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P2C stories this site are Copyright


Pendragon's Second Challenge, P2C
All stories on this site are Copyright, Uther Pendragon. You may
download and keep ONE electronic copy of each story for personal use;
but reposting, making hard copies, posting on other websites, etc.
require the specific permission of the author.

This time the challenge was to imagine a committed couple (not
necessarily married) who joiintly decide to have a baby. Then write the
story of the first intercourse with that intention. My expectation,
really, was that this would produce a set of vignettes. It produced,
instead, a number of deep stories about conflicts. I was rather the

My contributions were:

another.txt "Another" (MF wl rom) : First posted June 2001
Kathy is such a delightful toddler that Bill wants another child.

beaut.txt "Beautiful Everywhere" (MF wl cons stroke) : First posted June 2001 Even a woman like Sandra, beautiful everywhere, beautiful always, is
more beautiful sometimes and some places.

swim.txt "Little Swimmers" (MF wl rom oral) :
Heather had to check just one detail before she and Greg started their
inaug.txt "Inaugural Ball" (MF wl rom) : First posted July 2001
She felt exposed, a little vulnerable, and very aroused.
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