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PANTYBOY tv anymore was more fun


Incest ds tv panty boy by B.P.

When my sister Helen caught me playing with her underwear I knew I was
in trouble but I never dreamed how that one incident would change my life.
I had just become interested in girls and was dying to learn anything about

My father had left us when I was quite young. mom told me that he
couldn't stand that she was making more money than him. mom is a doctor
and who works with another female doctor. Since my father took off mom doesn't have much faith in men.

From the time I was a baby, my two sisters, Helen and Joan would dress
me up a girl. This practice faded somewhat once I started school, by then
the feel of soft feminine under things had already made their mark on me.

For the next five years my sisters didn't bother me much with dressing
as a girl. I did get the feeling that my sisters and mother would have
liked it better if I was a girl and several times I overheard comments to
that effect.

I began comparing my body to the other boys at school and began to
wonder if I had been given the wrong equipment. My body looked more like
the girls in my class but while I had discovered the joys of playing with
my sprouting cock.

My cock and my love of feminine underclothes are what got me in trouble.
For several months I had been sneaking into either of my sisters rooms and
rubbing my cock with their panties and occasionally with a bra. On that
faithful day I had gotten really bold and slipped on a pair of panties.

I was in a world of my own, as I delighted with the silky feel of them
against my hard cock and balls. Standing in front of the mirror
contemplating putting on her bra I was jolted back to reality by Helen's

I spun around to escape but she was standing in the door, blocking me.
Without taking her eyes off me she called to Joan to come and see what I
had been doing while they were out.

I know that I was blushing from head to toe as she joined Helen. Joan
said damn if he had tits he could pass as a girl.

Helen got a funny look on her face and started toward me with Joan at
her side. I stood like a statue as Helen took the bra from my hand and put
it on me. Joan came bouncing over with some socks and said here these will
fill out her bra nicely. They then stood back admiring their handiwork.

Helen said. We need to let her hair grow and shave the fuzz off her
legs then she'll pass. Helen then turned to her closet and selected a
dress. Without so much as a squeak I stood there as she put the dress on

Joan said it's a little big for her mine would fit better. The two of
them stood there discussing how to dress me until mom came in. Briefly I
thought she would save me but that idea flew out the window as mom said
maybe we should change the spelling of his name from Terry to Teri . O.K.
enough of the games let's get dinner going. Down stairs all of you.

I tried to protest the way I was dressed but mom gave me a stern looked
and told me to get out there and set the table. Then with a smile she said
Joan's clothes will fit you better.

Although I was terribly humiliated, I was also strangely excited. At
dinner Helen said gee it sure would be nice, to not have any males around
here. We could then go around nude whenever we wanted and wouldn't have to
close doors or wait to use the bathroom.

mom played the straight man and said well what are you going to do with
your brother? Both sisters replied in unison. We'll just have to make him
a girl. mom chuckled but didn't say anything.

I let it go, thinking they were just teasing me. After dinner I started
to go to my room to change but was told not to dirty any other clothes.
When it was time for me to go to bed, I discovered one of Joan's baby doll
pj's laid on my pillow.

As I got ready to get in bed my sisters came in to check on me. Seeing
that I had put the pjs on pleased them as they came over to kiss me good

When Joan bent over I could see her bare boobs and nipples inside her
loose top. Then the same with Helen. I was speechless, never before had
they allowed me to see their nude boobs.

In the morning when I went to put on my under pants I discovered they
had been switched to a pair of panties. Being out numbered I shrugged and
put them on.

Not much was said but the next day all of my underpants disappeared. A
couple weeks later Helen came in my room in the morning and handed me a bag
and told be to put it on.

Reaching in the bag I pulled out a training bra. As soon as she saw the
protest forming on my lips she firmly told me to put it on. Meekly I
complied. All day at school I was sure that everyone knew. At dinner mom asked if my new underwear fit all right.

I mumbled yes. mom said that's good don't forget to shave your legs
tonight. Helen or Joan will show you how.

They both took me to the bathroom and helped me shave. They not only
shaved my legs but under my arms and the few hairs on my chest I had been
so proud of.

Afterwards they had me try on a bunch of their clothes. They were
bothered that my chest was so flat and made several comments that I

Things settled down to a routine during the following months except I
noticed that mom would act a little strange sometimes when she would get
home late from work. She would go in her room and close to door. I could
swear I heard her moan and whimper like a puppy several times but my
sisters were always around so I couldn't go and investigate.

Mom's strange behavior became more common and sometimes after I had gone
to bed I was sure I heard my sisters talking with mom then more of the
strange noises.

Suddenly my sisters stopped giving me peeks of their boobs and nipples
and always wore a bra.

As the weather got warmer mom took all of us clothes shopping and in
addition to buying me a lot of girls clothes she bought me a bikini. When
we got home I was told to put it on. By now I had been wearing girls clothes for almost a year but never anything like this.

When I came out of my room with it on, mom took one look and said Oh my
that will never do. She knelt in front of my and pulled the bottom down
exposing my soft cock. She pushed my cock and balls between my legs then
tugged the suit back in place. She gently patted my crotch and stood up.

That's better she pronounced. My sisters nodded their approval. I was
then told if I was going to act like a girl, I should learn to keep IT
tucked out of sight. It really wasn't that hard to do as when my cock was
soft it shrunk to about three to four inches and wasn't very thick.

Once school was out mom and my sisters had me wearing girls clothes all
the time. With my hair longer and dressed as a girl people didn't
recognize me.

This whole thing had my mind spinning. My cock and balls told me I was
a boy but my sisters were doing such a good job of feminizing me I had
learned to head to the girls room when I had to go.

I found I had to keep myself from staring at women in the public
bathrooms when they would expose themselves briefly. I was also enjoying
all the attention my sisters were now giving me.

At first when they shaved me I would be wearing panties. That changed
and when they saw hair starting to grow around my cock and balls they
insisted that they shave it for me. In the processes they began playing
with my cock. I would be made to lay back as they played with it until it
throbbed with a dry climax.

One time Helen commented to Joan that her boyfriend had tried to get her
to suck his cock but she put him off. Joan stared at my cock as she asked
Helen if she had ever thought about sucking one.

Helen leaned over me and touched the tip of my hot cock to her lips, her
tongue sneaking for a quick lick. In a matter of minutes she was sucking away on it.

That was the most exquisite feeling imaginable. After a few minutes
Joan wanted to try it. For the next two hours the two of them delighted in
sucking my cock and balls.

It was made clear that I was their sex toy and they would use me anyway
they saw fit. This went on for over a month before mom noticed their games
with my cock. Instead of scolding them, she joined in.

mom added a new dimension when she lifted her skirt and pulled off her
panties. Before I had a glimpse of her pussy she straddled me, lowering
her pussy on to my cock. Our union was covered by her skirt as she rode
me. She rode me hard until she trembled from head to toe.

After catching her breath she said if HER cock was a little bigger it
would be even more fun. However the best part is I don't have to put up
with some drunken slob pawing me then popping his load before I get

As mom left the room she said be careful he could start shooting sperm
anytime now. They laughed at that then licked my cock clean of mom's

The next night all three of them rode my cock until it wouldn't stay up.
We hardly ever watched tv anymore it was more fun for them to play with me.
During the summer mom announced that she was going to send me to a new
school and I would be going as a girl.

At school I was just a flat chested girl among girls that were in
various states of development so no one paid much attention. I got a big
kick out of listening to the girls talk about boys and sex.

During this time mom and my sisters used my cock almost daily but they
never exposed their pussies or their nipples to me.

For months mom had been warning Helen and Joan that my balls should be
making sperm soon and that they should wear their diaphragms when fucking
me. This night mom was riding my cock and I felt my climax building. I
realized something was different as I felt hot liquid boiling thru my piss tube into mom's pussy.

mom reacted liked she had been shocked, her body quaking as she wailed
forgot my damn diaphragm. Joan and Helen laughed and teased mom's still
clothed nipples.

Joan chuckled and said I guess you'll have to give yourself and
abortion. mom was still too busy climaxing to pay any attention to what
Joan was saying, and was making no effort to get off me.

It felt like a mouth in side her pussy was sucking on the head of my
cock drinking every drop my cock squirted. I was beside myself with
delight over the fantastic feelings this was giving me. It made all the
humiliation worth it.

mom sat there for a few minutes as her pussy slowly calmed down. She
looked down at me and with a smile said you little shit you knocked me up.
Girls aren't supposed to do things like that but it's too late to change

mom slowly began fucking me again. The girls were doing things to mom under her clothes that made her pussy really go wild. Twice more she made
my cock squirt in her pussy before she finally got off me and told the
girls to come with her.

The next day mom told Helen and Joan she was going to pick them up after
school. That evening the girls were acting strange but left me alone.
They kept making trips to the bathroom only to return a few minutes later
acting fidgety and with their faces flushed.

I felt a little left out, considering all the activity I had been part
of. At bed time mom came in after I was in bed. I started to turn the
bedside light on when mom told me to leave it off. She closed the door
behind her making the room dark. She slid into bed next to me, pressing
her now nude body against mine..

She said I have been doing a lot of thinking and I decided that I'm
going to have your baby. Sharon (mom's partner ) likes the idea of me
getting pregnant. She said I'm still young enough to have another after
this one. We also talked a lot about you. She decided that it was time to
make you look more like a real girl. I told her I didn't want to do
anything to you cock or balls and your ability to make babies.

mom paused for a minute letting that sink in then said. We are going to
make you grow real boobs.

As mom talked my hands began to touch her boobs and ass. mom didn't
stop me in fact she moved to give me easier access. Does this mean that I
will live as a girl for the rest of my life?

mom kissed me hotly then said you are going to be one of us. You will
get to keep your skinny pecker and working balls but you will have real
breasts. Sharon said she might even make them full of milk once in a
while. Oh by the way Sharon is in charge of all of this, as she is in
charge of all of us girls including her daughter Patti.

Patti? Is that the same Patti that goes to my new school? mom said Yes
it is. I was stunned Patti and I had become good friends and hung around
together at school.

mom asked me about what we talked about and if Patti knew that I was a
boy. Proudly I told mom that I had learned to play a girl so well even
Patti didn't suspect.

mom broke into tears. She laid in my arms crying for a few minutes as I
stroked her body. I began kissing away her tears then asked her what was

She kissed me then said. I'm so sorry for years I have been complaining
that guys think with their cock. I'm no better. Sharon keeps my pussy so
hot that it's all I can think about by the time I get home. I came in here
to fill my greedy belly with your sperm, while I've been planing to make
you into a girl. I've become a sex addict just like Sharon. Thru me she
has seduced your sisters into her kinky games. Dear god I hope I haven't
ruined your future.

I put my finger to mom's lips quieting her. Mom, who was it that was
wearing my sisters panties. No one made me do that. Don't you think I
like it when you and the girls play sex games with me. I maybe young but I
know enough what you have been doing with me. When I was a "boy" the other
guys used to pick on me and call me sissy because I'm small and built more
like a girl. Now they guys think I'm kind of cute and talk nice to me.
Maybe I was meant to be a girl and things just mixed up a little. I want
to be a girl but having a cock is kind of fun too. I trust you. You are a
doctor. If you want me to give you babies that's fine with me.

mom hugged me kissing my face wildly as she babbled how much she loves
me. Our lips met then her tongue searched out mine. My cock sprang to
life poking into mom's belly. mom felt it and reached between us guiding
it to her wet pussy.

Pulling me deeper in her she rolled me on top of her. For the time I
was on top! I began pumping my hips delighting in the sensations. mom reached over and turned on the bedside light.

Smiling up at me she said I think it is time for you to see me and the
results of Sharon's handy work. I also want to see your cock as it fucks a
baby into my belly. When this one comes out I want you to put another one
in me.

I went wild fucking mom for all I was worth, trying to make her wish
come true. After we climaxed mom held me in her as her pussy sucked on my
cock head. Her eyes were sparkling with the fires of lust as she said. It
will be so nice when we can rub nipples while we fuck. Tomorrow Sharon
wants me to bring you to the office so we can start your treatments.

mom fell silent except for her grunts as my cock pounded into her. She
raised her legs and grabbed them rolling herself almost in a ball making my
cock go deeper in her.

The sperm jetting out of my cock's piss hole sent mom's pussy into wild
convulsions as mom babbled nonsense. By now my arms were getting tired and
I started to get off mom but she begged me to keep my cock in her. Then
she said how about if I get on top for a while.

I hugged her and let her roll on top. mom began making her pussy bring
my cock back to full hardness as she sat up.

Teri look how big Sharon made my tits just for you. I looked at her
tits and was surprised to see how swollen they looked but her nipples took
my breath away. I hadn't seen mom's boobs since I stopped nursing. Now
her boobs were capped with dark reddish brown cone shaped areola sporting
two huge nipples.

Mom's pussy kept milking my cock as she cupped her boobs. Their not
usually this big but tonight just before I left to come home Sharon took me
into her office and stripped off my bra. First she injected stuff in my
nipples that makes them grow then she pumped my tits full of water. She
told me to seduce you and make sure you got me pregnant. Then to make sure
I did she made me drink her sex tonic then she pumped my clit.

As mom said that she leaned back and grabbed what looked like a baby's
cock sticking out of the top of her pussy slot. mom shivered at her own

Mom's voice sounded very far away as she said I can't resist her. Every
time I try to say no, Sharon makes me pay for not obeying her. Today I
questioned her about what she wanted to do to you so she really nailed me.
She strapped me to her exam table and for a half hour she injected my clit
with the same stuff she uses on my nipples. Then before she let me get
dressed she made me cover my tits and pussy with a cream that works like
the injections.

My cock was on the brink of a huge climax as I listened to mom's kinky
tale. When mom told me that I would be getting the same treatment plus
special shots to make my boobs grow I climaxed.

Calming down from our climaxes mom said. That really turned you on
didn't it? I nodded yes as my hands went to her throbbing boobs. mom quivered from head to toe. She rolled off my softening cock and asked me
to put a pillow under her ass to keep my sperm in her pussy. mom then
pulled me to one of her nipples and I drifted off to sleep sucking on it.

When the alarm went off my mouth was still over mom's nipple. She
stirred and realized that I was with her. Her hand stroked my head as she
said. Good morning. Now that you have slept on it, do you still want to
live as a girl and be our sex toy? If you say yes there is only one last
way for you to stop what is going to be done to you. You need to pick a
safe word and when you say it twice whatever is going on will stop. Is
that clear?

I kissed mom and told her that I understood and that I thought Uncle
would be a safe word I could remember, especially since I don't have one.

mom laughed then told me to come with her. For the first time that I
can remember I saw my mother nude in the light of day. She was beautiful!

Stepping into mom's shower mom told me that from now on I was a sex
slave and that I would be required to wash her, wipe her when she went
potty and change her tampon when she had a period. She said that I was to
do the same for my sisters if they wanted and that they could play with me
all they wanted as long as it didn't interfere with my school work.

Quickly I washed mom paying particular attention to her pussy and clit.
Her clit was amazing I hadn't even touched it and it stuck out a good two
inches. As I gently rubbed it doubled in size. Then for the first time I
noticed her dangling pussy lips. It looked almost like she had mens balls.
Touching them I felt something hard inside.

mom felt me exploring and said. Sharon put weights in there every time
I move they remind me of her. She does that to all of her women. She says
that you have to have balls to survive.

Do you think Patti had them too? mom pulled me to my feet and hugged me
to her soapy body. With a big smile mom asked if I liked Patti.

I said we are good friends like doing things together. mom kissed me
and said that's good because Sharon says that you are going to be her
husband but no one will know that you are a male. OK that's enough. Hurry
now or you will be late for school.

At school I had trouble doing my work as my mind kept flashing back to
last night and all the things mom had told me.

As I walked out of my class room Patti came running over to me telling
me that she was to come with me when my mom picked me up. I was surprised
and said I didn't know you that you know mom.

Patti grinned and said I see her every day after school. mom lets me
help out in the office. We drifted away from the flood of kids hurrying to
catch a bus and watched for mom.

I was stunned. This meant Patti had to know that I was a boy! I had to
know. I took Patti's hand in mine and turned her toward me. I asked What
do you know about me?

She acted surprised by my question. I only know what you've told me.
Most to the time when I see your mother she is busy with patients or with
my mother. I've seen you sisters several times but haven't talked to them

Do you know why mom is coming for me today? Patti shook her pretty head
and said mom called me today and told me to meet you after school and come
to the office with you and your mother that was all. With my mother you
learn real quick not to question her especially when she is busy.

Our conversation was interrupted by mom's arrival. Patti gave mom a
kiss before sitting in the back seat. I said I didn't know you two knew
each other. Patti grinned and said you never asked. I didn't know you
were related until Helen said something to me about her sister Teri.

mom touched my leg and said that's about all she knows about you except
what ever you have told her. You probably know more about her.

Mom's comment about all of Sharon's girls having balls hit me. Was
Patti a sex toy or one of my masters?

Arriving at mom's office mom directed the two of us toward a exam room.
Since the two of you are good friends your mother said you can share this
exam room. You are to remove all of your clothing and give it to the nurse
who will be by to pick it up.

Patti and I looked at each other and shed our dresses. She was
hesitating to remove her bra and I was embarrassed by my flat chest. We
were shaken by a knock on the door and a hand that reached in, fingers
beckoning. A female voice said come on I don't have all day.

Patti and I turned away from each other stripping off the remainder of
our clothes. As we went to hand our clothes to the "Hand" our bodies

Patti's boobs were similar to mom's but not as big. Her nipples were
about half the size but still large. I felt Patti staring at my flat chest
then her eyes got huge. I knew she had seen my cock.

We stood there in shock checking each other out. Finally Patti said I
knew you were different from the other girls but not this different.

My hands wanted to cover my cock but I kept them at my sides. Has your
mother been doing things to you? I managed to squeak out. Patti nodded
yes then we found ourselves hugging. After several minutes Patti giggled
and said here I was worried that I was going lez. because I found myself
attracted to you so strongly.

At that, we laughed breaking the tension and embarrassment. I whispered
are you a toy or a player? Patti kissed my ear tenderly and said. A toy,
like you. mom takes delight in making me climax because when I do I squirt
like a man. She also had this thing for big nipples. Her biggest thing is
making clits so big that they can fuck her.

Her voice trailed off as her eyes locked on my cock. She sensed me
watching her and said. I've never seen an uncircumcised cock before. How
come your mother didn't have it done?

I never asked her. Until I started school I thought all cocks were like
mine. Does that bother you?

No it's just different. Just then Patti's mom Sharon came in. Ah I see
you two are getting better aquainted. By now you know that Patti is my toy
and that she has been undergoing treatment for some time. What neither of
you know is that I have tricked Patti's body into thinking it's pregnant.
According to her hormone levels she is about half way thru her first
"pregnancy". I decided to try this instead of regular birth control pills
because this way she will be much hornier and have milk in her boobs.
Yesterday I started Joan on the same program . You are not to tell her for
any reason.

Today I'm going to start you growing boobs so you will look better when
dressed as you will be for the rest of your life. I trust your mother explained some of what is going to happen and told you about your safe
word. However if you use your safe word your mother or sisters will receive
the treatment you were getting. If you use your safe word to stop all
further treatments I will have your mother and sisters impregnated by a
black man and make them have the babies. Now what is your safe word?

Uncle, I replied. Sharon laughed at that. She said that's not very
original but it'll work. You don't need to know anyone else's. Has Patti
shown you what I have done to her so far?

I 've seen her boobs and nipples but that's all. mom did mention that
you were doing some things to her but she didn't say just what you were
doing to Patti.

Sharon told her daughter to hop on the exam table. Turing to me she
said come close because you two will be administering treatments to each
other when the rest of us are busy. See how swollen Patti's nipples are ?
That is because every morning before she gets dressed she coats her nipples
and areola with my special cream. Her bra cups have a plastic liner that
keeps the cream in place all day. You will start today doing the same to
your buds. Moving down to her pussy you will see that like your mother and
sisters Patti has balls, not like yours that make babies but stainless
steel ones to keep her pussy awake and stretch her lips. Next is the part
of our anatomy that you will become very familiar with, our clits. I have
been working on Patti's for a year now and it is really starting to grow.
At your mother's request I'm going to make the head of your cock double in
size when you climax. Forget the idea that you will become super stud.
None of the other girls out there will want a man with tits who dresses
like a girl. At lunch today I told Judy ( my mom ) that she is to sell her
house and move in with me and Patti. This way I can play with you when
ever want and you two can be together. As a matter of fact you will not be
going back to your old house again. When Patti undressed did you notice
her panties? They are very special, they too are made to keep my cream in
contact with her flesh. In this case her clit and outer lips. As Sharon
spoke she went to a cabinet and took a several bottles of liquid and some

Without looking at me she said I hope you aren't squeamish about
needles. If you are you better get over it fast. You are about to watch
chemical masturbation. This is what guaranties the cooperation of all of
my girls. This is non narcotic but it doesn't take long before you will
sell your soul for an injection. It doesn't work on your mind it only
works on your body but there is a price that you have to pay. First if you
misbehave you don't get any, second it hurts like hell at first.

Here I was standing next to my girlfriend looking at her nude sexy young body as her mother was about to inject something in her clit. Patti
reached out and took my hand in hers.

Looking up at me I saw fires of lust burning there but there was
something more. Something I had seen in mom's eyes. Patti very softly
said help me, do whatever mom tells you to do to me. She squeezed my hand
hard and said mom is right it does hurt like hell at first but I need it.
I'll have as many babies as you want anything!

Sharon touched my arm and said if you behave half as good as your mother says you can I'll give you two you own bottle of stuff so you can do each
other as much as you want. Now watch me. She stepped between Patti's
spread legs and with her fingers stroked Patti's clit making it become
erect. Patti moaned softly and gave my hand a gentle squeeze. I gave her
an answering squeeze but didn't take my eyes off the syringe in Sharon's
other hand.

Satisfied Sharon pushed the surrounding skin back completely exposing
Patti's clit. She said put your fingers where mine are now. Patti's words
rang in my ears as I put my fingers next to her mothers. Sharon took her
hand away and grabbed a alcohol wipe. Expertly she wiped Patti's clit. No
sooner had she done that then the needle of the syringe sunk into Patti's

Ok you can let go. Now grasp the syringe being careful not to pull it
out or push it in. I was scared shit less. A short time ago we were just
two young friends waiting to be picked up from school. Now I was expected
to inject something into the most sensitive part of my friend.

Patti lifted her head smiling at me. I'll help you. With that she used
her hands to pull her pussy wide open and steady her clit.

Sharon spoke softly in my ear telling me to put steady pressure on the
plunger with my thumb. Slowly the plunger went in. Patti let out a howl
like an animal as her body tensed with pain. Her body quivered with
tremors then calmed. Now a different sound came from deep in her body.
These sounds grew and were broken up by a babble of words.

My eyes were transfixed on her swelling clit. It was now over two
inches long and as thick as my little finger. Just when I was sure Patti
didn't know I was there she yelled OH GOD! TERI! I LOVE YOU. Patti's
pussy was drooling like a hungry dog over a cooking steak.

As the plunger hit bottom Sharon kissed my ear and said. Your mother was right you are a good pussy slave. Put your mouth on her pussy and suck
it as hard as you can. Make sure you scrape her clit with her teeth.

Sharon reached between my legs and cradled my balls tenderly. Then I
felt a pin prick in my ball sack. Sharon said don't move. My balls got
warmer and warmer as my ball sack grew. Sharon said hold on to his head
I'm going to do his cock now.

Patti held me into her pussy as I felt a pin prick in my cock head.
Sharon sternly reminded me not to move. Damn it felt like my cock was
going to burn up and explode. My legs were quivering and my whole body was
trembling with pain as Sharon forced her juice into my poor cock. Slowly
the pain faded turning into the strong desire to shove my cock into

Sharon let go of my cock and slapped my ass as she told me to stuff it
in Patti's pussy. My cock was in to the hilt in one stroke. Patti's legs
wrapped around my ass urging me on. My cock was supercharged as I fucked
her. I could feel every inch of her pussy caressing my cock then my balls
tensed and fired a huge load. The mouth of Patti's womb was sucking on the
head of my cock like a starving baby.

I opened my eyes to see Sharon teasing Patti's clit and nipples. Patti
started fucking her pussy on my cock demanding more. My cock hadn't
softened if anything it felt harder. Sharon seeing the surprise on my face
said isn't it great! Your cock will stay like that for several hours with
the slightest stimulation. You will need it now that you have five women
to satisfy.

As I climaxed for the second time I felt a hand caressing my balls. At
first I thought it was Sharon but as I opened my eyes I saw that Sharon's
hands were busy with Patti. Looking down I saw my mother kneeling at my
side looking up at me proudly.

Sharon said. Judy now it's your turn as soon as he stops shooting I
want you to take him over to the bed and ride him. I want to see him pump
his mothers fertile womb full of baby making sperm.

Taking the hint I pulled out as the last squirt of sperm left my cock.
Mom spun me toward her sucking my sperm dripping cock in her mouth. After
sucking my cock clean she reluctantly let it spring free of her mouth.

Sharon ushered us over to the bed against the wall. I was instructed to
lay on my back. In a flash mom had her lab coat off reveling her nude
body. As mom lowered her wet pussy on to still throbbing cock my eyes
traveled up her body. Mom's eyes were closed her face a mask of ecstasy.
Bringing my eyes back to her boobs I noticed that they appeared smaller and
sagged unlike the night before when they were sticking straight out.

Before I had time to contemplate this hands were spreading my legs. I
looked around mom to see Sharon with a syringe in her hand. When I felt
her wipe my ball sack i knew it was for me. Before I could protest, Patti
straddled my face with her sperm filled pussy drooling into my mouth.

As I lay there servicing two horny women my new role was becoming
clearer. I was Sharon's sex toy. She appears to enjoy watching and
controlling the action as much as doing. The fact that I was enjoying the
action was secondary.

Mom's pussy was eating my cock like it was a lollipop. Patti had
several orgasms from riding my tongue before Sharon straddled my face.

As I looked up at Sharon's pussy I saw a string hanging out. She told
me that in the future I would have to learn to use my teeth to remove it
but for now I could use my fingers. Grasping the string I gently pulled.
As the string came out it was redder then I saw the end of a round plug
covered with blood.

I had seen tampons before in the boxes that mom brought home but this
was the first time I had seen a used one. Pulling it free I wasn't sure
what would happen next. I half expected a flood of blood or something but
nothing happened as Sharon lowered her pussy to my mouth.

I had no choice, with mom riding my cock and Sharon's legs straddling my
head I was trapped. To my relief it didn't taste bad and I focused on
making her happy. For what felt like an hour the two of them used me to
get off repeatedly. When they finally stopped and got off me Patti handed
me a wet washcloth to clean my face. I was too weak to do any more than
sit up.

Patti sat next to me and asked if I was all right. I looked at my now
limp cock but still bright red cock and said I don't think it will get hard
again for weeks. Sharon came close and said actually I could make it hard
right now but I have other things that come first. Roll over on your side
it is time for your hormones.

Doing as told I felt the alcohol wipe then the prick of the needle in my
butt. So far Sharon had not been mean or harsh with me but something about
her told me that I didn't want to put her to the test. Now I was told to
get up on the exam table.

When Sharon turned around and I saw what was in her hand I was ready to
run. She had the biggest syringe imaginable in her hands. With a smile
she said I'm going to give you temporary boobs until yours start to grow.
With that she grabbed my tiny nipple and pulled it out from my chest then
inserted the needle into the flesh. As if by magic my chest began to
sprout a boob. The pressure was starting to get uncomfortable as Sharon
kept pushing more fluid in me. When it was really hurting I begged her to
stop without using my safe word.

She smiled and said I'm going to enjoy having you around you are doing
much better than I had expected. As long as you preform to this level I
won't have to punish you. She went on to do my other one then Patti came
over with a mirror. Everyone stood around admiring my new boobs.

Sharon stepped behind mom and reached around cupping her boobs. She
said did you like Judy's boobs last night? I gave her twice what I just
gave you. Now I'm going to show you how much of a slut your mother is.
Judy go fill your syringe and get on the table. You are going to show your
Teri what you already did to yourself twice today because you are so
excited about having her baby in your belly.

mom whimpered and stated to say something then thought better of it.
She settled herself with her legs hanging over the edge. Mom's hands were
trembling slightly as she wiped her clit. Would someone please help me I
can't stop my hand from shaking. My clit is still hot from the last blast
I gave it.

Sharon looked at me and asked if I wanted to help. Wanting to please
them both I went to mom and inserted the needle into her swollen clit.
Sharon said go slow, she really has given herself a lot today.

mom laid back as she felt Sharon's magic juice burn into her clit.
Instead of howling like Patti she just whimpered. After a few minutes I
had about a quarter of the juice in her. mom began trembling so much I
stopped. To my total shock mom sat up and put her hand over mine and
pushed hard on the plunger. Her body went wild with climax on climax but
she never eased up on the pressure on the plunger. Even when the syringe
was empty she kept pushing until she passed out.

I pulled the needle out stunned by what just took place. Even though
mom was out cold her pussy was pulsing like a fish's mouth out of water.
Her clit was huge, the skin on it stretched so that it showed off the blood

Sharon checked mom then told me to suck her clit until she came to. My
lips had just touched mom when she moaned softly and opened her eyes. The
intercom buzzed and Sharon answered it. She wiped her crotch clean then
fixed her clothes and hurried out.

mom gave me a weak smile then said Sharon loves it when I do that. That
is one of the reasons she is moving us in with her. I suspect that she
will be doing that to Patti.

Patti spoke up saying that before mom came in her mom said something
about giving her a bottle so that she and I could inject ourselves as often
as we wanted.

mom laughed, it figures she wants you two, totally hooked on the special
orgasms you get from that stuff, then she can make you do anything.

mom I think it is a little late to be worrying about that. Look at me.
I struck a pose pushing out my chest with my new boobs. If the stuff she
has already pumped in me works half as good ass what she has been giving
you, you'll be jealous of me.

Chapter 2

That took place a few years back. Since then I knocked mom twice more,
Sharon once, Helen once and Joan the greedy slut has three plus one in her

I know I didn't mention Patti. Well she gave birth to a bouncing baby
boy two years after we moved in. Sharon felt that she wanted Patti to
finish school before having any more. We compromised, back in March Sharon
let me impregnate Patti. Now as we graduate Patti will be almost four
months pregnant.

All this time I have been living as a girl. The girls use my cock like
a live dildo. I'm not allowed to fuck anyone except Patti from the
dominant position unless they request it. At school there were some
advantages to looking and living as a girl. I often got to see girls nude
or partially nude and admire their boobs. A couple girls would often tell
Patti and me about their dates and compare notes on some of the guys Patti
and I had dated. Yes I was made to go out on dates all thru high school.

Often we double dated and quite frequently Patti would get fucked. I
would beg off and give my date a blow job. When we got home I would suck
her pussy clean then she would inject my cock and ride it until we fell

When we didn't have a date on the week end Sharon would sometimes have
me inject Patti's clit continuously for hours to see how big it would get.
Well it is now big enough that she can fuck my ass to the other girls delight.

Sharon has decided to send Patti and I to college. Me to be nurse and
Patti to study business. This way when we graduate we can work for her and
mom. She also told me that she is going to make my boobs give milk. Well
I must go now Helen and Joan are calling me. Teri.


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