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Our Happy Slave Doing Carol


Our Happy Slave- Doing Carol {Redman} {md MF MFF anal}
(c) October 2000

Authors Note: I would be interested in any comments or
corrections that readers might care to share with me.
I can be reached at

Also, this work is not intended to be read by minors.
If you are not legally an adult in your country or
culture, please do not read it. This story is a work
of fiction. Everything in it is a product of my own
imagination and does not represent the way that anyone
of any age should be treated or to represent a norm of
acceptable behavior.

For those of you that have read other stories in this
series, this chapter is set farther into the future
that any previous chapters. Connie has been with the
family for years now and is enrolled at the local
Our Happy Slave- Doing Carol
"Master, can I tell you a secret?"

"Right now? While we're screwing? Only if it's a dirty

"Oh it is. A dirty little secret. My friend Carol
needs a cock real bad."

"They had doctors for that, dear. I always thought she
wanted to be a boy."

"No... not like that you nice fucker. Like a real
cock. Like your cock."

"Sorry sweetie. I know you like to play lezzie games
with her, but she doesn't really do anything for me."
Carol was a brat trying to play at being a lesbian
feminist. Connie was usually a pretty good judge of a
person's desires, but I thought she was barking up the
wrong tree this time. She often told me nasty stories
as we fucked to light me up be frankly this one wasn't
getting me off.

"I'm telling you she needs it bad and she needs it up
her ass."

Well, maybe there was some possibility to the tale."

"She's got a wonderful ass, Master. It's shaped like
an upside down heart and it wiggles just right when
your bouncing her."

"Aaahhh" "She has just enough on her hips so you can
hold on good while you give it to her"

"Aaahhh fuck. Maaaybe she does need it."

"If she held her face down and stuck her ass real high
up in the air it would almost be like you were fucking
me. Fucking me in the ass."

"Fucking her in the asss. Fuuucking you in the ass.
FUCKING HER IN THE ASS. Oooh God. Ooooh dammmit!!!"

"Good... Good... Good.... Just calm down now. So good.
I love it when you cum in my pussy so hard like that."

"You know... uuugh... God, I love the aftershocks....
as your stories go... that was a weird one."

"Got you off though, hush?"

"Yea... surprisingly."

"But it's true you know, " she whispered. "It's all

"Not now. I'm exhausted."
* * * * *
"She really needs to be fucked in the ass, you know."

"God, are you still on that kick?"

"She's just scared of men. She expects every man to
abuse her. She really wants a man bad, but it would
have to be done a certain way."

"Your gonna have to decide whether you want to be her
sex therapist or her pimp."

"I'm serious. When I'm fingering her when we make
love, whenever I tell her the story of a man abusing a
woman and then raping her in the ass, she shoots off
like a firecracker. She just soaks the sheets."

"Little one, just because it gets her off doesn't mean
she really needs a stiff one up her ass."

"Master, I know that. I'm not stupid. But later, when
I'm eating her, she doesn't even want a finger in her
snatch. She wants me to cram it hard in her butt. Once
I almost had my whole hand in there and it didn't seem
like enough. I could tell she was still thinking about

"Well, you may be right. But I'm still not you man,
dear. Much as I would love to help."

"But you love it when we do that, Master."

"You know it's not the assfucking I'd object to.
There's nothing sweeter than a woman that offers it to
you. It sounds like your girl may be into the violence
and the humiliation of it. That part just doesn't turn
me on enough."

"I know that, Master. That's why it needs to be you. I
could get any man to just ram it up inside her. She
needs someone who can fulfill her fantasy and then
lead her to something better. She needs a man rough
enough to rape her ass and then sweet enough to make
her like it."

"I don't know baby. You're asking a lot."

"Well, just tell me you'll think about it."

"Are you gonna let me NOT think about it?"

"No, not really"
* * * * *

Connie and Carol were working on a class project on
the floor of the living room. Carol was such a
frequent guest that the clothes she was wearing were
minimal at best. Connie was down to a shear, thin
panty and bra set that was making both of us hungry.
As they studied, Connie manipulated her unsuspecting
girlfriend until ever time I looked in from the
kitchen her tempting ass was pointed straight at me.
On all fours reading a pile of notes on the carpet.
Flat on her stomach with her legs waving in the air
like ripe wheat.

Connie looked at me in exasperation and came and drug
me to a back room. "Would you hurry up and fuck her.
We're not getting any work done and she's dying for

"I don't know, baby. Are you sure? I'm too old to be
someone's love toy in prison."

"It's not really gonna be rape. It's just pretend. She
knows it's coming."

"You told her that? Come on over today. My master's
gonna fuck you in the ass?"

"No, silly man. I told her that I knew a way to
fulfill her darkest fantasy. She thought about it a
while and then ate me out very nicely."

"Well, OK baby. If your sure?"

"I'll take complete responsibility. I love you for
this. You'll see."
* * * * *
It still took me a while for the brain in my dick to
convince the brain in my head. I was standing in the
doorway letting the cheeks of Carol's ass lead the
debate, when she finally glance back and saw me
standing there with a stiff one.

"What the hell are you looking at?" Behind her back
Connie was silently screaming to me, NOW, NOW.

"I'm just... I was just..."

"Listen you perv, I don't swing your way, so fuck

"Listen bitch, don't come into MY house and talk to ME
like that!"

"Yea, whose gonna make me stop, asshole?"

I've said I'm not a violent man. However, between the
hardon, the frustration and the foul mouth on this on
this girl, I guess I did loose it for a time. I
stepped into the room and grabbed her leg, twisting
her over onto her stomach again. I heard Connie squeal
with glee, encouraging me on. I stripped Carol's tank
top down over her shoulders into it covered up her
face. Even gravity couldn't bring much to her tiny
breast. They barely hung down at all, the small, brown
nipples were very hard.

"Look at this. You don't have any tits at all. You're
a girl that wants to be a boy. Hell, you might be a

"Your gonna get it, asshole"

"No, girl. Your gonna get it. In the ass," I sneered
as I stripped off the thin shorts, panties and all.

Somehow, miraculously, Connie's hands grabbed me,
slick with lube. She jacked me shaft hurriedly,
smearing the thick, viscous lubricant everywhere. Just
as quickly she ran her hand between Carol's checks,
probing her until she jumped. Then she lined me up and
slapped my ass, giving me a vulgar, leering grin.

I felt huge... and firm. I shoved into her like I was
spearfishing and she was the fish. In one thrust I
balled up and she howled. I rode her like a Brahma as
she bucked and flailed but the flesh of her hips would
have had to tear off before I would have let her go.
She screamed and cursed and then slowly began to beg
me to stop.

I wish I could say that I quit when she asked me to,
but my dick was in control and it was in something
tight and warm. I guess my anger surprised me too. I
hadn't realized that I had such violence in me. I
continued to slam into her repeatedly until she was
whimpering. Even with my cock deep in her ass, my
brain began to function and I was flooded with guilt.
I slowed and eventually stopped my stroking and my
penis began to shrivel.

"Don't stop now," Connie screamed. "She's still
cumming." I opened my eyes to see Connie's hand thrust
beneath her friend, her fingers stroking Carol's clit.
"She's wetter than ever," Connie said as she reached a
handful of cream and cum and squeezed my balls gently
with her gooey hand.

Did I say that I was shriveling? In an instant I was
rock-hard again. For once I focused on Carol and even
though I couldn't see her face, I saw that her entire
back was flushed. Her asscheeks were quivering and the
quadricepses on her forelegs were shaking with
contractions. It looked as though she were in the
midst of a continuous, rolling orgasm and my hips
began to move instinctively to the vibrations that
were running down her spine.

But, it was a different kind of rutting now. I stroked
into her gently, feeling the head of my cock buried in
her gut. My hands stroked her back and my fingers
reached beneath her to circle her small stiff nipples.
She began a moan that turned into a wail as I drew her
upper body to me and stripped the shirt from her face.
As she rose up, I put my arms under hers and grabbed
her shoulders, supported her whole torso as she began
to bounce upon my cock. I reached up toward her neck,
almost in a half nelson and used the leverage to
impale her more forcefully.

Big, breathy moans were pouring out of Carol as she
chanted through another wave of little climaxes.
Connie was running three fingers into her cunt and I
was biting her shoulder, devouring her. I felt Connie
rubbing my shaft from the inside. My dick felt as
though Connie was trying to jack me off with her
fingers buried in Carol's pulsing cunt.

As I came, straining into Carol's lovely buttocks, I
saw that she was crying, and somehow laughing as well,
straining through her own ecstasy. When I could hold
her no more, I let her shoulders loose and she wilted
to the floor. It was as though she was cold, white
milk being poured from a pitcher.

We were both exhausted from the Little Death. I was
sitting back on my haunches. Carol's beautiful,
ravaged ass was sticking up in the air, the anus
slowly contracting, still pulsing softly. Connie was
looking at me lovingly with smug satisfaction, her
hand gently stroking her own glistening labia.

There was no anger left in me for anyone in the world.
Certainly not for Carol. I didn't love her, but for a
little while I was hopelessly in love with her ass. I
knew that in a special way, I would love a part of her
forever. I would always think of Carol, with her ass
in the air, quivering.

For the life of me, I could not resist it. Hesitantly
but irrevocably, I leaned forward and planted on her
rosette, a gentle lover's kiss.

I fell on my back and my head rolled in the direction
of the girls, gravitating to female mass. After a long
moment, I saw Carol reach a hand out toward Connie.
Connie grabbed it in her own and their hands swayed
between them for a while like virgin lovers. Carol
raised up partway, moving at last. She looked at me
softly, questioningly. Finally, with that same
hesitation, as though she too could not resist it, she
leaned forward and very sweetly kissed my lips.


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