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PARENTAL stretch out the bed enthralled


This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written
permission of the author. The author may be contacted at or via ICQ #51761475. More stories can be found at

Copyright 2000, Robert B. Morton, II, all rights reserved.


For those individuals not of legal age to read this where they live,
shame on you! For those folks who may be offended by this writing, all I
can say is caveat lector--you have been warned. The following is a work of
fiction and the usual statements about bearing any resemblance to people or
places, living or dead, being coincidental, etc., apply here.

Parental Discretion Advised, by Rob Morton (inc)

Part One, Chapter 1

In retrospect, I should have known that something would go wrong. I
mean, it stands to reason that I go to work, find out about my promotion
and hefty raise and, on the whole, enjoy the best damned day at work I've
ever had. I left the office feeling pretty good and looked forward to
sharing my good feelings - and good fortunes - with my family.

That was until I walked in the door.

There, sitting in the living room and being unusually quiet were the
children: Heather, who's 14, Jennifer, the oldest at 18 and Jonah, 17 and
the only boy. Normally, when you get the three of them in the same place
at the same time, chaos rules. But, for some reason, they were all sitting
quietly on the sofa with their hands folded.

Right away, I knew something wasn't quite right, a fact I got confirmed
when Lisa, my wife, came into the living room with a glass of something in
her hand, her face red and puffy as if she'd been crying.

"I'm glad you're home, Dean," Lisa said, coming over to me and accepting
a kiss on the cheek.

"Um, what's going on, Lise?" I asked her, nodding in the direction of
the three statues that resembled our children.

"Well, there's a problem," Lisa said after taking a sip out of her

"Hold on a sec," I said, turning and going outside. I went to the
garage, a feeling of dread creeping along my spine. Lifting the door, I
immediately went to my recently restored '68 Mustang, kept under a tarp
less something happened to it. I pulled the cover off the car, my eyes
going over every square inch of the fire engine-red and chrome body; it was
perfect, just as it should have been. Puzzled, I put the cover back on and
went back into the house, my curiosity piqued over the situation I'd just
walked into.

"Okay," I began, easing into my favorite chair, "would someone like to
tell me what's going on here?"

As expected, the three of them sat stone-still, their faces unreadable,
as if I'd never asked the question; I turned to Lisa, who was just
finishing her drink.

"Well?" I inquired, hating this beating around the bush shit and wishing
she'd get right to the point.

"I came home early," Lisa said, staring at her children with a look I
wouldn't call kind. "I walk in the door and hear a noise upstairs, so I go
up to see what's going on. Well, I hear the noise coming out of the girls'
room; I sneaked down the hall and opened the door... and guess what I

"The dog?" I asked. It was a legit question - the kids were forever
locking poor Archie in their rooms.

"C'mon Dean, I'm trying to be serious here," Lisa chided, fixing me with
a look usually reserved for small children. "When I looked into their
room, I found all three of them in there."

Now I'm pissed! Lisa, my wife and mother of my children, is walking
around drinking simply because the children were home? I looked at my
wife, letting her see the confusion on my face.

"Yeah, so what?" I finally said, not getting it at all.

"So what? Jesus, Dean! Jonah, tell your father what you were doing in
their room!"

I turned to look at my only son, taking in his rather handsome features.
Looking at him generally evoked feelings of pride but, right now all I
could feel was increasing irritation.

"Okay, Jonah, you wanna tell me about it?" I asked.

"I'd rather not, if it's all the same to you, Dad," Jonah answered. In
truth, I didn't know what he was going to say - but it certainly wasn't

"Really?" I countered coolly. "Well, it's not all the same to me, so I
think you'd best get to saying something!"

Jonah gave me a look which said that, given a choice, he'd rather be in
Tibet rather than have to answer me or Lisa. But, he knew the choice
wasn't open to him. "We were just fooling around," he said, looking down
at his hands.

"Fooling around?" Lisa exploded. "Is that what the hell you call it?"

"Lisa..." I warned. Obviously, something had really fallen into the
crapper; Lisa wasn't the type of woman to get this bent out of shape for
piddling shit.

"Don't even go there, Dean," Lisa said. "Jonah, if you don't tell your
father what the deal is I'm going to... shit, just say it and be done with

"Yes, ma'am," Jonah said contritely. "What mom wants me to tell you is
that when she came home, she walked in on me, Heather and Jennifer...
making love."

For a moment, all I could do was sit there and watch the tension
increase in my son's body before his words finally registered. "What?"

"We were fucking, Dad, and mom caught us," Jonah answered. I have to
give it to the boy; at least he was man enough to look me right in the eyes
and repeat his statement, the vulgarity notwithstanding.

"Shit," I whispered, shaking my head in disbelief as if doing so would
cause Jonah's words to just fall out or something. "This is a joke,

"I wish it were, Dean," Lisa said.

"You're positive about this?" I asked, even as my gut was telling me it
was a stupid question. "You're sure about what you saw?"

"Am I sure?" Lisa asked incredulously. "Let's see... I go in the room
and Jennifer's sitting on Jonah's, uh, penis in such a way as to allow
Heather to lick her, um, down there. Do you think I saw what I saw?"

"Is this right, son?" I asked, not really wanting to believe that my
children - my children - would do such a thing.

"Pretty much," Jonah confirmed, taking a peek at his sisters as if
drawing strength from them. "Yeah, she's right."

My mind was whirling like a leaf in the wind as the implication drove
itself home - incest. They had committed incest in my house! I could feel
my blood pressure going up - but knew that I had to keep my head on right
if I was going to get to the bottom of this and fix the problem.

"Jonah, why in the name of God would you force your sisters to
participate in something like that?"

"See? I told you they'd blame the whole thing on Jonah," Jennifer said,
looking at Heather.

"What are you saying, Jen?" I asked, turning to my oldest child.

"What I'm saying Dad is that Jonah didn't force us to do anything,"
Jennifer said. A part of my mind had to give it to her - she was standing
her ground alongside her siblings.

"That would mean that you and your sister consented to have sex with
him," I said, more statement than question.

"That's right," Jennifer confirmed. "The three of us not only knew what
we were doing, we wanted to do it. And, while I'm at it and figuring we've
got nothing to lose, we've been doing it for quite some time."

"You bitch," Lisa hissed, moving toward Jennifer and slapping her hard
across the face. "You stinking little slut!"

Jennifer's head snapped back and even from where I was sitting, I could
clearly see the handprint Lisa had left on Jennifer's lovely face.

"LISA!" I shouted, jumping out of my chair and catching my wife's hand
before another blow could be struck. "That's enough! Jen, are you okay?"

"I'm okay, Dad," Jennifer replied, not giving her mother the
satisfaction of rubbing her face, although her eyes were watering.

"Dean, let go of me," Lisa demanded, jerking her arm out of my grip. "I
want this whore out of my house - immediately! Do you hear me?"

"Children, go to your rooms," I said with a calm I didn't feel.

"Oh, yeah, that's right! Send them to their rooms, out of our sight, so
they can fuck some more?"

"I said that's enough, Lisa," I commanded. She had a point, though...
but what to do with them while Lisa and I discussed this? So I asked,
"What would you like for me to do with them, then? We have to talk about

"Yeah, well, start talking. I figure that after what I saw, they should
actually hear us planning their demise instead of hearing the sugar-coated
version later."

Part One, Chapter 2

"Okay, if that's the way you want it," I said, turning to the guilty
parties sitting on the sofa; Heather (she was eating her sister's pussy?)
was examining the still-reddening handprint on her sister's face. "First
of all, I want to know why. Jonah?"

The object of my scrutiny squirmed uncomfortably, probably thinking
about how best to answer me.

"I know you and mom are already pissed off..."

"That's an understatement," Lisa cut in.

"...but we did it because we love each other," Jason continued, as if
his mother hadn't said a word. "It's just that one day, me and Jen were
sitting around, talking about how my girlfriend and her boyfriend were a
couple of jerks. The more we talked about it, the more we started to
realize how much we had in common other than being brother and sister."

"So you decided that the two of you should fuck?" I asked.

"Not right then and there," Jonah replied. "A couple of days later, I
was in my room reading when Jen came in and asked me to make love to her.
At first I said no - I knew what kind of trouble we could get in - but
after we talked about it, it just made sense."

"Let me get this straight," I started, running my fingers through my
hair. "Jen asked you to, damn, fuck her, and you did it know good and
damned well what you were doing was wrong?"

"Yes, sir," Jonah said solemnly. "I know this sounds really messed up,
but after we made love, we both realized that, well, we were just as good
together in bed as we were out, so we decided to keep on making love
whenever we could."

"You can say that again," I muttered. Even hearing about it from the
source, my semi-petrified brain just couldn't deal with it. "Okay, at the
risk of pissing your mother off more than she already is, I can see you two
getting curious about sex and experimenting with each other; but why
compound the problem by dragging Heather into it?"

Heather spoke for the first time. "It wasn't like that."

"Really? I guess you're going to tell us that you wanted to take part
in this unholy sin?" Lisa asked, her voice dripping sarcasm.

"Well, yes, I did," Heather said. "I took part in it because it made
sense, especially since me and Jennifer have been doing each other for a

"Oh, my God," Lisa groaned, causing me to suddenly look at her in total
astonishment - a look she didn't miss, either. "What?"

"Nothing," I lied, not wanting to make things worse than they already

"Uh-uh, you're not getting off that easy - what was that look for?"

"Lisa, let's just focus on the matter at hand," I said, doing my level
best to defuse her.

"Bullshit, Dean," Lisa said angrily. "If you've got something on your
mind, let's hear it!"

"In front of the children?"

"Hey, this is a family meeting and nothing gets held back - your rule,

Well, she was at least right about that; at least she wasn't threatening
to kill the children. But, I also knew the reason for the look I gave her
was going to be like dropping a match into a box of dynamite.

"Okay, okay. For the record, I didn't want to go here, but since you
insist..." I paused for a moment, steeling myself for the expected

"Well?" Lisa prompted.

"I was just wondering why you'd stand there and groan the way you did."
Lisa looked at me blankly for a moment before becoming animated again.

"Dean, your daughters are having sex with each other! Is it just me or
is there something not right about that?"

"What's the difference between what Jen and Heather did and what you and
Diane used to do?" I asked, dropping the name of her one and only sister.

"Say what?" Jennifer asked, turning first to me then her mother.

"That was different," Lisa said defensively, ignoring her daughter's

"Hello?" Jen queried. "Is anybody listening to me?"

"What was different about it?" I said, staying on the offensive. "You
and Diane spent more time eating each other than you did food! Now, if
what our girls have done is so wrong, what makes what you did right?"

I turned to my stunned children, knowing that a more detailed
explanation was in order.

"I didn't know about it when we first started going out," I began,
keeping a close eye on Lisa. "I didn't think it was unusual that they were
always together; I mean, they are sisters and we all went to the same

"Wow... my mother, the rug-muncher," Jennifer muttered, looking at her
mother in an entirely different light.

"Jen, show a little respect for your mother, okay?" I cautioned. "Like
I said, I didn't think much of it... until the day I caught them in the
act, that is."

"What happened, Dad?" Jonah asked, completely enthralled by the idea
that their mother wasn't all sugar and spice after all.

"Well, your mom and Diane shared an apartment and one day, I came by a
little earlier than I was supposed to. I had a key..."

Part One, Chapter Three

I was whistling happily to myself, looking forward to spending a
wonderful weekend alone with Lisa, more so since Diane was going away with
some other friends.

I reached the apartment building they lived in and climbed up the stairs
to the fourth floor, my mind damn near overloaded with all kinds of lewd
thoughts on how me and Lisa would spend the entire weekend in bed.

Taking my key out of my pocket, I inserted it into the lock, opened the
door and shut it behind me, making sure it was locked - with the plans I
had, we wouldn't be coming out until Monday morning! I was about to head
to the kitchen when I heard a noise coming out of one of the bedrooms.

I could feel the hair stand up on the back of my neck because I could
easily recognize the sound and the reason for it. It was a high-pitched
keening, almost like the wail of a banshee; the only time I've ever heard
it is when Lisa was having an orgasm - someone was fucking my girl!

As quietly as I could, I made my way to where the bedrooms sat side by
side, listening carefully (and getting a better earful of Lisa's moans) to
find out which room I was getting ready to break into. Sure enough, the
sounds were coming out of Lisa's room and, even worse, they hadn't even
bothered to close the door all the way!

I gripped the doorknob so hard I could have sworn that I dented the
polished brass. Gingerly, I eased the door open just enough to get a good
peek into the room...

Whatever it was I had planned on doing got knocked right out of my head.
There on the bed, in all her naked glory, was my Lisa, with her head buried
between a rather nice pair of legs while someone else's head was just as

I stopped breathing, my cock hardening almost instantly at the stunning
sight before me. Even though I couldn't immediately identify the
dark-haired person under Lisa (and eating the living shit out of her), It
wasn't hard for me to see that the person was another woman!

Shit, I had no idea that Lisa was into girls, a point that was rendered
moot as I watched the woman I was planning to marry running her tongue
lovingly along the other woman's outer labia while furiously working two
fingers into the mystery woman's cunt.

I could feel my cock oozing pre-cum as I watched Lisa expertly bring her
partner to the mountain top and leave her dangling over the precipice for a
few seconds before allowing her to fall. And, boy, did she ever fall! A
low, wail of a moan escaped Lisa's shapely thighs while the dark mop of
hair went whipping back and forth between Lisa's legs so hard I suspected
she'd have whiplash.

"Ooh, yes!" Lisa cried, grinding her hips onto the other woman's face.
She made that banshee cry and I knew that Lisa was coming, coating the
bottom girl's face with copious amounts of savory girl-stuff.

That wasn't the end of it though; my cock lurched in my pants so hard I
thought I had busted a nut in them when I saw Lisa reach off to one side
and produce a jelly dildo, the size of which would make a horse jealous.
She spent a few seconds with the big rib and bump-covered toy in her mouth,
lubricating it with saliva (and making me wish it were me) before slowly
working the big toy into her partner's gash.

Mystery Girl's hips bucked and flailed as inch after scary inch of
jellified cock vanished inside. From my vantage point, I could see a
splash of liquid shoot out of the girl's pussy as Lisa jammed as much of
the dildo into the girl as she could; believe me, there wasn't much left
outside that cunt!

Lisa rolled off the girl's face - but on the wrong side, obscuring my
vision. She lay partially on her side as she began to really get to work
shoving the dildo into the other girl's snatch.

"So you like big things, huh?" Lisa was saying, her voice rough and
husky. "Did you really think I was going to let you get away with telling
me how much you'd like to fuck my boyfriend? Did you bitch?"

"N-n-no," the helpless girl stuttered, flexing her hips up to meet
Lisa's forceful thrusts with the dildo. "I, shit, I didn't mean it Lisa!"

Oh, shit, I thought to myself upon hearing the girl's voice. It sounded
familiar and, Jesus, I knew why, kicking myself for not recognizing her
from the start. Lisa wasn't just enjoying some girl-on-girl stuff - she
was doing it with her own sister! My knees buckled a little and I almost
fell into the door as I watched the scene continue to unfold.

"Oh, yes you did, you little slut," Lisa cursed, pulling the huge jelly
stick out until just the head remained before jamming all 12 inches of it
back into - shit! - her sister's tortured box. "You meant it, all right.
Yeah, bitch, take it! Beg for it! I'll teach you a lesson! Beg me for
more, you little whore!"

I don't know what shocked me more, Lisa eating and fucking another woman
- who also happened to be her sister - or the amount of filth coming out of
her mouth. I stood in the door, dick painfully hard and watched with a
mixture of horror and fascinating as Lisa pounded Diane's pussy into a
creamy mess. And, as ordered, Diane begged and pleaded for more, right up
until she passed out from sheer sensory overload.

"That'll teach you," Lisa said to her unconscious sister, licking
Diane's juices from the fake cock. "Besides, in order for you to fuck
Dean, you'd have to take on both of us - and I'm not willing to share you
with him just yet."

Lisa leaned over and kissed the sleeping Diane lips softly, tossing the
sheet over her spent body. She stood up and stretched - and saw me
standing in the door.

"Oh, fuck," Lisa groaned, coming around to my side of the room. "Dean,
baby, it's not what you think..."

I don't know what the hell I was thinking about; all I knew is that I
was so turned on from what I had seen, I couldn't think of anything else.
When Lisa got within arms length of me, I grabbed and took her down to the
floor, pulling my erection out and almost ripping my pants in the process.
With a groan of my own, I jammed my seven inches into her well-lubricated
cunt, pumping my cock into her furiously.

I laid down on Lisa's unresisting form, getting my hands under her and
lifting her ass so I could get deeper into her; our faces were so close I
could smell the pungent, heady aroma of Diane's cunt juices on her face,
which enflamed my passion even further.

"Oh, baby," Lisa moaned, unconsciously nibbling on the pussy-flavored
dildo. "Fuck me, Dean, hurt me with your cock!"

With a groan loud enough to wake the dead, I emptied my balls into Lisa,
grunting with each creamy spurt into her until I lay there gasping for

Part One, Chapter Four

"What happened after that?" Heather asked excitedly; her fingers had
been pretty busy between her own legs during my story. Before answering, I
took a look at Jonah, noting a quarter-size wet spot on the front of the
tent in his pants. Jennifer's eyes were glazed over - she hadn't taken her
eyes off her mother for one moment.

"While your aunt was sleeping it off, me and your mother had a very long
talk about what I saw. Seems like they had been lovers ever since they
were your age," I said, nodding at Heather.

"Obviously, you didn't leave Mom," Jonah noted, trying to discreetly
reposition his hard-on.

"Obviously," I repeated, looking over at my wife, who was sitting in the
chair looking small and helpless. "Lisa, I'm sorry that had to come out
like that, but I just couldn't sit here and watch you rant and rave at the
girls for something you used to - and still do - on a regular basis."

"Just because me and Diane do it doesn't make it right for the girls to
do it, Dean," Lisa said, finally finding her voice.

"Doesn't it?" I asked. "In fact, me, you, and Diane spent one hell of a
weekend together, didn't we?"

"Way to go, Dad!" Jonah yelped, drawing a glare from his mother.

"That's okay, son. But the three of you have to know that your mother is kinda right - just because she's a little freaky doesn't mean it's okay
for the three of you to be that way."

"Why not?" asked Heather, her face flushed red after having one or more

"Yeah, Dad - why not?" echoed the other two.

"Go on, Dean," Lisa said, seeing her chance for a little revenge. "You
wanna tell them about your little experiments with your brother and sister or should I?"

"No way," Jonah said, his eyes going wide as he looked at me.

"Believe it, buddy," Lisa said, her eyes fixed on me. "Of course, I
never had the chance to catch them in the act - all this happened way
before I met your father. But, from what your Aunt Betty and Uncle Tim
told me, the three of them used to fuck up a storm whenever your
grandparents weren't around!"

"Is this true, Dad," Jennifer asked, her eyes still locked onto her
mother and thinking God knows what.

"Well, yeah, it is," I conceded, hoisted by my own petard. "But it
still doesn't make it right for you three to be doing such things!"

"Oh, sage advice coming from a guy who liked to go both ways," Lisa said
sarcastically. "Now who's calling the kettle black, hmm?"

"I can't imagine Dad and Uncle Tim doing it together," Jonah said.

"That's what I said - but your aunt and uncle made a believer out of
me," Lisa said. "And, you wanna hear something else?"

"What?" the three of them chorused.

"Your grandparents knew it and didn't say anything to them about it,"
Lisa said, opening the closet and letting all of my skeletons out.

"No shit... um, excuse me," Jennifer said.

"None, sweetie," Lisa said. "Seems like your dear old dad was quite a
cocksucker back in the day."

"You still haven't told us why we shouldn't make love to each other,"
Heather said. "Aren't you and mom being hypo... hypo..."

"Hypocritical," Jonah said helpfully.

"Yeah, what he said," Heather nodded. "Well, aren't you?"

This whole discussion had gone to hell quickly - and was going even
further, if there was such a thing. What should have been a very stern
lecture with appropriate punishments handed out was turning into a
discussion that every parent dreaded - and then some.

"I guess you can say that," I finally admitted. "But, we tell you this
for your own good! You can't begin to imagine how incest can complicate
your life."

"If I may, sir," Jonah said respectfully. "It didn't seem to do much
harm to either of you." Heather and Jennifer nodded in agreement.

"I never said it harmed us," I said defensively. "Incest isn't always
as bad as you hear or read about."

"I think we sorta figured that out on our own," Jennifer said, her deep
brown eyes boring into her mother with such intensity I was afraid Lisa
might burst into flames any moment now.

"Dean, what are we going to do about this?" Lisa asked, completely
unaware of Jennifer's scrutiny.

"I don't know," I said helplessly. It was bad enough that the kids got
caught doing something all brothers and sisters probably did at some point
in their lives; it was even worse that the secrets Lisa and I kept between
us were now out in the open. It made for a very difficult situation, let
me tell you.

And to top things off, I was finally beginning to understand why Jen was
looking at her mother so intensely - and that understanding was both scary
and exciting. I sat up straighter in my chair, trying to muster what
little fatherly influence I had left.

"What do you three think we should do about this, ah, situation?" I
asked. "Do you agree that it has to be dealt with?"

The siblings looked at each other for a moment before Jonah, obviously
their lead spokesperson, cleared his throat. "With respect to you and mom,
can we have some time alone to think and to talk this out between us?"

"No way," Lisa said firmly.

"Now, wait a minute, Lisa," I said. "This is some serious shit we're
talking about here and maybe Jonah's idea isn't all that bad. After all,
you and I have to discuss what to do with them."

"Well..." Lisa began, looking from one child to the other.

"Please, Mom?" Jennifer begged. "You have our word that nothing will
happen except for us talking. Please?"

"Get going before I change my mind," Lisa said, giving in for the
moment. "You have one hour to discuss this; is that fair enough, Dean?"

"An hour is fine," I agreed, watching my children head for the stairs
and seeing them in a different light. After I was sure they were out of
hearing range, I turned to look at my precious Lisa, sitting across from me
and looking plenty worried.

"You realize we have a major problem on our hands," Lisa said, picking
up her forgotten glass and heading for the bar. "You want one?"

"Make it a double," I replied, sinking back into the softness of the
leather chair and wondering just how in the hell we were going to handle
this disturbing situation. "You're right, though - we've got one hell of a
mess on our hands."

"Shit, yeah," Lisa agreed, pouring our drinks. "I don't think I need to
tell you that you didn't make the situation any better by telling them
about me and Diane." She returned to the living room, handing me my drink.

"Maybe not and, certainly, I could say the same thing," I said after
taking a sip. "I really didn't mean for all of that to come out, but you
were putting on such a show..."

"What the fuck was I supposed to do? Sit here and smile and tell them
it's okay that they fuck each other whenever they feel like it?"

"They've been doing that, Lisa," I commented, taking another sip and
giving some more thought about Jennifer staring at her mother while Lisa
went on a mini-tirade about morals and norms.

It became clear to me that ever since hearing her mother's little
secret, Jennifer was trying to figure out a way how she could find out just
how good of a rug-muncher her mother really was. Strangely, I found the
thought a rather stimulating one, picturing the sight in my mind of Lisa
and Jennifer locked into a sweet and passion cunt eating contest. My cock
thought it was exciting, too, as it began to stir within the confines of my

To Jonah and Heather, the whole thing seemed to fascinate them, finding
out that they had more in common with their parents than they'd originally
believed. Jonah's cock stayed rock-hard the whole time I was talking and
Heather! That little vixen was sitting there the whole time, fingering
herself openly and without one iota of shame! I was about to take this
revelation to the next level when something bounced off my shoulder,
startling me out of my reverie.

"You haven't heard one word I've said," Lisa said correctly and
accusingly. "C'mon, out with it - what were you thinking about?"

"I don't think you really want to know," I replied, absently rubbing my
shoulder. "It'll only make things worse, Lisa."

"No secret between us, remember," Lisa said, her voice slurring just a
little. "Now, give!"

I took another pull from my glass before sharing my thoughts with Lisa;
I wasn't sure how'd she take it, but there was really only one way to find

"I don't think you happened to notice that during the whole time I was
talking, Jennifer was, well, looking at you like you were something good to
eat," I said, watching my wife carefully for any reaction.

"She was what?" Lisa said, sitting up straight.

"You heard me, Lisa. I have good reason to be our oldest child has an
idea or two about checking you out for herself."

"You must be out of your mind!"

"I'm only telling you what I saw, Lise."

"Then she's out of her mind," Lisa said into her glass, draining off the
last of her drink and heading back to the bar for a refill. I got up and
followed her, badly needing a refill myself and to ease the tightness in my

"I can't speak on that," I said, putting three fingers worth of bourbon
in my glass along with a splash of club soda. "But if Jen's the type of
person I think she is, she's already putting some kind of plan together to
do just that."

"That's insane," Lisa said, looking... what? I really couldn't get a
good read on her face. "And I suppose the other two were doing the same

"No, they weren't. Jonah was sitting there as hard as a rock and - get
this - Heather was actually sitting there fingering herself."

"No," Lisa groaned. "You can't be serious!"

"You bet your sweet ass I am. And I'll tell you something else - it was
kinda exciting to watch, too. Face it, Lisa, our children have grown up to
the point where they're bent on experimenting with sex."

"Let me get this straight," Lisa slurred. "Your little girl was sitting
there frigging herself, you were watching her and you thought it was
exciting? You'd better not be getting any ideas in that tiny brain of
yours, mister!"

Actually, the thought hadn't crossed my mind until she mentioned it. As
we walked back to the living room, the filthy part of my mind was suddenly
filled with the unbelievably delicious sight of my cock spreading Heather's
twat wide. And, since I was (at least) being honest with myself, if the
print in Jonah's pants was any indication, sucking him off could be very
interesting indeed.

"Nope, no ideas," I lied, taking my seat. "I'm just giving it to you
straight as I see it, that's all. I know we sat them all down and
discussed sex and all that but neither of us dreamed something like this
was going on under our noses."

"It explains much," Lisa added. "All the time they spend together;
Jennifer always agreeing to watch them without giving us any grief. Makes
sense now that we know what's been going on, doesn't it?"

"It sure does," I agreed, my mind turning a page and envisioning my
offspring making love together. Little Heather with either a mouthful of
her sister's pussy or filled to the brim with her brother's cock... oh, to
be young again! "You know, something just occurred to me."

"What's that?"

"Well, now that we know what's going on, there really isn't a hell of a
whole lot we can do about it."

"Meaning what?" Lisa asked, giving me a curious look.

"Meaning that no matter what kind of punishment we lay on them, there's
no way we can stop them from fucking each other silly; after all, we can't
watch them around the clock!" I sat back and watched my words soak into
Lisa's fuzzy brain. Even as I did so, I pondered the implications of what
I'd just said.

Lisa and I sat quietly, each of us lost in thought...

Part One, Chapter Five

"Well, we knew it would happen eventually," Jennifer said, closing her
door and sitting on her bed.

"Yeah," Jonah said, taking a seat between his sisters on the bed. "We
knew it - we just didn't figure on ever getting caught, you know?"

"I don't know about you two," Heather began, putting her slender arm
around Jonah, "but I don't want to give up what we do together. I really
love both of you very much."

"We love you, too, Heather," Jennifer said softly, also wrapping an arm
around her brother. "We all agree that we wouldn't be doing this if we
didn't love each other, right? Now, as I see it, there are two real
questions we have to consider."

"What's that?" Heather asked, snuggling against Jonah's shoulder.

"What are we going to do and, even better, what are mom and Dad going to
do?" Jennifer replied.

"I'm with Heather - I'm not gonna stop making love with either of you,
no matter what they say or do," Jonah said, kissing Jen on the cheek and
hugging his sisters. "No matter what, we have to stick together!"

"Agreed," said Jennifer. "Not meaning to change the subject, but what
do you make of what Dad told us about Mom? Wasn't that wild? mom and Aunt
Diane making out together!"

"I would have never guess it," Jonah confessed, a smile breaking out on
his handsome features. "And what about Dad? I would have never guessed he
sucked dick!"

"I knew mom and Dad were kinky just by listening to them when they make
love," Heather chimed in. "But, this is something else!"

"You said it," Jonah said, a feeling of warmth beginning to course
through him as Jennifer sucked gently on his neck. "That feels good, Jen -
keep it up and we'll only get in more trouble. You promised mom we
wouldn't do anything but talk."

"To hell with them - I'm horny!" Jennifer said, reaching across and
stroking Heather's breasts through the material of her sun dress. "Listen
to Dad rat mom out got me all hot and bothered!" Jennifer stood up and
pulled her T-shirt over her head, revealing a nice set of 34-C tits, her
nipples already hard and inviting.

"Jen, we'd better not," Jonah warned as Heather freed his stiff prick,
running her hand along the length of his hot shaft before lowering her
head, covering the spongy knob with her tiny mouth and sucking gently.

"You turning us down?" Jennifer asked, pushing her brother back on the
bed. She straddled his face, lowering her juicy cunt to his unresisting
mouth and watching her sister lick and kiss Jonah's prick.

Jonah reacted instinctively, his lips parting his sister's labia with
practiced ease, his tongue going right for her clit, teasing it into

"I didn't think so," Jennifer sighed, feeling Jonah's lips and tongue
working their magic on her aching flesh. "Heather? Daisy time!"

"All right!" Heather said, releasing her brother's cock. She watched as
Jennifer kept Jonah's prick occupied while she peeled off her sun dress,
revealing the youthful nakedness hidden by the dress. The younger sibling
positioned herself on the bed so that Jennifer could easily get at her hot
pussy, returning to the heavenly task of sucking her brother's beautiful

Jonah plunged his tongue deep into Jennifer's sweet center, using a
finger to tease her back hole; all that did was encourage Jennifer to
double her efforts as she ate Heather, who increased the speed and depth at
which she fellated her brother.

The three teens loved each other gently but with a great deal of
urgency, each knowing that the bedroom door could open any moment; each
also knew that the threat of getting caught again only added to their
mutual pleasure, instead of the deterrent it should have been.

Jonah sucked hard on his sister's clit, feeling her tasty morsel
fluttering between his lips. He knew she was close and was determined to
get her off no matter what.

Jennifer felt the hideously pleasant feelings build to a fever pitch,
working her cunt in time to Jonah's movements between her legs. Had her
mouth not been filled with the tender delicacy of her sister's pussy, she
would have screamed as she came, the incredibly awesome storm pounding into
her relentlessly. As her climax ran its course, there were only three
things on her mind: cumming, getting Heather to cum and eating her mother's

Jonah grunted as his seed spilled into Heather's mouth, forcing the
youngest of the three to swallow as fast as she could, not wanting to waste
one precious drop of her brother's love. She was finding it hard to
concentrate as Jennifer's magnificent tongue shoved her into the O-zone,
her small body quivering in heavenly response.

"Damn, I needed that," Jonah confessed as Jennifer removed her leaking
quim from his face.

"I think we all did," Jennifer said as Heather nibbled on a nipple. As
her head cleared, Jennifer's thoughts went back to its single-minded
purpose: find a way to get into her mother's panties!

"Look, we've only got, what, a half hour left before they come for us,"
Jason observed. "We'd better come up with something for them or they're
really gonna pound us."

"I don't care," Heather said, tears beginning to spill down her cheeks.
"I'm not gonna give either of you up!"

"What do you say, Jen? Are we all together in this?"

"You know it," Jennifer agreed, a little light going off in her head.

"What?" Jonah asked, recognizing the look.

"Nothing - yet," Jennifer said, trying to piece it all together. "I was
just thinking..."

"What?" Jonah asked again, his cock beginning to rise again as he
watched his older sister stretch out on the bed, enthralled by the dark,
bushy hair covering her sex.

"You two might think I'm crazy, but I wanna go to bed with Mom," Jen
said. "And, of course, I'd give anything to fuck Daddy!"

"You and me both," Heather agreed cheerfully. "What about you, Jonah?"

"Hell, I wouldn't kick either of them out of the bed," Jonah said,
fervently wishing they had more time - he wanted to fill his sisters' with
his stiffening prick.

"At least I know I wasn't by myself," Jennifer said, climbing out of the
bed and putting her clothes back on, much to the disappointment of Jonah
and Heather. "The question is: how do we pull it off?"

"I have no idea," Jonah admitted, wincing a little as he stuffed his
hardness back into his pants.

"When they ask us what they should do, why don't we just ask them to
join us?" Heather offered innocently, slipping back into her sun dress.

"That's crazy," Jonah said. "Or is it?"

"It's so crazy that it just might work," Jennifer said thoughtfully.
"So, which one of us hits them with this little gem?"

"Wait a minute!" Jonah said, looking at his sisters. "How do we know
they'd even go for it?"

"Shit, Jonah!" Jennifer exclaimed. "Why wouldn't they? It's not like
they've never done it with a family member before, right? You heard what
Dad said; mom and Aunt Diane still get together and do their dirt!
Besides, what could they do to us for asking?"

"I don't even want to think about it," Jonah said. Despite giving voice
to his misgivings about this so-called plan, the thought of making love
with his parents was an exciting one.

"So are we going to ask them?" Heather wanted to know, looking from
Jennifer to Jonah.

"Yes," Jennifer said, committing herself. "Jonah?"

"I'm with you," Jonah said. "We already know what Heather thinks,

"I want Daddy to fuck me with his big dick," Heather said seriously.
"And I want to eat Mommy's pussy - I'll bet it taste really good!"

"Not before I do," Jen promised. "Let's do this!"

Part One, Chapter Six

"What do you think they're up there doing?" Lisa asked.

If it were me, I knew what I'd be doing, I thought to myself before
answering, remembering all the times me and my brother and sister would get
sent upstairs for some reason or another. "Talking, I suppose."

"Are you sure about that?"

"Nope and it sounds like you aren't either," I noted.

"It's like we can't trust them anymore," Lisa complained. "I feel like
if I take my eyes off of them for one minute, they'll go off and fuck each
other stupid!"

"I guess it's something we're going to have to live with, honey," I
said, shrugging. "Like I said, it's not like we can watch them every
minute of the day."

"This is fucked up," Lisa said. "Thanks to you and your big mouth."


"Huh, my ass, Dean! If you hadn't spilled the beans, we wouldn't be in
the position we're in right now! Think about it for a moment and let me
know when you figure out what I'm talking about." Lisa sat back in her
chair, rubbing her hands over her face as if trying to wipe away her
emotional fatigue.

I did as my wife asked, focusing my attention inward and applying what
little brain power I had left to the question at hand. It wasn't really my
fault that Lisa's dirty little secret came out; she forced my hand on that
one, beating me in the head with my own house rule. I sat there for a few
more seconds before the real truth of our predicament hit me like the
proverbial cold slap in the face.

"Oh, shit," I muttered.

"I think he's got it," Lisa said to no one in particular.

"If we come down hard on them, they'll just keep doing it," I began, the
whole sordid picture becoming complete in my buzzed brain. "And because of
what I said, it'll make us look like a couple of idiots for busting their
asses for doing something we're both guilty of."

"Keep going, Sherlock," Lisa said, leaning forward and almost falling
out of the chair.

"Damn! If we don't say anything, it would be the same as telling them
that it's okay for them to fuck each other! Either way, those kids are
going to fuck each other and nothing short of separating them and sending
them away is going to solve the problem."

"Bingo! Now you see the gist of the problem! You and I both know that
sending them away ain't even an option, so that's out."

"Oh, fuck me," I groaned, kicking myself in the ass; without even
realizing it, Lisa and I had pretty much just given those horny kids a
license to fuck, no matter what we did. The realization weighed heavily on
my shoulders because I fully understood why my own parents never castrated
us for the things we did way back then - we had put them in the same
situation we now found ourselves in!

"You got that right," Lisa agreed, weaving from side to side despite
having the chair's support.

"Okay, so we're fucked," I admitted. "Let's come back to that in a
moment. What are you going to do about Jen?"

"What do you mean?" Lisa asked, looking at me as if there were two of me
sitting in the chair.

"It's like I told you - that girl wants a piece of you! I could see it
in her eyes - I'm surprised you didn't get the feeling that you were being

"Never noticed it," Lisa mumbled. "I'm not worried - she ain't getting
none of my stuff!"

I was about to tell my wife that she shouldn't sound so sure of that,
knowing how determined Jen could be once she made up her mind to do
something, when the phone rang. I got up to answer it, fighting off a wave
of dizziness. "Hello?"

"Hi, Dean? This is Diane - is Lisa there?"

"Oh, hi, Diane," I answered, hoping I didn't sound too drunk on the
phone. "She's right here, but we're in the middle of something."

"Really? Did I drag you out of the saddle?" Diane asked, the laughter
evident in her voice even though she didn't actually laugh.

"Nothing like that; if we were fucking, I would have never answered the
phone! No, we've got a little problem with the kids we need to work out."

"Little problem, my left tit," Lisa muttered, looking around for her
glass and frowning as she discovered it empty.

"What's wrong?" Diane asked, all playfulness gone from her voice.

"Guess what your sister caught them doing?" I countered, waving off Lisa
who was trying to keep me quiet, frantically waving her hands.

"Let me guess," Diane said. "She caught them fucking or something,

"Yeah, that's right," I said numbly. "How'd you know that?"

"I sorta figured it could be the only thing that would have you two
sheets to the wind this early in the evening," Diane said. "Oh, and before
you even ask, I didn't have shit to do with any of it!"

"I know, Diane," I slurred, wishing the room would stay still a little
while longer. "I'm just surprised you guessed it right off the bat."

"So, what are you going to do about it? If you ask me - and you didn't
- you probably don't have many options, do you?"

"Give me that," Lisa said, taking the phone from me (and listing
terribly to starboard). I was so engrossed with my conversation with my
sister-in-law, I never saw Lisa get up. "Hey, Sis, guess what dummy did?"

"What did Dean do this time?" I could hear Diane asking, her voice
sounding faint and metallic.

"The idiot told the kids about me and you, that's what!"

"He didn't!"

"He sure as hell did! Him and his big mouth took away any out we might
have had!"

"Jesus, Lisa," I heard Diane say. "What did the kids say?"

"They didn't say anything, Diane," I said loudly. Lisa just glared at
me, taking the phone back to where she was sitting - and almost missing the

"Yeah, well, they know. Huh? When? Diane, I don't think..."

"What?" I asked, wondering what was being said on the other end of the

"Shhh! No, wait a minute, Di... hello? Shit!" Lisa hung the phone up,
shaking her head.


"She's on her way over," Lisa said.

"What the hell for?" I wanted to know. I mean, as much as I enjoyed
Diane's visits, this wasn't a good time for either of us.

"She didn't say," Lisa complained, sliding down on the chair, her skirt
hiking provocatively up her hips. "She hung up before I could ask. So now
what? She's on her way and we still haven't talked to the children. This
is just fucking great!"

"You said it," I groaned, holding my head in my hands and wondering just
how much more worse this thing was going to get before it was all over."

Part Two, Chapter One

The children came downstairs just as Lisa and I were starting on our
cups of coffee, standing just inside the kitchen, waiting for one of us to
notice them.

"Uh, Dad?" Jonah said after a couple of minutes.


"The hour's up," Jonah reminded me unnecessarily.

"I know, son," I said wearily. "Look, we might have to put this
conversation off until tomorrow, okay?"

"Why?" asked Jennifer. Even in my slightly inebriated condition, I
wasn't that far gone that I didn't notice her looking at her mother again.

"Your aunt is on her way over," Lisa answered. "Me and your father don't think it would be cool for her to be here while we're discussing your
punishment, now would it?"

"Punishment for what?" came Diane's voice.

"How'd you get in here?" I asked, her sudden appearance almost making be
spill hot coffee into my lap.

"The door was open; didn't you hear the bell?" Diane answered, going
over to her nieces and nephew and giving each a hug. "I hear you guys are
in some pretty hot water!"

"You could say that, Aunt Diane," Jonah said, inhaling the heady scent
of her perfume. "As a matter of fact, we were about to answer Dad's
question when you showed up."

"And what question is that?"

"Well, if you know what kind of trouble we're in...," Jennifer began,
her eyes now flicking from Lisa to Diane.

"I've heard," Diane confirmed.

"Well, Dad asked us what we thought they should do about it," Heather

"And what have you decided?" Diane asked, pouring herself a cup of
coffee and joining us at the table.

"Diane, do you mind? I think me and Dean can handle this on our own,"
Lisa said, not hiding her irritation.

"Oh, sure you can," Diane said. If she noticed her sister's tone of
voice, she didn't show it. "From what I've heard so far, you've really
done one hell of a job handling it!"

"Bitch," Lisa muttered.

"Cunt," Diane countered with a smile. Behind her, the children did
their best not to laugh; instead, they opted for just smiling.

"Diane, please," I said. "Lisa's right - we can handle this. But the
question still stands, Jonah."

Jonah shuffled his feet for a moment, taking the few extra seconds to
compose himself before answering. I could tell he was really nervous and,
hell, I couldn't blame him.

"Don't keep us waiting too much longer," Lisa grumbled. "What should we
do about this?"

Jonah looked at his sisters and took a very deep breath before letting
us in on their joint decision.

"We talked about it," Jonah began, looking nervously from me to his
mother to his aunt. "Do you really want to hear this? I mean, it is

"Jonah..." Lisa said, her voice now low and threatening.

"Just say it, Jonah," Jennifer said, giving her brother's hand a
supporting squeeze. "Say it and get it over with, okay?"

"Okay, Jen. Dad, Mom, we decided that what you should do about this is,
um, I mean, shit."

"Mommy? Daddy? What Jonah's trying to say is that we decided that what
you should do is instead of trying to punish us, you should join us the
next time we make love," Heather said bravely, taking Jennifer's hand and
drawing yet more support.

"Oh, my God," Diane said, her mouth fairly dropping to the floor. "What
a novel idea!"

"Do what?" Lisa said, sitting up straight, her eyes boring right into
the three of them. "You want us to do what?"

"Make love with us," Jonah said, regaining both his courage and

"Why in the hell would we even consider something like that?" Lisa
asked, completely unnerved by their response. , "Mom, we all love you very
much, but we came to the conclusion that no matter what you and Dad do,
we're not going to stop making love with each other."

"If you can't beat 'em, join 'em," Diane quipped, barely able to contain
her amusement.

"Aunt Diane's right," Jennifer said, pleased to have another ally in
their corner. "We aren't stupid, you know; we know that you won't send us
away, just like we know that you know beating us and/or grounding us isn't'
going to do much of anything."

"Mommy, Daddy, no matter what we've done, we still love you very much.
We're sorry that we hurt you like this, but what's done is done," Heather
said, revealing a maturity I didn't know she possessed.

"My God! First they commit incest and now they want to keep on
committing incest - and include us in the deal? Dean, what do you have to
say about this bullshit? Diane? Stop laughing and shut the fuck up!"

"I'm thinking," I said, knowing full well that I was still too stunned
to think. Even as my brain struggled to catch up, I had to give it to the
kids. They not only figured out what me and Lisa had, but found the
presence of mind to make us a counteroffer.

"You certainly have a problem on your hands," Diane said, continuing to
instigate in that annoying way she had. "Actually, it sounds like a pretty
good idea to me."

"How in the hell can you say that?" I asked my sister-in-law. "I mean,
let's forget all the shit we did when we were younger - we're supposed to
make sure these kids grow up right!"

"True," Diane agreed, reaching out and taking Jennifer by the hand.
"But, Dean, who's to say that this isn't right for them - or for you?"

That was one of the things I always liked about Diane - you could always
count on her to point out something you otherwise might have overlooked.

"The repercussions..." I began, looking toward Lisa and noticing that
her and Jennifer were having some sort of staring contest, something that
didn't surprise me now that Lisa had an idea of what was on her daughter's
fertile mind.

"Are minimal, at best," Diane said, smiling at Heather warmly.

"This is insane!" Lisa yelped. "And you both know it! You mean to tell
me that you're actually sitting here, listening to my sister, and
considering compounding the problem?"

"Lisa," Diane began gently. "What's the worst that could happen? If
this is handled discreetly, no one would ever find out what's going on
behind your four walls."

"What about pregnancy?" Lisa countered, finding some solid ground to
stand upon. "These two aren't exactly shooting blanks, you know?"

"The girls are both on the pill, right?" Diane said smoothly. "If
that's the case, that shouldn't be much of a concern to anyone. Besides,
there's something else I think you need to consider as well."

"What's that?" I asked, feeling really old for some reason.

"Let's say you two decide that punishing them is the only answer. What
sort of punishment is going to be effective? You could beat the shit out
of them for what they've done, but what's stopping them for reporting you
to the authorities for physically abusing them?"

"What..." I said, dumbfounded. "We'd never beat them!"

"Maybe, but what if you did? I can hear the two of you explaining to
some judge that you beat your kids because they were having sex. Yeah, the
judge just might agree that what they did is serious, but not that serious
that you had to beat them for it - then he'd throw the book at you, take
Heather and Jonah away from you and make Jen here move out before she's
ready to."

Like I said, Diane has a knack of coming up with shit you'd never think
about in a million years. Deep within my bones, I knew that I wouldn't be
able to come up with a counter-argument strong enough to kick Diane's to
the curb; just the same, I knew I had to say something.

"I'm not a child molester and neither is your sister. In my mind, to
take part in this with them is molestation, plain and simple," I said, my
confidence beginning to return.

"Here, here," Lisa said, saluting me with her cup.

"I think it's only molestation if you did it and they didn't want it,"
Diane said, after thinking for a moment. "Clearly, that isn't the case

Behind her, the children's expressions were strong and confident, seeing
their aunt handling a part of the battle they weren't equal to. Shit, I
was pretty sure that Lisa and I weren't equal to the task either!

"Tell you what," Diane said, pushing her chair back and standing up.
"While you two are thinking about it, let me do this. Why don't I take the
kids out of here so you can get your shit together?"

"And do what?" Lisa asked, giving her sister a funny look.

"Oh, I don't know," Diane replied with a smile, using her fingertips to
stroke Jennifer's cheek in a way that made me both very edgy and anxious.
"Maybe I'll just take Jen here upstairs and give her a good talking to, you
know, like me and you used to do, Lisa."

"Like hell you will," Lisa exploded. "Diane, don't you dare!"

"Don't I dare what?" Diane shot back, now grinning evilly. "I seem to
remember you enjoyed our little talks, Sis. Jen, are you game for a little

Jennifer's face came to life with a smile that threatened to split her
face in half. "You bet, Aunt Diane! Let's go!"

"You'll stay right where you are," Lisa commanded, realizing the
situation was getting way out of control.

"Um, Lisa, I don't think you can tell her that," Diane commented.
"After all, she is 18 and over the legal age of consent, not that I think
it matters just to have a conversation."

"As long as she lives in my house, she'll do as she's told," Lisa said.
"Dean, get off your ass and help me with this!"

The bad part was that I now knew there was nothing I could do, short of
throwing Diane out of the house, something that would cause more trouble
than it would prevent. Between the children's stance and Diane's all too
effective argument, I had to realize that Lisa and I were beaten.

"Let them go," I said wearily, watching my sister-in-law and children
relax as they sensed they victory was at hand.

"Dean, no!" Lisa protested. By the sound of her voice, she knew what I
did, knew that there was no way we could win. "Diane, please don't do

"C'mon kids," Diane said triumphantly. "Let's get out of here and talk
- I want to hear all about this!" Lisa and I watched helpless as Diane led
our children out of the kitchen.

"Dean, you have to put a stop to this," Lisa said, looking at me. "Do
you have any idea what that woman is going to do?"

"I've got a pretty good idea," I conceded - I just didn't have it in me
to argue any more.

"Dean, Diane's going to fuck our children! We can't let that happen!"

"And what do you propose I do about it? Kick her ass and throw her out
in the street? That would go over real good with the police, wouldn't it?"

"Oh, my God..." Lisa moaned, looking at the ceiling helplessly.

Part Two, Chapter 2

"I have to give it to the three of you - that was a ballsy move on your
part, inviting your parents to make love with you."

"It was the only thing I could think of," Heather said, proud of having
come up with the answer.

"It makes sense, especially after what Dad told us about you and Mom,"
Jonah agreed. "It is really true?"

"Every bit of it," Diane said cheerfully. "Your mother and I have been
lovers since I was 14. That girl can really eat a pussy, let me tell you!"

"So now what?" Jennifer asked.

"What do you mean, hon?" Diane asked back.

"What do we do while they're down there making up their minds?"

"Want to you want to do?"

"I think you know what I want to do, Aunt Diane," Jennifer replied,
licking her full lips.

"Yeah, I kinda got that feeling while we were in the kitchen," Diane
said, her fingers working at the buttons on her blouse. The last one came
undone, revealing her tits which were supported by a black lace bra. She
undid the clasp on her skirt, allowing it to fall to the floor, uncovering
the matching thong panty that went with the bra. "Come here, Jen."

Jennifer did as instructed, allowing herself to fall into Diane's open
arms. Their lips met tentatively at first, but with much more certainty
after only a few seconds. Jennifer parted her lips to allow her aunt's
tongue to slip between them, her body shivering in response.

"Wow," Jonah muttered, quickly disrobing as well. He looked at Heather
who was already naked and lying back on the bed, her fingers slowly rubbing
her clitty as she watched the two older women kiss and fondle each other.
Tossing his underwear aside, Jonah eased himself between Heather's slender
legs, displacing her fingers and replacing them with his lips and tongue.

"Eat me, Jonah," Heather whispered, closing her eyes and settling in to
enjoy her brother's loving attention. "Eat my pussy!"

Diane had undressed her oldest niece, pushing her back gently until
Jennifer was lying next to Heather. She got to her knees, lifting Jen's
legs high and wide, exposing her tender clam. "Oh, I'm going to enjoy
this," she sighed, planting a light kiss upon Jennifer's mound before
slipping her tongue into the younger woman's damp folds.

"Oh, shit," Jennifer gasped as Diane's tongue wasted no time exploring
her secrets. "Oh, shit, Aunt Diane!"

"I think you can just call me Diane now," the older woman replied
softly, using her tongue to entice Jen's clit into full erection.

Heather and Jennifer stroked each other's reachable breasts as Jonah and
Diane continued to please them orally, each of the providers sucking and
slurping noisily and with great relish.

"I gotta cum," Heather moaned, reaching down and holding Jonah's head
firmly against her pudenda. "Make me cum, please!"

Jonah didn't bother with trying to reply, focusing all of his attention
on his sister's young pussy, alternating between sucking her clit and
fucking her snatch with his tongue, siphoning off the girl's tangy juices.

Heather's entire body went rigid as she exploded into ecstasy. "Oh!
Oh, yes! I'm doin' it, I'm cumming... oh, damn, don't stop!"

"I've got an idea," Diane said, sitting up and wiping the remnants of
Jennifer's juices from her face. "You guys know what a daisy chain is?"

"Do we!" Jennifer said, managing to slide off the bed and take a
position on the floor. "Heather! Daisy time!"

The quartet of lovers quickly arranged themselves on the carpeted floor.
Jennifer now had her face full of Diane's mature - and quite bald - cunt,
lapping hungrily at the older woman's sweet flesh. Diane was making quick
work of Jonah's cock, making his rather impressive size easily vanish into
her hot mouth.

Jonah continued to eat Heather like a starving man, dead set on getting
his little sister to shoot her girl-spunk again while the object of his
attention slurped happily at Jennifer's quim, losing herself in the
exquisite taste and feel only another woman's pussy could provide.

* * *

"It's awful quiet up there," I said, pacing the kitchen floor. I
glanced at my watch, seeing that they had only been gone for ten minutes.
Above me, I could hear the sound of movement on the floor and, inwardly, I
groaned - it wasn't all that difficult to imagine what was taking place
above my head.

"That bitch," Lisa said, looking up at the ceiling as well; I could see
in her eyes that she was imagining the same thing I was. "I don't believe
she's up there doing that - and with our children! We have to do
something, Dean!"

Lisa was right - something had to be done. I stopped pacing and looked
at my wife, idly noticing how much she and Diane resembled each other. I
took a deep breath and made the only decision I could under the

"You're right, we have to do something," I finally said, unbuttoning and
removing my shirt, tossing it aside before unfastening my belt.

"What are you doing?" Lisa asked as I stepped out of my pants, revealing
the incredible boner I'd been sporting for quite a while now.

"What did your sister say? If you can't beat 'em, join 'em? Well,
that's what I'm going to do. Are you coming?" I turned and began to head
out of the kitchen.

"I don't fucking believe this," Lisa cried, getting up from the table. I
could hear her footsteps behind me. "Dean?"

"Yeah, Lise?"

"Help me with this," she said. I turned to find my wonderful wife struggling with the clasp holding her French-style bra together. After
handling that bit of business, I took Lisa's hand and, together, we climbed
the stairs.

* * *

"C'mon, Jonah! Fuck me harder! I know you can do better than that!
Ram that fucker in me!" Diane cursed, looking over her shoulder at Jonah.

The perspiration was flowing like a river from the young man as he
increased the speed and power of his strokes into Diane's pussy, which felt
so fucking good wrapped wetly around his cock.

Satisfied that he was complying with her request, Diane went back to
eating Heather's sweet cunt, shoving as much of her tongue as she could
into the girl's tight opening.

Heather was caught between the pleasurable sensations of having her
pussy expertly eaten and working on her own skills as she dined on
Jennifer's wet muff, alternating her tongue between her sister's slit and
the pungent taste of her back door.

"Fuck her, Jonah! Give it to her good!" Jennifer cried, watching her
brother working away in Diane's pussy like a madman. She was close to the
edge again, working her snatch along Heather's mouth, when she heard the
sound of her bedroom door opening.

"Looks like we've got some catching up to do," I said, taking in the
unbelievable sight of my family members loving each other on the floor.
Just the sight of Jonah pounding away inside Diane was enough to get me
rock hard and ready.

"Jesus, Diane," Lisa muttered, the sight having pretty much the same
effect on her as it did me.

"It's about time you two showed up," Diane said, ramming two or three
fingers into Heather's quim, much to the delight of the youngster.

I was still somewhat frozen into place, watching Heather's body quaking
as she came. Beside me, I saw Lisa move in their direction, walking slowly
as if she were in a daze.

"You wanted this?" I heard my wife say as she stood before her oldest
child, nodding at her neatly trimmed bush. "You want to eat this pussy?"

"More than anything," Jennifer breathed, licking her lips in

"Think you're good enough to eat my stuff," Lisa continued, stroking
Jen's cheek lightly where she'd slapped her earlier. "Think you've got
what it takes, little girl?"

What the fuck was going on, I wondered as Diane wrapped her arms around
me, kissing me deeply. I could taste the unique combination of cock and
cunt on her lips, boosting the thrill building inside of me. I fell into
Diane's embrace, just as I had so many years ago - only this time I tried
to stay tuned in to what was developing between Lisa and Jen.

"Well, there's only one way to find out, right?" Jennifer asked,
standing to meet her mother.

"We'll see," Lisa said, opening her arms. "Come to me, Jennifer. Come
get some..."

I would have seen what happened next had it not be for Diane rubbing her
sticky, sperm-encrusted cunt into my face while calling the exhausted Jonah
and Heather to her. I inhaled the somewhat nutty, spunky flavor of her sex
as it settled onto my waiting mouth, bringing back some very fond memories
of those early days pleasuring my own brother and sister. Above me,
giggling and moaning, Diane was giving orders.

"Go ahead," she was saying. "Here's your chance, so you might as well,
oh, shit, Dean, might as well jump in head first. Dean, baby, do that

I didn't know who she was talking to and I was about two seconds from
not caring when I felt very soft lips surround my cock, followed by the
tantalizing feel of a tongue fluttering all over my glans. I moaned into
Diane's hot box, imagining what my cock must look like jutting from
Heather's face.

Except, how could Heather be sucking my dick and talking to her aunt at
the same time? My body shuddered as I realized that it was Jonah's mouth
on me!

"Take your time, Jonah, Heather was saying between giggles. "If you go
too fast, you'll gag!"

"He's doing fine, sweetie," Diane purred, increasing her movements on my
face, her coarse pubic hairs scouring me. "Come her so I can suc on those
delicious nipples of yours while I cum all over your daddy's face..."

As I waited for Diane's explosive release - she was the only woman I
knew that squirted when she came - I could dimly hear the sounds coming
from just a few short feet away.

"That's right, lick it, you little slut, you little cunt-licker!" Lisa
cursed. "Eat my hairy box... ah, yes, that's it... that's the spot right

I had to focus my attention elsewhere as Diane start to squirt her
girl-spunk into my mouth, the juices pouring from her so hard and fast I
could actually hear it. She groaned loudly, riding my very busy lips and
tongue, grinding out her climax. "Your turn, Heather," I heard her say.

There was a brief moment between Diane removing her soaking wet cunt from my face and Heather scrambling to take her place. In that instant, I
saw two things: Jonah sucking on my thickness with youthful enthusiasm, a
sight that damn near made me shoot my load. The other thing I saw was
Jennifer and Lisa locked in what I could only describe as a vicious 69,
mother and daughter gnawing at each other's flesh like nothing else in the
world mattered.

The sparse hairs of Heather's cunny came into view, blocking my vision;
I got to work on her sweet, tender clam, wondering what the hell was going
to happen next.

Part Two, Chapter Three

I made quick work of my youngest child, handing her an orgasm so intense
she literally fell off of my face. Diane, who had been sucking Jonah's
latest erection, caught her and pulled her gently to one side. After
making sure Heather was okay, she used her hands to move Jonah on top of my
prone form, his maleness dangling before me.

"Here, suck on this while I tend to Heather," Diane ordered, using one
hand to push Jonah down while the other guided his cock to my lips. It had
been a very long time since the last time I had a man in my mouth but it
was like riding a bike - once you knew how to do it, you could always do

I moaned as Diane forced my son's cock deeper into my gullet, the spongy
head of his cock lodging in the back of my throat, his hairy sac laying
heavily on the bridge of my nose. Jonah got himself comfortable then began
to fuck my face with short, quick strokes.

The gap between our bodies gave me some much needed breathing room after
having spent the last twenty minutes smothered with pussy; I could hear
Lisa's banshee-like wailing, mixed in with Jennifer's short grunts and I
knew that my wife and daughter were riding the wave into the O-Zone

"Hold on for a minute, Jonah," I heard Diane say. "Here, move over this

I felt a brief moment of disappointment as Jonah's man-meat escaped my
mouth - but not for long, as he moved to one kneeling beside my head and
once more offering me his thick erection. That allowed me to see the
mind-numbing sight of Diane helping Heather to straddle my hips, guiding my
swollen member to my youngest child's opening.

"Okay, are you ready, honey?" Diane asked.

"Uh-huh," Heather said, her soon-to-be joy lighting her angelic features

"Now, your father's a little bigger and longer than your brother is, so
this might hurt a little," cautioned Diane, rubbing the head of my cock
into Heather's slit until it was covered with her juices.

"I can take it," Heather breathed, closing her eyes in anticipation.
"I'm ready, Diane."

"On three... One, two, three!" Diane said, using her hands on Heather's
hips and plunging her onto my spear.

"Oh, fuck!" Heather cursed as my cock split her wide and deep. "DAMN!"

Once again, I almost lost it; Jonah moved for a moment so we both could
watch the delectable sight of my cock vanishing within Heather's folds
until she was completely seated on me.

"You okay, honey?" Diane asked, kissing away the tears streaming down
Heather's face.

"Uh-huh, I'm okay. God, I feel so full! It's like he's all the way up
to my belly!"

"It's a nice feeling,?" my sister-in-law said, my view of her once again
obscured by Jonah pulsing prick.

"Oh, yeah, it sure is," Heather agreed, slowly moving her hips, our
pelvic bones grinding together. She raised up and allowed an inch or two
to leave her before sitting back down again, a beautiful smile lighting her
face. "This really feels good!"

"Oh, you haven't felt anything yet," Diane promised as she fingered
Heather's bud. "Wait until you make him come inside of you, baby girl.
Let me tell you that your daddy's got the hottest, thickest load in town!"

"Fuck! Fuck!" Jonah swore, thrusting himself between my lips, my teeth
scraping across the sensitive skin of his shaft. His movements became
erratic and I could feel his dick swelling in my mouth, great dollops of
salty pre-cum coating my tongue before a thick wad of jizz splashed against
the back of my throat. I swallowed hungrily, not wanting to miss one drop
of Jonah's spunk. On the other side of us, I could once again hear Lisa
talking to Heather.

"Not bad, Jennifer," Lisa was saying. "Not quite up to my standards,
but still, not bad."

"I've got plenty of time to come up to those standards, you sweet
bitch," I heard Jen say, the tone of her voice and her choice of words
startling me.

"Bitch? You're calling me a bitch?"

"I earned the right, haven't I?" countered Jennifer; clearly some sort
of right of passage was taking place just south of where I lay, my mouth
full of spunk and my daughter riding my cock for all she was worth.

"You haven't earned it yet, you little cunt," Lisa hissed, leaving me to
wonder if she only got like this when she ate pussy, because in all the
years we've made love together, I've never heard her so rough and abusive.
"Diane? Keep the slut busy, will you? I'll be right back!"

"Where's she going?" Jennifer asked as Diane assumed the top position in
the 69.

"Don't worry about it, Jen," Diane answered before lowering her mouth to
my daughter's coochie.

"Now, Daddy! Do it now!" Heather cried out, slamming her body onto mine
as hard and as fast as she could. Her pussy was so incredibly tight; each
time she slid up my shaft, I could swear she was taking skin with her.

"Do him like you do me," encouraged Jonah, temporarily on the sidelines.
"Put the squeeze on him!"

An instant later, I felt Heather's cunt muscles contract painfully - but
delightfully so. The sudden increase of pressure around my shaft was all I
could stand, my prick growing longer and thicker inside my little girl.

"OH, SHIT!" I yelled as the first wad of goo came boiling up from my
nuts and splattered inside my climaxing daughter, coating her insides.
Another blast followed in short order; it was so intense that my eyes
rolled up in my head on their own and that maddening paralysis grabbed me
in it's grip and held on to me. All I could do was shoot more of my hot,
pearly bullets into Heather's womb.

Part Two, Chapter Four

I lay on the floor, gasping for air, the last of my orgasm fading into
memory. Around me, Jonah and Heather were sprawled out on the floor, both
recovering from what had to be the most exciting night of their young lives. Shit, this was the most exciting night of my life as well!

On the floor below me, Diane and Jennifer had switched places, the
younger woman now in the top position and looking like she could keep going
like this all night. However, when I saw Lisa step through the doorway, I
knew that Jennifer's night was going to come to a very abrupt halt.

I shuddered involuntarily as I recognized the object in my wife's hand.
"Lisa, don't..." I said weakly, recognizing the 12 inch jelly dildo she had
used on her sister.

"Shut the fuck up, Dean - this doesn't concern you," Lisa hissed. "Is
the bitch ready, Di?"

"I'd say she was ready," Diane answered, grinning wickedly. "Any more
ready and she'd be asleep!"

"Lisa?" I croaked, trying to sit up.

"Kids? Make your father be quiet, will you?" Lisa commanded, standing
over the helpless form of her oldest daughter.

"With pleasure," Heather said, jumping onto me and covering my lips with
hers, her tongue poking and prodding the inside of my mouth.

"So you want to hang with the big girls?" Lisa asked Jennifer, kneeling
beside her. "What, I guess next you'll want a shot at your father, right?"

"Damned right," Jen gasped, finally able to speak. "I'm gonna fuck his
brains out!"

"Is that a fact? Well, cunt, let me tell you a little something about
that. See, my sister here had the same idea and I'll tell you what I told
her: you're gonna have to fuck all three of us and me and Diane aren't
ready to share him with you, right Sis?"

"Sure you're right," Diane chuckled, taking a spot directly across from
her sister.

Lisa paused for a moment, sucking the well-used toy into her mouth,
making it slick with saliva.

"What are you going to do with that?" Jennifer asked, unable to stop
watching her mother deep-throating the massive instrument of pleasure.

"Now, what do you think I'm gonna do with it, my little slut?" Lisa
asked, feigning innocence. "I'm getting ready to break you in right!"

"Bring it on, then, my bitch of a mother," Jennifer said defiantly. "I
can take anything you can dish out!"

"Yeah, I've heard that before," Lisa said, her voice suddenly quiet as
she guided the inhumanly thick knob of the dildo to her daughter's snatch,
wedging the head just inside Jen's opening. "Hold her, Di..."

Jennifer let out a blood-curdling scream as the soft-yet-hard dildo
plowed into her, spreading her pussy wider than either me or Jonah could
ever do; in fact, nothing short of having a baby was going to match how far
the dildo stretched her hole. Diane released her hold on Jen, lying down
next to her and whispering words of encouragement into her niece's ear.

Lisa let Jennifer adjust to the dildo's incredible length which was now
buried so deep in Jen's snatch that I thought it would never come out.

"That looks painful," I said to no one in particular, seeing Jonah nod
in agreement, his eyes wide.

"Can I do it next?" Heather asked, watching her mother begin to work the
monster cock in and out of her sister's reddened pussy.

"Oh, I didn't forget you, little one," Lisa assured her. "You fucked my
man without my permission and you're gonna pay for the privilege, just like
this little bitch is..."

"Mommy?" Heather said, sounding a little frightened.

"Hey, too late to be scared now, darling," Lisa said, using her thumb to
torture Jennifer's clit. "Remember, it was your idea for us to join you
and you've gotta know that we don't fuck around, do we Diane?"

"Not even," Diane agreed, looking in my direction. "That thing ready to
go again?"

"Shit, yeah," I said, getting to my knees and crawling over to my
sister-in-law, who was offering me her backside. Using my knees to spread
hers, I fitted my cock into her sloppy pussy and shoved myself into her
fully with one deft stroke.

Beside me, Jonah and Heather were imitating us, my son driving his cock
into Heather's stretched hole as hard as he could. As heavenly as it felt
driving my cock into Diane (and Jonah into Heather), it was not an accident
that we were all facing Lisa and Jennifer.

Lisa had somehow managed to bend her toy enough so that one end skewered
Jennifer's box while the blunt, other end was wedged into her ass,
stretching both holes painfully wide.

"Is... that... all... you... got?" Jennifer managed to spit, an
orgasm ripping through her.

"Just one more thing, bitch," Lisa said softly, leaving Jennifer impaled
on the dildo and lowering her head to her daughter's blood-engorged clit,
clamping down hard on the twitching pleasure nub.

"NO!" Jessica screamed, her body thrashing wildly as Lisa continued to
suck her clit; by the way Lisa's cheeks were move, her tongue had to be
moving at high speed.

"Do her, sis," Diane chanted, pushing her bottom back against me,
driving more of my cock into her. "Put her away!"

Jonah and Heather were both grunting as they came, their eyes glued to
the sight before them.

I grunted myself, filling my sister-in-law's twat with my hot spunk, the
sensations making my head whirl dizzily.

"Mmmm," Diane cooed, working her stuff on my spitting dick. "You really
know how to please a woman, Dean!"

"MOMMY, NO!" Jennifer screamed; she came so hard the doubled-up dildo
exploded from her body, landing right in front of, it's roughened surface
slick with Jen's juices.

I heard Jennifer groan once more and then saw her body go completely
limp as my poor daughter passed out.

"Not bad," Lisa said, nodding in approval, her fingers flying over her
until she shook with the force of her own released. "Not bad at all!"

I felt myself nodding off, my mind and body spent from the fast paced
fucking that had taken place here this evening. I stretched out on the
floor, feeling Diane and Heather curling up on either side of me; Jonah had
his arm draped across Heather, already sleeping. The last thing I saw was
Lisa kissing Jennifer lightly before curling up next to her...


That night was only one of many we'd enjoy as a family. Heather had her
"punishment" with Mr. Jelly, surviving the ordeal to take poundings from
both me and Jonah; afterwards, we all held each other close, basking in the
new closeness our loving had wrought.

Diane would stop by from time to time, bringing her special brand of
freakiness along with her. I can still remember her cheering loudly as I
fucked Lisa's ass while Jonah pounded her pussy into a wet, sticky, mess...

Jennifer had finally earned the right to lovingly call her mother a
bitch and, by doing so, earned the right to fuck me, which I gladly did
with unabashed gusto. Jennifer also squirted for the very first time that
night, much to everyone's delight... except maybe Jen's. Now that we knew
she could squirt like a hose, we all took turns drinking from her fountain,
leaving her a satisfied wreck.

It was fun watching Jennifer and Lisa make love - you wouldn't believe
some of the names they called each other! I clearly remember the night
Jennifer produced a strap-on dildo, cursing lustily as she reamed Diane and
Heather out with it, before fucking her mother into a stupor for the

Of course, me and Jonah took full advantage of Jen's vulnerability,
giving her the old one-two as we had Lisa. Before that night was over, all
of the women had been fucked in both ass and cunt by us guys. The next
night, though, me and Jonah were introduced to the strap-on as each woman
took a turn fucking us - my ass hurt for a week after that, but it was
worth it.

You should have been there the night Lisa's parents found out about our
little parties... but that's another story!



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