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" Orange Touque 3 "

By Orestes

This work is copyright (c) by the author. You may
download and keep copies for your personal use as long
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paragraph remain on the copies. Posting an unaltered
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this paragraph remain on the story. No alteration of
the contents is permitted.

I'm Paris Young.
Big n' Dumb. That's what some folks call me.

But I ain't so dumb as they all think. Sure, I'm not
the quickest wit around. Some folks get a real kick out
of playing with words. Big word. Quick words. Sharp
tongues. That's not me. If it's all the same, I'll
stick to the plain words, so as everyone can understand
me. There ain't nothing wrong with simple talk. It's
fast talk that causes problems.
My friend Paul was a fast talker. He could talk his
way into trouble most any day of the week..
When we were young together, my folks told us to be
friends. They figured that Paul could look out for me
at school. They were always scared that some other kids
would take advantage. They had no cause to fear. Most
of the kids were pretty decent.
Paul was the one who needed taking care of. I can't
count the times I had to protect him from when he got
in trouble with the local boys. Me being big and all,
they didn't mess much with me. Paul would stir up
trouble, and then run to me when things got bad. A real
shit disturber, that Paul.
So I can't say as I was upset when Paul went away
for the whole summer after eighth grade. I took a job
with a landscaper for the summer, and I didn't really
want to spend all of my time taking care of Paul's
problems anyhow.
I was real excited about starting my new job. Being
a farm boy myself, I know a thing or two about plants.
Not the fancy scientific names, mind you, but I know
how to make them grow. Some plants like lots of water,
and others like to go dry now and again. I was looking
forward to learning more about which plants were which
while working with Mr. Boldt, the man who owned the
landscaping company.
" If you're willing to work hard, I'll make sure you
come out all right, " he told me that first day, and
that sounded fine to me. It was going to be a great
That was also the summer I fell in love.
It just sort of crept up on me. Sometimes, I'd work
with Mr. Boldt on a big job, like putting in a new
lawn, or a retaining wall, or some other such thing.
Most of the time, though, it was little things. I'd be
digging weeds, or trimming hedges, or whatever else
came about. On those days, Mr. Boldt would work on
other things, and he'd just drop Kara and I off in the
Kara was his daughter. We were the same age, but we
hadn't gone to school together much because her family
just moved out to the valley in the last year. So this
was my first time really getting to know the girl.
She was just a friendly little thing. We would work
the full day together, just the two of us, in the dirt
and flowers. Sure, I did most of the heavy lifting, but
she was real smart about which plants were which. We
worked real good together. Her daddy was always pleased
by the way that we fixed up the gardens, and even
though it was plenty hard work, being around Kara made
it kind of fun.
Anyhow, like I was saying, falling in love just sort
of crept up on me. She was a mighty cute girl. The sort
of girl that wouldn't ever give me a second look
usually. Kara was friendly, though, and always had
something nice to say. She was smart too, but she
didn't try to talk over my head like some folks do when
they figure I'm dumb.
One day, we were trimming this big old tree with
lots of dead wood. We ended up with a whole pile of
branches to load up into the back of the truck. Even
though I was so much bigger than the girl, she did her
very best to keep up with me.
" Slow yourself down, Kara, " I warned her. " You're
gonna give yourself a heat stroke. "
It was an awfully hot day. She wore overalls on
account of the kind of work we were doing, and had a
big streak of dirt across her forehead from where she
wiped the sweat away. Wood chips from the cutting were
tangled into her short brown hair.
Nothing I was going to say would slow Kara down,
though. She was as determined as ever to keep up with
me. Well, I tried to slow down my own pace, but she
kept on going anyhow.
Next thing I knew, she fainted.
The girl had just plain wore herself out in the sun.
I picked her up and carried her to the shade underneath
a maple tree, where the grass was thick and cool. I got
some water from the truck, and brought it to her.
That's when I knew I was in love. I wiped her face
with the cool water until she woke up, and then we sat
in the shade of that tree for the next hour, just
laughing and joking. I knew then that I wanted to take
care of her for a good long time. A sweet girl like her
deserves to be taken care of.
I never did get around to telling her all my
feelings. I just sort of figured that she knew.
" I sure am going to miss working with you, " I told
her, when the new year of school wasn't far away.
" We're going to see each other all of the time at
school, Paris. We're going to have a lot of fun. "
But I knew different. I'm not as dumb as folks
think. I'm not so popular in school. People don't
dislike me. They just don't think of me much at all.
I'm just sort of there. All I could think is that it
would be real nice again next summer when me and Kara
could work together again.
I gave her a gift too, for her birthday, which was
in September. At first I couldn't think of what to buy
a girl as nice as Kara. I didn't want anyone to know
the way I was feeling about her, so I shopped for it
myself. With the cold weather coming on, I thought I'd
buy her something for winter.
It was kind of stupid, really. I ain't got no
fashion sense. I bought her this bright orange touque,
with little tassels hanging down the sides. I don't
know what I was thinking when I bought it. It just
really reminded me of her, all bright and pretty.
When I gave it to her, I figured that she would
think it was stupid, but she put it right on, and gave
me a big hug. I don't think I ever felt so happy. Then
she promised that she would wear it all the time when
the weather got cold.

School started, and it wasn't any surprise that I
didn't hang out much with Kara. That was okay, though.
She still talked to me sometimes. Besides, I knew that
when the school year was over, we'd be back to working
together, and we'd spend all sorts of time together.
Everything went back to normal. Paul came back from
vacation with his folks, and started causing all sorts
of trouble again.
I didn't pay much attention to it until he began to
hang around with Kara.
Now, I already said I felt a bit protective of the
girl, and it ain't far from the truth if you were to
say I was jealous. More than jealous. I spent all
summer getting to know this great girl, and learning
all about her, and here comes Paul, with his fast talk
and dirty mind, and I can just see that he's got his
sights on Kara.
" Why don't you leave Kara alone, " I made the
suggestion one day while I was over at his place.
Well, he knew where I was coming from right away.
" Do you have a little bit of a crush on her, Paris
" That ain't the point, Paul. I know the way you
treat girls. It ain't very nice. I just think that you
should leave Kara alone. "
Of all the girls in school, why'd he have to pick
sweet little Kara anyhow ?
" Well, I'll keep that in mind, Paris, " he taunted
me. He was having fun with this.
I don't rise to anger too quickly. That's a lesson I
learned early, on account of my size, and that I could
hurt someone. Paul was getting under my skin though. I
just wanted to take that smile off of his face. I did
it with one hand. When I had him pinned against the
wall, he wasn't so smug.
" I'm serious Paul. That girl deserves to be treated
good. You had better leave her alone. "
Well, I should've known right then that I'd made a
mistake. I mean, he gave me all sorts of promises that
he'd leave Kara alone, but it was really the wrong
thing I did. A guy like Paul can't be trusted. Now that
he knew the way I felt about Kara, I was sure he would
go after her. Hell, he might have done it anyhow. Who
knows ? But I sure regretted giving him a reason.
Two months went by, and as the winter season came
on, Kara wore the orange touque. When I saw her in it,
I loved her more than ever. I suppose all the other
kids thought it was pretty stupid, but she wore it
anyhow. Kara talked to me lots of times in classes, and
I thought that maybe she was beginning to like me too.
Then I started to see her and Paul together more
There ain't no describing the sick kind of feeling I
got whenever I saw them together. Sure, he pretended to
leave her alone when I was around, but he must have
thought I was awful stupid to not figure things out.
Next thing I wanted to do was warn Kara about him.
Hell, anything to stop it from happening.
But, you know, I got to thinking about the way I
threatened Paul, and he just wanted her more. I figured
that if I were to tell Kara to stay away from him, it
might just blow up in my face.
There comes a time when you just can't do much of
anything. Somebody told me that once. It doesn't make
things any easier. I heard the rumours about the two of
them. One day, I even saw them walking down the hall
together holding hands. My heart was on the floor.
For the life of me, I can't figure out who I was mad
at more. Maybe if I wasn't so shy, I could have told
Kara about the way I loved her. Maybe I would have told
her about the way I wanted to take care of her, and the
way that I wanted to giver her everything I could
manage. So I was plenty mad at myself.
I was mad at Paul too. He knew how I felt about her.
He was the only one who knew my feelings. He should
have been my friend, and kept himself away from her.
Instead, I just know how he must have gone to her with
the kind of pretty words that I couldn't put together.
He was everything that I wasn't, and there was no way
that I could compete with that.
Kara, too, I'm ashamed to admit. How could she fall
in love with a guy like Paul ? I wondered if maybe she
knew how much it was hurting me. No. Kara wasn't ever
that mean. But I was mad at her all the same. Hell,
maybe I was mad at everything.
I didn't do anything, though. Even though I cried in
private, I didn't want to hurt Kara by talking bad
about Paul. Imagine that, a big guy like me crying in
bed at night. But it just hurt so bad. I just really
hoped that he was treating her okay.
I watched her a lot then. The winter kept on, and
she was wearing my orange toque. When I saw her in it,
I felt hope in my heart. Maybe she would come back
after all. But she was getting sad too. One day in
January, I found her crying out beside the school.
" What's the matter, Kara ?" I asked, but she didn't
want to talk. She gave me a big hug, and buried herself
in my big old coat, and cried into my chest. It felt
good to hold her, but I couldn't do anything to make
the girl feel any better.
Paul was having some friends over on the weekend. He
and I weren't all that close these days, but I figured
I'd come over anyhow, and maybe talk to him about Kara.
You might not believe me, but I just really wanted her
to be happy, even if it meant that she wanted to be
with Paul.
I didn't ever knock when I wanted to go into Paul's
house. We've been friends so long, it just wouldn't
seem proper. Besides, his parents weren't home anyhow,
so I wouldn't be bothering anyone.
When I got close to Paul's room, I could hear him
talking to his friends, and I also heard the tv set.
Well, I'm not as dumb as some people take me for, and I
figured from the sounds of the tv and the way they were
talking that they were watching a porno movie. I paused
outside his door, and looked in to see what it was they
were watching.
Well, I already told you, I don't rise to anger too
quickly, but what I saw made me want to do some serious
damage. On the video screen was a scene of Kara and
Paul having sex. It was a sure thing that she didn't
know anything about the video. It looked like part of
the view was covered by some clothing, like he had
hidden the camera in his laundry or something.
" Oh yeah, you're beautiful Kara, " the Paul from
the video told her as they made out on the bed.
And she was. He had her out of most of her clothes.
I couldn't help but look at her firm tits and the
pointy pink nipples on them.
He was stroking his cock in front of her on the bed.
" Suck it for a while, baby."
How did he have this power over girls ? He's not a
bad looking guy, but I couldn't ever figure out why the
girls always seemed to fall for him. In the video, I
could see Kara's pretty face, and soft lips touching
his cock. He groaned as she did it for him.
The video was an insult to her. It made me mad to
think of the way he took advantage. I couldn't help but
watch, though, as all the feelings welled up inside of
In the video, he pulled her face away from him.
" Can we use a rubber this time ?" I heard Kara's
" No way, baby. You know I can't enjoy it that way.
Don't worry, I'll pull out this time. "
The three guys in Paul's room laughed over this line
while watching. I just wanted to reach into the tv
screen and tear the two of them apart.
Kara pulled off her panties, and dropped them into a
pile of clothes at the head of the bed. In the pile, I
could see the orange touque I gave her. It was almost
more than I could stand.
" Oh, that's good baby, spread yourself open. "
She obeyed his lewd words, and used her hands to
pull open her pussy lips. He wasn't going to wait one
more minute. He put himself between her legs, and
shoved into her.
" Aaagh... slower, Paul. "
But he wasn't paying no attention. The camera was
behind him now, and most of what I could see was Paul's
white ass clenching. It was so hard to watch. This was
the girl of my dreams, and he was using her without no
regard for her feelings.
I almost couldn't watch the end. Anger was choking
in my throat.
He was so rough with her. Maybe that was what girls
liked, I thought. But there wasn't any way I could
bring myself to be like that.
" Oh, god, baby, you're so sweet and tight. "
What hurt more was that I heard Kara groan in
pleasure. She was starting to enjoy it. But before she
really got into it, Paul was starting to groan and
grunt like he was getting off. I couldn't help but
think that he sounded like some sort of pig.
" Not inside of me, " Kara tried to say, but he was
already doing it. His butt clenched a few more times,
and then he rolled off of her.
That final scene was real hard to get out of my mind
when I thought about it later. While Kara went off to
the washroom to clean herself, Paul winked at the
camera. He took her panties from the pile, and dropped
it into one of his drawers as a sort of trophy.
" Holy fuck, man... that's hot. I can't wait to do
her. "
" Yeah... maybe I can convince her, " Paul told his
friend, " but she's kind of pissed at me right now. She
thinks she might be pregnant. I told her that it was
her fucking problem, and to get a fucking abortion. "
So now I knew what she was crying about. I didn't
want to hear no more of this, and so I left the house
real quiet. For a guy that everyone thinks is so dumb,
I sure do spend a lot of time thinking. I didn't do
much else that night. I didn't even sleep.
The next day, I went over to see Paul again. I was
trying real hard not to let my anger get the best of
me. He was still asleep when I got there. I said hello
to his folks, and then went in there to wake him up.
" Time to get up, Paul. " I kicked the side of the
" Paris, what the fuck...?"
" I'm serious Paul, we need to talk. "
He got himself out of bed, and put on his jeans.
" What about, Paris ?"
" It's about Kara. I know that she's pregnant. I
think you ought to do something about it. "
First he looked a bit frightened, but I guess he
then figured that I wouldn't do anything violent with
his parents in the next room.
" Like what ?"
" Well, you ought to marry her. She's a fine girl,
and she's got a good family. You ought to do the right
thing by her. "
Well, it hurt me to even suggest it. I didn't really
want them to be together, but it just seemed like the
proper thing. Paul didn't think so.
" No way man. If that little tramp got pregnant,
that's her own damned fault. "
That got me riled.
" Now, you treat her with some respect, Paul. She's
a nice girl. One way or another, I'm gonna make sure
that the right thing is done by her. "
" Go fuck yourself. "
Those were his final words to me ever. It was the
wrong thing to say.
He was right that I wouldn't do him no violence with
his parents sitting in the next room and all. Hell,
maybe I wouldn't have done him any violence at all if
things had worked out differently.
Something else I had thought about was marrying the
girl myself to make things right. But I didn't ever get
the chance to ask her. By Monday she was gone. She ran
away on the weekend, and no one could find her. God, I
wish she had come to me. But it wasn't me that she
The only guy who could have kept her around was
Paul. His words bounced around in my head.
' Go fuck yourself, ' he had said, to the one guy
who had defended him all these years. He said those
words to the guy who he stole Kara from. To the guy who
cared about her more than anything else in the world.
And now he'd driven her away.
She didn't come back in a month. It was the saddest
month of my life. That's around the time Paul
disappeared too. I ain't so dumb as everyone thinks. I
took him when he wasn't expecting it. No one even knew
he was gone until he didn't come home that night.
The way I figured it, it was justice. A life for a
life, like the Bible or something says. He took Kara's
life away from her. So he ends up at the bottom of an
irrigation canal, where a lot of local folks throw away
their junk.
At first I felt a little bad about it. We were
friends and all. But then a year went by, and Kara
wasn't found either. After that time, I didn't feel so
bad about Paul. A few years later, Mr. Boldt and his
family moved up country. I worked with him during the
summers until he left, but neither one of us talked
much while we worked. We both knew what was missing.
So, I got married a couple of years back, to a
lovely girl who was also a friend of Kara's. We've got
two kids now, and we're happy as can be.
You might think that this is the end of the story,
seeing as I'm wrapping everything up and all. But it
I hadn't ever expected to see Kara again. When I saw
her in the garden store that day, my heart almost fell
clear out of my chest.
" Hi Kara, " I said, not knowing what else to say. I
was never one for fancy words.
Well, she knew me right away, and I took her for a
drive out to meet my family and all. We sat on the back
steps, and we talked for hours. She had an awfully
rough time in the city. I wouldn't even know where to
start, but it ain't my story to tell anyhow.
But I will say that it felt mighty good to have her
back anyhow. She's got a little boy named Paris too,
and that made me blush a little bit. Kara's living with
one of the teachers from our old school, and he was
always a nice guy from what I recall. Anyhow, he's
treating her good, the way she deserves, and I'm happy
for them.
I will say one more thing, though I hate to leave
the story on a bad note. When Kara told me all about
her time in the city, I learned about some of the
people who took advantage. Now, you know that's
something that I won't put up with when it comes to
Kara. I think that I'm going to have a word with some
of those folks.
And if they won't do right by her, well, there's
always more room in that big old irrigation canal for
some more useless junk.


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