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OPENING HELEN A tender, erotic story of a young girl’s sexual initiation

CHAPTER ONE The knock at the door was so timid that at first Karl
thought he had imagined it. But there it was again, a tentative tapping
which sounded as if the visitor was apologizing for interrupting him.

Stepping out of the shower, he reached for a fluffy, white bath towel,
wrapped it round his waist and splashed wet-footed to the door of his
chalet. He peered through the fish-eye security lens, curious to know who
was calling at this early hour. The distorting lens showed him the slender
back of a young girl in tennis gear walking away from his chalet.

He threw open the door. “Hi!” he called to the retreating figure. “I
was in the shower. How can I help you? Helen, isn’t it?”

The girl turned, a shy smile on her face. “Yes. I’m sorry. I’ve
obviously come at a bad time. I’ll come back later.”

“No, please come on in – if you don’t mind my state of undress.”

Again she smiled, shook her head and squeezed past him as he held the
door open for her. A fresh smell of jasmine-scented soap wafted to him as
she passed but Karl was conscious of something richer, deeper, more animal,

“Can I get you an orange juice, or something?”

“Thank you, no. I’ve just had one.”

“Well, make yourself comfortable.” He gestured towards a low sofa.

Accepting his invitation gratefully, the girl sat facing him, the coffee
table with his breakfast things still on it between them. The brief, white
skirt she was wearing offered no cover to her bronzed young thighs, and,
thanks to the low position of the seat, the little white panties she wore
were clearly visible.

When he had coached her earlier in the week, Karl had of course been
aware of the fact that she was uncommonly pretty but his attention then had
been concentrated on improving a shaky backhand. Now, however, he could
see that she was more than just pretty – she was strikingly beautiful. Her
blonde hair was cut short and was held away from an angelic face by two
pink clips at her temples. Her eyes were wide-set and were a most amazing
cornflower blue. They looked at him candidly through thick lashes while
the tip of her tongue came out to moisten her full, ripe lips.

Beautiful though her face was, it was her vibrant young body which had
caught his eye on the tennis court and which engaged his attention now.
Although he judged her to be no more than sixteen, she had none of the
puppy fat to which that age-group is so prone. Her body was slim but
deliciously rounded at the breast and hips. The skin of her bare arms and
legs was tanned a light gold and its satin smoothness seemed almost
designed to invite a caress.

Karl could see from the way she was looking at him from beneath lowered
eyelids that she was very much aware of the half-naked male body seated
before her. He could also tell that she was nervous about something.

Beads of water glistened on his shoulders and fresh drops fell from his
hair as he shifted his position on the chair opposite her. “Excuse me a
second while I get another towel,” he said. As he rose, the towel round
his waist parted and she caught a glimpse of a strong, muscular thigh
covered in curly hairs that constant exposure to the sun had turned a light
blond. Droplets of water ran from his shoulders down his broad back, and
beneath the towel his powerful buttocks flexed as he walked towards the

He returned with a smaller towel round his neck and used it to dab the
remaining droplets off his torso. Then, raising his arms, he began drying
his long blond hair, which the shower water had turned quite dark. Helen’s
eyes were drawn to the firm musculature of his chest which, like his legs,
was covered with sun-bleached curly hairs. She yearned to reach out and
caress his skin, to feel the powerful muscles and sinews of his body.

Looking at her from underneath the hand towel as he dried his hair, Karl
could see her studying him closely, an intriguingly frank look on her face.
He went and stood next to the sofa.

“So Helen, what can I do for you?”

The girl blushed and looked down. “Well, it’s rather embarrassing...”

“Go on. No need to be shy. I’ll be glad to help in any way I can. Do
you want some more coaching on that backhand of yours? Boyfriend giving
you a hard time?”

“No, it’s nothing like that. I’d like... I mean, I want... er... Oh
dear, I don’t know how to say it.” Helen blushed a charming shade of pink
and bit her lip.

He smiled down at her. “Don’t be afraid, Helen. Say it. I don’t bite.

“All right, but can I whisper it in your ear?”

In answer, the man bent down so that his ear was level with the sweet
rosebud of her lips. Again the fresh smell of jasmine tantalised his

“Would you be willing to, you know, er… Oh god, I can’t say it! I’m a
virgin and I don’t want to be,” she breathed. “I’m sixteen and all my
friends have done it but I just don’t seem to be able to find anyone. All
the boys I like seem scared of me, and the others...” She let her voice
trail off but it was clear from the expression on her face the low esteem
in which she held them.

“Are you serious? You’re kidding me...”

“No, I’ve never been more serious about anything in my life. I don’t
want to give myself to some spotty nerd who probably doesn’t know what to
do anyway. I want a grown-up man who’ll be gentle and kind.” She looked up
at Karl as if to seek his reassurance that these qualities were indeed ones
he possessed.

“When you stood behind me on Tuesday, showing me how to hold my racquet
properly, I could tell you’d be gentle with me,” she went on. “Please
don’t say no. I’d die of shame.” Her eyes were looking away now to hide
her embarrassment and there was a charming pink flush on her cheeks.

“My darling girl, of course I shan’t say no. I’m incredibly flattered
that you want me to open you. But are you quite sure about this? I’m
thirty six, you know - almost old enough to be your father.”

“Yes, I’m sure I’m sure, Karl. I want you to teach me everything, show
me everything. I’ve been plucking up courage to ask you all week. Please
don’t disappoint me.”

“I shan’t disappoint you, my dearest Helen. You’re an extremely
beautiful young woman and I’m honoured that you want me to be your first
lover. I just wanted to be sure you knew what you were doing. And I
promise I’ll be very gentle with you.”

Yet, despite his wide sexual experience, Karl was for a moment uncertain
where to begin with this strange girl. Her face was that of an innocent
child who could have been as young as fourteen. Yet her body was that of a
mature woman. At one moment she seemed a naive teenager, the next an
adult, confident in her own sexuality.

The decision was taken for him when she sat forward on the sofa and
began pulling her white polo shirt out of the waistband of her tennis
skirt. “I suppose I ought to take this off before it gets all creased,” she
said, smiling up at him shyly.

“Yes, let me help you. We wouldn’t want to spoil it, would we?”

Karl sat down beside her while she raised her arms to allow him to draw
the garment up and off her body. Beneath it she was wearing a lace
brassiere whose whiteness was dazzling against her tanned skin. But before
Karl had time to take in and enjoy the delicacy of the female undergarment,
Helen reached behind her and unclipped the lacy harness and let it fall
onto her lap.

Exposed to him now were the two most enchanting breasts Karl thought he
had ever seen. The contrast between the girl’s slender body, with its slim
arms, narrow shoulders and childish rib-cage, and the large, perfectly
formed globes of her breasts was startling. They thrust out proudly from
her chest, tapering into lovely cones which were in turn surmounted by
nipples of the lightest, most delicate pink. Under Karl’s scrutiny, the
young girl felt her nipples begin to tighten and protrude.

He leant forward and touched one of them, first stroking its puckered
skin gently with his fingers and then pulling on it lightly, before
transferring his attention to its twin and making that, too, swell into
full erection. In response to these loving caresses, the central stalks of
Helen’s nipples now protruded about half an inch from the surrounding
aureoles, which were themselves decorated with a ring of small goose-bumps
near their perimeter.

The pinkness of the nipples made them look so vulnerable and tender that
Karl felt a powerful urge to suck them to give them comfort. But he sensed
that the moment was not yet quite right and that he should delay paying
homage to them with his lips until Helen was further aroused and had lost
all her inhibitions.

He therefore contented himself with cupping his hands beneath her
breasts to feel their weight, and then with squeezing them gently to test
their resilience. On both counts his investigation found them perfect.
Heavy and ripe, they filled his hands to overflowing, yet they were
delightfully firm to the touch.

“Do you like them, Karl?” the girl whispered, her wide blue eyes
searching his face anxiously.

“My dearest Helen, they’re absolutely perfect. I can’t tell you how
beautiful they are. And your nipples are such a lovely pink colour.” He
lifted one of the delicious globes as if to show it to her and then
released it so that it jiggled provocatively on her rib-cage.

“I was afraid you’d find them too big. In the showers at school some of
the other girls make fun of me.”

“No, you should be proud of them. The others are only jealous. You
have the sort of figure that men dream about in their erotic fantasies.
You ought to be in Penthouse!” Karl looked toward the bedroom and made to
draw her up from the seat. “Shall we go and lie on the bed?” he suggested.
“We’ll be more comfortable there.”

Helen smiled timidly and nodded her head, realising that she had set in
motion a train of events which neither she nor this handsome stranger could
stop. Before long, he would insert his erect penis into her and she would
be a virgin no more. She shivered in anticipation, wondering what the
moment of penetration, when it came, would feel like. She hoped it
wouldn't hurt too much.

Karl bent to pick her up. Her arms came round his neck and her lips
found his in a long, hungry kiss. Carrying her young body easily in his
arms, he walked into the bedroom, laid her gently on the bed and then stood
looking down at her beauty. Her tiny white tennis skirt had now bunched
itself around her waist, exposing the skimpy white briefs beneath. Helen’s
hands were holding her naked breasts, squeezing the swollen mounds, boldly
fingering the rigid nipples.

“Are you starting to get excited, too?” she asked, staring meaningfully
at a large bulge that had appeared in the towel wound round Karl’s hips.

“Yes, darling, I am,” he smiled. “You see what effect your breasts have
on me? It’s beginning to go hard.”

“I want to watch it go hard. Can I?” she begged. “I want to learn
everything about a man. What he looks like when he’s excited. How it
feels for him. What he likes a woman to do. Please teach me, Karl.”

In answer, Karl leaned over the bed, kissed her deeply and then took her
hand and placed it on the huge bulge at the front of the towel. He watched
through narrowed eyes as she explored the contours of his genitals through
the fluffy fabric. Helen’s eyes met his and she smiled shyly at him as her
hand began to tug at the folds of the towel round his waist. She lay on
her side, her elbow bent, with her hand supporting her head, while with her
other hand she slowly pulled away the towel to reveal his naked maleness
beneath. His sex, although not yet in full erection, had nonetheless
swollen to impressive proportions and stood out almost at a right angle to
his body. Helen was fascinated to see it shift and sway as he moved to
stand even closer to the bed.

She stared, wide-eyed, at what she had exposed. The foreskin was
partially retracted and the shiny glans protruded from it like a young bird
peering from its nest. The testicles in their wrinkled sac hung sweetly at
its root, from where a forest of blond hair curled up across his belly,
thinning as it reached his navel and then growing dense again as it spread
across his muscular chest.

Helen felt a delicious warmth surge through her body and a tingle of
anticipation begin between her legs. She surreptitiously rubbed the inner
surfaces of her thighs together in a vain attempt to still the tremors she
felt there. Karl’s alert eye saw what she was doing and he smiled to let
her know that he was happy to share her secret.

“Would you like to touch it?” the man asked, looking down with pride at
the distended member that now jutted out stiffly from the base of his
belly. “See, it’s trembling at the thought of your soft little hand holding

And indeed it was. The whole organ, which was suffused with a reddish
flush, quivered expectantly, waiting for her touch. For the young teenager, the moment was one of magic. At last, after all the fevered
imaginings of recent months, she was about to caress a man’s penis.

With Karl’s help, she raised herself to a kneeling position on the bed
so that her plump buttocks rested comfortably on her heels. Her lover
placed one of his knees next to hers on the bed, leaving the other planted
firmly on the floor. He thrust his hips forward slightly so that the
swollen organ was presented boldly for her inspection, only inches from her
face. The girl reached out tentatively towards it and began stroking her
fingertips lightly up and down its length, marvelling at its strength and

“Karl, it’s huge! So big and hard,” she gasped. “I’m scared. Surely
it’ll never fit inside me?”

“Don’t worry, my angel, I won’t hurt you,” Karl said comfortingly. “I
promise you’ll be able to take it in easily. A woman’s vagina is extremely
flexible. After all, mother Nature designed it to receive a man’s penis!”

“Hmm, I suppose so. But surely yours must be bigger than normal?”

“Only slightly,” Karl smiled modestly, charmed by the innocence of the
girl’s questioning.

The cool touch of Helen’s hand on its hot, sensitive skin caused the
unruly organ to stiffen still further so that it arched up almost to touch
his navel. Growing still bolder, the girl circled her fingers tightly
round the shaft, leaving its top three inches protruding cheekily from her

“Let me show you what feels nice for a man,” Karl said. He shifted his
knee slightly on the bed so as to bring his erection even nearer to Helen’s
face. Then, placing his hand over hers, he helped her pull down on the
skin covering the shaft. This drew the foreskin back so that the broad,
purple head stood fully exposed to her scrutiny, all shiny and swollen.
The downward pull of her hand also had the effect of opening the tiny slit
at the tip of the glans so that the girl could see its moist, pink

“Oh my God!” she gasped. “Doesn’t that hurt?”

“Hurt, my darling? Oh no, when you pull the skin back like that it
gives me the most exquisite pleasure! Do it again. Yes, move your hand up
and down, just like that. And again. Oh yes.”

Under Karl’s expert tuition, Helen’s hand began moving rhythmically up
and down the shaft, at first uncertainly but soon, as she saw the effect
she was having on him, with increasing confidence. His eyes closed and he
stood there, swaying slightly, enjoying the feeling as the pressure in his
groin built with every passage of her hand.

“Does that feel nice?” Helen asked, looking up at him with a teasing
little smile and milking him with increasingly confident movements of her

“Too nice, I’m afraid. If you carry on like that you’ll make me come.”

“What does it feel like for a man when he comes?” the young girl asked,
still retaining her tight hold on his erection but, in light of his
warning, no longer rubbing it up and down.

“Well, you get an unbearable ache, sort of deep behind your balls.
Here, darling, give me your hand and I’ll show you where.” Karl moved his
left knee further to one side on the bed so that his thighs were spread
wide apart, then he guided her hand beneath his testicles and pressed it
tight against his perineum. Helen was surprised to feel that the hardness
of his erection extended all the way back there.

“Then, when you start to come, the sensation expands all the way up your
cock, and it feels just heavenly, especially here, just underneath the

Karl pulled his foreskin right back with one hand to show her his
frenum, while with the other he drew her forefinger up the stiff shaft,
tracing the route that his seed would soon be following. As her finger
touched the super-sensitive skin of the frenum, the penis twitched and a
drop of clear liquid emerged from the little slit at its tip.

“Oh Karl, what’s that? Are you coming now?”

“No, my pet,” he chuckled, “that’s just a drop of lubrication. A man’s
sperm is a sort of milky-white colour and it squirts out in big jets,
sometimes quite a long way. I promise that when I do come you’ll be in no
doubt about it! But on the other hand this little droplet does mean I’m
very excited. ”

“Will you let me see your sperm?”

“Yes, I’d like to show it to you. In any case, I mustn’t come inside
you or we might make a baby, and you wouldn’t want that would you?”

Helen shook her head thoughtfully and then, putting such serious matters
from her mind, she spread the glistening droplet over the end of his member
with her finger.

“Look, I’ve made it nice and shiny now,” she giggled and began
masturbating him again, adopting easily the rhythm and grip he had taught
her a few moments earlier. Her other hand came up to stroke his testicles

Karl smiled, sharing the obvious enjoyment the young girl was getting
from playing with him, but the ache in his testicles told him it was time
to take her forward to the next stage of their lovemaking.

“Helen, you’ve seen me naked. Don’t you think it’s time for me to see
you, too?”

The girl nodded her head nervously and reluctantly released her hold on
the phallus. Karl bent over the bed and helped her move towards its centre
so that he could lie down close beside her.

“Don’t be shy, darling. You’re beautiful and should be proud to show
yourself to a man. Here, let me help you take those things off.”

With gentle hands he unbuttoned the waist of her short white skirt while
she lifted her bottom to allow him to pull it off her. Then slowly and
with infinite tenderness he eased the panties off her hips and down her
legs, noting as he did so that the portion of the fabric which had been
between her legs was soaking wet. When she was completely naked he turned
sideways to her and, supporting his upper body on an elbow, he looked down
at the loveliness displayed before him.

Helen’s tight young skin was tanned a delicious shade of gold, except
for the areas that had been covered by her bikini. The white stripe across
her superb breasts, and the matching white triangle on her belly, made
those parts of her anatomy seem more vulnerable, more inviting. Her pubic
mound was prominent and lightly covered with fine blonde hairs which did
little to conceal the slit that ran between her tightly closed thighs.

Karl judged that her state of arousal was now such that he needed
contain no longer his overpowering urge to suck her enchanting nipples.
Indeed, the shallowness of her breathing, the flush on her face and neck,
and the moisture he had detected on her panties, all suggested that she
would welcome such a move. Accordingly, he leant over and licked both
nipples, savouring the texture of their puckered tips before drawing the
nearer one deep inside his mouth.

At the touch of his lips, Helen felt a glorious ache suffuse her
breasts, an ache that she could only assuage by bringing her hands up to
squeeze and massage them. Then, with a feeling of pride, she fed first one
then the other into Karl’s hungry mouth and watched his blond head move on
them as he suckled her nipples like a child. Against her thigh she could
feel the heat and strength of his shaft pressing into her.

The lovely sensation was now not confined just to her breasts but
extended down between her legs. She pressed her thighs even more tightly
together, thereby exerting a delicious pressure on the plump lips hidden between them. Then, in act which surprised her with her own shamelessness,
Helen parted her legs, raised one of her knees and placed her hand on her
vulva, hungrily seeking the sensitive bud of her clitoris with her fingers.

The man raised his head from her breasts and looked down across the
satin skin of her slim little belly and saw from the rhythmical movement of
her hand how great her need had now become. He knew he need worry no
longer about shocking her. The naive schoolgirl had become a mature sexual
animal whose arousal had expunged all feelings modesty.

“Let me see you, Helen,” he whispered in her ear, seeing the goose-bumps
rise on the skin of her arms and breasts. He rose and knelt at her side,
his penis sticking out boldly from the cloud of hair at the base of his
belly. From her position below him, Helen’s eyes were drawn to his
testicles in their wrinkled sac of flesh. The love-pouch swayed
provocatively from side to side as he moved round on the bed to kneel
between her parted thighs.

“That is so pretty,” he said, his eyes fixed on the delicate folds of
girl-flesh between her legs. “Did you know your sex lips are all swollen,
Helen? And here, the little inside ones are very, very wet; and so pink,

With the second and third fingers of his hand Karl held the outer labia
apart, luxuriating in the soft, silky feel of the light blonde hairs that
adorned them. Then he drew his forefinger of his other hand down between
the delicate inner lips to explore the opening to her vagina. Helen’s
love-fluids coated it generously and he used that moisture to lubricate the
tiny pink membrane that had popped out of its covering sheath at the front
of her vulva.

The young girl’s eyes closed and she groaned with pleasure. “Oh, my
God! That feels fantastic,” she sobbed. “Don’t stop.”

The man took his shaft in his other hand and massaged it slowly while
continuing to attend to the girl’s hard little bud. Then, very gently, he
probed the entrance to her body with his middle finger. “Your vagina is
quite open, Helen,” he remarked. “I’m sure this friend of mine will slip
into you easily. Open your eyes and look at him. He’s ready to enter you

At his bidding Helen looked up at him, kneeling between her open legs
with his massive erection held ready in his hand. It looked so huge to her
innocent young eyes that her earlier fears about her capacity to receive it
reasserted themselves. Yet at the same time she felt a deep hunger for it
which she knew could be satisfied only by taking it inside her body.

Smiling down tenderly, Karl bent over her lovely young form and for a
brief moment sucked on each of her nipples. Then, with his weight
supported on one arm, he stroked the tip of his organ up and down her moist
channel. Bathed in her slippery fluids, it slid easily across the entrance
to her vagina, skated up onto her swollen clitoris and then back down to
the rear of her cleft before it finally nuzzled again at her expectant
opening. Helen caught her breath, so intense was the pleasure. Now, at
last, both were poised, ready for the moment of entry.

“Do it, darling, put it in me,” the teenager begged him. “Please, open
me. I don’t mind if it hurts. I want you to take my virginity.”

Gratefully, Karl adjusted the position of his penis at Helen’s entrance
and, as they both watched closely, their foreheads pressed together, he
edged it slowly forward until most of its broad head was lodged within her,
leaving only its flared rim still visible.

Helen’s cobalt blue eyes widened and her perfect white teeth bit her
lower lip as she felt his bulk stretching her tight little opening. Then,
in an act of immense courage, she grasped his buttocks in her hands, pulled
his hips towards her and impaled herself on him.

A small cry escaped her lips as she felt the full length of the rigid
shaft slide past the last bit of resistance and come to rest, high up
inside her vagina. Tears welled in her eyes but she blinked them away,
aided by the soft kisses her lover rained down on her cheeks and mouth.

For a long moment Karl rested motionless inside her, anxious to give her
virginal flesh time to accommodate itself to the intrusive organ. Although
he was highly aroused, he was determined to keep a tight rein on his
excitement. On this occasion, his own pleasure was of secondary
importance. He must make this first time a memory the young girl would
cherish for the rest of her life.

Nonetheless, the sheath of her vagina was holding him with a grip that
was so unbearably delicious that he knew he must bring her to a climax
quickly or the tension in his scrotum would undo him and he would lose
control of his emotions.

He lifted his upper body away from hers and stared down at where his
erect member linked their two bodies. The young girl raised her head so
that she, too, could see the conjunction of their sexual parts. The thick tangle of blond pubic hair at the root of Karl’s organ made a pleasing
contrast with the thinner, silkier curls at the base of her own stomach.
And, linking the two thickets of hair, she saw the rigid bar of flesh. How
strong it looked, how powerful!

She rejoiced in the feel of the strong male body poised above her and
possessing her. She reached up and stroked his blonde hair, which had
fallen forward, partially shrouding his tanned and handsome face. On his
upper lip, beads of sweat had gathered and she brushed them away with her
forefinger, tracing the hard line of his jaw round to the sensitive skin at
the nape of his neck.

The pain in her vagina had now receded and what little remained was
submerged by the delicious sensation in her clitoris as it was stretched by
the downward pressure of the male organ that still rested motionless in her
love channel.

“I’m a woman now,” she whispered proudly into Karl’s ear. “I didn’t
think it would go in, but it did, didn’t it?”

“I told you it would.”

“You won’t come inside me, will you?”

“No, my darling, I won’t. When the time comes I’ll pull it out and
squirt onto your tummy. But first I’m going to make you come.”

To give effect to this promise, Karl began a slow, careful, in-and-out
motion that was designed to maximize Helen’s pleasure and minimize any
lingering discomfort she may have been feeling from his initial entry.
With each inward thrust, the upper surface of his massive organ rubbed
against the young girl’s protuberant little bud, and with each partial
withdrawal the delicate inner lips of her vulva clung wetly to its surface
so that they extended beyond the plump outer lips.

Karl placed a finger at the front of her slit and gently drew back the
hood of skin which covered the clitoris. By altering the angle of his
entry, he was able to increase the friction between his shaft and the
now-exposed tiny organ, and he could tell from the change in her breathing
that this extra stimulation was raising her to new heights of pleasure.
Each slow, deliberate thrust into her vagina brought a low moan from
Helen’s throat.

Responding to her need, he raised the tempo of his to-and-fro motion
while she spurred him on by squeezing the muscular mounds of his buttocks.
Her long, slender fingers found their way between the cheeks of his bottom
and she pulled them apart so that he could feel the cool air caressing his
anus as his hips rocked backwards and forwards.

“I feel as if you’re splitting me apart,” Helen gasped, looking deep
into Karl’s eyes. “It’s just so gorgeous when you push it up me like
that.” She wriggled her bottom on the bed, transmitting a delightful
side-to-side motion to Karl’s aching organ. “Yes, oh again!” she cried.
“Now suck my breasts, please!”

The man obediently bent his head and began sucking one of her nipples,
drawing it deep into his mouth and massaging it with his tongue and lips.
This the girl found intensely pleasurable and she began to build to a huge
orgasm. Her hips thrust eagerly at her lover, matching his own powerful
thrusts and forcing her pubic mound tightly against the base of the organ
that was now buried so deeply within her.

Then, suddenly, with a squeal of ecstasy, she climaxed. Her beautiful
blue eyes widened in surprise and and then rolled up under their lids as
spasm after spasm of pleasure surged through her genitals. Her clitoris
pushed itself even more boldly from its protective sheath until the
sensation grew too much to bear, whereupon it retracted moistly into her

The muscular spasms in Helen’s vagina were all that were needed to drive
Karl towards his own climax. The ache in his testicles had been building
relentlessly over the last few minutes and he knew that he could no longer
hold back his seed. And, now that his lover had come, he was free to let

Rapidly he withdrew his penis from the young girl’s enfolding warmth and
wetness. Then, rising to his knees between her widely spread thighs, he
formed his finger and thumb into a tight ring round its neck. He looked
down at the beauty beneath him and prepared himself to pay his liquid
tribute to it.

“Look, Helen, I’m coming,” he cried.

The teenager raised her head from the pillow and watched in wide-eyed
wonder as, with a few deft strokes, Karl brought himself to a huge climax.
The slit at the end of his penis opened and from it spurted powerful jets
of a milky fluid which felt warm as it landed first on her naked breasts and then on her belly. Soon, her body was covered with the pearly evidence
of her lover’s pleasure.

“Oh Karl, there’s so much of it!” she exclaimed, watching as the dying
droplets emerged from the penis and fell between her open thighs. “I never
realised it would be like that. Look, I’m completely drenched in it now!
You almost spurted up to my face. Did it feel nice when it squirted out?”

“Heavenly,” the man smiled, still fondling his stem gratefully as it
slowly lost its hardness. “I thought I was going to die.”

He lay down on top of her, enjoying the feel of her naked skin against
his, now made wet and slippery by his semen.

“Thank you, Helen,” he whispered, “you were fantastic.”

“So were you, darling. That was the best moment of my life. I just
didn’t know sex would be that good.”

Karl’s arms surrounded her, drawing her close. His lips brushed light
kisses against her eyelids and then against her lips. Soon, exhausted,
they both slept.

CHAPTER TWO In which our young heroine allows her lover to watch her at
her toilet
“I need another shower,” Karl said when the two lovers woke from a sleep
that had restored them after their earlier exertions.

He sat up on the bed, plumped up the pillows behind him and smiled down
tenderly at the young girl lying naked beside him. “How do you feel, my
sweet?” he asked, caressing her shoulder and then her breast.

“A tiny bit sore but OK otherwise. Actually, more than OK- I feel
wonderful! Thank you for being so gentle with me, darling.” She reached up
and stroked the man’s hair lovingly. “I suppose I’m a woman now, not an
innocent little virgin any more. I thought I’d feel different somehow, but
I don’t. I’m still the same me.”

“Yes, and that’s the way it should be. Just because you’ve had a man’s
penis inside you, it doesn’t really change anything, does it? Except that
now you can enjoy sex without having to worry about whether it’s going to
hurt you.”

Swinging his legs onto the floor, Karl took Helen’s hands and helped her
step down from the rumpled bed. He led her towards the bathroom. “Let’s
go and shower, my little princess. I’d like to wash you all over.”

Helen decided she liked the idea of Karl soaping her nude body and
thought she would enjoy repaying the compliment. She imagined his erect
penis, slippery with soap, sliding to and fro in her hand. So vivid was
the mental image that she could almost feel the needles of water beating
down on her shoulders and stinging her tender nipples.

As the two lovers walked hand in hand to the bathroom, Helen caught
sight of their reflection in a large gilt-framed mirror mounted on the
wall. She stopped, intrigued by the vision of their bodies, seen from a
distance. It was hard to connect those two naked strangers in the glass
with Karl and herself. For Karl, too, the image was both arresting and
stimulating - his lithe and powerful masculine frame complemented by the
softer, rounded curves of the beautiful teenager.

They stood side by side looking at each other’s body in the glass.
Their eyes met in the mirror and they exchanged a smile. Helen giggled as
Karl’s penis stirred and began slowly to swell and stiffen.

“Oh look!” she exclaimed. “It’s getting all stiff. Aren’t you ashamed
of yourself, Karl? Can’t you keep it under control? See, it’s getting
bigger by the minute.”

Karl did not need the evidence that was so clearly presented in the
mirror to confirm the truth of the young girl’s assertions. Even with his
eyes closed, the pressure and tension in his body would have told him that
his penis was lengthening and lifting. He could also feel the familiar
ache beginning in his testicles. The skin of his scrotum tightened in
response, drawing its two precious jewels up closer to the warmth of his

The member had now became sufficiently engorged with blood to support
itself, and it pointed horizontally at Helen’s image in the looking glass.
Studying its reflection, which was foreshortened in the mirror, she could
see the small vertical slit at the very tip of the glans. But when she
turned to look directly at the man standing beside her, it was the smooth
pink skin of the shaft’s upper surface that captured her eye.

Karl’s manhood was still a source of novelty and mystery to the girl.
She watched it closely, fascinated to observe the process of male erection
taking place so openly before her. Although neither of them had yet
touched it, his organ was now standing up, fiercely erect, the tip of its
dark red head protruding from the mantle of covering skin.

Helen felt an irresistible urge to run her fingers up its length, from
the heavy testicles suspended in their wrinkled sac to the smoothness of
the shiny glans at its very tip. As she gave way to the urge and traced
her nail lightly up the shaft, a sigh of pleasure emerged from deep within
the man’s chest. With his encouragement she added to his pleasure by
taking the neck of the phallus between her forefinger and thumb. Then,
watching her action in the mirror, she carefully pulled back the hood of
skin, leaving the bulbous head fully exposed.

Helen’s hand began a slow, deliberate up and down motion and she cooed
in delight at the way the skin moved silkily over the rigid, blood-engorged
tissue within. Karl moved his feet a little further apart on the thick rug
to give access to the teenager’s other hand, which had crept round behind
him and was reaching between his legs to gently cup his testicles. He
watched the girl’s rhythmic action impassively in the mirror but the
quickening of his breath and a slight flush on his neck betrayed the deep
pleasure he was feeling.

Nor was Helen’s own body immune from the stirrings of sexual desire.
Her nipples had puckered into two rigid peaks which stuck out impertinently
from the lovely melons of her breasts. And between her legs a delicious
tingling told her that her own genitals were also swelling – less visibly
perhaps than her male companion’s, but no less emphatically.

“It’s nice to be able to see how much you want me,” she said, staring at
his sex in the mirror and holding it motionless for a moment so that she
could admire it. “When a man’s excited, it’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?”

“Yes, I’m afraid it stands out a mile!” Karl joked. “You women are
lucky. You can be aroused even to the point of coming, yet it’s all
discreetly hidden between your legs.”

“Yes, but when we get wet, that shows, doesn’t it?” the young girl replied cheekily. Releasing her hold on his member, she slipped her middle
finger between her legs to prove the truth of her assertion. When she
withdrew it, Karl could see that it was indeed anointed with moisture.

“You see, you’re not the only one who’s excited,” she said, showing it
to him proudly.

Karl took gentle hold of Helen’s slim wrist and brought the finger up to
his face so that he could look more closely at the clear, slippery liquid
that glistened on it. Then, looking tenderly into her wide blue eyes, he
licked her finger carefully with the tip of his tongue before sucking it
deep inside his mouth.

At first, Helen felt herself blush at the uninhibited directness of his
action but then she realised that his readiness to taste her intimate body
fluids was a compliment to her. She had never imagined that a man and a
woman could be so free with one another that they would feel able to do
such things. But now that Karl had opened her eyes to the way lovers could
share moments of great sexual openness, she found herself wondering what it
would be like to taste the clear droplet of love-liquid that had just
appeared at the tip of his penis, or even to drink the milky fluid she had
seen squirt from him when he reached his climax.

The very thought of such a rude act sent a delicious surge of desire
through her young body and she had no option but once again to reach down
between her slim thighs and slip a finger into the delicate folds of
girl-flesh to fondle the hard little bud hidden there. With Karl’s eyes
feasting on her every movement, she shifted her feet further apart in order
to give her hand more freedom to move.

When she next withdrew the finger, she proffered it to her lover
herself, no longer needing any prompting from him. But this time he took
her wet hand and placed it against her own lips.

“Taste yourself, my darling child. See how sweet you are? Yes, doesn’t
that taste lovely? Now wet it again for me and let me taste it.” Once more
Helen’s hand dipped into the honeypot between her legs and she brought it
up to his eager lips, glistening with the juice that was seeping from her
vagina. As soon as her lover had drunk the nectar from her fingers, she
returned them to their task of playing with her pleasure bud, where all her
sensations were gathering.

“Here, let me do that for you,” Karl said and slipped his hand between
her thighs. The lips there were pouting and swollen, as he knew they would
be, and the light covering of hair which decorated them was drenched with
her love-liquids. His fingers deftly drew the labia still further apart so
that he could touch and torment the small engorged shaft that nestled at
the front of her slit.

But the nerve endings of Helen’s clitoris were now so sensitive that one
brief contact with Karl’s finger was all that was needed to tip her over
into a shudderingly beautiful climax. She cried out and clung to him, her
arms round his neck, while the waves of ecstasy washed through her body.

How could so much pleasure be possible, she wondered as she gradually
re-entered the real world from the distant galaxy of sensation to which her
orgasm had transported her. Until this morning, her sexual experience had
been limited to rubbing herself surreptitiously under the bedclothes while
her younger sister slept in the twin bed beside hers. Now, Karl had taken
her to the furthest frontiers of sexual pleasure. She knew the feeling of
a man inside her. She had watched a penis ejaculate onto her body. She
had let a man sip the juices from between her legs. She had stood naked in
front of a mirror and masturbated herself while her lover watched.

But now, in the aftermath of her pleasure, a more down-to-earth
sensation began to intrude on her musings. Her bladder felt full and she
knew she must relieve herself before she could let Karl put his penis in
her again.

“Darling, I need to use the bathroom,” she said. “I drank too much
orange juice at breakfast!”

“Yes, I want to go, too,” Karl replied, leading her by the hand into the
bathroom. “Let’s do it together.”

“Together? Oh, I couldn’t, I’d die of embarrassment.” Helen blushed
charmingly at the thought of relieving herself in front of a man. Once
again, the mantle of the experienced woman had been shed and she had become
an innocent sixteen-year-old. Karl found her transition from teenage
naiveté to adult confidence, and back again, immensely appealing.

“Really, my sweet, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. We all go
pee-pee four or five times a day. It’s the most natural thing in the
world. Look, I’ll go first and show you.”

To Helen’s surprise, Karl suddenly squeezed the head of his erect penis
between his fingers. This caused the organ to wilt from its former
up-standing splendour. He repeated the movement until it hung almost
horizontally from his body.

“A man can’t urinate when it’s stiff, Helen,” he explained, reading the
puzzlement in her eyes. “When it’s erect, it closes off the valve.”

“I’m learning a lot about male anatomy, today,” Helen giggled, regaining
some of her composure. But was Karl really going to relieve himself in
front of her? It seemed so rude. And if he did, would she dare watch?

Karl positioned himself, legs slightly apart, in front of the white
china lavatory bowl and looked over his shoulder at her. “Come and stand
behind me, Helen,” he ordered. Shyly the girl came close, until the soft
tips of her breasts brushed his bare back and her smooth, flat stomach was
pressed against his buttocks. As soon as he felt her warm body touch his,
Karl released a powerful stream of urine into lavatory bowl.

Despite her embarrassment, Helen was curious to see yet another new
facet of this strong, mysterious man. So she stood on tip-toe and looked
over his shoulder at the light yellow stream that was emerging with great
force from the little orifice at the end of his penis. Karl reached round
behind him with his free hand, took hold of hers and placed it around his
organ. Then he released his own grip, leaving her to aim the golden stream
at the lavatory.

Through the fleshy hose in her hand, Helen could feel the trembling
surge of water as it squirted from him. Although she couldn’t bring
herself to admit it openly, she was now enjoying the feeling of being able
to direct the jet wherever she wished. She began to envy men their freedom
and control in this most basic of human acts. For his part, Karl found the
soft pressure of her breasts against his back and the light tickle of her
pubic floss as it brushed against his buttocks immensely stimulating. His
penis responded by twitching in her hand, bringing a giggle of delight from
the teenager’s lips.

Eventually, his bladder empty, Karl placed his hand over Helen’s and
showed her how to shake the long male tube to release the last few of drops
of liquid.

“There. You see, that wasn’t so difficult, was it?” he asked kindly as
he leant forward to flush the lavatory. “Now it’s your turn.”

“Karl, I can’t,” Helen pleaded, but the pressure in her bladder was
urging her to say yes. Nor had her state of urgency been helped by the
catalytic effect of the sight and sound of the water being expelled from
Karl’s body.

“At least sit down, my angel,” Karl said softly as he lowered the dark
mahogany seat onto the gleaming china for her. Obediently the girl placed
her pretty pink buttocks on the shiny wood and then leant back, feeling
with gratitude the coolness of the wooden seat cover and the water cistern
at her back. The ache in her bladder had now become intolerable and
despite her great embarrassment, she knew she could hold back no longer.

So, with a sigh of resignation, she relaxed her muscles and allowed a
powerful stream of water to spurt out into the lavatory bowl. With a happy
smile on his face, Karl knelt in front of her and gently eased her thighs
apart on the seat so that both of them could watch the torrent of liquid
squirting from the little hole concealed between her pouting labia. He
rested his elbows on her knees and cupped his chin in his hands, studying
the charming waterfall between her legs.

“Beautiful,” he smiled. “You look so beautiful. A princess on her

And indeed Helen did look beautiful. Her eyes were bright and her soft
young cheeks were flushed with the blessed relief of finally being able to
release the pressure in her bladder. As she peered down at the steady
golden stream being expelled from her body, her shiny blonde hair fell
forward, framing the incredible beauty of her face. The neat triangle of
hair at the base of her silky-smooth belly was almost like an arrow-head,
directing the viewer’s gaze towards the pink folds of flesh between her
legs. But any such viewer would first have had to tear his eyes away from
the superb breasts which hung forward invitingly from her childish

But Karl had not yet finished with his surprises. Edging Helen’s
perfect legs still wider apart on the seat, he thrust his hand between them
and into the warm torrent as it sprayed from her uretha. He turned his
hand from side to side in the stream, smiling tenderly at her and
luxuriating in the intimacy of the moment. Helen gasped at his boldness
but could do nothing to stop the flow of pale yellow liquid that was
spurting from her little opening. Karl’s hand was now cupping her vulva so
that the water gushed through his fingers before cascading onto the china

Meanwhile, his other hand played with Helen’s breasts, stroking their
delicate, rosy peaks into hard little cylinders which stood out boldly from
the surrounding pink of the aureoles.

The stream of water from between the young girl’s legs was fading. Karl
withdrew his hand and applied it lovingly to his now-rigid member,
moistening the taut flesh, from tip to testicles. He rose from his knees
and stood in front of Helen as she sat, displaying his penis only inches
away from her face.

“You’ve made it all wet,” she said, giggling as she reached out and
clasped its swollen length possessively in her hand. She was still amazed
that she had been bold enough to urinate with someone watching, but Karl’s
obvious enjoyment of the act had now given her the confidence to touch her
own wetness on his penis without shame. Instinctively her hand began a
gentle up and down motion, sliding the damp skin over the hardness of the
muscle beneath.

“You see, Helen, there’s nothing that a man and a woman do together
that’s wrong, if both of them want it,” Karl said, nodding approvingly at
what her hand was doing to him. To emphasize the point, he bent forward
and once again put his hand between the girl’s legs and drew his finger
along the moist folds of flesh that he found there. Then, looking deep
into her eyes, he raised it to his lips and licked it thoughtfully.

“Now my princess, I think we’d better take that shower,” he said and
held out his hands to lift her from her throne. Together they walked to
the shower cubicle and waited for the water to run hot. Then, when steam
began billowing over the top of the glass door, they stepped inside and
gave themselves over to the relaxing spray of water which beat down on
their heads and shoulders.

With her blonde hair wet and plastered to her head, Helen looked even
younger than her sixteen years. Her wide-eyed innocent face could have
belonged to a fourteen-year-old, Karl thought, as he lifted her chin and
kissed her lovingly on her open lips. But when he leant back against the
shower wall to contemplate her naked beauty, he saw the body of a mature woman, not a child.

That nature’s ripe plenitude should be encapsulated in the body of one
so young was a source of wonderment to him. And to add to that wonder,
here it was, being offered to him willingly - open and available to his
touch, ready for him to explore, caress and, in a moment, enter.

From a conveniently placed plastic dispenser Karl squirted a large drop
of liquid soap onto his palm and began to wash the young girl’s shoulders
and then her breasts. He took each huge globe in turn, lifting it,
smoothing it, massaging it, feeling it slip and slide deliciously in his
soapy hands. Then, when the shower had washed away the bubbles, he
squeezed the two lovely hemispheres tightly together so that they bulged
outwards into a fantastic shape. This brought Helen’s swollen nipples
close together and allowed him to suck them both into his mouth at the same

For Helen, the sight of Karl’s blond locks - dark now with the water’s
wetness - bent over her breast, the sensation of her nipples deep inside
his mouth, and the feeling of his manly shaft rubbing insistently at her
hip, was almost too sweet to bear. Although she had climaxed in front of
the mirror only ten minutes or so ago, the delicious heaviness in her
genitals told her that she was ready to come again.

Releasing her nipples from his mouth, Karl leant back once more against
the shower wall and savoured the lush delights of the young body standing
before him. The hot water cascaded onto her shoulders and breasts, pouring
off their erect tips, running in torrents down her slick, brown stomach and
drenching her pubic floss.

He turned her round to reveal the proud arch of her back as it met the
impudent jut of her buttocks. The dark tan of her lower back presented a
delightful contrast with the firm white globes of her bottom, which, thanks
to her bikini pants, had never seen the light of the sun.

He began to soap the twin mounds, slipping his strong hands over their
smooth convexity and dipping his thumbs deep into the crease. Then,
gently, he separated the plump cheeks and held them wide apart so that he
could feast his eyes on the treasure lying between them.

As the hot water beat down on the tightly puckered rose of her anus, a
low sob came from the Helen’s throat and her face flushed a bright pink at
the shame of knowing that her most intimate part was totally exposed to
Karl’s gaze.

And now, to add to her embarrassment, she could feel him stroking the
tip of his penis up and down between her buttocks, teasing the sweet little
pink anal orifice that was hidden there, then pushing the organ’s full
length between her legs so that its upper surface rubbed along her labia.
Biting her lip, Helen readied herself for the upward thrust that she knew
would take Karl’s rigid member deep into the inner sanctum of her vagina.
But the insertion never came. Instead, she felt his fingers take over the
penis’s playful task of caressing her from anus to clitoris.

Soon the pleasure of what her lover was doing supplanted all feelings of
shyness. Helen leant her forearms against the tiles and arched her slim
back so that her bottom stuck out even more invitingly to her companion’s
exploring hand. Karl reached up and adjusted the shower-head, directing
the narrow, powerful jet of water down her spine and channelling it between
the silken cheeks of her bottom, still held wide apart by his other hand.

The sight of this virginal young girl, now transformed into a wanton
water nymph, had aroused Karl almost beyond endurance. He could restrain
himself no longer and took his shaft in his hand and began masturbating it
quite openly.

“Oh, let me do that for you, darling,” Helen cried as she turned to face
him again. “I love playing with you. Here, is this how you like it?”
Smiling up at him, she began to rub liquid soap gently all over his shaft
and testicles, slipping her hand up and down the organ, and then reaching
between his thighs to wash the sensitive area behind the heavy sac. Next
she applied a drop of the fragrant-smelling gel to his glans, pulling the
foreskin right back so that every inch of tender skin was cleansed by the
water needling down from above.

Karl was now badly in need of an orgasm. He held the girl tightly in
his strong arms, grasped the ripe cheeks of her buttocks and used them to
pull her hard against him so that his aching shaft was crushed between
their bellies.

Sensing his sexual hunger, Helen leant back, reached down between their
bodies and began pleasuring him again. This time she used both hands, one
placed at the organ’s base, the other tightly enfolding its now
almost-purple head. The position of her slim, brown arms pushed her
breasts together and the up-and-down movement of her hands imparted to them
a provocative swaying motion.

“Who taught you to do it like that?” Karl asked with a grateful smile on
his face, his eyes fixed on the teenager’s puckered pink nipples.

“No-one. I just felt like doing it. Why, don’t you like it?”

“You know I do, you wicked creature. It feels absolutely gorgeous. My
balls are aching so badly I don’t think I’m going to be able to hold out
much longer.”

“Do you want to put it in me, then?” Helen asked coyly. “If I lean my
back against the wall and open my legs wide like this, can you do it? Let
me hold myself open for you. There, yes! Am I slippery enough inside?
Now push it in a bit more. Oh yes!” Her eyes closed with pleasure as
Karl’s massive member at last filled her love channel, stretching it almost
to bursting point.

Opening her eyes, Helen looked down the length of her body, between the
large mounds of her breasts, to where her lover’s shaft was moving
rhythmically in and out, partly shrouded by the golden hairs at the base of
her belly. She gathered her breasts in her hands and held them up to him,
proud of their beauty and wanting him to enjoy them too. The powerful jet
from the shower-head beat down on her nipples, teasing them into even
greater prominence. Then her slender arms came up round Karl’s neck and
she hung from him, moaning softly, as he thrust to and fro within her. The
hard little bud of her clitoris had begun to protrude from the delicate
folds between her legs, and his member rubbed against it insistently with
every forward thrust.

“Oh, my darling, don’t stop,” Helen begged. She swung her hips
backwards and forwards, working herself quite shamelessly on him as the hot
water gushed all over them. “Yes, push deeper, deeper. God, you fill me
so full. That’s it, now squeeze my breasts. Oh, that feels so good. So
good. Sooo gooood!”

She gasped and suddenly, with almost no warning, her orgasm was upon
her. She could feel powerful muscular spasms deep in her vagina squeeze the
invading organ while ripples of pleasure coursed through her. Her eyes
looked deep into Karl’s and told him, in a way that her lips never could,
that he had brought her indescribable pleasure.

The pressure of her contractions on his penis acted as trigger for
Karl’s own release. With a shout of ecstasy, he pulled his shaft out of
the young girl just as the first jets of semen spurted from it. The milky
white fluid squirted up between their bodies and the first jets landed just
below her breasts. Further pulses from deep behind his balls ejaculated still more sperm onto her belly, where it was laved into a white foam by
the rapid friction of his penis sliding across the smooth, wet skin.

His breath rasped in Helen’s ear as he held her tightly against him and
continued to thrust powerfully against her belly until the last drops of
love-liquid had pumped from him.

He kissed her tenderly, showing his gratitude for the pleasure she had
brought him. She could feel his organ gradually begin to lose its
stiffness and soften now that it had delivered itself of its tribute.
Leaning back, she smiled dreamily and allowed the water to sluice down
between their bodies, washing away the last milky traces of her lover’s
devotion to her.

CHAPTER THREE In which our young heroine receives a gushing tribute from
her lover

The following day, Helen slipped away early from her coaching group,
which was relaxing with drinks on the terrace after an energetic afternoon
on the courts. Although she was a sociable young lady and always enjoyed
the light-hearted banter of these post-game get-togethers, her mind today
was on other things.

She had found it difficult to concentrate on the tennis court,
especially when Karl had been in charge of her group. She had blushed when
she first saw him, remembering that only a few short hours ago they had
been naked together and she had received him inside her body.

Sensing her shyness and not wanting to embarrass her in front of the
rest of the group, Karl just gave her a friendly smile but otherwise made
no acknowledgement of the events of the previous day.

Helen was grateful to him for this. It showed much sensitivity on his
part, she thought, and suggested to her that he didn’t just see her as an
“easy lay”. When she thought back now to how bold she had been to ask him
to take her virginity she couldn’t believe she’d ever plucked up the
courage to do it. But she had! And there were no regrets; it had been the
most wonderful 24 hours of her life.

She hurried up the hill to Karl’s white-painted chalet, which stood at
the end of a row of five, surrounded by a thick mass of bright mauve
bougainvillaea. By taking a circuitous route Helen was able to approach
his door without going past the other chalets.

As they had agreed in a hurried conversation as they left the courts,
Karl had left the door unlocked. The girl opened it quickly, glancing
round to check that she had not been observed, and slipped inside. With a
sigh of relief she flipped the lock and leant back against the bare wood of
the door.

From the bathroom she could hear the sound of the shower and, above it,
Karl whistling tunelessly to himself. Helen smiled at the discordant
notes, reflecting that perhaps it was asking too much of any man to be
handsome, charming, a brilliant tennis player, a considerate lover and to
be able to whistle in tune!

She walked to the bathroom and waved at him through the clear glass of
the shower door which had been made partially opaque by the steam and the
droplets of water that had sprayed onto it. A powerful stream of water was
beating down on his head from the nozzle above, then running off his broad
shoulders and down the hard-muscled reaches of his chest and belly.

How beautiful he looked, Helen thought. His skin, brown and gleaming
under the cascading water, seemed to invite her touch. His penis, relaxed
and resting comfortably on his balls, seemed so different from the fiercely
erect organ she had accepted inside her body yesterday. Karl smiled,
opened the glass door and motioned for her to join him.

“Come in, princess, it’s lovely in here.” He lifted the handset of the
shower from its hook and directed it onto his lower belly so that the
water, which continued to gush from it, wouldn’t wet the bathroom floor
through the open door.

The teenager needed no second invitation. She ripped off her tight
white T-shirt and then, more slowly, knowing that the man would enjoy
watching her undress, she removed her tennis skirt and tiny white briefs.
For a moment she stood motionless, clad just in her lacy white brassiere,
letting Karl enjoy the sight of her flat belly and the fluffy blonde triangle at the juncture of her thighs. Then, smiling at him, she reached
behind her back, unclipped the brassiere and released her breasts from
their confinement. Their nipples had already started to pucker and Helen
squeezed each in turn to bring it to full stiffness. The sensation was
pleasing to her, so she repeated it. Then she placed a hand beneath each
breast and lifted them and squeezed them together tightly.

To Karl, standing in the shower with the hot water playing over his
genitals, the picture the young girl presented was utterly charming. The
youth and innocence of her face was accentuated by the little blue ribbons
which held her thick blonde hair away from her head in two bunches. Her
china-blue eyes returned his stare impudently and she smiled at him as she
continued to play with the ripe melons in her hands. Her face was still
flushed from her exertions on the tennis court and there was a patch of
dampness between her breasts.

Karl’s eyes travelled to her narrow waist and then down to the round
swell of her hips before taking in her slim, brown thighs and calves. On
her feet she still wore white cotton socks and tennis shoes, and he could
not help chuckling at how incongruous they looked on her otherwise nude

“Oh, you find me funny, do you?” Helen asked in mock anger, putting her
hands on her hips, her elbows akimbo. “And what do you think you look like
with that big red thing sticking out in front?”

Karl looked down at his penis. It had started to stiffen in a perfectly
natural response to the naked feminine beauty displayed before him but its
arousal had also been helped by the pressure of the water jetting onto it,

“My God,” he joked, “what’s that? I could have sworn it wasn’t there
when I got in the shower. You’d better come in here and check it out,
Helen, just to make sure it’s nothing serious!” His free hand went to the
object in question and fondled it gently, pulling it and making it fill
with blood.

Laughing, the girl quickly removed her shoes and socks, affording Karl a
tantalising glimpse of wet, pink flesh between her legs each time she
raised her foot. Soon she was standing next to him in the shower allowing
him to direct the hot water all over her.

“Right, my angel, I’m going to wash every inch of you,” Karl told her.

And he was as good as his word, though Helen could not help noticing
that her breasts and the delicate area between her legs received more than
their fair share of his attention. But this was not something she felt
compelled to complain about. Indeed, her quickening breathing made it
plain that she welcomed the extra attention those parts were attracting.
The power of the water jet on the taut bud at the front of her feminine
slit was especially stimulating and she used her fingers to hold open the
outer petals of her flower so that the man could see the hard little target
he was aiming the water at.

“It feels lovely like that,” she sighed. “See, it’s made my little
thing stand out.”

Karl bent down and inspected the tip of the young girl’s clitoris which
was protruding cheekily from its pink, fleshy sheath. Helen’s finger
touched it gently and then pulled the covering fold of skin upwards so that
even more of the shiny acorn-like organ was revealed.

“You’re beautiful, Helen,” the man said, unable to take his eyes off the
delicate feminine parts that the girl’s fingers held exposed and open to
his gaze. “Look how swollen your inner lips are now. So pretty and pink!
Can you see how they’re pouting? Yes, that’s it darling, open your legs a
bit wider so that you can see too. There, doesn’t that look beautiful?”

The girl bent her head to study the secret area between her legs and
found that she had to agree with her lover. Her vulva did indeed look
beautiful, now that she had learned to look at it through his adoring eyes.
The water from the shower-head sluiced down her belly and moved the blonde curls on her pubis like the fronds of some delicate water plant washed by a
mountain stream.

“I used to think a girl’s slit was ugly,” Helen confessed. “But I
suppose in a way it is beautiful. Is that why you like looking at it,
because you think it’s pretty?” she asked.

Karl nodded, for a moment unable to answer as his throat was constricted
by a massive surge desire for this wanton, naked child. Wickedly, to
torment him still further, she spread her slim thighs even wider and thrust
her pubic bone forward so that he could see the pink inner lips of her sex
and her protuberant clitoris even more clearly.

“Yes, my sweet, a woman’s sex is the most beautiful thing in the world,”
he said at last, his voice thick with desire. “And having you show it to
me so willingly makes it even more lovely. Stroke your clit again for me,
Helen, I love to see you playing with yourself.” The teenager needed no
further prompting because the organ was tingling and it felt the most
natural thing in the world to caress it gently.

“Yes, like that,” Karl, watching her pleasure the hard little bud. “Now
pull the little fold of skin back so that I can see all of it. Ah, yes,
lovely! Your clit is bigger than most girls’, Helen. Did you know that?”

“No, I didn’t,” the girl responded, with a look of concern on her
innocent young face. “Is that good or bad?”

“Good, very good, my darling. A large clitoris not only looks very
attractive but, because it sticks out, the man’s penis can rub against it
and stimulate it more easily when he’s fucking you. You should be grateful
that nature has treated you so generously.”

Helen continued to look down at the shiny pink bud and felt a surge of
pride that Karl thought her sex was beautiful and that she had been blessed
with a big clitoris. She looked at the graceful curve of Karl’s erection
and at the shape of the two manly spheres that bulged in the sac of flesh
beneath it. She decided that he, too, had beautiful sex organs. Even
though he was the only man she had ever seen in a state of arousal, some
deep atavistic sense told her that his genitals were especially well

Karl saw her staring at his erection and smiled. He knew she loved
looking at it and he in turn took pleasure in her pleasure. He spread his
legs wider in the shower stall and thrust his hips forward so that the
organ stood away from his body in a bold arch.

“ Pull the foreskin down,” he ordered. “Yes, now move it back up. Now
down again. Now up. Yes, yes, yes, that feels wonderful.” His eyes closed
momentarily as he leant back against the shower wall and let the young girl masturbate him slowly.

Returning the shower-head to its holster on the wall, Karl squirted some
liquid soap into his palm and slid it again between the teenager’s legs.
He smiled tenderly at her upturned face and with gentle fingers parted the
feminine folds and washed every nook and cranny he found there. Then,
reaching still further between her thighs, his questing hand slid across
the opening to her vagina, along her perineum and up between the firm
mounds of her buttocks. There it began to explore her anus, washing that
delicious little orifice with yet more soap.

To reach the deep crease between her buttocks Karl bent his knees and
squatted in front of her. From this low vantage point he looked up between
Helen’s breasts to see her beautiful face framed by the underside of the
two luscious globes. Her eyes were closed and she had her head tilted back
so that the hot water sluiced down her face and cascaded onto her breasts.

He reached up and squeezed them, holding the stiff nipples between his
fingers, twisting them gently and drawing a sigh of pleasure from the
girl’s throat. His face was now on a level with the satin-smooth skin of
her belly and the tangled blonde mass of her pubic triangle, the hair made
darker now, thanks to the effect of the water. He eased her legs apart and
placed his hands on the inside of her thighs holding them wide so that her
sex was opened up to him. With his tongue he began tenderly licking her
glistening folds, running its tip slowly from front to back, and then back
again, lingering over the hard nub that protruded so cheekily from its
surrounding mantle of flesh.

The young girl writhed with pleasure as Karl continued to torment her
aching vulva with his tongue. She laced her fingers through his hair and
pushed herself hard against his mouth, thrusting her hips backwards and
forwards, frantic in her desire to reach a climax against his tongue. And
her efforts were quickly rewarded. A huge orgasm engulfed her, beginning
in her clitoris, spreading convulsively through her whole genital region
and reaching up to her breasts, which she squeezed fiercely to intensify
her pleasure. The girl moaned and sobbed as the ecstasy coursed through
her body, draining her strength to the point where she could no longer
stand unaided and had to cling to her lover for support. The man allowed
Helen’s cataclysm to subside gradually but noted that the shower was now
beginning to run tepid and so decided it was time to move to more
comfortable surroundings...

A sixteen-year-old had no right to have a body as well developed as
Helen’s, Karl thought to himself as he led her from the shower, dried her
beautiful young body and guided her into the bedroom. There they stood, a
couple of paces apart, looking at and enjoying each other’s nakedness.
Then the distance between them closed and they were in each other’s arms
again, kissing passionately and grinding their sex organs against one

Karl wondered if the teenager’s breasts had stopped growing or whether
the ripe hemispheres that now filled his hands would become still more
prominent. While retaining his hold on one of the orbs he brought the
other hand down and inserted the middle finger into the pouting lips
between her slim legs. His thumb was pressed up tight against her swollen
clitoris, rubbing it from side to side.

Meanwhile, her own hand had closed round his erection and was slowly
moving the skin up and down its length. The foreskin had retracted under
her ministrations and the dark red, bulbous head of the glans was fully
exposed. Karl opened his legs still wider to allow his testicles the
freedom to sway in time with the motion of her hand.

“You’re at it again, you naughty child,” said Karl with an amused smile
on his face as he watched her kneel on the thick carpet and masturbate him.
“You like doing that, don’t you?”

The look of intense concentration on the teenager’s face was sufficient
answer to his question but she turned her face up to him and nodded to
reinforce the point.

“Yes, I love watching how the end keeps popping in and out of the tunnel
my hand makes.” she replied. “It’s like a little animal poking its head
out of a burrow in the ground.” She giggled at the thought and stroked the
broad upper surface of the glans with her free hand, pretending to herself
that it was a rabbit’s nose.

“Hello, my little baby,” she crooned to her pet. “Do you like Helen
stroking your nose?” She squeezed the head of the penis gently but firmly
so that the tiny slit at its very tip stood open. “Oh look, your little
mouth is open now. How pink you are inside there.” She leaned forward to
get an even closer view of her toy, with the result that her lips were now
only a few centimetres from the stiff column of flesh.

She raised her bright blue eyes and looked up to the man’s face,
searching for a clue as to what she should do next. She knew he found the
up and down movement of her hand immensely pleasurable but she sensed there
was still more she could do for him. She studied the phallus carefully,
imprinting this moment on her memory so that later she could replay it over
and over in her mind.

“Helen, there’s something I’d like you to do for me,” Karl whispered as
he looked deep into her eyes.

“Yes?” the beautiful teenager asked expectantly, continuing to slide the
skin along the organ’s full length. “I’ll do anything you want, Karl,
anything. Just tell me.”

“Take my penis in your mouth.”

The girl smiled quietly to herself. That was what she had been wanting
all along but had lacked the self-confidence to do on her own initiative.
But now that she had been commanded by her guide and mentor she could do so
without worrying he might think her unduly forward or unladylike.

Certainly, the man’s penis looked incredibly inviting to her. She loved
the way it stood out stiffly from his body, the shaft reaching up in a
slight arch so that the head almost touched his tight muscular belly.
Beneath it in their pink sac of flesh, his balls hung heavily, swaying
slightly as he shifted his position in front of her.

She bent forward, pulled the foreskin down with her hand and ran the tip
of her tongue delicately up the tightly stretched frenum. She licked the
little slit at the penis’s very extremity and the organ twitched violently
at the touch of her moist tongue. She had to grasp it tightly at its base
to hold it steady. It felt so warm and alive in her hand and she was
overcome with a feeling of tenderness for this strong, forceful man who was
entrusting the very seat of his maleness to her care.

Helen studied the erection closely and was proud to think that she had
brought it to this state. She tenderly pulled the foreskin down again so
that the head was fully exposed, its broad rim flared and standing proud of
the main part of the shaft. She looked up at Karl’s face and saw that he
was looking down at her with an expression of dreamy pleasure on his face.
She ran her tongue round the swollen rim and then, opening her mouth wide,
she sucked him deep inside.

A moan of pleasure escaped from the man’s lips. How beautiful the girl looked, he thought, kneeling like this between his wide-spread thighs, her
soft blonde hair falling forward and tickling his belly as her head moved
to and fro.

“Oh God, that’s just perfect,” he gasped. “Yes, slowly, just like
that.” Helen had pursed her lips into a tight ring and was sliding it up
and down the thick shaft. The feeling as her tongue moved across the
sensitive area beneath the head was unbearably delicious for Karl and his
organ throbbed and pulsed with pleasure.

“Karl, don’t think badly of me but I’d love you to come in my mouth,”
the teenager said breathlessly, lifting her head from his penis and turning
her wide blue eyes up to him. As she spoke, her hand took hold of the
hugely erect organ, which was now glistening with her saliva, and
masturbated it firmly. With her other hand she cupped his scrotum and
squeezed it gently.

“You don’t think I’m a slut to want something like that, do you?” she
asked hesitantly, watching her hand at work on him. “But I feel so close
to you and I love every bit of you. It would be heavenly to taste your
orgasm. Can I, please?”

In answer to her question Karl tenderly reinserted his penis into
Helen’s mouth and began moving it in and out, watching her lips suck the
head as it emerged, before being re-ensheathed in her moistness.

“Yes, my darling child, I’d love to come in your mouth. I mustn’t
squirt inside your vagina but you won’t get pregnant if I do it in your
mouth! In fact, you’ve excited me so much I can’t hold it back any longer.
I’m going to come any minute now.”

In an effort to postpone the inevitable, the man withdrew his penis from
the girl’s mouth but already he was past the point of no return. He
groaned loudly, thrust his rigid sex forward and began squirting copious
volumes of milky fluid at the young girl’s face. The first jets splashed
wetly against Helen’s forehead, eyes and cheeks but she quickly opened her
mouth and directed the organ so that the later pulses spurted onto her
tongue. She found the taste of Karl’s semen intoxicating. It seemed so
rich, so full of deep, musky scents and flavours.

Her lips closed round the phallus, letting her mouth fill with the hot
white seed as the throbbing organ continued to pump its tribute. Her eyes
were locked on her lover’s, watching the pleasure she saw there, enjoying
the intimacy of swallowing the salty fluid that was still gushing from him.
Karl looked down at the young girl’s beautiful upturned face, decorated so
charmingly with the milky droplets of his semen, and smiled tenderly at her
as she greedily sucked the last surges from the penis that filled her


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