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Archived Sex Stories

Our First Time


Warning: This story contains the explicit description of consensual sex
between two fourteen-year-old female cousins. During the course of the
story they use a dildo for reasons described with in...

It is slightly embellished from the actual events, and the names have
been changed to protect the guilty. Also, it's been proofread since the
last time it was posted, so it should be much more legible! If you can
think of a reason not to read it, then don't. If you can't, then long live
free speech!;)

PS: I really appreciate feed back in regards to my work as I thrive on
attention and the more good feed-back I get, the faster I'll write more

stories By Amy K. ( "Our First Time" (ff, Teen,
inc, toys, first{kinda})

The day was January the 7th, my fourteenth birthday, and my family had
decided to throw me a modest celebration in our basement. They allowed me
a small contingent of friends, including Josh, my first boyfriend.
Fortunately, my Aunt and Uncle had also brought my cousin's, Samantha, and
Tabitha, down for the weekend for my party.

It turned out to be a much more fortunate coincidence than I immediately
realized at the time. Nonetheless, I was glad to have Sam there to talk
to, as well as my brother Jacob to "hide behind" as Josh kept trying to get
me alone for some reason, which made me feel just a little bit nervous.
The party had gone fairly well, though, with my younger sister Becky
entertaining Tabitha thus keeping both of them out of our hair, while the
eight or so of us did the usual, boring party things.

We watched a movie, and ate most of the hamburgers that my mom made for
us before diving into my modest birthday cake. After I blew out the
candles, and no parents were looking, Josh gave me a quick kiss on the
cheek. I blushed profusely as Samantha gave me a worried look, and my mom went about her way, serving up cake to my friends, seemingly oblivious to
the fact that my boyfriend seemed conspiring to make me feel dreadfully

Afterwards, we all listened to music, and occasionally danced. I of
course let Josh slow dance with me a couple of times, and let him kiss me,
eventhough he continually put his hands a little lower than he should of.
But, towards the end of the evening, he sat down next to me with a nervous,
but serious look on his face and said that we needed to talk.

I only nodded shyly, feeling a little shaky, as I knew what this was
about. The both of us were still virgins, and Josh was always feeling
insecure about being fifteen, and still not having had sex.

I myself was still somewhat unsure at the time, having heard the horror
stories that all little girls are told. Tales of guys not waiting and
being patient, instead jabbing their hard cocks into sweet little virgin
pussies and causing poor, innocent little adolescent girls unnecessary
pain. stories of how guys immediately rush off afterwards to tell all their
friends of how they had "had a virgin". But worst of all, was the fact
that inexperienced males generally have absolutely ZERO stamina.

I found out a few years later, much to my eternal dismay, such these
things had happened to many of my female friends, but I was to be
fortunate. I had a rather odd twist of Fate, as well as a rather creative,
if not perverted cousin on my side.

When Josh brought it up, I just shrugged and made some excuse about not
wanting to be too antisocial, before practically throwing myself into every
other conversation that was taking place, and doing my best "social
butterfly" impression...


The party wound down at around 9:30pm, and my mom came downstairs to
herd my friends out the door by ten. I went upstairs to the front door to
say goodbye to everyone as they left, and was unable to escape a quick kiss
from Josh as he walked out the door.

Fortunately, though, I didn't have to say good bye to dear Samantha, as
her family was staying in town for the entire weekend. It was even more
advantageous that they were staying at my house, our parents little
suspecting what mischief we were up to in the middle of the night. And
fortunately for us, they have yet to.

At about 10:30, it was just me and my cousin, seeing as our younger
siblings had been long since put to bed so that the adults could watch the
movie they rented for themselves in relative peace. It was then that
Samantha volunteered us both to clean up the mess in the basement, and
practically dragged me by the arm downstairs.

Once there, Samantha switched on the CD player so that we wouldn't be
over heard, and fixed me with a serious look. "So," she inquired in a
factual tone, "Just how far have you gone with this Josh guy, cuz?"

I found myself blushing at her question. Due to my continuing attempts
at impressing Samantha, I felt somehow embarrassed to tell her the truth.
But, I did owe her at least that much. "Not very," I replied, sheepishly
hiding behind my hair.

"I see..." commented Samantha thoughtfully, before her expression became
a little grim, "In that case, just tell me what you have done, Amy."

My silly grin vanished as I saw the worried look in my cousin's eyes,
and I could tell that this was somehow important to her. "Well, to be
honest... We've barely done much of anything. I've barely let him touch
me so far," I replied in all honesty, hoping to waylay Samantha's concerns,
"Why? What's up?"

"Oh, it's nothing, really," she responded, seemingly somewhat relieved,
"It's just that you had me a little worried, 'tis all. I thought that

"Maybe what?" I pressed, taking her hand and holding it against my chest
in what I hoped was a comforting manner.

"It's just that I don't want to see you get hurt, that's all," she
replied quietly.

"But, Josh hasn't hurt me at all. And I can promise you that I won't
let him," I assured, my cousin's mood brightening a touch, "Especially when
he'd have to deal with you!"

Samantha chuckled, smiling slightly. "I also had something kinda
different in mind," she admitted, "It's kinda silly actually, but I...
Um... Oh never mind!"

"Oh, come on, cuz!" I pleaded melodramatically, "You can tell me... I
promise not to laugh, giggle maybe. But not laugh."

Samantha took a deep breath and leaned in a little closer. "Well you
see," she explained in a whispered tone, "I always kinda thought that since
we were so close, and considering the other things that we've done, that
I'd kinda be... You know. Your 'first'. "

"You were!" I giggled, and gave my cousin a playfully affectionate kiss
on the forehead.

"No, I mean, um..." she stammered, biting her lower lip thoughtfully,
"Uh, basically, I was thinking more along the lines of taking your

My eyes widened as I fought the urge to burst out laughing. "Don't you
kinda lack the proper equipment, Sam?" I inquired, giggling and grinning
like an idiot.

My cousin smiled and glanced downward, causing her curly red bangs to
conceal her eyes. "Um, ya... But I already thought of that," she said

"Oh!" I exclaimed, trying to imagine what plan my cousin's twisted mind
had devised for rectifying her lack of "nether endowment".

"Ya," she said simply, "I kinda brought a few things that we're gonna
need. But there is one thing I couldn't risk bringing unfortunately..."

"Oh really?" I inquired, my naughty side shining through with growing

"Yes," explained Samantha, "and this does hinge on the theory that
sisters think alike. Not to mention your consent, dearest."

"Of course. Always," I responded with a sincere smile, tilting
Samantha's head up by gently pushing up her chin, "What exactly did you
have in mind?"

"It involves borrowing a little toy that your mom hopefully has,"
Samantha said slyly, with a smile that always means that she's up to

"Huh?" came my reply, "I'm afraid you've lost me, Sam. What 'toy'?"

"You'll see!" promised Samantha with a grin, "Now come on. We haven't
got much time."

"I hope you know what you're doing," I commented, still a little
confused, but more than willing to go along with whatever plan Samantha had
in store for us.

My cousin only chuckled as she began making her way to the stairs.
"Trust me," she said, pausing a moment to listen to the sounds from the
main level, "Unless you Dad's REALLY kinky, we have nothing to fear."

"My dad?!" I exclaimed in a hushed tone, and ran up behind Samantha,
"What does he have to do with this?"

"It's more your mom we have to be concerned with, though," my cousin

I merely sighed heavily and threw my arms in the air defeatedly before
following Samantha up the rest of the stairs. It was a little too late
argue now anyway, and besides, our exploits up to that moment had been
nothing if not educational.

Soon, though, we were creeping past the living room where both of our
parents sat watching whatever movie they had rented that night. I paused
for a moment, trying to catch a glimpse of the tv so as to make sure it
wasn't something pornographic. To my disappointment it was just some
cheesy B-rated horror movie, but as my father glanced over and gave me a
quizzical look, Samantha grabbed me by the arm. "Bye!" I called quietly as
I was yanked away, and did my best not to grin like an idiot too much.

"Real subtle," my cousin murmured sarcastically as she practically
dragged me up the stairs.

"Sorry," I whispered, "But I caught them watching porn last week. I
wanted to see if they were watching it again."

"Don't tease," grinned Samantha, "But, um... Was it any good?"

I shrugged. "I only saw a little before mom spotted me," I admitted as
we reached the top of the stairs, and we heard giggling from my sister's

"Too bad," my cousin remarked quietly as we began stepping carefully
towards my parent's bedroom, "Maybe then you could teach me a few things!"

"Not likely!" I laughed, "You're much more perverted than me!"

"Shhh," Samantha cautioned, "This is where it gets tricky. Stay close,
and stay quiet."

With the utmost of care, Samantha reached out and took hold of the
doorknob of my parent's door. She gritted her teeth a little
melodramatically as she twisted it and slowly pushed the door partially
open. She then slipped sideways through the doorway, and beckoned me to
follow with a wave of her hand. I cautiously obeyed, following her into
the dark silent room.

As soon as my bare foot touched the carpeted floor, though, I held my
breath, and had to take Samantha's hand for support as we made our way past
the huge king sized bed, towards my Mom's dresser.

She then knelt down and carefully slid open the bottom drawer, and
reached in. I gave questioning look, but she only smiled. Finding nothing
but clothes, though, she moved on to the next drawer. This time when she
reached in, Samantha smiled broadly.

"I knew it!" she whispered triumphantly, "I should have know it'd be the
underwear drawer... Let's go!"

My eyes went wide with surprise and I held back an exclamation as my
cousin drew out something I had never seen for real before. It was an
eightinch long dildo, with a handgrip near the bottom that added a few
extra inches, making it seem all the more imposing.

Without a word, Samantha stood, and pushed the two drawers closed with
her foot before turning to go. "Are you sure about this, Sam?" I inquired

"Don't worry," she assured, "We'll have it back before they notice it's

I gulped loudly, and was shaking visibly by the time we'd slipped back
out of the room and closed the door. But my cousin's plan wasn't quite
finished yet. Once we were in the clear, she walked confidently into my
room, and waited patiently for me to follow.

Once inside Samantha tossed the dildo on top of her knapsack and grabbed
me before I could say anything. She pressed her lips hard against mine,
making me melt in her arms as her tongue entered my mouth.

Sighing contentedly and leaning against the door, I let my cousin run
her hands all over my body. I clung onto her for support as our
nervousness subsided, and I could feel my nipples pressing urgently against
my T-shirt as Samantha's hands took hold of bottom.

"I love our time together," she muttered as I held her as tightly as my
thin arms allowed me.

"I do too," I agreed, running my tongue along her gum line playfully,
and reaching up under her shirt form behind.

"But we shouldn't get too carried away just yet," she chuckled teasingly
and reluctantly stepped back, "We still have to fix the basement."

"Um, if I'm good and clean up the mess real well, will you take
advantage of me again?" I inquired with a giggle, trying almost
successfully to sound sweet and innocent.

Samantha exhaled loudly, and smiled as she shook her head. "You should
know better than to act too cute," she cautioned, "It makes it difficult to

"Good!" I giggled, "I like it when you're aggressive. It's comforting
in a way."

Samantha smiled lovingly, and brushed her fingers across my cheek.
"You're just too much, little girl," she admitted, "Now come on, we have
work to do."

My cousin quickly closed up her knapsack and we made our way back to the
basement rather uneventfully. Once there, Samantha tossed her knapsack
onto the couch and turned towards me.

"You know," she said with seductive tone, and a sly grin, "Once we get
done here, I can give you your real birthday present!"

I blushed as I giggled, and tried to hide my face with my hands, but
Samantha handed me a garbage bag. "Get to work, little girl," she replied
sternly, but still with a hint of lustiness in her eyes, "Or I'll have to
take you over my knee!"

"Promises, promises!" I giggled as we both set to work...


By half past midnight we had brought the basement back from the brink of
disaster, and were both quite pleased to hear both our parents getting
ready to call it a night. It wasn't long before we were summoned back
upstairs to give my aunt and uncle their hugs good-bye, and by the time the
front door was locked, we were both grinning like idiots.

My parents barely noticed, though, still being fairly wiped out by the
stress of having quite so many young teenagers around at once. They both
gave us nonchalant goodnights and a half-hearted warning about not staying
up too late before we parted ways.

Once back in the basement, though, I once again found myself in
Samantha's arms. We kissed each other passionately, feeling our
nervousness at what we had none subsiding just a little as my cousin's
fingers made their way up my back to take gentle hold of my hair.

I sighed happily as Samantha's tongue entered my mouth, and she pressed
her athletic body against me as I held her. All too soon, though, Samantha
pulled away slightly, and I playfully grasped her tongue with my lips as
she moved towards my neck.

The kisses that she placed up my sensitive skin made me giggle, but at
the same time I could feel myself practically melting in her arms as the
girl made her way down my neck. In response I tilted my head to one side
and began to untuck her T-shirt from her jeans before running my small
hands up and over her flat stomach in order to slowly and carefully cup my
cousin's firm breasts.

Samantha let out a quick little gasp as I moved my fingers closer
together, savoring the sensation of her tender skin beneath my hands before
allowing her the sensation of having her nipples squeezed.

"Harder," she breathed in my ear, and gave my earlobe a gentle nibble.

I surpressed a giggle and gave her neck a soft kiss before I felt her
gently pull my head back to face her. There was a look of pure adolescent
lust in her dark green eyes that I still find so hard to resist, and I
pressed my lips firmly against hers. I felt Samantha's tongue once again
probe my mouth, caressing my tongue, as she tried to suck it into her

I continued teasing her, though, by not allowing my cousin take my
tongue into her mouth, and by not bringing my fingers together with enough
pressure to satisfy her.

Samantha soon retaliated by sucking hard against my mouth, and taking
twin handfuls of my little ass cheeks and squeezing hard. She then began
pulling me up slightly, and leaning her head back so that I had to stand
uncomfortably on my toes in order to kiss her properly.

"Hey!" I giggled as Samantha pulled away once more and took a step back,
"No fair!"

She smiled mischievously and brushed my hair from my eyes. "Turn about
is fair play, little girl," she replied, taking my hands before walking
backwards towards the couch and sitting down.

"I'm sorry," I said with a pout, trying not to smile too much, "But
sometimes I just can't help myself..."

"Don't worry," Samantha purred, and kissed both my hands in turn, "I
like it when you're naughty!"

I smiled and glanced at the floor, feeling a little embarrassed by her
comment as my cousin let go and began digging through her knapsack. "Ah!
Here we go," I heard Samantha say after a moment, and I looked up in time
to see her taking a small jar of Vaseline from her knapsack, followed by a
plastic bag, a few condoms and finally my mother's dildo.

There was a sly grin upon her face as Samantha placed each object
carefully on the carpeted floor. "You really thought this out, didn't
you?" I commented nervously.

"Yup!" she chuckled, meeting my gaze once more, "But first, we have to
get you ready."

"Oh?" I inquired innocently as Samantha took my hand and stood up.

"I think you'll enjoy the warm up, though," she said softly, running her
fingers over the side of my face, down to my neck and collar bone, "Unless
of course you wanna call it all off..."

"No way!" I giggled, before gasped as her fingers traced a line between
my perky little breasts causing me to arch my back in anticipation.

"Good," she purred, reaching underneath my shirt before slowly moving
her hands upwards, bringing my shirt with her.

I watched with interest as my cousin stopped short of my tits, instead
taking hold of my T-shirt instead, carefully bringing it up and over my
head. I shook out the static from my hair, and smiled as Samantha
appraised my partial nakedness.

"You're so cute..." I heard her mutter under her breath, before
unsnapping my bra and sliding it off my shoulders to reveal my hardened
nipples, "I could just gobble you up!"

I looked shyly up at my cousin, and placed my arms behind my back as to
give her an uninterrupted view. "Don't let me stop you," I said softly,
enjoying the hunger I that I could see so plainly in her eyes.

Samantha smiled, putting her hands behind my back before leaning in to
take one of my small pink nipples in her mouth and begin suckling at it as
she took a firm hold of my adolescent bottom.

I brought back my hands as she began sucking my entire breast into her
mouth, and took twin handfuls of her soft red hair. "Oh, Samantha...
Yes!" was all that I could utter as my cousin's tongue played across my
nipple teasingly before her teeth gave it a gentle nibble, causing me to
give into my cousin's touch completely.

I closed my eyes tightly and just enjoyed the sensation as Samantha
turned me around and sat me down on the old couch. I gasped slightly as my
breast came free from her mouth, and I felt the cooler air upon it.

"Lay down," my cousin said softly, and I looked up at her as I complied.

She was smiling a little nervously, but wasted no time and was almost
immediately running her tongue in a slow pattern around my opposite breast,
spiraling towards my waiting nipple.

Meanwhile, I could feel Samantha's hand upon my thigh as she knelt down
causing me to spread my legs invitingly. "Mmm!" I heard Samantha moan as
her fingers moved over my leg and felt the warmth of my pussy just beyond
my gray track pants, "Your so sensitive!"

"Only for you," I promised teasingly, and took a handful of her hair so
that I could coax her a little lower.

"Promises, promises..." Samantha muttered with a smile, as she looked
into my eyes before running her tongue slowly down my chest and over my

"Well, so long as you promise to do a little more with your tongue then
just tease," I giggled.

"Don't worry," she chuckled, giving my navel a passionate kiss before
moving over to the side of the couch so that she could be between my legs,
"I still have plans for you, little girl."

I then felt Samantha take hold of the waistband of my track pants before
slowly tugging and pulling them downwards. I watched intently as Samantha
kissed her way down farther, tasting each bit of skin that she exposed, and
causing my breathing to become a little more labored.

But just as she caught a glimpse of my sparse blond pubic hair, I sat up
long enough to reach over and pull Samantha's shirt up and off of her.
"Hey, no sense trying to stop me now," she replied teasingly, "You should
know better than that..."

I grinned broadly and gave my cousin a kiss on the forehead before lying
back down. "Just evening up the odds," I answered sweetly, "But I wouldn't
dream of asking you to stop now."

"Good!" my cousin chuckled as she began taking my panties down along
with my track pants, and resumed running her tongue through my pubic hair.

But just before she reached my clit, Samantha stopped and looked up at
me once again. "Amy," she inquired thoughtfully, "Have you ever considered

"But I do," I answered, not quite catching on.

"Um, that's not quite what I meant," my cousin said with a sly smile, "I
meant down here..."

With that, Samantha yanked my pants and panties down a few inches
farther before running her tongue down and over my clit, causing me to gasp
out a long breath.

"Oh! Mmf-!" I stammered, taking hold of Samantha's hair somewhat
roughly as the sensation went straight to my brain, "But that's so-! So-!"

"Naughty?" inquired Samantha playfully, circling my clit with her
talented tongue, and making it harden in anticipation.

"YES!" I gasped under my breath as I arched my back against the building
sensation, and Samantha took advantage of the moment by relieving me of my
track pants entirely, leaving me naked except for my panties.

I then felt my cousin's tongue trace a line along my panty line, teasing
me as she moved down a little to trace a line across each of my inner
thighs where they met my panties. In response I found myself moaning in
anticipation, and squirming a little as my body ached for more intimate
attention, as Samantha began kissing her way down one thigh and back up the

"So," she inquired between her kisses that sent chills through me, "Have
you thought about it?"

"A-About what?!" I gasped, twirling her hair around my fingers and
inadvertently tugging at it.

"About shaving," she purred seductively, and kissed my pubic area
through my panties.

"I... Oh, no!" I replied as I arched my back, the dampness of my
panties becoming testament to my state of mind.

"Ohh, but why not?" Samantha teasingly pouted, before tonguing my clit
with just enough pressure for me to feel it through my remaining garment.

"Hey- Mmm... I didn't say that I-! Ohh! I wouldn't," I assured her
between moans and sighs as I moved my legs as far apart as they'd go.

"Oh, I think it would suit you quite nicely!" she chuckled as I ran my
hands back down the sides of her face, and taking some small pleasure in
the cool softness of her skin.

"I don't know, though," I replied doubtfully as she turned her head and
kissed my fingertips.

"It's just a thought," my cousin said with a smile, running her fingers
along my inner thigh up to the waistband of my panties and slowly pulling
them down.

I let my head fall back once again, and sighed contentedly as Samantha
kissed my exposed pubic hair, and ran her tongue in a random pattern
through it, always carefully avoiding my needful clit.

Soon, though, as I squirmed beneath her adolescent tongue, Samantha
pulled my panties all the way down, and had to shuffle a little to slide
them off my legs. Once that was done, my cousin began kissing her way back
up, kissing my legs in an alternating pattern. All the while I gasped a
squealed with delight, desperately wishing that Samantha would quit teasing

"Ohh! Samantha!" I gasped as she kissed around my pussy, "Please!
Please! Please! Lick me! Lick me now!" "Lick you? Lick you where,
little girl?" she inquired with a broad grin, and began tracing her tongue
just around my swollen pussy lips, avoiding them as she held my legs apart
with her strong hands.

"Ohh! I-! I-!" came my stammered reply, as the feeling of need in my
groin became stronger and stronger.

"Say it!" my cousin demanded in her most stern voice, "Say it, little
girl, or you'll get nothing..."

"My cunt!" I cried, almost too loudly, no longer caring if my parents suddenly stormed the basement to see what was happening.

Samantha chuckled to herself as I quivered about and my body shivered
with anticipation. I then felt her wet tongue trace a line up one of my
labia and down the other, causing me to emit a long moan of pent-up

"Mmm... Oh, Sam," I moaned, "Please, taste me. I need to feel your
tongue in side me..."

In response my cousin smiled and pushed open my pussy lips with her long
fingers before moving her face in close. "Oooh! It's all pink inside!"
she said giggling teasingly, "Just like your panties!"

"Sam!" I exclaimed, blushing profusely in my embarrassment.

"Ohh, you're so cute when you do that," she replied with a grin before
giving the inside of my pussy a long lick with her warm tongue.

"Oooh! Oh ya!" I gasped, my body shaking with excitement as I pressed
my thighs closer together to keep my cousin from stopping.

But my Samantha complied with my wishes, continuing to lick at my pussy as my juices flooded her tongue. I then had to cover my face with a pillow
to keep my noise down, as the lapping motions if her tongue brought me
closer and closer to cumming.

"Mmm, you taste sooo good!" commented Samantha appreciatively before
letting go and giving my labia a long suck as she slid her tongue between
them, "I just can't get enough of you, Amy!"

I could only giggle and moan in response as I arched my back and
clenched my teeth. All the while my cousin was finding new ways to excite
me as I started to cum. She put her fingers on either side of my clit and
pushed in such a way as to make it stand out more. The adolescent then
gave it an appreciative glance before descending upon it, carefully taking
it in her teeth before firmly, but gently nibbling at it.

I gasped and moaned uncontrollably, thrashing about on the couch as my
whole body quivered with delight as Samantha lightly flicked at my clit
with the tip of her tongue. She then began moving her jaw slowly from side
to side, rolling my swollen clit between her teeth as I practically
screamed into the pillow.

As my inner walls of my pussy began to constrict, Samantha moved her
mouth down to surround my pussy lips and sucked as hard as she could,
taking in as much of my juices as she could. Meanwhile, she continued the
assault upon my clit with her index finger, making slow circles over it,
twisting and pinching it inadvertently.

Mmf! Oh-!" my cousin exclaimed with a laugh as my juices were smeared
across her pretty face, "Don't you ever stop?"

I smiled and tried to speak, but could only groan softly as Samantha
moved up to put her arms around me. "I can't... help it," I panted as my
elation slowly faded, "You're... Just so good!"

"That's because you're so much fun," replied Samantha playfully as I
found the strength to return her embrace as she kissed my softly, "But I do
hope that I didn't wear you out too much, though. Because the fun's only
just beginning, little girl!"

I smiled up at her, my breathing slowing to a normal rate, and the
flushed appearance of my face faded. "Really?" I inquired, "Then why not
show me?"

"If you think you're ready..." Samantha responded pensively, "I don't
want to hurt you or anything..."

"Don't worry," I assured her as she ran her fingers over my cheek
affectionately, "I want to do this. And I want it to be with you, Sam..."

My cousin smiled, blushing a little. "Thank you..." she whispered, and
reluctantly crawled off the couch before picking up one of the condoms.

I gave her a puzzled look as she ripped it open with her teeth, and
reached for my mom's dildo. "No sense leaving any peculiar evidence," she
said with a wink, and carefully unfurled the condom around the dildo. Once
done, Samantha put the dildo on the carpet beside her, and grabbed the
towel and stood up.

"Just a second," the girl replied before getting to her feet, and
scurrying off into the other room where the large sink my family had our
washing machine hooked up to was located. I could hear the sound of
running water for a few moments, before my cousin came back with a damp

She grinned broadly as she made her reappearance and put the towel down
on the plastic bag before unbuttoning her jeans. "It'll be much more fair
this way," she commented, pulling her pants down around her ankles, panties and all, causing her breasts to hang down invitingly as she bent over.

"You really have put a lot of thought into this, haven't you, Sam?" I
inquired with a giggle, admiring her firm, athletic, adolescent body.

"You bet," agreed Samantha, prying open the small jar of Vaseline as my
pulse raced with anticipation with what was to come.

My eyes went wide as the girl smeared the yellowish/white goo over the
condom-covered portion of my Mom's dildo, but was reassured by her warm
hand placed upon my knee.

"Are you absolutely sure that you're okay with this?" inquired Samantha,
her voice sounding soft and loving.

"Yes... I'm sure," I whispered nervously, propping my head up with the
pillow so that I could watch, "Just so long as you're careful..."

"Always, dearest, always," my cousin replied with sincerity, and I
gulped loudly as she placed the cool, hard, slimy dildo against the
entrance of my young virgin pussy.

"You should spread your legs as much as possible," suggested Samantha,
concentrating on what she was doing with her usual look of intensity.

I nodded slowly and held my legs as wide apart as they'd go, with my
hands under my thighs for support. Samantha gave me a reassuring smile and
held eye contact as she pushed the plastic phallus in past my labia.

I gasped as the head passed into me under the slow, steady pressure of
my cousin's left hand. The combination of lubricants eased it along its
path, but the foreign object still met with some resistance as my nerves
made it nearly impossible for me to relax my muscles.

"Don't move..." I whispered, closing my eyes tightly and clenching my
teeth as my body shivered a little.

Samantha nodded and held my Mom's dildo in place as I clenched my
fingers, trying desperately to become used to the odd sensation of
something long and hard inside of me. All the while my inner walls hugged
the object tightly, almost pushing it back out as it spread my pussy wider
apart, but my cousin managed to keep it still.

"Oh... Okay," I whimpered, blocking out the majority of the
unpleasantness, "Please go on."

Samantha shuffled a little nervously as she pushed a little harder,
sending the dildo in another few centimeters or so until Samantha met the
resistance she knew she'd find. "How is it so far?" she inquired, taking
my hand and giving it a squeeze, her voice a little shaky.

"It's...Okay..." I replied, opening my eyes as my pussy seemed to be
sucking at the condom clad dildo, and barely producing any further
lubrication as I tensed up, "It doesn't hurt too much."

"That's good," my cousin said a little worriedly as I spread my little
legs as far apart as they'd go, "But I'm afraid that this might hurt a

"It's alright," I told her, "So long as you're here, I won't mid too
much. I'd rather have you hurt me a little, then have some guy hurt me a

My cousin nodded knowingly and said, "Well, just tell me if it hurts,

"No problem," I responded, trying to relax and took her other hand so
that I could guide the white phallus' path, "Just... Push..."

I pulled Samantha's hand forward towards me, causing the end to push
against my hymen. There was the sensation of building pressure, and the
pain made me wince just a little, but I continued pulling Samantha's hand
towards me. Forcing the dildo to go farther and farther into my tight

"Ah! Ohh!" I grunted as I squeezed both of Samantha's hands tightly,
stopping her for a moment as I panted, trying to catch my breath, "I just
need a few seconds..."

"We can stop now if it hurts too much," my cousin offered, seemingly a
little upset, with a hint of guilt in her pretty green eyes.

"No, no way! Please keep going..." I implored, "The pain doesn't last,
and I really want it to be you who does this, Sam."

"Okay," Samantha replied skeptically, allowing me to pull her hand
closer and pushing the dildo deeper and deeper inside of me.

I gritted my teeth and held my breath as I felt the pressure build, my
pussy straining against the effort as my insides began to give way. I
caught a glimpse of panic in Samantha's eyes before I threw my head back
and pushed her towards me harder.

I could feel my cousin desperately trying to pull back, but I resisted
her, forcing the dildo past my hymen with all my determination. Samantha
let out a sudden yelp as she saw my body jerk suddenly, as my hymen broke.
The resonance traveling up the length of the dildo to her shaking hand.

"Oww..." I murmured between deep breaths, as the beginnings of tears
formed in my eyes, "I think we should take it out now..."

"I... I'm so sorry..." Samantha sobbed softly, feeling horribly,
intensely guilty at seeing the pained look on my face. Tears already
flowing down over her cheeks.

"Oh, no... Don't worry..." I assured her, "I'm so glad... I- OW!"

"Oh! I'm sorry!" she exclaimed as the retreating dildo pulled at my
inner walls a little painfully.

"No, it's alright," I told her with a weak smile, helping to pull out
the phallus, "Just go slowly."

"But... You're crying..." insisted Samantha.

"So are you. But they're tears of joy, Sam," I assured her, "Thank you
so much, cuz. I'm so very happy..."

She smiled, wiping away her own tears and nodded. "Do you need me to
get you anything?" she inquired as the dildo retreated from me with a slow
steady pace.

"Just a hug," I replied in a wary whisper as I glanced down at just how
much of the dildo had penetrated, "Wow... It looks worse than it is! But,
I guess I just proved that I'm just not as tough as you are, Sam."

"Well, you do have a smaller frame than me," she commented, as the end
of the dildo pulled free of my pussy and I let out a short gasp, "Oh! Um,
and well, I'm sure that once your muscles adapt a bit more, you'll have no
problems with this. But... I do think that I could have been just a bit
more careful with you..."

"You were careful, Sam," I said reassuringly as she reached for the damp

"If you say so," she replied, still a little less than convinced as she
wiped my labia clean with the greatest of care, "Oh, and if you can, sit up
just a little."

I compiled, sighing softly as I felt myself drain out a little, and the
soft coolness of the towel soothed my slight inflammation. Samantha paused
as I got comfortable and reached down to make sure the dildo wasn't going
to get the carpet dirty at all. "Gee, I wish mom had a smaller dildo..." I
giggled, making Samantha laugh as she finished cleaning me up.

"By the way," she continued with a shy smile, "I do hope you plan on
returning the favor..."

I smiled broadly and nodded. "Of course," I replied, giving my cousin a
quick kiss upon the lips before running my fingers across her cheek and
through her hair, "It's only fair. And thank you once again, Samantha, it
could have been much worse..."

She nodded in agreement with a bit of a shudder. "I think that should
just about do it for the clean up at least," she said, folding towel up and
putting it in the plastic bag,

"Good thing I brought two of these! Oh, well, the dildo can wait until
the condom dries a little, and I think you need a rest."

"Quite," I agreed, placing my head against her shoulder as I leaned in
close, "But right now, I just need one thing from you, Sam..."

"Oh?" my cousin inquired, "Just name it, Amy and it's yours."

"I need you to just hold me..." I told her, as I began crying again from
the pent-up emotion I was feeling.

"Shh, it's okay," Samantha soothed as she took a seat on the couch next
to me and held me close, "You know that I'm always here for you."

"I know," I replied as I felt her tears up my shoulder as her strong
nimble fingers caressed my naked back, "But some times I just need to hear
you say it..."

My cousin sighed and gave the side of my neck a gentle kiss as I felt
the relative coolness of her skin against mine bringing down my body

Without a word she leaned me back down on the couch and shifted our
position so that I could rest my head upon her chest. I let Samantha guide
me, and held her until the CD player stopped, clicked loudly, and stared
the next CD. We quietly enjoyed the warmth of each other's naked bodies
pressed together for quite some time before deciding to stir.

"Thirsty?" inquired Samantha, carefully extracting herself from my arms
and sitting up.

"That'd be great," I muttered, hugging myself against the sudden feeling
of being alone as she stood up and quietly left the room with my Mom's

"How bad is it?" I asked, as I heard her rolling the condom off the end
and burying it deep in the garbage can.

"Not too bad," she replied, opening the fridge, "Actually, it worked
quite well too."

"Oh?" I inquired as my cousin returned with a tray full of stuff.

I gave her a quizzical look as I noticed my Mom's dildo lying next to a
piece of birthday cake and our beverages. "See," she said, motioning to
the plastic phallus, "Clean as whistle!"

I nodded and picked up my drink. "You're a genius," I said with a sigh,
snuggling up next to Samantha as she sat down beside me and set the tray on
the floor.

"You know," she said with a sly grin, "I have like NO idea as to how
we'd explain this to your parents if they walked in right now..."

"Don't even think about!" I exclaimed in a harsh whisper, "We'd just be
so dead!"

Samantha shrugged as she reached down and took a bit of icing from the
cake before turning to me and smearing it across my right nipple. "It was
just a thought," she said with a sly grin, "Infact, I just had another..."

"Oooh! Kinky!" I giggled as she repeated the process with my left
nipple, grinning with satisfaction as it hardened beneath her touch. "Hmm,
blue really is your colour," Samantha commented jokingly as she leaned
towards me and took the entirety of my small perky breast into her mouth.

"Sam!" I exclaimed with a laugh, and grabbed her hair with both hands as
she ran her tongue over my skin as her mouth sucked gently at my breast,
"You're just too much! And hey, isn't it my turn to turn you on?"

My cousin stopped for a moment and glanced up as she ran her hands up my
stomach and over my chest. "Well, ya," she replied, reluctantly letting me
go before taking both my small tits in her hands, "But I enjoy you far too

Samantha gave both breasts firm squeezes to exensuate her point,
soliciting a long moan from me. She smiled at the reaction and extended
her tongue to lick the icing off, that covered nipples, with as much
showiness as possible.

Meanwhile I ran my hand down her back, all the while pushing against her
with my fingers until I reached the small of her back. Once there, I
teased my cousin a little by rubbing the small of her back, and denying her
the feeling of my hand upon her ass as she shifted to sit upon her shins.
"Mmm... You're so good," I sighed, as Samantha's made slow circles around
one of my small pink nipples before sucking it into her mouth, and gently
nibbling up it.

"I know I am," she replied with mock conceit after drawing back and
pulling at my breast with her mouth, "Now why don't you show me how good
you are, little girl?"

"Oh, you're just asking for it!" I said with a grin.

"You bet," my cousin answered, taking my other nipple into her mouth
before sucking and licking it clean.

"Fine then," I purred, pushing her away slightly so that I could scoop
up a bit of icing from the cake, "They say red heads are somewhat... Um,
bossy..." I ran my finger over her nipple, leaving a bit of blue behind,
"...and that they like being in control of every situation..." I followed
the same procedure with the opposite nipple, "...But I've been told that
they just need to be put in their place..." I reached down and smiled as
Samantha gasped when I rubbed most of the icing against her clit, coating
it blue.

"Oh, really now?" my cousin replied with a grin and a questioning look
as I got off the couch and stood before her, "And are you going to 'put me
in my place', little girl?"

"Maybe..." I said in my most sweet and innocent tone as I wiped the
remainder of the icing off my finger across Samantha's lips.

She gave me an amused look, and suckled my finger for a moment, licking
it clean with her tongue before I pulled it back. "Now, lay down," I told
her, trying to copy Samantha's authoritative tone.

Samantha sighed, and obeyed my request. "Now what?" she inquired,
looking up at me teasingly..

"You'll see," I promised, trying not to blush as I knelt down to kiss

My cousin watched me come towards her with interest, and closed her eyes
once my lips touched her's. I stayed there for only a moment, though, and
pulled back slightly before licking my way across her lips, taking most of
the icing with me. I then slid my tongue between her lips past her teeth,
finding only a little teasing reluctance to bar my passage.

After a few moments of out tongues sliding against each other, sharing
the taste, I with drew and playfully gave Samantha a kiss on the chin. I
heard her giggle a little as I continued down, stopping every so often to
nibble her neck before tracing a line across her chest with the tip of my

My cousin arched her back as my mouth came dangerously close to her
breasts, but I made a point of avoiding them, causing her to moan
disappointedly as I gave her navel a deep kiss.

"No fair," she replied with a little groan, "You're driving me crazy!"

"Good!" I answered back as I moved back upward taking hold of one of
Samantha's firm breasts.

The girl squirmed a little as I gave it a little squeeze, making her
nipple stick straight out with firmness. I then relieved Samantha of a
portion of her frustration by running the tip of my tongue around her
nipple in a slow spiraling pattern until I touched it. I then dragged my
teeth across it, before sucking against it with my mouth.

"Ohh! Oh ya!" my cousin exclaimed, dragging her nails across my back,
and grabbing hold of my ass with one hand as she held my head in place with
the other.

I giggled a little as I sucked and licked at her nipple, all the while
gently kneading it with my fingers, knowing how Samantha could get off just
by having her breasts played with.

I watched with interest as my cousin shivered with every little squeeze
I gave her nipple with my teeth, and quietly enjoyed the little gasping
moans she made. I knew about how long it would take for the sensation to
become too much for her, and glanced up in time to see Samantha lift her
head and look at me.

Her eyes were full of lust and adolescent desire as she panted and held
me in place. "I... I... Ohh-!" she managed, "You know my... My
weaknesses far too well!"

"I know," I said with a grin, letting go and leaning back, leaving my
poor cousin in an intense state of frustration.

"Oh! You-!" Samantha gasped as I looked on innocently.

"What?" I inquired sweetly as she reached up and grabbed me by the hair.

"You know what!" my cousin said with a hungry grin and ragged breathing.

I giggled a little as I leaned in again and descended upon her other
breast. "You know I'd only tease you a little..." I assured her, before
running my tongue up the side of her breast and over her nipple.

"Just don't stop this time," Samantha replied with a warning tone, "Or I
may have to take you over my knee!"

"Oooh!" I squealed with delight, as I playfully nibbled at her nipple
before reaching down and running my fingers lightly through her pubic hair,
"I think I might like that just a little too much!"

Samantha smiled mischievously and gave my ass a gentle slap, causing me
to jump and slide my fingers farther down. "Ahh! Oooh! I like it!" I
purred teasingly, and lightly traced my middle finger between my cousin's
moist pussy lips.

"Well, just don't be too loud about it," Samantha warned, rubbing my ass
cheeks as she shifted in place, trying to guide my fingers, "Other wise it
might just happen for real..."

"Good point," I mused, bringing up her juices on my finger and rubbing
them against her asshole, "But it's so much more fun when it's dangerous!"

"Mmm... You're dangerous," she replied seductively, pushing my head
down towards her pussy, "And I think I want you finish cleaning up your

I gave her a sideways glance as I gave her nipple one last hard suck,
and began shuffling over on my knees. "I think I can handle that," I
replied once I was in position at the end of the couch.

Once there I ran my hands up her long soft skinned legs to her firm
thighs and stopped. I then gave my cousin a seductive smile, and licked my
tongue between her pussy lips all the way up to her clit. My cousin let
out a little yelping gasp as I gave her hardened little clit a careful
nibble with my teeth, and licked it clean of the blue icing.

"I... I'm getting close again..." I heard Samantha pant, as I moved
back down and slid my tongue between her pussy lips so that I could taste

I moaned softly in appreciation of her flavor, and lifted her legs a
little, spreading them more so that I could cover her entire pussy with my
mouth. Samantha responded to my sudden suction by holding me between her
thighs and not letting go. I looked up and noticed that she was arching
her back now, thrusting her breasts into the air invitingly. So I reached
up with both hands and gave both my cousin's breasts a simultaneous squeeze
as I pinched both her nipples between my fingers.

"Oh! Harder!" Samantha practically pleaded, grabbing my hands and
squeezing them tighter as her pussy filled my mouth with her juices
signaling that she was starting to cum.

I complied wholeheartedly, sucking on her pussy as much as possible as I
wedged my explorative tongue as far into her tight wetness as I could.
Samantha, meanwhile, was busily trying not scream. I could feel my
cousin's whole body trembling beneath me as she broke out in a cold sweat,
and rolled her eyes back as the blinding euphoria took her.

But I didn't let up. I continued licking and sucking at her virgin
pussy, as I fondled her sensitive breasts relentlessly. "Oh! I-! Ahhh!"
Samantha exclaimed, her voice taking on a higher pitch as she peaked.

I looked on with intense interest as my cousin's body quivered, and she
tried to keep still. The performance she was putting on making my own
pussy moisten, and my clit almost twitch with excitement even as Samantha
began to calm down.

"Feel better..?" I inquired with a grin, my face wet with her juices as
my cousin lay panting before me.

Samantha opened her eyes just a little and smiled back before dropping
her head back down on the pillow. I giggled a little at what I had just
done, and began to crawl on top of her with a predatory gleam in my
blue/green eyes.

"I... I'd love to do this when...When I didn't need to be quiet!"
admitted my cousin, her high stamina allowing her to recover fairly

"Maybe this summer when we're at your place," I promised, kissing her on
lips, and letting her taste herself, "Then you can scream your head off!"

My cousin chuckled a little and licked her tongue over my cheek, lapping
up her own juices. "Mmm!" she replied appreciatively, "Messy, but good!"

I blushed a little at her comment, and closed my eyes contentedly as my
cousin licked my face clean before kissing me on the lips. I then felt her
arms around me as our tongues met, and I tasted her juices upon her tongue.

After a few minutes of just enjoying each other I pulled back, and sat
up on my elbows. "I hope you still have energy left," I replied.

"Definitely!" laughed Samantha, "I'm practically an athlete, remember?"

"That's true," I agreed, "So, I guess you're still up for loosing a
little something you're not using?"

Samantha nodded with a determined look. "Quite," she answered, "Well,
everything you'll need is right there, but if you need any help, just ask."

"No, it's alright," I assured her as I reluctantly got off the couch and
picked up a condom.

"Are you sure?" my cousin asked with a smirk as I gave the wrapper a
quizzical look before tearing it open awkwardly with my teeth. "Uh... No,
I'll be just fine," I assured her as I sat down on the carpet and nervously
picked up the dildo for the first time, "But this is a little scary..."

"Ah! It's kinda gooey!" I exclaimed as I pulled out the condom before
trying to unravel it over the dildo.

"And it's inside out," Samantha commented as she lay on her side with a
bemused grin.

"Oh, I see," I said thoughtfully, and turned the condom over before
managing to roll it down properly and once again was amazed at just how
long they could get if needed.

"Feel free to use as much Vaseline as you can," offered Samantha, "I
bought it just for this occasion.

I nodded and cracked open the jar again. I couldn't help making a
vaguely disturbed face as I scooped it out with my finger, though. "Ick!
This stuff's even worse!" I commented while staring at my fingers.

"The more lubrication, the better," assured Samantha with laugh.

"Okay..." I replied nervously, as I took hold of the dildo in both hands
and began smearing the lubricant down the sides in an awkward motion.

"You'd make a terrible guy," my cousin teased.

"That's enough from the peanut gallery already!" I laughed as I spent
several moments lubricating the surface of the plastic phallus, "This is
weird enough... Oh, and is there anything I should know before I do this?"

My cousin smiled, and pulled another towel from her knapsack. "Just use
your imagination," Samantha assured me, as she laid back down on the couch,
"But just be careful."

"I will," I promised sincerely as Samantha bent her legs at the knees
and held them apart invitingly.

I then quietly shuffled into position and took a deep breath before
nervously placing the head of the dildo against my cousin's moist pussy. I
glanced up and saw Samantha gasp as the coolness of the Vaseline seemed
like ice against her overheated skin.

"Nervous?" I inquired, holding my mother's dildo just between the girl's

"Ya, kinda," she admitted, shaking a little in anticipation.

"Good!" I chuckled, and spread her pussy lips farther apart with my
fingers before pushing the dildo just inside of her.

"Ohh! Ah!" Samantha exclaimed, arching her back and actually allowing
the dildo to slide a little more easily inward.

I looked on with fascination as my cousin's eyes went wide as the first
inch or so of the dildo disappeared inside of her virgin pussy. She
quivered visibly as her inner walls hugged the gooey end of the plastic
phallus in their firm grip for several seconds before allowing me to

Before doing so I leaned down and gave the hardened bud of her clit a
careful little lick, causing Samantha to let out a little cry of surprise.
"Oh, this feels so... Nasty!" I giggled before carefully licking up one
side of her spread pussy in a long slow lick.

"But it feels sooo goood-!" my cousin agreed with a moan, as I licked my
way up the other side, "Ohh, Amy... Don't stop now... Please..!"

"Are you sure?" I teased, sliding the dildo back just a little before
giving her clit a deep kiss with my tongue playing across it as I moved

"Mmm! Oh! Amy, you-! Ahh!" my cousin gasped, unable to resist my
inexperienced touch, "I-! I've never been so-! Ohh! Oooh! So sure of-!
Of anything!"

I giggled a little, enjoying the way I was making my cousin squirm, and
pushed the dildo slowly forward again, causing Samantha to let out a long
groan. "Careful," I warned teasingly, feeling her muscles pushing back
against me, "I might think you don't want this..."

"Oh! You-!" Samantha exclaimed, grabbing my hand and pulling me forward
as I did to her until the head of the hard dildo touched her hymen, "Oh!
Hold on-!"

"I know..." I responded, hearing the nervous tension in my cousin's

We both waited for several long moments, as outside we could hear the
cold wind howling. My cousin breathed in long, slow labored breaths,
shaking slightly as she moved my hand forward a miniscule amount every few
seconds. Finally, though, Samantha held her breath, gritting her teeth and
closing her eyes tightly.

"Now..." she breathed, her voice sounding soft and vundrable.

I nodded and pushed. Samantha gasped, her voice increasing in pitch
until she ceased making a sound for several seconds, arching her back,
pushing against the dildo. I gave a bit of a fearful yelp as I felt my
cousin's hymen buckle under the pressure of the invading dildo and break
once and for all.

Samantha lay motionless for a moment, seemingly frozen a silent scream.
There was a look on her face that crossed pain and ecstasy in a perfect
dichotomy, until finally she let out along sigh and collapsed against the

I let go of the dildo and held Samantha's hand protectively in both of
mine as she regained her senses. "Thank you..." she whispered.

"No problem," I told her softly, "Anytime."

My cousin smiled widely and laughed a little. "Very funny," she
replied, "But... It's odd..."

"Oh?" I inquired, kissing her fingers gently.

"Ya," Samantha admitted, looking a little embarrassed, "I think I
actually came..."

I gave my cousin a bemused and shocked look. "No way!" I giggled, "You
mean it didn't hurt?"

"Well, a little," she conceded, reaching down to begin slowly sliding
the dildo back out, "But it was... Good at the same time. I liked it!"

"Hey, I'm tough!" she laughed, and squinted a little as the dildo was
pulled free, "Ouch-! Well, maybe not THAT tough..."

I sighed and shook my head. "You're really something else," I
commented, crawling up on top of her as she put the wet dildo inside the
plastic bag.

"Would you have me any other way?" Samantha inquired as she put her arms
around me.

"Probably," I said with a smile, and gave her a quick kiss up on the
lips, "But you're much more fun this way!"

Samantha shook her head and smiled. "There's just one problem, though,
cuz," she replied with a reluctant tone.

"Oh?" I inquired.

"Ya," she continued, "I'm kinda... Um... 'Leaking'..."

"OH!" I exclaimed, feeling a panicked as I scrambled off of her and
grabbed the towel.

"We'd have trouble explaining that stain, now wouldn't we?" Samantha
chuckled as I placed the towel against her pussy.

"I don't think we have to worry too much," I told her, and pressed my
lips against hers until I felt her tongue slide into my mouth, and I sighed
contentedly as my cousin wrapped her arms around me...


The next day we had no problems disposing of the evidence, or putting
back my Mom's dildo. Also, ironically enough, my boyfriend Josh left for
Halifax a week later, never to be seen again and never to have a chance to
have sex with me...


Written by Amy K. ( Copyright 1998, although
permission for re-posting and archiving is granted so long as everyone who
wants to read this has free and equal access to it. Anyone wanting a copy
of all my stories, feel free to ask. I'm easy- Er, I mean, nice enough to


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