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Oscar and Mara


Oscar and Mara (MF cons. adultery)
© 2000
by Abelard

[Warning: If it is illegal for you to read sex stuff, my condolences, but fuck
off. The events depicted in this story are performed strictly in the imagination
of a professional. No not try this shit at home. If you read on, please maintain
at least one hand on your controls at all times. If you wanna’ publish this story
for profit, ya’ better ask me first. Finally, tell me what you think at

An older friend of mine got to talking about his affair with a “younger”
woman and he inspired me to write this tale of a camping trip he took with
her. This story evokes the essential kindness of a particular woman toward a
particular man’s aging (and sometimes impotent) body.


Mara moved ahead of me on the trail. "Come on, slow poke, we'll never make the lake before dark at this

I put the lens cap back on my camera and watched as Mara's marathon
strengthened calf muscles flexed ahead of me up the slope. In her hiking
shorts, her strong, well tanned legs looked pretty good indeed. One more
ridge and we would be at the Saffire Lake campsite, as remote from
civilization as you could get in the state of North Carolina.

After fifteen minutes my asthmatic fifty-five year old lungs burned,
and the heavy pack with supplies for a week cut menacingly into my
shoulders. I was never so happy as when we stopped at the top of the ridge
and looked down into the vast green valley where Saffire Lake gleamed silver
in the late afternoon sun.

Mara was sitting on her own pack, smiling teasingly back at me as I
shrugged off the burden and collapsed beside her. "What are you, tired? old
man like you should know better than to go into the woods with young thing
like me!" Mara, of course, was forty two, but trim and fit as a thirty year old.
Her smooth forehead under its white blonde hair showed hardly a drop of

"Fuck you."

Here? Now? You think you're up to it?" I groaned and pretended to
unzip my fly.

Mara stood and wiggled her butt at me as she picked up her own pack
and slung it on her shoulders again. "Here we go! Two more miles, all down
hill. Think you can handle it, stud? Keep up with me and I'm yours for the

She grinned impishly as she started down the trail at a full trot. I
yelled, "Fuck it! If I keep up with that pace, it won't do me any good if you're
all mine tonight." Mara turned and stuck her tongue out at me.

Half an hour later we walked into the Saffire Lake campsite, its wide
leanto invitingly dark and empty. Mara, ahead of me as ever, said, "Thank
God! Nobody else is here. Looks like we have the place to ourselves, at least
for tonight."

She began to spread the skimpy foam half mattresses and bed rolls as I
looked around the place. A big stone firepit with a rusted but serviceable grill
sat in front of the leanto. The previous tenants had been considerate, because
beside the firepit was enough fresh wood to last the night. The broad piney
trail led gently down to the sandy beach, and the mile wide lake stretched
beyond. Behind that the old rolling mountains of the Blue Ridge rose softly to
the west.

The sun was shimmering on the ridgeline, and I knew it would be full
dark within the hour. I turned and unhooked the small Coleman lantern from
the pack and rummaged until I found the butane lighter. I set them on the
picnic table to the right of the leanto and carefully laid a fire in the firepit: two
pages from the old tv Guide we had brought (it had to last all week), some
pine needles and twigs, some slightly larger pieces spread carefully over that
so the air could flow properly upward to ignite the larger split wood I would
add after the fire caught.

Mara came up behind me as I bent to put the last of the small wood on
the pyre. She lay her lithe frame over my back and wrapped her arms around
me, one hand on my chest the other reaching for my groin. "Want chicken or
beef for dinner?" (squeezing my nipples then my balls to emphasize each

The freeze dried dinners were in packets which she had pulled from
the backpacks and put, along with the other food, into the plastic sack we
would hang from the trees, out of reach of small scavengers.

"Beef. Got to keep up my manly strength."

She snorted and probed my groin again, "Manly strength, eh? I don't
feel much manly strength around here."

"You will, sweetheart. You will. You will feel such manly strength by
morning that you won't be able to walk for a week!" I said with as much
bravado as I could muster.

"Oh goody! But let's eat first, okay? I'm starved!" She handed me the
lighter and went to find the collapsible plastic jug for water. I had started the
fire and was laying the bigger wood on when she came back with a full water
jug and a smile.

"You should see the pretty little stream just over there. All mossy and
babbling and cold. Small enough to jump across. The water is delicious."
She took a swig from the jug and sprayed it at me from her mouth. "Got to
dampen your ardor somehow," she laughed.

"Gimme," I said, "I'm pretty thirsty after that trek." I guzzled about a
pint and then put the jug down. I approached Mara and offered to take her
into my arms. She came willingly forward, and as we kissed I transferred a
mouthful of water into her mouth. Her initial surprise was followed by a
vigorous attempt to give it back to me. Water dribbled down our chins as we
giggled like children.

We put the dinner together, mixing the nearly weightless freeze dried
concoction with water to make a stew, and setting the aluminum cookpot over
the fire. As I got it situated on the grill, I said, "I love you, Mara. This trip
was exactly what we both needed."

"Yeah, and wasn't it considerate of both of our spouses to be away for
the week at the same time? Think they planned it and are together
somewhere, fucking their brains out?"

"Are you kidding me? Mary wouldn't know how, and surely wouldn't
want to if she did!"

"So are you saying that you are a lousy teacher? Dirk is pretty good at
it ...for five minutes at a time."

"Besides which, they're both such A type personalities they'd probably
have to schedule it in, and each of them would be on guard to make sure that
one of them didn't enjoy it one spurt more than the other did."

"Oooh! I love it when you talk dirty! spurt me some spurts any time.
I promise I won't count 'em. Where is Mary anyway?"

"She's in San Francisco for a trial...may actually be there for six weeks.
She's the lead attorney, and nervous as hell"

"Son of a gun! Dirk is in San Francisco too! Maybe they really are
shacking up together! Where's Mary staying?"

"At the old Stanford on Mission. She loves the old hotels."

"Phew, Dirk's at the Hyatt out by the airport. He likes fast getaways."

"And he's there for the geology conference, downtown?"

"Yeah, Rock Jocks for Oil."

"And here we are, miles from nowhere, with a week to get

"How much more acquainted you wanna' get, buster? You've already
explored every nook and cranny I've got!"

"And lovely nooks and crannies they are! I just want to make sure
they're all safe and secure and still in good working order."

"Seems like you're the one who has problems with things in good
working order," she chuckled.

"Well, my tongue is still in good shape, whether Mr.Wiggly is gonna
cooperate or not."

"I knoooow. Oh, Ozzie, I love you. And I LOOOOVE you tongue,
and I love Mr. Wiggly too, even if he is mean to me sometimes and won't
come out and play."

"Price you pay for hanging out with an old guy. Maybe we could get
that stud back in Morgan's Crossing up here to service you."

"The kid at the Mobil Station where we turned off the paved road? He
WAS gorgeous, Oz. Also, he was seventeen. I'd feel just plain silly. Probably
fucks his sister every night anyway."

"Well, if it was his mother he fucks, you'd be in business."

In a typical reversal Mara said, "So, what you're saying is, you could
get it up for a sweet young thing, but not for an old hag like me?"

"Mara, the day you are a hag, whales will shit in London. I doubt that
anybody, at any age, could inspire me any more than you do."

We smiled at each other and prepared the rest of the campsite for the
night as the smell of reconstituted beef stew began to rise from the campfire.
When we were set up, Mara moved in and kissed me sweetly, then
lingeringly, then with fully open mouth and probing tongue. We clung for a
while, knees getting weaker, as the stew boiled over on the fire.

After a surprisingly tasty dinner, we put more brush on the fire and
broke out the half-gallon of Wild Turkey, our one exemption to considering
the weight of everything we carried.

We settled against the large log at the front of the leanto and sipped
slowly as the fire crackled and our sense of the darkness just beyond the
firelight magnified. Mara snuggled in closer and played with the buttons on
my shirt. We drank steadily while the conversation meandered.

Finally, Mara asked, "What'd you tell Mary about where you would

"Huh? Oh, I told her I was going camping."


"Nah, with the guys."

"What guys?"

"The guys from my fishing club. Mary has absolutely no contact with
them, and even if they call and leave messages on my machine, I'll be able to
erase them before Mary gets home. What'd you tell Dirk?"

"I didn't."


"I didn't tell him anything. He never calls when he's on the road"

"And if he does?"

"I'll just tell him I was off with the girls."

"That works, huh?"

"Oh sure. One time Jane, and Betty, and I just took off for Florida for
four days. Dirk doesn't care, he just wants me to have a good time."

"Lucky you. Mary resents every minute I'm having a good time. She
usually calls every night when she's away, and I've got to account for every

Mara snorted, "Well? Look what you go and do the second she

"You saying we shouldn't be here? You wanna go home?"

"No, I'm saying I wouldn't trust a big handsome hunk like you either!"

"Mara, I am absolutely, one hundred percent faithful to you."

"What d'ya mean? You're cheating on ME with your WIFE!"

"Except for Mary."

"You're just a two timin' man in a one timin' world."

"Its a one timin' world, alright!"

"Yeah, you only go around once. Ya gotta grab for all the gusto ya
can!" In truth, this was one of Mara's primary rationalizations for our affair.

"I think I'll grab me a little gusto right now." We kissed for a few
minutes while I ran my hands over Mara's soft chest.

All too soon the bottle of bourbon was nearly one quarter empty and
we were both buzzing contentedly. I knew Mr. Wiggly was done for, for

As we zipped our matching sleeping bags together to form one big
one, Mara looked sleepily at me, "I'm wiped. Let’s just go to sleep. See you
in the morning."

Thank God for small favors…and kind women.

We both stripped and put on men's tee shirts...just a little something
over the shoulders to ward off the morning chill. Once again I admired Mara's
lithe body in the firelight. At forty two Mara was as firm as a woman half her
age, and her somewhat narrow hips and small breasts gave her an even more
youthful look. I found myself once again wishing I had known her years ago,
when I could keep an erection all night.

I took the large broom that we had found hanging on the wall and laid
it by my side. We could hear the rustle of small animals nearby as we drifted
off in the dying campfire light. We had been careful not to bring any food
into the leanto, so I didn't think we would be invaded by bears, but raccoons
might be inquisitive enough to sniff us. The broom wouldn't do much good,
even against a raccoon if one got mad, but I figured that I might startle it off
with a sudden swat if need be.

My precaution proved unnecessary, but as the dawn was turning from
grey to pink, I awoke as four deer came around the corner of the leanto and
walked sedately down to the water. I was lying on my stomach, raised on my
elbows to watch as Mara rolled over more or less on top of me. She slung her
right leg over the small of my back and I could feel the warmth of her cunt on
my left haunch. Mara whispered, "Good morning." Then she saw the deer and
continued, "Oooh, pretty...where's my ouzi?"

"Pistol packin' mama, don't you shoot your guns at me!"

"I gotta pee."

"Me too."

"Let's do cross pees together."


"I squat with my legs spread, and you pee where I'm peeing."

I reached around her back with my left hand and probed her ass, trying
to reach her cunt. "I pee where you're peeing? Sounds pretty unsanitary to

She spread to accommodate me better, but said, "Well, silly, you don't
pee where I'm peeing FROM, you pee on the ground where I'm peeing TO."

"And splashes don't count?"

"We'll go wade in the lake after."


By this time I had rolled onto my right side as Mara lifted her leg off
my back. I brought my left hand around in front of her and cupped her whole
pudendum. Slowly I began sliding my two middle fingers into the slit,
admiring, once again the plumpness of Mara's vaginal lips and the increasing
wetness of her cunt. She frequently referred to her life as a soap opera she
named "The Edge of Wetness." It was apt, and one of her many endearing
qualities. We kissed briefly but Mara said, "Wait, I really do have to pee."

So we climbed out of the sleeping bag together and stepped a couple
yards into the woods. As we tried Mara's cross pees, with the inevitable ankle
wetting, I asked, "Who taught you this little ritual?"

"Dirk and I used to do it, to seal our relationship...mixing of ALL
bodily fluids and all that. Until he got to be such an old fuddyduddy."

"When was that?"

"When did he become...? The day we were married."

We finished and waded knee deep into the lake, standing there each in
a tee shirt as the sun's first rays lit the top of the mountain across the lake. The
morning mists swirled idly up from the surface of the lake, and we were
Adam and Eve at the dawn of time.

I was standing just behind Mara, with my hands on her shoulders as
she leaned her bare ass back against me, and began rubbing it around slowly,
warming both it and my slowly rising cock. I was just reaching that state
when my cock is like a half inflated balloon and begins to increase in
sensitivity, when Mara reached back and took it gently in her hand.

She smiled up at me over her shoulder and offered her mouth. We
kissed as I came around more to her side so that my cock was not behind her
anymore. I slid my hand down her ass, admiring for the thousandth time the
satiny skin over strong muscles, and slipped my fingers around so that I
grazed her anus on the way by and stopped when the tips of my fingers just
barely parted the lips of her cunt.

Mara turned toward shore and led me slowly by the cock to the sandy
beach. We fucked languidly as the sun rose through the trees and warmed the

The End


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