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PAY BACK panties on All wore were

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read it if you have not reached the age of majority, or the laws in your state
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Pay Back
F-solo toys, M-voy

I waited anxiously by my bedroom window, staring at the tree house across the
street. He hadn't shown up yet. Maybe he didn't get the message I left in his
mailbox. Hell, maybe he didn't even live there anymore.

It was the first time I had been home in years. I had been away to college in
another state. I had a job there as an exotic dancer, so there was no need to
come back during the summers. Now that I had graduated, it was time to return

I stared at the tree house and waited patiently. When I was younger, Jack used
to watch me from that place. He had a perfect view into my bedroom window and he
always tried to get a peek at me undressing. I even caught him peeping in the
bathroom window a few times.

I always wanted to flaunt my ass at him, but I was a young girl then. I hadn't
been comfortable with my sexuality. Now that I had the guts, I was going to give
him a show. I moved the bed in front of the window. I lubed the metal vibrator I
had brought along for the occasion, although it didn't really need it. My pussy
became wet at the thought of the wicked thing I was about to do.

I saw him approach the tree house and climb up. When he got inside, he picked up
the binoculars I had left there for his viewing pleasure. I waved at him to let
him know that I was aware of his presence.

I had planned this moment for a long time. I slowly removed my high heels and
stood on the bed. He leaned forward with interest in what I was doing.

I unbuttoned the black silk blouse I was wearing. My tits bounced loose when I
unhooked my bra. I threw the blouse and bra onto the floor behind me. I rubbed
my tits and pinched my nipples. They stood erect and hard. I turned my backside
to him and unzipped the thigh high skirt. I slipped
it down over my hips to my ankles. My ass was bare since I didn't have any
panties on. All I wore were black stockings and a garter belt. I bent over to
remove the skirt and threw it on the floor with the rest of my clothing.

I spread my legs wider and arched my back until my ass was high in the air. I
reached behind me and spread my ass cheeks to give him a better look. I put one
hand between my legs and fingered my clit. I spread my labia open. I hoped he
could see how wet my pussy was. I slid my fingers into my dripping hole. I did
this for a few minutes and then turned back around.

Jack was definitely interested. He was leaning halfway out the tree house

I sat down on the bed, facing him. My knees were bent and I spread them open. I
slid my finger into my cunt, removed it, and licked my sweet juices from my
fingers. I reached over and retrieved the vibrator I had prepared. I rubbed it
over my nipples and down my belly. I slid it easily into my waiting pussy.

I worked it in and out, grinding my hips in a rhythm known only to me. The cool
metal moved smoothly in my cunt. I fingered my clit with one hand and pumped my
cunt with the other using the vibrator. I thought of how hard his cock must be
by now. I knew he wanted to fuck me. I smiled at
the thought that the only relief he would get was a cold shower.

I felt the heat in my pussy and worked the vibrator faster. threw my head back
and moaned loudly. I hoped he could hear me. As I came, I arched my ass into the
air and yelled with pleasure as my orgasm clamped around the hard metal

I collapsed back onto the bed and saw Jack fall out of the tree house window. I
laughed so hard, I fell off the bed. I got up and yelled out the window, "Pay
back is a bitch!"


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