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Archived Sex Stories

PET tv and noticed picnic basket


This contains sexual situations. Well, maybe not so
much in Part 1. BUT...if it offends you, or if you are
under 21, you should not read this.

Also, please do not post or repost this without my

This is a switch for me. What do you all think out
there in cyberland? Opinions and flattery ALWAYS
accepted. :)
PET - part1 by Pami (pami1968@aol)
He waited anxiously for her arrival. He had wanted to
meet her for so was like an ache in the pit
of his soul. They had been chatting on the net for a
few months. First, just casual friends, and then one
day, it happened.
He had chastised her for delaying in responding to one
of his emails. Her response startled him. He had
expected one of her usual disclaimers about working too
much, not being online very often... instead, she
offered no excuses.

"If you don't like me, you don't have to talk to me
anymore. If you want to continue this, then it
continues at MY pace, not yours. Do you understand?"

He sat looking at the screen for a moment. Wondering
what she meant. If anything. And he realized that he
actually cared what she thought. How she felt. The
concept of not having her in his life, even at this
superficial level, was foreign to him. He wanted to
please her. He wanted to make himself as important to
her as she had become to him.

He pondered, and wrote back, "I understand. I only
want to make you happy. Please...let me."

She smiled as she read his answer. She was a
changeable creature. One moment happy and carefree,
the next pouting and sulking, the next sensual and
erotic, the next demanding and cruel. Her mood swings
were many, but they were part of her. And if he wanted
to be part of her life, then he needed to realize that.
She liked him...very much. She wanted to meet this man
who had touched her. He made her feel cherished and
appreciated. sounded silly, she supposed,
that someone with whom you only exchange words on a
computer screen could help you feel a certain way, but
sometimes... sometimes... it helped to know the mind
behind the person before the physical person.

She replied, "It is time. We need to meet. Are you

His heart swelled when he read her latest message. He
had seen pictures of her. He knew she was beautiful.
She insisted that she wasn't, but he reminded her that
beauty was in the eye of the beholder. The twinkle in
her dark eyes, the silkiness of her long hair, the
creaminess of her skin... these were all things that he
wanted to see and touch with his hand, not just his
head. He wanted to make her know that he thought she
was the epitome of womanhood.

"Name the place and the time. I am at your disposal,"
he answered.

She licked her lips, like a cat finishing a bowl of
cream. He was yummy, she thought. Tall and broad-
shouldered. Strong, even features, blue eyes that
showed his inner thoughts. She had looked at his
pictures a multitude of times. She wanted him. Now,
she thought, she would have him. In every way. He
waited anxiously. There was no response from her. Had
he erred in some way? Was she only playing with him?
He closed his eyes and stretched in his chair. He must
have pushed too hard. She was going to disappear now,
and he would never have the chance to see those
luscious lips, those tempting breasts, those curving
hips in person. As the thoughts of despair swept
through him, he heard the PING of a received email.

"Meet me tonight. Smokey Joe's on Fifth Ave. Seven o-
clock. Wear a blue buttoned-down oxford shirt and
jeans. And... don't be late."

He smiled and laughed. The trembling feeling swept
through him and he guessed that this was where the
phrase "giddy as a schoolgirl" came from. He quickly
typed his response. "Yes Ma'am. I will be there."
And sent it.

She opened the email. Her eyes scanned the two lines
he had written, and she smiled. And licked her lips.


She was there at 6:30. She waited outside, in her car,
wanting to see if he had followed her instructions. At
about 6:45, a blue Ford Explorer pulled up. She
squinted in the half-light as someone got out. was him. She smiled as she saw the shirt and
jeans. She saw him look around nervously, and her
smile broadened. It was good that he was a bit on
edge. What was running through his mind, she wondered,
as she watched him stride into the bar.

He looked around as he entered. Thank God, this wasn't
one of those smoke-filled bars where a permanent cloud
seemed to linger, blocking the views of the patrons.
He knew she detested cigarette smoke, and found it
ironic that a place called "Smokey Joe's" was actually
smoke-free. He didn't see anyone that looked remotely
like her, so he walked up to the bar and ordered a
bottle of beer. He paid and walked over to a table
against the wall and sat down so he had a view of the
front door. He was really nervous. He reassured
himself that she was just a woman. Like any other
woman. He gave a wry grin to himself as he realized
that no, she was NOT like any other woman. She was
fascinating to him. And he hoped that he was at least
interesting enough to her that she would give him a
chance to show her how much he cared for her already.

His eyes clouded over as he envisioned her in one of
the pictures she had sent him. It was a plain old
snapshot of her at a party. Her hair waved over her
shoulders and her eyes twinkled at the camera as she
smiled, obviously enjoying herself. It was apparent
from the picture that she was somewhat overweight, in
fact, he thought she looked...abundant. That was a
good word, he nodded to himself. He had always fancied
women with a bit of meat on their bones...provided they
had the curves in the right places, of course. That
picture was from the waist up, and he could tell, she
certainly had the curves happening.

She smiled as she walked through the door and spied him
right away. She had lingered in the parking lot,
planning on being a little late. Better to keep him on
edge. He looked adorable sitting there. His eyes were
staring off into space and he had a slight smile on his
face. She hoped he was thinking of her. Because he
was even more delectable in person than she had thought
previously, and she could not WAIT to find out all
about him. She strolled over to his table.

"Waiting not too long?" he heard a slightly out of
breath voice ask him.

He focused in on the speaker. It was HER! Finally.
He automatically glanced at his watch. 7:10, it said.

"You are late," he told her. "In fact, I thought you
weren't coming." He hadn't even noticed the time, he
had been so wrapped up in his daydream, but she didn't
need to know that. He smiled at her, ameliorating the
sting of his words.

"Pardon me, I MUST have the wrong person," she said, as
her face froze and her eyes grew icy. She drew herself
up and turned to walk away. She was determined that
SHE would direct this meeting, not him, and if he
couldn't handle it, then she didn't want to let this go
any farther.

He pushed his chair back and sprang to his feet. He
leapt after her and grabbed her elbow. "No, PLEASE.
Don't leave. I'm sorry. I was just joking.
Please...sit down. Give me a chance."

She pointedly looked at his hand grasping her arm and
then back up into his eyes. Be strong, she told
herself. Don't give in.

He removed his hand and started babbling. About how he
wanted to meet her for so long, and how wonderful she
looked, and how he was stupid for overreacting, and it
was only a friendly joke, and how he really just wanted
to get to know her.

She let him ramble for a bit. He WAS nervous, she
thought. She let him convince her to sit down at the
table, and asked him to go get her a beer. He did,
jumping at her request eagerly. That was a good sign,
she reflected. He had potential.

He came back with her drink and they sat and talked.
And laughed. The conversation was general. They
talked about his work, her work, their families and
friends. It was like their emails, but better, because
he could sit there and look into her mesmerizing eyes.
He watched them sparkle at him when he said something
particularly witty. He watched them grow soft when he
said something serious. Oh, she was ten times more
alluring in person than on the computer. He finished
his beer quickly and got up to get another. Until he
saw her small frown. He thought that he didn't want
her to think he was a lush, so he sat back down.

"If you want another drink, go ahead and get it," she
told him. "Don't stop yourself on MY account." There
was just the faintest hint of sarcasm in her voice.

"Oh. No. No, I don't want another," he replied.

"Are you sure? I mean... I don't want to cramp your
style," she told him.

"No. No. I am positive. Just sitting here with you
is enough to make me drunk on your beauty," he
answered, proud of himself for working that in.

She laughed. "Very good. I AM impressed. And I
doubted if you were ever going to get around to
complimenting me."

And with that, the floodgates opened. He told her the
truth. That he thought she was gorgeous. Everything
about her made him want to touch her, hold her, kiss
her, even worship her.

She smiled at that. "WORSHIP me? Puleeze!"

"No, I am serious. You were meant to be adored and I
am only happy that someone else hasn't beaten me to it.
I want to make you understand that. Give me that
chance. Please," he told her earnestly.

She wondered if he knew what he was saying. She knew.
She knew without a doubt that she wanted to see him
again. She wanted to take him into her life and make
him hers. She wanted to feel his eyes and his hands
and his lips all over her. Indeed... she wanted him to
worship her.

She glanced at her watch. "Well, I must be going.
Have to get my beauty sleep, you know. Would you like
to do this again sometime?" she asked in as casual a
tone as she could. This was the moment of truth. She
needed to maintain the upper hand.

He looked at her. He wondered what she was thinking.
How could she be so casual? How could she be so
unfeeling? He had just laid his soul in front of her
and she was talking about LEAVING?! Still, she did
leave open the chance of seeing her again.

"YES!" he practically shouted, drawing some looks from
nearby patrons. He quieted his tone. "Yes. I do. Do
you really have to go?" he asked in a forlorn tone.

She reminded him that she had to work in the morning,
but suggested meeting that Friday night. She would
make him dinner. At her place. Provided he promised
to do the dishes, she smiled.

He felt wonderful again. He assented, and they set a
time. She gave him directions and left. He watched
her walk out of the bar, her hips gently swaying back
and forth, and he knew. He wanted her, and that Friday
night, he would have her.

PET - part 2 (M/F)
The next few days were long ones for her. Work was
stressful this week, but she knew when she got home
each day that there would be an email from him to cheer
her up. He had written about how much he wanted to get
to know her better. How she was a mysteriously
fascinating woman to him, and he wanted to get under
her skin as much as she had gotten under his. Little
did he know that he HAD. His honesty and refreshing
enthusiasm was spellbinding. She was
falling under HIS spell, and it was supposed to be the
other way around, she thought wryly.

Friday evening. 6 o'clock. Her doorbell rang, and she
went to answer it. He was waiting on her doorstep,
wearing khaki dockers and another oxford shirt. He
looked so darn cute, especially with that one stray
lock of hair falling over his forehead. He slightly
bowed before her and offered a bouquet of flowers.

He was entranced. She looked beautiful. A pale pink
sweater and a little black pleated skirt. Her hair
was pulled back into a low ponytail, exposing her
throat. Delicious smells wafted towards him.
"Mmmmm...smells wonderful. What are we having?" he
asked he as he offered his flowers to her.

"Nothing special, just roast chicken, baked potato,
salad," she answered, waving him in.

He followed her into the living room. A large smooshy-
looking sofa dominated the room. The tv was on, but
the sound was turned down, and a CD player played
classical music. Mozart, he thought, although he
wasn't an expert. Warring with the aromas from the
kitchen were the floral scents of about seven or eight
large candles burning throughout the room. It was a
comfortable room, he thought. It fit her.

She put the flowers in the kitchen and rejoined him,
carrying two champagne glasses and a bottle with her.
He arched an eyebrow at her as she commanded, "Sit."

Sit he did. The couch WAS as comfy as it looked. He
glanced over by the tv and noticed a picnic basket, and
wondered idly what was in it. She looked at him and
offered him a glass.

"Bubbly?" she asked smokily, with a gleam in her eye.

He held out his glass and she filled it, and then hers.
She sat down next to him, and raised her glass. He
followed suit, and asked to what were they drinking.

"Possibilities. Let's drink to you and I and

The way she said it, he felt himself stir. He had
dreamed of what would happen here tonight. The had
thought of taking her to bed and ravishing her. Of
caressing her curves with his hands and lips. Of
biting her soft flesh. Of filling her with him. Of
taking each other over and over until he couldn't be
roused anymore. Of lying in each other's arms, his
head on her rounded breasts, feeling each other's
hearts slow down. Of just reveling in the touching of
their bodies.

She smiled at him as they drank. She wondered if he
knew what she wanted from him. She wondered if he knew
what HE wanted. She thought not. But she was going to
show him. Of that she was certain.

They made small talk and sipped their drinks. They
moved into the dining room and ate supper together,
laughing and flirting with their eyes. He raved over
her cooking. She modestly denied doing anything
special, and reminded him that he was on dish duty when
they were done. As they finished up the meal, they
companionably cleared the table into the kitchen. He
groaned when he realized that she didn't have an
automatic dishwasher. And she laughed as she told that
was what HE was there for!

She filled the sink with hot water and they piled the
dishes in, as she told him to leave them to soak. He
had no problem with that, and followed her back into
the living room. She refilled their glasses.

She wondered if he realized how much he had drank.
They were on their second bottle of champagne, but she
had only had three glasses, and he had consumed the
balance. He was quite tipsy, she thought. It was

She sat him down on the sofa. And leaned over him. He
was sure she was going to kiss him, and he couldn't
wait. Her sweater hugged her ample curves, and when he
looked up, he looked right into the valley between her
breasts. It was dark and shadowed, and he leaned
forward just a bit and inhaled. He could smell the
enticing scent of vanilla, he thought.

Her sharp tone stopped him in mid-reverie. "WHAT are
you doing?" she asked in a clipped voice.

He was confused. The night was going so well. The way
she had bent over him, he thought she WANTED him to
look at her. And he wanted to look at her. Touch her.
All over. Especially those magnificent tits.

"I... I... I'm sorry?" he offered.

"Excuse me?" she asked in a dangerous tone. "Sorry for

"I am sorry for... sorry for..." he struggled to phrase
it in just the right way, but it was hard with her
standing so close, glaring at him.


"Sorry for looking at you that way." he finished
miserably. He knew that he had just ruined his plans
for the night. There would be no holding her. No
touching, no caressing, no lovemaking. Nothing. His
face was bleak.

"That's not good enough," she told him. "Tell me what
you were looking at, HOW you were looking at it, and
why you shouldn't have been." He groaned. This was
unbelievable. She was the most maddeningly moody woman
he had ever met. And yet...he was still thrilled by
her. He still wanted her. He still wanted to touch
her. Everywhere.

"Yes, Ma'am." he started.

"Miss," she interrupted him.

"What?" he asked, confused.

"Yes, Miss," she spurred him on.

"Yes, Miss," he parroted, "I was looking at

"No, boy, you were looking at my TITS, weren't you?"

"Yes, Miss," he started over. "I was looking at your
tits. I was thinking that I wanted to bury my head in
them. And I shouldn't have been looking because you
didn't tell me I could. Right?" he asked hopefully,
looking at her.

She relented. "Now, see...that wasn't so bad, was it,
boy? You just tell me what you want and we'll see if
we can help you out."

She was so excited. He was on the edge. She KNEW it.
She KNEW that he was the right one. He would love her
the way she was meant to be loved. She wanted him
badly. She loved his voice, his mind, his body, and
his soul. would be HER way, or NO way.

He shook his head. The champagne was whirling through
his system, clouding his judgment. Did she just invite
him to talk dirty to her? That was what he THOUGHT he
heard. He cleared his throat, because it was suddenly

She sat next to him. She poured him another glass of
champagne. That was it for him, she thought. She
didn't want him drunk...just uninhibited. She held it
to his lips... " are thirsty, aren't you?

He drank down about half of the glass. And looked at
her. God, she was beautiful. And if that was what she
wanted, well, he would tell her exactly what he wanted
to do to her.

"I want to take off all of your clothes," he started.

"Ah, ah, ahhh." she admonished.

He looked at her confusedly. What did she want NOW?

"What do you call me?" she asked sternly.

"Miss," he automatically answered. He looked at her
face, and her luscious lips parted in a smile. He
smiled back, and barely even noticed as she gently
pushed him to his knees in front of her.

"Miss," he started again, looking intently at her face
above him, "Miss, I want to take your clothes off and
touch your whole body." He paused. "I want to kiss
your lips, and your neck, and your ti- I mean, your
breasts," he continued as he watched her smile broaden.

"OH... sweet..." she smiled at him. He was coming
along beautifully. She knew that he had a submissive
streak in him. He was drifting down the path that she
wanted him to go down with only the barest nudges from

He smiled dreamily back at her. She was glorious. It
was going to happen. He knew it. She was going to let
him make love to her. It was so right...he hadn't ever
felt this wonderful with a woman before. It just felt
like the world was in balance. He would do anything
for her. And so he told her.

She looked into his crystal clear blue eyes. She could
see the genuineness in them. He truly meant it. He
had just never realized that deep down he wanted to
have someone control him. She wondered if he realized
that was exactly what was happening. Well, he would by
morning, she thought. And he would be HERS.

She asked him to stand before her, as she remained
seated on the sofa. He did, softly swaying with the
champagne running through his veins. She took his hand
and held it to her cheek. His fingers automatically
went to caress her, and she pulled away.

"No, pet. You only touch what I want you to touch. Do
you understand?" she told him sternly.


Her smile disappeared.

"Yes, Miss," he tried again, and was rewarded when her
smile reappeared and she pulled his hand over her

She took his index finger and ran it over her lips.
She flicked her tongue out, tasting him. Looking at
his face while she did so. He stared back at her.
Captured by her touch. The softness of her lips was
incredible. And she opened her mouth and sucked the
finger inside the wet warmth....sucking and licking at

He couldn't help it. He groaned. Her mouth was
amazingly hot and wet. He wondered what it would feel
like if it were his cock inside that mouth. And he
felt that cock grow and harden in his pants.

She glanced down at his crotch and saw the growing
bulge. She smiled around his finger, but didn't stop
what she was doing. Just a little more, she thought to
herself. Just a little more and he will be yours.

He wanted to rip his clothes off, throw her skirt up
and pull her panties down. He wanted to grind himself
inside of her. Damn it, he wanted to fuck her!

She saw the feeling in his eyes. She pulled his finger
out of his mouth and said, "Tell me, pet... tell me
what you want...."

He opened his mouth and started. "Miss," he said
without prompting, "I want to fuck you. I want to bury
my cock inside you and make you come."

"Ahhh, pet...that is music to my ears. Why don't you
take your clothes off and show me what you have for
me," she told him.

He started to strip hurriedly. He drank her in with
his eyes as she watched him avidly. Her hands drifted
over her breasts, kneading and stroking them through
her sweater. He could see her erect nipples even
through the knit material of the sweater. His mouth
watered. He tore off the rest of his clothes and
reached down and grabbed his throbbing cock.

"Please, Miss, let me suck your ti---breasts," he

She half-smiled at him, at his eagerness. "You mean,
my TITS, don't you sweet?"

"Yes. Yes. I want to lick and suck your tits.
Please," he moaned.

"Come down here, then," she told him. And he sat down
on the sofa next to her.

Her smile disappeared and that cold look of disapproval
settled in her eyes. He knew he had erred, and
immediately slid to his knees on the floor in front of
her. His eyes were directly in line with her nipples
and he couldn't help it, he stared at them.

She chuckled, and slowly pulled her sweater over her
head. Exposing the lace bra to his hungry eyes. He
could see her dark nipples through the fabric and
started to lean towards them, until he faintly heard
her disapproving noise. He looked at her face, and
knew what she wanted. "Please. Please, Miss...may I
touch your glorious tits?"

"Yes, pet...but no hands....just your mouth," she told
him. She was so pleased. He was SUCH a quick learner.
She knew she was going to experience ecstasy with him
tonight. And she would make him come harder than he
thought possible, binding him to her forever.

He opened his mouth and centered in on a nipple. He
grabbed it through her bra with his teeth and bit
lightly. He was pleased with her intake of breath. He
rolled it back and forth between his teeth, grasping
his hands together behind his back to keep himself from
using them to cup and knead that firm breast in his
mouth. God, his cock was hard. He couldn't believe
how hot he was. He could smell the vanilla even more
potently now. It must be some sort of lotion on her
skin, he idly thought, as he sucked that nipple through
the fabric. He wondered if the rest of her smelled the

She was wet, she knew. She could feel the dampness of
her pussy on her thighs. His teeth felt SO good on her
nipple. But the other was getting neglected. So she
pulled away from him, ignoring his whimper, and pushed
the other nipple at his mouth. He latched onto it
right away and worried it between his teeth.
She let out an involuntary moan. "OOOhhhh, pet....that
feels SOOOO good," she groaned.

He vaguely heard her and couldn't help himself. He
pulled his hands from behind his back and began
massaging her tits through the bra. Immediately she
pulled away.

"Oh, pet, I am so disappointed in you," she told him in
a downcast voice.

He recognized his error, and tried to plead ignorance.
"Miss, I couldn't help myself. You are just so
beautiful and I couldn't help myself.
Please...please...let me make it up to you. Please,"
he begged.

She looked down at his eyes, and saw the contrition
there. She gloated inwardly. Oh, he is SO delicious.
Deliciously submissive and doesn't even realize it.

"Well, pet," she told him as she got up off the couch,
"since you begged so nicely, I am going to forgive you
this time. BUT...." she added as she saw the smile on
his face, "I am not going to take any more chances."
With that she reached into the picnic basket and pulled
out a set of black cuffs.

He looked at the cuffs, and he felt his cock pulse. He
had never been tied up. He had never really thought
about it. she walked over to him and told him
to put his hands out to her, he couldn't deny the
thrill of excitement that ran down his spine through
his twitching prick as he felt the leather around his
wrists. She walked behind him and said, "Hands to the
back, please." And he automatically brought his hands
behind his back and heard the click of a lock as they
were fastened together.

She looked down at him. He knelt on the carpet,
sitting on his heels, hands behind his back, cock hard
and pointing almost straight out. She could see a
small glisten at the end. And she smiled at him. He
smiled back automatically. She resumed her seat on the
sofa and said, "Well, pet, since you handled that so
well, I think you should get some reward, don't you?"

He nodded eagerly. Her hands came up to her nipples
and pulled on them. She reached behind her and
unfastened the lacy bra and pulled it off. He moaned.
There they were. Those glorious tits. The flesh was a
creamy white and he could see the veins running under
the skin toward the hard nipples. Those nipples. He
HAD to get them into his mouth. "Please? Please,
Miss?" Instead of answering him, she reached out and
ran her hand through his hair. She pulled firmly on
the curls at the back of his neck and heard him groan.
And then she pulled him forward.

He automatically opened his mouth and sucked. Her
nipple was about as big as his thumbnails, he thought
as his whole world devolved into these two breasts.
These tits. He could kiss and lick and suck them
forever, he thought. He pulled hard at her nipple, and
heard her groan. He wished he could do this for hours.

She let him suck and kiss and nibble at her tits for a
long time. She made sure she switched him from side to
side so that each tit got its fair share of attention.
He was wonderfully good at it, she thought, as she
realized that she was going to leave a huge wet spot on
her sofa cushion. Well, he would just have to do
something about THAT, she thought, with a smile on her

She finally pulled him away by the hair. His face was
red, and his lips were swollen. His cock was still
hard, she noticed. "Well, sweet...that is certainly
good for your first try," she told him with a smile on
her face.

He just looked at the smile on her face and heard her
approving tone. He wasn't paying attention to her
words. He just wanted to touch her more. He wanted to
lick her. He wanted to taste her. The aroma of the
vanilla had been overcome by the scent of her pussy.
He could smell how aroused she was. It kept his cock
hard. He wanted to stay here like this always. Always
making her feel good. Always hearing her approval. He
pulled at his hands, indicating that he wanted to touch
her. She saw, and asked him if he was uncomfortable.
"No, Miss, but I want to touch you. Please. Let me
touch you."

She stopped smiling and rose from the couch again. "I
thought you understood pet... what matters here is what
I want. Not what YOU want. Now...are you

He rose to his knees again. "No. No, Miss. I am not.
Please...let me kiss you again."

She reached into the basket again. He caught the glint
of silver as she pulled something out in her hand.
"Pet... you know that you have made me feel good by
worshiping my tits. You have a gift. Every time you
nibbled or sucked on my nipples, I felt it here," she
said, cupping her pussy through the skirt. "Now it is
time for YOU to feel it."

With that she reached down and pulled on his left
nipple. It felt good, and he groaned. The nipple grew
hard immediately, and she gave it a sharp pinch. And
giggled as she saw his hard prick twitch with that
pinch. She felt the other nipple and did the same.
Another giggle. "Sweet, you seem to enjoy that pinch.
Do you?"

"Yes, Miss. I love it when you touch me. Please...."

"No, that isn't what I asked," she answered. "Do ---
you----like---the---pinch?" she asked again,
punctuating each word with a pull on one of his tits.

"Yes. Yes. Yes, Miss. I do," he told her, looking
down at his hard cock and then back up at her face.

"Good. Honesty is important, pet." And with that she
swiftly attached metal clips to each of his nipples.
The sharp pain made him draw a few deep breaths, but he
noticed that the throb of each nipple seemed to
resonate in his erect penis.

"Oh. Miss!" he looked at HER nipples...just inches from
his face, and still gloriously hard and seemingly
calling to him.

She walked the few steps to the couch again, and he
turned with her, not wanting to lose sight of her for
even an instant. He wasn't quite sure why, but he felt
like he was adrift on an ocean and she was his anchor.
She frowned down at the sofa. And he followed her
gaze. There upon the cushion was a dark spot. She
reached her finger down and touched it. "Hmmm....
wet.... I wonder what it could be. Any ideas, sweet?"
as she took that same finger and touched him lightly
under the nose.

He inhaled deeply and knew without a doubt that it was
the nectar from her pussy. He didn't reply, just
breathed again.

She pulled on the chain connected his nipple clamps.
The sharp pain made him look at her. "I asked you a
question, pet..."

"I....It... I think it, Miss," he stumbled,
not knowing what she wanted him to say.

"Hmmmm....perhaps it is," she mused. She took her
finger and put it under her skirt. When she pulled it
out, it was shining with her juices. "Why don't you
compare it, sweet?" she asked, as she ran the wet
finger across his upper lip, dampening it.

He inhaled again. God...she smelled so sweet and
tangy. He wanted a taste, and he flicked his tongue
out to try to lick the wetness off of his face.

She smiled again, and watched as his cock twitched yet
again. She idly wondered how much he could take before
he came without her even touching him.

"Miss....please..." he begged. "Please...I want to
taste your pussy. Please.... let me eat you."

"What, pet? You want to lick my cunt?" she teased him.
"Would you do a good job? Would you make me come?
Would you lick all of my wetness up? Drink me down?"

He moaned at the picture she painted. "Yes! Yes,
please...let me lick inside you. Let me suck your
clit. Let me make you come..."
She pulled on the nipple clamps again, enjoying the
moans he made. She sat herself on the sofa again, and
slowly pulled her skirt up. He could see....she had NO
panties on. Just the thigh high stockings. The lace
tops were startlingly dark against the whiteness of her
thighs. And her pussy. It was BARE! She was shaved.
He could see the red of her slit. He could smell her
juices. He swore he could even feel the heat from
between her legs.

She reached out again and pulled on his hair. "Come to
me, pet.... Lick me... Eat me... Suck the cream from
my cunt.... Make your mistress feel good." As the
words slipped out of her mouth she had a momentary
quiver of uncertainty. She hadn't used the word
mistress yet. She didn't want to lose him.

"Yes," he moaned... "Mistress...."

And with that final word he buried his face into her
hot, wet cunt. He felt like he had finally found

PET - part 3 (M/F)
He jolted awake and was disoriented. He felt the
warmth of her body next to him and smiled to himself.
His closed his eyes and drifted back into a dreamland.
All was right with the world.

She leisurely came out of her deep sleep and smiled
lazily to herself. She stretched, feeling the weight
of his body next to her and she licked her lips. He
had been every bit as delicious as she had hoped. Last
night had been the first step in their journey
together. She was hoping that he would allow himself
to admit that he had enjoyed it as much as she had.
Some men had difficulty accepting that they wanted to
be submissive. They insisted on being the "macho" man,
and trying to lord it over her. She knew that she
could only be fully complete with a man who put her
needs first. Who recognized that his greatest pleasure
was in giving her pleasure. Who wanted to revere her,
honor her... WORSHIP her. She, in return, would savor
him. She would treasure him, and take him down paths
that he never knew existed. And she knew that he would
experience the most exquisite pleasures, but only
because she chose to allow him.

She ran her sharp nails down his broad chest, drawing a
moan from him as the tingling pulled him out of the
dream that he was buried in. He opened his crystal
blue eyes and looked deeply into her bottomless
chocolate brown pools and he wondered idly why waking
up next to her this way felt so... so.... ideal. He
licked his lips and started to speak. "L... Last
night," he stammered. "Last night was perfect. Could
we do that again sometime?"

She chuckled lightly. He was so darn cute! "Oh pet,"
she smiled. "We will do all of that. And more. I
promise you." She pushed the stray curl off of his
forehead and ran her fingers through the wavy black
hair. She pulled gently but firmly on the strands at
the nape of his neck, and she watched those clear eyes
of his sparkle in some way that told her.... he liked
this. He liked this very much! Her full lips curved
into a smile and she pulled his head to her and kissed
him. Deeply. Satisfyingly. drawing his tongue into
her mouth and sucking on it until she felt him totally
and completely relax in her embrace.

She suddenly released him and got out of bed. He felt
adrift momentarily, and then she reached down and
extended her hand. "Let's shower, pet," she smiled.

He practically jumped out of bed to follow her luscious
body into the bathroom. Her ass was curved and full,
and he remembered last night.... He remembered her
kneeling on the bed before him. She had commanded him
to lick and kiss every satiny inch of her cheeks. And
he had. Licking and nibbling. Feasting on the curved
half-moons. She had reached around and pulled them
apart and she had only said, "You know what I want,
pet. You know you want to please me. Make me feel
good. It will make YOU feel good. Go ahead pet..."
And he had. He had never licked a woman's crack
before. His tongue had drifted down the crease, and
her moans had been ecstasy for him. He was pleasing
her. Pleasing
Miss. And when he finally reached that pink rosebud,
he had to admit to himself, he WANTED to lick her
there. He wanted to taste her. He wanted to touch ALL
of her. And so he had. Licking delicately at first,
hearing her cries. And then, relaxing as his whole
world devolved in only this moment...gently pushing his
tongue inside her. He HAD been a little nervous about
it. After all, one DID read stories. But she was
clean. Inside and out. Little did she know that she
had prepared herself for this. Just in case he had
turned out to be the one. And as she wriggled on the
end of his tongue, she was glad that he was indeed her

As these thoughts raced through his mind, she grabbed
an extra toothbrush out of the closet and handed it to
him silently. They brushed their teeth companionably,
looking at each other in the mirror and smiling. As
they rinsed their mouths, she reached up and pulled his
head down again. And kissed him deeply. He kissed her
back. He felt his cock twitch...he was half-hard. He
glanced down...her nipples were erect. But was it
because of him? Or just the slight chill in the air,
compared to the warmth of the bed? He felt a pang of
uncertainty. Damn.... he wanted her to want him just
as badly as he needed her.

She stepped aside. "Start the shower, pet," she idly
told him.

He turned on the spray and adjusted it so it was warm,
but not scalding hot. "Ok... done. Do you want to get
in? Or should I?" he smiled at her.

Her liquid brown eyes dimmed momentarily. What had he
done? He panicked. "Is something wrong? Is it too
hot? Is it too cold? Please...I can fix it," he
earnestly told her.

"Pet....what are you to call me?"

He smiled. "Oh...THAT! I thought that was just for
last night," he laughingly told her.

She didn't answer his smile. Just stood there with the
slightly disapproving look on her face.

"Miss.... please...." he began, slightly uncomfortably.
He had thought that was just the champagne talking last

She cut him off. And flashed that intoxicating smile
at him. "MUCH better, sweet. Now go ahead and get in,
I'm right behind you."

He climbed into the warm spray, feeling it dampen his
body, and extended his hand so she could get in behind
him. They both sighed in contentment as the warm water
sluiced down their bodies, slickening the skin.

Her arms slid around him from behind. She pressed her
hard nipples against his back. And she softly said,
"ALWAYS remember that you are my pet. You are MINE. I
know it, and if you look inside yourself, you will know
it too."

He wondered if she meant what he thought she meant. He
didn't want to be a "pet." He had always dated women
who had let him make the decisions. They had let HIM
initiate the lovemaking. They had let HIM basically
run the relationship. He was comfortable with that.
He liked that. He certainly didn't want some woman
telling him what to do.

Her teeth nipped his shoulder blade sharply, bringing
him back to the present. He drew a sharp breath and
then exhaled as her fingernails simultaneously pinched
both of his nipples. But DAMN, she knew what buttons
to push!

She stroked him all over. She soaped his back and his
chest. She rinsed him off. She looked down at his
erect prick and back up into his face. "Would you like
me to wash that too?" she asked him gently.

"Yes, Miss," he responded involuntarily.

He groaned as her soapy fingers ran back and forth
across his shaft. She pulled and prodded and stroked
and Jesus...she knew just how to touch him. She soaped
his balls, ran her fingers over and around them, and he
felt their fullness. He was FULL of come. Full for
her. But, he didn't want to come yet, so he pushed her
hands away. "No. No...not yet," he told her.

She pinched his nipple. "NO." she said sharply. "You
have to learn. You will come when I say, WHERE I say.
I will make you feel sooo good, sweet. You will learn
to allow me full control over your body, because....
pet.... you know that I know EXACTLY how to make you
explode until you think you will pass out."

Her hands returned to his shaft, which had not softened
at all as her words sank into his consciousness. "Now,
pet...." she purred as she stroked him to full erection
again, "would you like to come for me?"

His mind was processing her words. Jesus...she was a
domme. It was finally clear to him! This wasn't some
game to her. She wanted him to obey her...ALWAYS! His
body was screaming for release... but he knew... he
KNEW...that if he came right now, somehow she would be
right. He would be her pet. He would be hers. The
feeling was starting to overtake his brain...pushing
out the common sense he knew was there.

Her skilled hands pulled on him. She knew, without a
doubt, that this was the moment of truth. Last night
had been incredibly hot and erotic. But he HAD been
somewhat under the influence of the champagne. This
morning...he was sober and aware of everything. This
morning was the test. She hoped that he would allow
himself to admit it. She hoped that his mind would
allow his soul to do the thinking. He was MEANT to be
her pet! She knew it, and deep inside....she knew that
HE knew it.

"Pet...." she started... "Pet...if you come for me now,
you know what it means. It means that you want me to
be your mistress. And I will take you places that you
have never even dreamed of. I will bring you pleasure
in SO many forms. And you will bring me pleasure.
Wouldn't that be nice? Think of it. Think of burying
yourself inside me. Think of my screams of passion.
Think of
YOUR screams of passion."

She felt his balls tighten. She was exulting inside.
He was almost there! She knew it. She stepped up her
assault on his senses. She leaned towards him while
she massaged his cock and balls, stopping to flick her
fingernails over the sensitive underside of the head.
He couldn't talk. She was making him want her so
badly. She was telling him about the pleasures in
store for him. All he had to do was consent. All he
had to do was come for All he had to do was
allow the feelings inside him quiet the voice in his
head. All he had to he felt her head against
his chest and she bit his right nipple... HARD! He
stopped thinking and only FELT.

"AHHHH....MISSSSS......" he groaned loudly as his cock
exploded in her hands. He shot spurt after spurt of
hot come onto her body, mixing with the warm water
running over both of them. His cock convulsed and felt
like it was going to rip off into her hands, the
release was so strong.

He stood in the shower, and she felt the shudders of
the aftershocks ripple through his body. She exulted
inside. She knew he was hers, and NOW maybe he knew

He was totally and completely drained. He had never
felt this way before. As his prick softened in her
grip, he became aware of her hands on his shoulders.
He looked down into her eyes. They were such a soft
brown. Almost liquid. He thought he could look into
them always. Especially if she always made him feel
this good. And then he felt her hands pushing him
down, down he went. To his
knees, in the shower before her. His eyes focused on
those glorious dark pink nipples of hers, even with his
sight line. And his mouth watered.

She saw him swallow as he looked at her tits. She
pulled on the curls at his neck to make him look up at
her face. "Pet.... You know it, don't you? You
know...I was right. You are mine. I am yours, pet. I
am your Miss. I am your mistress. I promise you....I
WILL take you places that you cannot conceive. And you
will take me there too. And I will treasure you as
much as you will treasure me." She looked deeper into
those eyes...looking inside him....and she smiled.

"Yes, Miss. I am. me...." he smiled
back up at her. He realized that it would be ok. It
would be alright. She was still the wonderful woman he
had expected. But...she was even more than he
expected. And he couldn't wait to continue down that
road with her.

PET - part 4 (F/M femdom spanking)
Things were progressing nicely, she reflected. He was
turning out to be everything she wanted and more. He
was actually calling her "Miss" now, without being
prompted. Only in intimate moments, but that was fine
with her. She wanted a submissive partner, not a
slave. Outside of sensual moments, they pretty much
continued to be on an equal footing, except that he was
more thoughtful and caring of her wants and needs than
most of the men she had known. It was time to proceed,
she smiled to herself.

He was driving over to her apartment after a relatively
stressful day at work. One case in particular was
really wearing him out. He hated the guy he was
defending. He even thought he was guilty. But it was
his duty to give him zealous representation to the best
of his ability, and he only hoped that the prosecutor
was doing an equally zealous job.

He parked the car and walked up the steps. He loosened
his tie and rang the bell. He could see her come
toward the door through the long window next to the
doorframe, and he was mesmerized anew by her soft
beauty. He wasn't quite sure what spell she was
casting over him to make him act the way he sometimes
did around her, but he didn't care. He just wanted to
make her his forever so he could bask in the glow of
warmth that surrounded her.

She opened the door and saw a tall, handsome,
distracted man before her. His normally clear blue
eyes were a bit clouded, and his wavy hair was unruly
curls where he had run his hands through it. Still, he
smiled at her, and she smiled back. Poor baby, she
thought, he really DOES need what I have to offer.

"I thought we would order pizza tonight, pet, ok." she
said as if it were a statement, and not a question.

He quickly grabbed her up in a big bear hug. "Whatever
you want is fine by me. I just wanted THIS all day."
He inhaled deeply. He wasn't sure what scent she was
wearing today...lilac maybe? But he liked it. She was
so feminine. He wanted to revel in that femininity.
He wanted to pamper her and let her know how much he
adored her.

She reveled in feeling his frame pressed against hers.
"Well, then, maybe we should just pass up dinner
altogether," she teased, knowing that he was ALWAYS
hungry after a long day at work.

He pulled back and looked down into her laughing brown
eyes. "I didn't say THAT," he teased back.

She started to walk down the hall, and he followed,
entranced by the wiggle of her rounded bottom in front
of him. She stopped first in the kitchen, and
automatically made them both drinks. Rum and coke for
him, and a wine cooler for her. He took a deep pull on
his and sighed.

"Rough day, eh?" she asked.

"You have NO idea. This asshole. This
loser...oh....argh! I hate him!" he declared

She went into the living room and again, he
automatically followed the swaying tush. She perched
on the sofa, and patted the cushion next to her. He
followed the unspoken command and sat.

"Now...TELL me..."

And he did. It was against policy, but how the hell
could he always keep cases bottled up inside him with
no release. He would go insane. Without a doubt, he
could trust her, of all people. He told her of the
crimes his client stood accused of, he told her of the
coarse language the guy used...profanity-laden
sentences, racist comments, he told her of the sexist
way the guy treated the women he came into contact
with. He even told her that he thought the guy was
guilty of all of it, and how little self-respect he had
at the moment because if he walked, it was going to be
because of HIM.

She listened intently. Poor baby, she thought as she
listened to the diatribe. She refilled his glass once
and let him just ramble on. Such hostility was built
up in him. And look at the way he was sitting on the
sofa. Bolt upright, not even leaning back against the
cushions. He DEFINITELY needs what I have to offer,
she thought.

He finally wound down and looked at her. They were
fairly familiar with one another now, but he was
slightly embarrassed that he had ranted at her quite so
much. "How was your day?" he finished up lamely, with
a sheepish smile on his

She laughed, and pulled his face to hers for a quick
kiss. "Not as bad as all that, sweet."

She got up off of the couch and told him to sit there
for a few moments. He was going to take a bubble bath,
she told him.

He laughed, "Only women take bubble baths. Maybe a hot
shower instead."

"No, pet," she gently admonished him, "You are going to
take a bubble bath, and I am going to go run it for you
now." And before he could utter another syllable, off
she went.

He sat there for a bit. A bubble bath? Was she
joking? He would feel like a kid, or a fag. He would
just tell HER to take the bath and then he would
shower, he decided. He got up off the couch and went
into the bathroom.

He stopped and appreciated the view. She was on her
knees, swishing the water around. The scent of
sandalwood floated through the air, and the only light
was that of three large candles in the room. Her
bottom was sticking out, as if greeting him. Enticing
him, that was what it was doing.

She had heard him come down the hall and smiled to
herself. She purposely stuck out her ass and wiggled
it slightly as she stirred the water, making sure it
was warm, but not scalding. She heard his breathing
deepen somewhat as he watched her, and she slowly
turned her head at him and smiled. "Why don't you go
into my bedroom and take off your clothes, pet?"

He turned around and left the bathroom. He slowly
stripped, envisioning her naked, on her knees before
him, and his cock hardened a bit. He thought about
thrusting deep into her wetness, and he hardened some
more. He remembered the sensations of her pussy
clamping around his prick when she orgasmed, and he
hardened even more. Unconsciously, his hand stroked
his cock as those visions ran through his mind.

SLAP! He jumped as her hand sharply smacked him across
the ass, and he pulled his hand to his side.

"What were you doing, naughty boy?" she playfully
purred. "Thinking of me, I HOPE!"

He smiled at her, "Yes. Of course, I was thinking
about you. Look what just the THOUGHT of you does to
me," as he gestured to the almost fully erect penis
bobbing in front of him.

She laughed. "There will be time to take care of HIM
later. Now...come on....your bath awaits."

She took him by the hand, and the next thing he knew,
he was seated in the hot bathtub, white suds floating
around him. He had even forgotten to object again.

She pulled down a white fluffy sponge and told him to
relax and let her take care of him. He looked a bit
apprehensive, but relaxed when she began soaping up his
chest and back.

She loved running her hands over every inch of his
body. His skin was becoming all flushed with heat and
from the pressure of the slightly scraping sponge
running over it. He was SOOOO perfect for her, she
reflected, as she even grabbed the shampoo and washed
his hair, luxuriously massaging his scalp.

He lost himself in the sensations. The hot water, the
softly scrubbing sponge, her fingers on his head, the
scent of the candles, the sandalwood bubbles... Ok, he
conceded to himself. He was enjoying this. And he was
definitely an adult and definitely not gay. In fact,
his cock had gotten soft when he first entered the
bath, but her ministrations had made him hard again.
He noticed that she even gently washed THAT. But she
didn't linger overly long. He wished she had. He
thought a strong come would just increase the pleasure
in the bath.

Finally she told him to stand. He did, and she let the
water flow down the drain. She turned on the water
again, and adjusted the temperature. She turned the
shower spray on and rinsed him completely. Even making
him bend over so she could rinse the crack between his
cheeks. He felt a little embarrassed about that, but
it DID feel kind of good.

She had him step out of the tub and she rubbed lotion
all over him. The sandalwood scent again. He inhaled.
"Well, at least you didn't make me smell like a flower
or something," he smiled at her.

"Well, it was a toss-up. Gardenias or sandalwood. I
decided that you probably wouldn't appreciate being a
prom corsage, so this was the choice. I am SO glad you
approve," she finished, slightly sarcastically.

"Now look at me. I am all wet." He snorted and she
shot him a mischievous look. "My CLOTHES. I meant my
clothes! Why don't you go into the living room, and I
will 'slip into something more comfortable.'"

She noticed that the semi-hard prick of his twitched at
that statement. And she smiled, licking her lips.
"GO..." she commanded.

He went into the living room, naked, and selected some
music. He heard her in the bedroom. The closet door
opened and closed. He lit some candles and turned the
lights off. He was so relaxing here. He
could escape here, into a world where nothing else
mattered but the two of them.

He heard her come down the hall and turned and his
mouth dropped.

She was a vision of lust. She had let her long golden
hair down and it rolled in waves a few inches below her
shoulders. The black...thingie...that she was wearing
looked like a teddy. It was shiny and had silver
zippers running across the bra cups. It came down to
just above her pubic mound. The garters extended from
it and she had black silky stockings that made her legs
seem like they went on forever. She had black high
heels on. And, NO panties. If he had any doubts about
that, they disappeared when she twirled before him and
her pale white curving ass was displayed for him in all
its glory.

He was speechless, she noted with approval. As it
should be. She had never shown him her REAL lingerie.
So far all he had seen were bras and panties. But
tonight... tonight he needed this.

She strutted over to the high back chair and perched
herself on it. "Come here, pet," she crooned to him

He walked over to her slowly. He was aware that the
semi-hard on he had was now a full-blown raging
erection. He was aware of everything about his body.
The heat and pinkness from the bath lingered.

"Here, pet," she commanded, as she gestured to the spot
on the rug before her.
He sank to his knees before her automatically.
" look GORGEOUS." He told her reverently.
"Please...let me take care of you. Let me touch you.
Let me make you feel good."

"In due time, sweet. In due time." She smiled down at
him, noting the dazed look on his face and drinking it

She pulled her body to the edge of the chair and
slightly spread her legs. She loved the way his glance
immediately went to her pussy. He made an inarticulate
noise and an involuntary movement toward her.

"Pet...what are you doing?" she asked sharply. "Did I
not tell you that you would touch me LATER?!" She
allowed the note of displeasure to color her tone.

He looked up at her face immediately and slightly
paled. "I... I... I'm sorry, Miss. It's just...Its
just that you are so beautiful. I just want to touch
you," he stammered.

She smiled. But there was a slightly evil cast to that
smile. "Stand up."

He obeyed the command without thinking. He rose to his
feet before her and looked down upon her.

"Turn...slowly..." she continued.

He did as she told him. It was easier to allow her to
tell him what to do. They both achieved happiness and
incredible pleasure that way. They had been together
often enough now that he didn't really mind anymore.
There was less pressure for him. All he had to do was
let her command and he followed.

As he turned 180 degrees, she spoke again. "Stop."
She looked at his ass. Firm and rounded. Not a bubble
butt, but he HAD an ass, not like so many men. She
reached out and caressed it. And she licked her lips.

His cheeks automatically clenched as he felt her soft
hand against his ass. She soothed him, making cooing
noises as she touched him, and he relaxed and began to
enjoy it. She kneaded and stroked. Ran her nails
across them, raising tiny little lines where she dug
in. She withdrew those magic hands from him and he
clenched again.

"I said, RELAX" she repeated, as she stood up. She
could feel the wetness between her thighs. She was
more than ready for the next step. She thought he was
too, even if he didn't know it just yet.

She pressed her body against his from behind, and he
felt the patent leather of her bustier against his
back. Her legs slid against his, and the silkiness of
her stockings felt heavenly. The zippers across her
barely restrained breasts scraped him gently. And the
heat of her pussy against his ass was amazing.

He made an inarticulate noise as she reached around and
lightly pinched his nipples. She nibbled on his ear
and licked it, flicking her tongue in and out rapidly.
He was hard. Very hard. And he ached to touch her,
but he knew better than that, by now.

"Oh, are excited, aren't you," she whispered
in his ear. "Do you want me? Do you want to bury your
face in my lovely pussy and lick and suck me until I
tell you to stop? Do you want to take this big
beautiful cock of your and thrust it deep inside me and
fuck me till I tell you to come for your Miss?
Remember what it feels like? Do you..." she trailed
off as one of her hands started to lightly jack him off
and the other weighed and caressed his balls.

He groaned loudly. "Please.... Please, Miss. Let me
touch you."

"Not yet, sweet. We have some unfinished business

She pulled away from him and spun him around to face
her. In her heels, she was just about as tall as he
was, and they stood eye to eye.

He looked at her, with a confused look on his face.
"Unfinished business?" he asked.

"What were you doing when I came into the bedroom just
now?" she asked.


"When I told you to strip, what were you doing when I
found you in the bedroom?" she asked again.

"Just now? Umm... I was thinking of you."

"And?" she prompted.

"And.... oh. I was touching myself," he finished.

"Yes, pet. You were. And I told you before. I don't
want you to do that unless you ask me first. I will
almost always give you permission, but I think I
deserve the respect to be asked, don't you, pet?"

"Yes, Miss. And I do respect you. I just didn't even
realize I was doing it," he told her.

She looked at him seriously. "Well, then that IS a
problem. You obviously need to be more self-aware.
And I am going to help you."

He looked at her, concerned now. "What do you mean,

She walked over to that huge couch and perched herself
directly in the middle. "Over my knee, pet." And she
patted her lap.

He stared at her, stupefied. "WHAT?!" he asked.

"Pet.... NOW. I am going to teach you that you must be
more aware at all times. NOW... over my knee..." she
commanded with a tone that she had never used before.

He shook his head back and forth, but found himself
walking across the room. "I... I don't know about
this," he told her.

She smiled up at him. She knew this had to be handled
very carefully. But it was a step that they needed to
take if their relationship was going to continue.

"Sit, sweet," she told him, and he did. "You need to
understand...this is something that I need to do. I
need for you to accept that. I need for you to allow
me to guide your behavior. Now, have I embarrassed you
or humiliated you? No. I haven't. I am not about
that. BUT...I WILL be in charge of you.
And I WILL expect that you follow my directions. And
if I tell you to do something and you don't, or, as in
this case, I tell you NOT to do something and you DO,
well, then....that behavior must be corrected. Do you
understand, pet?" she finished.

He sat for a moment. Processing the information she
had just given him. He thought about it and realized
that he should have seen this coming. He should have
known that sooner or later it would come to this. And
it was decision time. Put out or get out, as they said
in his fraternity days.

His eyes flicked over her again. She was so amazing.
She was everything he wanted in a woman, appearance-
wise. Her mind was every bit the equal of his. Her
sense of humor meshed with his. She was a sympathetic
listener. And he certainly couldn't deny that the best
orgasms of his life had happened with her. He took a
deep breath...

She watched the thoughts running through his mind with
trepidation. Those crystal clear eyes showed her
everything. She saw the positives, and the negatives.
She saw him weigh the two and analyze them. And then
when he took a deep breath, her heart jumped.

"Yes, Miss. I understand. And if you say that I need
this, then I do." He looked into her eyes and he knew
that he had made the right decision by the warmth that
he read there. He got off of the couch and quickly
laid down across her lap, ass raised to her.
"Please...." he said.

"Oh, pet," she moaned, thrilled that he made the choice
that he had. She ran her hands over his smooth bottom,
caressing the skin there. "You are indeed a treasure.
Your mistress will never abuse the trust that you place
in her. I promise you."

He sighed, and braced himself for what was to come.


Her hands traced over the mounds of his ass. He was so
soft there. So untouched. She quickly ran a finger up
the crack and enjoyed his involuntary shivers.

"Now pet, you know that you disobeyed me in the
bedroom, correct?"

"Yes, Miss."
"And you understand that if you are to appreciate that
disobedience, I need to discipline you, correct?"

"Yes, Miss."
"Then I am going to spank you. With my bare hand.
Twenty times. It may hurt a bit, but this IS a
punishment, pet, and it is supposed to. Do you
understand, sweet?"

"Yes, Miss." He sighed. In for a penny, in for a
pound, he thought. "Please, Miss, I deserve to be

Her hand came down swiftly on his right cheek. He

"Pet...I do NOT think you sufficiently understand that
you MUST obey my wishes for this relationship to
continue. This is not some game. Since I think I must
make that impression upon you, I am going to up it to
thirty smacks. And I am going to make it hurt."

"Yes, Miss, I understand," he told her, wondering how
much it would really hurt.


She began to spank him. She was enjoying the pinkness
of his ass. The heat was delicious, she thought, as she
licked her lips.

As the spanking continued, he was counting to himself.
She smacked harder than he had thought her capable of,
and by the time he had counted up to ten or eleven, he
was smarting from the pain. It was more than just
little stings, he thought. These were more like...
well, more like the way his mother had spanked him when
he was a little boy. It hurt!

Around twenty, his bottom had surpassed pink and was
now red. There wasn't any white left on it, because
she was smacking him in a different place each time.
She paused and ran her hands over the warmth. "Pet,
are you ok?" she asked. "That was twenty. Now for the
ten to show you that this really IS a punishment, and
not some game."

"Miss..." he started.

She paused. "Yes, sweet?"

"Miss...I know this is not a game. It HURTS.
Please...I won't touch myself again. Just don't give
me ten more," he pleaded. He knew that he was on the
brink of crying. He could feel the tears in his eyes,
and he didn't want to cry in front of her. But if she
gave him ten more spanks, he didn't think he could hold
it back.

She was touched. "Ohh...sweet...I am glad that you
understand that now. But it is too late. Once I
decide on a punishment, you ARE getting it. So,
remember, in the future, to avoid a punishment, just do
as I ask." She used a matter-of-fact tone with him.
It was key that he remember this lesson. She couldn't

With that, she commenced the final ten swats. Her hand
ached, but she put some extra strength into them.
These were the true punishment spanks, after all.

As he reached twenty-two in his count, the tears began
to fall. He didn't even have the urge to leave
anymore. He just wanted this over with.

"Twenty-eight. Twenty-nine. And....THIRTY!" she
pronounced as she finished up the spanking. He didn't
move and she grew concerned. "Pet? Are you ok?" she

He slowly slid off her lap to the floor at her feet and
turned his face to her. The tears ran down his cheeks
and even though she was finished, he continued to cry.

"Pet? Pet? to me..." she grew agitated
but tried to hide it.

"Oh Miss. Please.... I am SO sorry. I won't disobey
again. Your pet is so sorry. So very sorry..." he
stammered out between sobs.

She slid to the floor next to him and gathered him in
her arms. There was more going on here than just the
release of the spanking, she knew. She let him sob it
out and making shushing noises. Finally he was taking
great gasps of air and she knew that it was over.

He looked at her and was amazed. He felt better. Much
better. It wasn't so much the spanking, or even the
embarrassment of crying in front of her. That felt
sort of natural. His heart felt lighter. His soul
felt healed in some way. He pulled away from her and
stood, extending his hand to her.

She reached up and allowed him to help her from the
floor. She was concerned. What was he doing?

He seated her on the high back chair again and sank to
his knees before her.

"Thank you, Miss. I don't know what came over me,
but...and I can't believe I am saying this...that
spanking made me feel whole again."

She smiled, reassured that she did indeed know what he
needed, and extended her hand to cup his cheek.

"Pet. You ARE my pet now, you know?" she asked almost
rhetorically. Because she knew that they both knew
that. And now...they could get on with some loving
this evening. But first...

"Call for pizza, pet, ok? I am getting hungry. Taking
care of you is hard work!"

PET- part 5 (F/M)

They browsed through the mall, hand in hand, like the
hundreds of other couples they passed. Nothing
remarkable about these two. The silent looks that
passed between them, the giggles at shared jokes, the
expressions of contentment on their faces - all just
confirmed that it was Christmastime and here was
another couple in love.

He was so pleased that things were working out. Moments
cuddling on the couch, cooking meals for each other.
The lazy Sundays of breakfast in bed and arguing over
the sections of the newspaper. He had known, deep
inside, that she was the one for him. Forever. And he
yearned to make it permanent. He had it all planned
for New Year's Eve. She had helped him discover new
facets of his personality, and he thought it apropos
that he open a new chapter to his life...THEIR
life...with the New Year.

On her part, she was thrilled to have found an
intelligent, expressive, sensitive man who still
maintained ambitions and goals in life. That he had
turned out to have such a deep-rooted latent submissive
streak just confirmed it to her. He was the one for
her. She couldn't remember ever having a relationship,
in ANY context that had been this fulfilling. This was
the BEST Christmas ever, she reflected as she smiled at
him over a rack of sweaters.

They finished up their meal in the food court of the
mall, and wandered into the bookstore. It was of those superstores that carried thousands
of books on every topic imaginable. There were racks
and rows that ran all different ways, and as he perused
a computer book, she was struck with a wicked thought.

"Pet?" she started.

He glanced up. She only called him that when she was
feeling dominant, and he could tell from the glint in
her eye that she had something devious in mind. His
heart skipped a beat and he answered as he knew she
expected. "Yes, Miss?"

"Have you noticed how alone we are back here?" she said
casually, as she gestured around.

He looked and noticed that she was correct. Uh oh, he
thought, but replied, "Yes, Miss. I see that."

She stepped closer to him. Until her breasts were just
grazing his chest. And she looked up into his blue
eyes and felt a thrill run through her as she saw the
worried look in those crystal clear orbs. She reached
her right hand up to his head and wrapped it around his
neck and pulled him down and brushed her lips over his.
"Pet....I am feeling very...excited right now." Her
teeth nipped his lower lip and pulled on it gently.
"Can you feel the heat from my body, sweet?" She
breathed only loud enough for him to hear.

Her left hand stealthily crept between them and she
suddenly pressed it over his flaccid cock. He gulped,
and turned his head to make sure that no one saw them.
Her hand was massaging him slowly, but steadily, and he
could feel the blood rushing to it.

"Miss....please?" he began.

"Please what, pet? Please stop? Is that what you were
going to ask me?" she replied in a throaty voice.

He trembled for a moment, swallowed deeply, and stepped
back. He pulled away from her hand and cleared his
throat. "Yes, Miss. That IS what I was going to say.
This is not the time or the place for this," he started
strongly, but when he saw her soft brown eyes freeze
and turn icy, his heart skipped another beat, and not
in excitement this time. "What I mean, is... well...I
... I am just.. Well. Umm..."

She let him stammer on. She knew that he fully
understood her need for dominance at times, and that he
had accepted his need for submission as well. Yet she
felt that the best dommes kept things interesting.
They pushed the envelope. And the subs enjoyed it too.
She liked for him to be a little unsure of exactly what
would happen next, but dammit, he needed to learn to
TRUST her. And if he couldn't, then they were nowhere.

She cut him off in midsentence. "Fine. I understand.
Take me home. Now." And she turned and started
walking away from him.

Her clipped tones left no room for misunderstanding.
She was royally pissed. He regretted that. But she
couldn't really expect him to allow her to get him
aroused HERE! In a public store, where anyone could
see them. "Ummm...Miss?" he started, and then stopped
as she turned, and in a furious tone addressed

"You will NOT call me that. Ever. Do you understand?"
And she spun and continued on her way through the
stacks of books.

He practically ran after her. "Miss...Miss. Miss!"
He reached out and grabbed her elbow to stop her. He
didn't even notice the people staring at him as he had
pursued her through the store.

She stopped short and looked at him. Her eyes had no
sparkle to them at all. They were dull and lifeless.
Almost like she had been traumatized in some way. And,
indeed, she had been. Her pet had failed to trust her
with his well-being.

He lowered his voice. "Please. Come back over here
with me. Let's discuss this. Please. PLEASE." he
begged. He couldn't believe that their relationship
was going to cease over such a stupid thing.

She allowed him to lead her back through the racks to a
deserted area of the store. She looked at him. Poor
thing, she thought. He really looked panicked. As
well he should. Without trust, they had nothing.

"What?" she asked with that toneless voice. "Miss. I
am so sorry. Please... don't you understand? Its a
PUBLIC place! Please...don't humiliate me this way," he
spoke quietly and quickly to her.

She sighed. And she looked up at him. "Do you trust
me so little, pet? Do you really think I would
embarrass you? What did you think I was going to do?"

He just looked back at her, but felt a ray of hope as
she addressed him as her pet.

"Trust. That is the cornerstone of every relationship.
Especially one of a mistress and her sub. You know
that. I KNOW that you know that. Haven't we discussed
that before?" she continued.

He saw her eyes soften a bit, and he didn't even glance
around but immediately knelt before her. "Yes, Miss.
I know we did. But...this is all still new to me. And
I was afraid."

He was confused as she interrupted him. "Yes, that one
there, dear. Uh huh...THAT one. Perfect for your
sister, don't you think?"

He looked behind him and saw another man glancing
curiously at them. He picked up the casual thread of
conversation and they discussed the merits of the
fictitious book for a few minutes until the man left.

She laid her hand on his head and ran her fingers
through his hair. He looked up at her and she smiled
at him. "Now, pet...there was my perfect chance to
embarrass you, but I didn't. Now, stand up."

He did as she commanded and trembled as her fingers
again sought out his manhood through his pants. She
traced over the shape of it. He stood, not looking at
her, but rather at her hand. And after a few moments,
he felt the twitches begin. She whispered to him.
"Mmmmm, pet...does this mean that you trust me? Your
cock feels like it trusts me. Its getting hard for
your mistress. I know that you feel it. Mmmmm... you
are making me hungry. I can
just imagine what it tastes like. You know how much I
like to suck it. Drink you down when you come."

He couldn't believe he was allowing her to do this.
His pants were bulging now. If anyone came around the
corner, it would be obvious that he had a hard on. He
looked into her eyes and saw that the brown of them was
molten now. She was as excited as he was, he thought,
but she wasn't scared to death of being caught, he
reflected. Still...if this was what she wanted, he
would let
her do it.

Her voice continued to ramble words of lust to him.
"Such a nice hard cock now. It likes the touch of my
hand, doesn't it? What would you do if I unzipped you
now, pet and dropped to my knees and started sucking
you off? Would you protest? Or would you simply stand
there and watch? Watch that beautiful prick of yours
thrust in and out of my mouth. Feel the heat and the
wetness of my mouth sucking you. You trying to be
quiet so no one will come back here and find us."

She kissed him, using lots of tongue, and whispered,
"Unzip your fly, sweet."

He knew that he was going to do it. He HAD to. Not
only was this a crucial moment in their relationship,
but he wanted to feel her touch directly on his
throbbing cock. She could get him so hot so quickly.
He couldn't believe the risk he was about to take.
This was so unlike him. But for her... "Yes, Miss," he
answered, taking a quick glance around.

As soon as he had unzipped, her hand dove into the
opening. They both groaned as her hand encircled him.
She shifted his dick so that it was pointing up, and it
wasn't hurting him. She didn't take it out of the fly,
but just caressed him inside his pants.

She slowly jacked him off while she continued her
erotic talk. She whispered to him of how hard he felt,
and how much she would love feel it inside her wet
pussy. "And it is DRIPPING, sweet," she moaned.
"Take your finger and touch it, sweet. Under my skirt.
That's right. Just run it...ahhhh," she breathed as
his index finger ran up the crease of her lips. "Now,
pet....taste me...pull that finger away. Lick it," she
instructed him.

His mouth opened and he thrust his finger inside. God
he loved the taste of her juices. Tangy and sharp, yet
sweet. He sucked his finger. "Miss. Oh... you taste
so good. Please...may I have some more?"

Her hand continued its steady torment of his cock. She
could feel the precum at the tip and she withdrew her
hand and held the finger up to his lips. "Now, taste
yourself, pet."

Obediently he opened his mouth and sucked her finger
in. He had never tasted his own juices before his
involvement with her, but it wasn't so bad. He was
used to the salty taste now. Kind of like brie, he
thought. He pulled on her finger with strength and
licked it with his tongue. He wanted to please make her realize that he did indeed trust her.
And if this was the fastest way to mend that fence,
then he would accede to her wishes gladly.
Indeed, he didn't want to imagine his life without his
precious Miss.

She pulled her finger out of his mouth and zipped his
pants up.

Her eyes sparkled with mischief. "Perhaps we should
leave now, pet. What do you think?"

He stared at her, dumbfounded. "Wh...what? Miss?"

"Well, I wouldn't want us to get caught or anything.
C'mon, sweet, let's go home." She untucked his shirt to
cover his erection and she grabbed him by the hand and
they exited the store.

As they walked back through the mall, still holding
hands, she continued to whisper to him of how wet she
still was. And how she wanted him to lick her to
orgasm. She told him of how she was going to reward
him for his obedience by allowing him to fuck her hard
and long and even come inside of her tonight. She had
only recently allowed him to enter her, and that only
after they had both been tested. As she had told him,
passion was wonderful, but nothing worth dying over.

His cock stayed hard while they walked, and he was
grateful that she had untucked his shirt so not TOO
many people noticed. He couldn't wait to get on top of
her and bury himself inside her slickness and feel the
heat of her cunt scorch him. He knew how her walls
would grasp him tightly and convulse when she came
around him. And he knew that her orgasm would trigger
his...and this time she was going to allow him to come
inside her. She didn't let him do that often. She
frequently had him come on her tits, or in his hand, or
ON her pussy. And then he had to lick it up.

They walked through the dark parking lot for it seemed
like forever to him. She had parked in the middle of a
row of cars, but kind of far from the mall, and he
wondered how he was going to make it home. She was
still talking dirty to him, and he couldn't stand the
prolonged excitement.

She walked around the car and unlocked the passenger
side for him. As he stood next to her, she suddenly
grabbed his cock and pushed him up against the side of
the car. "Here, pet. Now. I want you to fuck me now."

"Wh..WHAT? Here, Miss? In the lot?"

"Yes, pet. I want you in me now." And with that, she
bent over the hood of the car and pulled her skirt up.
She wasn't wearing panties, of course. She never did.
And he could see the white flesh between her thighs.
Her pussy was bare. She kept it shaved, and he liked
that. He liked to bury his face in that cunt and lick
and suck until she pulled him away from her by his

He glanced around once and figured what the hell. He
unzipped and pulled his hard prick out of his fly. He
ran it once up and down her wet slit and located her
tiny hole. She moaned. And with one thrust, rammed
his entire seven inches balls deep into her pussy.
They both groaned with the feeling.

"Yes, pet. Like that. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Deep.
More.. Faster..." she encouraged him.

He held on to her hips and drove back and forth into
her tight cunt. Jesus she felt so good. He looked
around, and seeing that no one was around, allowed
himself to enjoy the feeling. "Aahhhhh...." he moaned.

He was going to make her come already, she thought.
She had been so hot that she knew it wouldn't take
long. After the first twenty or thirty thrusts, she
felt herself freeze, crest, and start convulsing. She
groaned loudly, and reveled in the feeling of
contracting around his thick cock. It felt so damn
good, she thought.

As soon as he felt her freeze, he knew she was about to
come. Her yell reverberated through the parking area
and he hoped that security wouldn't investigate. But
then he stopped thinking. Her cunt, around his cock,
tightened and rippled, and he buried himself inside and
just held it. An answering moan came from deep inside
him, and he yelled too as he started to spurt deep
inside her. They panted and groaned almost in unison
as they rode out their climaxes.

Finally, he sagged over her back and he felt himself
slip out of her. "Mmmmmmm," he murmured in a satiated

"Mmmmmm, is right, sweet," she whispered back. "NOW
will you trust me?"

"Yes, Miss," he answered. "Always, Miss." And he
nipped her on the back of her neck.


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