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PAYBACKS old him If keep


This story contains sexual words, themes, and actions.
If you are under 21, go away. If you don't like this
sort of thing, or don't think it's normal, go away.
If you DO like it... keep reading!

Please do not repost this without my permission.

This is written for someone special.... and my dear,
you have been warned!

Responses are appreciated as always!

Paybacks Are A Bitch by Pami (M/F, Femdom, BDSM)
The voicemail message was short and to the point.
"Sorry, I am just not going to be able to make it
today. I'll call you during the week sometime." I
considered it almost insulting in its brevity.

We have been dating, seeing each other, hanging out,
whatever you wanted to call it, for about six weeks
now. And things had been going fairly well. We have
many interests in common, not the least of which was
sexual pleasures in many of its forms. I confess, I
have a porno film collection, and the sex toys, and
the bondage paraphernalia. Mostly though, I just like
to touch and be touched. What's wrong with that,
anyway? The toys are primarily for when I am in
between male companions, except for when they like to
watch me. (Well, there was that one guy who had the
most creative uses for one of the vibrators. I never
knew my pussy could handle his nice thick cock AND the
vibe at the same time. Wow, was that an orgasmic
experience... but that's another story.)

Anyway, currently I have this guy Bob. He's tall,
about 6'3", with reddish blond hair, glasses, built
nicely... solid, but not fat or all muscle. And quite
a sense of the absurd. He makes me laugh. Laughter
is the easiest way to get into my heart... and my bed.

Me? I am fairly tall too, about 5'9", and curvy. I
have very long light brown hair that I just love to
have pulled on in passionate moments, and what have
been called a 'magnificent' pair of tits. I am a bit
overweight, but attractive, I think. And I have a
fetish for lingerie. Satin, silk, leather, lace... I
have it all. I don't usually have a problem meeting
men, except that I work too much and I am selective.
I don't just hop in the sack with anyone, you know.
You can die from that nowadays! Still, I guess most
people would generously call me "experienced".

Anyway... I was pretty mad at Bob. To be honest, I
sort of wanted to do other stuff on my day off anyway,
but for HIM to say he didn't want to see ME! Well,
that didn't cut the mustard with this chickie!

Later that week he called me at work. "Hey babe, can
you talk?" he started off the conversation.

We chit-chatted for about 15 minutes, and he had some
excuse about how he wasn't feeling well over the past
weekend, but he would make it up to me, and how about
tonight. I, of course, playing the girl-game, didn't
let on that I had been annoyed, and told him that it
wasn't any big deal, and sure, tonight was fine. We
agreed that he would drop by at about 6 o'clock that
evening, and I would let him make it up to me.

The doorbell rang at 6:10, and I lightly ran down the
steps and let him in the front door. He looked cute,
I must confess, and had a bouquet of tulips for me. I
gave him a big kiss right there, with the front door
open, regardless of whether the neighbors across the
street could see me or not. I was rather sedately
clothed in a pale pink satin robe that came down to my
mid-thigh. I didn't want there to be any
misunderstanding between me and Bob as to how we were
going to spend the evening.

After the nice long kiss, I led the way up the stairs.
I was sure Bob was looking up my robe, which was fine.
I was nude except for it, and I had planned on him
being able to see my trimmed pussy as he followed me
up the steps. Sure enough, I got about 8 or 9 steps
up, and I heard him chuckle behind me, and felt his
large hand reach between my legs.

"Stop right there ma'am... Panty-police," he said as
he cupped my vulva.

I turned and looked at him. "Oh officer," I breathed
in a mock breathy voice, "is there something wrong?"

As we stood there on the steps, he reached up and
untied the sash that held my robe together. As the
robe parted, he looked directly at one of my rosy-
tipped breasts, and said, "Don't you know it's against
the law to go around without panties? It might make a
man think naughty thoughts, and we can't have that
happening, now can we?"

I smiled, turned around and continued up the stairs.
"I guess you'll have to punish me, then, won't you,

He reached the upstairs landing and we both smiled at
each other. "In here, missy," he pointed to the
bedroom. I went in, and he gently pushed me down on
the bed. I spread my legs immediately, and he ran his
hand right up my pink slit. I was dripping, of
course. It doesn't take much to get me excited, and
I was hot as hell just thinking about what was ahead.
He immediately found my clit and started batting it
back and forth with his fingers.

We dropped the act, and he asked me, "Do you like it
when I do that? Don't you like it when I rub your hot

He knew I did, but we like to talk dirty anyway, so I
played along. "More, Bob... make me come. I need it.
Play with my pussy and make me come."

It only took about three or four minutes for me to get
to a small climax, and I moaned loudly. He smiled
down at me, and laid gently on top of me. I
immediately rolled him over, and straddled him.

"I think SOMEONE has too many clothes on, sweetie," I
told him. "If we keep it up, I am going to leave a
big wet spot on the front of your pants." I
unbuttoned his shirt, pulled it off, and unbuckled his
pants and then sat up and told him to take off his
socks and shoes. (What can I say, I just don't like

Once he was naked, I laid fully over him, making sure
his cock was between my legs where it could react to
the heat and wetness from my pussy. We kissed wetly
and deeply, and our tongues fought like swords as we
looked into each other's eyes. I took his arms and
raised them up over his head, and took his legs and
spread them with mine. I smiled evilly, and then
quickly attached the restraints I had ready and
waiting to his wrists. He laughed, "Oh, we are going
to play THAT way tonight, are we?"

He wasn't alarmed. Yet. To answer him, I reached
down and attached the restraints at the foot of the
bed to his ankles. And I smiled even more as I got up
off the bed.

"I have some things to go get ready, hon... you just
wait here," I told him with a sugary sweet tone in my
voice. I turned and started to leave the room.

"Wait! What do you mean by that? I'm ready now," he
said as he nodded down toward his half erect manhood.

"Awww, sweetie.... I can see you are NOT ready, but I
can take care of that," I replied. I looked around
the room and found the picnic basket. (I keep all my
sex toys in one easy to open basket. It makes it MUCH
simpler to find what you are looking for.) I brought
the basket over and put it on the bed next to him.
"Hmmmm.... let me see...." I mused as I picked up and
put down different dildos, vibrators, clamps, lotions,
etc.... "Ah yes.... THERE we are!"

I pulled the purple and gold scarf out of the basket.
"I don't think you need to see what is going to
happen," I said as I wrapped the scarf around his
eyes, blinding him. He was playing along so far,
thinking I was just going to tie him up and
relentlessly tease him to orgasm as I have done

"Oh my, I am SO scared," he exclaimed in a falsetto

"You should be," I told him. If only he had any idea.

I leaned over and licked his right nipple. He moaned
and I saw his cock twitch. I circled it over and over
with my tongue, and felt it rise to meet it. When I
pulled back and saw that it was hard and pebbly, I
leaned back over and bit it. Hard enough to make him

"Hey!" he exclaimed with the sudden pain. I simply
smiled, but he couldn't see that. I then leaned over
to the left nip and did the same thing, while I
continued to toy with the right one with my thumb and
forefinger. I wanted both of them hard and sensitive.
Bob didn't argue much. He liked tit-play as much as I
did, although when I met him he had told me that his
nipples had no sensation in them. It turned out that
no one had ever played with them right, because they
seemed to have a connection straight to his cock,
which was almost fully hard by now.

I then stood up, reached into the basket again, and
attached the wicked alligator clamp nipple clips to
both of his tits at the exact same moment.

Bob bucked up, and pulled against his restraints at
that searing pain. "Jesus! What the hell?!" He
yelled at me. Now, we had played with a little
spanking and whatnot, but I had a feeling that Bob had
never experienced the sensation of having the blood
flow stopped in his nips before.

I smiled again, not that he could see it, and reached
down and kissed him thoroughly, running my tongue over
the roof of his mouth until he relaxed again. I knew
from experience that the pain had given way to a dull
ache in his teats, so I gently flicked one of the
clamps, and was rewarded by another outburst from Bob.
So I am a slight sadist sometimes.... his erect and
throbbing cock told me that his body was enjoying the
small agonies I was inflicting.

I stood up again, and rummaged through the basket. I
found what I was looking for... the lotion that guys
use when they want to not orgasm so quickly but want
to stay hard for a long, LONG time. I grinned as I
uncapped it, and I squeezed some onto Bob's organ. He
moaned as I started to rub his cock. "Oh God... that
feels so good. Please... more...." he told me as I
simulated the motions of a hand job as I rubbed the
lotion in. Even though the lotion was absorbed, I
kept up the movements as I watched the pre-come start
to dribble out of the head of his cock. I grinned and
took one finger and scooped some of it up and smeared
it over my nipple. I then leaned over Bob's face, and
instructed him, "Open up, sweetie... enjoy..." and
rubbed the teat over his mouth.

He took the hint and immediately began sucking my tit.
I laughed at the idea of Bob eating his own pre-come.
He and I had discussed that before, and he admitted
that he had never tasted himself, and said that he
didn't want to either. "Mmm.... you taste so good,"
he told me and he nursed at my nipple. At that point,
I started to think that maybe Bob was enjoying himself
TOO much, and I stood up again, taking my hands and my
boobs away from him.

"Aww... come on... touch me.... PLEASE," he begged.

"No. I don't think so. I have some things to get
ready, but you stay here, and keep thinking those
nasty thoughts," I told him as I reached into the
basket one more time. "I have something here to help

I pulled out my one of my favorite vibrators. It was
purple jelly, and about 8 inches long, but only 1 inch
around, and when it was turned on high, it had an
insistent throb to it that could make me come harder
than anything I have ever experienced. I put some
lube on it and I placed it between Bob's legs, resting
up against his balls and the base of his cock. Then I
turned it on low, and Bob's reaction was everything I
could have wished for.

"Jesus Christ, what the fuck is that? What the fuck
are you doing? Oh my God... I can feel it all through
my body. Take it off. Take it off. PLEASE!" Bob's
legs were thrashing now, but I had the restraints at
the right length, and he couldn't move enough to
dislodge the vibe. His cock was a deep red now,
and almost visibly pulsing. I smirked, knowing that
he couldn't come because of the lotion I had applied
so thoroughly.

"Now, now, Bob," I told him patronizingly, "I am just
trying to show you the error of your ways."

"Wh... WHAT?" he yelled as I ran my fingernail up the
sole of one of his feet.

"Well, I didn't really like the last minute notice
that you had other things to do last weekend, so I am
just trying to show you that no one can show you
pleasure like I can. When you leave here today, you
will be so relaxed, you will wish it WERE the weekend,
so you could rest tomorrow before going to work

"Come ON... please.... take it off my balls...
PLEASE!" Bob implored me.

"No. I have to go get something else ready. But,
since you seem to be enjoying this so much, here you
go," I taunted him as I reached down on turned on the
small motor that powered each of the nipple clamps.
Now Bob had sensations everywhere, and the precome was
literally running out of the head of his cock and
dripping down over his balls.

I smirked at the sight, and turned and went into the
kitchen. I puttered around, listening to Bob's moans
and groans, getting a couple of things together, and
then went into the spare bedroom and pulled out one of
my favorite leather outfits. It was a red leather
teddy, with cutout bra cups for my tits to go through,
and was crotchless. It also had garters for my
stockings, but I passed on that for today...I wanted
my silky smooth legs to be touched and caressed

I finally went to check on Bob. What a sight greeted
my eyes! Bob's nipples were a dark red... almost
purple, and I knew that it was time to take off the
clamps. Before I did that, though, I drank in the
delicious sight of his crotch area. Bob had twitched
and moved just enough so that the dildo had slipped
down. It was now pulsating against his rosebud, and
his throbbing cock was shiny with the precome that had
poured out of him. The purple of the vibrator was
slick with his juices as well, and I knew what I was
going to do.

He moaned as he sensed my moving across the room.
"Please... let me come. Please.... make me come...
I'll do anything."

"Yes, dear... you will.... you will..." I murmured as
I took the clips off of his tits. He yelled hoarsely,
from the sudden sensation of the blood rushing into
his nipples. They were elongated and I could see the
marks that the edges had made on his skin. I leaned
down and licked and kissed each one as they turned a
rosy red.

I moved up to his neck and licked and sucked at that
for a while. Bob was moaning and thrusting his hips
up into the air at nothing in hopes of getting some
friction on his cock. Too bad I didn't have any
intention of that happening just yet. I licked over
to his ear and whispered into it, "Beg for it Bob.
Beg me... tell me what you will do if I let you come.
Tell me..."

Bob started. "Please. Touch my cock. Make me come.
I want to come deep inside you. I'll lick your pussy
for hours. I'll fuck you anyWHERE, anyway that you
want. I'll suck your tits until you come. I swear...
I'll do anything you want. Anything. ANYTHING....
just make me come. God... PLEASE...."

I stood up and just looked at him without touching
him, and he moaned in disappointment. I could hear
the buzzing of the vibrator and knew what it was doing
to him because I knew what it could do to ME when I
was using it. I straddled Bob's waist, facing his
feet, and started to stroke his cock back and forth
across my wet slit. I knew he could feel the juices
against the head of his prick, and I wondered how long
that 'stay hard' lotion would last. I was betting
not too much longer. Poor Bob had been through so
much already.

I raised my legs a little bit and sank down onto Bob's
pillar of flesh. It felt so damn good inside me that
I just sat there for a few moments. And then I
started to ride it. I fucked myself slowly and deeply
with his cock, and although Bob tried to raise his
hips to meet me, he couldn't do much due to the
restraints on his body. That just meant that we
fucked at my pace, not his, and was just fine with me.

It felt incredible to have him pulsing inside of me,
and I tightened my cunt muscles around him
periodically to enhance the sensations for both of us.
I also reached down to the vibe that was still buzzing
away merrily at his ass. I ran it around and around
his rosebud, as I fucked him, and thrilled to the
sounds of his babbling about how much he wanted to
shoot deep inside me. I worked just the tip of it
into him, and listened to him beg me to stop. I ran
the dildo over his balls, and was gratified to hear
his moans increase in volume and almost become shrieks
as I held it there. And through it all, I
relentlessly kept fucking myself on his amazingly hard

I came two or three times, and I just couldn't stand
it anymore. I felt so damn good that I weakened.
"Are you ready Bob? Are you ready to come, baby?" I
yelled as I was about to crest the plateau one more
time myself.

"PLEASE....PLEASE...." I heard through the rushing in
my ears. I rammed myself down on his cock one final
time as I thrust the dildo up his ass, brushing his
prostate which forced him into an orgasm so intense
that his scream was silent.

I felt him shoot inside me as I exploded too. It was
the most amazing sensation, but I thought I could feel
the vibrations from the dildo run through his cock
into my cunt.

This was definitely something we were going to have to
try again. I kind of hoped he stood me up this
weekend too!


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