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PLATO stretch out his legs


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so
we can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.

P.S. All actors used in this story are over 18. Documents are on
file with the Controller of Records in the town where the story occurs.
Platonic love- (plato.txt)- Like its title, a story rife with
irony. It is neither platonic nor love, but hardly anything goes by
its right name in this strange place you hope you never live in. m/f
m/F, oral, anal
Platonic Love
By Aristotle Onanist
(formerly Jerry Jerk-off)

"Damn it Jerry! Don't start that stuff again!" Denise said angrily.
"How many times do I have to tell you I'm not that kind of girl?"
"Come on, Denise, we've been going together for six months now,"
Jerry pleaded, "It's just words on paper."
"Are you going to put it in and fuck me or do I have to get out
of this car with my panties around my ankles and hop back into my
house?" Denise threatened.
"Okay," Jerry said dejectedly, "But just once I thought you
might do something I wanted."
Denise didn't respond until Jerry had cuddled up behind her and
pushed his dick inside her as they lay on the back seat of his car
like spoons in a drawer.
"There, that's better," Denise sighed as his cock began to move
in and out of her. "Maybe we can read a little some time, but I'm
not ready for that yet."
Jerry was trying to be good, but he had needs. He thrust into
Denise as properly as he could in his disappointment. This was good
too and he knew how much Denise liked it. She wiggled her butt
frantically against him and he tried to fuck her faster.
He knew she closed her eyes when she got excited. He knew it was
up to him to keep watch, but he had been distracted by his own
thoughts. Mrs. McElroy was within a step of the car when he noticed
her. He tried to push the book under the seat before she could see.
He leaned back and humped harder into Denise as her mother pressed her face to the window. He better have her squirming with joy
if mom was looking. Fortunately, Denise loved cock and was gasping
urgently as he fucked her.
When they had quieted down in the back seat, Mrs. McElroy opened
the front door and got in.
"I'm glad you're Denise's boyfriend, Jerry," she said, "I know I
don't have to worry about you."
"Thank you, Mrs. McElroy," Jerry said dutifully.
Parents were always hanging around watching. It was like being in
a fascist country with secret police, Jerry thought to himself. Then
she glanced down and Jerry began to sweat.
"What is that?" Mrs. McElroy asked.
"Nothing," Jerry said too quickly, "I mean it's not mine. The
guys, you know how guys are, they're always kidding around."
"Well, I don't like to see it," Mrs. McElroy took on that serious
voice parents get when they're about to lecture, "You know how
dangerous that can be, don't you? You think a little bit won't hurt and then, before you know it, you're in trouble. You shouldn't ask
for trouble."
"She didn't believe your weak excuse, you know," Denise said when
her mother had left.
"Yeah, but I think she could tell we weren't doing anything,"
Jerry said, "She didn't say that much."
"To you," Denise pouted, "I'm the one that's going to have to
hear about it. And I didn't want to do it in the first place."

It wasn't fair. A guy has needs and people should understand
that. Nature was aiming for a guy to fall in love when he was 13.
It was unrealistic to expect a guy to be satisfied with meaningless
sex for another ten years before society said he could fall in love.
Jerry was grumpy about everything. Denise didn't want to hear
poetry, her mother was on their case, and he hadn't done anything on
his English Culture project for sex education. Who cared about a
bunch of old gits that got off spanking the pert, round bottoms of
young girls?
"Well, I heard more than an earful when I got in the house,"
Denise confronted him in the hall. "I'm this close to fucking Tom or
Bill instead of you."
"Come on, I've just fucked you good for six months now," Jerry
said, "You know I'm not trying to make you do anything you don't want
to do. Those other guys want the same thing and I bet they won't wait
two weeks to try."
"That's what my mother said," Denise said smugly. "Boys only want
one thing. They're not interested in screwing hard and long and
getting a girl pregnant at all. They pretend, but it's only so they
can talk romance and try to get a girl to fall in love with them. She
told me how guys brag about getting a girl to marry them. It's just
a status thing and I don't want to be a trophy. I want to get pregnant
at least a couple times before I even think about getting mushy."
She was giving Jerry blue-heart. She'd act like she wanted to
hear some sweet words of love and then she'd crush him with a rejection.
It made his chest ache and he was sure it wasn't good for him.
But he had to admit she was right about at last part of what she
said. They'd been fucking for six months and she wasn't pregnant. All
her friends waddled around with big bellies and she was still slim and
couldn't even make herself throw up.
It wasn't his fault. He'd knocked up Missy in a week. He felt bad
for Denise, but it wasn't like he wasn't trying. They had proven that
you didn't have to want to, anyway. All you had to do was do it and the
girl was supposed to get pregnant. And they did it all the time.
"I know who can answer that question better than me," Coach Davis
said to Jerry's question. "Miss Lindley."
It kinda made sense to Jerry. She was the sex teacher and she'd
talk to both him and Denise together. Then he wouldn't have to try and
explain it to her.
Miss Lindley listened carefully to what they told her. She made
it easy to pour out their hearts about the positions they used and
how long it took for Jerry to cum and how often Denise joined him.
Finally she sat up and tapped a finger on her lips.
"I can think of a couple of things that might be the problem
here," she said. "It could always be a plumbing problem for Denise, but
from what you've told me, I think it's just too much of a good thing."
"How can it be too much?" Denise asked. "More is always more,
isn't it?"
"You've put your finger on just the trouble," said Miss Lindley,
always the teacher, "More is sometimes the same watered down. A boy can only make so many tadpoles and sometimes pumping them out too much
will make for fewer of those swimming little fools in each squirt. In
other words, sometimes it's better to save them up for one good shot."
"You said it could be a couple things," Jerry piped up, "How do
we know which it is?"
"I'll have to do a test," Miss Lindley told him, "Take off your
Miss Lindley was a teacher that liked to have as much sex with as
many of her students as she could. She didn't feel she could count on
them to get it somewhere else and she wanted to be sure they all had
a little fucking in their lives.
It made it a lot easier for Jerry as he stood by her chair and
Miss Lindley leaned over to suck his dick. It seemed natural and he
didn't have to worry about the important test she was performing.
The only difference was Jerry sensed that Miss Lindley was not
going to stop and ask him to fuck her this time. She was different like
this. Normally she was very licky and only sucked a little bit to get
his cock hard enough to slam into her. She started about the same, but
then she hardly took her mouth off his cock at all.
She started sucking him deep and pulling off him slowly and
experimentally. She began to ease into a rhythm and Jerry began to groan
from the good feeling. He almost popped a nut when she let him slide
back into her throat the first time. He didn't think old women could do
Miss Lindley obviously sensed the effect she was having and
sucked him to the root a few more times to really make Jerry jump. Then
she sucked firmly on the head of his cock to force him to pop off into
her mouth. Her hand jacked his shaft as the first spurt hit her tongue
and she jacked and sucked Jerry until she was sure she had gotten all
the jizm he had to give.
They watched as she moved her tongue in her mouth with small
smacking noises as she tasted Jerry's semen. She looked at them and
"It tastes very thin. Not even very salty. Certainly no full-
bodied cachet of sperm," Miss Lindley reported. "I think you two fuck
too much. Try to keep it down. Maybe once in homeroom to take the edge
off and then once more when you're out at night."
She turned and looked at Jerry sternly, "And no jacking-off in
between. That's faggy, Jerry."
Yeah. Like he spent all his time in his room mooning over his
pee-pee. He was working on memorizing Shakespeare's sonnets. He bet
she wasn't going to bring that up. She might try to be cool, but she
was all about making sure the kids were just fucking and not sharing
longing stares into each other's eyes.
"You heard what Miss Lindley said," Jerry was protesting as Denise
tried to pull down his zipper.
"We could do it now and then stay home tonight to rest up," Denise
"You know how you are," Jerry reminded her, "You'll say anything
now because you're horny and then you'll still want to fuck tonight."
"I don't think you want to fuck me at all," Denise pouted as she
gave up the struggle with Jerry to open his pants, "I think you just
want to be lovey-dovey!"
She said it a bit too loud, because it set off a stir that moved
through the study hall. The commotion was enough to being Mr. Beadle
back to see what was going on. He saw enough to guess the situation.
"Think you can pitch a little woo under my nose, eh?" he said to
the offending couple. "I don't want to hear of it! The next time I look
back here I want to see naked butts going at it like bunnies."
"We can't," Jerry told him.
"What do you mean sassing me?" Mr. Beadle raged.
"Really, Miss Lindley said we should save it. That's why I was
struggling with Denise," Jerry explained.
"Miss Lindley? That slut? What does she have against good, old fashioned hiding the salami?" Mr. Beadle was puzzled.
"You must have noticed that Denise isn't pregnant. Miss Lindley is
trying to help us with that," Jerry said.
Mr. Beadle mumbled something non-committal and went back to his
desk. He was uncomfortable with the thought of a non-pregnant student.
It was a relief to have the pressure off, but it seemed to be
working against Jerry in changing Denise's mind. When they weren't
fucking she wanted to listen to his pleas about romance even less. She
was the one that wanted him to do what she wanted and didn't care about
how that made a young man feel.
Denise was even more suspicious than usual as they endured their
self-imposed curtailment.
"Jerry! You're not trying are you?" Denise complained as he fucked
her that night.
"I thought if we took a little longer it might build up my sperm
count," Jerry lied weakly.
He thought he could slip some slow, tender fucking past Denise. It
was a poor substitute and Denise wasn't even allowing him that.
"You're even trying to fuck romantic! What is it with you? Don't
you understand my feelings at all?" Denise scolded him.
"What about my feelings?" Jerry exploded. "You tease me with
cuddling up and talking, but then all you want is my hard cock in your
cunt. You're never going to listen to my words, are you? All you want
is to get fucked!"
"You make that sound so nasty," Denise recoiled, "Remember, I'm
the one that isn't pregnant. And you're the one that hasn't got me that
way. I don't think you care at all. I think you should just shoot off
your pathetic little load in me and go away!"
He was caught in the teen angst of his times. If he walked away,
he lost six months he had invested in Denise and six months was a very
long time in the span of his life so far. And he WAS in love with her.
It made it hard to even think about finding another girl to get to love
She was never going to give it up, he though at one time. She was
really having issues with her inability to get pregnant and he should be
understanding, he thought at another time. Stay or leave? He couldn't
make up his mind.
He was considering fucking another girl just to test his feelings
for Denise. If he didn't feel anything but good old lust, then he would
have to come back and help Denise get pregnant without pressuring her.
Jerry had made the mistake of thinking it was his decision. Denise
was already getting plugged by Kevin Fritz when he got to homeroom.
"I'm sick of you using my sexual attraction to you to try and get
what you want," Denise told him even while Kevin fucked her. "I'm
going to fuck other guys and let a real man get me preggers."
She had never said she wanted to love him. But after all that
great sex, he couldn't understand why she wouldn't want to. He'd given
her dick whenever she wanted it, too much according to Miss Lindley, how
could she be so cold to his love?
Candidates were not a problem. He knew several girls that were
just waiting for him to break up with Denise so they could have his cock.
The trouble was he wanted Denise to be the one to love him.
And then there were the girls everyone called 'easy'. Sure, he
could have a fling being in love with one of them, but even they didn't
expect that to lead to steady sex and commitment. He wanted to get a girl to love him because she wanted to and because she wanted them to love
just each other forever. He was an incurable sexist.
He doubted Miss Lindley would be any help, but when she insisted,
he broke down and poured out his story to her. He had to tell someone.
And, true to form, she had only a superficial solution.
"Your hormones are unbalanced because you didn't get laid this
morning," she told him. "I want you to come over her and fuck me good
and you'll feel better."
Like pumping his cock in and out of a teacher as they sprawled
across her desk was going to bring him love. He had to since she was a
teacher and the cum squirting out of him into the eager cunt of Miss
Lindley was calming, he had to admit. She had that way of contracting her
pussy when he was thrusting that made him feel she cared, but he knew
it was just a trick to make the sex better and not a sign of affection.
He didn't think much about it when he saw Cara Lott staring at his
cock as he pulled it dripping from Miss Lindley. She'd fuck him, sure,
but she didn't seem like the type to cuddle in candlelight and whisper
sweet nothings.
Besides, Cara didn't have anything going for her except a
dynamite body and those gravity-defying breasts. She was hardly the wife and mother type. She was a pump.
There were a lot of guys that didn't even get laid, except by Miss
Lindley or one of the other teachers. Jerry was ready to join their
ranks, at least for a while. What was the point if he wasn't going to get
any good lovin'?
Good intentions not only pave the way to hell, they make for
impossible decisions in other ways. However virtuous Jerry's intent, the
nights quickly became boring without any distractions. The other boys
followed the ritual. They put up with fucking girls to try and catch
them in a weak moment. Jerry felt like an outsider as he tried to
follow his impossible decision.
Genie Thompson was good at this. She had the advantage of parents that trusted her and would let her bed her beaux in her own room. Genie
had already been pregnant twice and they felt they could trust her
level-headed judgment.
Their trust was not mis-placed. She wanted Jerry's cock and nothing
else. She muffled any attempt to speak with her open, eager mouth as
soon as the door closed. She pushed him to the bed as they kissed and
then pulled him down on top of her.
She was a whirlwind. She seemed to undress him and herself without
ever taking her hands off him. Certainly her mouth only left his to
fasten to some other part of his anatomy as she got them both naked.
Jerry had never had his nipples licked before and it was a
nice distraction as Genie got him out of his pants. She was more active
than any girl he'd fucked. In the course of stripping them, she had
been under and on top of Jerry, kissing his flesh and offering her own
for him to kiss and suck.
Now she was beneath him again, but still the controlling partner.
Jerry was still preparing for what usually was a ritual of putting his
cock into a girl when Genie pulled on his hips and he was inside her
before he knew what was happening.
"Gee Genie, you sure took that easy," Jerry gasped.
"I like kissing and that stuff," Genie replied, moving gently to
urge him into action.
It was different adapting to Genie's way of fucking. It was kind
of nice that he didn't have to make all the moves. He knew the things
to do to do it, but he had often wondered why a girl wouldn't have some
ideas of her own what she wanted.
With Genie he didn't have to worry about that. She was indicating
unmistakably what she wanted from him. She wanted him to give it to her
now. He was already sunk to the hairs in her and she wanted him to
start fucking.
She really liked it even more than most girls. She was wet already
and she was not at all shy about moaning or gasping when he thrust into
her in a way she liked. It wasn't just the comfort of fucking in a bed
It was certainly nice to stretch out his legs as he fucked Genie,
but she sounded a lot more than merely comfortable. Genie sounded
blissfully happy as his cock slid in and out of her. Jerry had to admit
that it was nice to feel that he was doing a good job.
That made him feel pretty good fucking Genie too. Her happiness
extended to a gentle motion that massaged his cock as he fucked her. It
made her feel tight around his cock too. Tight, wet and really grateful
made the most out of only getting to fuck her.
"I know you'd like to cuddle and talk about each other's hopes
and dreams," Genie said as she held her knees to her chest to keep her
cunt elevated and let the semen flow deeper into her womb, "But I'm
not that kind of girl. It was a nice fuck and I hope you're not going
to ruin it by trying to sweet-talk me."
The stories had just been stories. Genie was supposed to have been
in love once. That still could be true, but she was certainly not going
to put herself in that position again. Jerry didn't 'ruin' their fuck
by trying to woo her.
"Miss Lindley, I'm fucking a new girl every night," Jerry
complained as she opened his pants to take out his cock.
"Then you should have lots of new things to show me," his teacher
said as she stroked his cock to erection, "What's the newest trick
you've learned?"
He didn't want to fuck her. Fucking a teacher was lame. For one
thing, everyone knew Miss. Lindley was already pregnant, though she
refused to have the DNA test to reveal the father. She said it only led
to old temptations and trouble.
For another, she was always lecturing while they did it. She had
an endless supply of propaganda about how interesting and inventive sex
could take the place of being in love.
"Now push yourself up on your hand," he told her as he showed her
the newest thrill he had found.
He had put her on her side with her legs drawn up and sat behind
her to enter her. His legs extended toward her head and she had a leg
to hold as he pushed against her bottom to screw her deep.
As she raised herself, Jerry fell back on his hands and they
formed a "V" with Jerry's cock fucking into his teacher at the joining.
From her elevation, Miss Lindley was able to move as well and add her
impetus to the slapping together of their groins.
"Yes, this is good," she congratulated Jerry. "It's a modification
of the "X", or scissors position, which is very exciting itself. Both
encourage the woman to participate which is very important in fighting
the boredom that can lead to problems."
Her stupid lectures made it take Jerry longer to cum. It was bad
enough to have to fuck a teacher without it taking forever.
This depressing whirl of sex, sex, sex, finally made Jerry give
in and ask Cara if she wanted to know where the wild goose goes. She
had been hanging around and Jerry knew she was waiting for the chance.
Jerry had no doubt that she was a great fuck. Everybody said so
and there was that body to back those claims. Her tits would be something
nice to hold onto while you fed her the meat down below. Since he had
resigned himself to just fuck and not get any real lovin', he might as
well fuck someone who was a fun fuck.
Cara was less enthusiastic about her chance to get laid by Jerry
than he thought. She put him off twice before finally accepting a
quickie date after school.
"You'll fuck anybody," she said as an excuse for refusing him
before. "A girl likes to think she's hot enough to make a guy horny to
stick his dick in her, not just get around to it eventually."
That was the kind of thing girls said when a guy couldn't get it
up. Jerry was confused to hear it as a reason not to fuck a guy. It
made Cara sound like she wanted a fucking commitment.
The quickie itself was just as confusing. Cara pulled her skirt up
and her panties down and stood in front of him waiting for dick as if it
was just a duty she had to fulfill. The air of 'noblesse oblige' made
Jerry have a real moment of doubt whether his cock was going to perform
in those icy emotional conditions.
Some pump. Her physiology was right, but her attitude stunk. She
bent over and let Jerry fuck her, but it felt like a concession. That was
a shame because she was a good fuck. She didn't have to move her butt for
the grip of her wet cunt to feel good and the nice firm handles of her
breasts made Jerry think just fucking wasn't the worst thing that could
happen to him.
Then she was coy when he asked when he could fuck her again. For a
hot property, Cara didn't seem to like to fuck much. Jerry thought it was
him. It sounded more and more like Cara was punishing him for not wanting
to fuck her first after he broke up with Denise.
That sometimes happened, but Jerry couldn't understand it in a girl like Cara. The really hot girls weren't supposed to care as long as they
were getting cock and plenty of it. It was the marginal girls that had
to rank themselves and had these little snits when a guy passed them over
to fuck someone else.
But, damn it, Jerry had found a girl he didn't mind fucking and he
was going to keep at her until she was giving it to him regular. This was
one girl that could make him forget his romantic notions when he was
sticking it to her. It was the first time fucking hadn't just been a
way to get a girl to listen to him go lovey-dovey on her.
For once he could be content sticking his cock up her tight twat
and jerking it back and forth until the baby cream came pouring out for
it's own sake. With Cara that was enough. He'd never felt that way
before. There was something special that didn't make him need to go
beyond that.
Jerry was even enjoying putting it to Miss Lindley now. But as soon
as he decided that the grown-ups might know a thing or two about sex and
love, some little girl like Cara Lott turned everything upside down.
"Sure I cum when you fuck me, but I don't know if I want you to get
me pregnant," Cara told him after one of their fucks.
That was the kind of thing the lovey girls said. They were cynical
about sex. They had been through the breathless recitation of the balcony
scene from Romeo and Juliet enough times to know sex was a lie boys used
to get to their hearts.
Jerry couldn't see Cara like that. She wasn't the kind of girl that
you asked to marry you, or even go steady. She was hot for sex and that
was all. For one thing, she didn't need to come right out and say: 'I love
you' for boys to fuck her.
She was the kind of upright girl that got pregnant a bunch of times
so she could have the experience to know when she found a man that would
fuck her even when she was old and lumpy, just like she was supposed to.
Too many men deserted their fuck-mates for the first young thing that
wanted to care about them. Cara was the kind of girl that didn't fall in
love until after she was pregnant and didn't get married until she'd had
a few kids of her own.
But this time Jerry wasn't fucking around. Sure, he'd only fucked
Denise to get into her heart. A guy was supposed to have all the girls in
love with him, but Cara was different. He really liked fucking her. It
was a strange feeling to have her be reluctant.
"Girls Cara's age are sometimes confused," Miss Lindley explained as
Jerry had her bent over her desk fucking her from behind, "Sometimes it
means they're afraid to fuck you because they think they'll be tempted to
fall in love. I've seen her look at you. She wants to fuck you. She's a
good girl and she doesn't want to be tempted. You can help her. Tell her
you only want sex. Tell her you're willing to wait."
That only proved how little Miss Lindley really knew about girls.
Then next time Jerry convinced Cara to fuck him, the truth came out. At
least a little foil packet fell out of her notebook as Jerry was rolling
her into position on the back seat of his car.
"Cara Lott with a rubber?" Jerry was shocked.
"Yes Jerry, a rubber," Cara said. "And I want you to wear it."
"You don't want to get pregnant, but you want to fuck me? I don't
get it," Jerry was very confused.
He probably shouldn't have betrayed how uncomfortable he was. It
wasn't very manly to be afraid of a latex sheath. He knew they existed,
but he had never known anyone that admitted using one. Oh sure, Tijuana
tips with the open end for guys afflicted with premature ejaculation, but
not (shudder) birth control. Only the cheapest rent-a-wife would use one.
But that was nothing compared to the big shock. Pure, hot, sexy,
big-titted Cara Lott was coming on to him- coming on hard.
"Then get this. I love you. I want you to love me," Cara hit him
with the bombshell. "I'm tired of sex, sex, sex and no love."
"You?" Jerry was dumbfounded. "But you're the hottest fuck in
"I guess I should be flattered, but you don't know how it feels to
be everyone's fuck fantasy," Cara said. "She's a good girl. She's a good
fuck. It's like being in a box. They say fuck everyone. They say get
knocked up a few times before you make a commitment. Then they say love
is God's gift to people, but we shouldn't have it until we're old. I say-
love that! I want to be loved now! I want my heart to ache! And I want you
to love me!"
Jerry didn't know what to do. He'd been trying to get girls to love
him since he was old enough to fuck. Now he had one begging him to love
her and he was scared. He wasn't scared of love. He'd read all about it
in under the counter romance novels. He was pretty sure he could love
all right and that he'd learn about it fast.
The problem was that it was Cara. He had a vision of the fuck goddess
that would be different if he loved her. He knew love was supposed to be
an expression of how good the sex was, but it still was a forbidden thing.
He really had sexual feelings for Cara and he didn't want to mess
that up by being in love. He knew the warning about how love could ruin a
fuck partner.
"Can't we just hold hands while we fuck?" Jerry asked, "I really
like fucking you and I don't want to ruin that."
"If you like to fuck me, then you'll put that rubber on and use it,"
Cara demanded. "Prove your lust. Love me."
In the long ago, before correctness prevailed, boys pressured girls that way. It was a line and a lie. Jerry feared the same thing.
"I don't think you want to fuck me at all," Jerry whined.
"You put on that rubber and I'll show you how much I want to fuck
you," Cara said.
They're all the same, Jerry thought. It's all hearts and flowers on
the inside. He wanted a girl to love him. He might as well love Cara even
if she didn't want to fuck him.
"I'll love you," Jerry yielded, "But you better not stop fucking me."
He fumbled with the rubber and Cara reached over to help him. Her
hand came down on his and he looked at her. Their eyes met as she helped
him roll the rubber over his hard-on. He saw nothing but love in her eyes.
"At least let me put it in before we get all sappy," Jerry asked.
"Oh Jerry! I've had the hots for you for so long!" Cara sighed as his
cock slid into her. "I've wanted you so bad that I knew I had to love you."
"I thought about loving you, but I didn't think you did that," Jerry
said. "Guys want to be in love with all the girls. This is so weird because
for once I was happy fucking you."
"Then we should love each other hot and heavy," Cara gasped.
They held hands and fucked too. Jerry began to believe Cara as she
gave it up for him. She begged for more cock and pushed her hips against
him in a demand for him to deliver. She was groaning like she liked to
fuck him. Maybe she wasn't trying to fool him into loving her.
She came like she liked his fucking. She was loud and active and
kept making his head thump on the roof of his car as she thrashed under
him. And he was still hard and ready to fuck her some more. Maybe love did
make the sex better like the naughty romance books claimed.
He was having a wonderful time slamming it deep into the responsive
girl when he heard the tap on the window. It was Mr. Lott.
"Just checking," he said jovially and then was concerned. "What's
going on with those hands?"
Jerry quickly concocted a lie.
"I can't keep my hands on her hips- she bucks too much," Jerry said,
"I have to hold her or she'll keep jerking right off my cock and that's no
way to knock up a girl."
"Try her shoulders," Mr. Lott counseled. "No use taking chances. You
don't want any emotional ties in the way of that fine screwing you're
giving her."
"No sir," Jerry said and moved his hands.
Mr. Lott watched as Jerry fucked his daughter into another bout of
thrashing and moaning and then smiled.
"Give her a big load. I want to see it dripping off her panties,"
he said and then left the lovers to fuck.
"That was close," Jerry exhaled.
"Don't stop! I'm almost there!" Cara screamed.
Jerry put his mind back to fucking Cara and she went through a
hollering climax that made his ears ring. This time she was paralyzed by
the power of her orgasm and Jerry fucked into the flutter of her little
cunt and joined her in a nut-bouncing climax.
"I guess you do like to fuck me," Jerry gasped.
"Of course, I'm Cara Lott. I don't love guys that I don't like to
screw," she said.
"Well, I'm glad your dad didn't want to see my dick," Jerry said.
"I was thinking what would happen if we were done and he saw this- thing."
"Which reminds me, honeybunch," Cara said.
The naughty name made Jerry shiver. He was loving a girl and it was
her idea. It was very new.
"We've got to get that- thing, as you call it off you carefully so
I can dump your load in my panties. Dad will check, you know," Cara said
"Why don't you sit on my lap and taker it off so it spills right
into your pants?" Jerry suggested.
Cara kissed him and hopped on top of him.
"You're so romantic. I'll fuck you forever if you love me that way,"
Cara said.
They didn't have time for much romance. Mr. Lott might check on them
again. He called her lamby-kins a few times as they held hands and she
said he was her sugar-bear. Then it was time for Cara to have her dripping
panties inspected by her father.

He didn't want to tell the guys. Cara had a reputation as a sexpot
and he didn't want to sully it. He wanted to fuck her so bad he didn't
care about his own status. So he loved her. That was between them in the
privacy of wherever they got to fuck and then- make love.
He couldn't confess to Miss Lindley. He told her he was conserving
sperm to get Cara pregnant. He had found the one he wanted to fuck. He
didn't need to screw his teacher.
Anyway, he and Cara had plenty to talk about. They didn't just make
puppy eyes at each other all the time. There was some slam-bang sex going
on too. It was true. Being in love- really in love, not the lying,
exploitive kind, did make the sex better. They found new and hugely
satisfying ways to fuck and had marathon sessions now that they had given
in to their baser passion.
Then Jerry found out who the real storm troopers were.

Yes, Jerry and Cara did get back together when they were too old for
anyone to care if they were in love. They married and had constant sex
for many years. Cara was always there to call him sugar-bear, but he knew
how hard it had been on her. She had fucked thousands, even had a couple
of kids while he was away. It had left her bitter in a way that their
eventual reunion could never quite wipe away.
Jerry always wondered how different it would have been if they could
have gotten away and loved each other right out of high school. Cara did
have the hots for his cock and she did love him. He knew that, but her
capacity was marred by her hate for the cruel system that kept them apart
in the years of their freshest juices.
Jerry couldn't think that way any more. He had been beaten down by
the constant pressure of the sexcentration camp. He had been neutered by
the sexual excesses he was forced to perform. Outrage was a passion
beyond his ability to raise. This was just the way things were. There was
no way to fight it.
There had been group therapy. They sent a in group of women and he
had to fuck them. And flagging of his resolve was corrected by a jolt
of electricity applied to his prostate. He performed like a mechanical
bull, over and over, day and night, for the ten years of his captivity.
He fathered hundreds of children as they blared the message
continually into his cell. "Love without sex is a sin. Sex without issue
is an abomination" He had drawn the term for the most disgusting act
society could imagine. He had been caught committing the unforgivable sin.

It was Cara's idea, but he never blamed her. If he resisted at first,
he had gladly participated all the rest of the times. It was heaven. That
was why he figured it was denied to mere mortals.
They loved true, normal and hot. It was their sex that was tainted
and perverse. Society couldn't tolerate such ideas about sex. It would
ruin the moral fabric if people didn't all fuck the same way.
You could love any way you wanted in the privacy of your own home.
There were, to be sure, clucking tongues and sour looks at rumors someone
called their mate 'pooter-pie' and liked to hug front to back instead of
face to face, but it wasn't illegal anymore.
Oral sex was considered a mistake. You couldn't stop people from
wanting to hurry sex along. sucking cock would always be the best way to
get a man up to fuck. If sometimes he went off early, well, that happened.
There were stern warnings, however, not to let this 'mistake' dominate
sexual contact.
Cara and Jerry had started that way. When they couldn't find a
connection to buy rubbers, Cara would- ooops!- suck Jerry's cock until he
shot off in her mouth. They would even eat each other to completion with
no intention of stopping and having real sex.
The danger was thrilling. They could have probably got away with that
until they were old enough to admit they were in love. But it wasn't
enough. They were daring a long lecture on restraint and the proper way
to fuck. That wasn't enough. They both craved more.
"I know what will really be the best fuck ever," Cara said one
night. "Since we love each other so much, I know our sex life can stand
It was Eve with the apple again, but in this case, Adam found he
really loved apples and couldn't blame his lover. It was the forbidding
fascists that were to blame.
It was deeply nasty. Jerry had only heard about it in very dirty
jokes. His dick was iron-hard at the thought. He could fuck bareback and
cum all he wanted and Cara still couldn't get pregnant.
He didn't know how tight and hot it was going to be until he had
greased Cara's asshole and made her scream like a virgin when he put his
cock in her. Not only was it dirty and forbidden, it felt great!
Cara could squeeze so much harder with her asshole than with her
cunt and they had great laughing times as she would dictate how he fucked
her by stopping him with a contraction.
It was the perfect lovey-dovey time and hot sex all in one. Jerry
figured that was why it was forbidden. Cara liked to put her legs up on
his chest and look up at him as he fucked her ass. She called him sweet
things as he reamed her tight hole.
She could even squeeze him tight and keep him hard while they talked
lovey-dovey and then he could fuck her tight hole until they both came.
And Cara came hard with a cock in her ass.
Jerry always thought it was because they were so free that they had
to be brought down. They flouted all the rules and were happy in love and
in fucking. They fucked how they wanted and loved each other while they
did. That was like spitting in the eye of God.
Mrs. Lott screamed and passed out. Unfortunately she had seen enough.
Jerry had pulled his cock out of Cara's ass before Mr. Lott got there, but
the evidence was all around. Cara's ass gaped like an open door and there
was lube all over his cock and her ass. There was too much evidence for
them to escape.
Ten years- ten years of constant fucking and propaganda. Jerry took
it like a man. It would have been worse for Cara. They would have strapped
her to a table and put her cunt to a hole in a rest room wall for tourists
to fuck. At least he got to see the women he was fucking.
He said it was his fault and that he forced her. Her parents were
convinced to agree that she was struggling. They knew the truth, but it
was hard to send away a daughter, even a daughter that had shamed them by
being in love and having anal sex.
Miss Lindley tried to help him. She said he was a good fuck and
certainly could be rehabilitated- 're-aimed', she said. But they were out
for retribution. It was as if Jerry had fucked the judges in the ass.
They said ten years. No time off for good production. He could sire
millions and he would still do every day. Jerry was stubborn. He was more
in love with Cara when he went in than he had been before.
They say love gets you through. Jerry found the clock got him
through. Every second it ticked off another part of his sentence. It was
over when it was over. He was glad- as glad as his drained body could be-
when Cara was there to meet him.
Whether for spite or for true love, she was there. And the first
thing she did when they got home was to pull down the shades, bend over
and spread her cheeks.
"Do it again. Show them we're beyond their control," she said.
He loved her so much he had to. But it had lost its thrill. They
had done that for him. He fucked her ass once more. He did love her. And
she still was a great fuck.


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