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PILLORY hurt nor heat unheeding her


On the starlit common, the adulteress dozed uncomfortably in the pillory.
She could not stand straight, and if she relaxed, the wood pressed against
her throat, making her choke. Around her feet, the litter of rotten
cabbage and slops too poor for the hogs sent their odor into her dreams,
reminding her of the day's shame. The aldermen had been stern-faced as
they sentenced her, but their eyes were hot as they looked on her, and
she knew that for all their high moral tone and biblical quotations they
wanted her as much as had all the rest of the village men, as much as the
stranger who had seduced her beside the dry corn ricks. The ricks had
whispered like conspirators when he kissed her, one hand cupping her
breast, her nipple pressed hard between his thumb and forefinger; they
had chattered fearfully when he hiked her skirt and petticoat with that
same hand, and put that hand where only her husband had touched before.
And they had rattled with anger as he took his pleasure on her there,
asking no man's leave, arousing her as her husband never had.

She was with him now, in her dream, could almost feel his hand lifting
her skirt... And then a ferocious spank on her bare buttocks woke her
to realize that her skirt had been raised indeed, and she was still in
the pillory, and behind her where she could not see, some man was raising
his hand to strike her again. Breathless with shock, she could make no
sound as blow after blow burned her -- it was a hard hand, calloused by
work, she could feel as it rubbed over her hot, sore buttocks as though
testing for doneness. Then he spanked her some more, pitiless, his hand
absorbing neither hurt nor heat, unheeding of her little cries of pain,
until some man said, "That's enough, man. Don't waste time."

She heard the man behind her grunt affirmatively; then his big,
clumsy fingers were digging in her crotch, spreading the lips. He felt
there the moisture evoked by her dream of the stranger and gave a bark
of laughter. "Aren't you the randy one, eh? She'll give us all a good
ride, I'll wager."

She felt two of his fingers forcing their way into her vagina while
a third rubbed her clit; she squirmed and made little, indistinct noises.
"Woman," he said behind her, "you were sentenced to a day and a night in
the pillory. And now you may judge for yourself, which is the worse, the
day's punishment, or the night's punishment, for the night's punishment
is beginning. You may shriek and plead all you wish, the more and the
louder the better, because when the women hear you, they will huddle in
their beds and know fear, and vow to themselves never to be where you are
now. And when the men hear, they will know that they may come out to the
common and use you as we may now use you. And use you we will, wench,
until the dawn ends your sentence, you may lay good odds on that!"

Then she felt his fingers withdrawn, and in their place, the head of
his erect cock. He drove into her with such force that her shoulders
banged into the back of the pillory, and continued furiously, as though
trying to spank her buttocks with his belly, growling like an animal enraged the whole time. She had to hold her breath to keep from
screaming -- she didn't want to give it them, and more, she did not
want all the men to come in the night and take her like this. But as
the length of him filled her utterly, pounding her cervix, she felt
a warmth rising in her, and when he spent in her and withdrew promptly,
she could not keep her hips from rocking, reaching for more. They
laughed at her, and another man took the first man's place.

This one teased her, mocking her lust, rubbing his cock-head lightly
over her labia and slapping at her ass with it. "How right we were to
sentence you -- you must be the Whore of Babylon incarnate. Gracious
what a hungry mouth you have!" And here he pinched her labia, chuckling
at her strangled cries. Only the impatience of the other men saved her
from going mad with desire; he slid easily into her, still dripping as
she was with the other man's ejaculate, and reached around to squeeze
her breasts and pinch her nipples. He rode her like a wild, bucking
mare, and when he was done another man took his place -- and she was
wilder than ever with supressed screams and delayed orgasms.

"Have you ever wondered why we are called aldermen, woman?" said this
new one. "Look here." She looked down, where a hand had come into her
view holding a bundle of perhaps a dozen limber rods. The tiny
pinecone-like pods let her know they were alder switches, cruel and
stinging as birch. "And they are used in this wise," he continued,
withdrawing them from her sight. He waited many maddening moments to
begin, letting her wonder when he would strike her. And when he did,
the breath exploded from her in a scream that echoed down the common
and off the walls of the houses. She was doomed now, she felt it, and
even as she surrendered to the pain and the screaming, she surrendered
to her orgasm, and it took her with fury and convulsions, all her body
awash with pain and ecstasy. She hardly even felt the man enter her,
but heard him gasp as her vaginal muscles clamped onto his erection and
immediately milked his jism from him with the force of their throbbing.

The fourth man ran a hand over her steaming buttocks, commenting
favorably on their heat, and entered her for only a few strokes; she
could scarcely feel them. "You've worn her out for me, you bastards,"
he exclaimed, and they laughed at him in return. "Well, no matter of
that," he said, "I can still get mine." And with this, he withdrew
and repositioned himself at her asshole. The pressure was unbearable;
she shrieked while the men laughed, but low-voiced behind her, so that
the others would not hear, her tormentor said, "If you relax, it will
not hurt you, but indeed, be as delightful to you as to me. Relax, I
say." And he reached round front her her and massaged her aching clit,
now pressing at her asshole, now releasing, in the same steady rhythm
as he pressed and released her clitoris. With each press, she felt
her muscles relaxing, and then with a tangible "pop" he was inside her.

"Yesssss" he murmured, still working in the same rhythm, and she felt
each inch of her give way to him, like a bursting of floodgates. When
he was finally all inside her, he gave a few long, slow strokes as
though to be sure of a clear path. Then he pressed on her belly with
his other hand, still working at her clitoris with the first, and
began to thrust into her with increasing speed and force. She felt
him knocking at her cervix through the little wall of flesh, felt him
indeed all through her viscera, all drowned in sensation, and only when
he came, his organ jerking like a hanged man's, did she realize that
she had been coming all the time he was inside her.

She heard the aldermen greeting new arrivals, and did not know
whether to feel fear or gladness. "Adam, my son," said one of them,
"tell me why that woman is there."

A young voice answered him, "Because she was fucking, father." A
moment's shocked silence greeted the boy's frankness, then they all
laughed, and she could hear them pounding him approvingly on the back.

"That's my boy. And what purpose does she serve now?"

"Father, I think she's there to be fucked."

More hilarity erupted from the men, and the youth's father said,
"Even so, my son. Now look at her, and tell me truthfully: do you think
you would like to fuck her?" The men fell silent, and she heard the boy step up softly behind her on the platform. "Go ahead," his father urged,
"you can touch if you like." She felt tentative fingers on her ass and

"Father," the boy said in a near whisper, "I think I would like that
very much. May I please?"

"Of course, my boy, of course. That is why she is there, just as you
said. Out with it now, and show us what kind of man you are."

She could tell he was embarassed, because his cock was flaccid as he
approached her. But once he had hidden it between her thighs, out of
sight of the men, she felt it twitch, and she encouraged him by squeezing
it gently there. His breathing came faster, and as she shifted to ease
his entry, she felt that his young manhood stood out from a belly barely
furred with soft down that had not yet grown into a wiry bush. He made
delightful little sounds as he moved in her, though he was not really
yet adept, and she teased him by pulsing with her vaginal muscles, now
squeezing, now releasing. She squeezed extra tight, holding her breath
to focus on his thrusts, and with a sweet high cry he came in her as the
men stamped their feet and applauded.

And so it went, for hours and hours as the men changed places, spent
their lust inside her, recovered, and returned. Some went to bed, some
stayed to cheer, or pinch at her nipples and clit while another of their
number took her. Finally they all were gone, and she rested.

She dozed again, dreaming of the stranger, and now also of the sweet
young man, his voice cracking out of its manly tones as he came for her.
Then she heard a heavy step behind her, and stiffened. She did not know
who it was, could not know because he said not a word. But she heard
the buckle of his belt as he undid it, and sighed a little. Then he
forced her legs apart with his own and reached under her; but he didn't
finger her -- she gave a shocked cry as his hand came up with a
stinging slap on her mound, then again, then again. He ground his hand
against her, then stood back, but before she could close her legs to
him, his belt leaped out like a striking snake and bit the insides of
her thighs.

She screamed again and again as the belt lashed her thighs and pubis,
thrashing about in a vain attempt to escape it. Then she felt him, hot
and big between her thighs; he took her there and asked no man's leave,
one hand cupping her breast, her nipple pressed hard between his thumb
and forefinger, the other resting palm down on her buttocks as he pressed
his thumb into her asshole. She was blind with desire for him, her cries
of pain indistinguishable from her cries of pleasure, and at the very last
his throat did let go a cry as he came, and she knew that the stranger had
taken her again, and with that knowledge came orgasm after racking orgasm,
the two of them rocking together until the wood itself groaned.

He left her as silently as he had come, as silently as he had first
found her. She rests now, quietly. But there is a new strength in her;
she knows all of the village men now, by their voices and their cocks,
and she will be able to look boldly at them, brazenly in their eyes, and
she knows that they will be the first to look away in shame -- which one
of them could have borne what she has borne?

And in the corn ricks, she will wait for the sweet young Adam,
knowing that he will seek her there, and she will form him in the
stranger's image, to the greater pleasure of them both.


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