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PHOTO camera home with him The thrills


Title: Photo
Keywords: voy, mF, ff, inc, mom, son
Author: Caesar

There was a young man of Kildare
Who was fucking a girl on the stair.
The bannister broke,
But he doubled his stroke
And finished her off in mid-air.


Taking pictures can be a great way to discover women, this teen finds

#include "std_disclaimer.h"

All characters are fictional and a figment <g> of my over-active
imagination. Constructive e-mail is welcome.

Photo - Chapter I

by Caesar, copyright(c) 1992-2002

$Revision: 1.7 $ $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:27 $

It began on the way home from school. Rod had stayed late, working
with his fellow students on the school yearbook, and was carrying a
school 35mm camera home with him. The thrills of capturing life on a
still picture was initially exciting to the teen, but soon lost its
thrill, though it was plainly obvious to everyone that he was a
natural talent for capturing the "perfect" view.

It was six o'clock and the sun was down below the horizon, the winter
chill cutting through the young man's parka. Walking through the
alleys had always been a short cut when going home or returning to
school, yet this was the first time he was carrying the school camera and accessories in a insulated photo bag. Coming upon his block, Rod
saw that the lights were off in his house, everyone having gone out to
supper. Yet the next door neighbour's lights were on, allowing him to
see clearly into the large window overlooking the backyard.

Perhaps it was a harmless and adolescent thought that charged his
actions, and Rod brought out the camera, fitting a telephoto lens to
it. He lifted his new "toy" to his eye, conscious of the cold metal
upon his skin. Yet what he saw through his lens startled him, and
pleasantly excited his passions. Through the open window he could see
into the dining room where Mrs. Wilson lay naked upon the large table
- naked, with legs spread, and facing towards Rod and his camera.

At first he didn't understand what she was doing. Just the simple
pleasure of seeing his attractive neighbour naked was enough, though
he realized her hands were busy, one upon her breast and the other
between her legs. The lens was strong enough to see that her fingers
actually moved within the folds of her sex. Mrs. Wilson was

Rod wasn't completely inexperienced as some might have believed. His
interests had allowed him to acquire a sizable collection of adult
magazines and even one old adult movie, though the only experience he
had ever had with seeing the live female body was with his older sister when he accidently walked in upon her shower.

With shaking hands, not from the cold, Rod pulled his gloves off and
then hurriedly began to load the old camera with film. He realized
that the cold would make the film brittle in only a few moments, and
he acted as quickly as he could. Finally he began to click, the lens
capturing the exciting action as the woman next door was rotating her
lower half while moulding and manipulating her large raised breast.

In the fourth picture something moved in the lower corner of his lens
and he focused upon that portion of the room. Someone's dark mane of
hair was seen over the edge of a high backed chair, and lower near the
floor, bare feet. The startled young man barely noticed that
Mrs. Wilson had stopped her actions and was standing talking towards
the unseen person.

The chair, and man, moved slightly to the side and a large hard penis
was seen over the edge of the chairs arm. As Rod watched, the thin
woman knelt before the man and without hesitation took the pole into
her mouth. Her head began to bob up and down, and a large hand
grasped her curly brown hair and head, ensuring the momentum not be

The cold was seeping into the teens bones, yet he attempted to ignore
his discomfort as he caught several more images of action before him.
It was much better than reading magazines or watching his porn movie.
Yet the blow job was lasting much longer than Rod expected and he was
down to only a few more frames of film. As this thought came to mind,
the man pulled the pretty face from his lap and the cock shot upon her
still open mouth and sweaty skin.

Two more pictures captured the scene as Mrs. Wilson's face was rubbed
against the shooting cock, the pearly-white sperm landing upon her
pale skin and even getting into her hair. All this she took gladly
and happily, her mouth open the whole time, her tongue often licking
the cock or flicking the head of the shooting rod. The man shakily
rose to his feet.

Rod only had one more picture and just as the man turned towards the
camera he captured the final image, that of Mrs. Wilson's come-soaked
face and hair, smiling up at Joe Soulman, the old retired widower from
across the street. The young man had naturally, and wrongly, assumed
Mrs. Wilson was enjoying the pleasures of Mr. Wilson's cock.

Photo - Chapter II
His initial discovery and enjoyment of the voyeuristic pleasure he had
undergone was enough for the youth to realize the possible pleasure in
capturing another sexual encounter on film. Almost nightly he had
lingered about the alley behind his own house, but not once was he
able to enjoy another session, and with the weather getting even more
miserable, he was further hindered from the nightly excursions. To
his own surprise and delight the second chance for him was in his own
home, a thought that he hadn't seriously considered before.

Having taken a keener interest in photography and all the technical
aspects that it included, Rod was sitting reading a photo book from
the school library when the sounds of his older sister coming home
resounded about the house. It was late and his parents were already
sleeping, and after looking quickly at the clock next to his bed, Rod
discovered that his sister was home late from her date. Luckily their
parents were asleep.

Time went quickly by as he considered looking upon the images of
Mrs. Wilson yet again, having made careful use of the developing lab
at school. But he realized that his sister was unnaturally quiet in
the house upon her return, so he walked out of his room and into the
depths of his house. Tami, his older sister by two years was laying,
as if asleep, upon the couch.

She was still dressed in one of her nicer dresses, and even her coat
was left on but open. The closer he got, the smell of alcohol and
stale cigarettes was very apparent. A little confused, Rod shook his
sister's shoulder to wake her, at first gently, then with more
strength. He even spoke her name several times, to no effect. Just
when he was about to give up, realizing his sister was drunk, she
finally moved. Tami turned her head away from him and moved her body
into a more comfortable laying position.

Rod left her as she lay, sibling malicious towards her, hoping his
father would find her laying there passed out. Then she would be in
hell. Yet only moments after returning to his room did the idea come
upon him. Was this not the chance he was hoping for? Well, it wasn't
exactly as he hoped for, nor what he planned.

It took only seconds to load his camera with low light film,
thirty-six exposures and return to the living room. Tami lay as he
left her.

He stood over her semi-comatose body contemplating the step he was
about to undertake. This was more than simply capturing a faraway
image - this time he would have to participate to some extent, though
nothing besides capturing her flesh on film ever came upon his

Tami was considerably attractive, her still taut body slim and lithe
with small, almost flat, breasts, slim hips and tiny waist. Yet, Rod
would say the most appealing feature of his sister was her long legs
and, up higher, her round firm buttocks. He convinced himself of the
"true" value of his intentions.

With his free hand, the teen moved the long heavy coat to either side
of his sister's body. She didn't move at all. Yet the sight wasn't
enough - the young man had seen his sister in a dress many times and
could look in a family album for photos of this type. No, he would
need to indulge more.

Since the zipper to her dress was in the back, he immediately moved
down to her legs and undramatically lifted the hem of her tight skirt
up to her waist. The sight awaiting him surprised and excited him.
His sister was wearing her tan- coloured nylons, but underneath was
the sight of her curly pubic hair. Tami had not worn panties under
her nylons. He stood back and took a picture of the exposed limbs and
crotch area, while also capturing her face in the same frame.

This also wasn't enough, and he felt safe in his actions, since his
sister had happened home in a drunk state more than once and had
proven her inability to comprehend, or recall, any given moment. So
after setting down his precious camera, Rod wiggled her tight nylons
past her slim hips to a point just above her knees. This time the
camera captured a clearer picture of his sister's private region. In
fact, he even caught one very close-up that he could see every curl
and kink in the trimmed hair between her legs.

Next he rolled her over towards the couch away from him and pulled the
jacket off one arm, then moved her knees up towards her chest. This
gave him an excellent view of her ass and the sprout of pubic hair
between her thighs. After several shots, a few with his hand
strategically pulling apart her buttocks to capture the unseen
treasures hidden there, he again set down his camera.

This time, Rod unzipped the back of her dress then unhooked her bra.
Again he allowed her to lay upon her back. Pulling her dress down
from her neck and shoulders he was able to expose her full chest. The
sight was sightly anti-climatic after witnessing Mrs. Wilson's full
chest, yet he captured several more frames of these firm breasts, the
small pointy hard nipple one of the main focal points of his pictures.

The film ran out with the final picture of his sister's slightly
parted lips in the background with the mountainous, at least from that
low view, breast and nipple in the foreground. He quickly attempted
to return his older sister to the clothed state he found her in then
returned to his room, impatient to develop the film he had taken.

Photo - Chapter III
Rod's interests in capturing female sexual escapades on film pressured
him into actions he would normally never consider. For one, snapping
candid photos of a pretty woman's crossed thighs with a skirt riding
up showing generous thigh. Also a woman bending down, her bottom
raised unknowingly to the teens quick eye, or even girls swimming at
the local pool - his pretence, to take pictures for the school
yearbook. Yet these were only minor indulgences from what he
considered his true desire. Even this, the almost nightly excursions,
didn't deliver what he wanted.

Having begged for one of the newer cameras from school, he was able to
get a superior model that allowed someone with an expert eye to
capture practically anything perfectly. Besides the, camera was
extremely quiet.

During the late afternoon, a day when Rod knew that Mr. Wilson was out
of town for business, he forced his way into his neighbour,s house.
Using the key the Wilsons had left with his parents, as they had done
with them, he entered without a trace of evidence to show his passing.
Quickly casing the house he discovered the bedroom and the extravagant
clothing that Mrs. Wilson indulged in. In a few drawers were
multitudes of lingerie and sexy underwear. Yet these didn't interest
the teen, unless, of course, Mrs. Wilson happened to be wearing them
at the time.

His intent was unclear - Mrs. Wilson was not expected home for another
few hours. Yet the unmistakable sound of a door being unlocked
sounded throughout the house, as loud to the surprised teen as a
thunderclap. He found the bathroom next to the spare bedroom quiet
and remote enough to hide in. Someone was home - it must be Pam, the
daughter whom was not expected for a few more hours. She was
plain-looking, quiet and almost shy, and a year younger than Rod. She
had the prospects to be as attractive as her mother, but as yet nature
had not given her that gift.

Rod realized Pam's room shared the bathroom where he hid, and he
realized the precarious position he was in. Thankfully, the girl didn't come into the bathroom or even turn towards the closed doors.
Through gaps in the slotted panels of the door, Rod watched as Pam
quickly and expertly closed out the world from her room, shutting and
locking every door and window in her small domain.

Realizing that the day may not be lost yet, Rod raised his camera as
Pam stood before her full length mirror in profile to the lens. The
girl undid the clasps holding her hair and gently slid her hands over
her face and long silken tresses. With a loving touch she moved
lower, rubbing her open palms over her budding chest mounds and then
downwards to her hips. With shaking hands she lifted her sweater up
over her head in a quick fluid movement.

The first click of the camera captured the ripe young uncovered
breasts as the sweater and arms were raised up over head. More
captured images followed as Pam again moved her hands to her chest,
but this time lingering upon the naked flesh of those tender mounds.

Her whole body was quivering delightfully as her hands unhooked and
pushed her leggings down her hips all the way to the ground, where she
stepped out of them. Her panties had gone with the leggings. The
camera viewed, and captured, the sinfully delightful image of an
innocent young woman adoring her image in the mirror, both her and the
reflection timeless in the natural beauty that she was radiating. The
camera clicked several times.

Pam lifted a single foot to a low stool next to the mirror and began
to use her nails upon the soft flesh of her inner thighs, always
stopping just before the sparse covering of her sex. Pam's eyes were
staring directly upon her girlish sex organ, wide with desire and
delight. The girl was making love to herself.

Rod took a few seconds to recognize that he often masturbated,
especially since those first erotic pictures he had captured, and that
this young woman whose passions were not yet unchained was doing the

Both hands finally found the mound between her legs, cupping and
savouring the moment with a loud sigh. One hand left the delightful
spot and a glistening hand was brought up for a tongue to lick
daintily, while the other hand slowly rotated upon the tenderest of
spots. All was captured on film, both close up shots and tasteful
full body shots. All thought of being found was gone from Rod's mind
- the only worry he had was of running out of film.

A groan of delight came upon the youth's ears, just as his film
finally ran out and as Pam raised herself upon her toes as her hand
agitated her vagina with movements that were accelerating violently.
With a groan of his own, Rod found his way out of the house and back
to his house, thankful that his excursions were undiscovered, and
surprised at how easy it had all been.

Photo - Chapter IV
The house next his own had been the scene of two episodes of delight,
and Rod was determined to repeat the pleasure yet again. This time,
he changed his tactics and on the next Saturday afternoon watched in
expectant anticipation as Mr. Wilson left the house, Pam having left
hours ago. Stealthily crossing the yard and quickly entering the
house, Rod quickly made his way up to the kitchen and the back of the

He had planned at length to see Mrs. Wilson's curvy naked body again,
and even brought several rolls of film in case the situation presented
itself. Rod could hear music in the front room, slow romantic drivel
that he didn't much care for. As he had seen an hour ago, Mrs. Wilson
was alone and had dressed nicely before carefully moving about her
house to clean and close the outside world. This shut off Rod's view
from his parent's bathroom and knew that her actions anticipated his

Yet when he slowly looked around the corner from the kitchen into the
large well decorated living room, he wasn't prepared for what he saw.
The sight at first sickened him, then rapidly excited his senses. He
knew his instincts were correct - Mrs. Wilson was "entertaining".

Wearing only stockings, garters and heels, white, Mrs. Wilson was slow
dancing with another woman. A fully naked woman. They were
passionately kissing, tongues busy moving about each other's mouths.
The naked woman's hands were cupping the shapely buttocks of
Mrs. Wilson while his neighbour had one hand on the other's ass, the
other placed between them cupping a full breast. As they moved slowly
to the beat of the music, they turned so the dim light allowed a
better sight of the naked woman's face. It was Rod's mother.

Rod turned from the scene and backed up into the kitchen, his stomach
queasy, his heart rapidly pounding in his chest. The sight of his
mother and Mrs. Wilson would not retreat from his mind's eye. In
fact, every detail of his quick vision was held within his
imagination. Something pulled him from his lethargy and returned him
to the living room door. He brought his camera up.

He captured their passionate dance, and the grinding of their sexes
against each other. His mother was breathing loudly, easily heard
over the gentle music. Rod was sure to capture a few pictures of his
mother's incensed face as she enjoyed the encounter with the
neighbour. Zooming in, Rod was able to get a close up view of his
mother's body, realizing she was not as pretty as Mrs. Wilson, but was
much more attractive than her son had imagined, possibly due to her
habit of wearing conservative clothing and styles.

A smell drifted to Rod's nose, and he instinctively knew it as the
scent of a woman's passions. His mother was becoming "wild", and she
obviously enjoyed the bottom and stocking-clad legs of the other
woman. Mrs. Wilson backed Rod's mother up against the wall and slid a
hand gently down between her legs, cupping the thick fur. Rod's
mother began to grind herself against that hand, while the younger
woman moved her lips to his mother's wide dark hard nipples. She
sucked roughly while the sloppy sounds of her hand work was heard
across the room to the busy young man.

Rod went through three rolls of film in very little time, not
realizing the ramifications of his, or his mother's, actions, only
realizing that his mother was cheating upon his father, something that
could send the large man into a violent frenzy if he ever found out.
For the first time he wondered if his parents often had made love, and
if so, what they did.

His contemplation and another quick change of film caused him to miss
the movements of the two sexually thrilled women in the living room.
When his lens again returned, he saw that his mother was kneeling upon
the huge couch, her bottom raised and pointed towards her female
lover. Mrs. Wilson was kissing and fondling the pale skin
continuously. The camera captured every inch of his mother's bottom,
even the sight of the shadowed region deep into her ass crack.

Mrs. Wilson stood up straight and with a smile and little hesitation,
brought her open hand down upon his mother's bottom. This caused the
older woman to jump in surprise and delight, while leaving a large red mark upon those round white globes, and his mother squealed loudly,
the sound reverberating about the house. He half expected his mom to
stop their neighbour as she again spanked the raised bottom, but
realized she was enjoying this. The spankings lasted for several long
minutes and Rod almost forgot to take pictures, so excited and
surprised was he at this sight.

As quickly as it had begun, the spanking ended. Mrs. Wilson knelt
behind his mother and lowered her open lips to his mother's pulsating
wet flowered open vagina. As soon as the woman's tongue touched the
dark pink inner lips, his mother began to buckle and spasm as an
incredible orgasm hit her.

With tired movements and desire, Rod's mother turned about on the
large couch, her legs widely and wantonly spread. Mrs. Wilson moved
upon her and pressed her sex into the other woman's. The wet sloppy
sounds echoed about the room, as well as the moans of delight and
words of passion as Mrs. Wilson ground herself to orgasm, while the
teens mother lay lovingly and happily below her.

Rod's camera captured the abundant amount of liquid coating both
attractive set of thighs, and the two hairy pussies as they worked
together. The lens zoomed in, and he clicked again and again.
Something distracted him, or his senses warned him, as he moved the
camera back up to his mother's raised face.

Her happy and sweaty pleased face disappeared as her eyes looked
directly into the lens. It was obvious from her look, and the speed
that she turned white, that she saw her son taking her adulterous
escapades. Rod lowered the camera and looked, without the aid of a
zoom, directly into his mother's shocked face. The seconds ticked
away as Mrs. Wilson, unaware of the newest development, continued to
agitate herself against her lesbian lover. Time froze until the
squeals of orgasm resounded about the room as the younger woman
reached orgasm.

Rod finally realized what had transpired in the room and began to back
up, his eyes still looking into his mother's. Mrs. Wilson was talking
quietly to his mother, and to his surprise, she answered while taking
her eyes from him. The two women cuddled comfortably as Rod finally
left the house, running all the way to his school, not anxious to
return home and stand guiltily before his mother. He spent the next
several hours developing and examining the pictures he had taken.

Photo - Chapter V
His mother barged into his room only moments after his return home,
and a few hours after the sights he had witnessed and captured on film
- the same photos which were unfortunately laying upon his bed in
haphazard disarray. Since he had run from his neighbour's house he
was determined to stop his voyeuristic explorations and destroy the
photos of his mother. Yet even as he developed each picture his
determination was lessened as the erotic and clear pictures became
more graphic. And after reaching home, the house had been dark and
quiet, so thinking he was alone, he had spread those same photos upon
his bed, again thinking that he should destroy them.

She stood, obviously angry and red-faced, looking at him then down at
the pictures. Without a word, she went from red to white, then
returned her attention to him. It was obvious to the teen that he was
in extreme amount of trouble. He was resolved for any punishment that
his mother deemed for him, since he *was* guilty. Rod took one last
look down at the pictures upon the bed, preparing himself for his
castigation. There was one detailed picture laying upon the top of
the pile, facing his mother, and she had obviously saw it in all its
clarity and detail. It was of his mother's face as her body was bent
at the knee while Mrs. Wilson's hand was between her thighs, a nipple
also in the younger woman's mouth. The picture was quite well done -
the shiny wetness was obvious upon the intruding hand and even upon
the other exposed nipple, also the breast was being tugged outwards by
the firmly sucking mouth.

"Give me all the photos!" His mother's voice quivered as if she was
just barely able to control her temper.

He whispered, "The negatives are at school." - in his locker,
actually. Yet his mother froze, staring at him. This was not in her
plans obviously, yet perhaps she had misunderstood his meaning. Or
rather, read something into his simple statement.

"What are you going to do with those?!" She pointed at the bed and
the sharp picture of her illicit affair facing her. At first this
confused him - didn't she already order him to return all the
pictures? So he answered her with a shrug of his shoulders.

Something changed in her manner and even in the light of her face.
Her eyes looked directly into his, and a knowing smile came to her
face. Her body shifted slightly. "Well, it is normal for a young man to be interested in these matters." She stepped forward and lifted
his chin with two fingers until his face was looking up into hers.
She smiled forcibly. "Discretion is also very important, Rod."

Rod caught something strange in her voice. She was talking to him as
she had never before - for the first time she was talking to him as an
equal, and this surprised the young man. Why did she not order him to
give all the photos and negatives to her? She was his mother and he
would of course do anything she asked. Was that not the way it has
always been? And for the first time he wondered if his mother was
scared of what he had seen, more so than the anger at his intrusion
into her privacy.

"I won't tell anyone, mom."

"Thank you, honey." She let go of his chin and stood a foot before
him. "I think it would be a good idea if you give me the photos and
negatives, Rodney." She said it sweetly.

He didn't want to. Moments before he would have instantly followed
her directives but after the emotions and thoughts running through his
head he was wondering if he could keep them. The several seconds of
his indecisiveness caused a dramatic mood swing to appear in his
mother, for only a few short moments. But she almost spoke when he
answered her: "I would like to keep them," he said. He was shaking
with fear, surprised at his own words, and the strength it took to say

His mother's gentle disposition returned, but her eyes were watering
up. "Perhaps we could make a trade?" He could tell that it was
something that she did not want to say. Otherwise he knew not what
she had meant. What was she going to give him in place of the photos?
There was nothing that he wanted more. "I'm sure there is something
you want." It wasn't a question. As she asked, her hand lifted his
and placed it upon her covered right breast.

This was what she had meant. He was given a choice, the photos in
trade of his mother's "attentions". After the day he had, he was
surprised and excited at the idea, though nervous at all he had
witnessed and participated in. As her hand withdrew from his, he had
a full breast still in hand. He looked down at her body. She was
dressed in a conservative business suit, her usual clothing. She was
wearing a pearl-coloured blouse and a bra underneath that the youth
could feel with his palm.

The ball was in his court, as he thought of it. He wanted to discover
more of his mother's beauty, though any further thought than simply
witnessing her naked body never came to his imagination until now.
Also, he didn't want to give up the sexy photos that lay upon the bed,
his proof of the enjoyment that he had witnessed. After that last
thought, he realized that "proof" was what his mother was worried
about - the reason for all her rapidly changing emotions. The reason
that he was now grasping her round breast in his hand. His new
"hobby" was had forced his mother to treat him as a man and not her

He wanted to know what she was willing to do to get the photos back,
"What else do I get?" It was as it sounded, selfish.

"Anything you want, dear." She was now looking down at the floor,
though he realized the bulge in his pants was obviously within her

Rod slid his hand down from her breast to press the open palm into the
mound of her crotch, over the thick woolen skirt. "What if I wanted
to...", he pressed firmly up with his hand, causing his mother to
raise up momentarily upon her toes. "...would you, mother?"

Her voice quivered as she said, "Yes, dear. Anything you ask."

After she said this, he withdrew his hand, then said, "I don't want to
give up the pictures, mom." Her face jerked up angrily, which gave
him added strength to continue. "Though I do want you to do anything
I want!" He added, "And I will tell no- one about this afternoon."
Her anger dissipated quickly, and she nodded.

No word was spoken yet Rod's mother descended to her knees before the
teen. Using her quivering fingers, she undid the zipper of his jeans.
Seconds later, her mouth engulfed his sex. Rod gasped out his
surprise and pleasure then looked around and found his camera. He
stretched for it then pointed it down at his mother's open-mouthed
face. The camera clicked just as she looked up into the lens, her
mouth wide with much of his cock. That was the last and only picture that he took of his first experience getting oral sex.

Photo - Chapter VI
That Saturday was very educational for the young man. He had learned
that the photos he had enjoyed taking were also a form of power over
those in the pictures. The possibilities had not completely entered
his thoughts, though he was assured of at least having one woman to
"pose" for him - his mother. His growing pile of erotic and
professional-looking photos could ultimately give him that which he

Yet the teen knew not what he desired.

Rod did know that he wanted to continue taking pictures of candid sexy
subjects, the "models" not knowing that they were being captured on
film. He also rolled a list of women that he would enjoy seeing in
those pictures through his mind. The fact that a woman didn't know
about his camera was almost as exciting as the photos themselves. No,
he needed another model!

Ms. Foster was his English instructor at school and also very
attractive. And normally, Rod would be very cautious of whom he took
pictures. Ms. Foster was a "bitch". Always had been, and always
would be a "bitch". Catching her in a compromising position was a
very attractive idea to the average student and budding photographer.
Rod even wondered if the photos would allow him to get better grades.

So he began to learn everything he could about the thirty-something
year-old teacher. Rod began to follow and study the woman, all
without her knowledge. He discovered many uninteresting facts, and a
few interesting ones. Firstly she was unmarried but had a boyfriend
living with her, that much of the staff at his school didn't like her
either, that there were rumours that her and Mr. Grouse were having
an affair. This interested the young man immensely, and he began to
wonder if she would compromise her values if he introduced any
"revealing" photos into her life.

Finally a day came that he finally witnessed her in an erotic setting.
The meeting was between Mr. Grouse and Ms. Foster, just as the
rumours had foretold. And the meeting happened in Mr. Grouse's
office, him being the assistant principle and having a discreet office
in the back of the other offices that offered a large view from the
pane windows - windows that also allowed Rod's camera to capture
intimate photos of the couple.

The cold again bit into the young man's bones as his uncovered hands
held the camera to his eye. Ms. Foster closed and locked the door
behind her then quickly began to disrobe, while Mr. Grouse sat behind
his desk, back to the window and enjoyed his entertainment. It was
obvious that this was not a rare event and that the couple often got
"together". The outer clothes, also the bra and panties, came off and
revealed her pink stocking-and-garter-clad body. The only other items
of clothing were pink heels that revealed her thin legs.

She went into a routine, dancing and swirling around, always advancing
towards her audience. Mr. Grouse's hands were moving at his crotch
out of sight of the camera lens, yet the teen had little doubt at what
he was doing. Ms. Foster came before him then dropped backwards onto
the wide wooden desk. Her thin thighs spread lustily, then her
exposed vagina was captured in a photo before her lover stood and
plunged his pole into her.

Rod was amused that Mr. Grouse's cock was smaller than even his own,
though judging by the semi-naked woman on his desk, she didn't seem to
care. In fact, Ms. Foster's whole body whirled and flowed in rhythm
to the pounding cock inside her. The man's hands were grasping and
cupping her round breasts, often pinching a nipple, while Ms. Foster
often locked her ankles behind his back, seemingly attempting to help
his love beat.

The episode lasted for several more minutes before Mr. Grouse fell
back into his chair, his slimy pole sticking out of his pants before
Ms. Foster climbed above him and rode the man viciously. This lasted
only a few more moments before they both grew taut and the lad knew
that the man was coming inside the English teacher, yet somehow Rod
knew that *she* was faking it.

Those photos were great, but two days later, he had her in another
session, this one with her live-in boyfriend. Rod was just about to
leave for home after watching through her see-through curtains for
almost an hour when the unnamed younger man came into their bedroom
naked. They touched and kissed for long minutes, while his hands
expertly moved her clothing from her body.

Soon he was above his girlfriend, his cock moving back and forth
inside her. She accepted this almost peaceably compared to the other
day with her colleague. She moved her hands about his naked buttocks
and hairy back lovingly, her legs spread but unmoving. This offered
little in the way of photo opportunities; the majority that Rod was
witness to was the boyfriend's hairy butt moving above and between his
attractive girlfriend's legs and stomach.

Rod wondered about his instructor's change in attitude - he was unable
to easily "label" her. She was wanton with her dumpy peer, while
seemingly sober and loving with her boyfriend. Which was the real

The teen had his photos.

Photo - Chapter VII
Rod's time was becoming precious. He had been extremely busy and
obsessive when it came to "catching" his prey with his camera. He was
also becoming tired. At home things between his mother and him were
quiet and polite. Nothing was yet asked of the other, yet the youth
was still unsure of the boundaries that he was able to broach.

After finally catching Ms. Foster with his camera, the youth was
determined to relax and think about his hobby. There was several more
women that he wanted to "catch", yet his time was becoming a high
commodity. So he wondered who he could get to help with his hobby,
someone who was very discreet and dependable.

That person was his good friend, Gord. They had been friends for
years. Only after his mother had sent him away to a private school
did their relationship become strained by simple distance and time.
Though Rod's friend still lived two blocks away and they saw each
other on weekends, they were not as close as they had been as pre-
teens. Also, Rod remembered that his friend had been "sneaky", always
attempting to look up girls' dresses and watching girls at the pool
while they swam. He would be the perfect choice.

Gord thought so also. They met, the mood strained. Yet when the full
idea and the length that Rod was able to go with it was discussed,
Gord was again the fun-loving and good friend that Rod had grown up
with. Rod compared all but his mothers and his photos with his
renewed friend, and they spawned the others interests and desires

Though the event with Rod's mother and Mrs. Wilson was discussed,
while looking upon the pictures, what happened afterwards wasn't. Yet
the other instinctively knew the extent that these photos could go.
It was set up between the two - Rod would take the pictures but Gord
would be the "point" man who would do the leg work. First on the
agenda was Gord's mother, Thelma, and getting her to move her son back
to his old school.

The idea was Gord's, and Rod was all for it, knowing his friend's
mother would not willingly change her son's high school. The problem
was that both thought the forty-five-year-old woman was a sexless
saint. Yet Gord wanted to "watch" his mother before anyone else was
even discussed, his incestuous desires plain. The plan was set.

A phone call came to Rod only four days later at about six in the
morning. Gord's voice shook as he related what he saw. Rod calmed
his friend down, then they set and planned. Another call came six
days later at twelve-thirty in the morning. After calming his
parents, Rod snuck out of his house and ran all the way to his best
friend's place.

Outside his own house, Gord met the cameraman and whispered for him to
be quiet before silently walking back to the open window. Inside, Rod
was able to see the usually quiet and mousy middle-aged woman walking
about her room. One hand had a glass of wine, the bottle on the
cupboard, the other was stroking and squeezing a small round breast.
She was completely naked, and was seemingly talking to herself, yet
her voice could not be heard through the closed window.

Gord had told his friend almost a week before that his mother had left
her blinds open to the night, and to his amazement and excitement, she
masturbated. The woman could not be termed beautiful, but handsome
was closer to the mark. She had all the female parts, but somehow
they just were not abundantly attractive to Rod, though Gord obviously
idolized her.

Thelma staggered slightly, spilling a part of her wine upon the
carpet. She giggled to herself, then placed it with the almost-empty
bottle. The woman fell upon her own bed and lay looking up at the
ceiling. Rod guessed the woman's attitude was due to a nasty divorce
five years ago, her husband leaving her for a younger woman. Almost
absentmindedly she brought out a huge dildo, a thing Rod knew about
but had never viewed before. She whispered to it, between licks to
the rounded head, until it glistened with saliva.

Her free hand was pinching a small hard nipple while she began to move
the phallus between her lips. She made oral love to the fake cock
while her hand pleased herself. Then she moved the wet cock down to
her breasts and moved it over each nipple, flicking the point several
times, before continuing on. With drunken resolve she quickly shoved
the large cock into her almost to the root. Thelma wiggled about the
single bed, her legs almost horizontal, both her hands moving the
phallus in and out of her sloppy wet pussy, the moisture visibly
coating everything it got close to.

Rod took the pictures, close-up and far away shots, but he realized he
felt sorry for the woman on the other end of his camera. She was
obviously saddened or depressed, and found a small resolve in pleasing
herself. He doubted that she had to get drunk before she could
masturbate herself -a woman of her age was probably experienced enough
in the ways of self-love that she could enjoy the experience without
alcohol. It was also obvious to Rod that Gord didn't see the same, or
ignored the fact, so incensed was he in watching the show his mother put on, a show that was reminiscent of a black comedy compared to the
colourful comedies that Rod had been witness to.

Thelma lay panting, the cock cuddled to her cheek, while she recovered
her breath after the explosive orgasm her own son and his best friend
witnessed. Again she licked the head of the fat cock, cleaning the
surface of her own juices before her eyes closed, the wine and late
hour causing her to fall into a deep sleep.

Photo - Chapter VIII
Gord called several times a day wondering when the photos would be
ready, so obsessed was he with the confrontation that was scheduled.
Rod had been putting off his best friend until it was obvious that he
could no longer do that. It was a Sunday afternoon when he went over
to his friend's house - about half of the photos that he had taken of
Thelma in a plain brown envelope.

The middle-aged woman was wearing a loose skirt and heavy wool sweater
while reading the paper and drinking tea when the two youths came into
the room. She smiled pleasantly and opened the envelope that Rod had
placed before her. He was saddened at what he was party to. She
deserved better than this, and Rod wasn't fool enough to believe his
friend would be content with just changing schools.

Rod expected her expression when she pulled out the thick pile of
photos. The first upon the pile was her loving licks to a slimy large
dildo. She dropped the brown envelope and photos upon the table,
looking up at the boys still standing before her. "What...?" She
never finished. Gord reached over and began to slowly pull the top
photos from the pile, one at a time, and his mother watched his hands
and the pictures that scrolled by her.

She changed disposition - instead of the crying mass that Rod was
expecting, she became inanimate, an emotionless husk. It was Gord
that would talk with her. Rod could only watch. "Rod assures me that
these photos could be seen by every guy in this town." Thelma looked
up at Rod, and for the first time he saw emotion in her eyes.
Disappointment. "Of course, we could come to an agreement." Gord
placed a slightly shaking hand upon his mother's covered knee, but she
didn't even seem to notice it.

"I want to go back to school with Rod." The silence was thick, and
Thelma answered with a curt nod. "And I want to fuck you." His voice
shook as he said it, and she nodded again.

Those words startled Rod. Essentially he had said the same thing to
his mother, but the abruptness and thoughtlessness was cold. "Uh,
Gord, I should be going." He headed towards the door. Thelma also
showed another emotion as she watched her son's friend leave -

Gord followed Rod to the door then gave him a friendly punch in the
shoulder. "I'll call tonight and tell ya all about it." It was the
last thing Rod wanted, but he nodded.

At home Rod found his mother doing dishes and without a word to her
grasped a hand into his and pulled her to his room. First he removed
her clothing, then stood while she removed his. Again without a word
she lay upon his bed, the smell of her sex already strong while he
placed himself over her.

The moment he sunk his cock into her wet sex was one of the paramount
moments of his life, and one of the lowest. She wrapped her body
about his small frame and moved below him, setting the tempo to his
love beat. Nails bit into his shoulder and lips found his as he
became lost in a sexual nirvana. He could taste coffee on her tongue
as she moved her hand upon his ass, his crotch meeting hers with a
sloppy slap.

His orgasm came quickly, and she forced him against her as his sperm
shot deep within her sex channel. He lay sweaty over her for a long
time, her hands stroking his hair and her lips kissing his face and
brow. He lazily climbed from her and stood at the foot of his bed.
Rod reached for his camera and his mom angrily said, "Rod!"

"I want to remember this moment, mother. Pose for me." The shutter
clicked as she attempted to cover herself. Yet he was persistent and
she actually laughed as she spread her legs wide while he climbed
between them and snapped very close pictures of her slippery seeping
cunt, then she playfully enjoyed the attention her son was showing her
and began to masturbate for him, moving two fingers within her folds
as he snapped away. His cock again grew hard.

Rod especially enjoyed when she knelt upon his bed, her face in his
pillows while her digits reached between her legs to finger herself.
This was too much for the young man, and the boundaries gone, he set
down his camera and climbed behind his mother's raised ass. She
guided his cock into her familiar hole and he grasped her hips before
slamming into her again and again.

Her orgasm came not long afterwards and she fell exhausted to the
covers. Rod followed her and continued to pump his organ into her
until he had his second orgasm. Again they lay, him hugging her while
they both caught their breaths.

Photo - Chapter IX
Gord had to explain, in detail, what happened between him and his
mother, to Rod's discontent, although Rod didn't mention a word about
the hour of fun he had with his own mother. Gord even confessed that
he was glad his friend left him alone and said, "I don't think I want
anyone else to fuck mom", claiming her as his own property.

Rod asked his best friend to watch three girls at his new school and
as before, to call him when he needed to come over with a camera.
Gord nodded, extremely happy with the friendship and secrecy that he
had with his old buddy.

Yet the young photographer had learned not to trust his friend with
all his secrets. Instead, unknown to his partner, Rod called up and
met Gord's mother Thelma for lunch, skipping English class to do it.

They sat in a booth at a fast-food place. Thelma seemed shy and
expectant as she ate her salad. "I didn't mean to hurt you last
weekend," he said. She looked up suspiciously, but he mustered his
courage and continued, "but we wanted to convince you to let Gord go
to school with me. It wasn't supposed to know." To Rod's
discomfort she didn't say a word. He brought out another envelope and
handed it to her.

Slightly nervous she held the large heavy envelope until he motioned
her to look in. "Those are the photos that I considered the best!
Those that you look beautiful in." She was surprised at his words and
quickly browsed through the bundle, pausing twice to look at what the
camera had caught. Rod's words would have been meaningless if they
were not true - the pictures were beautiful and she looked radiant and
seductive. "Gord never saw any of these and never will."

For the first time during the meal she spoke while placing the
pictures back into the envelope. "Yes, he's more interested in
graphic detail than beauty. I don't know what I did wrong." Again
Rod realized that this woman, older than his own mother, was talking
to him as an equal. "I suppose he told you what he did to me?" Rod
nodded. "And since?" This time he nodded, no.

Thelma seemed embarrassed, and relieved, to be talking about this.
"Would you give me the negatives and photos you have?"

He shook his head. "I can't do that. I'm sorry." And he was.

"Then what is it you want?" She was again on the defensive.

"I want you to know that I, and not Gord, have the pictures. And that
he could never show them to anyone without my consent." He paused
momentarily, unsure how to continue. "First of all, I would like you
to smile." She didn't. "Then I would like your beauty, both on film
and in person."

As he had witnessed that weekend, she again turned off her emotions.
"Whatever you want I will do."

"Well I don't want Gord to know that we spoke or anything about what
we talked about. Okay?" She nodded, puzzled. "I propose to you that
in six months the photos and negatives will be destroyed or given over
to you. Whichever is your choice." He had no intention of destroying
the photos but would instead put them away somewhere for his own
viewing pleasure. "In those six months you will do anything I ask."
He realized his own voice was becoming hard and realized she softened
under the power he exerted. "And I will ensure that Gord stops
harassing you in six months, and perhaps slow his attack upon you

She nodded, almost pleased to see an end to this predicament in sight.
"What is it you want?"

"Like Gord said, I want to fuck you. Also, give me an allowance every
week. And to keep the blind open whenever you're having sex in your
house." She nodded, not showing any hint of surprise, much to Rod's

They parted with a brief handshake and a nod. If they had not been in
such a public place the young man would most certainly have kissed her

Photo - Chapter X
Ms. Foster noticed the truant youth in the halls after her class and
told him to attend to her classroom after the school day was out for
the dreaded detention.

Rod entered his English room half an hour after school was out.
Ms. Foster stood from grading papers behind the desk. "Here. " She
handed him a few sheets of paper. "Complete the assignment that you
had forgotten to hand in today. It should only take you about two to
three hours." She always seemed to delight in putting "down" one of
her students.

Yet this day Rod came prepared. "No, Ms. Foster, I don't think I will
do the assignment." The schoolteacher was totally unprepared for his
rebuttal, yet more from the way he said it than what he said. She
watched as he smiled then handed her a thick envelope. "Open it."

She turned white as over five dozen photos, revealing her in all her
glory, told her why this young man did not want to do his assignment.
She stood stunned.

"I've had a long day already and don't much feel like playing games
with you, Ms. Foster." He folded the photos back into the envelope as
he talked, his teacher not moving yet watching every movement he made.
"I would like to find somewhere quiet, then you are going to take off
all your clothes for me." She didn't say a word, just gasped. "If
there is any doubt, I'm going to fuck you."

"I..I won't!"

She was about to continue when he butted in, "You will or your
boyfriend will get a sealed envelope in the mail and your picture will
be posted all over this town." She was again frozen. "Well!?"

He realized he was being harsh with his English instructor, yet over
the last couple of months she had been more than a simple pain in his
backside. "Take your panties off." The calm way he spoke startled
her more than the order. Ms. Foster reached under her clothes and
pulled down her black lace panties, her nylons being the thigh-high
type. "Now, let's go somewhere more private."

When the closet door was closed and locked, the teen pulled his camera from his school bag. "Show me what you do to turn on men?" She
became wooden in her movements, smoothing out her hair and attempting
to look sexy - to no avail. "Take your clothes off. Hurry!" The
woman's hands shook as she rushed to comply with the order. The
camera clicked away as the young man caught her essence upon film.

He motioned her to bend over a messy table, her bottom raised high and
after a few more pictures he slid his cock right into her. The going
was quite loose, to his surprise, and the amount of her sexual
moisture was lacking. Setting down the camera, the young man grabbed
her by the hips and pounded into her cunt. Rod didn't last long and
shot his nectar deep within her sex, causing her to make noise for the
first time. She gasped in surprise and delight at the flood of
moisture flooding deep inside her.

"Don't move." Zipping up his fly then quickly getting his things back
in order, the young man left the small room and found his best friend.
"She's in there, go on!" He grinned as Gord smiled excitedly, then
entered the closet, watching his friend until he also was finished
with the teacher. They left the school together talking and planning
their next encounter.

Photo - Chapter XI
Rod caught two more neighbourhood women in separate sexual escapades.
One was masturbating furiously in a dimly-lit room, her hands the only
tools she needed. Another woman, middle-aged, was having sex with her
husband and much of the time they spent fucking in that hour was
captured on film.

These, of course, aroused the attention and desire of the young man.
And he wanted to experience even more in the way of candid sexual
pictures. Without Gord's knowledge he filmed an entire session
between him and his mother. It surprised the young man how his best
friend treated his mom in bed. He pulled her hair, pinched her skin,
slapped her buttocks and was generally rough and uncaring in his
attentions with her.

In an empathic moment, Rod met Thelma one afternoon when he knew Gord
was staking out some houses on the far side of the neighbourhood. She
seemed very surprised that he gave her kind and gentle attention. For
three hours the young man enjoyed the middle-aged woman's body, and
she did likewise. By the time he left, Thelma hugged and kissed him
passionately, making him utter a promise to come again next week.

At home, on another day, his mother walked into his room in the middle
of the day wearing an old overcoat. She had a peculiar smile upon her
face. Without a word she opened it to reveal her attractive body
encased in a sexy see-through teddy. She whispered something about
finally being alone before pulling his cock out of his shorts and
quickly stuffing it into her mouth. He pulled the bathrobe from her
shoulders, revealing the sexy lingerie and nothing else. His mother didn't even stop bobbing her head upon his cock as he slid his hand
under the fabric to cup a breast.




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