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PARKED hurt little bit


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so we
can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.

Lacey in the Wood

It was a real charge for us. We were trembling with the
excitement of our totally out of character boldness. Now, it might
not seem much to some of you, but it was way out there for us.
We were committed to getting all the way, truely naked, not
even socks or anything and having sex out there in the out-of-doors.
It was only our shaking hands that were slowing us down.
But after many nervous giggles and fumbled buttons we had
both fufilled out promise to each other to get all the way undressed and
we were ready to start. Robbie had a bigger hard-on than ever and he
was wild to get it indside me. But he was a dear and reached down to
stroke my slit even as his rod throbbed with every beat of his racing
heart against my thigh.
I really still needed a little more encouragement, but I couldn't
stand to watch him suffer that way. I pulled at him and told him I was
ready. He was so gentle that it only hurt a little bit as he slowly put his
manhood inside my unready womanhood.
Then we were doing it. We both shivered a little bit with the
very naughty feelings as we finally were really, truely having sex outside
in the park out in the open and bold and brazen. Well, at least outside.
We had cribbed a little bit by selecting a secluded spot by a stream.
But it felt very bold to us.
Then everything changed. We would have been better off in the
middle of the park.
"Hey, look at that!" came the hoarse voice I will never be able
to erase from my memory.
There was a horrible crashing from the direction of the voice.
Robbie was frozen on top of me and I was unable to do anything but
scream. I had never even had nightmares this bad. One little slip and we
were caught. One bold venture and we were going to pay.
Robbie finally sprang into motion, but it was too late. I saw ugly
faces everywhere. We were surrounded. We were naked and trapped.
All Robbie managed to do was become entangled between two large
hairy men. They held him up like a prize in a shooting gallery, kicking
and struggling like a comical puppet.
I hadn't tried to get up because I didn't see anywhere to go. I
just lay there in a ball, trying to cover up with my hands and legs. At
that point, I was very scared, but mostly embarrassed because of the
way we had been found. I felt vulnerable, but rape had not entered my
"You sure are a lucky man," one of them was saying to Robbie,
"But I'm disappointed in you. It's only polite to offer your friends some."
I don't know what I was thinking then. I was too terrified. I knew
what they wanted and a jumble of terrible images seemed to fight for the
right to be the one that scrambled my brains for good. But I was, even
then, too much of an optimist. I couldn't imagine the kinds of things these
rough men had planned for me.
"Come on baby, calm down, show us what you've got," one of
them urged as he prodded at me with his hands.
I don't think I would have reacted any different, but I wasn't
processing the words. It was just noise on the other side of the wall of
static cracking in my head. I didn't know what to do other than try to
cover myself. I didn't know what to do at all.
The prodding hands grabbed my arms and doing anything
became a moot point. Other hands grabbed my ankles and I was
unrolled into total exposure. They spread my legs and held my arms
up so they could all ogle all my parts. I wished the ground would open
up and swallow me. I was so ashamed.
"Pretty nice piece of ass," the hoarse voice said to Robbie, who
was being held tightly and, I think, painfully where he could watch what
they did. "Now you won't mind if we take a taste, now will you?"
Robbie tried to say something, but every time he moved I saw
his face twist into a grimace. I heard the sound of chains tinkling and
then I saw a man stand over me with his pants around his ankles and
stroking a rather large erect penis. I had feared some misty vision of a
horrific rape, but this was too real. This was imminent and soon to be
really acted out. My panic made me squeal like an animal.
"No! Please! Please, please, please, please," I begged in total
overload.and disbeleif.
He just laughed at my terror as he got down over me.
"Jeeze, honey, didn't he get you warmed up at all?" he berated
me as he thrust his horrible weapon against my opening and met
I had been ready for Robbie, but my fear had dried up my
juices and closed my private parts to him. He took no mind of that other
than his obscene teasing me. He pushed and ripped open the door,
hurting me terribly. I felt a wave a nausea wash over me as his dirty,
germy disgusting thing was forced inside me.
"No, no no no no no no no no no no no no!" I protested
endlessly as he raped me, but it seemed he was only encouraged by
my begging, getting to the point where he was timing his thrusts with my
I didn't know what else to do. Struggling was impossible and I
think remaining quiet would have been impossible as well. The terrible
emotions churning through me had to escape somehow. I couldn't lie
there exposed and have an evil stranger rape me while I remained silent.
But he had found a way to turn even my expression of panic into another
way to shame me.
I had to stop. He had made my cries seem like encouragement
even though the words were forbidding. His thrust on every protest
made me feel like I was co-operating althought I was saying 'no'. I bit
my lip to stop. He paused to wait for the begging and then grew
"OW!" he got his cry to resume plunging into me by grabbing
my nipple and twisting cruelly. "Please don't- please!"
He didn't seem concerned with the game any more. He thrust
harder and faster at me, cramming me full over and over without regard
for anything except his own pleasure. I was only sobbing now. My
protests were useless and wasted on this gang.
I felt him thrust hard and grind his belly against my mount and I
knew he was climaxing inside me. Where I had felt diseased by his entry
I now felt defiled by his semen. I felt physically ill.
When he crawled off me, I had a glimpse of Robbie's brow
beaded with sweat. He was obviously suffering as they forced him to
watch the first one take me. I tried to forget that I was still at their mercy
in my sympathy for the despair Robbie must be feeliing. He must have
felt even more helpless than me as he was forced to watch them abuse
My ability to step away from my own shame was soon ended as
one of them straddled my chest. His organ protruded out toward my
face like the crossbar of a gibbet. I only sensed the movement to my left.
Smack! My left cheek smarted as he knocked my head to the
side with his open hand. I could feel the mark warm on my cheek as he
held a long, slender knife over my face and threatened me.
"You bite me- even a little bit, and I'll make you so sorry you'll
want to die," he menaced.
I already wanted to die from the shame, but I did not want to
feel that knife slice me or plunge into me. But as he moved forward, I
wasn't sure if I had made a good bargain. He meant to put his penis in
my mouth!
I could only do that with Robbie when I was feeling very much
in love. When I wanted it to be very special because we were so close
and in harmony, I would put my mouth on his thing like a whore. Of
course he would love it, but I had to feel that he knew I could only do it
because I loved him so much.
I didn't want this man to break that holy trust. I wondered if
dying wouldn't be better. I tried to pull away as he rubbed his disgusting
thing on my lips. Whack! He hit me harder than before. I could feel my
eye swelling shut. My mouth flew open reflexively with the pain and he
shoved his evil tasting member in my unprotected mouth.
"I'll cut your nose off first if you bite me," he reminded me.
I could not bite him anyway. The revulsion that worked in my
throat forced my mouth to stay open. Then he shoved the thing farther
and I gagged loudly.
"Now suck it, bitch," he ordered as I coughed and fought
against the foul-tasting intrusion.
If I had that much control, I think I would have bitten him. But I
was in distress so total that all I could do was fight for air as he invaded
my mouth deeper and tried to push his rigidness down into my throat.
"This slut can't suck for shit," he complained to the group as he
rocked the strangling rod back and forth in my mouth.
Thoughts of death and fears of who would see my naked body
when it was found were filling my mind with their screams. What would
they think? Would I be- gulp- further abused when a corpse? There
seemed to be no horror too horrible. I wasn't getting enough air and I
was on the edge of blacking out.
Then I was caught by surprise. My body had its own defenses.
"Ow, that burns," my assailant yelped and pulled his distressing
member from my mouth.
"Look at her puke," came another laughing voice, "You must
have hit oil."
The vomit burned my throat as much as it had his tender flesh,
but it rid me of that persecution. That was, at best, a Pyrrhic victory.
The vomit was now choking me and I feared I would die. As I struggled,
I hoped, at least, that people would find out I died rather than submit to
that obscene assault.
But I was not to have the death of a heroine. They were far from
done tormenting me.
"Turn her over, for Christsake- remember what happened to
Snake?" the hoarse one said.
I coughed out the vomit and then emptied my stomach as I lay
face down in the smelly pool. No one would want to violate my mouth
now, I thought.
I don't know what happened as I lay face down, but it caused
an outcry from the stream next to me.
"Hey, still my turn," came the voice from the water of the man that had wanted to rape my mouth .
My hips were lifted and I felt someone invade my most private
place again. I had mercifully little time to consider that I was being used
like a souless animal. This rape was brutal and swift. The prod rammed
into me, hurting me in different places, higher and deeper than before,
but it was over as quickly as it was vicious in duration.
He jerked my whole body as he twitched deep inside me,
slammed tight against my rear and I knew another diseased offering of
male stuff was inside me. It made even the smell of vomit comforting.
My female part felt as if some one had scrubbed it with a grater.
It was raw and aching. And that very sensation reminded me of my
abominable position. My nether end was in the air like an animal in heat
as if I was inviting them to use me in their unholy ways. I tried to at least
lower my bottom.
I found that my feet were no longer being held and for a moment
I had the delusion I might escape. I attempted to pull free, but my
struggles only succeeded in landing me on my back with my legs kicking
in the air as the hands holding my wrists held firm. It was a great hit with
the rest. They laughed at my struggles and made comments about my
body that made me blush.
But shame was not the thing that stilled me from my fight. The
horrifying sight that took away my will in one despairing, heart-chilling
instant was Robbie. My gaze only passed over him as I fought to free
myself, but my eyes were snapped back to fix on him in disbelief.
My love, my man, the one I thought decent and caring, was
standing there in obvious discomfort- and with an erection! Even in pain
and what I thought would have been the pinnacle of humiliation, he was
AROUSED by my plight! The whole world was black and I didn't see
why I was struggling. What was the use? All was lost.
My tears came from deep inside as I cried for myself and for
the world. They were all bastards! I hated them all, but was so deep in
my sobbing despair that my hate could only express itself as a pathetic
flopping like a fish out of water.
"Damn! Somebody get in there- she's hot like a skillet on
Sunday!" one of them misintrepreted my movements.
I didn't notice the man over me through the blurring tears in my
eyes. I only knew that another prod had been inserted in me and was
sawing its way to defile me with its seed. Again the swelling cacaphony
in my head gave me small solace from experiencing the totality of the
awful scene. It was as horrible from the distance that my tumble of
thoughts could drag me, but I escaped at least some of the nuances of
being rutted by the tormenting pole.
There was no longer any point to rescue. I was already defiled.
There was no hope of rescue, my hope was watching with his lust
apparent in the erection that sprouted from his crotch. I was ready to
give in and let them do their worst, hoping, truely wanting to die and not
have to face the memory.
I think one more took me in my despair, but I was going, not
only beyond caring, but beyond the events into some dreamworld of
escape. Somehow I sensed if my mind snapped, I would no longer have
to endure the rapes and the humiliation.
I only vaguely remember sputtering back near the surface of
consciousness as a hot stream played into my mouth and over my face.
I think I knew before I verified it that it was a stream of urine. But even
that indignity could only partially nudge me back toward the surface.
"Wake up, slut," the man urinating on me was saying- shouting
perhaps, "Get lively. Don't pass out on us."
It made them no more animals than I knew they were. It was a
testament to the depravity that I had already endured that such a
perverted act could rouse no more than notice in me. It was mortification
beyond imagining, but it paled amid all the other atrocities they had
performed on my helpless body.
Of course, I had underestimated their evil. I was helpless to even
imagine the despicable acts they were capable of. Some things never
occur to decent people. Some things should be beyond even evil ones.
It was impossible to ignore them. My protective haze was
shattered, my mind yanked back violently to the awful present as I felt
the finger probe.
They had dragged me across a fallen log when the one holding
my hands had tired. Another of them was sitting on my back, pinning me
against the rough bark face down like a trapped animal. And then the
finger probed me.
I was at first still drifting, confident that it was misaimed, but
when it pierced my fundus, the terror began doubled and redoubled
again. That was forbidden, wrong, perverse, an abomination, and just
had nothing whatever to do with sex at all for any reason!
I eliminated waste there. It had nothing whatever to do with
their perverted lusts. I couldn't even fight them to prevent their nasty
excursion. I tried to kick, but moving my bottom made the sensation of
that finger so disturbing I stopped immediately. I tried to educate them.
"That's wrong! That's not right!" I struggled to find words that
they would understand. "It's not the way it's done. That's not what it's
Their response was a chorus of laughter and the finger began
copulatory movements in my anus.
"Get that finger out!" I demanded and then realized how foolish
that sounded and added more meekly, "Just go back to the other if you
have to continue."
"Anyone HAVE to contine?" one of them mocked me.
"Sounds like you found the holy gate," one of them said, his
profaness grating on my ears.
"Yeah, maybe heaven's up her ass" another chipped in.
I knew they were teasing me. I still didn't believe that anyone, no
matter how wicked and depraved would put their organ into a place
filled with excrement. It was too disgusting to even consider- even for
"Hey, I held her for you guys, it's my turn now," came the voice
of doom.
It was all too horrible and too strange. My protective fog had
blown away and left me oversensitive to every instant of the travesty. I
could feel the heat and even sense it radiated from a curved object
before the organ touched me. I felt it slide in the crevasse between my
rear and catch somehow on the edge of the muscle there.
And then the whole world shattered and my truth was destroyed
as I felt the flood of sensations. The spongy tip of his thing flattened like
an armor-peiercing round and I felt my anus pressed in. As it was
pushed concave, I felt the muscle pulled sideways like a drawstring and
begin to part. There was no more panic in me. My stomach had emptied.
I was a captive witness to this final desecration and forced to feel every
horrid act in magnified detail.
I wanted to scream, but the breath would not leave my lungs. I
was caught in a paralysis of this unspeakable invasion and left only to
record the minutia of my most foul rape. It was almost a scream I felt
come from my rear as the invading organ forced the sphincter open and
wrung tearing pain as it stretched the ring of muscle to a tissue-tearing
dialation. There was a further twinge as a wider part passed and then
the focus of my sensation moved with the impaler into the tube of
smooth muscle in my bowel.
It felt like an imminent bowel movement as it went the wrong
way into my body. Then the last feeling became one of near natural joy
in comparison to the compacted fullness as the organ slipped deeper.
My lower stomach heaved in protest as I felt my bowels shift to
escape the torture the man was driving into me. And then the minutia
was washed away in the pain of tearing as I felt the sphincter part and
crack when he drove deeply into me. His dirty hair touched my rump
as his belly pushed against my helpless bottom.
I could not breathe for the fullness of his invading member. Then
he moved. Again I was granted peace as the turmoil his withdrawing
and thrusting back into my fundus created overloaded my poor brain.
then sensations were too many and too horrible to comprehend. Freed
for the pathetic obervation, my mind released my throat and I screamed.
"She likes that," one of them crowed as all my breaths came out
as screams while the other impaled me on his pole.
It was torture most foul as the pain superceded even the
perversion of their using me in this forbidden way. I felt ruined in the
most profound and grevious way. I was sure even surgery would never
restore my normal functions. I was torn open and being gutted by this
maniac. I feared that I would not only be a pariah for being used this
way, but that my body would never be whole again.
He grunted like a pig as he used me, struggling to tear me
wider and pound his perverted path into my body. And then all the
preceding wrongness was topped by the flood he sent into my bowels.
I could feel this injection most clearly. Warm fluid pooling and
flooding, growing more copious as his organ swelled and delivered it
inside me. It was most wrong. It was a sensation that chilled my senses
and sent alarms along all my nerves. It was defilement down to the very
cells of my body.
And when he pulled away, that defilement still remained. It
remained in the semen inside me, but also the gaping entrance he had
bored. My fears were come to pass. My rectum would not recover. I
could feel it stretched open in a horrific tunnel leading to my depths. I
would never be able to retain my feces again.
"Who wants sloppy seconds?" the man that had ruined me
asked his cronies.
"You sure left a canyon," joked one of them, "Yell in there and
see if you hear an echo."
I suppose it was stupid of me to expect anything better from
rapists, but their jovial mood at my ruination stabbed me to my heart.
I at least thought they were beasts at the mercy of their sick lust, but
they seemed to think of it as a joke- a good time to be had by all.
"Make him do it," one of them said.
There was a sharp groan of agony, but that did not register on
my mind. I heard a thump like a sack of grain hit the ground behind me
and then a hand fumbling something toward my abused, gaping hole.
"No, please, don't make me," came an anguished whine that I
recognized with a cold, sinking feeling was Robbie's.
My struggle to digest that was interrupted by the surprise that
the organ forced into my rectum not only filled the gap, but was again
forcing it wider. But that surprise was momentary as I pondered what
I had gathered from the sounds behind me.
"Please, honey, I'm sorry, forgive me," I heard as the member
filled my aching opening and I knew my fears were real.
Robbie was being forced to take me in this hideous manner.
I knew it was not his fault, but I didn't know how I could look
into his eyes again after he had this knowledge of me. The tears of that
loss streamed quietly down my cheeks as I suffered the dull thud of the
organ pumping in and out of the wrong orifice.
"Robbie! Just do what they want you to and get it over with," I
begged in a screech as he went on and on in this horrid act.
It was an interminable agony. It was an unbearable humiliation.
It was going on far too long. I wanted to be supportive of Robbie, but I
wanted his thing out of my behind.
"Oh honey, no, we never do this," their leader squeaked in a
burlesque of my pleas. "Look at her squeeze his cock while he's fucking
her shitter."
I was flexing my buttocks in an effort to hurry Robbie, but it had
nothing to do with liking or wanting this treatment. I thought it might hurry
him up. But they would take it the most embarrassing way they could.
"He's holding back," another accused. "Look at him twisting up
his face to concentrate. Baby, we've shown you something he likes."
It couldn't be true. Robbie was a sweet man and he loved me.
He wouldn't be taking any pleasure at all from this unnatural intercourse.
But the words struck me with a cold shiver of pain. It was such a
hauntingly apt description of the way Robbie looked when he was trying
to wait until we could have that bliss together.
"Oh Robbie, just do what they want," I begged again. "There
can be no more shame for me."
Then he slammed into me with a violence that made me question
if the lies they told were true. He grunted as his member slammed into
my forbidden opening and then, finally, blessedly, I felt him add his warm
fluid to the other diseased offerings already in my fundus.
He said one of them had kicked him to force those thrusts and I
believe him. But he also said he couldn't help cumming when they did it
and I will have to pray about his meaning there.
It had to be the weight of a foot on Robbie that pressed him
against me when he had finished. I know his weight and it was more than
him alone that pressed me down onto the log. They had one more
indignity to force upon us.
For once I wished I was a slut. A harridan would have come
half-dressed and there would not have been clothes enough to serve as
ropes. Our wrists were tied together, mine and Robbie's and his knees
and ankles were tied to mine. And most dastardly, they fixed his belly
against my rear with a band about our waists.
"Have fun you two," the leader rasped as they left us in apparent
copulatory bliss.
We could roll offf the log, but try as we might, the knots were
out of reach. And through all our efforts, we could not manage to get
Robbie's member out of my fundus. Our exertions only made it swell
and destroy any chance of diguising what degradation we had endured.
Again the small voice hinted that finding us dead this way would
at least release me from the shame of being discovered in this defiled
position. Even as darkness fell, I had only the thought of rolling into the
stream and mercifully drownding ourselves to prevent that discovery of
us alive.
The glare of flashlights made the scene even more lurid as the
Ranger played his beam over our exposed white flesh. I could not see
his eyes in the dark and that was a blessing. I could only imagine the
disgust he must have felt, finding two human beings coupling like dogs
naked and disgusting in the wood.


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