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Our New Neighbors



As I pulled in our driveway Donna was talking to a very attractive
blond woman who was
holding a baby. I walked over to them and Donna introduced me to Lori. Lori
was a knock out.
She was 5'6" with a nice shape although I thought she needed to work on her
While we were talking, a very striking tall black man came striding
toward us. Even before
he spoke, he seemed to have a very commanding air about him. He shook my
hand and in a deep
commanding voice said Hello I'm Arthur, Lori's husband. His British accent
was more
pronounced than Lori's. As we talked, I found myself totally captivated by
his magnetic
Donna was hanging on his every word acting like a school girl who had
just met her idol. I
have to admit Lori was appealing to me too.
Donna found her voice and invited them for dinner tomorrow. As Donna
turned toward
me to go back to our house, I could see her nipples poking her tee shirt out
like her boobs had
sprouted thumbs. Teasingly I said he turned you on didn't he.
Donna blushed and looked down at her hard nipples and said I guess I
can't deny it. I hope
I wasn't too obvious. Laughing I said you only undressed him and had sex
with him while we
Donna took a playful swing at me as she said "I did not. But now that I
think about it."
That night after our two kids were in bed Donna was all over me. I
grabbed her and
carried her to our bed in no time we undressed each other and without any
preliminaries my hard
cock plunged into her dripping wet pussy.
Donna hadn't been this hot since I got her pregnant with our youngest.
( I've had my tubes
tied since. ) She was a wild woman grabbing at my ass telling me to fuck her
harder. I didn't care
what the source of her inspiration was I was going to enjoy it.
To my surprise Donna came before I did and continued to fuck me with
all she had. As my
balls tensed up and sprayed my come in her pussy she came for the second
time. Afterwards we
were laying in each others arms talking and jokingly I said who were you
thinking of when we
were having sex, Arthur? Without thinking she said yes then she tried to
cover it up.
For years we had talked off and on about swapping but had never found
the right people
and the only birth control we have ever used was Donna's diaphragm or a
I said, tell me truthfully do you want to swap with Arthur and Lori.
Excitedly she said, do
you mean it. To which I nodded yes. We'll have to go slow to see how they
feel and I'll need a
new diaphragm she added. I kissed her in reply and said good night.
In the morning it was the usual routine, grab breakfast and off to
work. Things at work
were so hectic that I forgot dinner with Arthur and Lori until Donna called
just before 5:00.
She said instead of a formal dinner we decided on a barbecue. Annie,
her younger sister was going to come over to watch the kids so we could relax in the pool.
On the drive home I stopped and got the things Donna wanted. I was also
thinking about
her and her family and one unusual trait all the women in it share. Donna's
mother was a
professional wet nurse until she was in her late thirties. When Donna turned
18 her milk came in
and Annie's milk had just come in too. The doctors didn't know why but when
they were told,
they could give them medication to stop it they all said, no way. To which
I'm glad because I love
drinking Donna's milk.
Donna says her boobs make so much milk than her mother talked her into
joining a milk
bank. Even with her giving milk to me and our kids she still has more than
enough for others.
Since the baby started sleeping through the night Donna will wake me
about 3:00 in the
morning to suck some milk out and relive the pressure until its time to get
up. She says it's a
mixed blessing because now her boobs make so much milk they refill every two
to three hours.
On the other hand she loves it because she says it's the greatest feeling to
have someone nursing
from her super sensitive nipples. ( She often has multiple small orgasms
when nursing ) A side
affect of all the attention her nipples get is they have grown much larger
and do indeed resemble
two small thumbs in size when hard. ( Enough of that, back to the story )
When I got home, Donna had just finished nursing both kids and
completely draining her
milk. Her nipples were so hard they felt like two rubber spikes digging into
my chest as she
hugged me. She cupped a boob and proudly told me that she drained them so
they wouldn't leak
during dinner. It was plain to see that they had seen a lot of action.
I bent and kissed them then before changing for dinner. Donna announced
that bathing
suits and tee shirts was dress code. She grinned as she said this is to keep
things relaxed.
Playfully I smacked her butt and said I know it's a conspiracy you
women just want to
tease us with your sexy bodies. Donna laughed in response as she put on her
bathing suit, if you
can call three small triangles and some strings a bathing suit.
Las night you said lets take it slow. With that thing on you sure don't
leave much to the
imagination. Donna just smiled and shook her boobs as she slid a tee shirt over her head. Even the
damn tee shirt didn't do much to tame to sexuality oozing from her.
I found myself anxious to see her in Arthur's strong black arms and
judging by her actions
she was too.
As we walked out of the bedroom, Annie knocked as she let herself in.
Annie scooped up
both kids and covered them with hugs and kisses making them laugh and
giggle. She grinned as
she said just remember to throw a steak on for me.
The door bell rang and I opened it to greet Arthur and family. We all
milled about meeting
everyone. I saw Donna and Lori step off to the side talking, then they
returned with big smiles and
Donna whispered something to Annie and her face lit up.
I led them on a quick tour of the house and then out to the pool where
everything was set
up. Annie disappeared into the house with all three happy kids. It was as if
someone threw a
switch the way Arthur and Lori's behavior changed. Arthur began by
complimenting Donna on
how good she looked. Saying she couldn't possibly be the mother of two kids
and still look so
Lori smiled as she said I'm a bit of a disadvantage in the looks'
department as my second is
just starting to show as she patted her belly.
My eyes were drinking in her body as I said Pregnant women are both
beautiful and sexy
and you qualify in both departments. Lori beamed at that and I noticed
Arthur nod his agreement.
I got up and put the steaks on the grill and Arthur joined me in
conversation. As we
talked, Arthur took charge of the conversation which led to him taking
control of the evening.
Control had shifted to Arthur and I was just there to do his bidding.
During dinner the
tone of the conversation changed from sexual innuendoes to bold open talk
not leaving any
suDonnaect untouched.
To my surprise he openly verbally seduced Donna as Lori and I watched.
I thought Lori
would stop Arthur's obvious flirting but she seemed amused with it and
encouraged it. With
dinner over I started to clear the table and Lori pitched in. Arthur had
Donna totally captivated
and the two of them appeared to forget we existed.
Lori and I had carried a load of stuff in the kitchen when Lori turned
to me and started to
apologize for her husband and me for Donna. I stopped her, telling her I
knew this might happen
We stopped and laughed then Lori said don't blame Donna she doesn't stand a
chance Arthur is a
professional at seducing white women like myself.
He has no interest in black women but considers it his duty to seduce
all the white women
he can. I knew this when I married him. Sometimes I even set him up with new
women. Her voice
got very soft as she said eventually he will talk her into having his baby
if you don't stop him.
My voice sounded very far away as I said How do I stop him, he already
had her under his
control. Lori responded by telling me that all I had to do was tell him that
Donna belonged to me
and she was off limits. If you say anything else, he will ignore you and
keep going.
I was quiet for a minute then asked. What about you, what do you do
while he seduces
my wife? Cheerfully she said, keep you company while we watch, if you want
or whatever, it's up
to us. The only thing I'm not allowed to do is let another man gets me
pregnant. He wants to do
all the baby making.
Deep in thought I led the way back out to the pool just as Donna stood
up and removed
her tee shirt in preparation for going in the pool. Arthur too removed his
shirt reviling a muscular
chest and a very large bulge in his trunks. The two of them didn't even know
we were there as
they checked each other out.
Wordlessly they went to the pool. Donna stepped on the diving board and
pranced out on
it showing off her sexy body. She reached the end of the board and did a
fancy dive that I knew
would rip her top off and maybe her bottoms as well. Arthur dove in after
her before she had even
surfaced and the came up together in the middle of the pool.
Sure enough her top was floating back where she had entered the water.
I stood
mesmerized by the scene. They were now embracing as then the rest of the
bathing suits floated to
the surface.
Hurriedly I gathered the rest of the dishes up and went back in the
kitchen. Lori followed
me in. Setting the dishes in the dishwasher, she asked me to take her to
check on the kids.
Annie was watching tv with the two babies nursing on her milk filled
boobs. She gave us a
dreamy smile and waved to us to leave.
Lori said she's kind of young to have a baby. I chuckled and told her
about Donna's family heritage. Lori looked at me as she said my milk came in with Nicki and has
shown no signs of
letting up yet. Arthur has told me he intends to keep me pregnant for some
time yet. He came
from a large family and wants one of his own. That fine with me I love being
When I got home from my checkup after having Nicki, Arthur asked if the
doctor said we
could have sex. When I said yes, he ripped my clothes off and stuffed his
big black sperm hose in
my pussy. My pussy welcomed his wonderful cock and soon he was filling my
womb with more
of his potent sperm. The reverence and lust in her voice was enough to make
my cock stir in
My mind began to race with visions of a huge black cock plunging in and
out of Donna's
pale blond pussy. Almost in a daze I walked toward the pool. I felt Lori's
touch on my arm and
turned to her. She asked if Donna was on birth control. When I shook my head
no, she asked
when she had her last period. I though for a minute then told her. She
gripped my hand and said
she's already pregnant. He pumped his first load in her in the pool and
unless I miss my guess he's
working on filling her again out of the pool.
Sure enough when we opened the door to the pool I saw and heard them.
Donna had her
legs wrapped around his ass and was whimpering in-between grunts that she
made every time
Arthur's huge black cock hit the bottom of her pussy. As I got closer, I
couldn't believe just how
huge his cock is. I could see why Lori called it a sperm hose and I could
see he had the balls to go
with it. I wouldn't have believed she could get something so big in her. Her
pussy lips were
stretched tightly as his plunging cock whipped their juices into a white
I was so caught up in the action I didn't realize Lori was at my feet
until she pulled my
trunks off and stuffed my whole cock in her mouth. I glanced down to see she
was now nude and
fingering her pussy as she sucked me. I felt my balls start to rumble as
Arthur shifted his pace. He
was now fucking Donna with a grinding motion and his balls looked like they
were ready to fire
another blast of sperm deep into my wife's fertile womb. Arthur's ass tensed
up and Donna made
an animal sound. My balls responded by filling Lori's mouth with my juice.
Beyond any doubt I knew Donna was going to have his baby and his
monster cock would
have ruined my chances of ever satisfying my wife with my cock again.
Strangely instead of being mad or angry I was oddly excited. Maybe my
emotions were
clouded by Lori's excellent cock sucking but I didn't care. Lori stood up
and whispered in my ear
for me to go to my wife when Arthur got off her and show her I still loved
I knelt down beside them as he eased a cock out of her that would have
made a horse proud. His piss hole was still oozing huge gobs of sperm as Arthur said with
a big grin she makes
my cock sing I'm going to enjoy making babies in her.
My original intention was to kiss her and suck on her boobs but I found
myself between
her legs licking her hugely dilated pussy. Weakly, Donna said, Bruce, I'm
going to have his baby.
She didn't say any more she just stroked my head as I licked her clean.
Several times my tongue
touched her clit sending orgasmic spasms through her body.
After a while Lori whispered in my ear, Come Arthur is ready again.
Come keep me
company. As I got up Donna gave me a dreamy smile as her eyes focused on me
then she said,
hold my hand while he fucks me again. I sat at her side and watched as her
pussy lips stretched to
swallow his sperm hose.
Donna in a strange voice-said look how much his wonderful cock
stretches me. I can feel
every vein and the head kisses my cervix, making my pussy go nuts. He's so
much bigger then you
I'll never be able to feel you again.
I kissed her as Arthur began to pump her. I squeezed her hand as I
said I know, it's all
right. I'm happy to suck your pussy and drink your baby milk. She squeezed
my hand again as she
told me to be a good host and keep Lori entertained. I hesitated but she
insisted she was fine and
needed for Arthur to fuck her more - a lot more.
Lori took my hand and led me over to another pad. She said Donna tells
me you are very
good at sucking pussies and boobs come and show me. Until well after
midnight I was either
between Lori's or Donna's legs, sucking on their pussies and clits. I
learned Lori is a better cock
sucker then Donna but Donna's nipples are more fun to suckle.
At one point during the evening Donna needed to go to the bathroom and
she asked me to
carry her to the bathroom. Sitting on the toilet she felt Arthur's sperm
dripping out of her pussy she asked me to hold her pussy closed to keep it in. To my amazement I did,
even as she pissed
on my hand. I even wiped her before carrying her back to Arthur. When we
returned, Lori was
sitting between his legs lovingly sucking and licking his balls.
This time Arthur, asked Donna to get on her hands and knees and told
Lori and me to
milk her like a cow as her fucked her.
Lori wrapped her hand around one of Donna's boobs and a I went to work
on the other.
As Donna's milk spirited out her whimpering raised to new heights. Donna
began chanting yes,
yes, yes. It seemed that no matter what Arthur did Donna loved it.
Finally Arthur decided he had enough fucking and it was time for him
and Lori to go
home. I carried Donna into our bathroom and gave her a shower and put her to
bed. She was a
sleep before I turned out the light.
As I started to crawl into bed, I remembered Annie. I went to check on
her and found her
sound asleep with Suzie asleep on her boob. I went and cuddled up to Donna
and fell asleep.
In the morning I woke up when I felt Donna stir. She had pushed her
covers off and was
checking out her pussy. When she noticed I was awake she asked me to get her
a mirror.
Returning I saw a big wet spot on the bed where Arthur's sperm had
leaked out. I handed
her the mirror and watched her as she examined her pussy curious to see if
she had second
thoughts. She did wince a little as she pulled her outer lips apart to look
in. A lot of the swelling
from last night had gone down but she was still quite red and still dilated.
I looked at her and said
my cock couldn't fill you now. She set her mirror down and pulled me into
her arms. She kissed
me for a long time then she said my heart will always belong to you but
after last night my pussy belongs to Arthur. I hope you can accept that.
Without a word I slipped from her arms and slid down her body kissing
her boobs then
moving down to kiss her belly before moving down to suck on her pussy. There
was still a little of
Arthur's sperm leaking out!
She moaned that feels so good I hate to have you stop but I have to
pee. Instead of
getting up I cupped my mouth over her pussy and waited. Donna started to
squirm and repeated
that she had to pee. Our eyes met as I sucked hard. Donna's eyes took on a
new sparkle as she
said are you sure?
At first it was just a few sprits then she let it go as I sucked for
all I was worth. A half
hour later I was back in her arms as I whispered "As long as I can have
Donna hugged me hard and sobbed with relief and joy. I found myself
with a new interest
in her body and everything related. Donna patted my head and told me she had
to go and feed the
kids before her boobs burst.
I finished in the bathroom and stepped into our bedroom to see Annie
standing there. She
was still topless, her hard red nipples pointing at me. She said it looks
like you will be needing
another crib. I felt her eyes travel to my soft cock then she said I can see
why Donna had given
her pussy to Arthur. Relax. I'm not going to broadcast it all over. All I
could think to say was
thank you.
I put some clothes on and wandered into the kitchen to get some
breakfast. Donna was
nursing both kids. I poured myself a cup of coffee and sat when Annie came
in she came over and
rubbed her boobs against my face as she asked if I wanted some milk in my
Donna chuckled at our game, a game she liked to play ever since her
milk came in. Donna
warned Annie not to tease me about what happened last night or she couldn't
come over any
Annie popped a milky nipple in my mouth. She said hell Donna. I've been
trying to figure
out how to stretch my pussy so I could begin to take Arthur's monster and
join you.
Teasingly Donna said what's the matter isn't your boy friend able to
satisfy you? Annie
said not like you got it last night.
Donna got a dreamy look as she said you don't want to fuck him because
if you do no
normal man will ever satisfy you. I couldn't even feel Bruce's cock now.
Until meeting Arthur I
had always prided myself on being better equipped than most. )
I got up and left them talking about Arthur and went to do my weekend
chores. As I was
working in the yard, Lori came over. Smiling she asked me how I felt about
last night.
I thought about it and said it's done and we can't go back. Donna is
ecstatic and says her
pussy will never be the same. I love Donna and am glad she's happy.
Lori came closer and softly said would you do it again. I nodded yes as
a felt myself
blushing. Just talking about it in an indirect way was making my balls
tingle. I eyed her and said
how about you.
Lori was wearing an oversized man's tee shirt and she raised the hem of
it as she said Oh I
get what I want. You see this just adds to our relationship. As my eyes
roved down to her belly, I
could see she had fresh sperm dripping down her legs. She said as you can
see he has a huge
appetite for sex and I know I can't take care of him by myself.
Is Donna up? I'd like to talk to her.
I told her to go on in. She kissed me and patted my ass as she headed
into the house
wiggling her sexy ass.
A while later Arthur came over and offered me a beer. We sat and talked
about everything
except Donna. I was finding that I liked the man and respected his
successes. I found I wasn't mad
or jealous of him but I did wish I could be more like him yet knew I would
never get close. As we
parted, he told me he would be over tomorrow night after dinner.
After dinner Donna and I got the kids to bed and we talked for hours
about the changes in
our life style and our relationship. We wound up in bed and a long session
of oral sex where she
made love to my cock and balls with more passion then she had ever done
before. Just before
going off to sleep she promised to never forget that I had been the one to
allow her to have sex
with Arthur and would always make sure I was taken care of.
Sunday I was watching a ball game when the phone rang. Donna answered
it after talking
for a minute she asked me to keep an eye on the kids and said she was going
over to Lori's. I
hadn't bothered looking at her or I would have known that she was going to
get fucked instead of
talking to Lori.
About and hour later Lori knocked on the door and said Donna wanted me.
She had her
baby with her and said she would watch my kids until I returned.
I let myself in and headed toward Arthur's bedroom. I was greeted by
the sight of Donna
lying on top of Arthur with is big black sperm hose firmly wedged deep in
her pussy.
In a voice thick with sex she said Arthur wants me to show you how well
I can ride his
wonderful cock. There was already a ring of white froth ringing his cock as
she started to rock
her hips back forcing his sperm hose in and out. My cock sprung to attention
as I watched in deep
Slowly she sat up whimpering loudly as she lowered her pussy down over
his sperm hose,
incredibly forcing all of him in her.
I wouldn't have believed she could have taken anything so large in her
previously tight
pussy. She raised up part way and said come closer and see how much he
stretches me. His cock
feels as big as a baby's head and it goes so much deeper then yours. Come
play with me as I ride
his cock.
My face, inches from their joined crotches I saw how tightly her pussy was stretched and
how her lips were pulled in and then out by this huge black pole. MY fingers
found their way to
her clit and she went into a wild frenzy as I teased it. Suddenly her body
went stiff and she howled
like an animal as Arthur grunted and jammed his hips up against her as she
dropped her pussy hard against his shooting cock. Gently my hand cradled his massive balls as
they pulsed, shooting
his potent sperm deep in my wife's womb in search of an unfertilized egg.
As if in a trance I found myself moving between their legs and my face
in their crotches
licking their union. I don't know how long I laid there sucking and licking
but I did bring them
both to climaxes.
Then I was on the bed facing up with Donna straddling my mouth draining
Arthur's sperm
into it. Arthur proudly informed me that his balls like my wife's boobs fill
quickly and need to be
drained regularly or they begin to hurt.
I heard a strange voice say the door will always be open for you. ( It
was my voice! )
Twice more I watched him pump huge blasts of sperm in my wife as I cupped
his massive balls
encouraging his sperm to shoot into my wife's womb.
After they finished, I carried Donna home and thanked Lori for watching
our kids. She
kissed both Donna and I as she went out the door.
From then on hardly a day went by that Arthur didn't come and use
Donna's pussy to ease
the sperm build up in his balls.
Soon Donna's belly and boobs began to swell and I found myself kissing
it and lovingly
caressing them.
I was delighted to feel the baby growing in her and found myself
worshiping Arthur's
magnificent cock and looking forward to his regular visits. Often when I
would come home from
work Donna would greet me with Arthur's sperm dripping down her legs and her
nipples poking
out like fingers. She would always hug and kiss me letting me taste and
smell his sperm in her
Arthur's appetite for Donna's pussy increased as her belly grew and he
seemed to really
enjoy Donna's and Lori's pregnant bellies.
With her growing belly Donna had to pee more often. Not wanting to
interrupt her
fucking sessions sometimes she would call me to come and drink her pee. She
would always tell
me that it was good for me. A lot of the times she would keep his cock
stuffed in her pussy as she
pissed in my gulping mouth.
During the ride home from the hospital with Donna and the baby I asked
her if she was
going to let Arthur knock her up again. She gave me a pleading look as she
said as often as we
can afford.
A month later I took Donna to the doctor for her checkup and when he
told her it was ok
to have sex again. She was delighted and ignored him when he talked about
birth control. As She
walked out of the doctors, office she said I'll be seeing you soon.
In the car, she called Arthur on the cell phone to give him the news.
She said Hi! My belly
is ready for another baby how about coming over tonight.
The thought of it and listening to her talk to him had my cock dripping
in my pants. I was
so busy dreaming about her getting knocked up by Arthur's big black hose I
almost ran a red light.


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