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Our Happy Slave Doing Carol 2


Our Happy Slave- Doing Carol 2 {Redman} {md MF Rom}
(c) October 2000

Authors Note: I would be interested in any comments or
corrections that readers might care to share with me.
I can be reached at

Also, this work is not intended to be read by minors.
If you are not legally an adult in your country or
culture, please do not read it. This story is a work
of fiction. Everything in it is a product of my own
imagination and does not represent the way that anyone
of any age should be treated or to represent a norm of
acceptable behavior.

For those of you that have read other stories in this
series, this chapter is set farther into the future
that any previous chapters. Connie has been with the
family for years now and is enrolled at the local

Our Happy Slave- Doing Carol 2

"You know she needs your cock again?"


"You know who! Carol" "She needs to get a boyfriend
her own age. Or her own master."

"Why don't you be her master and then we can play all
day together while you and Mademoiselle are at work."

"I told you I don't need another slave. Between you
and the Mrs., my cock can barely keep up now. The last
thing I need is another wet pussy staining the

"I've never stained the furniture, you vulgar man.
I've wet the sheets many times, but I've always washed
them after."

"Shut up and move a little faster. Your gonna have to
wash these, too. Geez, your wet today."

"That's cause I'm thinking about you fucking Carol.
She's doing so much better since you raped her."

"I DID NOT rape her. Quit saying that. You forced me
to fuck her like that."

"Oh, I just forced you to fuck her in the ass so good
that she still dreams about it?"

"She does? I thought she hated all men."

"Not anymore. I even caught her flirting with a guy at
school today. She dresses better too."

"Well there ya go. She doesn't need me to fuck her.
She'll have plenty of volunteers. She wouldn't look
bad if she didn't wear boys clothes."

"I said I caught her flirting, not fucking. men still
scare her a little. She's still a virgin, you know."

"Virgin my ass. I was there. And you yourself have
told me of fucking her with a dildo for hours. Move
over that way just a... yea, that's it"

"I don't mean she's completely inexperienced. She's
fucked plenty girls, like me for instance. But she's
never fucked a man."

"What am I, a cucumber?"

"No, but part of you... Uugh... never in the cunt.
She's never had a hard, throbbing dick in her cunt
like I do right now. Never had a... oh fuck... oh
fuck... ooohh fuckk mee."

"That was nice, dear. I think that about does it for
me today." "Yes, that was very sweet, Monsieur. I
didn't mean you would have to fuck her today though."

"God, are you still on that. Let my poor, tired penis
get some rest woman before you farm me out to fuck all
your friends."

"Well, just think about it. Here, I know what will
help Mr. Penis."

"Not your mouth. Oh Christ... just let me rest. No,
softer like that..."
* * * * *
"Just take her on a date and end it with a mercy

"Not again. How come every time when I'm about to..."

"Because she needs it. And I know you want to. Every
time I mention it you start to shoot in me."

"That's because you only mention it while I'm fucking
you, you little blackmailer."

"You know how to make me stop."

"Please stop... No, don't stop that. Soon... soon."

"I'll stop when you run your hard cock in her sweet,
virgin pussy. I'll stop when you... that's it...
that's it... good... squirt it all in me. Good boy...
Good boy. Doesn't that feel better?"
* * * * *
"Just go already. You look handsome. Leave that alone.
She's gonna cream just looking at you."

"I don't think my wife wants me to do this. I better
stay here."

"She told you to go ahead. I heard her. She won't be
home until late. Just go already. You've got
reservations for dinner, a motel key in your pocket
and a virgin waiting to fuck you. Are you nuts? Go!"

"Who's the slave here? You or me?"

"I am. And I know what my Master needs. Right now he
needs to go."
* * * * *
When I picked Carol up at the door she was wearing a
simple, eggshell white cotton dress with matching
shoes. She had a small white flower behind her ear and
I could tell she was letting her hair grow out. She
had removed all of her piercings except for a simple,
silver hoop in her right eyebrow and it only tended to
draw attention to her eyes. She lowered them demurely
as I told her she looked lovely and then gave me a
quick kiss on the mouth before trotting ahead of me to
the car.

During dinner, when I would leave my hand on the
table, she would stroke my arm. She laughed quietly at
my whit and flirted with me shamelessly with her eyes.
The erection in my pants was embarrassing and I was
almost blushing that everyone in the restaurant could
tell that this older man would soon be fucking this
beautiful young girl. The waiters gave me envious
glances and the older woman behind Carol gave me an
evil glare.

We talked about her plans at college and what she
wanted to do with her life. We talked about boys and
music. We talked about Connie. I told her that she had
a pretty smile and she teased me, asking whether it
was a boy's smile or a girl's smile. I told her that
it was the smile of a very attractive, young woman.
She squeezed my hand just so and I knew that it was
time to pay the check.
* * * * *
"Here, let me take that off. No, leave the flower. It
smells nice."

"Do you like the perfume?"

"Yes, you know I do. Connie's gonna get a whipping
when I get home."

"She told me you call this the "Fuck me" perfume."

"She has a dirty mouth and a dirty mind."

"I like her mouth, but your's taste fine too. Kiss me

"I think you like to kiss. You're good at it."

"Oh, I know how to kiss. I've kissed Connie for hours.
She's good too."

"Yes, but let's forget about her for a moment and
concentrate on you. May I take off your bra?"

"Sure, I really don't need one. But my nipples were
soo hard."

"They still are apparently. May I kiss them?"

"Please d... aaauugh... that feels very nice... I
thought they were... uuughhh... to tiny for your

"They taste fine to me. I want to spend some time on

"They're not as pretty as Connie's... nice, like
that... or your wife's beautiful tits."

"Forget them for tonight. This is us. I'm not hung
like a porn star either. Let's make each other happy
with what we have."

"You feel nice and hard against me like that. Can I
pull your pants down?"

"You won't find many men that will say no to that.
Oh... Oh my... that feels good."

"I've never done this before. Tell me..."

"You're doing fine. More around the head. Good. Use
your other hand too... yes... oh, very nice... we
better stop that now."

"That felt nice. I'd like to do that again sometime."

"'Practice makes perfect.'" "My lips are still
tingling. Kiss me again, please."

"That did feel delicious, but it was just an
appetizer. Let's move a little closer to the main
course. Can I take off your panties? Yes, put my shirt
over there by my shoes."

"Your fingers feel nice. Thicker. I didn't think it
would feel this different. Where are you..."

"I want to get a closer look. I didn't see it much
before. Yes, beautiful."

"That feels... ooohhh... now you better stop."

"You need to relax. Just let me..."

"Oh God! Ooooohhh Godddddd. Harder... Harder... more
finger... deeper... right there... there... there...

"There now. There now. Relax. Relax. Your doing great.
Keep telling me. Give me a kiss now."

"God, I love my taste on you. Now your the one that
smells so good."

"If I smell as good as you taste, I must smell great.
Now spread... there... just lay back. Tell me when
your ready."

"Slowly please. Please be gentle."

"I will, dear. I'll be as gentle as that flower behind
your ear."

"OK, ooohh God. It's sooo warm. I didn't expect it
to... So warm... so hot... and soft... and haarrrddd."

"Feels good here too... ssooo wet... ssoooo hot. Yes,
your hips, like that."

"I'm gonna... I'm gonna..."

"Yes... me too... soon... soon... nnnnnnnoooowwwwww!"

"Now that, you sweet man, was pretty incredible."

"Yes, sweet girl, that was pretty fuckin' incredible

"Why didn't you do that last time, instead?"

"Aauugh, forgive me?"

"Only if you do this one again."

"Only with a little encouragement..."


"...makes perfect!"


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