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Only in My Dreams


This story contains sexual words, acts, and themes.
If you aren't 21, go away. If you don't think this is
normal where you live, go away. If, on the other
hand, you ARE 21, and you DO think its normal, and you
like this sort of thing... read on...

This is my offering for the Halloween story event.
Unless I come up with another. If you like it, email
me, ok? If you hate it, maybe you SHOULDN'T email me.

And now... on with the show....

'Only in My Dreams' (M/F bond f-solo) by Pami
"Let it go, Kathryn! Let GO..."

They were the words that stuck in her mind as she woke
from the frenzied dream. She was panting as if she
had sprinted down the block, and she was sweating
although she had kicked off her covers. She looked at
the clock across the room. 1:47 am, it read, the
greenish glow cast by the numbers faintly illuminating
the bedroom. Kathryn struggled to remember the dream
that had awoken her but all she could remember was a
faint impression of being frightened and a burning
sexual need that was still imprinted on her body.

She shifted on the bed, and grimaced as she felt the
wet spot underneath her bottom. She was as aroused as
she could remember being, and she knew that it was all
due to the dream. Her hand slipped down to her
wetness. Her silky nightgown had twisted itself above
her hips, and her pussy was exposed to her waiting
fingers. Kathryn slipped a finger between her moist
lips and sighed as she came into contact with the
slickness of her engorged clit. She rubbed lightly
back and forth over the tiny kernel of flesh, moaning
at the pleasure that rushed through her. She spread
her legs further and pulled her knees up so that her
feet were flat on the bed beneath her. Pulling her
clit through her fingers, she felt almost as if she
were jerking herself off, or what she imagined it
would be like if she had a cock instead of a pussy
between her legs.

It wouldn't take long, she thought fleetingly, as she
moaned softly. She felt the pleasure build inside her
and as she crested the peak into orgasm, she had a
vivid vision of blazing green eyes burning themselves
into her soul as she cried out her pleasure.

Relaxed, Kathryn rolled over and went back to sleep.


Kathryn started awake with a small scream. Her entire
body was suffused with warmth and she could feel her
juices puddling underneath her body. Her face felt
flushed and she was sexually aroused. She glanced
over at the clock through the darkness. 3:58 was the
time according to the fluorescent numerals glowing on
the front of it. She had a memory of a man's laughter
ringing in her ears, and somehow she knew that it was
the man she had been dreaming about for weeks now.
She couldn't put the dream together, but each time she
had it she woke up with her body on fire with lustful
cravings. Each time, Kathryn could remember small
details of a male presence. So far she had an image
of thick dark curling hair atop a swarthy complected
man with green eyes. She was mesmerized by the
emotions this dream engendered in her. Every night
she awoke in the middle of the night she was bathed in
a mixture of fright, mortification, and carnal need.

This night was no different, and her right hand
slipped easily to her dripping pussy. She was so
close to orgasm, and tonight she flicked briefly over
her clit before dropping her fingers to the tiny hole
that was generating so much heat. Kathryn slipped her
forefinger inside her passage, moaning at the
penetration that was so close to what she wanted, but
not quite enough. She quickly joined her middle
finger to the first, and she slid them in and out

She could feel the slickness of her inner membranes
part for her touch, and she began to pick up the speed
of her thrusts. Kathryn could hear herself panting
with her mounting passion, and was briefly glad that
her windows were closed against the chill of the
autumn air. The neighbors had no need to know what
went on in her apartment, after all. Finally, she
reached her peak, and let out a sharp cry. Her
pleasure was sharpened by the fact that her left hand
was unconsciously squeezing her left nipple hard just
at the moment of her orgasm. The twinge of pain
seemed to raise her just little bit higher on the
plateau of passion. "Good girl..." she thought she
heard a deep voice mutter as her body convulsed.

Exhausted and a little bewildered, Kathryn rolled onto
her right side and drifted off into a dreamless


Her daily life continued much as it ever had, although
Kathryn's nights were interrupted more and more
frequently by her dreams/nightmares. Work was its
normal 8 to 5 grind, and if she was a little less
productive than usual, no one noticed other than her
good friend Lara. Lara asked her several times over
the past month if she was coming down with a cold or
the flu. Kathryn just laughed it off and continued to

The dreams were becoming more common although at first
they had been rare, and as September dragged into
October, they picked up in frequency. Kathryn had
started to keep two things by her bed at night.
First, a small notebook with an attached pen, because
she remembered hearing somewhere that if you write
your dreams down while they were still fresh in your
mind, you could piece them together later, when you
woke up for real. The second was a dildo. She hadn't
ever owned one before, but there had come a time that
fucking herself with her fingers in the middle of the
night hadn't given her the thundering climax that she
needed to fall back asleep. So she had surfed the net
and ordered one from one of those places that
guaranteed delivery in a plain brown wrapper. Seven
days later, she was holding an 8-inch plastic phallus
in her hand, finding it hard to believe that she had
actually bought it, and even smiling a little.

Kathryn had always been a little repressed, sexually.
She had lost her virginity at age 23, mostly because
she wanted to see what all the fuss had been about.
She wasn't impressed. Over the subsequent years, she
had indulged a few times with a few different lovers,
occasionally reaching orgasm with them, but overall,
sex wasn't something that she thought about much.
Now, at 36 and still single, she figured that her
sexual peak, such as it was, was over, and she settled
in to what she considered staid spinsterhood.

Her outward appearance was conservative. Her work
wardrobe consisted of skirts that came to just below
her knee, button down shirts, and the occasional
blazer for cooler weather. She wore her hair up in a
bun every day, and didn't bother with makeup. Her
lingerie consisted of sensible cotton panties and
matching soft cup minimizer bras.

At night, though, when she was alone, Kathryn brushed
her dark hair 100 strokes each evening after taking
her evening shower. Her hair was quite thick and
wavy, which was why she kept it pinned up every day.
It wouldn't do for people to see her unprofessional
locks flowing past her shoulders, she thought. Each
night she slipped into nightgowns made of silk or
satin, with perhaps a bit of lace to adorn them. They
were her secret vice, and she loved the feel of the
soft material against her skin. Her breasts were
larger than they appeared in her basic bras, and the
nipples were large and tended to grow erect as the
delicate fabrics caressed them each evening.

No one had ever seen the correct Kathryn Evans in any
of her sensual underthings, with her hair in loose
waves just kissing the tips of her firm breasts. None
of her lovers had ever taken the time to care, and
indeed, Kathryn herself would have been embarrassed
for anyone to see her. On extremely rare occasions,
Kathryn would masturbate herself to orgasm while she
was in a bubble bath, but that was only every few
months when the need became too strong for her to
control. She felt that it was shameful and that no
moral woman would do such things to herself.

The onset of "the dream" during the summer months had
changed that. She wasn't sure if it was a dream or a
nightmare, and she was too unsettled by it to care.
Each time she had "the dream", Kathryn woke to find
herself bathed in perspiration and sexually aroused to
a frenzy. She had never had erotic dreams before, and
it worried her. She never remembered the plot of the
dreams, but occasionally she had faint impressions as
she started awake. There was a man in the dream, and
he had a deep voice. Sometimes, she felt like she
could feel his tongue on her body, licking and kissing
and caressing her until she could scream. Sometimes
she swore that she felt his hands on her, ungentle and
almost rough as they touched her nipples, belly, and
vulva. But every time she dreamt, she woke up in the
dark, alone, and needing to climax before she could go
back to sleep.


On the morning of October 29th, Kathryn went to work as
usual. She looked worn out, and her friend Lara
commented on it. She had small circles under her
eyes, and her face looked pale against the white
oxford cloth of her shirt. She knew it was because
she had experienced her now usual dream each night for
the past two weeks. There hadn't been a break at all,
and each time her body needed more and more pushing to
burst over the wall into orgasm. Just the dildo
wasn't enough.

Kathryn had braced herself over the past couple of
weeks for what she knew she had to do. She had driven
to a large town about 50 miles away to an adult toy
store, where she had actually gotten up enough nerve
to go inside and make a purchase. She had gotten rid
of the notebook (it was blank anyway... she was too
busy when she woke up to write anything!) and now next
to her bed lay the original dildo, a set of nipple
clamps, a slim anal vibrator, and a ball gag.
Kathryn's moans of passion from her nightly exertions
had increased in volume, and she discovered that she
couldn't control herself anymore. She used the ball
gag now before she went to bed, knowing that her
screams of ecstasy would be muffled enough to keep her
neighbors from wondering what was going on.

Kathryn knew something was wrong with her, but she
just couldn't bring herself to consult a mental health
professional. She had started to look forward to
falling asleep now, just so that she could awaken in
the middle of the night with her body on fire.

Kathryn found herself going in to her boss' office
that day tell him that she needed to leave early.
Lara was right, she thought, she WAS ill, and she
needed to do some soul searching. Keith barely looked
up as she talked to him. She had always been almost
non-existent as a person; that she needed some time
off was unexpected, but hardly a catastrophe. He
carelessly told her to take the next couple of days
off too, and he would see her on November 1st.


That night was no different from the previous week's
worth of nights. "Soon my sweet..... Soon...." she
thought she heard as she started awake. Kathryn
immediately looked at the clock. 5:07. The time that
she awoke each night had grown later and later. She
reached for her toys and quickly masturbated to a
strangely unsatisfying orgasm.

She spent the rest of the day lying on her couch. She
wondered what could possibly be wrong with her. She
didn't do anything productive all day, which was very
unlike her sensible self, and she finally went to bed
around 10 pm. It didn't really matter what time she
went to sleep... she knew she would be awakened by
"the dream". Strangely, part of her was looking
forward to it.


Sure enough, Kathryn awoke to the darkness of night.
She glanced over at the clock out of habit, and was
slightly surprised to see that it was 12:01am. The
time didn't matter, though, she was horny.

As usual, she had kicked off her covers and lay
exposed from the waist down. She could smell her
arousal, and she had learned to almost delight in the
way that her juices lubricated down the crack of her
ass. She was hot as hell tonight, and she leaned over
and opened the window next to the bed, enjoying the
fresh cold air as it rushed through into the heated
room. She picked up the nipple clamps first. She
pushed her silk gown underneath her breasts, exposing
the pale flesh to her gaze. Her dark pink nipples
were erect with her excitement and the coolness of the
air, and she easily clipped the metal jaws to the
ruched flesh, wincing as she did so. After they were
attached, she pulled experimentally on the chain, and
moaned through her gag as she felt the tug run through
her body to her pussy.

She pulled herself to her knees and felt on the floor
for the two dildos lying there. She knelt on her bed
as she tested the anal vibe to make sure the batteries
were working. She smiled inwardly as she felt it
spring to life. She reached back, between her legs to
run it into her dripping pussy. She had discovered
that when she covered it with her juices, it slipped
deep into her ass easily, stimulating parts of her she
didn't dare to dwell on in the light of day.

As she thrust it into her tight channel, she almost
jumped out of her skin as she heard a deep voice say,
"Not so fast, little one..." She would have leapt off
of the bed, but a strong hand suddenly held her hair
taut, immobilizing her.

She pulled as hard as she could without pulling her
hair out by its roots, but couldn't move her head one
inch. She screamed, but the gag in her mouth muffled
it, so that only a squeak came out. Her hands
immediately flew to the one holding her still, and she
began to pull on it.

"STOP!" the voice commanded her at the same instant
that a sharp smack landed on her tender bottom.

She was startled into freezing, and she felt the hand
that had smacked her now softly caress the spot that
he had spanked. "Good, little one. It's only me.
Just me. You're safe..." And she knew that voice. It
was the voice from her dreams. Maybe she was dreaming
now, Kathryn thought to herself. Or maybe she was just
insane, she thought again.

The hand stroking her ass now slipped down to her
womanhood. She was still wet, she thought, as she
felt the coolness of his hand glide over her swollen
labia. His hand felt large, and somewhat coarse, and
his fingers pulled on her pussy lips, making her arch
her back and push against him.

She heard him chuckle. She knew that laugh. It was
definitely the laugh of her dream.

It was as if he could read her mind. "No, you aren't
dreaming. This is real, and I am going to make you
feel all those things that have been teasing you for
these past months. Now, promise me you won't move if
I let your head go?" he asked her.

She nodded as much as she could and pushed her pussy
against him again. She was rewarded by that deep
chortle again, and his hand let her hair go. She
cautiously turned her head to look at him, but was
frustrated by the darkness of the room. All she could
see was the outline of his wavy hair and his
powerfully built body. She could see his skin,
gleaming in the glow from the clock, but couldn't make
out the features of his face.

His hand had never left her pussy, and she inhaled
deeply through her nose as he suddenly pushed a finger
deep inside her. "So wet, little one." She felt him
withdraw his finger. She heard a small slurp and the
words, "And so sweet. I knew you would be." She
shuddered and arched her back at what she imagined him

Then he was there. She was on all fours on the bed,
and suddenly his face was between her legs, licking
her out from behind. She dropped her shoulders to the
bed and arched her bottom up to present herself to his
face. The pain from her clamped nipples pressed on
the bed seemed to raise her awareness of her body
higher. She had never done anything like this before
and had always thought it was dirty, but it felt so
incredible to feel his tongue licking up one side of
her pussy and down the other. He thrust his tongue
inside her, and she felt his face pressing up against
her most intimate areas. Kathryn felt herself blush
at what he was doing. She wriggled back and forth,
and she heard his muffled laughter from her enthusiasm
for his travails. He pulled his tongue out with a
liquid noise, and then she felt his flick it across
her clit. If it hadn't been for the gag, the
neighbors would definitely have called the police,
because as he fastened his mouth on the tiny organ and
began to suck, Kathryn fully screamed. She thought
she was going to explode as he quickly rubbed his
tongue across the tip of her sensitive flesh and she
climaxed harder than anything she had ever experienced

He licked her gently through her orgasm, and when she
started to come down from it, he took the flat of his
tongue and trailed it up over her slit and zeroed in
on her tiny rosebud. He drew circles around and
around it, occasionally pressing gently against the
closed portal.

Kathryn couldn't believe what he was doing to her.
She had never played with her ass before. Well, until
the dreams had "made" her go buy the anal probe that
lay unattended on the bed next to her. She never
dreamed that someone would actually want to lick her
there, but god, it felt incredible to her. Small
nerves that she never knew existed seemed to fire
little bursts of pleasure up her spine with every
movement of his tongue. She moaned and squirmed
underneath his attentions. When she felt his tongue
slightly part her tightly clenched hole and slip
inside, she thought she would melt.

As he rimmed her ass, she was stunned to feel his
fingers slide inside her pussy. She wasn't sure what
feeling to concentrate on, so she stopped
concentrating. She thought she could hear his voice
in her head now, "That's right, little one... let it
go...". Between the friction of his fingers sliding
in and out of her seldom-used opening and the
slickness of his tongue stretching her anal passage,
she was starting to climb to another orgasm.

She breathed quickly in and out of her nose, and
listened to her muffled moans through the ball gag.
She closed her eyes, and felt all of the strange but
wonderful sensations shooting from her nether regions
to her brain. Kathryn pushed her bottom against his
face, and froze. She screamed again as her body
convulsed over and over in physical pleasure such as
she had never experienced in her life. He never
stopped touching her throughout her peak, prolonging
the pleasure as long as her body could handle it.

Finally, she pulled away slightly. She was just so
sensitive down there that she couldn't think of his
touching her anymore. She collapsed on the bed, face
down, oblivious to the pain of her clamped nipples
underneath her.

She vaguely heard him laughing. A full bellied, deep
laugh, and she turned her head to see him standing at
the foot of the bed. His white teeth glowed with his
smile. "Ahhh... you are everything I hoped and more,
my sweet," he told her as he walked around so that he
was standing beside her.

She could see the stiffness of his cock outlined by
the faint light in the room. He was erect. Long and
thick, pointing up towards his stomach. She hadn't
ever seen a man that large. He had to be eight
inches, and she reached out to touch him.

It was his turn to groan as her hand wrapped itself
around his hardness and she caressed him gently. She
smiled as she felt the wetness at the tip where his
arousal was showing itself, and she wished that she
could taste him. She reached up to undo her gag, but
he stopped her. "No, little one. Keep it on. For
me." And she did.

She rolled over onto her back, and winced as she felt
the chain from her clips pull on her. Now that she
wasn't flying on the way to an orgasm, the pain of her
nipples became more real to her. Once again, he
seemed to read her mind.

"I think they add something, don't you?" he chuckled
as he took one of his large hands and gently tugged on
the chain. The twinge seemed to run down to her
pussy, and she felt her arousal start to grow again.

She retaliated to his actions by slowly jacking off
his cock until she saw him throw his head back and
moan. She loved that she was able to make him feel
this way. She had never made a man feel this good,
she thought. She had never tried. His hand covered
hers and he stopped her.

"I have waited too long for this, sweet one. I can't
wait any longer. I need to be inside you." and then,
she was startled when she heard his voice take on a
slightly vulnerable tone. "May I?"

Kathryn moved over on the bed a little bit, and pulled
him down. He fit easily between her legs, and his
weight settled on her, making her feel more female
somehow. He licked around her mouth, and she felt the
wetness of his tongue on her stretched lips. She
wished she could kiss him, but knew that the gag was
somehow part of the magic of the evening and resigned
herself to the thought that she couldn't.

His cock rubbed against her opening, and she arched,
trying to get him to slide inside. He teased her by
pulling away every time it seemed like he was about to
penetrate her. "Mmmmm.... greedy girl, aren't you?"
he taunted her with his sexy voice.

She nodded emphatically, and he laughed. Suddenly,
though, he stopped, as his cock slid about two inches
inside of her tight slit. He inhaled deeply and she
breathed through her nose as deeply as she could at
the sensation.

"You feel so good, little one," he told her as he
thrust himself all the way into her. As his balls
gently slapped against her ass, her eyes closed in
pleasure and she let out a little sigh. He
immediately pulled out.

Kathryn's eyes flew to his. Green, she noticed in the
dim light. His eyes were green. But she already knew

"Look at me, little one. I want you to look at me as
I fuck you." He thrust himself into her again, and
she didn't look away. "Look into my eyes so I can see
your pleasure..." he continued to talk to her as he
drove gently in and out of her.

Kathryn looked deeply into the green eyes. She was
mesmerized by his gaze. It was almost like being
hypnotized, she thought vaguely, as she felt his
thickness parting her soft pussy walls over and over
again. She was half listening to him as she
concentrated on the feelings in her body.
Occasionally he would take one hand and tug on her
nipple clips to get her to focus on his voice. She
felt herself climbing to another orgasm as he picked
up the pace of his thrusts. Her moans were escalating
in volume, and she felt herself about to peak as he
suddenly rammed his cock into her as hard as he could,
and she screamed her pleasure as she spasmed beneath

He held himself still as she came, not moving his cock
or his body at all. Kathryn was unaware of anything
except her flesh squeezing the thickness inside of
her. It felt better than any of her previous orgasms,
and but as she came down from her plateau, she
realized he was still hard and throbbing within her.

He smiled. "That's right, my sweet. I am not done
with you just yet. Shall we go for one more?" and he
started his familiar in and out rhythm again.

This time Kathryn knew better, and she didn't even try
to look away from his gaze. She could just about make
out his facial features in the light of the
approaching dawn. She arched her back up and parried
each of his thrusts with her hips. She felt his cock
rub against her clit with every motion, and she felt
her climax rising again.

He picked up speed, and the forcefulness of his cock
ramming into her was causing obscene slapping noises
that reverberated through the quiet of the room.
Other than that, the only sounds were his harsh
breathing and her muffled moans.

Kathryn was almost there when she felt him freeze and
ram his cock into her as deeply as possible. He just
held it there and let out a roar of passion that she
just knew would wake the neighbors. But she didn't
care. As she felt the spurts of his essence deep
inside her, he pulled her nipple clips off. The
resulting pain melded with the thrill of his climax,
and she felt her entire body melt with her own orgasm.
She felt herself soar higher and higher with her
gratification, and then the world went dark as she
blacked out from the extreme pleasure.

When Kathryn came to, she was alone in her bed. She
looked over at the clock, which plainly read 10:21 am
in the daylight. Her entire body ached, and the room
reeked of sex. She jumped out of bed, and quickly ran
through the apartment looking for him. He was gone.
She wasn't quite sure that the whole thing hadn't been
a dream after all. There was no evidence that anyone
else had been with her the night before.

She wandered into the bathroom, and started to run a
bubble bath. She needed it, her body was telling her.
She looked at herself in the mirror. She touched her
face where it hurt from being stretched by the gag all
night. Her nipples were still hard, and sensitive to
the touch from the clips. But other than that, she
was the same old Kathryn Evans. She soaked in the
tub, and wondered about the dream. She spent the rest
of the day lounging around her apartment again,
strangely reluctant to leave. Her world had turned
topsy-turvy, and Kathryn was nervous. Besides, if it
wasn't a dream, he might come back.

That night, Kathryn chose her favorite black lace
nightie. She brushed her long hair till it shone, and
she even put a tiny bit of make up on. She knew it
didn't make any sense, but she wasn't quite sure what
DID make sense anymore. She turned out the light at
11:00. The cool night air caressed her body, and the
night sounds coaxed her to sleep. She tossed and
turned and finally drifted off.

She started awake and immediately looked at the clock.
11:57 pm. It was dark in the room, but Kathryn
instinctively knew she wasn't alone. She looked about
and as her eyes adjusted, she saw him.

His teeth gleamed and she smiled back at him. "Ah,
little one. I waited so long for you, and now I have
to go."

Kathryn opened her mouth to protest, but he stopped
her. "No. Trust me. You do trust me, don't you?"
When she nodded, he continued. "I will come to you
again, my sweet. You have learned so much. Dream for
me sweetheart... dream for me..."

Kathryn blinked at the sudden tears that sprang to her
eyes. She wiped them away with the back of her hand,
and started to say something. Only to realize as she
looked around the room that she was completely alone
again. She fell asleep and slept straight through
till her alarm went off at 6:30 am.


Kathryn went into work as usual. She went to her
cubicle and hung up her blazer. She sat down at her
computer terminal and started catching up on what she
had missed the past couple of days. Her friend Lara
poked her head around the corner at about 10:00.

"Hey, what's... Kathryn! What did you do to
yourself?" Lara exclaimed as she took a look at her

The normally dowdy Kathryn had changed. Her long hair
shone in the light and flowed down her back to right
past her shoulder blades. Her oxford button down was
actually unbuttoned a few buttons, and Lara could
swear that Kathryn wasn't wearing a bra! "You look
terrific, Kathryn!" Lara said in sincere admiration.
"Did you go to a spa or something?" she asked.

"Kathryn," Keith started as he swung around the
cubicle opening to plop some papers on her desk.
"Whoa! What's going on here?" he asked. "You look
GREAT!" Keith told her loudly.

The commotion had made Kathryn blush, and had also
drawn the attention of some of the other members of
the cubicle crowd. They found reasons to walk by
Kathryn's desk, and some stopped to talk and even
flirt a little at the beauty that had appeared in
their midst.

One man finally had the nerve to ask Kathryn if she
had put on a mask today in honor of Halloween.

Kathryn's answer surprised even her. "No, I think I
finally just took mine off." She knew that she was
never going to allow herself to deny her newly found
sensuality again. She wondered if her lover would
ever come to her again, and she swore that she could
hear that voice inside her head again. "Halloween, my
love. Next Halloween."


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