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This is a sex story and it's copyrighted by me, Shon
Richards. It's a sexual story about a sadistic game
show so if bondage, spanking, public humiliation, and
reluctant sex bother you, go change the channel. This
author is on his boney knees asking for feedback at

On Your Knees,
By Shon Richards

"Crossing the Mexican border to appear on a game show
we've never even seen might have been a bad idea," Kyle
said to his buddy Vincent. They had nothing else to
talk about; they were backstage behind a giant red

"What gave you that idea?" Vincent said sarcastically.
"Was it when they made us put on shiny vinyl shorts
over black thongs? Or was it when they made us put on
slick vinyl jackets over tight T-shirts and snapped dog
collars around our necks? Perhaps when they chained
our hands over our heads and secured our feet in

"It was your idea," Kyle argued. "You said there was
this ad for young Americans to compete on a Mexican
game show, and that the grand prize was trips to a
resort. You never said anything about being tied up."

"Hey, if you don't like it, why did you sign the
contracts?" Vincent snapped.

"That was the stupidest thing I ever did," Kyle
lamented. "For one thing, they were in Spanish, and
the lady who asked us to sign them was falling out of
her shirt. We should have known better than to sign
something when they gave us such a busty distraction."

"Shut up," a stagehand interrupted. "The show's about
to start."

On the other side of the curtain, the applause sign
came on and the rowdy crowd broke into a deafening roar
of applause and catcalls. A stunning woman came out
from behind a side curtain and the crowd became even
louder. She was a sultry dark Hispanic with carefully
styled black hair spilling over her shoulders like a
40's movie star. The woman wore a black leather
bustier studded with spikes that barely contained her
spilling cleavage. High heel black boots rose from her
ankles all the way to her thighs. A studded thong
completed her outfit, revealing her bare buttocks when
she spun around for the audience.

"Welcome to another episode of 'Get On Your Knees!' the
woman cried into her microphone. "I'm your host,
Mistress Elisa!"

The crowd cheered until she rose a leather-gloved hand.
They silenced immediately, allowing her to speak in
peace to the camera.

"Let's meet our first two contestants, the Wimps!" She
pointed to a curtain that pulled away to reveal Vincent
and Kyle, their hands handcuffed to a bar above their
heads and their feet locked down in stocks. The two
college students were startled by the rising curtain,
but became even more terrified by the huge crowd of
Mexican people of both sexes. Mistress Elisa caught
Vincent's eye, and his mouth dropped as he admired her

Vincent was grateful for all his years of soccer
keeping him in good shape. He could see himself in a
monitor, and had to admit that the shiny vinyl shirt
and shorts looked good on his tanned body. His legs
looked the best, firm and well cut, and the camera
kept focusing on them for the home viewers.

Kyle, on the other hand, just felt very out of place.
He was the only blonde person he saw in the whole
studio, and that made him very self-conscious. He
didn't work out as much as Vincent did, but girls had
always told him that he had a sweet, angelic face.
Being restrained as he was in vinyl, he wished that for
the first time in his life that he didn't look so
clean-cut in front of this rough crowd.

"What are your names, turds?" Mistress Elisa demanded.

"Uh, Vincent," and "Kyle," they responded weakly to the
microphone stand placed between them.

"Very good, wimps," Mistress Elisa said. "And now for
their competitors, the Sluts!"

The curtain to the right of the guys pulled up to
reveal two women dressed in the same vinyl jackets and
shorts as the guys. Like the men, their arms were
pulled over their heads and their feet were secured by
a common stock. The crowd cheered as the two stunned
girls took in their surroundings. The spikes on their
dog collars caught the lights as they turned their

The girl on the right was a brunette with very faint
freckles. Her hair was done back into two plaits that
came down her neck. Her skin was incredibly pale,
almost alabaster. She tried in vain to shrink back
from the crowd, nervously aware in an irrational manner
that she was the whitest person here.

Her friend was a lithe black woman with impossibly long
legs. She had straight coal black hair that curled
around her face, while her eyes glared at the noisy
crowd. Her skin was the color of mocha and shined in
the studio lights. She refused to shrink back from the
catcalls, standing defiant though she was helpless.

"What are your names, whores?" Mistress Elisa demanded.

"I'm Amma," the pale girl answered uncertainly.

"My name's Maxine, and who are you calling a whore?"
Maxine continued to shout, but her microphone was cut

"Now that we have met today's slaves, let's meet the
Enforcers who will make sure they shut up and do as
they are told." Mistress Elisa raised a gloved hand
and another curtain went up. Two men and two women
were standing there, all of them hooded with red
leather that covered their faces and all of them
carrying large wooden paddles. They were dressed in
the same uniform - red boots, red thongs and the women
had shiny, red vinyl bras. The male enforcers took
their places behind the guy while the female enforcers
stood behind the women. Maxine wisely decided to stop

"With everyone in place, we are almost ready to begin."
Mistress Elisa moved to behind a glass podium that
didn't hide any of her fabulous body. "Our contestants
will earn money through three rounds of humiliation,
pain and sex. The team with the most points at the end
of the game will win a trip to Sadism 2, the resort of
total submission! The losers will have to get on their
knees, and pleasure the winners."

The crowd cheered lustily and all four contestants
looked at each other in confusion. Maxine tried to say
something, but the hooded woman behind her clamped a
hand over her mouth and whispered a threat in her ear.
The other contestants didn't know what was said, but
when Maxine calmed down, they decided not to push it.

"The first round tests your intelligence, worms,"
Mistress Elisa said with her trademark sneer. "Wimps,
you've protested the least, so you'll get to answer the
first question for a hundred American dollars."
Mistress Elisa pulled a small stack of cards out of her
generous cleavage.

"First question, what is the sum of sixty-nine and
sixty-nine?" Mistress Elisa asked.

"One hundred and twenty-eight!" Vincent answered
quickly. If Kyle's feet weren't clamped, he would have
kicked Vincent.

"Wrong, dumb-ass," Mistress Elisa said, her cruel lips
sneering. The crowd laughed at their stupidity.
"Sluts? Do you know the answer is?"

The Enforcer behind Maxine released her mouth, and the
two girls talked briefly before a loud whip crack was
heard on the speakers.

"Time's up, we need an answer," Mistress Elisa snapped.

"One hundred and thirty-eight," Amma said timidly.

"Correct!" Mistress Elisa announced. "You two must be
math majors. You get a hundred dollars. Oh, and I
forgot to mention this, but after every question, the
losers must lose an article of clothing. Enforcers?"

"What?" Kyle screamed. He looked at Vincent
accusingly. Vincent only shrugged and smiled weakly as
the two burly, masked Enforcers stepped behind them.
From behind the chained contestants, the Enforcers
reached up and gripped their shoulders. With a fast
tug, the Velcro snaps popped loose and their jackets
were gone in a heartbeat. Now the two men only had
very tight white T-shirts covering their chests. The
looks on their faces told the audience they didn't like
where this was going. This only made the audience
laugh more.

"Very good sluts, you have a hundred dollars," Mistress
Elisa said. "Remember, the team with the least money
at the end of round one receives ten encouragement
spanks on their sorry asses." Elisa paused to let the
crowd hoot at the announcement and for the cameras to
catch the terrified looks on all four contestants'

"Next question starts with the ladies. Which of these
three vibrator-manufacturing companies is false? Good
Vibrations, Jolly Shakes or Happy Buzzes?"

The girls leaned next to one another as far as their
bound arms would allow. After a whispered discussion,
Maxine leaned toward the microphone stand.

"Jolly shakes?" the black beauty asked.

"That is correct!" Mistress Elisa laughed. "You must
masturbate a lot to know that one, Maxine!" The camera
zoomed on Maxine's guilty blush coloring her cheeks.
"You win another hundred dollars, and the wimps loose
another article of clothing."

"Oh shit!" Kyle said as he felt the burly Enforcer
behind him wrap his arms around his waist. With
another lightning fast tug, Kyle's shorts came apart at
the Velcro seams, exposing his very tight, very small
thong bikini. Looking over, he saw that Vincent was
just as exposed as he was. The guys weren't sure what
they hated more; having their cocks covered only by
small thongs, or being undressed by muscular Hispanic

"Get your act together, wimps," Mistress Elisa warned.
"The next question goes to you. Six inches, five
inches or seven inches, which is the average size of a
male penis?"

"Six inches!" Kyle yelled, trying to beat Vincent
before he said anything stupid.

"That is correct. Does six inches make you feel
jealous Kyle?" Mistress Elisa asked. Even Vincent
laughed at Kyle. "You win your first hundred dollars,
and the ladies loose an article of clothing."

The men in the crowd stared chanting something in
Spanish as the muscular female Enforcers stepped behind
the two contestants. Amma kept struggling in her
chains, trying to turn around, but the cuffs prevented
her from running. Maxine started yelling abuse at the
Hispanic woman who was gripping her by the shoulders.
With a quick tug, their shiny black jackets flew off
their bodies to reveal tiny white bras. Maxine's dark
breasts were clearly visible under the sheer material,
her nipples as plain as day. Amma's light colored skin
blended with the bra, but the immense size of her
breasts couldn't be hidden by the tiny bra. Both
ladies were clearly disturbed by their new appearance,
but the cuffs thwarted any attempt to cover their

"Wow, Amma, no one told us you were packing weapons,"
Mistress Elisa said. The red heat of shame colored
Amma's cheeks wonderfully for the camera. "Now is your
chance to pay the men back for your stripping. True or
false, anallinguis is the act of licking someone's

Amma answered without consulting Maxine. "True!" she
said excitedly.

Mistress Elisa made a stunned face, and the audience
joined her mocking laughter. "Why, Amma, I would never
have guessed. You are correct. You get another
hundred dollars and the guys lose their shirts."

"This sucks!" Kyle yelled to the uncaring audience.
The crowd cheered louder. Kyle noticed a guy in the
front row making some sort of obscene gesture while
smiling at him. Kyle looked to the ladies for some
sort of sympathy, but he only found a look of relief on
Amma's face, and Maxine was openly gloating about
saving her team from another stripping.

"It could be worse?" Vincent asked, not certain
himself. "Oh shit! They got knives!"

Kyle flipped his head around and the spikes on the
collar grazed his shoulder. The hooded men had knives,
very shiny, sharp knives. Vincent shut his eyes and
prayed, while Kyle just looked on in disbelief. Kyle
shivered as he felt the knife slip under his T-shirt
and then slowly rip up his back. He started laughing
as he relaxed and watched the hooded enforcers cut his
clothing away. Only when his shirt was torn off his
body and he realized he wasn't going to die, did
Vincent open his eyes.

"You have the balls of a hen, Vincent," Mistress Elisa
quipped. "At least Kyle is enough of a man to face his
fears. The sluts have three hundred dollars and you
only have one hundred. At least try to pay attention."

"Your next question is for one hundred dollars and some
of your remaining dignity. What year did Mexico gain

Vincent looked at Kyle and his blonde friend just
shrugged. "Hey wait, this isn't a sex question!"
Vincent tried protesting.

"That's right, we decided to give you stupid Gringos an
easy one," Mistress Elisa said. "Do you have an

Kyle kept shrugging so Vincent hazarded a guess.
"Eighteen um, twenty?"

"Wrong!" Mistress Elisa barked. "Sluts, this is your
chance to steal. Do you know when Mexico gained its
independence? It's something any child could tell

"Any child if they were raised here!" Amma snapped.
The strain of the game had cracked her shyness. "We're
from America! How are we supposed to know?"

Mistress Elisa raised a single eyebrow in amusement.
"You're willing to come into our country and take our
money, but you can't bother to learn about us? Since
both of you don't know, neither of you get the money,
and both of you lose a piece of clothing!"

"First the wimps!" Mistress Elisa declared, and both
Vincent and Kyle began to pull harder on their chains.
The poor guys tried to wriggle, writhe and just plain
move, to somehow delay their stripping, but they were
trapped. Using the knives, both hooded enforcers
snapped the thin string of their thongs and revealed
their bare cocks to the jeering crowd. The audience
shrieked in laughter as Vincent's limp cock flopped
between his legs. The poor college athlete was so well
built that his flaccid cock looked even more out of
proportion. He kept seeing the swarthy women in the
audience laughing lustily between each other, sharing
jokes at his expense.

Kyle on the other hand was in such a state of nervous
terror that his cock was fully aroused when he was
stripped. He shut his eyes and wished he could somehow
hide what felt to him to be a monster of an erection
from the taunting crowd. Shutting his eyes didn't
help, he could hear their laughter and he could feel
the hot lights of the studio on his sweaty cock. To
his shame, his cock was throbbing happily between his
legs, begging to be touched.

"And now it's the sluts' turn!" Mistress Elisa
declared. Amma didn't hear the announcement; she was
staring at the close up of Kyle's penis on the monitor.
She was terrified by what was happening, but she
couldn't tear her eyes away from Kyle's humiliation as
well as his obvious unconscious enjoyment. She didn't
even feel the hands of the woman behind her as Amma's
shorts were ripped off at the Velcro seams. Only when
she felt the vinyl slip past her did she realize she
was exposed in the skimpy black thong. She caught a
sight of herself in the monitor and blushed as she saw
how much the black thong stood out against her pale
skin. Amma thanked God that they couldn't see the thin
black strip that disappeared between her round
buttocks; at least, not yet.

Maxine was in a personal crisis. Growing up as a black
woman in Texas had forced her to act tough at an early
age. She always assumed the dominant role in her
relationships and was always in control of her sexual
life. Maxine never released that control with any of
her previous boyfriends, and yet was never really
comfortable with who she was with. Now she was in a
situation where being tough only made things worse. As
the woman behind her stripped Maxine's shorts off,
Maxine knew that no matter what she said, what she
protested or what she screamed, they would still strip
her at their whim. Somehow, not being responsible for
what was happening to her lifted a terrible burden from
her shoulders. Maxine experienced, for the first time,
a relief of tension as she understood her dilemma. She
was being displayed, and since it wasn't her fault, she
felt no guilt at being vulnerable. This lack of guilt
surprised and confused the leggy woman.

"Sluts, you have three hundred dollars, and the wimps
only have a hundred. You win round one!" Mistress
Elisa announced. "Wimps, prepare for your punishment,
and maybe it'll help you do better."

Benches slightly lower than Kyle and Vincent's waists
were rolled out in front of them. The enforcers behind
the captives reached up and pulled their handcuffs from
the pole above them. Not even Vincent was brave enough
to fight them. There was something about being
completely naked in front of a crowd that made the guys
timid around the masked muscle men. Kyle and Vincent
were led by their handcuffs to lay over the benches and
then their handcuffs were secured at the base. Their
feet remained in the stocks, and both of the guys felt
terribly vulnerable with their bare asses exposed and
sticking out.

"As the winners of round one, you get to administer the
spankings," Mistress Elisa said with a smile.
"Remember, only ten spanks each."

Maxine and Amma were completely released from their
bounds, and the suspicious girls couldn't believe their
luck. When they were handed large paddles, nervous
smiles broke on their faces. The guys were spun around
so that their bare bottoms were exposed to the crowd,
and Mistress Elisa stood between their bound bodies.
She waved to girls to take positions behind the guys,
the girls' own asses exposed to the crowd as well.

Maxine took a place beside Kyle while Amma took a place
beside Vincent. Both girls blushed as the crowd
whistled at their backsides. Their thongs were so tiny
it looked like there was nothing covering Maxine's
ebony buttocks and Amma's pale nether globes. The
girls hoped the crowd's attentions would be diverted by
the poor guys' ordeal.

Mistress Elisa patted each of the men on their asses,
smiling and striking her best diva pose at the same
time. "I'll count your strokes, sluts. One!"

Vincent cried out as Amma's paddle came crashing down
onto his ass. The sudden slap surprised him, but it
was the heat of the blow that made him squirm
afterward. Amma was transferring all her fears into
her swing, punishing Vincent's ass with blows far more
powerful than he had experienced since childhood.

Across from him, Kyle was suffering just as much.
Maxine was using her tennis training to good use,
pounding his white buttocks with accurate swings. His
pink ass revealed welts quickly to the delight of the
audience. Worse, Kyle's cock was bouncing between his
legs, aching intensely from having Mistress Elisa
stroke his back while the beautiful leggy girl spanked
his ass.

"Ten!" Mistress Elisa called out after what felt like
an eternity to Kyle and Vincent. Both guys had asses
as red as cherries and their faces were just as flushed
with shame. Their buttocks were aflame with welts,
burning with a heat that continued after the spanking
was finished. Maxine and Amma gave each other a high-
five, both of them sweating under the hot lights.
Their white bras were soaked much to the delight of the
zooming cameras.

"When we return, we shall begin round two with the
Board of Punishment! Don't change that channel!"
Mistress Elisa said as her gloved hands coaxed the
guys' sore bottoms.

"Ok, we're cut. Let's get ready for the next round," a
voice over the intercom announced.

The masked men efficiently released Kyle and Vincent
while other stagehands pushed the benches away and
brought several curtained items on stage. The girls
just stood there, a little lost, as the guys stretched
and rubbed their spanked asses. Neither group knew
what to say to the other. The guys merely covered
their genitals with their hands while Amma crossed her
arms over her generous breasts. Maxine simply
fidgeted, shifting from foot to foot.

"Nice first round people," a suited man said to them,
joining the confused guests. He was very short, but
carried himself like one who owned the place. He kept
rubbing the diamonds on his watch, obviously trying to
impress the contestants. "You've got a chance to
really earn some money now. The rewards are doubled."

"Fuck this," Maxine snapped. "I was only going along
because you had me chained up. I'm leaving."

"Oh, I wouldn't do that," the short man said sweetly.
He pointed to five men dressed as police officers
sitting in the audience. "You see, your contracts
state you'll play the game to the conclusion or risk a
three year prison term for breach of contract. The
police are here in case we have to resort to that.
We've spent a lot of money on camera time and our crew,
so you really wouldn't want to make us pursue legal
courses in order to get our money's worth. Besides,
have you ever been in a Mexican prison? It's not
pleasant for such attractive Americans like yourself."

"Where does a show like this air?" Kyle protested.
"I've never seen a guy's balls on any game show

"We make shows for subscription networks. We
specialize in adult entertainment that is seen all
through South America and now some Eastern European
states," the man said proudly. "You'll be seen world
wide, but don't worry, no one in America will never see

"Dude, I don't want my dick seen by people in Brazil!"
Vincent argued.

"Too bad, you signed contracts," the man said sharply.
"The prizes are legit. You'll be paid everything you
earn, and you'll get trips to Sadism 2, the erotic
resort. Trust me, anything that embarrasses you here
will be forgotten by the time you get fucked for the
third time by a hot model of your choice."

"What's this about the losers getting on their knees?"
Amma asked.

"Exactly that. The losers have to pleasure the winners
in any manner the winner chooses, as long as your knees
never leave the ground. The kids love it, it's a
popular finale to the show."

"That's fine with me," Maxine said, hand on her hip as
she looked Vincent up and down. "You losers are behind
already. I wouldn't mind getting something out of this

"Maxine!" Amma said, shocked.

"What?" Maxine snapped. "If a bunch of horny Mexicans
are going to see me almost naked, I might as well get
some action from it. We've got nothing to worry

"I'll give you something to worry about," Vincent
snapped before Kyle pulled him away from the group.

"He's just a bit excited!" Kyle tried to say by way of
apology. Maxine just lifted her palm in the universal
sign of 'talk to the hand.'

The enforcers separated the two teams into two
spotlighted areas, but thankfully no one was bound or
restrained. Mistress Elisa returned to the set after
touching up her lipstick, taking her place next to a
huge board that had been wheeled to the podium. With a
countdown, the show began again.

"Welcome back, painfreaks, to 'On your Knees!'"
Mistress Elisa announced. "Round two begins and it's
time for the Board of Pain! Contestants, every
category on this board represents a different physical
task. Win at a task, and you'll get two hundred
dollars. Lose at a task, and you receive a special
punishment designed for that category. There are seven
categories to choose from, but we will only use five.
Whoever has the most money at the end of the round will
have the advantage when we go into Final Humiliation."

"The categories are, 'Take it Bitch', 'Twister', 'Spit
Swapping', 'Name Calling', 'Monkey Spanking', 'Pinata',
and finally, 'Mouth Wash'. Sluts, since you went
second in round one, you pick first in round two."

Amma leaned next to Maxine to whisper, "'Take it Bitch'
and 'Pinata' sound like they would be painful. We
should pick something that sounds the least harmful."

"How about 'Twister?'" Maxine asked. "They probably
just want us to play a game of Twister and embarrass

A whip cracked over the intercom and Mistress Elisa
demanded an answer.

"We'll take 'Twister,'" Amma said to their microphone.

"Very well," Mistress Elisa said. A cruel smile came
across her full lips, as thin and nasty as a knife.
"Every task requires one person from each team. Select
who you want to represent your team."

"I'll go for my team," Vincent announced. Seeing
Kyle's worried face, he said to him, "Don't worry, I
always win naked Twister at my fraternity."

"I didn't want to know that," Kyle groaned.

"I'll go," Maxine said, her old attitude coming back.
She wanted to stomp Vincent personally.

After their choices were made, curtains pulled away
from one of the seven set-up areas. Their hooded
enforcers pulled Vincent and Maxine to the Twister
area, and their feet and hands were chained similar to
what had happened in the first round. Their faces had
the same confusion as they realized they weren't
playing the popular party game after all. Vincent was
disturbed that his hands were above his head and he
couldn't hide his cock anymore, while Maxine was
conscious of how her breasts jutted forward in her
sweaty bra with her arms raised.

"In this task, we'll be putting nipple clamps on you
and twisting them until one of you gives up. When the
pain is too much, just surrender, and the other team
will get the money. For that, we'll need to remove
that slut's bra. Enforcers?" Mistress Elisa laughed as
Maxine struggled in her chains.

A gorgeous hooded woman took a long knife and slit the
shoulder straps of Maxine's tiny bra. Then she stepped
behind the black beauty and unfastened the clasps in
the back. With a quick whip, the bra was thrown off of
Maxine to reveal her lovely, pert breasts. They were
shaped like pears, dark and shiny from sweat.

The enforcers took two small clips, each of them
adorned with bells, and snapped them cruelly onto
Vincent and Maxine's nipples. Both of them cried out
as the tight rubber teeth squeezed their nipples.
Vincent was ashamed of being belled, and felt quite
emasculated by their tiny jingles. Maxine just
couldn't believe her nipples could hurt as much as they

"Enforcers, on my mark, twist once!" Mistress Elisa
called out. The assigned enforcers cruelly twisted the
right nipples of both contestants. Vincent's legs gave
out as the pain raced through his chest and only the
chains holding his hands kept him upright. Maxine's
mouth opened into a silent scream of outrage as her
breast was mauled beyond her comprehension.

"Now for the second twist!" Mistress Elisa cried out.
The other enforcers flanking the contestants reached
over and grabbed the left nipples of the bound victims.
This time Maxine shut her eyes and tried to ignore the
biting pain that seemed to penetrate both of her full
breasts. Vincent bit his lips as the searing grip of
the clamps flooded his mind.

"Third twist!" Mistress Elisa said with a perky voice.
The enforcers, who had already twisted their right
nipples, turned the clamps another forty-five degrees.
Vincent tried to wiggle to shake the burly enforcer's
hand off but it was useless. The cuffs held him too
tightly and the hooded man only laughed as his grip
followed Vincent's flailing nipple. Vincent just
couldn't avoid the sharp pain.

Maxine was suffering worse. When her enforcer twisted
her nipple, the entire weight of her breasts shifted
with it, causing a much larger area to burn than
Vincent's chest. The stubborn woman had never quit
anything in her life, but she knew she couldn't stand
the pain any further. Just the thought of her other
nipple suffering like that was enough for her to shout,
"I give, I give! Get it off me!"

"Ahh," Mistress Elisa pouted. "So soon? You're all
bitch and no bite. Wimps, you win two hundred dollars!
As for you slut, your punishment is that you must wear
those clamps for the rest of the show."

"I don't get to put my bra on?" Maxine asked. Mistress
Elisa's cruel laugh was her answer. The enforcers
released their grips, but left the annoying clamps.
Maxine's pain abated a little down to a raw tingle. As
they released her from her cuffs, Maxine frowned as the
tiny bells seemed to ring constantly as her breasts
swayed for the view of the cheering audience.

"Shit!" Vincent cried out as the clamps were removed.
He found out the hard way that the most painful part
was the blood returning. He stumbled as he walked
away, clutching his chest and trying to massage them.
Mistress Elisa laughed at his weakness.

"Wimps, you get to pick the second game, and the other
partner must play it. What shall it be?" Mistress
Elisa asked.

Kyle had had time to look at the categories and he
tried to guess the least painful. "'Name Calling,'" he

Immediately a curtain went up to show another
arrangement similar to the previous task. When Kyle
tried to step into his stocks, the enforcers prevented
him, though they secured the lovely Amma in cuffs and
stocks. Kyle couldn't help notice how her freckles
expanded down from her face and past her shoulders and
onto the tops of her barely held breasts.

"You'll like this task, wimp," Mistress Elisa said by
his side. "You will have sixty seconds to write the
words 'slut', 'bitch' or 'whore' on your opponent's
body. You can only write it on her breasts, her ass,
her stomach, her thighs or on her face. Try to write
as many names as possible. Here's your marker, now

Kyle took the felt tip marker they gave him and rushed
over to Amma. He bent down and quickly wrote the word
'slut' on her stomach, amazed at how smooth her skin
was. Realizing his ass was on the line, he whispered a
quick apology to Amma as he wrote on the top of her
breasts. The breasts were spilling out of her tiny bra
as it was and he caught a good look of pink nipples as
he wrote the word 'slut' on both breasts. Her right
tit did slip out as he pressed the cold marker to her
skin and without thinking, he stuffed her breast back
into her bra. The camera caught his groping and the
crowd cheered his boldness

Kyle almost wrote on her face since he was there, but
looking at the shocked outrage on Amma's face, he
chickened out. He dropped to his knees and quickly
scribbled the word 'slut' on her immobile thighs. Amma
just stared on in disbelief. First this guy wrote on
her tits and then he touched her nipple in front of
everybody! She hated herself for the swelling of heat
she felt between her legs as her assailant wrote on her

"Time's up!" Mistress Elisa said with a snap of her
fingers. Strong arms gripped Kyle and lifted him from
the ground as they secured him in the chains beside
Amma. Amma was released and when she tried to wipe
some of the marker off, the hooded enforcers stopped
her. She was given a marker and she smiled as she
looked at Kyle's helpless body.

"The words you need to write are 'wimp', 'eunuch', and
'limp' and your target locations are both sides of his
chest, his face, both thighs, his cock and his ass,"
Mistress Elisa instructed. "You have sixty seconds,

Amma smiled, and with her hair down back into the two
plaits, she almost looked childish. Kyle recognized
the look as revenge. Amma very deliberately, and very
carefully, wrote the word 'wimp' on his left cheek.
Kyle didn't try to turn his head, he was afraid of how
the enforcers would counter it. When she had gotten
her revenge, Amma turned her attention to his chest,
writing 'wimp' there next. Her leg brushed Kyle's
stiff cock, and both of them felt a pleasant shock at
the contact. Kyle moaned and Amma blushed, embarrassed
to have touched him.

"Time's up!" Mistress Elisa announced, and the
enforcers roughly grabbed Amma and put her back into
her chains beside Kyle. The two of them looked at each
other, not sure where this twisted game was going next.
Mistress Elisa stepped in front of them, and snapped
pictures of them using a Polaroid camera.

"It looks like the wimps wrote five words, while the
sluts only wrote three. You were too horny to write
slut? Or did you just like rubbing up against his
cock?" Mistress Elisa snapped an extra picture at the
angry blush that was creeping down Amma's face and onto
her chest.

"Two hundred more dollars go to the wimps! As your
punishment, we're going to take enough pictures of you,
Amma, so that every member of our audience and your two
opponents can go home with a souvenir!"

"What?" Amma shrieked, but then cameras from all around
her started flashing. The pale girl twisted and turned
in her cuffs but the bulbs kept flashing. They took
close to a hundred pictures of her writhing, nearly
nude body chain to her place.

"It's your turn ladies to pick the next category,"
Mistress Elisa said when Amma was finally released.
"Choose wisely, the guys are now ahead by two hundred

"These things hurt," Maxine complained as the clamps
jingled from her tits. "I don't want another contest
like that."

"We've got to start winning," Amma said, shaken that
every person in this audience now had such an
embarrassing picture of her. "'Mouth Wash', I bet
that's an oral thing, we would do much better than the
guys there."

"You think so?" Maxine said uncertainly. "Fine, we
pick 'Mouth Wash'!"

"Excellent," Mistress Elisa said. Enforcers grabbed
Amma and Kyle, dragging them to a rising curtain where
two chairs were waiting. Mysterious wash tubs were
located above each chair. The were forced to sit down
and their wrists and ankles were secured. Maxine and
Vincent were led to stand beside them, Maxine at Kyle's
chair and Vincent at Amma's chair. Handcuffs were
slapped on the standing contestants' wrists, holding
their arms behind their backs.

"This task is simple, but we must remove that annoying
bra first," Mistress Elisa commanded. To Amma's
distress, one of the female enforcers approached her
with the shiny knife. The hooded woman slit both of
Amma's shoulder straps and then slit down the middle of
her massive cleavage. Amma sat very still as the cold
knife passed between her breasts and freed her chest.
As her large pale melons popped free, a roar came from
the crowd at the sight of the biggest breasts of
today's show.

"Here is the task," Mistress Elisa explained. "We will
empty two cans of whipped cream on both of our victims.
It will be up to you two to lick every drop off in two
minutes. Whoever licks the most off, wins the two
hundred dollars."

Enforcers stood on both sides of the seated contestants
and then sprayed the whipped cream directly on their
bodies. Amma screamed as the cold whipped cream landed
on her nipples, causing her to shiver from the cold as
well as the excitement. Kyle was silent as the white
cream coated his chest, dripping down onto his erect

"On your mark, get set, lick!" Maxine and Vincent
dived on their meals, each eager to out perform the
other, though Vincent was more interested in nibbling
on Amma's platter of delights. Vincent buried his face
into Amma's chest, sinking up to his ears in her
breasts while the embarrassed girl screamed the entire
time. His mouth was open and his tongue flicking as he
ran his mouth between her cleavage. It was the most
fun he had had since this game had started.

Maxine was all business as she knelt between Kyle's
legs. She bent down and latched her mouth onto his
skin, and then slowly yet methodically ran her mouth
across him, left to right. Kyle watched in wonder as
the black woman gobbled every trace of whipped cream
from his chest. Maxine was focused completely on her
task, not even trying to avoid Kyle's cock that she
stroked with her breasts every time she moved across
his chest. Kyle was openly moaning as the bells on her
nipple clamps would touch his aching cock.

"Time's up! Stand up and we'll determine a winner,"
Mistress Elisa commanded. When they stood, she
examined each captive's chest, judging how much cream
was removed. It wasn't hard to judge at all.

"The sluts are the winners!" she declared. "You took
too much time sucking those big jugs, Vincent! Now
your partner will pay the price!"

Suddenly, the tub over Kyle's head tipped over,
splashing him with a heavy downpour of water,
obliterating all of the whipped cream but also
drenching him in a torrent of cold water. His cock
shriveled instantly under the cold water and the
monitors caught every deflating second. He spit out
water, his blonde hair now plastered darkly to his

Amma was simply released and given a towel to clean
herself with. As she returned to their microphones,
she gave Vincent a withering look of pure scorn. Her
pale chest was covered in red marks where his spiked
collar had rubbed her sensitive flesh. Maxine was
cheerful for winning but Amma was in no mood to
celebrate. Maxine used her towel to wipe the whipped
cream from her own chest, careful not to touch her very
sensitive nipples that were still clamped.

Kyle made squishing noises as he walked back across to
where his partner was waiting by the microphone. The
look of scorn he gave Vincent almost matched the one
Amma gave him. Vincent smiled and shrugged.

"Hey, it washed the writing off you," Vincent offered

"We have a very close game now, all tied up at five
hundred dollars," Mistress Elisa announced. She leaned
forward on her podium so that the home audience could
admire all 40DD of her Hispanic breasts. "Wimps, you
select the next category."

"It's your turn to compete, so you pick," Vincent

"Well, I'm sure as Hell not picking 'Pinata', that will
involve someone getting hurt," Kyle whispered. "'Spit
Swapping' sounds unhygienic while 'Take it Bitch'
doesn't sound good either."

"Dude, 'Take it Bitch' is the one, you know these girls
can't handle pain," Vincent offered.

"Neither can I!" Kyle countered. "Wait a second,
'Monkey Spanking' is slang for masturbation. I can
masturbate! I'm dying to masturbate!" He leaned down
to the microphone. "I'll take 'Monkey Spanking'."

The crowd erupted in frenzied cheering.

"Oh shit," Kyle thought as he heard their reaction.
The powerful enforcers grabbed him roughly on the
shoulders and led him to a set of tilted tables that
were being revealed. He was forced to lean against the
table, which was tilted at a forty-five degree angle.
His ankles were secured very far apart from one another
while his hands were stretched high above him. Amma
was secured in a similar way right next to him.

"Once again, we need to strip you slut. Remove the
thong!" Mistress Elisa declared. The audience chanted
as the female enforcer used her knife to snip the thin
thong from Amma's body. Amma could no longer be shocked
at this point. She just watched as her pale red bush
was revealed to the audience and to the closing video
cameras. Amma almost laughed at the futility of it

"This task is one of the hardest," Mistress Elisa
explained. "Each of you will have your cock or your
pussy lashed with one of our Cat-o-Nine Tails. It's
quite simple. First one to give up loses and the other
team gets a hundred dollars. As a bonus, I'll do the

The rowdy audience cheered at this news and Amma and
Kyle both closed their eyes prayed. The leather clad
Mistress gave a few practice swings with the black Nine
tails, cutting the air with the plastic lashes. On a
whim, she started with Kyle, bringing it down right on
his erect cock.

"Fuck!" Kyle screamed, the nine lashes striking his
cock, balls and part of his thighs.

"No!" Amma screamed as the lashes flattened against her
sex lips. She was startled by the lashes, but even
more so by the familiar trickle of arousal she felt
between her legs.

"Two!" Mistress Elisa called out, enjoying her work as
she lashed down hard on Kyle's cock. His whole body
lifted as he reeled from the sudden shock of having his
cock whipped. As soon as the pain peaked, he felt his
cock throb with expecting pleasure. Kyle came to the
conclusion that his cock was a slut.

"Damn!" Amma winced, her eyes shut and her head bent
down. The lashes had struck her perfectly, causing
small bands of heat to rise on her exposed sex. One
lash even struck her emerging clitoris and the shivers
of pain and pleasure blew her mind. Amma decided her
betraying clit was as bad a cock.

"Three!" Mistress Elisa yelled, sweat beginning to
appear on her lovely Hispanic skin.

"Shit!" Kyle answered her after the lashes struck his
cock. One lash had struck the tip of his throbbing
cock, blinding him with pain but also exciting him
further than he could imagine.

Amma then received her third lashing and cried out as
the nine lashes hit her squarely on her sex. All nine
lashes landed tightly together, stinging her poor sex
and teasing her clitoris once more. Amma's pale chest
was heaving as she felt her body seize with intense

"I quit! I quit! Please just stop!" Amma cried out,
just barely saving Kyle from another punishment stroke.

Kyle was released, and for once, he was glad for the
presence of the leather-clad men. He leaned on them
for fear his legs would give way. Kyle raised one hand
in victory, amazed he survived that ordeal with his
sanity. He was surprised when Mistress Elisa gave him
the Cat-O-Nine tails.

"Her punishment is to receive another three lashes, and
you have the honor of doing them," Mistress Elisa

"But she can't take any more," Kyle protested.

"Shall I administer them?" Mistress Elisa taunted.

Kyle growled and stepped closer to Amma. "I'm sorry
again," Kyle whispered, not sure if she heard him. He
knew if he did a sucky job that it might go worse for
all of them, so he swung back, and brought it down hard
on Amma's glowing red sex.

The sound of plastic striking soft flesh and hair made
Kyle wince, but it made Amma nearly black out. The
sensation was so intense and this time, more personal
now that it was an attractive guy striking her. Amma
knew she should be mad at this guy, but the fact he was
in the same position as her gave them a bond. Amma
hated herself, but she was attracted to the wet blond
guy lashing her poor pussy.

The second lashing was better and worse than the first.
She locked eye contact with Kyle, watching his face as
he brought the lashes down on her. Her clit was struck
again and this time she moaned shamelessly, pure
pleasure overwhelming her pain. She forgot the
audience was there, forgot that the cameras were
zooming in on her nude body and forgot that she was
being filmed for the masturbating pleasure of men
everywhere. All she felt was the heat in her pussy,
and she wanted more.

With the third lashing, she got it. Amma's red clit
was struck by two lashes this time, and she felt an
orgasm almost explode right between her legs. Her
whole body arched on the table, and she sighed as the
intensity swept her. Poor Kyle never suspected he girl
was so close to climax.

Amma was released and Kyle returned to Vincent's side.
Mistress Elisa also returned to her podium, a healthy
flush on her body. She smiled cruelly for the camera,
enjoying every moment she had spent torturing the
contestants. Mistress Elisa breathed with false desire
for the people at home.

"Well done Wimps, you're back in the lead again.
Sluts, you have one last chance to tie it up before we
go to Final Humiliation. What is your category?"

Amma leaned heavily on the tall Maxine, breathless and
incoherent. Maxine looked at the last three
categories. She didn't like the look of any of them,
but she also knew they couldn't afford another loss.
Thinking about how much of a wimp Vincent appeared to
be, the desperate woman picked the one she thought
would be the worse.

"'Take it Bitch!'" Maxine said into the microphone,
relishing the brief look of misplaced anger from
Mistress Elisa.

"Very good," Mistress Elisa recovered. The Enforcers
led Maxine and Vincent to a parting curtain. Two huge
white dildos were sticking out of a platform sitting
very low on the ground. The lack of any restraints was
noticed by both of them. Vincent and Maxine were
positioned above both of the upright dildos, and the
audience could see the terror on their faces.

"Remove her thong," Mistress Elisa ordered, and with a
fast cut, Maxine's thong fell to the floor. The leggy
beauty was too exhausted to bother to cover her thick
bush of curly hair. Maxine just stood there with her
hands on her hips as the audience admired her lack of

"This final task is for two hundred dollars," Mistress
Elisa explained. "You will have sixty seconds to get
that nice, fourteen inch dildo up as far as you can in
your ass. Whoever sinks the lowest wins. Before you
start, let's have some lubrication. Turn around!"

Maxine and Vincent were forced to turn around by the
enforcers, but Vincent was babbling his protest. "Up
my ass? I don't swing that way! You can't possibly
expect me to put that monster in me!"

"It's your choice," Mistress Elisa said as she squirted
a long stream of lubricant at his ass. "If you sit on
your ass instead of sitting on the dildo, you'll let
the sluts tie it back up again." Mistress Elisa then
squirted a stream of lubricant on Maxine's ass, the
shiny liquid looked great on Maxine's dark skin.

"Sit on the damn pole!" Kyle screamed. "I didn't take
a dick whipping for you to chicken out now!"

"I knew you wouldn't have the balls for real pain,"
Maxine said over her shoulder. "I've had these damn
bells on and I'm still more man than you."

"Fuck all of you," Vincent said, but he felt the
pressure. He didn't want to shove anything up his ass,
but he wanted to be the one who lost it for his team
even less.

"Get ready, get set, take it bitches," Mistress Elisa
commanded the two contestants, their backs still
against the audience.

Maxine dropped first, grabbing both sides of her ebony
buttocks and pulling them apart. She had done anal sex
before, but usually she wasn't the one doing the
pushing. The dildo slid into her black hole, the
lubrication easing it in. The bells jingled constantly
as she tried to sit, forever reminding her of the pain
of her sore nipples. Her breasts felt heavy,
perpetually being dragged down by her clamps. She
concentrated on her nipple pain to help her ignore the
burning agony she felt as the dildo pushed up into her.

Vincent fought his homophobia for about ten seconds
before making his descent. Squatting like that, he
felt humiliated that he was appearing to take a dump.
He reached down and grabbed the dildo firmly, aiming it
at his ass. Once he felt the impossibly large tool at
his anus, he took a deep breath and dropped down

"Fucking shit damn!" Vincent screamed, the dildo
impaling his body. He went down too fast, never giving
his body a chance to adapt but also ramming a good six
inches into him. It felt like he was being split in
two, but still he lowered his body. Vincent felt like
he was being fucked by a bull.

Maxine looked over at the squatting screamer beside her
and she couldn't believe her eyes. The damn bastard
was sinking fast on his dildo! Maxine's ass was tight
around her dildo, straining to encompass it and this
asshole was making her look bad. Her black fit ass and
her long legs were watched lovingly by the cameras as
she bounced on the dildo, trying to fuck it into her.

"Time's up! Quit moving!" Mistress Elisa commanded.
She reached down and used a marker to mark where on the
dildos their asses had stopped. For both of them it
was torture to remain still while the Dominatrix
casually made her marks. Both of them cried out with
relief when they were allowed to stand back up.

"The sluts took in eight inches, and the wimps took in
eleven! The wimps win another two hundred dollars!"
Mistress Elisa happily announced. "Vincent, you have
what it takes to take a cock! Maxine, you can learn
something from him. You'll get your chance to learn
now, for your punishment is you have to wear this butt-
plug for the rest of the show."

Before Maxine could react, the male enforcers left
Vincent's side and grabbed the screaming black woman.
They lifted her off the ground while the female
enforcers held tightly to her legs. With her ass once
again to the audience, Maxine screamed as she felt
Mistress Elisa insert the three-inch rubber plug in her
ass. Her ass was still aflame from the pounding she
gave it, and this rubber piece in her ass only reminded
her of what she had suffered.

"That's it for round two!" Mistress Elisa told the
cameras as Maxine hobbled to her partner. "The score
is nine hundred for the wimps, and five hundred for the
sluts. Come back after this commercial to see Final
Humiliation, followed by the losers getting on their

"And we're cut!" the intercom announced. Their
enforcers closely guarded both groups of contestants as
stagehands scrambled to pull almost everything off the
set. Mistress Elisa was swarmed by three makeup
artists who corrected stray hairs, dusted her cleavage
and polished her leather gear. Two circular platforms
were brought out and the contestants were told to stand
on them. An ominous platform was placed between the
two groups consisting of two-foot stools with leather
straps. The stools were facing each other and looked
very sturdy.

"That's where you're going when we win assholes!"
Maxine yelled at the guys. Her hips kept shifting as
she tried to get comfortable with a butt-plug up her

"Fat chance, jingle-tits!" Vincent snapped back.
"We're four hundred ahead!"

Kyle and Amma looked at each other, each a bit
embarrassed by their partners. Kyle felt terrible for
whipping the girl. She seemed like a nice person and
now he certainly couldn't ask her out. Amma was
thinking the same thing, though she was a bit disturbed
by the erection that was swinging between his legs.
She thought he had to be some sort of pervert to be
enjoying this, but she couldn't deny the fire she felt

"You're only four hundred ahead because you took that
pole up your ass," Maxine countered, snapping her head
back and forth as she talked. She winced, the rapid
head movement made her breasts swing and the clamps
tugged mercilessly at her nipples. "If the next
contest involves sucking dick you'll probably win that,

That last comment hit too close to home for Vincent.
"Your mama!" he yelled, and even Kyle looked at him
oddly for that remark.

"Quiet on the set, we're ready to go," the intercom
announced, so Vincent and Maxine resorted to hand
gestures to continue their insults.

"Welcome back to 'On Your Knees', it's time for Final
Humiliation!" Mistress Elisa announced. She had left
her podium and stood between the two contestants. She
carried a set of cards sticking out of her cleavage.

"The rules are simple," Mistress Elisa said. "I will
read a command from a card. The first team that does
the command wins three hundred dollars. When time is
up, the team with the least money has to get on their
knees! Sluts, you're behind by two hundred dollars, so
work your sorry asses!"

Mistress Elisa drew a card from her cleavage. "The
first command, is one of you slap the ass of the

SLAP! Vincent jumped as Kyle quickly spanked the ass
of his partner. Maxine and Amma were still looking at
each other when Kyle had reacted.

"Very good, wimps!" Mistress Elisa said.

"Dude!" Vincent complained. He rubbed his ass

"Next command, get on all fours and bark like a dog!"

Kyle dropped to his knees like a marine ordered to do
push-ups. Maxine moved to bend down but the plug in
her ass flared as she bent over. By the time Amma
tried to take her place, Kyle was already barking. The
crowd laughed and barked back at the humiliated guy.

"You have what it takes, Kyle. We might need to talk
later, wimp," Mistress Elisa quipped, drawing amusement
from the crowd.

"Damn it," Maxine complained. "Listen Amma, it's up to
you. Whatever she says, just do it."

"You sure?" Amma asked.

"Yes, don't even hesitate. I want to beat these
fuckers," Maxine said ruthlessly.

"The next command is to grab the pubic hair of your

"Fuck you Kyle," Vincent snapped.

On the other platform, Amma snapped her hand over to
Maxine's bush. The contrast of her pale hand next to
Maxine's skin was captured in loving detail by the
cameras. Amma was surprised by how soft and pliant
Maxine's hair was, but she was more than happy to let
go when they were given their three hundred dollars.

"Finally the sluts are playing," Mistress Elisa
announced. "You're still five hundred behind and
here's the next command. Suck the big toe of your

"Jesus!" Vincent swore and as Kyle dropped to beside
his feet. Kyle hesitated as he looked at his friend's
toe. There was no way he was going to touch that.

Meanwhile, Amma bent to one knee while Maxine carefully
raised one foot to rest on Amma's knee. Amma grimaced
as she guided Maxine's toe to her mouth. The poor girl
tried not to let her tongue touch Maxine's toe, but it
was impossible not to taste the woman's dirty feet.

"Another three hundred to the sluts, you're starting to
catch up!" Mistress Elisa said. "The score right now
is fifteen hundred to eleven hundred."

"Damn it Vincent, do you want to get on your knees and
let Maxine do what ever she wants with you?" Kyle
snarled as their scores were recapped.

"Well, no," Vincent admitted. "But all of these
commands are gay."

"Look at it this way," Kyle tried. "You've already
taken a dildo up your ass, wouldn't you be willing to
do it again just to fuck Maxine?"

Vincent looked at the leggy black girl, her nipples
adorned with the golden bells. "Yeah, yeah, you're
right! Let's win this thing!"

"The next command is for one of you to grab your ankles
while the other partner rubs their crotch against your

"Ok, we'll let that one slide," Kyle admitted to a
relieved Vincent.

Amma blushed as she tried to grab her ankles. Her
large breasts pressed against her legs as she tried to
hold her balance. Maxine had no problem with stepping
behind the white girl and grabbing her hips. The tall
girl had to stoop a little but she danced her crotch
against Amma's ass until Mistress Elisa declared them
the winner. Maxine was even getting used to the butt-
plug; it barely hurt at all when she humped Amma's ass.

"Another three hundred to the sluts and we have our
next command. Bite your partner's nipple, and make
sure we see your teeth!"

Amma turned to dive at Maxine's chest but stopped when
she considered the golden clamps. She changed tactics
and grabbed Maxine's head and bent the tall black woman
down to her chest. Maxine bit Amma's pink nipple
gently, her eyes shut and her face grimacing. She was
shocked to hear Mistress Elisa announce the guys as the

Both girls looked and to their disbelief, Kyle had
Vincent's nipple in his teeth. Vincent smiled weakly
as the audience shouted several lewd offers. Kyle
stood back up and wiped his mouth vigorously.

"I think you are all starting to enjoy this," teased
Mistress Elisa. "Your next command is to get on all
fours and let your partner sit on your back."

Kyle and Amma dropped to their knees again; at this
point they were used to it. Vincent paused as he
thought about the implications of his bare cock on
Kyle's back. Maxine on the other hand straddled Amma
quickly, but was having trouble lowering herself with
her butt-plug being squeezed by her shifting buttocks.
Maxine saw that Vincent was just barely swinging his
leg over Kyle's kneeling body, and that's when the
black woman went for broke. She surrendered to her
dilemma and dropped her ass on Amma's waiting body.
The impact sent a jarring spasm through her butt-plug,
but it was worth it when the sluts were declared the
winners of another three hundred dollars.

"The next command is-" Mistress Elisa was interrupted
by the noise of a whip cracking. "Wait, that is the
end of Final Humiliation! Let's check our scores. The
pitiful wimps have eighteen hundred dollars and the
sluts only have seventeen hundred dollars. The wimps
are today's winners and the girls have to . . ."

The crowd chanted "Get on your knees!"

The male enforcers left the guys' side and rushed over
to the women before they could put up a resistance.
Amma and Maxine had their hands forced behind their
backs and handcuffs were snapped around their wrists.
Maxine swore at the enforcers the entire time they
pushed her over to the footstools. The girls were
positioned so that they were facing each other as they
were forced to kneel on the footstools. The enforcers
worked quickly to strap the leather around their knees
that were spread apart for maximum entry.

"Now wimps, enjoy yourselves though try to make it last
at least ten minutes," Mistress Elisa whispered to the
stunned men. "If you get off too soon, try to fill the
extra time by spanking them or doing something else
equally humiliating. We do want the folks at home to
get their money's worth. If you chicken out, we'll let
have the enforcers use them. Either way, those girls
are getting fucked tonight."

"Yes ma'am!" Vincent yelled.

"I can't believe we're going to fuck in front of all
these people," Kyle said as the girls were strapped in.

"Hey, after all the abuse this crowd has given us, I
don't mind making them jealous by fucking these hot
girls," answered Vincent.

"True, but I feel bad for the girls," Kyle said.

"What? Do you seriously think they wouldn't do the
same for us?" Vincent said. "Look at this way. Do you
really want them to get used by those masked guys?
You're doing them a favor."

Mistress Elisa then walked over to the two bound girls.
"Listen sluts, if you bite our winners, or in anyway
disrupt their enjoyment, then you forfeit you winnings,
and you are considered in breach of your contract. Let
me just assure you, the local justice system will
violate you worse than our winners ever could. I hope
you think about this."

"Go to it wimps!" Mistress Elisa yelled out. She stood
between the two girls, tilting her hands in the
international style of game show hostesses presenting
prizes. "We're only an hour long show!"

"About time!" Vincent yelled walking right over to
Maxine. "Who's getting fucked now?" he asked as he
stepped behind her. He brought his hand on her ass
hard, enjoying the feel of her firm ass. Maxine jumped
at the impact and Vincent put his hand on her shoulder
to keep her still.

"I'm going to keep spanking you till you ask me to fuck
you," Vincent warned. He had a lot of aggression to
work through.

The bare-handed blows rained down on Maxine's ass. The
crowd loved it, laughing and taunting the wincing black
girl. Maxine's tits kept ringing from every impact,
the bells bouncing with his spanks. Each spank also
aggravated her butt-plug, sending a fresh new jolt of
pain. Maxine had never been so humiliated and yet the
loss of control sparked something deep in her belly.
She knew how to stop him from slapping her ass, and for
some reason, the idea turned her on.

"Ok, ok!" Maxine yelled. "Fuck me, fuck me! Just fuck
me now!"

Vincent paused, unsure of what he heard. Then he
quickly dropped down and mounted her from behind. He
felt the welts of her ass on his thighs and stomach,
and it aroused him further to know that heat came from
him. He held on to her bound wrists so she wouldn't
fall completely forward and holding her up like this,
he began to pump her savagely.

Maxine shuddered as he pounded her. The act of
surrender had obliterated all guilt for her. She knew
she had no choice in the manner, she knew she was being
used in front of a large audience but none of that
mattered because she couldn't stop it anyway. Once she
accepted how helpless she was, she began to enjoy
Vincent for what he was- a hard, insistent cock. For
the first time in Maxine's life, she had given in to
her desires, and the result was pure pleasure.

Vincent was so eager; he couldn't hold onto Maxine and
fuck her at the same time. With her body leaning
forward enough to allow his cock, it took a lot of his
strength just to hold on to her wrists. Mistress Elisa
saw his trouble and reached down to grab a handful of
Maxine's black hair. The dominatrix waved Vincent's
hands away and she held Maxine's body up by the hair.
The black woman cried out as her weight fell forward
and the tugging of her hair caught her. The pain was
just another distraction as Vincent's cock filled her

Opposite Maxine, Kyle had walked over to in front of
Amma and dropped down to grab her ass from behind. The
wet blond also nibbled on her ear, but that was just a
ruse to talk to her.

"Listen, they said if we fucked you girls well, we'll
double our winnings," he whispered. "If we didn't, you
girls would be fucked by the enforcers. How about we
work together and I'll split with you the doubled

Amma was experiencing strange tingles from where Kyle's
breath was on her neck. Her choice was easy. She
turned her head and appeared to be kissing his ear when
she gave her answer.

"It's a deal, please fuck me now," Amma whispered.

Kyle didn't need to be told twice. He moaned when she
made her request and stood up. He quickly walked
behind Amma's kneeling body and then sat down. Kyle
spun his body around and then lay back, placing his
face between her bound legs. Reaching up, he grabbed
her pale, round ass and lowered her body onto his face.

Amma's head tilted back as Kyle's mouth touched her
sensitive sex. The hot studio lights made her sweat
but his tongue and lips on her sex made her shiver.
Kyle's mouth cooled the welts she had received from
Mistress Elisa's lashes and every time his tongue would
trace one of her lash marks, Amma would moan
uncontrollably. When his mouth found her clitoris, she
had her first climax as his tongue whipped her in a
more pleasing way.

The camera zoomed in on Amma's climaxing face. It
captured the way her mouth opened the bead of sweat on
her forehead, the trembling of her lips and the
clenched eyes that told of her orgasm. Amma bounced
her body on Kyle's mouth as much as the straps would
allow, driving her sex harder onto his mouth.

"Five minutes left wimps," Mistress Elisa announced too
quietly for the audience to hear. "Let's see some
money shots!"

"Get up here," Amma sighed, looking down on Kyle
between her legs. "I can't take any more down there,"

Kyle slid out from under Amma, his face shiny with her
desire. The crowd cheered him, clapping furiously. He
gave them a half-hearted wave; Kyle had never been
applauded for oral sex before.

When Kyle came around to Amma's front, the girl bent
her head down and captured his standing cock in her
lips. He held onto her ponytail plaits as the freckled
woman sucked his cock down. He felt her large breasts
sway with her body, bouncing constantly into his knees.
Her head was in a perfect loop of motion, sucking him
down to his balls and then returning back up to the tip
of his cock.

While Kyle received a grateful blowjob, Vincent was
experiencing performance anxiety. He was humping
Maxine's tight pussy for all he was worth but he just
couldn't climax. Even with the beautiful Mistress
Elisa and her wonderful cleavage in front of him, he
couldn't cross that threshold and cum.

Maxine had similar problems. Her body was at a forty-
five degree angle and her breasts were bouncing
painfully with every thrust from the rapid Vincent.
That pain was compounded by the screaming of her scalp,
but all of that was nothing compared to the burning
insertion of her butt-plug. Once she had surrendered
to her feelings, she was having great sex, but the
combined pain was too much to let her climax.

"Take the plug out of my ass," Maxine yelled to her co-

Vincent put his hand on the ring sticking out of her
ass. "Why should I?" he teased.

Maxine growled, not used to having to negotiate.
"Please, it hurts too much!"

Not even Vincent could maintain his hostility for long.
Maybe his own anal entry had softened his heart as
well. Whatever the reason, Vincent grabbed the ring of
her butt-plug and pulled it slowly out. He pulled it
slowly because he didn't want it to hurt too much when
it came out.

Vincent didn't know that his slow pulling created a
powerful reaction in Maxine. The act of the plug
slowly retracting from her ass was as intense a
sensation as being entered. Maxine moaned a crescendo
as the plug slowly moved past her cheeks. As the
tension slowly released, Maxine's pussy became more
sensitive. When the plug did pop free, and the pain
finally stopped, the sudden release of tension caused
Maxine's sensitive sex to finally climax. Her body
shook and legs tried so hard to move against their
bonds. Her ass jerked and her tits as the orgasm
bounced through her body.

Poor Vincent still hadn't come yet. "Hey Kyle, you
want to swap up?" he asked.

Kyle's hands were in iron grips around Amma's plaits
while the woman sucked her faster. "Fuck no!" Kyle

Amma giggled slightly at his reaction, causing her lips
to vibrate against his cock. When he moaned, her blue
eyes looked up at him and smiled. She started to hum,
gently at first and the reaction was immediate. Kyle's
breathing deepened and he started fucking her mouth
with slight motions. Amma continued to hum as she
flickered her tongue over his cock's opening.

"I'm going to cum!" Kyle shuddered and Mistress Elisa
was instantly by his side. The Hispanic woman took
charge and pulled Amma's mouth away by one of her
plaits and she grabbed Kyle's cock with a gloved hand.
Keeping Amma's face inches away from Kyle's cock,
Mistress Elisa stroked him into a messy climax.
Strings of cum flew from his cock onto Amma's trapped
face as Mistress Elisa masturbated every last drop from
his body.

When Mistress Elisa went to Kyle, she released Maxine's
hair and the black girl was lucky enough to catch
herself from falling. Vincent was still pounding her
from behind and although Maxine was enjoying it, the
poor guy just couldn't climax. The cheering crowd, the
bright lights, the menacing enforcers and the fact that
he was fucking on camera was just too much of a
distraction. Like a machine he kept fucking her, but
he never managed to cum.

"That's all the time we have for On Your Knees!"
Mistress Elisa said, still coaxing a drop of semen from
Kyle. "Good night and join us next time!"

"No!" Vincent yelled and right then, he felt the surge.
He quickly pulled out of her pussy and pumped his cock
as fast as he could. The audience laughed at the sight
of the desperate American beating his cock behind the
bound black girl. Ignoring their laughs, Vincent
finally exploded, sending his hot cum spraying over
Maxine's back. The bound woman jerked as the hot semen
hit her and she tried to wriggle out of her bonds as
the messy cum dripped down her back and over her ass.

"I did it!" Vincent cried.

"Yes you did," Mistress Elisa said. "But it was when
we went off the air. Better luck next time asshole."

While the enforcers helped Amma out of her bounds and
gave her a towel to clean up with, Kyle stayed by her

"You played pretty well, I wish you were my partner,"
Kyle said.

Amma blushed. "Your friend seems like a jerk," she
said. She became conscious of her nudity now that the
show was over and crossed her arms over her large

"I know this is kind of awkward to ask with us just
having sex and being tortured for a international
audience, but I was wondering if you would like to come
with me on my resort trip?" he asked.

"To Sadism 2? The resort that sounds a lot like what
we just suffered?" Amma asked as she wrapped the towel
around her waist.

"Yeah but this time I'll get on my knees," he offered.

Amma looked at Maxine who was wiping cum off her back
and throwing it at Vincent.

"We'll take turns," she responded.


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