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PARTNERED split his throat open with his


Summary: Krycek and Pendrell spend a late night in the lab together.
Keywords: MM
Universe: X-Files
Author: Chrysoberyl Rosewood
Title: Partnered


(MM cons)

by Chrysoberyl Rosewood

Summer 1998

Note From Chrys:

When I was a lot younger, a lot, lot younger, I was a major fan of the X-Files.
In fact, I was introduced to the world of erotica by my Auntie CiCi, who was
also a member of this crazy fan club I had joined. I doubt that Auntie CiCi has
any idea that it was she and her "Sock Shoppe" that got me hooked on slash, but,
well, it was.

You don't care.

Anyway, this story is an X-Files FanFic, but you really don't have to know
ANYTHING about the X-Files to appreciate it. In fact, I doubt there's anything
you need to know about it to get this storyline.

For those who care, Alex Krycek was a bad guy later in the show, and Danny
Pendrell was always good guy. He was a lab tech. Fox Mulder is the star of the
show. I hope you at least knew that. We join Alex and Danny late at night in the
lab. Hmmm.

<3 Chrys

The Story:

Pendrell was staring at Krycek's ass. *It's such a nice ass* he thought. *It's
just not fair* He watched as Krycek walked across the lab, pulled the venetian
blinds apart, and said impatiently for the sixth time that day, "What could
*possibly* be taking Mulder this long?"

And for the sixth time that day, Pendrell replied distractedly from staring at
Krycek's ass, "He was probably held up at the crime scene."

He paused, then added something that he hadn't previously said, "Alex--you're
the new guy around here. And you knew what Mulder was like ever before you came
to work with him. He just lost his partner and he doesn't appreciate being--" he
almost said 'stuck with you,' "--given a new one."

There. That was better. Nothing offensive.

Krycek nodded, then began to turn around. Pendrell realized he was still staring
at the other man's ass, and so he quickly looked down at the lab report he was
supposedly going over. "He'll be here soon. Don't worry. Mulder just likes to
make an entrance after keeping everyone waiting a sufficient amount of time."


Krycek grinned. For the third time tonight, he had turned around and caught
Danny staring at his ass. Before the other man could look up and see him
grinning, he wiped the goofy look off his face. There would be enough *looks*
tonight, if everything went as he had planned it. *Now if only Mulder would
hurry up and get here, and then leave ...* He fingered one of the little bottles
in his pocket. Danny had been resisting his feelings since the beginning.
Indeed--he had to bury them. If the FBI ever found out his sexual preference ...

But since circumstances and Mulder's unwillingness to deal with anything petty
like the samples taken from crime scenes and his arrogant view that the new guy
would be in charge of those petty but necessary things had put them together
more and more lately, Danny had been cracking. His carefully constructed façade
was beginning to fall apart with each second more spent in the presence of

And that wasn't the best thing about it. The best thing wasn't the fact that
Krycek wanted Danny almost as bad as Danny wanted him. Nor was it the fact that
tonight Krycek would get him, no matter what, or the fact that Krycek's
*situation* placed him in a position to get him whatever he wanted. Even the FBI
didn't know who he really was.... It wasn't even the fact that the night was not
going to be spent working on samples from a crime scene and Mulder was going to
be incredibly pissed in the morning to find out that none of it was done,
although he'd never find out the reason why.

No, the best thing about it was the fact that Danny couldn't see that his
defenses were beginning to crack, and tonight, they would crumble. And Krycek
would be there to catch him.


"Hello, guys, sorry I'm late," said Mulder, as he burst into the laboratory.

"Mulder! You were supposed to be here two hours ago!" started Krycek.

"I know, I know--"

Pendrell listened absentmindedly to the dialogue that had become routine as of
the past few weeks, all the while staring at--*He really, really, really does
have a nice--*

Mulder, in the midst of the conversation, began to give Pendrell funny looks.
Pendrell turned a shade of pink and pretended he had been reading the lab report
the whole time.

Mulder shrugged, and wrapped up the conversation with Krycek in his most
deriding voice, "Yes, mother. Next time I'll call if I'm going to be home late."

He then turned to Pendrell and ignored Krycek's angry movements as he proceeded
to give the lab technician a list of what he wanted found out, at the same time
handing Pendrell the folder that contained the little baggies of evidence.
"Before eight a.m. tomorrow. This is essential to the serial killer case we're
working on. Oh, and Krycek's going to stay with you, because, well, two heads
are better than one."

Pendrell nearly visibly cringed, not because he was going to be pulling an all
nighter again; he was used to that. Nor was it because Krycek was going to be
working so close to him for that long, although if it hadn't been for the other
thing, that might have done it. No, it was because of Mulder's innocent, but
ill-timed pun, although no one but Pendrell understood the significance. His
underwear was beginning to chafe. He was incredibly glad for long lab coats that
buttoned up. Although he didn't have that problem *yet*, if he didn't get his
mind off those types of things ...

*Bunnies* he thought. *I'll think about bunnies*

Thoughts of his sister's floppy-eared rabbit floated soothingly through his mind
as Mulder made his grand exit and Alex began to go over the details from the lab
report. Soon, thoughts of strands of hair and pieces of clothing replaced Mopsy,
and Pendrell relaxed.

Here was what he was good at.


Krycek was starting to get a little worried. When he had planned this whole
night, he had wondered if he would even need what he brought along. But ever
since Mulder had left an hour ago, Danny had been too relaxed, too calm. Maybe
he was wrong--

But there it was. A little too long of a stare at Krycek's lips as he droned on
about the grain of the wood bits found in the woman's clothing. That confirmed

"Looks like we're going to be up all night. I'm going to go get myself some
coffee. Do you want some?" Krycek asked, nonchalantly.

"Um, sure."

When Krycek left, Pendrell let out a sigh of relief. He was glad to be rid of
the distraction, if only for a few moments. As much as he was trying, his eyes
kept wandering back to Krycek's luscious lower lip. Even the bunny thing wasn't
working. Maybe he would have to tell Alex that he was sick; that he needed to go

No. He would never pull it off. He failed Drama class twice. He hated acting.


Krycek pulled the coffeepot from its place and quickly splashed two mugs full.
He looked to the left, then the right to see if anyone was watching, then dumped
the entire vial of aphrodisiac into the coffee. He stirred it in quickly, then
added some sugar and cream as an afterthought. Maybe that would hide the taste.
He picked up both mugs, making sure not to get them mixed up, and headed back to
the lab.

Pendrell had his hormones under control. He was deep in thought, comparing hair
samples from each crime scene, when Krycek walked in. Pendrell didn't even look
up as Krycek approached.

"Here is--" Krycek started, but Pendrell held up a hand indicating that he
should wait. He adjusted the microscope one last time, wrote another number
down, and then clicked the little light off.

"I'm done with that part now," Pendrell told Krycek. This time he managed to
look him in the eye.

"Well, good. Does that mean we'll be going home early tonight?" Krycek grinned,
at the same time praying that the answer would be negative. He was not

"Nope. That's just the beginning."

Krycek nodded and held the coffee mug out to Pendrell. Pendrell took the handle
and took a sip. "Uh, that's not very good. I wonder how long it's been sitting

Krycek shrugged, then took a sip of his own. "It'll keep us awake, anyway."
*That it will* he thought.

Pendrell looked at the coffee. There was a panicked moment when Krycek was sure
that he was going to dump it down the sink, but he didn't.

*Why is he looking at me like that?* Pendrell wondered. The way the other man
was staring at him was making him uncomfortable. He began to feel the faint
stirrings of desire again. *Well, cold showers and coffee supposedly cure
drunkenness,* he thought, *and cold showers cure ..... sexual urges, so why not
coffee?* It was absolutely ridiculous, and he knew it, but it would give him
something to do while he contemplated how he would get the through the night
without being reduced to a puddle of mush.

Krycek watched in astonishment as Pendrell began to gulp the coffee down. His
eyes got wider and wider. *What's he DOING?* Krycek thought. *He surely won't
drink all of that ...* It was incredibly potent stuff. Pendrell wasn't much of a
coffee drinker, and Krycek wanted to be sure that he would be sufficiently
stimulated with only a few sips so that Krycek's plan would work.

As Pendrell downed the last few drops, Krycek had to restrain himself from
smacking himself over the head for his stupidity. *We are going to be in for one
HELL of an interesting night ...*

The strange coincidence was, that was the same thing Pendrell thought as he put
the mug down and crossed the room to another microscope.


It was not going well. Pendrell tried to concentrate on the various pieces of
various objects taken from the crime scene; he really did. It was just that Alex
seemed to be standing a little too close, and leaning in a little too far
whenever the two would talk. *He has his own paperwork to do, why doesn't he go
do it? He doesn't have to come over here and check up on me every five minutes!*
Pendrell thought almost angrily. He shifted uncomfortably as his erection rubbed
against his pants again.

Then Krycek retreated back to his own table, and Pendrell turned his back on
him. *Out of sight, out of mind, right?* Right. He wished. He forced himself to
think of brutal murders and bloody knives.

Krycek was looking at Pendrell's back, watching as he sighed and shifted in his
seat. Something occurred to him. He dumped his coffee over, thumping the mug on
the table to make it sound like an accident. "Oops!"

Pendrell turned reluctantly around.

"I just spilled my coffee," Krycek explained, doing his best to look sheepish.

Pendrell swallowed, hard, licked his lips, then said, "Uh, well, um, there's,
uh, paper towels in this cabinet over here."

He started to get up to get them, but Krycek said, "No, no. That's all right.
Keep working. I'll get them."

It was a good thing, too. Pendrell didn't know if he could walk normally to the
cabinet, bend down, then stand up and walk across the room again. "They're in
the back."

Krycek crossed the room to the cabinet in front of Pendrell's table. He bent
over and began shuffling things around, pretending he couldn't find the paper
towels. He grinned to himself.

Pendrell continued to look at his work for a full three seconds before his eyes
shifted to the man bent over in front of him. *Oh, God ...* What a nice ass.
Pendrell followed the curves with his eyes and his mind wandered ... his hands,
stroking down and across, kneading the other man's ass. Feeling Alex under his
fingers, and then ... then .... his body, thrusting, thrusting, thrusting, his
hands, circling the front, squeezing and rubbing Alex's own penis, feeling as
the other man came, crying out, and his powerful muscles squeezing around him,
milking him of every last drop--

Krycek found the paper towels and began to stand up. Pendrell jerked himself
back from the table; he hadn't realized he'd been rutting against it. But he had
been, and it was a good thing that the table was attached to the floor. Pendrell
nearly missed his seat as he launched his own butt into it, pretending to be
studying some figures. Krycek went back to his table, acting as though he was
oblivious to what had just transpired.

Pendrell closed his eyes and took a deep, inaudible breath. He let it out
slowly, and counted backwards from ten. He took another deep breath and forced
himself to look at the paper. *Brutal murders. Brutal murders and bloody knives.
Brutal murders and bloody knives and rapes and ... reamings ... and ... oh, God
... yes, Alex, harder, harder ....*

"Danny?" came the low, throaty voice not half an inch from his left ear. "Uhhh,

Pendrell jumped three feet into the air, scattering the papers all over the
table and floor.

Krycek stepped back quickly and conjured up the most innocent look he had in
him. "Oh, I'm sorry, did I startle you?"

Pendrell swallowed, hard, and said, "Oh, yes, I was just going over these
figures, I didn't even hear you come up behind me."

Krycek nodded. "Well, I just am having a difficult time figuring out some of
this stuff." He began emphasizing words slightly, but so slightly that Pendrell
would only think that he was imagining it. "Well, here is the measurement for
when the knife went *in,* but how *deep* he *thrust* it in is inconsistent in
each of the murders. Plus, I was never *wonderful* in the *art* of
mmmmathematics" he moaned on the 'm.' "I was wondering if *you* could *help* me.
Some of this figuring is *incredibly*" he drug out the last word in a low,
almost groaning voice *haaaaaard.*"

Pendrell moaned.

Krycek looked at him, keeping the malicious grin off his face, instead replacing
it with a look of concern. "Are you all right?"

Pendrell couldn't answer.

"Maybe you're sick?"

"S--sick ..."

"Headache? Is that it? You look like you have a terrible headache."

*Terrible, terrible headache, you don't know how badly it--* It was throbbing,
in fact. Rubbing against his briefs and throbbing ever so badly. He didn't think
he could last much longer. He was just going to throw himself at Alex and-- "I
think--that's it." He had to get out of here, do something about this horrible
throbbing, he had to go somewhere and--the storage room. It wouldn't take but a
few moments, and ... "There's some--Tylenol in the storage room in the--back. I
think I'll go get--some." He gasped out.

"Yes, you go ahead," said Krycek. "I'll be right here when you get back." He put
his left hand on Pendrell's arm and turned the man around, deliberately brushing
his hand over Pendrell's lap, but pretending not to notice. Pendrell took off at
almost a run to the storage room.

He almost tripped on the step up as the linoleum changed to carpet, but he
caught himself and threw himself through the first door. He went through the
second door, grabbed it, and threw it closed, locking it quickly before crossing
the room.

As he strode across, he grabbed a package of paper towels and ripped them open,
throwing them on the empty shelf. He grabbed a garbage can, threw it down on the
floor next to the shelf. He ran across the room, grabbed a chair, ignoring as
the rest fell down, and at the same time, unbuttoning his pants and yanking them
down. He opened the chair, slammed it down next to everything else he had
prepared, and threw himself into it. He didn't even feel the cold metal as he
sat down and grasped his dick.


Danny sure was making a bunch of noise back there. Suddenly he heard the
crashing of chairs. Krycek decided to go investigate.

In all his preparations--Danny was meticulously neat even in the heat of the
moment--the lab boy had neglected to shut the venetian blinds that covered the
window between the lab and the storage room. But Krycek had to cross the room
and start down the hallway to get to them, and the windows weren't very big. But
they were damn big enough to give him an eyeful of exactly what he wanted to see
as soon as he got close enough.

Danny was in there, his head thrown back, pants and underwear pooled around his
ankles, lab coat falling off his shoulders, and his fingers a blur over his
cock. His hips were meeting his hands faster than Krycek thought humanly
possible, and it was the most erotic thing that he had ever seen. It was
apparent that he wasn't going to last much longer, and Krycek dashed back around
the corner, through the door, and grabbed the handle of the second. It was

*DAMNIT!* thought Krycek. *How do I get in, how do I get in?* Then he remembered
the aphrodisiac. Even if he wasn't going to catch Danny on this orgasm, he would
definitely get him on the next. He had an idea, and dashed around the corner
again to watch the end of Danny's masturbation before getting ready.


Pendrell squeezed his eyes even tighter, and continued to fuck his hands as fast
as he could. "Yes, Alex, yes, Alex ..." he muttered under his breath, going
higher and higher ... His left hand left what he was doing, and he grabbed at
the paper towels he had placed on the shelf earlier. His fingers closed around
one, and he brought it back. Holding back a scream, he bucked his hips into the
air, and closing paper towel and hand around the end of his dick, he came into
it. "Alex ..."

His bucking movements slowly calmed down, and he was left satiated, but holding
a disgustingly soggy paper towel. He wrapped a few more around it and threw them
all in the garbage, looked in, and threw a few more in for good measure.
Shakily, he wiped his hands thoroughly, stood, and pulled his pants up. He
buttoned them, scooted the chair back to the edge of the room, and placed the
garbage where it belonged. He took a deep breath, glanced down at himself, saw
nothing more than a wrinkled shirt that would give him away, and unlocked the

Krycek was standing in the first doorway, leaning with his left shoulder against
the doorjamb. His coat and tie were gone, and the first three buttons of his
shirt were unbuttoned, showing a lean, muscular chest.

"So," he said.

Pendrell turned a bright shade of crimson. "I--"

"Did you get the Tylenol?" Krycek asked, smiling amiably.

"I, um, yes." Pendrell couldn't believe that Krycek was so dumb as to not know
what was going on, but he was willing to go along. Maybe Alex wasn't as sharp as
he used to think he was ...

"Oh, are you feeling better?"

"Oh, much." That was an out-and-out lie. At the first glimpse of Alex's half-
naked chest and the seductive way he was leaning against the doorway, somehow,
inexplicably, Pendrell's dick nearly leapt out of his pants again. Only Pendrell
forgot that, this time, his lab coat wasn't buttoned to cover it.

Krycek didn't. He could see Danny's manhood stretching itself out and wanted
ever so badly to reach out and touch it. But he kept his eyes glued to Danny's
face, however, and said, "That's good."

Pendrell nodded, and started to cross the room, trying to go around Krycek.
Krycek threw out his hand and placed it firmly on Pendrell's chest. Pendrell
lifted desire-soaked eyes to Krycek's.

"I have a little bit of a headache, too. I think I drank my coffee too fast.
Would you get me some Tylenol?" Krycek smiled sweetly and licked his lips

Pendrell swallowed hard as he watched the other man's tongue flick over those
full red lips, then tore his eyes away and turned back towards the storeroom. He
made a beeline for the cabinet where the Tylenol was kept. He noisily fished
around in the cabinet, then pulled out the little bottle, popped the top, and
dumped two little pills into his hand. He turned to Krycek.

Krycek was standing, looking out the venetian blinds at the blank wall across
the narrow hallway. Pendrell's stomach leapt into his throat and he was sure he
was going to suffocate, as he realized they had been open the entire time. With
a flick of the wrist, Krycek twisted the blinds shut. He turned to the other
man, who was breathing in short gasps to keep from hyperventilating, and said,
"They have to be shut to block out the sights."

Pendrell was going to faint. He knew he was going to faint. He could see the
ground looming at him, the bottle and pills dropped out of his hand, and then
the sickly colored blue carpeting began to rush at him as--Alex's lips met his?
Pendrell shut his eyes, sure he was hallucinating, but the kiss was so intense
and the body that he was leaning against was so hard and real that he knew he
couldn't be imagining it. Pendrell groaned loudly, his lips still slack against
the other man that was trying to possess him.

Krycek pushed and pulled him across the room until he was right in front of the
chair that Pendrell had just finished fucking himself in. With one quick
movement, Krycek was on his knees, had pulled Pendrell's shoes and socks, then
pants and briefs off, and had pushed Pendrell back into the chair.

And still Pendrell hadn't opened his eyes.

*Oh, God, oh, God, oh, God* he thought. *This has got to be the worst nightmare-
-* But was it a nightmare? The man that he had wanted for he couldn't even
remember how long now and had known--*known*--that he couldn't ever have was now
kissing and fondling him. And gradually the coldness of the chair came to him.
"Wha ...?"

Krycek reached up quickly and thrust his tongue into Pendrell's mouth. He thrust
again, then pulled back. "No talking," he said. "Only moaning. Only groaning.
Only screaming."


Krycek's mouth was covering his once again throbbing penis. Pendrell let out a
strangled cry and his eyes flew open to see if it was actually true, and not an
incredibly vivid dream. Like so many in the weeks before.... But, no. Alex's
face was there, pressed between his legs, his lips parted to allow Pendrell's
aching cock entrance and exit.

"Yeeeeeees ...." Pendrell groaned, watching as Alex pulled him to the very edge
of the chair and spread his legs even wider. It felt so good. It had been a long
time since he had been fucked by anyone else than his own hand. He just couldn't
get past his infatuation with the man that was now sucking on his cock, and he
hadn't been to a bar even looking for anyone in a very long time. And now....

Pendrell's left hand lifted himself off the chair so that he could thrust his
hips in time with the tongue that was swirling patterns of his head, then down
his length, to where Alex's lips would purse and he would suck before relaxing
and pulling his mouth back again. "Oh, God, yes ..." Pendrell's right hand
grasped the back of Krycek's head, stroking and kneading the hair in time with
their rhythm. "Yeeeeees ....."

Pendrell's movements were rapidly becoming erratic and frenzied and still Krycek
sucked. Pendrell pushed his penis farther and farther into the other man's
mouth, until he was forcing the other man to deep throat him. Krycek couldn't
breathe. "YEEEES!" shouted Pendrell. Krycek was getting a bit worried. In good
shape he was. Lack of oxygen, okay, for a little while. But if the goddamn man
who was threatening to split his throat open with his incredibly sensuous dick
didn't come soon, Krycek would have to stick his finger up--

Krycek stuck his finger up Pendrell's ass. Pendrell felt it enter him, felt the
finger press against that incredibly sensitive spot, and came so hard that he
saw stars. He screamed at the top of his lungs, bucking and squeezing around
Krycek's finger. He pounded into the other man's mouth, emptying himself and
letting waves of pleasure wash over him from head to toe. Gradually, his
screaming turned to moaning, then he took one last jerky thrust, before pulling
back and letting Krycek have his mouth and middle appendage back.

The man on the floor rocked back, sagging against a shelf. He gasped for air,
gasped for air again, swallowed and swallowed, then he wiped tears out of his
eyes. He looked up to see Pendrell watching him. "Oh, my God," he said.

Pendrell looked at him. "How? When? Where? *How?*"

Krycek swallowed a couple more times for good measure, then took one last huge
shaky breath and swallowed again. "You are so transparent. Eyes on my ass. All
the time. In here: the lab. I think I'm going to die." And he wasn't talking
about the lack of air anymore. That incredibly display of screaming and bucking
and response and moaning and oh, God, wow! that Danny had just put on had made
Krycek painfully hard.

Pendrell realized that, too. He ripped his shirt off, and then ripped Krycek's
off as well. Something occurred to him. "Anyone could walk in ....."

"I locked the door when I got the coffee." Krycek giggled.



"The walls are soundproof and bullet-proof."

"We're safe."

In the process of the conversation, Pendrell had taken the liberty of removing
Krycek's pants and underwear, too. They were both standing there, totally naked.
Pendrell pressed his erect penis against Krycek's.

"Wait a sec," Krycek said, squirming against the intimately delicious touch.

"I know. I want you. Let me take you. God, I want you."

Both men were rubbing the other one's dick, their hands fumbling, their hips
jerking, both of them pressing against the other man's cock, each moaning

"Yes, touch me."

"That feels so good!"

"Harder! More!"

"I want you so badly!"

"Touch me there!"

"I want to feel you in me!"

Pendrell wasn't sure who had said it; they were both moaning things at each
other, each growing more passionate with every second that went by.

"No," said Krycek. It must have been Pendrell. "I want you up my ass. Now. Oh,
God, yes," he said, as Pendrell squeezed his balls.

He somehow tore away from the incredibly erotic touch and got on his knees. He
leaned against the chair and tipped his ass into the air, arms wrapped around
the back of it.

Pendrell got down on his knees, too. "Did I ever tell you that you have a nice

Krycek laughed, a laugh thick with desire. "No."

"Well, you do. You have one *hell* of a nice ass." He pushed his head, already
slick with precum, both his and Krycek, into Krycek's ass and waited until the
other man's muscles relaxed. He pushed a little bit more in, then waited, then
pushed all the way in.

They both moaned simultaneously. "You are so *fucking* sexy," murmured Pendrell,
into Krycek's left ear, before suckling at the back of it and starting to pump.

Krycek loved the feel of it. It was so sensuous, so perfect. Danny, sweet,
innocent Danny, hot, sweaty, naked Danny was fucking him. Yes. Yes. Harder.
"Harder. More. More ..."

Pendrell let his hands wander over Krycek's skin as he pushed in and out of the
other man. He brushed both nipples again and again, teasing their hardness,
until Krycek was groaning, "Touch my cock, oh, God, touch me, my dick, oh,
please...." Pendrell slid his hands down the form of the other man, keeping his
thrusts even and measured, holding himself back, even as he wanted to pound into
the other man until they were both bucking and screaming.

Pendrell stopped right before grasping the other man's dick, red and erect from
his body, straining even as the other man pushed the opposite way, impaling
himself on the naked man behind him. Krycek's hands tightened around the back of
the chair, and Pendrell grasped his hands tight around Krycek's cock.

There was a pause, and then Pendrell bit Krycek's neck.

They exploded with movement.

Pendrell pounded with all his might into Krycek's ass, at the same time
squeezing and grasping the cock of the other man, touching and fondling and
pinching and squeezing and rubbing in places that he knew would reduce the other
man to a squirming bundle of nerves.

Krycek couldn't believe it. His plan had actually worked. And he had an
experienced lover pounding into his body. He loved the feel of it, letting Danny
do all of it. He loved only having to meet thrust for thrust, loved having the
other man take care of his throbbing dick for him. He briefly wondered if this
was what it was like for a woman, full surrender.

One of Pendrell's hands squeezed and squeezed and rolled Krycek's balls back and
forth and back and forth and the other one slid up and down the length of his
cock as fast as it could go. Pendrell began throwing his whole body into it, his
knees straightening as he went in and then buckling as he came out.

An evanescent thought crossed Krycek's mind before fading back into the pleasure
that was his: Danny was the roughest man he had ever been fucked by. There had
been Krinkov, he was a man back in Russia who was bigger than Skinner, but he
had never thrown his being into it like Danny. Krinkov always fucked him because
that's what Krycek wanted; Danny was doing this because he wanted to, because he
wanted Krycek. Danny wanted him. And that sweet thought, fleeting though it was,
was what brought Krycek to orgasm.

It started out small, but then it grew, it blossomed, throughout his whole
stomach, then his legs, then his whole body was shaking. He moaned Pendrell's
name as he came; he was never much of a screamer. "Daaaaaaannnnyyyyyy ..." Waves
of orgasmic pleasure rocked his body as he spurted through Pendrell's fingers.

Pendrell felt Krycek start to come, and wrapped both hands around his cock and
squeezed. As soon as Krycek moaned his name, he let go of the other man's cock
with his right hand, and, between Krycek's belly button and sensitive skin, he
pressed his hand. He gave two quick thrusts, pulled back and then gave one last,
incredibly powerful thrust, feeling Krycek's muscles squeezing him. He pulled
Krycek onto him, burying himself to the hilt, teetering on the brink. For a
split second, he was afraid he wouldn't be able to come, all his muscles were
tensed, every nerve in his body crying out for release, his chest pressed
against the back of Alex, so sweaty, so sexy, his dick thrust deep within the
other man, that split second, he felt that he was sex personified, pure sex
itself, hard and deep and erotic, but then he fell over the edge. Incredible
waves of pleasure washed through his whole body. He shook and shook and shook
and emptied himself deep into Krycek. He didn't even realize he was screaming
until every last drop had been drained from his body.

Sighing and still inside, Pendrell sagged against Krycek's body. "That was so
good," he gasped. After a couple more seconds, Pendrell pulled himself out.
Krycek was sure he was going to have bruises all over his body, but it was worth
it. He gingerly felt his stomach where Pendrell had pressed his hand, but found
everything to be still in one piece. He sighed as he laid back on the ground.

Pendrell joined him, and they lay there for a few minutes in amiable silence.



"What did you put in that *coffee*?"

"An aphrodisiac."

Pendrell sat up on one elbow and stared at him. "You're not serious."

Krycek raised his eyebrows, folded his arms into a pillow, and laid back into
them. "If you say so."

Aghast, Pendrell looked at Krycek, acted like he was going to get up, then
thought better of it. He laid back down. "I guess I'll believe you. But only for
one reason."


"Well, two, maybe." He paused. "That was the most incredibly intense orgasm of
my life. Thank you so much."

Krycek smiled, and patted the man's chest.

"No, I'm serious. It was so good."

Krycek lazily traced his middle finger around Pendrell's left nipple, before
replying, "You've had three orgasms tonight and your third one was the most

"Well, yes. It was amazing. Simply pure erotic pleasure. I think that if there
is a heaven, we must walk around feeling that all day. And the feeling of
someone as sexy as you squeezing around you and moaning your name while you
unload into them, that magnified it tenfold. It was so damn perfect that I don't
know how I can ever have sex again, but I'm willing to try, just to attain that

Krycek was silent for a moment, then answered, "I'd have to say that mine was
pretty intense too. And do you know what's making it even better?"

"No, what?"

"Discussing it with you. I've never discussed sex with any of my partners
before. They never cared to. But I have to say, when I felt you slide into me,
it was all I could do to keep from grasping my own dick right then and taking
off. But holding myself back, letting you do it was what made it so intense.
Pure surrender. And I have to say, you have some damn talented fingers. You
touched places and did things that I hadn't felt touched and done since I was a
young boy in seventh grade, alone in my room, and in love with my science
teacher. He was quite a man. But not even close to as manly as you. You made
pleasure take on a whole new meaning."

Pendrell shifted uncomfortably, and blushed slightly. "Well, you know, uh, I
have wanted you for a long time."

Krycek laughed. "You know I know. But just one question: How long?"

Pendrell blushed again. "Ever since that Jennings case. I just--I don't know.
You walked into the room, your face was flushed from an argument with Mulder,
you were biting your lip, and that was it. I knew that I wanted you. I stopped
denying it to myself, just gave in. But I knew that I'd never, well, I thought I
knew that I would never have you. But, God, tonight ..."

Krycek laughed. "The Jennings case, huh? Yep. You are *so* transparent. I
figured that it was before that, but that's when I first started noticing your
wandering eyes. You're so funny." He laughed again. Pendrell thought about
taking offence to that, but decided against it, knowing it was all in love. Or
lust, anyway, which, most of the time, was the same thing. He nodded.

They lay there for a moment, and then Krycek said, "So what's the second?"

"Second what?"

"Second reason."

"Oh." He paused. "I, uh--" He looked down at his penis, which was now erect from
his body.

Krycek let out a belly laugh. "*Again*? You weren't supposed to drink the whole
mug. It *was* day old coffee ..."

"Oh, well."

"Not that I mind ..."


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