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PICNIC 2 daughter and son in law the next


"Picnic_2" {Pendragon} (MF rom preg)
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All persons here depicted, except public figures depicted as
public figures in the background, are figments of my imagination
and any resemblance to persons living or dead is strictly
# # # #
by Uther Pendragon
"Are they coming back?" Jerry asked. He was less interested in
what Manny would do than in what her mother thought she would do.
Trying to turn on a woman who was listening for the patter of
little footsteps (big footsteps, now -- especially in Ed's case)
was a losing proposition. Experience had told him that.

"I packed the basket." Karen said. "I also suspect that Manny
has gotten over her scatter-brained phase. Marriage does that
for a woman. But I still have to do finish up in the kitchen if
we are going to have dinner tonight."

"I could be bribed to help." He pulled her back against him and
kissed her neck.

"I'm too distracted. I'll see you in ten minutes." It was
really twenty before she had cleaned up from the picnic
preparation and sunk the ribs in their marinade.

While he was waiting for her, Jerry turned down the air
conditioning and stripped. Then he lay down on the bed.

She often spent the week up here on the farm these summers. He
missed her, but the reunions on Friday nights were worth it.
This Friday, when he'd picked up Manny and her groom at the
airport, he hadn't even imagined that the reunion would be
different. With daughter and son-in-law in the next room,
however, Karen hadn't felt comfortable with his advances. Well,
she was bright enough to figure out a way to send them off
without their feeling the least unwelcome.

And they weren't unwelcome, either. He liked Ed. He might not
think that he was worthy of his daughter, but then, who was?
And he was always overjoyed these days when Manny was back home.
He just wanted his wife undistracted.

When Karen came in, he rose to help her undress. By the time
that he had her down to her bra and panties, she was returning
his kisses with real passion.

"I love you," he said.

"And I love you. It's just that with Manny right next door...."

"Well, she's far away, now."

"On a romantic picnic with her new husband. I know I never
hurried back from those."

Karen had, in fact, made love with her husband on many romantic
picnics. Jerry didn't want to think of Manny doing that. On the
other hand, Manny had taken a good many solitary picnics in her
life. If she took as long this noon, they had plenty of time.

And, having plenty of time, he used a little of it to kiss
Karen's breasts when they were freed. He sucked a little on the
nipple, too. She pulled his head into the suction.

"If you really want, we could take a picnic, too," Karen said.
"Just because we are old married folk doesn't mean we couldn't be
romantic, too. There is the northern pasture."

"I can be romantic right here." Indeed, to his thinking, the bed
was better than a picnic blanket. They'd done enough of that
when Manny was young. That last couple of years with Manny off
at school had spoiled him.

She lay down while he removed her panties. "You know," he said,
"she's not likely to come knocking on the door at the critical
moment, any more. She has Ed to talk to."

"And, being a married woman, she knows precisely what the
squeaking bed springs mean,"

Jerry didn't want to think about that. Not about Ed making the
bed springs squeak under Manny. His Manny -- his little girl.

He knew they had hours yet. Still he locked the door before
coming to bed. He did that even when the two of them were in the
house alone.

He kissed her when he got back into bed. First, their tongues
tangled, then he kissed the special spot on her neck. When she
shivered, her breasts quivered. He went directly to her nipple,

She held his head against her. "I always think it's special when
Manny takes a picnic to the spring."

Jerry wasn't so sure that Manny had ben conceived there. That
temperature business had been a hassle. He'd been barely
breaking even as a single practitioner. Then old Jameson had
offered him a partnership. He'd accepted, and they had
immediately decided on a baby. Karen had started taking her
temperature every morning.

He'd lain beside her for nights without end. He'd kissed her,
but hadn't gone any further. Every morning, she'd take her
temperature as soon as she got up. Finally, after nearly a week,
it had spiked.

"Oh darling," he'd said.

"We planned the whole thing," she'd said. But it had been just
as long for her. When he tugged on her arm, she returned
willingly to the bed. He had stripped her and kissed her breasts
just like this. Holding back had been hell, even briefly. He'd
wanted to just sink his cock into her. But she'd wanted him,
too. She had pulled on his shoulders and spread her legs.

When he was there, she'd reached down to put him at the right
spot. Then, his last exercise in restraint, he'd entered her
slowly. He had felt every inch, her warmth and wetness
surrounding him.

When their pubic hair had ground together, he'd gone wild. He
had pounded into her, and she had thrown herself against him.
She'd clawed his back, and he'd spewed a week's accumulation of
lust into her spasming heat.

Later, though, he had taken the afternoon off. They'd driven out
to the farm, then still belonging to her parents. Going off down
the path, he'd carried the basket and he'd carried the blanket,
the purchase of which had been part of the planning.

Walking alongside her, he'd seen that she hadn't been wearing a
bra. Walking behind her, he'd admired the play of her buttocks
under the peasant skirt. He'd decided that the draining that
morning had been less serious than he had thought. When they got
to the spring, he had been ready all over again. Even though
he'd had to skip breakfast, he was eager to deal with other
appetites before they had lunch.

Karen, however, had insisted on eating the picnic first. Sitting
on the new blanket across from her, he'd had a fine view of her
breasts when she unbuttoned most of her blouse "Because of the
heat." He had also discovered that the bra wasn't the only
garment she had discarded. When she shifted so that her skirt
rode up, he could see that she hadn't any panties on, either.

Finally, the food had been finished. She had insisted on killing
the bottle of wine, too. But, while they sipped that, she had
kissed him and allowed him to open her blouse further. Finally,
drunk on the kisses as much as on the wine, he had stripped.
She'd only taken off her blouse and shoes.

He returned to her sweet -- wine flavored -- mouth, and then on
to her breasts. She had kissed his phallus once, and then lain
back. Hot as her mouth had been around his member, she had been
hotter below.

And hotter in other ways, as well. Her legs clasped around his
waist as soon as he had entered her. Her strokes matched his in
intensity and she clawed his back.

She clasped around him as he stroked back and forth. So soon
after the morning, he felt close to his own climax, but couldn't
seem to get any closer.

He felt all of her tension around him. Then he felt her relax
beneath him. Still he stroked through that marvelous smooth

His sensations had been incomparable. She had lain beneath him,
totally receptive. Then she began to respond again. Her groin
pushed back against his. Her quim clutched around him. When she
moaned and clasped his phallus tightly, he finally exploded.

He thrust forward and poured his essence into her quivering
center. Then both of them collapsed. He'd known he should move.
He just didn't have the energy. When he finally mustered some,
she clung to him.

Much later, he'd withdrawn and she had inserted a Tampax half
way. Somehow the path home had been steeper and more treacherous
than it would ever be again -- even when he grew older.

Karen smiled at him. "That blanket."

That blanket had supported a good many family picnics over the
years. He'd wanted to save it for special occasions; but Karen
had put it down on the floor for Manny to roll on, and -- later
-- to learn to crawl on.

"It's lasted all these years," he said. "Where is it now?"

"Probably at the spring by now. I gave it to Ed to carry."

"That blanket's special." The family had other blankets, used
ones too old to keep on a bed.

"And Manny makes it special. So she should have the use of it."

"You're cute." He kissed the tip of her nose.

"You don't think it was the picnic at all."

"I don't know." Actually, it seemed to him that the first
intercourse in her fertile period, with all that saved-up sperm,
was far more likely. He kissed her left nipple. It was firm and
smooth between his lips.

"And, if you don't know, you should accept the decision of
someone who was closer to the action." She held him briefly
against her right breast when he sucked that nipple.

"Oh, I was close, all right." He kissed her navel, then inserted
his tongue. She shivered and pushed his head away.

"I was right here," he continued. He kissed her outer labia.
Then he moved them apart with his nose. He licked the edges of
her inner labia from her entry up until he just missed her

"Jerry," she whispered. "Jerry, please!"

Ignoring her plea, he parted her inner labia with his tongue near
her entry. He lapped up the sweet juice he found there. Slowly,
his lapping tongue edged upwards.

She pulled his head against herself. "Jerry! I beg you."

When he did just touch her clitoris with the tip of his tongue,
she pulled hard on his hair. She moaned. He licked up the inner
labia again, brushing across her clitoris again.

He could taste more and more of her essence as her excitement
grew. Then she pulled him upwards. "Jerry! Now!"

His teasing, of himself as much as of her, was over. He rose
until he was kissing her forehead. Then he was at her portal.

She stilled herself as he pushed into her warm slickness. Then
she began undulating beneath him as he stroked within her. The
sensations of her warmth sliding around him were exquisite.
Suddenly, they became even better as she contracted around him.
"Oh Karen," he said. "Oh love. Oh love. Oh love! Yesss!" His
own climax hit him. He thrust deeply into her and spurted and

Then he collapsed beside her. When his strength returned, he
was able to reach her shoulder to kiss it. "I do love you," he
said, still gasping a little.

"I love you, too. Even if you don't see that I conceived Manny
at the spring."

"I don't say that you didn't. There was another time that day.
And other times the next nights. I just say it's not proven."

"And that's one of the things I love about you, counselor. You
insist on proof for the most private things -- proof that would
convince a jury."

The End
Picnic 02
Uther Pendragon

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