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Our Happy Slave 1


Our Happy Slave (1/?) {Redman} {MF md Rom}
(c) October 2000

Authors Note: I would be interested in any comments or
corrections that readers might care to share with me.
I can be reached at

Also, this work is not intended to be read by minors.
If you are not legally an adult in your country or
culture, please do not read it. This story is a work
of fiction. Everything in it is a product of my own
imagination and does not represent the way that anyone
of any age should be treated or to represent a norm of
acceptable behavior.
Our Happy Slave 1/?
I love the feeling of waking slowly, a snooze-alarm
morning without even the intrusion of the alarm. I
snuggled into the sheets with my eyes still shut,
stretching like a proud lion in the rare shade on the
Sarengede. My outstretched hand encounters a warm,
tender backside in the depths of the covers and I can
tell by the firmness of the flesh that Connie has
found her way to our bed this lazy, sleep-in morning.
There is something decadent and overpoweringly
sensuous about never quite knowing what naked female
you will be waking to in the morning.

I remember with smug satisfaction that this is one of
the few days when I don't have to go to work during
the week. I can still taste my wife's lipstick as she
kissed me goodbye this morning just before she left.
It had seemed so much like a dream - a kiss from an
angel - or perhaps a succubus, sated from a night's
abandon; departing to wherever succubae frolic when
they are not invading the dreams of randy men.

I grab Connie with two hands by the firm flesh of her
hips and pull her longingly toward me, dragging her
deeper into the covers pilled into the middle of our
large bed. I know the little minx is not deep in
sleep, perhaps is not even sleeping at all. I have
long suspected that every morning when her immediate
duties are attended and my wife and I have left for
work, Connie sneaks into our bed. There she writhes
naked, luxuriating in the scent of my wife's perfume
and in the smell of last night's decadence that
remains imprinted on the linens.

She comes limply as I drag her to me on her side,
burrowing my gradually hardening penis into the very
top of her tight buttocks. I spoon against her as I
feel her suddenly taunt, beginning to quiver like a
plucked string, vibrating with the music of her quiet
passion. I bury my nose onto the base of her neck and
breath deeply of her bouquet, flooded with the scents
of our little slave.

I can smell the fading fragrance of the perfume that
we allow Connie every evening, the hint of it
lingering with the taste of daffodils on the back of
her neck - a favorite place of mine to nuzzle. I can
smell the invigorating fragrance of massage oil on her
hands and I know that my wife has had her massage her
feet before trudging reluctantly off to work. I can
smell the hint of butter and coffee and I know that
our girl must have risen early this morning to
lovingly prepare a breakfast for her Mistress. And,
just at the range of human olfactory perception, my
nose lingers over the tangy aroma of women. Even my
practiced snoz can't detect which of our loving menage
contributed this most delightful of scents.

I thought about simply blissing-out and drifting off
to sleep once more. I knew that if I did, little
Connie would continue to quiver against me like that
taunt string, stretched between her desire to let me
sleep and the passion her entire backside radiated
into my flesh. I thought about throwing her over and
fucking her until we both were senseless. I was caught
somewhere between these two delightful urges. Some
mornings it's just good to be alive.

"Turn over, you little wench or I might just bugger

"Is that suppose to be a threat Master, or a special
reward," she sighed as she delightfully squirmed
around to face me. In so doing, she playfully rubbing
ass, then hip, then cunt against my cock as she

"If I get up the energy, your little rose will be the
first to know. Unless something better strikes my
fancy," I murmured as I ground myself into her mound.

"If you need energy, I have a huge breakfast ready at
your leisure, my love. Or perhaps I can be of some
other service," came the saucy retort accompanied by a
slightly more eager thrust of her own pelvis.

"I don't know whether to spank you or to fuck you my
dear, but I think I may be in the mood to do both
before the morning is through." Even though my mouth
still tasted a little stale from the night's sleep, I
greedily dove into her lips. Normally I always brush
first thing, just in case I can snag a willing snatch
for a quick morning ride, but I was not about to pass
up her tempting lips for even that short length of
time. Just another of the prerogatives of ownership.

The kiss did not last long anyway because as I went to
taste her fresh mouth, I was greeted with the
unmistakable aroma of my wife's cunt. My two naughty
girls must have been enjoying themselves this morning
as I slept. Connie flagrantly came to bed wearing the
spoils of their struggle knowing it would have an
instant effect on my libido. There is nothing more
tantalizing than licking away the taste of your woman
from another woman's lips.

"Did you make her squeal, my pet?"

"Delightfully and repeatedly, master. I almost did as
good as you would have. She left all dreamy-eyed and

"Good girl! Send her out glowing and she'll come back
to us in the afternoon all randy and ready for a romp.
She may rape you as soon as she walks in the door."

"Well, I didn't want her to be jealous that I may be
fucking your brains out all day. I remembered your
first and greatest command master; " she paused

"Keep the woman happy!" we intoned together as we
delightfully dry-humped each other, grinding together
on our sides.

As we chuckled and her eyes danced impishly I drew her
left leg high up on my hip and burrowed my stiffening
shaft into her furrow. It felt as though I were
pressing my cock against crush velvet that was coated
with hot, melted butter. We both shuttered a moment
from its first hot touch.

"We don't want her jealousy again, love" I instructed
with all the gravity our shallow rutting would allow.
"You remember what agony that was." My wife had only
reluctantly accepted Connie into our home, fearing
that I would want to fuck her to exclusion. Only by
declaring that I wouldn't touch our tempting little
slave-morsel until she herself begged me to do so, did
my wife reluctantly relent. It had been an agonizing,
excruciatingly delightful time that none of us were
eager to live through again. Especially me.

Connie shifted her pelvis and the head of my
circumcised dick slipped into her wetness by what
seemed like only a fraction of an inch. We both
experienced the shock of this slight joining as though
a tuning fork had been struck in our spines. Our eyes
were locked, gradually ratcheting up the intensity of
our lust, wringing out each moment as we both fought
for control.

"She knows I worship her, master," she growled,
thrusting down on my shaft while agonizing that our
position would not allow her greater penetration.
Then, she tilted her delightful face until she looked
up at me with impish, lust-filled eyes and whispered
breathlessly, "Almost as much as a I worship you,

I let my face grow cold and pulled back my hips until
only the barest tip of my penis parted her lips. She
immediately began to thrash to try to regain it but I
grabbed her in that most wonderful spot where long leg
meets taunt belly, subduing her.

"No `almost,' little one. You know that even a whiff
of jealousy can destroy what we have. Don't even think
about trying to make her jealous."

She pouted. Not the pout of a little girl, but the
pout of a willing woman wanting desperately to be
fucked. Then her eyes twinkled, and she relaxed like a
cat taking possession of a couch.

"I know, master," she whispered languidly. "But you
know I love it when your firm." Despite myself, I
allowed her to thrust her agile hips forward and
engulf me immediately, impossibly deep.

I sighed, as every man sighs, knowing that he has been
manipulated by a passionate woman and loving each
precious moment of his manipulation. I rolled on top
of her and thrust deep as she alternately purred and
moaned beneath me. As I lengthened my stroke,
luxuriating in the her warmth, I knew this would be a
... preetttty ... goooood ... daaaayyyy!


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