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PICNIC 1 sucked one was rapture


"Pinic_1" {Pendragon} (MF rom)
IF YOU ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 18, or otherwise forbidden by law to
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All persons here depicted, except public figures depicted as
public figures in the background, are figments of my imagination
and any resemblance to persons living or dead is strictly

# # # #
by Uther Pendragon
"I feel so guilty," Manny told her new husband, Ed. "She fixed
almost the whole meal, and we are really sneaking off from them
on our first day here." And she felt guilty about last night,
too. She loved Ed. Keeping her hands off him in the months
before their marriage had been a struggle, and not always a
successful one. But in the room next to her parents....

"When you were a teenager and came up here, did your family spend
all weekend together?" Ed asked.

"Gosh, no. But, if I wanted to take a lunch, I would have to fix
it myself."

"So we go with her blessing, no?" Ed asked.

She led the way carrying the basket. Ed followed carrying the
rolled blanket. The path was perfectly easy to see, but he
didn't walk beside her, anyway. She guessed where his eyes were
pointed, and put a little extra sway into her hips. Turning him
on was such fun, although -- after last night -- it probably
wasn't necessary.

Anyway, these jeans had been a struggle. They weren't really
picnic clothes. She had better get all the use out of them that
she could.

They were hot and sweating before they stepped into the relative
coolness of the woods. The clearing with the spring and the mint
was much smaller than she remembered. Maybe she was bigger;
maybe she wasn't counting the pool and the brook this time. The
woods were quiet. A few crows called from distant fields.
Otherwise, every wild creature could have been sleeping in the

"Put it down there," she said gesturing at the patch of mint.
She bent to help him straighten out the blanket. Then she took
the jar of iced tea out of the basket, and put it in the spring
where it would keep cool. She took off her shoes and socks.
Something easier to remove would have been more appropriate
footgear; but the path they had come required rough shoes.

"Was it worth the trip?" she asked him.

"It's beautiful," Ed said, and it was.

"And very private," she pointed out. "It's our land, and posted
against hunters even in the fall." It was high summer now, hot
even here in the shade.

She kissed him. He was a little surprised at first, but then
clutched her against his frame and pressed his tongue into her
mouth. She tasted it for a moment, and then chased it back.

"Do you want to eat now?" he asked.

"No," she answered. "I probably put the diaphragm in an hour
ago. I don't know how long it will last." The diaphragm, of
course, would last years if she didn't take it out; the jelly was
what worried her.

Now Ed twigged. Honestly! and the man was so good at crossword
puzzles too. He grabbed her more tightly and kissed her more

"Manny, I love you," he said. "Manantia, I absolutely adore

"All you want is my body." Not that she really believed that.

"Right now." He kissed her again, pulling her against his body
with a grip on her hips. She started unbuttoning his shirt, and
he reciprocated. Their arms tangled, but the tangle was fun; she
wasn't in that much of a hurry. He kissed her belly button, and
then unsnapped her bra. She appreciated his mouth on her
breasts, but her legs felt suddenly weak. When she sat down on
the blanket, he moved to her jeans.

These were as much of a struggle for both of them to remove as
they had been a struggle for her to get on. A dress would have
been better for her present purpose than jeans; but the path they
had come required rough clothes. Besides, if she didn't want her
parents hearing them make love, she didn't want them guessing
about her purpose either. Jeans were the costume for a picnic.

He finally had them loose. While he drew them off her legs, she
lay back on the blanket. He stripped off his t-shirt and put it
on top of her jeans. Then he lay down beside her, and they had
another kiss. This time, though, she could feel his chest
rubbing across her breasts. He kissed all over her face, and
attacked her neck.

Slowly, his mouth worked lower. However excited his kisses made
her feel, they weren't moving and disturbing the birds and
animals. A few birds were singing in the trees; a squirrel
chittered overhead.

He kissed every bit of her breasts except the important parts.
Finally, she grabbed his hair to move him towards her nipples.
When he sucked on one, it was rapture. He moved to the other
under his own steam. She could only lie there, caress his
shoulders with her hands, and accept all these marvelous

He broke away to tug at her panties. She lifted her hips, to
ease his job. Long ago, she had used the privacy of this
clearing to explore herself, explore her feeling, explore her
body. But she had never been naked here.

Now, with the panties gone and Ed still kneeling at her side, she
was completely bare -- bare to the trees, bare to the birds whose
songs she could hear, bare to the squirrel who was commenting in
squirrel fashion from some branch overhead. See if she ever
brought *him* any more peanuts.

Then Ed moved between her legs. He kissed both of them, moving
slowly upwards from the knees.

"Ed, please," she said. He reached the top of her thighs and
stopped to lick and kiss just outside her lips. he moved his
hands back up to her breasts. "Please!"

Finally, he moved one hand down to part her lips. He licked the
groove. Then he touched her clit. She gasped. When he moved
away, she reached down to his head. She pulled him against the
right spot by his hair.

His mouth sent thrills through her. She held him there while
fire burned inside her. It consumed her.

Finally, it left. She pushed his head back and let go. Somehow,
there was no sound in the woods except her panting.

As this slowed, Ed started kissing her face, and then her
breasts. When she could spare the breath, she pulled him up for
a real kiss. Their tongues dueled.

Her arousal, never quite gone, renewed itself. But Ed was
wearing much too much. She tugged at his belt. After a minute,
he pulled away and shoved his jeans and underpants down.
Kneeling between her legs, he kissed her breasts again. He
sucked on her left nipple.

She reached down to his groin. When she pulled his phallus, he
moved forwards with it. After she had put him at the opening, he
moved forwards into her.

Filled! He filled her. His weight was familiar, but the hard
ground beneath the thin blanket was not. Her butt was almost
crushed. Still, the pressure added to her feeling of being

He kissed her eyebrow once and then started moving in and out.
She pulled her feet up on the blanket and answered his thrusts
with her own.

Her feelings began to spiral upwards. She grasped his pistoning
hips with her thighs and his rock-steady arms with her hands.
The he was rocking within her grasp, within her self. She had
all of him, but pushed against him to get more.

Then she came. She raised her pelvis despite his entire weight
being centered at that point. She shook with him driving in her
and above her. Seconds, maybe eons, later she collapsed.

He was still moving. Then he thrust even harder into her and
stayed there against her. "Manantia!" he said. He pulsed inside
her and filled her even more. Finally, he collapsed above her.

Minutes later, he asked, "Should I move?"

"No darling. I like you there." He was embracing her. He was
also hiding her from the squirrel still making comments above

Then it was time for him to move. He did, leaving a moist trail
across her thigh as he went. She sat up to reach her clothes.
Something poured out of her onto the blanket when she did.

He pulled his pants back up and finished dressing. She had more
to do. The jeans were a struggle again, but she knew that they
wouldn't be any easier after a full meal.

She brought the iced tea back, and then returned there to soak the
spot from the blanket. Then she brought it back and set out the
food on the dry part.

"If I'd thought about it, I would have lain further to the side,"
she said.

"Did you have a blanket when you went on picnics as a girl?"

"Only family picnics. By myself, I ate out of the basket." She
gestured at the paper plates. "Mom doesn't think that's
appropriate for guests. Maybe not for adults."

"I hope she doesn't think of me as a guest," Ed said.

"Well, as a guest, but also as family. We did take a blanket on
family picnics, after all. Doesn't work very well for one
person. Anyway, that was my decision. I *could* have burdened
myself back then."

After they had eaten, Ed tried to feed the corn to the squirrel,
who wasn't about to come anywhere near them. "Get way back and
keep silent," she said. "He doesn't trust you."

So she tried to feed him with the same result. "Could he have
forgotten?" she asked.

"How long do squirrels live, anyhow?" Ed asked.

"You have a point. This is probably the grandson of the squirrel
I fed." She dropped the corn all around the tree and pushed some
into the cracks in the bark.

"I love you, Manantia," Ed said. And, this time, he wasn't
talking about her body.

They walked back hand-in-hand, enjoying the summer. The weather
was hot, but the trail had plenty of good views. Somehow, they
were lots more fun now that she had Ed to share them with.

The End
Picnic 01
Uther Pendragon

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