warm humour
at the thought.

He was the only one.

"Thats right baby, come inside your mommy-slut!" As well as speeding
up she also wiggled her hips about lewdly, her attempt at emptying him
yet again apparent.

"Kiss me "mommy-slut'!" Jay liked the sound of that title and pulled
his mothers body down to his own by her nipples.

Katlin grimaced and followed instructions allowing her son's tongue to
slip between her lips. His hands, now free slipped behind her and I
saw, with the increased light, a finger from each hand slip into her
still-slimy ass hole. He sawed it in and out of her in time to the
cock fucking her cunt.

They kissed and fucked with abandon, the sun radiating the two sweaty
bodies with an eerie glow. It was like god pointing a finger at them.

Jay eventually groaned out, emptying himself inside his mom's vagina,
fulfilling the final instruction.

They lay for a long while when Katlin spoke to her son, no longer as
the seductive matronly woman, "Someone is coming over soon honey."

It was a school day, but he was already late - neither seemed to care
or notice, "I want to be alone with you mommy?" One hand still lay
upon her white fleshy bottom and he slipped two fingers into her ass
to emphasis his request.

Katlin abruptly stood and retreated to the doorway to our private
bathroom, she didn't sound amused in the last, "Go get cleaned up
Jay." I knew that voice.

The shower started up and the bathroom door closed with a slam.

Jay frowned with surprise and puzzlement then crawled off the bed,
grasped his wet cock and smiled as he smelt his now-slimy palm before
retreating to his own room.
Amanda wore a very sexy skirt-suit and sat in my living room with legs
crossed, back straight and a twinkle in her eye. I was surprised that
her son, Marek, didn't show up with her.

Jay sat next to his mother, whom was also dressed rather professional
and sexy. Jay kept silent at the introductions and hugs and watched
both mature ladies intently.

"Well Jay, I hope you enjoyed what you mother did for you last night?"

My son's head spun to his mom and glared at her in surprise and anger,
nothing had even been said nor had there been time. He must be
wondering how Amanda even knew? Then he turned back, as Katlin was
looking down at her lap, and ignored her sons look, to Amanda and
turned a bright red.

Amanda smiled wickedly, "No shame darling - with a slut like your mom I'm surprised you haven't raped her after you hit puberty." Jay
frowned at the harsh words.

Before he could say something Amanda continued, "You see darling, your
mother is my slave." It was spoken so simply so gently that it was

Finally Jay spoke up, "What about dad?"

About fucking time someone even thought about me! Fuck!

Amanda laughed mercilessly, "What about him?" Nothing else was said,
it was like I wasn't worth enough to even exist in these peoples
lives. I hated every one of them at the moment.

"I ordered your mom to have you come in each of her holes before I
arrived today, I won't bother asking if she was successful." Again
that laugh - it rolled through my spin each time Amanda did it.

My son and wife sat silent.

Amanda suddenly sobered up and glared at Jay, "You see darling, you
never get to touch your mother ever again unless you agree to

It wasn't spoken as a question and the silence afterwards was harsh
and thick. Jay couldn't wait, "What is it that I have to agree too?"

"If you ever want to fuck your mommy again you mean?"

She was taunting him, and my son knew it. He glared at her as she
returned, "What is it that I have to do so I can fuck my mother again?"

"Thats better." That laugh. "You have to agree to be my slave."

"What?" Jay practically yelled it out.

"That will cost you ten with the crop darling."

The silence was incredible. My son had no choice but to believe the
words of this cruel and demented woman, his mother never spoke or even
moved her eyes in his defence.

"Your slave?"

"Yup. Like your dear old mother. Katlin, stand up and do a
strip-tease for us slut."

Without hesitation my wife stood and started to sway to some unheard
music as Jay and Amanda glared at each other. It was not to last, my
son had to turn his head to watch his own mother as she disrobed in
the erotically stimulating and submissive of each roll of her ass and
thrust of her breasts. When her half-bra fell to the floor, he could
not help but lick his lips in hunger, Amanda saw everything.

"Do you want her darling?" Jay simply nodded. "Then agree to my

His mother was pushing down her short skirt with a wiggle of her full
soft hips and he never even blinked from the sight. "What do I have
to do?"

Again the laugh, "Everything and anything I ask."

My wife hadn't worn panties, and now only wore tan stockings.

"Come here Katlin." My wife immediately stopped dancing and walked to
her mistress. A tiny thin hand slipped between the soft thighs and a
finger was immediately thrust into the vagina. "Would you like Jay to
join us slut?"

No answer, so Amanda jerked her hand and did something - possibly
pinched the inner labia, which caused Katlin to scream in pain. The
answer came immediately afterwards, "No mistress."

Again Amanda laughed with pleasure, "Mom?"

I think Jay may have been surprised at the admission. Had he not
noticed his mothers reluctance the night before?

"You see darling, your slutty old mother does not want you... to join
with me. She did not even enjoy fucking you last night did you slut?"
Another twist and a scream.

"No mistress!"

"Mom!" Jay looked incredibly hurt.

"Does it matter darling. Your mother is a slut - she will do anything
and anyone I tell her too. Right slut?"

"Yes mistress." There was no need for pain this time.

"Looks like I'm missing some of the fun!" Marek stepped into the
living room, without knocking on my front door I may add, and smiled
at the spectacle before him. "You agree yet jay?"

My son was startled at the newcomer to the conversation and especially
the question. "Uh...?"

Marek simply smiled and nodded to Katlin, "She has a sweet tight ass
hole doesn't she?" He had a laugh not so unlike his mothers.

"Darling, this is my son Marek." Amanda removed her hand from between
my wife's thighs, "Welcome my son as you always do slut."

Katlin dropped to her hands and knees then crawled the few feet to the
teenager. She then unzipped and immediately slipped his half-hard
cock into her mouth. All the while Marek stared with malicious glee
at Jay. "Sweet mouth too."

Amanda and Jay watched for a few minutes, Jay amazed at the sight of
his mother bobbing her face above the large man-pole that he sat
open-mouthed and wide-eyed.

"Marek is the only cock that I truly enjoy." mother and son shared a
look that Jay didn't miss. "And he enjoys my slaves as much as I do."

Jay's eyes widened, as did my own. Did she just say that Marek could
fuck my son if he chose to become Amanda's slave? My god, I thought I
could no longer be amazed!

"Marek honey, would you sit down and have the slut mount you?"

"Sure mom." He smiled and roughly pulled from my wife's mouth. "Come
and sit on my throne slut." Marek dropped down onto the couch next to
his mother, and Amanda reached over held the saliva covered hard
member straight up, and motioned Katlin to straddle him.

She did of course, my wife, if nothing else, was an obedient
slave-slut. Never for me you must realize, but still a slut.

Marek held my wife's hips still, his cock submerged within her folds
and her head hidden in the teenagers neck. Amanda pulled on ass cheek
apart from the other, showing my son all so nothing was hidden.

"If you want her darling, if you want to be my slave and fuck this
cunt anytime then get naked and slip your cock into this ass hole."
As if on command, Katlin's anus tensed squeezed and then relaxed. If
I could see it on my crappy monitors I knew my son could see it.

My son, slowly and mechanically, without taking his eyes from that
wrinkled brown hole stood and began to remove his clothes.

"No!" I screamed at the monitor. It was the first time in over a day
that I had spoken, and it sounded alien in this tiny dark dusty room
and I now knew the truth depths of the depravity that my wife had
introduced into our home. She was the true slut, the reason that all
three of our worlds had disintegrated. A submissive had to be
accountable for her actions I thought coldly.

I watched in horror as my naked son crawled between Marek's knees and
aimed his five inch cock towards that rapidly clenching ass hole.
Even as the head of it touched her, Katlin sobbed into Marek's
shoulder. No one but me seemed to hear her as Marek ordered, "Push it
in, hard!"

Jay thrust and Katlin screamed out in pain and anguish.

It was over, Amanda had won my family.

Marek and Jay both closed their eyes and began to thrust into Katlin's
body. In a moment Marek grunted, "The slut's enjoying it!"

Jay grunted in return, "She sure is!"

I could only imagine how they knew, and realized I had enough
knowledge that I had seen enough.

Amanda stood up and disrobed, no slow striptease for her, no one was
watching but I any ways. She knelt next to the trio and pulled Jay's
face towards her, they kissed long and passionately. My son was now
smiling as Amanda stood upon my couch and pressed her dark haired
pussy between Jay and Katlin's heads. Grasping both heads, the two
tongues slipped out and came into contact about the same time as they
touched that intimate place between Amanda's thighs.

"Welcome slaves!"

I turned the monitor off.
It was over.

Even as I packed away all my equipment, leaving the recorder playing,
I could not finish and had to get out. I knew what was going on only
a few dozen feet away in my own home. Perhaps I wasn't man enough to
barge in there and kill Amanda and Marek before beating and raping my
wife. I certainly felt like a failure.

I drove to the hotel and ignored my still packed bags to take a shower
and shave. I was a different person that I was two days ago, what I
had witnessed forced that.

When finished, I picked up the phone and dialled home, Katlin answered
it. She sounded tired, "Hello?"


"Oh... hi honey."

"I'm going to change my plans and come home this afternoon okay?"

"Sure... of course."

"Am I interrupting something, did you have other plans?"

A pause and I thought I heard shuffling, "No of course not honey.
About what time?" She cleared her throat and I imagined that she
still had Amanda's liquid upon her tongue - probably her sons come in
her rectum and Marek's in her cunt.

"Probably within the hour."

A longer pause and I think Katlin may have put her hand over the
receiver. "Okay honey... I love you".

"Bye." I hung up - my love had disintegrated with each successive
image that I had witnessed.
I arrived nearly 60 minutes later to a quiet house, the drawers to my
wife's clothes and my sons were torn open as if someone was looking
for clothes in a hurry. I noticed with bland amusement that most of
Katlin's lingerie was gone.

There was not even a note, but I didn't care.

Looking though one of my wife's older address books I found Amanda's
phone number and called, "Yes?"


Suspicious, "Who is this?"

"You know. I don't care if you send them back okay? But I want you
to keep me informed of their 'involvement' with you." It wasn't a

Amanda was silent for a long while then she attempted to shock me,
"She is licking my cunt right now, what to know what my son is doing
to yours?"

"Pictures and some type of log or I call the police." I wasn't joking
- but I didn't want the public humiliation either, private was bad

A sigh, she probably telling the truth and Katlin was eating her out,
then a long pause. "Okay."

"And Amanda...?" I actually smiled. I know not where it came from,
but I was enjoying this.

"I want you to send over your slut... I want one more day with
her... call it one for the road." I hung up.


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