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PEARL3 thick and hard and masculine The


Pearl 3/? {Redman} {f-solo Ff MFf, cons}
(c) December 2000
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Pearl - Part Three
by Redman
Suddenly Brigitte showed up again to whisk Pearl away.
It was just in time, too, because the young blonde
girl was beginning to feel overwhelmed. There were so
many new things to think about. Who was her mother?
When would she meet her? Was she a hypersexual as
Mr. Smith seemed to think? She had so many questions
before she met Mr. Smith, now she had even more!

After Pearl returned to her room and hung up the
beautiful dress that Brigitte had selected for her
earlier, she took another long, luxurious bath. As she
floated in the deep, wide bathtub, Pearl thought about
all the things that Mr. Smith had said. But more often
than not her thoughts returned to the man himself.

He seemed so tall. Pearl was not a short girl herself.
She was already almost as tall as Pappy, but Mr. Smith
was taller than both of them. And so masculine! The
young girl remembered his scent and the way his lips
curled when he smiled. Most of all, she remembered his
sensitive fingers touching her face. When he had
touched her lips, there had been a tension in her
stomach and between her legs that had almost felt like
she was exploding. The only time Pearl had felt
anything similar was when Brigitte had kissed her.
No, there had been one other time. Thinking about it
brought back the memory of when Miss Gloria Love had
kissed her once as well.

Only both of those kisses had been so quick and
spontaneous that Pearl had not been able to prepare
herself. Mr. Smith's touch had been deliberate. She had
been able to prepare herself. She had been ready
for it.

But she wasn't ready for it at all, wasn't prepared
for it at all. Nothing that had ever happened during
her life on the farm had prepared her for the flood of
feelings and sensations that his touch had brought

Pearl climbed out of the tub and dried off and looked
at herself for the first time in the full-sized mirror
in her bathroom. Pappy had never allowed such mirrors
at the farm. Pappy would think it was sinful for her
to be looking at herself like this. Suddenly, Pearl
didn't care what Pappy thought; she resolved to never
think about what Pappy would have approved of or not
ever again. She defiantly threw her towel aside and
looked at herself for the first time.

Pearl didn't know how to compare what she saw in the
mirror with what others would see, in particular with
what Mr. Smith might see. Every woman that she had
seen at the mansion had been beautiful in one way or
another. She had been attracted to them all. Then
Pearl began to wonder to herself, is it possible that
they looked beautiful because I'm a hypersexual?

Pearl was not as slender as Brigitte. Her hips were
wider, her belly slightly rounded. Her breasts
appeared smaller, though she had never seen Brigitte's
breasts. Just the thought of seeing the dark-haired
beauty's breasts made her own ache. She reached upward
and took both small sensitive nipples between her
fingers and rubbed them. She began to roll the nubs
between her thumbs and her index fingers causing sharp
stabs of pleasure to shoot out like sparks into her

Pearl closed her eyes and concentrated on the feeling
swelling up in her breasts. Her hips began to sway and
she found herself moving to the music of the throbbing
within her body. The sensations within her seemed to
gather and to begin to settle. Her breasts still felt
incredible sensitive, but suddenly the ache within her
body seemed to come to rest between her thighs. Pearl
felt her womanhood grow moist and, as her hips swayed,
she felt a part of her womanhood slide against
another, drawing deep moans from within her.

Pearl began to move her hips even more exaggeratedly.
She squeezed her thighs together and was rewarded by a
sharper, more intense sensation of pleasure.
Reluctantly, she forced herself to release one breast
and her right hand caressed her belly as it slid down
between her legs.

She pressed her hand fully against herself, touching
the full, swollen lips of her womanhood for the first
time in a very long time. When she was very young,
Pappy had beaten her hands repeatedly every time she
had touched herself there. Soon she had learned never
to let her hands stray too close.

But now, far away from the old man's influence, she
began to explore herself again. Pearl remembered the
ladies chair in the corner of the bathroom and quickly
dragged it in front of the mirror. She sat in the
chair, naked, leaning back and peering into the mirror
at the mystery between her legs.

There was something intensely exciting about seeing
her fingers touch herself. No wonder the old man
didn't want her to have a mirror like this. If Pearl
could have seen herself like this before, if she could
have watched her fingers stroking and caressing the
lips of her womanhood, she would have endured the
beatings willingly.

Her fingers slid down the length and she encountered
moisture on the tip of her fingers at the bottom.
She felt her fingers glide more easily over the smooth
skin with each brush of her fingers against that
wetness. As she caressed herself lovingly, the
throbbing seemed to center more and more in a small
spot just at the top of her womanhood.

Pearl touched that spot and felt an intense, sharp
pain that took her breath away. Her whole body
convulsed, but as the sensation subsided, the young
innocent realized that it was not pain -- it was
pleasure; pleasure so intense and unexpected that at
first it had surprised her. It spread throughout her
body like a sunburst. She touched it again, and again
the sharp sensation flooded her, only this time she
had anticipated it. It still made her gasp, still took
her breath away.

She took the little knot of nerves between her first
two fingers, being careful not to touch it directly,
and squeezed the surrounding flesh together between
them. Suddenly a bright flash of white and vivid red
washed through her. Bright, profound colors of
sensation! Pearl's whole body rose up off the chair
until just the edge of it cut into her back and the
back of her thighs below the buttocks. But she only
felt that at the distant edges of her consciousness.
The whole core of her being was centered on the
bright, intense stimulation between her legs.

For a moment that seemed like hours, her whole body
was one nerve, throbbing and pulsing. It felt like a
hot, searing electrical current running through her
from top to bottom. Pearl honestly thought she was
dying; but if dying felt like this, she wanted to die
again and again! Repeatedly she squeezed her fingers
together and each time the sensation overcame her,
overwhelmed her -- astonished and astounded her -- in
the bright clarity of pleasure that skewered her
between her fingers.

Finally, the pleasure became too intense. Completely
out of breath, Pearl pulled her fingers away as though
they had been burned. The sensation of her skin
snapping back almost made her pass out. It was all
that she could do to breathe. Her heart was beating so
fast she thought that it would never stop, that her
chest could not contain it's violent thumping. She
gasped and each lung full of air brought her closer to
her self ... brought her closer back to what she had
been before.

But the girl that looked back at her in the mirror was
very different. She realized now that her body was
capable of feeling more than she had ever thought
existed before. It was as though she had been wrapped
in a blanket all her life and now she was suddenly
released into the sun.

"Pearl, are you okay in there?" Brigitte called out
from the other room.

Pearl laughed softly to herself. Oh yes, she thought,
I am very much okay now. Then she suddenly realized
that it was probably just this experience that
Brigitte had been trying to interrupt each time she
had come in earlier. She chuckled that she had
finally, for once in her life, outwitted her ever-
present observers.

She threw on a robe that she had left on the counter
so long ago when she had stepped into her bath. The
feel of the cloth on her body brought a new response
this time. She felt as though someone strong was
embracing her, as though Mr. Smith's arms were already
around her. Already? Oh yes, she couldn't wait until
she felt his arms around her now. Now that she had
tasted of their apple, she was ready to be Eve. Now,
for the first time, she understood why Eve had not
been sorry.

"Yes, Brigitte, I feel better than I have ever felt
before," Pearl said as she walked into the bedroom

Pearl saw Brigitte look at her as though she were
different somehow. Was it that obvious that she had
changed? Was the flush of the excitement of touching
herself visible in her face, in her eyes? Well, Pearl
thought, let her look. Now that I've tasted the apple,
I don't care who can see.

She lay across her large, comfortable bed feeling the
soft comforter caress her skin where it touched her.

"Why didn't you tell me, Brigitte?" she asked softly,
just loud enough for the raven-haired beauty to hear
her. Brigitte instinctively stepped a little closer to
hear better.

"Tell you what, Pearl?"

"Why didn't you tell me what it would feel like,
Brigitte? I just felt something so incredible I can't
explain it. I touched myself -- between my legs -- and
it felt incredible! Why didn't you tell me?"

"Oh, that," Brigitte said as she smiled and sat on the
edge of the bed, just out of arms length. "Would you
have been able to understand it if I had tried to
explain it?"

"No, probably not. I still don't understand it even
now, but I want to! I want to learn all about it. Is
that what Mr. Smith wanted to teach me?"

"No, Pearl. That feeling is one of many things, but
it's not everything. There is much more to learn."

"Does it have a name, Brigitte? I hate to keep
referring to something so wonderful as 'it.'"

"Yes, dear. If I understand you right, I think you've
experienced your first orgasm. What exactly did you

"I sat in front of the mirror and touched myself,
between my legs. I don't know the words, but there's a
spot. Can I show you?"

Pearl quickly threw off her robe and stretched out on
the bed so fast that the older girl had almost no time
to react. In a flash, Brigitte was looking between the
legs of the beautiful youngster, curious and naive,
bursting with questions.

"Right here, Brigitte. What is this spot right here
called?" Pearl asked innocently as she took the fleshy
folds of her womanhood between her fingers again.

"Oh my, Pearl," Brigitte murmured, obviously
flummoxed. "Your lesson wasn't due to start for a
little while."

Somehow looking at Brigitte watching her was almost as
exciting to Pearl as looking at herself in the mirror.
As the older girl began to respond, as she began to
lick her lips and breathe more heavily, it became even
more stimulating. And Brigitte's reactions were almost
as immediate as the mirrors.

"Please, Brigitte! I have to know. What do I call this
spot that makes me orgasm when I touch it like this?"

"That's your ... your clitoris, dear. Now ... now
shake it from side to side with just the tips of your
fingers. Yes, like that. Now up and down a little. Oh
baby, you have such a lovely vagina."

"What's a vagina, Brigitte? Show me please!" Pearl
pleaded as she thrust her buttocks into the air,
arching to meet her fingers.

The honest sincerity of the blonde's pleading overcame
Brigitte's final reluctance. She was drawn inexorably
forward until her fingers were brushing the warm puffy
lips of the virgin's vagina.

"Right here, baby," Brigitte cooed. "And here, too.
And this lovely spot here is considered your vagina
too." Then Brigitte could say no more because her
mouth was pressed against the sweet warm flesh of the
young girl, her tongue snaking out to be the first to
taste her.

Pearl was beyond words, beyond thought. She had
thought that her own fingers were heaven, but
Brigitte's tongue! Brigitte's tongue swirling up and
down along her womanhood, her vagina! Each velvet
touch sent her into ecstasy. Each lick that brushed
her lips, that sneaked inside ... INSIDE! Oh Gawd,
that wonderful tongue inside her! Warmth on warmth,
heat on heat, wetness on wetness.

Pearl's mind exploded once more in vivid shades of
red. Her body bridged skyward, a lovely curve from her
shoulders to her heels. Orgasm, oh sweet, wonderful

By the time that Pearl had regained her senses,
Brigitte was naked alongside her in the bed. She
looked at the slender eighteen-year old, the first
other nude person she had ever seen. Such beautiful
breasts ... such slim hips ... such a lovely flat
stomach ... such a thick, well-trimmed pubic patch!

Pearl reached out without even thinking and touched
the inviting breasts of her bedmate. They were so soft
and Brigitte moaned so delightfully when she touched
her. Then her palm brushed across the hard nipple and
it was like an electric current flowing into her hand.
Pearl lightly pinched the nipple and began to roll it
between her thumb and forefinger just as she had her
own. The blonde was encouraged when Brigitte responded
by moaning and pressing the breast harder against her

Then Pearl realized that Brigitte's hands were busy
between her legs. Abandoning the breast, she scurried
below and watched in fascination as the long, thin
fingers of the older girl stimulated herself. She saw
Brigitte's fingers spread the lips of her vagina out
and a slender digit dip and enter. Pearl, on her
knees, reached underneath herself and emulated each
move, touch for touch.

Brigitte's fingers began to move faster and faster.
Pearl lay her head on the soft, warm thigh of the
older girl and watched her fingers dance. She gave up
trying to match the raven-haired beauty's every move,
instead she contented herself to watch and learn.

And she would have been content too, until she felt
the fingers enter her vagina. She looked back over her
shoulder to see Mr. Smith's piercing, charismatic
eyes. She felt his large, sensitive hands on her
buttocks and his long, gentle fingers spreading her
open and sliding in and out of her vagina. Pearl
buried her face into Brigitte's thigh and screamed out
her orgasm before she blacked out.

She woke to the rhythmic movement of the bed. Without
even raising her head she looked at the beautiful pair
beside her. Brigitte was on her back, her slender,
delicate legs wrapped around her lover. Mr. Smith was
naked too and had an intense look of concentration as
he strained toward the young girl. He looked
beautiful. His eyes locked on Pearl's -- those
beautiful eyes!

"Come here, Pearl," he commanded; though it came as a
sweet and gentle suggestion. She felt compelled to
rise and go to him, drawn to his magnetism.

"You started your instruction without me, I see," Mr.
Smith said to her while maintaining that wonderful
rhythm that was hypnotizing her. "Come see, my dear."

Mr. Smith's chest was wide and muscular. There was a
thin sheen of sweat as he moved with his whole body
into Brigitte. Her thighs squeezed him; each of his
powerful thrusts lifted her buttocks off the bed.

When Pearl moved up next to him, she was amazed at
what she saw. Mr. Smith pressed against Brigitte's
thighs and spread her out wider. There was a thick
shaft of flesh coming out of Mr. Smith and entering
the girl over and over. Pearl had never seen anything
like it before, but just looking at it made her ache
for it to be in her. It was so beautiful looking, so
thick and hard and masculine. The young innocent was
fascinated by this wonderful ... what would she call
it? What would it be? ... This wonderful 'thing'
between his legs.

Completely uninhibited now, Pearl reached behind him
and ran her hand along his buttocks. When he moaned at
the touch of her hand, she reached beneath him and
felt the soft, fleshy sack that hung down. She saw him
grit his teeth and so she held it in her hand and
moved with them, back and forth, gently massaging him.

Then, positioning herself directly behind him, she
reached even further until she could touch where they
joined. She felt where his flesh entered Brigitte's.
She snaked a finger into the girl alongside his hard
flesh, felt the intense heat inside the girl, the
intense wetness. More importantly, she felt him -- the
hardness of him and the softness of him. She felt him
slide along her palm and down her finger as he slammed
himself into Brigitte faster and faster.

Oh Gosh, whatever this was, Pearl wanted it too!
Whatever this was called, Pearl wanted to do it! Her
vagina pulsed with each thrust by Mr. Smith. She
longed to pull him off of Brigitte and make him thrust
into her. She wanted to feel his hard flesh push into
her ... his large, warm ... Oh Gosh, she didn't even
know what to call it, but she wanted it. Her mouth
could almost taste his slick hard flesh thrusting in
and out of it. Her vagina ached for it.

She moved her hand away and pressed her whole body
along his back, hugging him to her. She ground her
budding breasts into his back and thrust with her own
hips along with his. She imagined she had a great big
thing of flesh just like his and that she was pounding
into Brigitte. She felt his buttocks tighten against
her vagina. She wrapped her arms about him tighter,
bit into his shoulder, and pushed with him with her
hips, pushing him deeper into the girl beneath them.
She was with him, moving with him and they were doing
Brigitte together.

Suddenly, surprising Pearl, Mr. Smith pulled back and
withdrew his big thing of flesh and laid it on
Brigitte's belly. Pearl scrambled to see it, to touch
it. As she laid her hand along the hard shaft, it
bucked beneath her and began to spew out thick white
globs from its ruddy head. He groaned loudly as he
continued to thrust on Brigitte's belly and as the
milky essence flowed from him.

"Gosh, Mr. Smith, -- what's that white stuff shooting
out of your thingie?"

He caught his breath and in a moment smiled a
beautiful smile at her. "That's called 'semen,' Pearl.
Or, sometimes it's called 'sperm.' And my, 'thingie,'
as you called it, is called a 'penis' or, more
crudely, a 'cock' or a 'dick.'"

"Did I hurt it? Was it okay that I touched it?" asked
the young blonde.

"Oh yes, dear. You made it feel very nice. Your
presence certainly enhanced the experience. Wouldn't
you agree, Brigitte?"

"Oh yes, John. Pearl is a lovely girl," Brigitte
sighed contentedly. Pearl looked in wonder as
Brigitte's vagina slowly started to relax and close.
Then, to the young girl's amazement, Brigitte dipped a
finger into John's semen that was still pooled up on
her stomach and brought it to Pearl's lips.

Pearl licked the thick, salty glob off of Brigitte's
lovely finger and then scooped up some of the semen on
her own and shared it with her friend. When Brigitte
drew Pearl's finger entirely in her mouth, the young
girl's stomach began to flutter once more.

Pearl looked at Mr. Smith -- at John. He was lying
back on the bed and his penis was becoming softer. It
leaned to one side, but seeing her interest, he
grunted and flexed and Pearl saw it bounce a little
and the head start to rise again.

"Mr. Smith," Pearl asked shyly, "will you teach me all
about penises so that you can do with me what you just
did with Brigitte?"

"Oh yes, Pearl," Mr. Smith said with a chuckle and an
amusing leer at the young blonde. "I'll be happy to be
your teacher. You'll find many teachers here who will
help you."


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