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PENALTY hurt either was shared


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so
we can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.
Passion's Penalties- (penalty.txt)- Like Fred said, it's a game
from a cartoon, but it gets real life real quick when the Matthews' meet
the neighbors. (M/F, F/F, exhib, spank, lite b&d, swap)
Passion's Penalties

It was from a cartoon, for Chrissakes. The victim cat kept getting
bit by the gambling bug and playing for penalties with the dog. It sounded
Ted and Jessie weren't the most orignal thinkers in the world. They
were nice people, but I thought I'd just as soon sleep as play some
stupid parlor game. That shows what I know.
Christy and I had met the Fultons at a condo association picnic.
They were nice people, but they seemed so quiet and, well, boring. They
were all by themselves and I think Christy was on a mercy mission to
make them feel more a part of the group. That shows what she knows.
We went out a few times. The Fultons liked to get home early. They
came over. They always had to leave when the night was young.
I guess Christy amd Jessie spent time together because she liked
them a lot more than I did. I guess Jessie admitted a few things as well
because Christy was mysterious as the time came to return one of the
Fulton's visits.
"I wouldn't be surprised if Ted turns out to be a tiger," Christy
told me.
Fat chance. He was a lump. Ted was a quiet, boring kind of guy that
didn't have opinions on the Rams, Yankees or red Wings. And he doted too
much on his wife.
Jesse was cute. You had to give him credit for landing the petite bundle of energy, but I didn't see what Jesse saw in Ted.
In disposition they seemed well-suited for each other. Jessie was a
tireless decorator and craft maker and Ted seemed content to sit quietly
as his wife cluttered the walls and every flat surface in their condo
with her handiwork.
Christy teased me for my dismissal of our friends.
"It's always the quite ones," she said. "What are you going to do
when Ted tweaks my nipples and asks if you mind if I suck his dick."
My answer had nothing to do with my feelings. It was absurd. I
didn't give the idea any consideration.
"I'll say: Man, I have to, but you?" I teased back.
It was so ridiculous I didn't bother imagining what it might be
like to have Jessie. I'd given her the once over- slim, tits the right
size for her diminutive frame, and a firm, fit butt- but that was just a
normal inventory scan and not because she particularly interested me.
They were sticks. I'd be better off imagining how Charlize Therone
fucks. I figured I had as much chance with her.
Now I can't say for sure that Christy knew what was going to
happen. I'm not sure whether I hope it was as big a shock to her or if I
want to think she thought it would be a good time and agreed in advance.
I'm not sure how to rate the experience for myself. But enough
apologies for a sedate middle-class couple falling into the web of
We had snacks and drinks and Ted told us how their version of
penalties was played. To keep it interesting, the game was played in
levels. Ted flipped a switch and a grid came up on their 35" t.v.
labeled Level One across the top. There was a row of letters across
the top of the grid and numbers down the side. All the boxes had a logo
of "Penalty" on them.
Next he hauled out a monster stack of cards. All versions of Trivial
Pursuit shuffled together, he said. We'd cut out a pile and then
go around the circle. It was questioner against questionee. A right
answer sent the questioner to the penalty board, a wrong one made the
answerer press the letter key and then the number key to generate a
random cell in the screen matrix.
"The levels go up when we feel bolder," Ted said, "And each level
gets more personal."
It sounded like Jeopardy meets Truth or Dare. I couldn't imagine
what 49 penalties these two could come up with for one level, let alone
more. I was impressed with the high-tech way they presented the game.
The first level was a drinking level. My first penalty was to take
two big swallows from my glass. In case you were drinking ginger ale,
there were instructions to drink from the glass of the person on your
left. There was a few tame confession penalties- describe your first
kiss, where did you lose your virginity, but sexuality took a back seat
to inebriation.
About ten rounds of that and I was bored. I guess the rest were
too because Ted suggested we move to level two and heard no argument.
So far my penalties had come from Jessie answering her question
right. But it was getting harder to pull arcane information from my
fuddled brain.
The change in the penalties didn't help my concentration. From run
of the mill naughty, the second level was downright lascivious. B3:
Describe the chest of the person on your left while touching it. D5:
To your right: Briefs or boxers? If a woman, full cut, bikini or high cut?
Have them prove it. B7: Tongue or no tongue? Kiss the person to your left.
Penalties brought up bonus penalties. Guessing wrong on the
underwear brought the obligation to show your own. It was necking and
petting spread across a 7X7 matrix. And a few drinking penalties to keep
us anesthetized to the creeping tone the game was taking.
"Level three?" Ted suggested after Jessie had sat on my lap and
announced correctly that I had a hard-on.
I looked at Christy to protest going any farther and lost my chance
to break the silent assent before Ted brought up a new board. I had been
so sure that Christy would call a halt that I hadn't thought much about
my own feelings on the subject.
So far I had fondled the hostess, watched my wife expose her plain
old cotton bra, discovered Ted wore boxers, kissed my wife (with tongue),
had my butt described, massaged Jessie's feet and had Jesse announce my
arousal to everyone during several rounds of level two.
Nudity had to be next. We were going to take off our clothes, I
was sure. I didn't think Christy had anything to hide. She must have
realized where we were going as well as I did and didn't seem to have
any more qualms than I did. I was vaguely interested in seeing Jessie
naked as well.
The thing was that nudity is a turning point. Once we'd pranced
naked in front of each other, we would have reached a level of intimacy.
We wouldn't be two couples that saw each other socially. We would be two
couples that saw each other naked.
Then what? We'd fuck each other. It was obvious where this was
going. The mystery was how far Christy was willing to go and how I would
feel if she eagerly grabbed the chance to fuck Ted. I could handle
fucking Jessie. I'm a guy after all. But how Christy would react seeing
me balls deep in Jessie was another question.
Jessie asked me who recorded "Ride, Captain, Ride" and I answered
Blues Magoos instead of Blues Image. The penalty was a whopper.
E5: Shake your booty in the buff for a minute.
The shine was off the pumpkin now. I hadn't settled on how it all
was going to work out yet, but the outrageous first penalty somehow
insulted me by making me go first. I wasn't going to shirk the challenge.
I wasn't going to hedge and be cowardly- at least I didn't want to be the
I pulled down my pants and let my cock fly out like a pointer in
front of me. Fuck them. Jessie had already told them I had a hard-on.
I did a crippled rendition of dancing in front of them with my pants
hobbling me around my knees. I even jabbed my erection at Jessie's face
when she leaned forward to get a better look.
I got no help from Christy. She seemed just as amused as the
Fultons to watch my cock flop about as I shook my ass for them.
I had as much sympathy for her plight when she had to expose her
breasts and arouse her nipples while we watched.
In spite of nebulous misgivings, I was frankly drooling as the
air in the room seemed to grow steamy. We were teasing each other
before we went to the next level. Jessie's tits were mouth-watering,
like mounds of ice cream topped with cherries. I let my natural interest
break through polite conventions of disinterest as I contemplated what
it might be like to fuck Jessie.
Across the board were spread the zingers. You've lost your pants
(skirt), No more underwear (top), The shirt is gone. These were game-
length decrees. Once lost, that article of clothing didn't go back on.
The little exhibitionistic displays were a sub-text in the larger
business of getting us all at least mostly naked.
Christy's eyes were glowing as more of us were more naked as the
questions went on. She was looking forward to sex games. I could tell it
from her eyes. She wasn't even questioning how I felt. When our eyes
met, she only smiled her pleasure at the proceedings.
To be fair, I'm sure she saw no misgivings in my looks back at her.
Like I said, I'm a man. My concerns were being jealous seeing my wife with another man and her jealousy knowing I was with another woman. The
idea of putting my dick in Jessie was never a problem.
Watching her lose everything but her panties actually filled me
with glee. I was turned on by seeing her display herself that way. She
had nothing to be ashamed of and I know I was proud to have Ted see how
luscious my wife was.
I suppose she felt the same way as I did about sitting naked in
front of the Fultons. Big deal. This is my dick. I don't have another
one. That's the fact. I'm not proud or ashamed. Now you've seen it. Big deal.
My eyes weren't bugging out of my head to look at the nude Jessie
either. I've already explained how she was affecting my cock, but I
didn't need to stare to feel that burning in my groin. I did notice that
Ted was erect, making me feel more normal, but I didn't study his
equipment either.
It wasn't really a question any more. Christy had on panties and
I had on a shirt. There wasn't much more display we could make for each
"Level four," Ted said and when we waited for him to change the
screen, stood up and said, "The set in the bedroom is much better for
level four."
We had indeed entered a new level of intimacy when we walked into
their bedroom. We had shed all our clothes in the living room and were
all four nude. There were 16 of us reflected in various mirrors on the
walls of the Fulton's bedroom.
Jessie's handicraft hadn't passed over this room either. The light
switch was a decopauge of a naked Ted with the switch at his crotch.
There were penis arrangements on the dressers and she had used her skills
at tuck and roll to form a barrage of breasts projecting from the
Sex acts, sex toys and sex parts were everywhere in different forms
and the same profusion as Jessie's crafts populated the rest of the
house. It was like entering some perverse shrine to sex.
The t.v. was already on, showing level four above the grid.
"You may want to keep the same boy-girl around the circle unless
you are more bi-sexual than you look," Ted suggested.
I caught all his meanings. We would be still doing the left person,
right person thing. I had noticed that the one on the left received more
and the one on the right did more. It was a chance to decide whether we
wanted to do sexual things mostly with our partners while the other two
watched of if we wanted to test new waters.
I didn't know how to convey that to Christy so she could make an
informed choice. I didn't give Christy enough credit. She knew that we
had done little with each other and most with Ted and Jessie. She opted
for the same seating on the corners of the bed.
My hands were shaking as Ted shuffled the remaining cards and I
reached out to cut a pack for this round. I was nervous, sure, but I
think the excitement of being 'forced' to have sex with Jessie had as
much to do with it. My cock was so hard it hurt.
"Mmm, mmm, mmm," I said as I looked at Christy's question. "What
was the nickname of the 1927 Yankee batting order featuring Ruth, Gehrig
and Meusel?"
I could have asked her what town the Yankees played in and she
would have whiffed.
"The Four Horsemen?" she mangled her sports.
It must have been hard to go first. I had a hard time not laughing
as she reached out to generate her random fate.
A6: Give the person to your left a back massage while describing
your darkest fantasy.
She was off easy on the backrub, but I knew she'd rather have
sucked Ted off than have to admit a fantasy. She was pretty shy about
some of her desires.
"I'm all alone in the dark," she started as she rubbed her hands up
and down Ted's back.
I'm sure it was a fantasy of hers. Depriving senses or reactions
was central to most of her kinks. It just wasn't a very dark fantasy like
being held in stocks and not knowing who was doing the terrible things
that were being done to her vulnerable behind, which was also one of
Christy's fantasies.
My first chance was when Jessie's penalty was to bring her crotch
to me for a "thorough" examination. I suppose that extended to nose,
tongue and my head if I could get it inside her, but I satisfied myself
with spreading her open and then probing her with my fingers.
At one point while I had two fingers working inside her, she fixed
me with a snake-eyed stare and at that point we began to get to know each
other. I felt much understanding pass between us as she huffed from the
excitement of my fingers and told me with her gaze that we were meant to
be animals with each other.
"It didn't say to orgasm," Ted noted at just the worst time for
The expression as she stared at Ted was pure evil, but I can't say
there was any anger in it. They played this game all the time. The good
had to outweigh the bad in the end.
Christy was required to explore Ted's cock with her tongue, but not
to suck him off. I was allowed to enter Jessie long enough to describe
how it felt inside her, but not to fuck her.
In all level four was a worse tease than level three had been. We
became intimately familiar, but while it was all very sexy, there was
little real sex allowed.
Christy had to sit on Ted's cock and tell a story, but again any of
the old in-out was expressly forbidden. We had sampled each other. To get
any relief, it was clear we had to proceed to the next level.
There was no hesitation in bumping the stakes. We had done
'everything else but'. Actually fucking was almost a step back from the
heightened excitement of the controlled contact of this level.
I wasn't as concerned with my opinion of Christy fucking Ted now.
That was masked behind my growing need to finally watch Jessie melt into
an orgasm, to have my orgasm inside Jessie.
"There's not much on this level," Ted pointed out as a 5X5 grid
replaced the 7X7. "Still, it's a challenge to get through half the board-
if you know what I mean."
It became clear when we got the first example. On time: 30 seconds
sucking the genitals of the one on your left.
Now Christy had to go down on Ted. The screen conveniently counted
down the time as I watched my wife suck another man's dick. I had my
answer. I was more caught up in the countdown than any negative feelings
about my wife's mouth on another man.
Christy got her turn when she had to watch Jessie sit on my cock
for a minute as we tried our best to excite each other without her butt
leaving my lap. You can do a lot of exciting in that time I found out.
I didn't know what to think. Jessie gyrated on my cock and I didn't
know if I should enjoy it. Intellectually I had crossed that border long
before, but this was a woman with her own personal cunt wrapped around
my hard-on and not a vicarious decision. Even if she wasn't protesting,
Christy COULD be watching me to see if I enjoyed myself too much with
I decided that was a dirty thing to think about the woman that
loved me. The facts were that Christy had shown no, nada, none of the
reticence I was feeling about playing dirty games with the Fultons.
When Ted correctly differentiated between Creole and Cajun, Christy
showed me that she didn't mind playing dirty games with me either. The
penalties weren't all designed as mixers.
Her task was to "give a special kiss". Christy gave me that kiss
right on my balls. In the half minute she had, she moved from front to
back, perilously close to my asshole, and top to bottom.
She knew how I would react. It was my turn to put on the goon show
for our hosts as she brought me to the edge of cumming with that special
treat. Jessie was wearing her evil grin as she learned one of the secrets
of my desires.
I think it all had to do with luck- the luck of the draw. The
obvious goal on level five was to hold back orgasm. I knew that
instinctively. And I say luck was involved because no one could have
stood the assault I was subjected to back to back.
Right after Christy's kiss, Jessie missed (on purpose?) and had to
whistle "Dixie" (two verses) with her mouth in (on) my sex. She used her
tongue more than seemed necessary. Since she had only the head of my
dick in her mouth to make room for air, all that stimulation made me
the goat of level five.
"Away down South in Dixie" became "Away..glug, glug, glorp as I
broke the seal and came in Jessie's mouth.
"Master of Ceremonies!" Ted announced with glee, "You get to decide
our fates on level six."
My disgrace was tempered by Jessie abandoning her penalty when the
first jet disrupted her rendition. As Ted was taunting me with my loss,
his wife slid her mouth down on my cock and sucked the rest of my cum out of me in a very satisfying way. She was every bit the animal her eyes
had promised when I was diddling her.
Now it really made sense. I wasn't in condition to do justice to
level six, but I wasn't comforted by reason. All I saw was Ted left with
two women and the premonition- a premonition so strong it felt like
certainty- that he was going to enjoy the attention of both women.
If I was going to watch Christy have wild sex, it should be with me
and Jessie, or at the least with me and Ted. I was feeling like the odd
man out and master of ceremonies wasn't much of an honor.
Level six reduced the board to 3X3. That seemed right since there
were three of them participating. Questions were passe by this point and
I found my role was to roll the cyber dice to see how the other three
would connect.
I thought nine choices were excessive. Remembering Ted's comment
about bi-sexuality, I figured there were about four possibilities. He
would eat out one or the other of them and be sucked or fucked by the
remaining one. I didn't give enough credit to the complexity of the
program or the wantoness of their desires.
The square selected zoomed out to reveal a puzzling code: oral,
intercourse, oral- please enter identity/sex. A flashing cursor demanded
"Type in our names and M or F," Ted prompted.
The boxes roughly approximated our positions on the bed and when I
had entered Jessie F, it flipped to my seat.
"Enter M-O-C," Ted said.
The box went dark. I typed in Christy and Ted in turn and then the
screen exploded in star bursts for a moment. The screan cleared from top
to bottom and their fates were displayed.
I glanced quickly between the screen and Christy's face as I read
the instructions. It was a perverted game of fill in the blank. All of
them seemed eager to do what the game bid.
"JESSIE lies on her back like a queen with her knees high and
spread. CHRISTY on her hands and knees is on top. TERD (Freudian slip or
typo?) comes from the rear. Eat well, ladies. Fuck hard TERD," the screen
I guess "like a queen" means propped up on pillows because that's
what Jessie was. Christy climbed over her carefully, adapting a '69'
pose to Jessie's smallish frame. For a long time, at least long to me,
Ted just watched as the women squirmed around to bring their mouths
in range of the other's sex.
I guess I hand't considered that there was also three sides to a
triangle. I certainly never pondered any lesbian desires my wife may have
had. There she was gamely, if not eagerly pushing her face into Jessie's
I wasn't prepared for that. I think I can honestly say that it was
surprise. I wasn't sickened or disgusted, but there was a strange feeling
of concern when I saw Christy with another woman. It brought a bunch of
issues right up front.
What if she liked it better? Was she going to leave me for a woman?
Somewhere there is always the fear that women are better off with other
women. Christy had always seemed to enjoy cock so much. Was that about
to change?
My confusion carried over as Ted moved up behind Christy and put
his dick in her. I was no longer as concerned by her reaction to another
man. I had enough to worry about with another woman. It was, in fact,
comforting to see her respond as Ted shoved his cock to the hilt. She
did still like dick.
I guess it was about then my ineffectual cravings shouted down my
worries and I started to look at the big picture. Two horny women were
eating each other while this guy fucked one of them from behind. This
wasn't some porn tape. It was right there in front of me. I could smell
the scents of arousal as they grunted on their way.
I began rooting for Christy. I wanted her to get it hard and deep
just like she liked and have Jessie lick her to the mother of all
orgasms. I was still connected to my wife in a way that made me feel
pleasure seeing her have pleasure. I could feel my dick trying
desperately to respond.
It was better to be Master of Ceremonies than to be sitting home.
It wasn't much better, but at least I was watching Christy get fucked
and wouldn't have to ask her questions later. I could see how much fun
she was having with our new friends.
Christy and Jessie went on for a bit after Ted had groaned and shot
his load into my wife. We both watched until they unwound themselves from
each other and dropped back to the bed beside us.
"Anyone game for level seven?" Ted asked.
Seven? What could we do now that we were fucked out?
"What can we do on level seven?" I asked brilliantly.
"Level seven is where it gets kinky, if you're game," Jessie said.
"It's an unrepentant attempt to get the boys ready to play some
more," Ted added.
"How kinky? What kind of kinky?" Christy asked.
"We're not monsters," Jessie said, "Just some tying up and teasing
or maybe a few spanks."
Christy looked at me. It wasn't a 'get us out of here' look. It was
more of a 'are you game?" look. I wasn't game at all. I had passed my
limit before we took off our clothes, but passing my limit hadn't been
so bad so far. I shrugged. I didn't understand any of it, but I was
willing to see it to the end.
"Then back to the questions," Ted said brightly.
We didn't resume our positions. I was still in control of the
keyboard and Ted was on my left. I gave him a sharp look.
"There's nothing too overt here," he told me, "The order doesn't
matter too much. It's mostly the victim and the rest on this level."
Then he showed me the key to press and another 7X7 grid came onto
the screen. We shuffled and cut the cards and we were off on a new and
strange adventure.
It was Ted's turn to ask Jessie the question. She squealed when she
missed. She looked embarassed, which I found strange in a woman sitting
naked on a bed with three others she had just been intimate with.
"I didn't want to go first," she complained. "I always get
something hard."
I held out the board for her to cast her own fate. She scowled as
she generated the square in the matrix. C3: Pink just tickles/ red is
felt. Five good firm ones/ With the belt.
Jessie brightened a little.
"Well, that isn't too bad," she said and got up on her knees on
the bed.
I caught a glimpse of an array of toys in the drawer as Ted opened
it and pulled out a belt. I saw handcuffs, a whip-like thing and several
widths of cloth in the drawer before Ted pushed it closed.
"Either of you want to do the honors?" Ted asked, offering the belt
to me and then to Christy.
Neither of us moved to take it.
"Just as well for the first time," Ted agreed, "You might want to
see exactly how hard we play. Can't be too naughty or too nice."
I think I would have erred on the side of nice. Jessie's tight
little butt high in the air might have distracted me from swinging very
hard at it. Ted was impressive in his resolve and his restraint. Just as
the screen had bid, he was firm without being fantical.
The smack of the belt was enough to make me jump a bit and Jessie
to jump somewhat more, but it wasn't hard enough to leave a welt. red
popped up on her rump and I found my cock was trying to pop up as well.
I didn't know it before, but there was something very sexy in
seeing an ass turn red from a spanking. I felt the same naughty surge
each time the belt landed on Jessie's delectable little rear.
The look on Jessie's face as she sat back down on the bed can best
be described as quizzical. It looked like she wasn't sure if she should
be offended or excited.
She cleared up the ambivalence when she quipped, "I hope you all
enjoyed that at my expense, because your turn will come."
That seemed like an empty threat for a while since the game had
changed on this level. No longer were we insured a treat on every turn.
Only the answerer was liable and we went once around without a miss.
I thought it was to build the tension, which it surely did, but
we found out the other facet of this rule change when Christy missed
a question on the next go-round.
Her eyes were sparkling with mischeif as she pressed the random
key. E6: Hands are silly/ Give yours away. Let the smart ones/ Play and play.
The handcuffs came out and Christy's hands were manacled behind her
back. We deciphered the rest of the rhyme when Jessie answered correctly
and clamined the prize of touching Christy's nipples until they were
erect. Correct answers yielded the prize of fondling Christy and that
continued until she answered correctly on her turn or one of us missed.
I stared into eyes alight with a kind of passion that I hadn't
seen in Christy since we were newly-weds when I took my turn fondling her
breasts. She clearly enjoyed this game, the publicness and perversity
and all. I have to admit it was keeping my interest as well.
Then Ted confused Caesar's Vini, Vidi, Vici with his quote on
crossing the Rubicon (the die is cast) and ended Christy's bondage. His
penalty came up D2: Feather feet/ Are very quiet. Feet on feathers/ Are
a riot.
"Oh sure," Ted groaned. "I would get that one."
"That's because it's the penalty just for Ted," Jessie said as she
reached past her husband to bring a long feather from the drawer. "I've
never seen anyone react more violently."
"At least let someone else have the fun," Ted pleaded.
He may not have made the right choice. Jessie handed the feather
to Christy and Ted held out his feet. Christy showed an evil joy in
making him squirm like he was in pain as she applied the feather to the
soles of his feet. I had a pang of empathy for Ted's torment as he
endured the tickling, but nonetheless I watched in fascination.
The women were obviously getting something more from Ted's helpless
tossing than I was. They both looked like hungry dogs around a steak as
Christy tickled our poor host. Despite his twitching protests, Ted was
also responding to his torture. His cock (Okay, I looked, so what?) was
trying to rise even as beat his hands against the bed with the tickling.
When the tickling brought tears to his eyes, the girls took pity on
him. We returned to the game and finally Jessie missed a question and had
to take her penalty.
A4: See no evil/ So they say. Neither see who/ Wants to play. The
blindfold was obvious. Ted's frantic handsigns to Christy came as a bit
of a surprise. He wanted Christy to kiss Jessie's cunt. I thought this was
even more overt than the 69 had been before.
Christy didn't share my reticence. She got down carefully so her
hair wouldn't tip Jessie off and extended her tongue to lick Jessie's
"I know it's Christy, Ted. You always get the girl to kiss me,"
Jessie said after letting Christy have her way.
Well, that was a bust. Jessie got to take off the bliindfold on her
first guess and none of the rest of us got to play with her.
My conspiracy theories were put aside when I missed next and drew
the painful sounding F2: Nipple, nipple/ Jingle, jingle. Clip, clip/
Tingle, tingle. Jessie was quick to lean over and rub my nipples.
"They don't jingle, do they," she grinned at me and put out her
Ted gave her the appliances. It wasn't a very obscure verse. I knew
what was coming as she clamped the clips on my now erect nipples. I
couldn't beleive it would hurt so much.
I couldn't have taken it if the pain wasn't muted by Jessie leaning
forward to lick my nipples. It still wasn't exactly pleasant, but it was
a unique feeling and not exactly unpleasant either.
I came to understand what the verse meant by tingle, tingle when
Jessie slapped at my chest to make me shake my bell laden nipples for the
jingle, jingle of the rhyme. It was pure kink, but it was wierdly
exciting. I could feel the tingle all the way to my cock.
Jessie left the clips hanging from my chest when she drew her next
card. She got it right and we went around the circle again until Ted
missed. He paused a moment and then stabbed quickly at the board as if
that would bring him a favorable penalty.
B5: Lay face down/ On a lap. Ten real quick ones/ Slap. slap, slap.
"I trust you completely," he said with a puppy look at Christy as he
chose her lap to lay across.
There was a bit of a delay as Ted and Christy wrangled Ted's cock
into the space between her thighs. Ted had that reprieve before finding
out that Christy was as evil as any other woman. There was no mercy as she
brought her hand down on Ted's rear.
He tried to complain, but I couldn't help noticing the snail-trail
of pre-cum on Christy's thigh. She might have smacked his ass scarlet, but
Ted got something from the experience.
As I felt the dull roar that still emanated from my chest, I had an
idea what it was. Those little pains had a way of finding a path to your
groin. The burn in my nipples was fueling a boiling in my groin.
It was enough of the boys getting theirs. Mercifully it was Jessie
who missed the next question. She looked too smug as she cast her fate.
C6: Now I lay me/ Like an "X". Whoever's ready/ Come have sex.
Not much of a penalty, but a fine opportunity. Jessie laid out
spread eagle and looked at each of us expectantly. Ted and I were both
ready. He looked at Christy first as if she would take the turn, but then
deferred to me.
"I'd like to hear your bells ring if you don't mind fucking my
wife," he told me.
It still took a bit of a lunge to get me off my ass on the bed. I
had done everything else- including cumming in Jessie's mouth, but this
was different. I was going to fuck her now. Just flat-out put my dick in
another man's wife in front of Christy and fuck her.
All my turmoil was internal. My body got up and lay over Jessie
without any visible evidence of my quandry. I rubbed my cock up and down
her tiny slit and found she was gushing wet. I shoved my cock in.
It was different on many levels. It was new pussy- always a treat.
Her cunt was turned down because her legs were flat on the bed- an
interesting angle, and she lay still as I pushed deep inside her.
I was in effect jacking off inside her body. Not that it was a bad
thing. This sex doll was warm and wet and alive even if she was lying
still. Even her spread open pose added a thrill as I plugged the hole in
her available little frame.
I didn't think about Christy until after I had cum. I looked
sheepishly over at my wife, but she didn't look upset. I had two
questions until the shoe was on the other foot and I had the chance to
find out how upset I'd be.
Christy missed and the screen flashed: D1: Mirror, mirror/ On the
wall. While I watch/ See I don't fall. It took a bit of decoding for
us, but Jessie looked jealous.
Ted, obviously the only one ready to do the honors, stood Christy
in a corner of the mirrored room and helped her bend and bend and bend
until she was looking back at her spread rear view with her head between
her knees. He made sure she could see in both rear and profile views and
then grabbed her waist securely.
As the rhyme demanded, he made sure she kept her balance as he
stuck his cock into her from the rear. I found that I was not disturbed
by Ted fucking my wife. I was much more interested in watching Christy's
eyes as she watched his cock move in and out of her cunt.
She turned a bit toward me. It was not to see my reaction. It gave
her a better view of Ted's cock prying open her pussy as he plunged into
her. I watched the interesting way her breasts moved as they hung toward
her face.
"I knew you'd be the kind of people that would like to play,"
Jessie said into my ear as her hand snaked into my crotch. "I can always
tell. Ted says I've got the instinct."
She was psychic then. I didn't know I would like to play. I would
have bet against Christy willingly letting another man do what I had
witnessed her letting Ted do.
I considered it as Jessie played with my cock. The Fultons had more
to do with our conversion than Jessie was saying. They were skilled
seducers and I felt that their easy attitude and no-pressure pressure to
play along had much to do with lulling us into doing things we wouldn't
have considered even yesterday.
But that was so gloomy. I was making it sound so sinister. I
watched Christy lose interest in the sight of Ted fucking her as her
mouth opened and her eyes closed with pleasure. Why was I making it sound
like a bad thing?
I had found I enjoyed seeing Christy enjoy passion even when I
wasn't causing it. Having Jessie teasing me into arousal at the same time
didn't hurt either. It was a shared experience and if Christy felt the
same way, I didn't see why it was wrong.
I wasn't afraid all our hopes and dreams would be cast aside
because another dick had been in Christy. Our love had to do with more
than sex.
It didn't hurt that Jessie was making it obvious she wanted my dick
in her again. As much as I found I liked watching, I liked fucking Jessie
better. It wasn't like she was the best fuck on Earth. As least as far
as I could tell from her laying motionless under me.
She didn't make the list of remarkable feats for her blow-job
either, although she did make the "A" list for the way she swallowed
rather than spit. But that was immaterial given the novelty of her body
and the basic change from fucking Christy.
I was grumpy when Jessie took her hand away and slid back on the
bed. Ted had just finished cumming in my wife and they were coming back
to the bed. Christy had a guilty smile on her face.
"You knew that was coming, didn't you," she asked me.
At least she cared if I cared. At the same time it struck me that she
didn't have the trust in me that I had in her. Okay, it's a little
hypocritical of me, since I thought the same thing without saying it, but I
didn't say it.
"I knew what you planned from right near the start," I said, putting
it on her.
It wasn't nice of me, but I had thoughts of her making it up to me
later. It's never bad to have a woman like Christy make it up to you.
Jessie interrupted our exchange by pulling Charisty down on the other
side of herself. Ted came over to sit facing his wife.
"There isn't a lot left to do but the same things over," Ted said,
"How about it we hit END GAME?"
There wasn't any kind of answer, so Ted pressed some button on the
console and the screen flashed and then displayed the last message.
Pick you partner/ keep them close. Entertain like/ Gracious hosts.
We started out with our wives and husbands, but it quickly became a
pile of mixed flesh on that strange bed. I remember squeezing the tits on
the headboard while one mouth was on my cock and onther explored my asshole.
There was a lot more that was lost in the haze.
I guess even stupid-sounding games can be good when you play with the
right people.


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