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PLAY DAY sucking hard That pretty much


Play Day (mc, nc, MF, MD)

By Aerosol Kid <> Visit me at

The people and events in this story come from my brain, not the real
world. Regardless of what that tells you about my brain, it means that I'm
not writing about you, your mom, your friends, or your friends' friends.
So you can't sue me. Neener neener.

If you're underage in your territory (and you know what I mean), then
read something else.

(c) 2000 by Aerosol Kid. All rights reserved

Note: This was my EMCSA debut. I'd recently stumbled across the archive
and had begun to randomly pick from the list of authors. After eagerly
tearing through everything from Downing Street, Why Now, The Sinner, Eye of
Serpent and Trent Wolf (the first group of authors I came to like, not
nearly the full list), I realized that I was going to have to try writing a
story myself. I had no idea that I'd start a second chapter right after
finishing, let alone that it would turn into a playground for 9 more

I still like this one, though I couldn't resist a few edits on its
one-year anniversary.


There was a knock at Gina's front door. She frowned. There was
something familiar about it, but she couldn't put a face to it. She rose
from the living room floor and absently fussed with her hair on the way to
the door.

"Seth?" Her ex-boyfriend from a year ago was on her doorstep. They
hadn't spoken in months. What the fuck was he doing here?

"Oh my god! How're you doing?" she enthused, laying it on thick.
Pretending she was glad to see him to mask her intense discomfort with this
unannounced visit. "Come in!"

"Hey," Seth greeted, tentatively squeezing her arm on his way past her.
He looked happy, which made her feel uncomfortable for some reason.

Seth was a thin, boyishly cute guy who she'd practically tackled last
spring while on the rebound. After a torrid two-month fling, she finally
caved in to constant pressure from her ex-boyfriend Jorge to reunite, so
she broke it off and went back to him. The whole thing was messy and drawn
out. It had ultimately left her feeling guilty for dumping Seth and
unsatisfied to be back with Jorge and their all-too-familiar problems. But
she lacked the courage to battle her way out of that fucked up flytrap of a

"So what's up, I haven't seen you in like, forever," Gina half-purred,
still in full on Hostess Mode. Hopefully she could figure out his deal and
be rid of him in short order.

"Yeah, I've been really busy. I don't know, I was in the neighborhood,
and... Yeah," he offered lamely. He was uncomfortable, but Gina could
definitely sense an agenda here.

She blithely chatted him up for a while, catching up on small talk,
pointedly avoiding the topic of their tryst. A little while later, when
they were both more comfortable being in the same room again, she went for
it. "So. What's up?"

"Beg Pardon?" Gina thought she could see the slightest bit of
insouciance in his polite smile.

"Seth, I haven't seen you in a year. You're in my living room. What's
with just dropping by out of the blue?" Jesus! Let's have it already!

Before answering, he took out a pack of cigarettes and tapped it the arm
of his chair - a habit that she well knew presaged a heavy answer. As soon
as he did, she felt the hair on the back of her neck stand up. Was she
anxious to hear what he had to say or... She couldn't put her finger on

"I'll be glad to tell you, but first we need to do something about those
clothes," he said breezily, like he'd just asked her for a glass of water.

Gina's mouth opened. "Excuse me?" I know he didn't just say what I
think he did. The pack of smokes rested next to his hand, on the arm of
the chair.

"Your clothes. A little boring, don't you think?"

Gina was livid, and her patience suddenly evaporated. "What the fuck
are you talking about? I'm asking you why you came to my house, uninvited,
a year after we broke up, and you're talking about what I'm wearing?" This
was not her plan for the afternoon. This was her play day, and she was
supposed to be lazing around on the couch in front of the tube, not playing
head games with this guy. Besides, if Jorge came by and found Seth,
there'd be lots of drama to go around. Oh, yes indeedy.

"I'm talking about that top. And those shorts," he tssked. "You have
way more interesting things than that. I remember that little black
dress..." He sounded wistful. He was still yanking her chain.

"Seth. I don't really want to play 'remember when' with you today,
okay?" The balls on this guy! Still, she spared a quick glance down at
herself. Maybe she was wearing clothes she never left the house in, but
for Gina, not looking good was simply impossible. Clocking in at just
under five feet tall, she had a girlish build with some not-so-girlish
accents, and she was used to turning heads. But that was none of Seth's
beeswax today. She glared at him. "What's this fascination with what I'm

"I'm just saying." He paused dramatically, reminding Gina of tv lawyers.
"That you could look much more... put together. Why don't you go put on
that dress?"

The hairs on the back of Gina's neck were past standing up. Now she
felt a surge up her spine, but she still couldn't figure out why. She was
mad, for sure, but this was another sensation.

Seth was looking at her inscrutably. She used to read him like a book,
and she sort of enjoyed manipulating him. Just a little bit. In that
spoiled little girl kind of way. It was one of her favorite tools for
getting through life. Now, she couldn't figure him out, and he was talking
a little crazy. This instinctively got her back up.

"Look, I don't know what you took before you came over, but I want you
to go," she said evenly, with a generous layer of threat underneath.

"Yeah, uh-huh." He waved his hand impatiently. "Put on the dress."

Wow. She was spooked now. She'd never seen Seth like this. Maybe he
was going to get freaky on her, the way Jorge had when she first let Seth
spend the night at her place. He made her life miserable after that,
calling her all the time, storming into her house to throw tantrums. Only
Seth wasn't like that; he was very even tempered. The thought of him
coming unglued in front of her was seriously vexing.

And that pack of cigarettes... Why wasn't he smoking yet?

Okay. Maybe if I put on the stupid fucking dress, he'll talk to me, she
thought. I can also take the opportunity to call 911 or something while
I'm changing. Yeah, 911 is starting to sound good.

"Okay Seth. I'll go change. But you have to promise me that you'll
tell me what the fuck you're doing here. Deal?"

"Sure, sure," he soothed. "Just go change, okay?"

So unbelievably, Gina found herself in her bedroom, slipping out of her
shorts and tank top in the middle of the afternoon, and putting on a
slinky, backless black minidress that she normally wore out at night. She
wiggled into it and appraised herself in the mirror. Huh. She had to
admit she looked pretty hot. It totally played up her svelte little frame.
Even with no makeup, she'd definitely soak up all the male attention in any
crowded room. That weird thing crackled up her spine again. She'd come in
here to do something else, too. What was it? She shivered a little, then
breathed deeply. It was time to sort out her misfiring ex back in the
living room.

"Much, much better," Seth cooed at her on her return. "Don't you think
that's better?"

Something different went through Gina upon hearing this praise. It
definitely wasn't in her backbone. It was lower. For a second, she was
thrown off guard. Then the unbe-fucking-lievable nature of the little
scene playing out in her house came back into focus.

"Seth, you fucking asshole! I don't care what you want! Leave! Now!"

Seth's head snapped back with the force of Gina's venom. He got up from
his chair uneasily, looking startled and unsure of himself. "Gina, chill,"
he began. He was gesticulating at her with both hands, the pack of smokes
in his left.

Gina wasn't having it. "Leave!" She was slowly moving into his space,
forcing him to backpedal toward the front door. "Next time, call first!
Shit, on second thought, don't even bother to call. I don't want to see
you anymore!" As his back bumped against the door, he raised both hands in
surrender. The pack of cigs was inches from her face. Just then, the room
wobbled around Gina, and her eyelids fluttered.

She had herded Seth to the door, but he seemed to be rallying for a
second try. "Gina. I'll be glad to explain why I came here. But first
why don't you go put on some makeup?"

She felt really high or something, but she was still present enough to
get even more pissed by his refusal to go. Her hand clenched and she moved
to clock Seth in the face.

But she only made it as far as making a fist. Something was definitely
up with those "cigarettes". Gina was feeling freaky, and all of a sudden
she didn't know how long she could keep standing up. Seth was fucking with
her somehow and she needed to get away from whatever he had in his hand.
She made a move away from him, fist tightly clenched, but he gently took
hold of her upper arm. He studied her face for a few seconds, not really
looking at her, more like examining her. Gina was royally confused. She
couldn't move away from the box, all she could do was just stand there.
Her pulse rate was way up, and she could feel her cheeks flush. If she
didn't sit down soon she was going to fall.

Then Seth let go of her arm and lowered the box. Instantly she felt
better. She steadied herself against a table and tried to regain some
focus. "Wha- what are you doing?" she managed.

"I'm not doing anything, Gina. I just want you to go put on some
makeup," came the matter-of-fact reply. Seth had regained his confidence,
and he was going to be really hard to get rid of now, Gina thought glumly.

"Why do you want me to do that?"

"It's simpler if you just do it."

Simple is good. Gina was a little relieved by being presented with a
clear course of action at this point. It was getting harder and harder to
figure out why Seth was in her house, insisting that she dress up. It was
wearing her out, and the thought of doing what he asked was suddenly more
appealing than having an ugly confrontation with him. After all, she never
really wanted to dump him...

"Okay Seth, I'm going to put some makeup on," she said, using a tone she
reserved for small children. "C'mon. I'm sure you want to watch."

"Oh, definitely," Seth grinned. He followed her down the hall, "cigs"
in hand.

Gina marched into the bathroom and planted her hands on the vanity.
"I'm sure you'll have an opinion about what I should put on?" she
challenged, looking at him in the mirror. With a little astonishment, she
realized that she was sort of getting into this game, creepy as it was.

Seth fixed her with an appraising look. "You used to wear that cute
glittery stuff around your eyes."

The glitter... She'd sort of forgotten about her glitter phase, but she
still had a bunch of it left. Before she could say something snide about
it, she found herself dabbing silver glitter gel around her big brown eyes.
"You like?" she asked, a little pointedly. This was kind of fun, but
she wasn't all that excited about being all made up with nowhere to go on a
weekday afternoon.

"Very nice. I really didn't go for that Egyptian thing you used to do
with the white eyeliner... How about a little lipstick?"

That thing I did with the eyeliner? piss OFF already! She wanted to
yell at him some more, but instead Gina bit her lip, fixing him with a hard
look in the mirror. He was standing just behind her, his hands on her
hips. She could feel his breath on the back of her neck, the place where
the prickling was going on. Before she could come up with a retort, she
found she'd lifted three lipstick tubes in her right hand, fanned out for
his approval. Her left eyebrow arched inquisitively. Which one?

"This one." He reached out and touched the top of the reddest shade in
her cabinet.

"Kinda slutty, no?" she demurred.

"It'll be really cute, goes with the dress."

She studied herself absently in the mirror for a bit. She was starting
to look seriously fetching, no doubt about that. This little dress really
"walked the kittens" - a phrase one of her well endowed girlfriends was
fond of. And it set off her brownish skin and almond colored eyes. And
that glitter accent! Meow!

"There," she prompted as she worked the red lipstick evenly across her
mouth. She gave Seth another look in the mirror, one that said, I dare you
to find something wrong with the way I look, dickhead.

Seth was impressed. "Exquisite. I haven't seen you in so long, I
really wanted you to look just right for our reunion."

Gina felt a strong wave of satisfaction move through her, a little too
strong for a compliment from her weirdo ex-boyfriend, with whom she was
hanging out in the bathroom playing dress-up. Her nose wrinkled in a
puzzled frown as the pleasurable sensation worked its way up through her

"What do you mean, 'reunion'?" she asked, much less forcefully than
she'd intended. He was standing too close to her, almost pinning her to
the vanity. Violating her space, but the more she concentrated on the
warmth from his hands on her hips, his breath on her neck, the more addled
she became.

"We'll get to that in a minute. Let's go to your room."

She was spacing out again, looking at herself in the mirror, and when he
moved his hands to her shoulders she gave a little start. "Huh? My room?"
"Yep. C'mon," he ordered, guiding her back down the hall and into her
dark, messy bedroom.

"Wait..." she began. I missed something a minute ago. Somewhere
between putting on this dress and the makeup I forgot something. I
remember being really pissed about it! What was it? She was damned if she
could remember just now. She was starting to feel almost as dizzy as she
had by the front door a few minutes ago. She was relieved when Seth sat
her down on her bed. She was struck with the memory of the first time
she'd made out with him, right here. She still thought he was pretty

"I'll bet you have a nice vibrator," he said offhandedly. Gina looked
at him sidelong. The conversation was veering away from their innocent
dress-up game. She shook her head a little, partly in continued disbelief
at the great big balls Seth had grown since their breakup, partly in a last
ditch effort to clear her head and think of a way out of this. Before she
could think of something to say, she heard herself enthuse, "Yeah! A great
big purple one!"

"Why don't you show it to me?" Seth asked, setting the little box she
was now absolutely sure was not a pack of cigarettes down on her bedside

Why don't you leave, and why can't I make you? she thought, but before
she knew what was going on she'd bounced back onto the bed next to Seth,
vibrator in hand. Clearly her body was on autopilot now, slipping further
away from her by the minute.

"Cool," Seth murmured into her ear. "Why don't you use it for me?"

Gina was grim, not surprised as she watched herself reach over to her
bedside table, grab some lube, prepare her purple wand o' fun and slip out
of her panties. What's he done to me? Why am I doing whatever he tells me
to? Slowly, her mind filled back up with questions as she contemplated
Seth's request for her to drill herself in front of him. Her brown eyes
glazed over as she sat there, hesitating. There was something she had to
remember. It was really important and it had something to do with that box
on her dresser.

"Go ahead, babe," Seth coaxed.

"I don't think it's cool for us to be doing this..."

"Of course it is, we're all alone."

"No, but..." she made a frustrated little grunt. "You did something...
and now I'm..."

Seth cut her off. "That's not important right now. What's important is
that you get off for me." And then in a more authoritative tone he added,

The last command made her jump a little. Admittedly, she was pretty
turned on by being in here with him, vibrator at the ready. But what was
it she'd just been thinking about? She resolved to ruminate on this while
obeying Seth.

She lay down beside him and slipped the vibrator inside her, twisting
the bottom to turn on the motor. She wasn't prepared for the intense
ripples that moved through her hips. "Mmmmmmmnh," she opined, as she
hurtled toward a ripping climax. She didn't even need to finger her clit,
or slide her purple friend in and out. She just lay there for a minute or
two, shivering and purring.

There was something she was supposed to remember, but clearly it was way
more fun to ride this white-hot wave all the way in. As Seth watched, she
arched her back, thrusting her belly in the air, as the orgasm melted away
any reservations she was holding onto about this.

Seth leaned over, turned off the vibrator and pulled it out of her
well-lubricated sex, prompting additional little spasms to wriggle through
her. She gripped herself, breathing hard, covered in sweat, suffused in

"There now, that wasn't so bad was it?"

"Huh-uh." No argument there.

"Now, you should be ready for some instructions, baby doll," he
whispered to her as he slid out of his pants. "Listen carefully."

Gina was all ears. If there was more fun to be had, she was raring to
go. Hopefully it didn't involve moving or thinking.

"I'm going to fuck you now." Yippee! "And you might have noticed that
each time you do what I say, you feel a little bit better, especially when
you cum." Gina nodded slowly but enthusiastically. "So in a little while
you're going to lose interest in resisting me." That sounded just dandy.

The bed jiggled around as he moved on top of her. Pausing between her
legs, he reached up to her neck and quickly undid the strap of her dress.
He pulled it down to her tummy, then hiked up the skirt, effectively
wadding the dress into a black waistband. Then he slid home.

"Hunnnh." She was really getting off on the sound of her voice, low and
husky, like someone else's.

She was also marveling at the fact that, half an hour after seeing Seth
for the first time in ages, he was now gently fucking her. That's what
she'd liked about sex with him - his low-key approach that moved her
assuredly to a monster orgasm. Or three.

Now she was definitely making an appointment with her second fantastic
climax of the day, and to get into the spirit she gripped Seth's hips and
pulled him into her with each stroke.

"That feel good?" he asked.

The long, unintelligible noise she made seemed like the best way to
answer in the affirmative.

She was really close, and she closed her eyes tight in anticipation,
arching her back so hard it made a creaky little protest. He was really
ramming away now, and at the precise instant he cupped her left breast in
his hand and tweaked her nipple, her walls violently spasmed, putting
Seth's cock in a death grip. In response, he shot off so deep inside her
that she was convinced she could taste hints of salt.

Then they cuddled there on Gina's bed, and Seth spoke quietly in her
ear. As she listened to his voice, she decided it was finally time to beak
it off with Jorge. Seth was just so nice, so persuasive, that he'd talked
her into coming back to him. Then he made a few other suggestions that
made her giggle.

"Well doll, I gotta run," Seth told her as he put on his shoes in her
living room. "You know what you have to do tonight. I'll call you later."
"Mm-hmmm," she said dreamily, tying the strap of her dress back behind
her neck. "Are you sure you can't stay a little longer?" It was really
bumming her out that he was leaving.

"Nope, sorry kiddo. You'll see me later, though."

As he stood, Gina couldn't help but notice the bulge in his pants.
Jeez, he's hard again after giving me banging of my life! She couldn't let
him leave like that.

"Let me give you something for the road," she purred, sliding up to him
with a look of vacant lust. She used to look at him like that all the
time, as her sort of signature come-hither look. Now she was genuinely
spaced out, hot and bothered. She gave him a generous kiss as she unzipped
his pants. Then she grabbed his cock and knelt down in front of him in one
smooth motion, eyes locked to his.

She began one of her World-Class blowjobs. As her head bobbed
skillfully, he steadied himself with one hand on the back of her couch. A
little sigh escaped him, and she really started to get into it. She began
to jerk him off with one hand as she ran her tongue around the head of his
cock, sucking in hard. That pretty much cinched it: he exploded into her
mouth and that was that. She made pleasant little noises as she swallowed
deeply, staying with him until he started to fade.

"Wow, babe. Really appreciate that," he managed to say. He sat down on
the back of the couch and steadied himself.

She smiled at his praise and kissed him deeply, sharing his taste with
him. She was looking forward to more opportunities to make Seth happy.

"Yeah, I know. But I can't see you. Not tonight. Not for awhile."
Gina was in the process of unceremoniously dumping Jorge over the phone.
"And no, you can't come over right now," she warned, voice rising. "NO! I
said you CAN'T come over right... Jorge! Hello?" Fuck. He was on his way
over to bitch and whine in his usual histrionic way. Great.

But maybe not, Gina thought, fingering the mysterious little box in her
shirt pocket. After Seth left, vivid memories of the whole afternoon
returned. She knew full well that he'd come over and done something to
make her fall in love with him again, but she didn't care. The way he'd
put it, it made so much sense for them to get back together. And she
really did want to do what he told her, especially if it was going to feel
that good. On his way out, he mentioned that in a few days she'd forget
anything out of the ordinary had happened at all. Cool, whatever... As
long as you're in my bed tonight.

She was, however, pretty sure that she wasn't supposed to remember the
box, and she was absolutely sure that Seth would be majorly pissed to know
she'd cribbed it from him. But she was hell bent on making Jorge's
impending visit as drama free as possible. When she was through with him,
maybe she'd have a little plaything of her own.


By Aerosol Kid <> Visit me at


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